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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 12, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> time state of the union address later on tonight. good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. we'll tell you about the local guest heading to the state of the union tonight. also, this. >> i didn't say nothing to her ... her at call my daddy ...
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>> brave little girl, comes to the rescue. hear more about how she saved her grandmother. that's coming up in just a few minutes. first the big story right now, snow, finally seeing snowflakes later today. but right now looks okay on the roads, right? >> yes, the roads are looking good. nice and dry. yep, everyone wondering is the snow going to stay? >> well, looks like it will make pretty brief visit to the delaware vale. doesn't look like it will have decent shot to actually stick or accumulate. so if that's what you've been craving, hoping for, sorry, sorry. you're going to get your chance at some point, not in the next seven days. this is how it goes, i guess, but this is one of the forecasts for the entire winter season actually where we just need enough cold air in place for big storm. we have had couple of big storms, but all been rain producers, let me show you what's going on here first and for most on storm scan, guys, let's zoom it out. shall we? yes, snow out there, parkway worse than the bite, looks a lot worse than it actually is, even though over spreading essentially western pennsylvania, this is very, very light snow. by the time it reaches us, it is not really going have
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changed all that much. so, we expect to see very modest accumulations out of this. we jump you all the way to 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. that's about the time that you will start to see some of the first place flying around portions of the poconos, lehigh valley, far west and north woes suburbs, about the window for youment don't expect us to really get underway until late afternoon, 4:00 p.m. or so, around philadelphia. this is how much we're talking accumulation wise. many of you might not even see flake out of this, might even start off with little hint of raindrops before it turns over to snow for some spots too. but this just isn't going to amount to very much. just because, it is a moisture starved system, but we do have the cold air in place, that's for sure, low 20's currently in a couple of the live network locations, across the board, that's the story. should hit mid 40's, that's why allowing for rain or snow shower, primarily in the p.m. time frame. meisha? >> i don't know but, katie, but i'm kind of liking the no snow winter, for once, kinds of nice. here is a look at the blue route northbound approaching route one, both directions,
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you can see, looking fairly busy. now, just 15 minute ago or so, when we looked at this, it wasn't quite looking at this. thinking of headed out of your home, starting to see volume levels start to pick up. same story here, 95 southbound cottman coming around the s curve, same story, here starting to see volume levels starting to increase, trooper road, giving you live look out there, if this is your neck of the woods, if this is where you are hopping on the load ways, this is wall be looking at. still traveling at posted speeds anywhere we look. now we do have some flooding in malvern because of water main break, should clear right around 6:00 a.m. cedar hollow road closed between vanguard boulevard, still boulevard. have to use alternate. my suggestion right now would be north valley road. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. new this morning, flames gut a castle, in delaware county. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now in chaddsford, where that nearly 200 year old home went up in flames. hate to hear this, justin, good morning. >> reporter: indeed, looking at major loss this morning, take a look behind me here.
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the home is still smoking. at that back corner there, you can see, embers are still flickering, and falling through this home. still, smoking, and very much gutted this morning. let's take you now to video, from overnight, this is a rocky hill castle, on the 100 block of bulloch road in chads forwards, firefighters were on the ground here, just before 2:00 a.m., and knocking this fire down just before 4:00 a.m. the challenge here was getting water to this fire. there were tanker trucks down on the ground, heavy rotation, sending water into a basin, then that water was sent up the hill here, to the fire, via hoses. these obstacles are likely due to the age and location of this home. we are up the hill and per records this house dates back to the 19 century, built in about 1821. it was later converted to all stone after being first built as a summer home, we do know that this home was currently for sale, asking about 700,
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rather, $674,000. the current owners bought it per records back in 1957 and were looking to sell as is. we will take you back out live here for a moment, perhaps you can see looking at that wall where those embers are. there seems to be some distress to that wall it, could possibly collapse, looking the way it does this home nothing hardly inside, smoke still very heavy at this point. embers still falling. this fire we are told is under investigation still. there are no injuries to report at this time. we are live in chaddsford, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", earn kay. >> good to hear no injuries, justin, thank you. >> right now 5:35. in business news this morning, a smart car that knows if you haven't gotten enough sleep. how about that? of course, we want to look at the week on wall street. checking in with jill wagner at the new york stock exchanges, car that doesn't know if you have gotten enough sleep? people might not get to work,
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jill. >> reporter: you know what? my car if it new how much sleep i had would just lock me out actually. >> yep. >> good morning, erika. so far been better start to this week than last, on wall street, even though chinese markets sold off again. yesterday the dow jumped 52 points, naztek fell five. that means so far it has fallen every day this year. china's wand did a group buying hollywood film company, legendary entertainment for $3.5 billion, legendary behind block buster films like jurassic world, so this is the first time the movie studio phone for big budget films has come under chinese ownership. american apparel, new owner, vin he is r group wants to buy the la clothing company for $300 million, it isn't without controversy, though. the group wants to bring back american apparel founder and former ceo, doug carney. he was fired, following allegations of sexual harrassment. and soon your car will know how much sleep you have had. and to adjust accordingly.
