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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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misses out on $1.5 billion. registers have been working overtime here at dell monte's in camden where we had to purchase a ticket. now the the chances are so astronomical you have a better chance of getting drawn and struck by lightening at the same time but a chance, is still a chance. power ball mania has swept the the tri-state area, with more than $1.5 billion at stake in one is letting this opportunity pass them by. >> it is a big pot of money so might as well go for it. >> reporter: carli frazier is first time player and is hoping for beginner's luck. >> everybody has got a shot and somebody has got to win eventually, so might as well take a chance. >> i hope i win, i hope i am a big winner. >> reporter: at delmonty's in camden the registers have been going all day most choosing quick pick but this woman says she will stick with her lucky seven. >> i just play all seven of my
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kids birthdays. >> just like everybody else, you know, hope i can win so i can be blessed and blessing other people. >> reporter: arnold rodgers has high hopes and big plans for a jackpot that would pay out 900 million-dollar in the lump sum. >> would i definitely first take care of my family and friend first. and then would i take a vacation. >> i don't think there should be one winner, unless it the is me. >> reporter: so everyone has big plans, for all that money, at one point today, registers were actually selling tickets at $18,000 per mina cross the tri-state. this is say $.5 billion pay out in annuity, 930 million in a lump sum. if no one wins tonight the jackpot goes to 2 billion on saturday. live from camden, diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i like that gentlemen he doesn't think there should be one win are unless it is him. diana, thank you. security is tight in tallahassee, florida where the
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drawing will be held it in. we will take you their life coming up in about 20 minutes. also ahead, what if you won the big jackpot only to realize that the numbers were from a different drawing. it happened, it happened to a group of new jersey workers. we will have their reaction next up in the half hour. our region is in the middle of the deep freeze, it the is weather, that is tough on both people and infrastructure. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is working to clean up a icy mess there, walt. >> reporter: jessica, talk about winners knock out punch look at these trees, doubled overcoated in ice, railings coated in ice. we are outside this construction company, this tree beside me looking like it has been hit by a blizzard. all of this destruction just by one, 6-inch water main that is broke. the it is being repaired now. just bart of the winter misery that a lot of people face on this very cold day. moments after a 6-inch main, ruptured in the freezing
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temperatures, a huge geyser, spouted in to the the air. coating everything, in ice. then, raining down and flooding, the dan le poor and sons construction company. >> the water was shooting clear over the building, into the other parking lot. >> reporter: ice and non-working traffic signals sealed off this busy intersection at montgomery drive, and the schuylkill expressway. causing morning delays. septa trains and buses did well in the cold. in part, because septa has now begun, keeping el and subway cars, warm, in tunnels over night. meanwhile fire fighters, busy answering alarms in the bitter weather, were bundling up a as best as they could at this west philadelphia row house fire making sure that they wouldn't slip. you are really braving the elements here. >> we are. we have mittens on and about three layers, two pairs of
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pants. >> when it came to beating the cold, we found a couple of experts, connie broad rick and jen scott enjoying a frigid 3-mile stroll, down their local community trail. >> did you ever think we were going to get this kind of wet they are winter. >> the way it was going. >> no, i thought maybe we wouldn't have winter. >> hate to break the news to you. >> and back live in conshohocken they are still working to make sure that this main is plugged. coming up at 6:00 from where we are, you think that the the destruction you see outside here for the main break is bad, you haven't seen anything until we take you inside of the construction company headquarters, and show you just how much damage winter can do in the very short time. we will have it live 5:69. live from conshohocken, i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as you know bone chilling cold is a shock to the system when you go outside we are in the deep freeze, for now, meet
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the role goodies justin drabick is in for kate right now and he is on the sky deck with your firsthand account, j.d. >> that is right, certainly by far the coldest day of the season, as temperatures could get above freezing throughout the entire region. and, at least we had a nice sunset. things are quiet. wind whipping up this evening but that does get better in the overnight hours. little bit more pleasant conditions coming at us in the next 24 hours. check out these highs, only 29, officially at the airport. average is 40. twenty-six up in allentown. wildwood, atlantic city only coming in at the 30 degrees. the not even cracking the freezing mark in south jersey near the the shore. right now upper 20's in philadelphia, lower 20's north and west up in reading and allentown, wind still kicking up a little bit, suburbs, same deal, low to mid 20's, wind sustained at 15 miles an hour, they will come down five to ten through the the overnight hours so tomorrow morning we won't have nasty single digit wind chills. it does feel like the the lower teens so you have to throw on those heavier coats and scarves and gloves through the the overnight hours.
