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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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good morning, oh , major excitement in a california 7-eleven where one winning power ball ticket was sold. people in two other state also claiming a piece of the largest jackpot ever but no one in any state around here bad news. come up we will tell you where winning tickets were sold and have numbers in case you won a smaller prize. overnight terror a star bucks cafe is scene of an attack overseas, three suicide bomber causing death and destruction. back here at home a police car crash send two officers to the hospital, we are live with how they tried to flee. this is thursday, january 14th i'm's erika von tiehl. i'm nicole brewer.
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the let check weather and traffic, lovely katie and meisha. >> good morning, shock. >> happy thursday. the. >> katie, looking pretty good this morning. far cry from what we saw at this this exact same time yesterday. >> you said it. >> hopefully this is silver lining for things to come. >> a little shortwave, hence we will see action going on behind me on storm scan three, that is where we will turn our focus. we will see what is happening right now. don't worry about what you are finding on storm scan. yes, there is some snow on the radar, it is having a very difficult time verifying at ground level and see how it is moving through. perhaps you see a snow flake but don't worry about any a accumulation. again, a weak impulse oven why i that is crossing through primarily off to the north but temperatures say it all. we are off to a coal start out there. you will need time to warm up, and you will need extra heavy winter weather accessories, hat, gloves, scarves is all
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still required here this morning. we are still technically in the coldest time of the year these two weeks from the 12th to the 25th of yan, it is when you expect these temperatures to be where we are. quickly checking what happens rest of the day we will see some sunshine. call it partly sunny, between sun and included but it is a cold day but technically very typical for mid-january standard. we will get to 40 degrees today. meisha. >> i'll take that, katie, good morning. happy thursday just waking up, so glad you are with us, 95 south won girard and vine we have overnight construction. right lane is block. the cones are set up in place. the it will in the cause too many slow downs right now, not yet. still early. things are looking better then yesterday at this exact same time. we will take a peak at the the schuylkill at spring garden looking good in both directions both east and westbound an area that heat up. be mine full of that. some construction in new jersey 295 southbound at route
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42 that off ramp is closed, scheduled, and then route here 30 right lane is block until 6:00 a.m. i will be updating you and letting you know when both construction projects left, erika, back to you. those plans for early retirement have have to wait for us, and meisha and everybody else. >> we didn't win apparently three winning power ball tickets, a few people will be very happy to day. they are in where around here. >> sorry. >> good news this morning. the last day sales drove it to $1.6 billion and maybe your tickets matched some winning numbers, four, eight, 19, 27, 34, and then power ball number ten. winning ticket coming from florida, tennessee and this store right here in california. a lot of action happening there. former reporter and locals gathered at 7-eleven in chino hills, 35 miles east of los angeles and a lot of cheering in that store.
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>> it is my pleasure, and very proud and excited too. >> the the winners have not yet come forward but 7-eleven in california will get a one million-dollar bonus for selling that winning ticket, very exciting there winners have paid close to 40 percent of the prize in federal income tax in addition to any state tax. you may not be a billion air but check your tickets you may be a millionaire, some good news, two tickets sold in new jersey matched all of the numbers except the power ball. one ticket was worth 2 million, one was worth 1 million. one ticket in pennsylvania also hit for a million-dollar, so check those tickets. >> won't kay into that. 4:34. series of deadly explosions rocked indonesia targeting an area with lesser influence including a star bucks. 7-eleven have been confirmed dead, including four suicide bombers. the blast rocked jim cart a near u.n. offices. they were in an area that includes a department store,
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mcdonald's and pizza hut. authorities say that the the a attackers imitated the actions of the paris terror attacks. reports a that the attacks centered on the star bucks and were followed by a gun battle. star bucks released a statement saying one customer was hurt but their employees are the same. we are deeply saddened by senseless acts that have taken place today. our hearts are with the people of indonesia. all-star bucks locations in jakarta will remain closed until further notice. violent crash overnight send two philadelphia police office are to the hospital. >> they were responding to a shooting report when that unexpect happen, "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us at temple university hospital where those officers are being treated, good morning. >> reporter: erika and nicole good morning. no major injuries to report here but the the driver of that second vehicle whom police say was trying to get away, is accused of driving under the influence and also, with a suspended license. but let's take to you video from overnight, the the wreck
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happened just after 11:30, police say two plainclothes offices in a dark unmark ford torr just in route to the radio reports of the shots fired and a possible armed man. they say their sirens and lights were on as they traveled south on b street at west more land. meantime the driver of that nissan, was traveling west on west moreland and b street, police say that nissan driver struck the taurus in what appears to be a head to head collision. police say the driver of that nissan a 20 year-old man climbed out from the driver's side, rear window and tried to get a away on foot. the plainclothes offices tried to catch him and backup was called in but police got their man on the 3200 block of front street about four blocks from that wreckage scene. >> the 20 year-old suspect didn't have any visible injuries, however, he a appeared to be shaken up. it was a pretty violent auto accident. he was under the the influence of alcohol. the he also struggled with police.
