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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  January 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". seems like everyone is come down with powerball fever and for a good reason, too. the largest jackpot ever is up for grabs tonight. good afternoon, i'm erika von tiehl. that prize is climbed to an estimated $1.5 billion. easily surpassing all other lotteries in u.s. history. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan joins us now.
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niece washington township where a lot of folks are hoping that they have that lucky ticket in their hot hands. cleve g afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. we're in yogi's quick stop on fries mill road in washington township and powerball fever is definitely strong. we're in the middle of the day and there's already people that are trickling through. sometimes this line has gotten 10 deep as we've been here this morning. some people say they're just making a donation because the odds are so slim. but others tell me that i'm in the presence of a future billionaire. the lottery machine at yogi's quick stop in washington township seemed to be running non-stop this morning. it's busy because people think it's lucky. >> i used to live in washington township in this store is known notorious for some type of rewards. so i came from the next town over because i'm just feeling lucky. >> just lucky. yeah, a lot of people win in this store. and i just happened to be going by and i said i got to stop
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here. >> reporter: new jerseyans are already among the nation's most active lottery players, this historic jackpot of $1.5 billion brings an extra level of excitement. >> this is crazy. this is positively crazy. >> reporter: odds of oning are slim but dreaming is free. >> i would still try to work and if i had the chance that i wouldn't tell anybody that would be awesome. >> there would be fun things but i can't tell was they would would be. >> reporter: here's part of the wall of fame here. 150,000-dollar winner. looks like that was a scratch off. many people feel like this is the lucky store where they'll be coming this evening back for more tickets. maybe i got the lucky one. reporting live from washington township, i'm cleve bryan cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> we'll know if you show up for work or not tomorrow, cleve. tax so much. (laughter). when you go outside it feels like you're just heading into a deep freeze. between the temperature and that wind you really want to bundle up. check in with katie fehlinger with the latest information. the wind i noticed more than anything that cuts right through
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you. >> absolutely. we're from philly. we can deal with cold. >> right. >> but it's when that wind blows and part of it, too, because we haven't experienced this kind of a level of chill in our winter thus far this season. but maybe for a handful of tim times. it hurts that much more. when you're outside and you have to deal with the kinds of temperatures we're currently finding. we did end up it were, yes some snow. granted it wasn't a heck of a lot. we'll start things off by take you back in time here and loo looking quick al what we ended up with here at the airport. just a trace but, hey, it counts, right? it is the latest first trace of snow that we have reported in seasons that have had snow here in philadelphia. now, storm scan pretty quiet at the local level but i show you this wider zoom for a reason much you see how the clouds are moving, lake effect snow is moving. that tells where you the wind is coming from. it's predominant al west to northwest wind flow, and outside in live neighborhood network it's still cold enough with that cold wind to still have a hint of snow. you see that still sitting on the grassy surface the soccer
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field at kutztown area middle school much it's only 19 degrees feeling more like 14 at the airport right now. last check we were technically at 27 degrees at the airport. so doing the math you're able to easily knock 10 to 15 degrees off for feels like values. that's why i want to you use these numbers as the gauge when you walk out the door in other words, bundle up. that's kind of just the hash tag we'll use for the rest of the day, right? expect that sun and nice bright blue sky to go with it but the wind will get you. and we are barely even hitting the freezing mark actually i don't think we will here in philadelphia today. so, yeah, it's pretty brutal cold. thankfully it won't last too long. we'll talk about that coming. >> indicate tearing thank you residents in mt. laurel being asked to reduce their water use today. this after a major sewer line break along the 200 block of hartford road. chopper three over that scene at workers searched for the cause of the break. municipal utilities officials say the problem is now affecting 80% of the township. local detours are in effect around that work zone. meanwhile a big water main break in montgomery county this