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storm scan three is eye it, a few clouds rolling through, here's what we can expect. the less windy conditions overnight, a little bit of the warm upcoming up in the forecast and we will talk about rain for the weekend with those details in a few more minutes, ukee and jessica, back over to you. a boiler explosion critically injured a philadelphia school maintenance worker. chopper three over edmond elementary school in mt. airy, police say the 61 year-old man was hurt while working on a boiler and its basement. he was rushed to einstein medical center with severe burns to his body. no children or staff were injured and the school will be closed tomorrow and friday as repairs are made. residents in mount laurel are being asked to reduce their water use and that is because utility crews are looking to repair a sewer line break on the 200 block of hartford road. officials say that they are diverting the overflow to a solar facility off of ram manywood parkway, but some sewage did spill into the pennsauken creek. the new jersey department of environmental protection is monitoring, that situation.
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the high school basketball coach caught on camera head butting a referee during a game will have to pay a fine. jerry divine will be charged with a summary offense of harassment a according to the the bucks county district attorney. the incident happened at neshaminy high school. divine returned to his teaching position yesterday but remains on suspension, from his head coaching job. a row home fire that killed two children remains under investigation, tonight. take a look at the scene last night in the 400 block of north monroe street in wilmington. when fire fighters got the there a mother was found outside of the home with burns and two-year old was handed over by a good samaritan unharmed. however, when crews performed a search and rescue a three-year old and three month-old were found and neither survived. >> we thought we had a loss of life and it is devastating. the loss of life is even more so, of children. anytime you hear of a child trapped, you step on that gas a little bit harder and try to get there a little bit faster
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and you combo deeper, harder until a fully involved fire then you typically would at any other given time. these fire fighters did that. >> there were seven children living in that home, authorities the say that there were no working smoke detectors. showing support for a philadelphia police officer ambushed, officer jesse hartnett may have a long road to recovery but he will not have to make that journal a loan. eye witt the necessary news reporter, rahel solomon joins us live outside the high school alma matter, rahel solomon is in drexel hill to tell us more. >> reporter: monsignor bonner and prendergast is a small tight tonight community so when word spread about what happened to jesse hartnett as we heard in the story, it is especially hard. they help in the best way that they know how. >> it is like family when you have been here so long. >> reporter: after 27 years of working at a high will school, you might think that the names and faces of students start to blur but in the for miss rocco. >> very mannerly, always coming into say hello.
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>> reporter: philadelphia a police officer jesse hartnett a 2001 graduate of monsignor boner high school has recently become known to many aren't around the country after what police call this targeted ambush. >> i'm shot. i'm bleeding heavily. >> reporter: officer hartnett was shot three times, since the shooting at least twice a day his alma matter prays for his recovery. >> as we pray this afternoon we ask everyone to continue to keep in your prayers officer jesse hartnett. >> reporter: the attack left philadelphia police and federal officials with many questions to answer, about the the alleged shooter's motive. this this is as students themselves struggled with questions of their own. >> some disappointment or frustration it happened, something like that would happen so close to home and someone that had walked the same grounds that they walk every day. >> reporter: although answers are perhaps not easily found, school officials say they will continue to pray, except in some ways their prayers have already been answered. i first thank god that he is still here, because he could
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have been killed. >> reporter: i'm's told officer hartnett has several more surgeries to go, i did speak to his dad today and they are taking it one day at a time. reporting from drexel hill, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> philadelphia mayor jim kenney stopped by officer hartnett's police district in west philadelphia mayor kenney visited the 18th district police department, for a morning roll call. the he thanked the officers for their brave services and he plans to visit other districts, as well. coming up on "eyewitness news" tonight, frigid temperatures may mean bigger utility bills and three is on your side to help keep costs under control. the consumer reporter jim donovan has simple things to consider. crisis averted, you might not have to buy that ferrari after all, a new study about the mid life crisis and why it could just be a big myth, don. president obama captivated the nation for an hour last night, we will captivate you for about a minute and 45 seconds, will sixers ever be good again? will eagles finally win a
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super bowl. the state of philadelphia sports, co
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and, and, move to st. louis rams, to los angeles for 2016 season.