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we took him to episcopal hospital to be check out to make sure that he was okay but he was driving the vehicle. he was alone. he was operating the vehicle with the a suspended license. >> reporter: those two police officers brought here to temple, one suffering head injuries but he was awake and able to talk. the passenger in that cruiser had a broken right finger, you heard that driver was taken to episcopal hospital with no visible injuries. he is facing two charges of dui and resisting arrest. erika and nicole back to you. >> just continue finch, thank you. one week after ambush on the philadelphia police officer lawmakers are hosting a community meeting on neighborhood safety at 6:00 at bryant school. this follows word that the fbi is investigating shooting of jesse hartnett as a possible case of terrorism. police say that edward archer told them he was acting in the name of islam when he opened fire on hartnett in his cruiser. officials also say that archer talk about allegiance to isis.
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authorities are now trying to figure out if he is part of the larger group. on sunday police say someone stopped officers patrolling the scene of hartnett's shooting. that person who stopped them told the officers that archer was part of the group of others who may pose a danger to police. >> we are investigating that as a terrorist attack and trying to understand as we do in all of these cases, what were the the motivations and often it is a tangled web we have to untank will, what are the motivations, who director inspired an individual, if anyone and who else might have been involved. that is work we do that is work we're doing right now in that case. >> and, officer hartnett has had to undergo at least two more surgeries. his family says they are taking it day by day. the officer's alma matter is doing their part to help. bonner prendergast high school has been holding prayer services twice a day since that shooting. officer hartnett graduated from the school will in 2001. stay with "eyewitness news" as we follow development
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in the ambush of officer hartnett. follow our coverage on line at cbs a boiler explosion at a local school caused classes to be canceled for rest of the week. worker was critically injured after that explosion yesterday a at edmond elementary in mt. airy. school officials say 61 year-old victim was working on the boiler when it exploded. the school was evacuated and parents were alerted to pick up their children. patco services back to normal but that wasn't the case last night, tree in danger of the falling on the tracks prompted patco to halt between haddonfield and wood crest station for about an hour yesterday. hundreds of passengers were forced in to the the cold to wait for shuttle buses. >> the train station is packed, jammed packed, and though sent shuttle buses but i didn't see one and i was on the train when it was first announced. >> nobody got hurt but still irritate to go get home, after a long day. >> yeah, cold night too. the promised buses did finally arrive, officials say they were stuck in traffic, patco
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released a statement apologizing to those riders. >> you have to keep safe, if is there a train on the track. >> they did what they had to do. >> it doesn't make you feel any better when you are coal. that deep freeze caused big problems for a local business. >> coming up next icy wet mess left behind from this huge water main break. also ahead a real treat for a dozen special children how flyers helped make their dreams come true. >> we have that story and more
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chopper three over washington and cherry streets in washington and conshohocken where a water main ruptured creating this huge geyser. we showed it to you live. coated everything in ice including offices of the local construction company. water flooded the roof and that led to all sorts of problems inside the office. >> it was so high, it flew, water on this roof and over this roof on to the warehouse
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behind. so we have, we have, water damage in the warehouse, in the offices, i have never seen anything like this in my life. >> workers at the company did what they could to salvage and protect critical items like electronics and blueprints. repairs are underway but that wind and cold, i'm happy to report that the wind died down. >> yes. really tranquil today. this is classic january forecast for us. >> improvement. >> yes, exactly. you know, there is no big head line for the day other than it is seasonal, quiet. >> we like that. >> i know. >> and, there is a storm bringing us in the tail end of the week leading in the weekend which we will talk about and interestingly we have tropical activity, going on to discuss. very odd this time of the year. we will get to that. lets get you outside to the live neighborhood network as we overlook delaware river taking this live shot from the palmyra cove nature park here. we do still have a handfull of clouds but they are not
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causing visibility issues lower to the ground, definitely you can see the the center city sky line. the it is looking like a nice tranquil beginning to the morning. the interesting that we have got activity to report on storm scan a weak impulse pushing through right now lake enhancement with this as well. even though it appears we have snow flying across the delaware valley, don't worry too much about it. it is having a hard time sticking. the it will not be a major issue. perhaps you will will's see a flake flying in the sky if you are traveling down the highway but will not cause any major issue. lets look wider zoom on storm scan, just off shore of texas here there is another area of low pressure moving in the rocky mountains. the these two pieces will turn in the larger storm system that blossoms with time and that is our next story, in terms of our next shot for weather, wet weather, i should say. we have to turn our focus to the tropics because this is highly unusual. subtropical storm alex we have