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morning. looks like something more turned into a snow machine here. the break was reported around 6:30 this morning on washington and cherry streets in conshohocken. want to give you a like love looking from chopper three it shows the water is off now. but as you can see, it left behind some icy conditio condit. icicles even formed on the power lines above the water main bre break. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch has the latest from the scene. >> reporter: chopper three was above the gushing geyser that burst open this morning. a mid subfreezing temperatures those gushes, though, quickly turned glace she will. >> looks like the north pole here. looks like -- it looks like a glacier of ice. >> reporter: it's also gregor gregory, construction business will he pour and sons company since 1995 they've been based off washington and cherry streets in conshohocken where the ground gave way. water company aqua pennsylvania says service line ruptured about 5:30 a.m. the cause is under investigati investigation. >> peco workers were on scene and report no service outages. water flow says aqua was
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minimally impacted. aqua crews shut down washington to plug the leak as many of will he pour's team were set to begin work. >> most of the people are not even coming in today that work in this office. >> as the cleanup and repair gets underway outside the building, we are told there's even more to do inside where this heavy water flow has ruined the building's work space. >> the top of the roof filled up with so much water thousands of gallons of water it all syphoned or trickled into the building. we've lost documents, ceilings, furniture that's been damaged. there's computers, there's a lot of things in there that this water damaged. >> reporter: damaged will he pore says will take weeks or longer to assess. justin finch cbs3 "eyewitness news". fire destroyed a home in west philadelphia this morning. it happened just before 9:00 on the 1700 block of north linden wood street. no injuries were reported but we are told firefighters encounte encountered hoarding conditions inside that home making it more difficult. the cause of that fire is under
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investigation. crews are still investigating what caused a fire that killed two children in wilmington. here's the scene from last night. 400 block of monroe street. when firefighters arrived, a mother was found outside that home with burns and a two-year-old was handed over by a good samaritan unharmed. however, when crews performed a search and rescues, a three-year-old and three month old were found. neither had survived. >> any time that we have a loss of life it's devastating. loss of life of children is even more so. you know, any time you hear a of child trapped, you step on that gas a little bit harder. you try get there a little bit faster. you go a little bit deeper and harder into a fully involved fire than you typically would any other given time. and these firefighter doctors that. >> there were seven children living in that home. authorities say there were no working smoke detectors. the high school basketball coach who head butted a referee during a game will have to pay a fine.
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cbs3 has learned jerry devine will be charged with summary offense and the fined for the incident. it happened at a game devine coached for neshaminy high school. devine returned to his teaching position yesterday but he remains on suspension from his head coaching job. the pentagon says, 10 u.s. navy sailor held in iran are safe and back in american care today. cbs news correspondent jonathan vision leanne knee explains what happened. >> reporter: iran's revolutionary guard released these photos of the 10 u.s. sailors rela relaxing, some even smiling while being detained overnight. they arrived this morning uninjured to u.s. military base in the gulf where they will be debriefed and give their version of events. the nine men and one woman were on these two small naval patrol boats when u.s. officials say a mechanical break down caused the boats to drift into iranian waters. the sailors were traveling from kuwait to bahrain at the time and captured and held at ear
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rain yann base. >> this general said we've concluded that if as passage of americans in our waters was not hostile or for espy i don't know nature. u.s. naval officials are now investigating what exactly wept wrong. jonathan vision lee on the tee for cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> philadelphia mayor jim kenney making the rounds just one week after his swearing in. mayor kenney visited 18th police district department for morning roll call and thanked the officers for their brave service. we're told he planned on visits other police departments as we well. the president surprised by vice-president biden at last night's state of union. vice-president is asked to lead the nation's fight to find a cure for cancer and starting that crusade right here in our area. also, a virginia farm is expecting dozens of baby goats soon and now they need cuddlers. you heard that correct. goat cuddlers are needed. details when
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>> for the loved ones we've all lost, for the families that we can still safe, let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. what do you say, joe? make it happen. >> last night at the state of the union president obama announced that vice-president biden would spearhead the nation's fight to find a cure for cancer. and it looks the vice-president is going to start his work here in philadelphia. on friday, biden will visit the university of pennsylvania's