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and, it shows, some and, st. louis, the the mayor says, the nfl today. and, los angeles to share the stadium. >> and, how about that. >> interesting. >> very interesting. >> yes, baltimore, snuck out of town. they went to indianapolis do you remember that back in the the day. >> the browns went back to baltimore, you know, with a different team, to become ravens. >> right, right, right. >> the the state of the union is in washington d.c. >> we will hear about the state,. >> and, glass half full, president obama, and,
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and, yes, our cbs-3 sports department, and, philadelphia sports. and, pat gallen. >> and, 2016. and, our fair city. currently the spec taitors of a coaching search for the eagles, a team that has gone without a title, since 960. we're stuck with the sixers team that has, just four wins this season. we were miserable last summer dealing with the phillies team that has been stuck in mediocre since 20116789 we have a flyers team that has gone stanley cupless, since the the mid 70's. fear not the my fellow philadelphians, it appears that just around the corner, there will be change and, chip
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kelly era was, a minor blip on the radar. the the sixers have some talented youngsters like okafor, noel and hopefully embiid with a stockpile of draft picks, that will aid future seasons. the phillies have one of the best pharmacist tells in baseball, flush with possible franchise changing players. and the flyers, will be led into the future by a ghost, and a young talent under the guidance of hextall, and hakstol. even the union have made sweeping changes to become an mls contender. let's not forget about the the temple owls football team, trying to become an elite program. plus, you always contending villanova mens basketball team who is for a long run. that is why i stand here fairly confident that brighter times are ahead, for the sports teams in our city, and to tell you that the state of our sports team is high, and in our union is strong. the thank you, i'm pat gallen
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for "eyewitness sports". >> thank you. >> yes, yes. >> yes. >> pat gallen everyone. >> great. >> preach, preach. >> brighters days comingy like the take away. >> i like the take away. >> i loved it. >> yes. >> so, top that. >> well, okay. >> yes. >> now, now, the wind is just going to die down later on tonight. that is good news. we will bring it back down to where it should be for mid of january over the the next 24 hours. nice sunset this evening, if you are outside, you have a shot to see. that live look right now neighborhood network, 27 degrees, sunnies new down, we will see clear skies, glassy conditions in the ocean with the west northwest wind at 7 miles an hour. that continues to bring in the cold arctic air on the boardwalk and i don't blame them. temperatures like this and still some wind to deal with. it is january, supposed to be cold. coldest time of the year we
5:18 pm
are in it on average from the 12th to the 25th we average 40 for our high. twenty-five for the low temperatures. we will go back above average for a few days coming up in the seven day forecast. you notice staying lighter later, so that is a positive net there. sunset tonight at 4:58. february 1st we are setting at 5:19 and almost at 6:00 o'clock by march 1st. we are in the zone where we are gaining a minute of daylight each day. that number will continue to go up. twenty-seven is current temperature in philadelphia a. twenty-three in allentown. still cold arctic air locked in across mid-atlantic and northeast, 14 in state college, 15 in pittsburgh. the little disturbance coming through, snow shower in the mountains, poconos otherwise just partly cloudy skies still cold tonight but wind will start to relax in the region. high pressure back in so that storm is long gone, and brought snow showers yesterday. so tomorrow, sun mixed with some clouds, friday same deal, we will warm it up more and late friday night into saturday, here's our next
5:19 pm
storm from the south bringing rain in here on saturday morning. the good news for wind. they are starting to come down, overnight down to 10 miles an hour or less. the that is the trend during the day on thursday so we will not battling nasty wind chills tomorrow. less windy overnight partly cloudy, 23 in the city. colder in the suburbs. your thursday forecast not as cold, 40 where we should this be time of the year, partly sunny. here is the three day forecast we have a briefing warming trend coming at you, we will go from 40 tomorrow up to 49 degrees on friday. that is the warmest day there. and then watch out for saturday, again rain looks to be mainly in the morning, so i think we can salvage most of the the day saturday with, some sunshine late in the take. but again cold next week and we will break that down and show you seven dare later in the show. >> thanks, my man appreciate it. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a stapel in a lot of diets might be a no, no for moms to be, health reporter stephanie stahl tells us about the food that may put woman at higher risk for gestational diabetes. we are live in
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tallahassee, florida inside the the draw studio where tonight's power ball numbers will be picked and called out, next.