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forwards forward creating technology that signings with your smart watch, and all of it sleep and health data, if you're tired or stressed the car will adjust it safety settings. for example, the crews control would leave more distance between cars giving a tired driver more time to react. erika? >> that's a good feature, being helpful. as long as they let you still drive, jill. >> yes, exactly, maybe, you know what, drowsy driving, very dangerous. >> absolutely. >> anything could help. >> jill, thanks so much. see you tomorrow. right now, 5:37. president obama addresses the nation tonight in its seventh and final state of the union speech. as weijia jiang reports, this year's address will be unlikely, unlike, any the president has delivered before. >> the president of the united states. >> in his seventh and final state of the union address tonight, president obama will talk to the american people about the nation's challenges, and opportunities, ahead. >> what's critical are the kind of decision that is we make now will have a significant impact on not just
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the next generation of americans, but future generations of americans. >> i don't think i have ever been more optimistic about a year ahead than i am right now. >> the president is expected to highlight executive actions he plans to take to tackle gun violence without congressional approval. but, the white house says, he'll also discuss issues where both parties can work together. >> we have seen that they are there is strong bipartisan support for reform on capitol hill. >> this year president obama invited 23 guests to the house chamber to hear his speech. including a syrian refugee, and an american hero. twenty-three year old spencer stone and his two friends help take down heavily armed gunman on paris bound train last year, white house staffers called him last week during his commute to work. >> they call me right when i pull in the parking spot. they tell me i've invited to sit in the first lady's box, you know, obviously aid great day after that. >> the white house is also using social media to spread the president's message by
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providing behind the scenes look at tonight's event on snap chat. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". pennsylvania state trooper alex douglas, who was wounded in a deadly ambush, will also be a guest at the state of the union. authorities say douglas with a was ambushed by shooting suspect eric frein outside the bloom inning grove barricks in 2014. another trooper, corporal brian dixon, was killed. frein was captured after 48-day manhunt. >> and you can see president obama's state of the union address right here on cbs-3. that's tonight, at 9:00 p.m. former nba star lamar odom will not face criminal charges for his near fatal drug overdose at nevada brothel. thirty-six year old was rush to the hospital in october, after he was found unconscious, at the love ranch in ranch in nevada. blood sample showed odom had cocaine in his system. enter of the brothel reacted to the news. >> i've got mixed emotions,
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you know, first of all i don't like drugs, i'm not a drug user, and so i casino of think, well, they should prosecute him. >> prosecutors say they could not proof possession or that odom took the drug while he was in their just diction. still ahead this morning, we will hear from the little girl whose quick thinking is being credit with the saving her grandmother's life. >> also ahead, if you have ever reached for your cell phone just because you just know it was ringing, you thought it vibrated, and then you find out you're mistaken, your a not alone. we'll tell but the new syndrome researchers are diagnose g. >> inside one super stadium, preparations underway at lever high stadium for superbowl 50. we'll check it out when we come right back.