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abraham son cancer center and take part in around table discussion. meanwhile president obama also will be in nebraska tonight. he's going to talk up the issues he highlighted in last night's state of the union address. craig boswell reports from washington. one issue stood out for people on both sides of the aisle, unifying the country. >> speaker -- >> reporter: president obama delivered his final state of union address and conceded he's part toll blame for the political divide that has shut down washington. >> it's one of the few regrets of my presidency, that the ranker and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better. >> reporter: south carolina governor nicky haley who was praised for her republican response echoed that point when she said her party needs to resist the siren call of the angry yesterday voices. >> all i'm saying we've got a responsibility and the way we handle issues and the way we talk about issues should be towards solution not towards division. >> reporter: president obama has one year one week remaining in office. those presidential candidates jockeying to succeed him had plenty to say about his state of
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the union address. >> some of you need to get back to iowa. >> hillary clinton tweeted her praise for obama speech and the administration's work. she continued that praise on cbs this morning. >> the president made a compelling case about the progress we've made but the work that still lies ahead. >> reporter: sex sex senator ted cruz who skipped the speech in order to campaign said he can't wait to give his own state of the union address. >> that state of the union will be very very different from tonight's state of union. >> reporter: cruz is in the fight to win the gop nomination. a new poll in iowa shows him with a three-point lead over donald trump with less than three weeks to go. craig boswell for cbs3 "eyewitness news". a search crew looking for a missing malaysian airline flights makes another discovery instead. we have a sonar image right here of a ship wreck discovered off the west australian coast last month. investigators say it looks to be made of steal and iron and it could be 200 years old. the malaysia flight has been
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missing since march 2014. ♪ just imagine the disappoint here you think you've won the powerball. struck it rich and you realize you made a big mistake. this happened to group in new jersey. they're story is coming up next. i can't imagine katie. >> that's got to hurt so bad. oh, my gosh. tell was, folks, it is cold outside. you factor in the wind, it feels that much colder. we're also looking ahead to thankfully easing on the thermometer plus a new storm system. lots to discuss in the seven day and we'll do just that when we come back.
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make sure you're looking at the right ticket. >> 62, yes, 63, yes. powerball, 17. yes! >> oh, man. workers arteries scene knee's restaurant went crazy saturday night they thought they had the 949 million-dollar jackpot. in the middle even the pandemonium quit his job on the spot. only problem they were looking at the numbers from last wednesday's drawing. they had the wrong ticket in their hands. the restaurant joked on its facebook page kind of like when steve harvey mixed up the miss universe winner making a joke of it. in case you're wondering the workers have already bought more tickets for tonight's drawing. hopefully, you know, they check those tickets tonight and my fingers are crossed that the dishwasher did not quit his job in a colorful way. hopefully he got that job back. >> oh, my gosh. my heart just hurts for them. >> today's forecast must have and a ugh. so cold out there. >> at least we've got the sunshine. >> at least we have that.
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yeah. >> we got that going for us. >> silver lining. once you walk out the door, you feel it. it's really really chilly outside especially when you factor in the wind. that always becomes the x factor in forecasts like this when you've got the cold, okay, that's in place any way, but throw that wind in you just can't go by the they were meter that's wait boils down do. we have in fact going to give you a sense of what the thermometer actually says right now. start things off by taking outside show you what's happening first and for most with skycam3. beautiful blue sky, bright sunshine but, yeah, this is what the actual air temperature is out at philly international. feels more like 14 so doing the math, again, we talk about this earlier in the broadcast. you'll have to knock a good solid 10 to 15 degrees off for feels like value with this very persistent westerly wind flow from 15 to 20 miles per hour. storm scan at least that's many and quiet. got a nice bright sky out there. you'll need sunglasses as well as the heavy coat, scarf and gloves but in addition to this with high pressure in place you'll stay dry here to into night. we have to talk about what's going on down the road here. we can see elements in the atmosphere.