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as we mention aid few times, the the $1.5 billion power ball jackpot is the biggest, ever. imagine being the people, who are in charge of picking the numbers. a little bit of stress there. >> lots of security. >> yeah. >> correspondent david begnot is live at tallahassee, power ball drawing headquarters where i would imagine it is like fort knox, david, good evening to you. >> reporter: you are right about that ukee and jessica. we are in the basement of the florida lottery headquarters so you are wondering why is it done in florida? there is no rhyme or reason. florida offered. power ball headquarters said yes. they have done it here for the last seven years. inside this vault room you see those four power ball machines cover? those are four that may be used tonight. only two will be chosen and it is done randomly. all of the lottery balls are here. they have never been touched by human hand until tonight.
5:24 pm
there is a little red tamper seal, and bar code. if that does president match the code that the auditor has when she comes to this door at 9:00 tonight there will be a big problem. only three people have a pass key to get in here, they are only ones a allowed inside. >> wow. that is a lot of security, and obviously there are people in the building as well monitoring who is coming in and out would i imagine, not just that room but probably the whole building. >> reporter: jessica you are right about that. in fact, there are several people just like this gentlemen, armed state police officers guarding both drawing room, and the vault. the at 9:00 p.m. eastern those machines will be rolled into this room and thinks where it happens. is there weatherman's green screen as we call it, talent will stand here, the the drawing will happen and it takes less than a minute. there are eight to nine surveillance cameras in the building. people monitoring coming what is coming on those surveillance cameras are at power ball headquarters in des moines, iowa. is there a room with 13 seats in it. i bet you didn't know that
5:25 pm
anyone can come watch drawing, it is first come, first serve. >> wow. >> david, less than a minute before that drawing but how long do we know that i have won it? i mean how long before i find out who is the winner. >> reporter: that is a good question, i might be the winner. i said how long does this take? they say it may take a couple hours but i think by the time you go on the air tomorrow morning, we will definitely know but who knows we could know by, you know, midnight, 1:00 a.m. in the morning. tough to tell. if be in wins, guys, it could be $2 billion by saturday night. that is hard to believe. >> shaking my head. >> it will be off the charts. >> seriously shaking my head. david, good luck. if you play, good luck. >> you bet. >> you too. >> great look behind scenes there i didn't know all that. new at 6:00 power ball on the brain, all that dreaming of becoming an overnight billion air may have a negative effect. health reporter stephanie stahl will be here to explain that.
5:26 pm
>> serious, he was not allowed. he was very serious. also coming up in the next half an hour on "eyewitness news" what if you think you have won the big jackpot, only to find out you made a big mistake. the it happens to some workers in new jersey. their story when we come back. those mild winter temperatures we saw appear to be over and with the freezing cold, comes big utility bills, consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with simple things that you can do to keep the costs down, we will be right not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. find the lowest prices of the season, going on now. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed. only at a sleep number store.
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that's a fact.
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but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ we are in the deep freeze a water main break turned in the ice factory, spewing what the their immediately froze. you can see ice dangling from power lines in conshohocken. first comes the frigid cold, and then comes the big utility bills. >> as temperature drop three on your side, consumer report are jim donovan tells you about simple things to keep costs under control.