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>> ex flex in turk think morning, they believe this may be the work after suicide bomber. >> also, camden county fate accused of murdering his three year old son await hits arraignment today. prosecutors have charged dj creato with first degree murder in the death of his son, brendan. he went missing from his haddon township home on october 13th, and was later found in cooper river park. and, president obama will outline his plans for his last year in offers during his final state of the union
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address tonight. you can watch the address right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 p.m. >> a virginia woman is alive this woman, all thanks to her quick thinking five year old granddaughter. she has diabetes, sunday morning she felt her blood sugar dropping. hankins tried to warn her granddaughter, sarah, when she stopped responding. that will little girl then found her grandmother's phone and called her dad. >> i called my daddy. >> she remained calm. she called her father. instead of calling directly to 911 she called her father. her father in the process called 911, got an assist, dispatch out there. >> that wasn't all. key to the rescue they had to the apartment building didn't work for their door. so with the help of her dad on the phone, she went downstairs, went through all of those corridors, to let them in. hankins is expected to be okay. smart little girl. >> three police officers in new york are being hailed as heroes for jumping into save
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people from a burning building before fire crews could get there. that fire broke out in a furniture store on long island friday, quickly spread. the officers say they heard people yelling from the upper floors, as thick smoke envelopes one of the affected buildings. they say what happened next was pure inch sting. >> just want to help people. >> just to go up there, get somebody out. >> the three officers grabbed a ladder from a nearby construction company, and used that, to rescue two people from a second floor window. luckily, no one suffered any serious injuries. well, it is the gift that just keeps on giving to one jersey shore community. using your olds christmas tree to buff up their sand dunes. toms river township is asking people who still have those christmas trees, don't feel with a about it, take the trees to the life starred station at fourth avenue in ortley beach. once, there the trees will help build up the dunes. >> the wind will do what it is supposed to do, the sands will
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collect up around it. in a couple of month you won't see the trees any more, it will be a nice add toyings our do you know. >> hey, there you go. find new purpose for t deadline to drop your trees off february 1st, hopefully get it out before then, because those needles are dropping. do you have your tree down yet? >> finally took it down this past weekend, yes, labor of love for sure. i didn't want to take it down, but poor thing it, needed to come down. starting to look a little charlie brown-ish. all right, guys, our eyewitness weather watchers are pumped. i have to tell you, cold air in place this morning. we've got folks really, really highly anticipating the first snowfall of the season. let's go ahead, take a look around, take a little tour here. lynn checks in with us at 21 degrees, nice cold air in place, for some snow to eventually fall, she is out in cherry hill. still clear sky. but she is like snow showers? so he can cited for it, i love it, we have couple of other reports coming in similar to that, 23 comes in to us from jason down in middletown, delaware, few more clouds already for him, but he is
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also echoing the words, going to be nice to see flurry or two, feeling, he mens seans, like 19 degrees. not heck of a loft winds, but it is enough it does become more noticeable, makes it feel chillier. eileen into the teens, currently, and she doesn't have much wind either under the clear sky. that's going to change with time. but she did mention there is some frost out on the windshield this morning be another thing you want to give yourself extra time to be thawing out. she is also looking ahead to the flakes later on. now that's the thing. i would rather call these snowflakes, as opposed to snow, you know, any casino of snowfall. because not really going to have a chance to see this stick, let alone, accumulate. for one thing, it is a moisture starved reinforcing blast of cold, okay? it doesn't have a lot of juice to work with. but in addition to that we still have warmer ground out there. you need cold surface for that snow to stick. we don't quite have that yet. so, that said, those two ingredients combined, and it really leads to this looking a lot worse than it will actually ends up being.
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granted you have that nice little atmosphere, the wintery atmosphere out there as this cold front crosses through, but i would say the bigger story here guys the fact it is turning so much colder, in the wake of this cold front. we're back struggling to hit the freezing mark tomorrow, windchills easily at best in the teens, that's going to be pretty frigid day despite the return of sunshine, keep sun around for thursday even with weak impulse moving through. friday actually not bad day. should rebound to the upper 40's by then, but that's in advance of as you saw another storm systemment looking forward in the seven day, couple of highlights being, a, the first snow shower of the season today, b, tomorrow, really cold day, and then, c, come saturday, looks like some pretty soggy conditions for the first half of the weekend, meisha? >> sound good, katie, thank you for. that will good morning everyone, happy tuesday, waking up with us, so happy you are here. schuylkill at the boulevard, looking good. looking steady, and starting to slowly build now, as we push toward that 6:00 hour. but you're still traveling at posted speeds, basically, anywhere on the schuylkill