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start to work with us here to see our next storm system. moisture not really all that evident right now. down there across the gulf of mexico. at the moment primarily you're finding a lot of clouds with that but that will blossom with time. another piece of energy now currently moving on shore from the pack northwest once that crosses out into the rockies and more specifically to the plains it starts to pull in some of this moisture. we'll have a pretty complex storm system on our hands we think by this upcoming weekend. for now, it's quiet. it's slow to improve temperature wise, but it's not as harsh tomorrow. we should get you to much more seasonal say 40-degree high or so with high pressure in place. little disturbance passes us by to the north on thursday. by friday though a warm front is lifting through. we'll call it partly sunny you will see more clouds with time but this is going to end up being the warmest day we'll actually flirt with 50 on this day you can see the pieces coming together here. as early as friday night and then into saturday morning. this does look like it's primarily a rain producer right now. however, because of the overnight timing, i want to at least allow the possibility that
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we end up with some snow micking in far northwest of philadelphia so again that's friday night into saturday. let's turn our attention very quickly though to the central pacific. interesting here we've got our earliest central pacific hurricane now formed hurricane polls pali with wind speeds at 80 miles an hour interesting because we typically don't find these kinds of systems in the central pacific at this time of year. so interesting side story across the other side of the world. meanwhile back here, state side, it's the coldest time of the year even though we aren't going to hit the freezing mark you typically hit 40 degrees the coldest normal high for our area. but we again aren't going to have an easy time getting there today. 27 is our current temperature after all at the airport generally in the mid 20's everywhere else. colder in the mountains and like we mentioned it won't feel much better than the teens today. bundle up adequately. you'll be just fine. later tonight 92 under partly cloudy sky typical night all things considered. 23 degrees. we look forward in that forecast notice the easing you of the
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temperatures as we flirt with 50 on friday the trade off is a a* storm brewing by that night it leaves behind rain it look like on saturday morning before clearing out and then knocking our temperatures right back down to below average especially monday and tuesday. looking awfully chilly down the road here and for mld dave service people will be outside. >> right. >> have to bundle up it look like. >> so nice. 60s but -- >> yeah. >> in the past. 60s becoming a dream. >> classified ad would read baby goes looking for cuddles. >> we're not joking here. farm in virginia expecting as many 90 goats to be born next month. they're looking for volunteers to cuddle and feed all those little baby goats. baby goats need to be bottle fed four times a day and need to be kept warm. chilly out there on the up side no experience necessary. never held a goat before. no problem. you have to be a good cuddler. that's a big requirement. adorable way to volunteer your time. >> sign me up. >> absolutely. >> i just love this.
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it's so sweet. >> we could see the baby goats, not the big one. >> they're all adorable. >> we'll be right back with students who have great advice for an nfl kicker who had a big mess over the weekend. their advice is pretty
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coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00, first comes the frigid cold, then that big utility bill. as temperatures drop three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan tells us the simple things that you can do to keep costs under control.
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that's today at 5:00. the minnesota vikings were booted from the nfl playoffs when their kicker missed a game winning field goal. now a local teacher thought it would be nice to have her students send him some encouraging words. here they are. >> we love you so much. you are the best. and maybe you need to practice. love cody. (laughter). >> maybe you need to practice. love cody. >> love cody. what a sweetheart. very inspirational for kicker will blair walsh the students are learning about empathy and what a smarty cher she thought this would be great way to give a real life example of when somebody could use a little empathy. hopefully he got those notes. have very sweet. that's "eyewitness news" at no noon. um erika von tiehl. for katie and all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at five com we're always online at >> young and the restless is coming up next. have a great
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>> mariah: so victor had you imagine what it would be like if you became filthy rich, and the best thing you could come up with is a foosball table in your office? >> kevin: it was rushed. i just came up with something off the top of my head. >> mariah: a billion dollars on the top of your head is a foosball table? >> kevin: i was under pressure. >> mariah: okay, well, now that you've had time to think, what's your rich-guy fantasy? >> kevin: a foosball table in my office. >> mariah: i knew it. >> kevin: doesn't matter anyway. i turned down victor flat, said no to jack, too. i stayed loyal to billy. because a deal is a deal, right? >> mariah: are you asking me or telling me? >> kevin: i don't know. >> mariah: so, where do you and your hacker babe go from here? >> kevin: [ sighs ] i have no clue. >> mariah: well, what about going back to jack? he's the lesser of two evils. >> kevin: i think he has more important things on his mind today. >> jack: if i thought there was a chance, any chance at all, that billy could recover... >> victor: the doctor says there isn't.


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