5:30 pm
>> we are very spoiled by those warmer than average temperatures recently but not anymore. while we will still pay less to heat our homes this year verse last year there are still some things to keep in mind. according to government energy forecast is, majority of the country can expect to spend less to heat our homes this winter. many of us heat with natural gas, those homeowners can expect to save 10 percent over last year, oil customers will shell out about 25 percent less, propane customers should feel at least a 15 percent savings in the northeast, and if your home is heated primarily with electricity, you'll see a 3 percent savings. that doesn't mean you cannot save more by taking some simple steps. >> easily insulating where you don't have enough insulation, caulking around windows, or weather stripping around doors where you see daylight coming through. >> reporter: ben armstrong with peco says adjusting your thermostat slight thely can have an impact on your bill. >> comfortable temperatures maybe 66 degrees during the day, 60 degrees or even lower during night to ensure you are not using more heat, during
5:31 pm
the night when you are sleeping. >> reporter: be sure furniture and blind are not blocking your heat registers and something else you may want to consider. >> insulated curtains are a great way when you close them to keep cold air out at night. >> reporter: another way to avoid sticker shock see fur utility company offers a budget plan and if so, sign up, your bills will be averaged out so when there are spikes in usage like right now or in the summer months during heat waves you won't feel the pinch as much. i will post more information on cbs >> difficult that and it is so great. you know what the bill is every month. >> they adjust it three or four months, yes. >> no wild swings. >> this is just this morning, this is first time i have turned my heat on. >> this morning. >> you like it chilly. >> yes, just to take the the chill out, but yes. >> you can hang meat from the ceiling in there. i like cold. >> you are in there likely stallone. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. national guard troops are
5:32 pm
in the the city of flynt to help residents with drinking water crisis. they have joined state troopers and volunteers to help distribute bottled water filters and other supplies. flynt's tap water has been contaminated with lead since they change the water source since 2014. michigan's governor has apologized but many residents say an apology is just not enough. >> we drink it. you cannot bath in it. it is ridiculous. >> the justice department has launched its own investigation to figure out how this public health crisis happened. it turns out to be the international crisis, that wasn't. the penitentiary gone says ten u.s. sailors held in iran was safely back in american care today. >> new video, shows u.s. sailors on their knees, and under the command of iranian security forces, and nine men and one woman on two naval will patrol boats were captured on tuesday when u.s. officials say a mechanical break down caused the boat to drift into iranian waters.
5:33 pm
iran released the sailors after holding them overnight. >> all indications suggest or tell us that our sailors were well taken care of, provided with blankets and food and assisted with their return to the fleet earlier today. >> reporter: iran's revolutionary guard released these photos of the ten u.s. sailors relaxing, some even smiling while in custody. the sailors were traveling from kuwait to bahrain at the time and were captured and held at an iranian base on the island of farsi. this iranian general said we concluded passage of the americans in our waters was not hostile or espionage. the crews are at a u.s. military base in the gulf where they will be debriefed and they are giving their version of the events. u.s. navy officials say they are investigating exactly what went wrong. secretary of state john kerry expressed his gratitude to iran for their cooperation in resolving the matter. president obama made a big announcement the at the state of the union last night.