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which is good. and take a look at this, 95, north at the airport, looking really good for those of you hitting the rodeway inn and around this area, no problems whatsoever, you have got really good company around the airport, ben franklin bridge for those you moving westbound, from jersey, looking good here, as well, casino of seek it taper out little bit if you will. we will see that change little bit into the 6:00 hour, but right now, ben franklin bridge, all bridges, for that matter, are looking pretty nice right now. we do have water main break in malvern causing some flooding, should clear, right around 6:00 a.m. but make note of this. cedar hollow road closed between vanguard boulevard and industrial boulevard. so you are going to have to use an alternate. alternate i would suggest is north valley road. snow is still in play. this might affect some of you. and also, just remember, chestnut hill west running new weekday schedule. air transportation center has some construction going on, because of that, there is some bus route that are detoured, and i'll be tweet that information, as well. erika, back over to you. >> checking sport news right now, eagles coach search continues with former giants coach, tom coughlin in town to
5:50 am
talk with the birds top brass. the 69 year old coughlin was the nfl's oldest coach last season, and his intensity well known. scolded his own punter on the field after the eagles beat the giants on punt return in 2010. coughlin asks has won two superbowls, some wonder if his tell interest minute will be a deterrent. >> bengals long backer has been suspended for three games next season for ill-advised hit in the saturday night playoff lost to pit burying, hit led to the steelers game winning field goal. suspension will also cost him half million dollars in lost salary. turning to college football now, the alabama crimson tide as they call it football national champion, crime some tide scored or four consecutive possessions in the second half to out last tough clemenson team last night in glendale, arizona 95-yard kick off return, by kenyan drake, the tide wins, 45 to 40, for
5:51 am
their fourth national title in seven years, and the fifth of coach nick sabin's career. >> superbowl 50 will determine the pro-football champion at this february 7th right here on cbs-3. and preps are underway at levi stadium in san jose, california. a brand new field is superbowl tradition, and this year's features hardy bermuda grass overseed dollars with perennial rye. there you have t there is rain on the way but the veterans grounds keeper here known as the nitty-gritty dirt man, he's confident. >> well, you know, i'm used to the old candlestick, you know, where it rains all the time in the 80s, i would have to go up there and work the championship game. >> right now looking at the next couple of days or nights, wednesday, thursday, friday, now look like rain. so we're trying to speed up the process here. >> now the crew is working 12 to 15-hour days, and they expect to have the field in tip top shape by today. >> so hey, don't miss a minute of the big game. superbowl 50 is sunday
5:52 am
february 7th, and again, it is right here on cbs-3. still ahead this morning, it is called cell phone syndrome. and it has got users reaching for their smart phones. and speaking of reaching, some brave workers reach way into this big cat's mouth, part of his checkup. and if you think it is going to the doctor, how does this lion feel? more on this checkup when we come right back.
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hey, do you ever think your cell phone is ringing or vibrating, and you check it and it turns out it is not? >> how many times have you reached for that cell phone, only to find out it was a false alarm? it never rang? well, if you have done, that you might have what's called, it is a real thing here, phantom vibration syndrome. spud i buy the georgia institute of technology found nine out every ten student event experienced the phantom phone sensation. >> we're so in touch with our cell phones now, we are
5:56 am
they're part of us. >> how dependent most every us have become on our devices. >> psychologists say this condition is not serious, unless of course it keeps you from interacting with other people. because you keep checking your phone. all right, this morning, we are getting a look at hubert the four year old african lion getting his annual checkup at the oklahoma city zoo. check him outright there. zoo keepers say his physical ten times more comprehensive than human being check un. experts administer blood tests and vaccinations and even check his teeth, how to keep those clean. hubert in great shape, will get another evaluation in three years. that's the way to do it, right? coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", new video of el chapo's capture. hear explosions and gunfire during the violent raid of the worlds' most wanted drug lord. also, we'll show you closer look inside his hide out. >> south jersey stands out carli lloyd gets little emotional while excepting her award. hear her speech coming up.
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i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i say "don't eat me now." >> it is cold enough to make
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snow in the poconos, but we'll see some snow falling later today. katie times it out in her forecast. >> flames and smoke destroy nearly 200 year old cast nel chaddsford overnight. we're liver on the scene with a look at the damage. >> and, the south jersey father, charged in the murder every his three year old son, he'll be in court later on today. >> good morning, it is tuesday, january 12th, i'm erika von tiehl. katie out on the chilly skydeck, meisha in the traffic center checking the roads, and very different scene later today. finally seeing some snowflakes. morning, ladies? yes, about time. right? for many people. i could personally deal without the snow. i'm just be honest, i love it, but a loft people love it so it is coming. but katie from the sound of it it, won't stick around? >> definitely not. one of the classic clipper systems that bridges in reinforcing blast of cold. doesn't have a lot of moisture with it, but it does come along with some of the white stuff. it will be the first time we've seen it so far this season, that's what makes it special, i would say, this time around. but let's start things off b


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