5:34 pm
he announce that had vice-president biden would spearhead the nation's fight to find a cure for cancer. >> for the loved ones we have all lost, for the families that we can still say let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. >> it looks like the vice-president is starting his work here in philadelphia, on friday, biden will visit the university of pennsylvania's abramson cancer center and participate in the a round table discussion. atlantic city mayor don guardian laid out his goals for the the city to day and they include defending ac from new state plan to take over cities troubling finances. he calls it hostile take over. >> if we're cooperating and doing everything that local government finance is asking us to do, why would you want to be taking over this city. this city is not a drain on the state of new jersey. >> senate president steven sweeney's take over bill calls for the state to run the the
5:35 pm
cities finances for the next 15 years. all right. more now on the story everyone is talking about tonight, the day, millions of power ball players have been dreaming about is here, someone's life could be change, forever. but will it be better, louie from the insider joins with us more, louie. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, what do you do with that money and fame. where would seven time lottery grand prize winner as we go inside surviving the power ball win pit balls. >> odd of winning the lottery are not very good. >> what do i do if i win? first i will have a private jet. >> i will be here. >> reporter: people are looking for advice like seven time lottery winner, richard lustig. >> buy as many tickets, as you can afford. >> buy as many tickets as you can afford. >> okay, got it. sound advice. the key to that statement is as you can afford, stay in your budget. >> our jack the pot insider
5:36 pm
the world's only seven time grand prize winner, with this advice for masses who bought an estimated 370,000 tickets a minute. >> for people who are fortunate enough to win, a huge jackpot, there are three things i tell them to do. number one, pay off all your bills first before you do anything. make yourself completely debt free. number two find yourself a good financial advisor and accountant. number three new you go buy the the talking cars. >> shark tank billion air mark cuban gives us an insight what rich people problems to expect. >> you have a lot more best friend. you get a lot more attractive. you have a lot more people asking you out. don't change your lifestyle. pay off your bills and just get used to it first. >> reporter: to save more money, more problems, that is one problem, i wouldn't mind having. ukee and jessica, back to you in the studio. >> we all keep saying, we're up for the challenge. >> i think i said mo more i, mo problems.
5:37 pm
>> the largest group winner was probably the septa crew that won it, 100 million. here's some important advice. make sure you are looking at the right number. >> sixty-two. >> yes 63. >> power ball 17. >> yes. >> workers at this restaurant in engelwood cliffs, new jersey went crazy saturday night thinking they hit 949 million-dollar jackpot. the dishwasher even quit on the spot. the only problem, they were looking at the numbers from last wednesday's drawing. in case are wondering the workers have already bought more tickets for tonight's drawing. >> that is a heart breaker. >> you know what, you know they went nuts. >> he quit on the spot he quit on the spot. >> bye. >> done. >> i'm out. >> wow. >> good luck, once again, if you play, good luck. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight food you should avoid trying to get pregnant, health reporter stephanie stahl has result of the surprising new study about
5:38 pm
a dinner stapel. don't worry, be happy, why researchers are saying that this mid life crisis might be a big myth, justin. another bitter cold night ahead and then warming trend returns in the forecast, complete details, coming up.
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and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. star bucks has three new frappuccino's on their secret valentines menu. >> barista from arizona came up with three new frappuccino but one is call valentine frappuccino, second is love bean, vanilla a bean and raspberry and the java berry is java chip with raspberry whipped cream. the these can be made in any star bucks but you have to
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order them by the ingredients and the cost of each drink will vary. all right, guys, there is no excuse, you don't need to buy a bright red sports car or find a younger girlfriend. it turns out that mid life crisis thing is just a myth. researchers in canada followed group of high school students for 25 years, and group of college students for 14 years and they asked the same question in different ages. how happy are you with your life? here's what they found? as people age, they actually became happier and more secure. >> i think that is true. very much so. >> very much so. >> yes. >> it was a heart breaker for minnesota vikings fans, their kicker missed that potential game winning field goal. >> minneapolis schoolteacher thought it would be nice to have her students send the kicker encouraging words. >> keep on trying. we love you so much. >> you are the the best. maybe you need to practice.
5:43 pm
love codey. >> students are learning about empathy and teacher thought this would be a good real life, example. >> interesting is a powerful, powerful thing and so important. i love that though. you are the the best, but you probably need to practice. >> it was good. he stood up to the press about 15 minutes after the game. he just talk. that had to sting. um-hmm. coming up, volunteers are needed to cuddle ghosts. >> yes you heard right. we will explain after a short break.
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5:46 pm
they need, goat cuddlers. >> um-hmm. >> goat cuddlers. the farm expects to have as many as 90 baby goats born in february and they need to be bottle fed and kept warm. volunteers are needed to feed and cuddle the little goats. >> hi, ukee, no experience needed. >> you know what, you love animals. >> do i love animals. i would do that. i would do that. >> just holding their arms. >> just sing a little song. >> would i sing a song.
5:47 pm
>> yes. >> yes. >> you know that. >> j.d. has your forecast. >> another cold night tonight. wind starts to relax a little bit. that is the problem. it is the wind. that is the issue. that relaxes tonight. a couple of days are warming backup to typical january conditions, and we will cool it down next week. let's break it down. we will take you outside live to our roof cam video, a few passing cloud coming through overnight hours. no threat of precipitation with the exception, in the poconos, there could be a few flurries or snow showers. that is bit. it is quiet. tomorrow morning we are not waking up with single digit wind chill values. the let's check with the weather watchers where we are talking with wind sustained 25th 15 to 20 miles an hour. actual air temperatures are in the low to mid 20's at this hour. let's still talk about the wind chills. heading out for next few hours it is cold. on exposed skin it feels like 11 degrees at jason's house in middletown, delaware. sixteen at the shore in ocean city reported by james.
5:48 pm
the charles winestein in reids beach, new jersey, 18 degrees. feels like four in reading. sixteen in philadelphia a south jersey buena vista township, simon checked if with 14-degree wind chill. check this sunset out. charles sent in this picture over delaware bay. gorgeous shot the there with the cloud rolling in. the those clouds are a sign of warm or temperatures. the let's break it down. average high, is 40 for this time of the year. not enclose today. not even to freezing this afternoon, and, the next 24 to 48 hours, look at that, we're up a hill climb. approaching 50 on friday. don't get used to it, we will drop it, right through the second half of the weekend in martin luther king day. temperatures back below average. we're locked into another cold weather pattern next week. storm scan three is showing a few cloud around, little weak storm system over great lakes. maybe a couple snow showers getting in the poconos, and that is good news for the ski resorts, excellent conditions, we have good snow making conditions over the past couple of days, and inch or
5:49 pm
two of snow from yesterday's system. jack frost in good shape right now, 12 to 24 inches and big boulder, cammal back, also doing good at 18 trails opened and 48 inches of snow for a base at the blue mountain with 19 trails. so if you have plans to ski this weekend, it looks good for the the next few days as far as our weather goes. just not as cold. just some clouds. how about this crazy stuff, we have a tropical system in the atlantic, subtropical storm alex, northern atlantic, coast of africa. it is heading northward no threat to any land. little bit unusual. thinks fourth january storm on record are. it is called subtropical storm because it has both non-and tropical characteristics, with that system. back home now though, not as cold tomorrow. temperatures back around 40 degrees. close to 50 on friday. nice day, partial sunshine. cloud and rain role in here for morning hours on saturday. a this is system exits we will bring back cold air. the here's the setup. cold air over us right now, lifts out tonight. we will get milder air, and
5:50 pm
thursday and friday and then this next batch of cold air from canada starts to move south. head up for sunday, monday, tuesday next week, high temperatures will run back below average. so for tonight, less windy, partly cloudy, 23 for the city, colder in the suburbs. tomorrow not as cold, 40 degrees for your afternoon high. martin luther king day windy, cold, dry, partly sunny and high of only 32 degrees. it will field colder with the win. here's extended forecast. couple of milder day, upper 40's and sunday turns cold again. 39 degrees. we will keep it in the low to mid 30's next week. it looks like this january parent is holding strong for colder temperatures. >> good heads up, j.d., thank you sir. on the the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight, pregnant woman developing diabetes. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on this new research. >> reporter: interesting link you guys. it is called gestational diabetes, a condition that 9 percent of pregnant woman will develop. this new research find that women who eat a lot of potatoes before they get pregnant have an increased
5:51 pm
risk. laurie sinberg never thought twice about eating a baked potato even before she was expecting. >> i have have a pretty balanced healthy diet bring was pregnant. yeah, potatoes are part of my diet. >> reporter: new study from the national institute of health found eating potatoes before conceiving may be linked to gestational diabetes. >> potatoes elevate blood sugar in people more than just about any other type of food. so they are carbohydrates and full carbohydrates at that potential. >> reporter: researchers asked 15,000 women how often they ate potatoes over a ten year period and tracked their pregnancies. woman who ate more potatoes have higher rates of againtational diabetes then those who consume fewer potatoes. >> this is reenforcing the idea that we eat everything in moderation. >> reporter: substituting other vegetables and whole grain food for two serving of potatoes a week, lower the risk of gestational diabetes by nine to 12 percent.
5:52 pm
now, obesity is one of the main risk factors for diabetes during pregnancy but the the study did not find potatoes directly caused gestational diabetes. experts say the issue with potatoes isn't so much the calories, but 110, for one medium spud, but as the researcher said they have a big impact on blood sugar glycemic index which is linked to weight gain and diabetes. >> yes, they were making color flower as mashed potatoes which can be good. >> i have made them. >> extra butter. >> they sound weird but you would be surprised how important they can be and taste. >> extra butter. >> yes. >> stephanie, thanks. still a ahead on "eyewitness news" an effort to change the life of veterans. >> this weeks story of brotherly love a disabled u.s. navy veteran has already found a new sense of mobility with the refurbished van. now the same team of mechanics want to help other vet. their project when we come right back.
5:53 pm
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so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. in this weeks story of brotherly love a blue bell auto repair shop wants to give a refurbished vehicle to a veteran. >> this isn't the first time. their gift changed the life of a retired navy veteran. larry scott of philadelphia, a u.s. navy veteran, has struggled to get around ever since being paralyzed during a surgical procedure about a year ago. the toughest part not being able to drive out of state, to
5:57 pm
visit his four children or his grandchildren. >> part of my world was cut off and it made me fell like i was in prison. >> reporter: when scott jacobs of motor car make overs of blue bell heard about larry, he knew he could help. last summer he and his team surprised lar which a refurbished wheelchair accessible van for free. >> i drove the van up, and they sad, this is your van. of course, i was speechless. i'm never speechless. >> reporter: not only a wheelchair lift but a brand new, dvd player and cd player. >> we feel great that we were a part of that. >> reporter: so great, scotties doing it again. one of the customers gave them this, 2004, gmc yucan deniali, four by four to fix it up and give it to another veteran. >> quite an extensive lift. >> reporter: this suv is getting new brakes to rotors to a new transmission. scott calls this program, four
5:58 pm
wheel philanthropy and he is asking the public to nominate a deirving veteran. four finalists will be chosen. the public will vote for the winning veteran on social media. >> four wheel philanthropy will basically give us an opportunity to make over peoples lives. >> reporter: like it did, for larry scott. >> and, here i am, a changed man. >> throw is. >> um-hmm. >> would you like to nominate a veteran for the car? we will tell you how, were four wheel philanthropy on our web site at cbs their deadline is january 20th. >> a new car would make all of the difference to so many people. it can get you where you need to go. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 new information in the ambush attack on philadelphia officer jesse hartnett. and, winter wows, a local construction company is getting a devastating punch from mother nature. we will show you the damage and how the cold temperatures played a role, justin.
5:59 pm
cold temperatures will hang around the region once again tonight, and then we will catch a break in the forecast, check it out, coming up in a few minutes. power ball fever, is at an all time high, the biggest jackpot ever is on the mind, as people are scrambling to snatch up those tickets. >> pay off my kids houses, i would take them all on a vacation. >> oh, man, giant jackpot has plenty of people dreaming big but that wish full thinking might actually be bad. stephanie stahl tells us why. well, deep freeze has devastating results for a local business. the frigid weather is giving a conshohocken construction company, some unwelcomed, extra work. a ruptured water main leading to big headaches for the area business. i'm ukee washington. hi everyone i'm jessica
6:00 pm
dean. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live in conshohocken where he got an up close look at that damage today, walt? >> reporter: well, jessica, when you look at this, trees and shrubbery outside, ice coated and destroyed, it looks like there has been an all day blizzard or ice storm n fact, this was just one, 6-inch water main breaking a at 7:00 this morning and the damage that you see outside the headquarters of the dan lepoor construction company here is only the beginning. what we saw inside is truly amazing. it was a water geyser, not the groundhog, that gave business owner greg le poor his first warning. suddenly this winter had just gotten a whole lot longer and tougher. >> it created a geyser, like old faithful. >> reporter: ice immediately coated and destroyed shrubbery outside headquarters of dan lepoor and sons construction company but it was about to get much worse. >> it flew up, and over,


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