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a named system in mid-january. hurricane season doesn't begin until june but there you have it, subtropical storm alex out there no where close to us but it could impact azores. in the meantime in tropical activity. i want to jump to the seven day forecast, guys. expecting these temperatures to maryland rate, nice and mild, but tomorrow night into saturday morning this next storm brings in primarily rain to the area guys, back to you. >> katie, thanks. one of the eagles coaching candidates appears to be out the of the running. there were reports that the giants hired their former offensive coordinator ben mcadoo as their new head coach. mcadoo was one of the six eagles interviewed to replace chip kelly. flyers come back to beat rangers at the well, wayne simmonds tied the game in the third period and a minute and 22 seconds later mark street earned that game winner right there jay voracek had a goal, two assists and captain claude
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giroux assisted all three. flyers win three-two for their fourth straight win. they are now just two points behind boston in the wild card playoff race, and as flyers and rangers at the well saturday afternoon. >> four in a row. >> something to get excited about. >> before that game this is so special a group of 14 children with the make a wish foundation took to the ice for a very special moment. >> they were there to be part of the high five crew. they greeted players as they skated after the game, look at their little hand. for many of them like eight year-old go annie, it was an opportunity to forget about their life threatening illnesses. she spoke to our natasha brown >> high five. >> just having fun that normally they would never be able to do. it is phenomenal will. >> that is so sweet. >> as you heard it was a why i to the parents too to see their kid in that kind of situation, the kid were able to hang out in the penalty box, sit on the team bench,
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tour the press box so they got the full treatment there. >> just terrific. >> for the whole family to see that. >> just to take a moment. >> yes. >> to be a kid. >> exactly. >> still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news" chipotle's new plan to win back customers. >> but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3. we will be right back.
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here's one more look at the morning's headlines. three winning tickets will share $1.6 billion in the last night ease record breaking power ball drawing. they were sold in california, tennessee and florida. so not anywhere near here. here are the numbers, hey might have some money coming to you, eight, 27, 34, four, 19, power ball ten. we have a series of deadly attacks in jakarta. suicide bombers blew themselves up leaving three people dead. one of the attacks happened
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inside star bucks cafe. police car accident send two plainclothes philadelphia police officers to the hospital with minor injuries. it happened in the corner of b street and west moreland and fair hill, shortly before midnight. the driver of the other vehicle fled on foot but was caught four blocks away. republicans going for the white house are holding their first debate of 2016. fox business network is hosting and airing debate from north charleston, south carolina seven candidates will be on the stage at 9:00 tonight, three others will take part in the under card debate at 6:00. one candidate rand paul is upset over the two teared system. 4:50. time for a check of business news. >> jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. volatile day, in the asian market between the explosionness jakarta, also wall street losses, what are most of the people watching today. >> reporter: so most asian markets fell today, china's market rebounded and once again the sell off is fueled by in part by concern over
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plunging oil prices, now at a 12 year low and there is also concern about the continued economic slow down in china which is world's second largest economy. good news futures are pointing to a high are opened but we did have a higher open yesterday and we saw how things turned out. so who knows what to make of these market, erika and nicole. >> wild couple weeks, for sure. >> talking about chipotle, apparently a new plan to win back customers, what are they doing here. >> reporter: chipotle's plan to win back customers toys give away more free food, chipotle stock has plunged 40 percent from last years high, sales are way down after an e-coli out break last year. chipotle is doubling the amount of free food in order to get customers back in the store, erika and nicole. >> will they want the free food, that is the question. >> i know, it is so hard after something like that. >> uphill battle there. >> thanks, jill. coming up we will check
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weather and traffic. we will be right back.
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we are looking ahead to a pretty quiet thursday forecast. there is some action to talk about in our seven day outlook but for now we have a nice tranquil out look sky scan three is clear, no issues with visibility this morning. the it is cold but thankfully look at that wind that has tapered off and it has turn direction, a bit more southerly component to the wind flow but it does feel exactly like thermometer reads. we will take it. twenty-six is cold but it could be worse, certainly was yesterday. storm scan three here's something i don't want to you get worried about. a very weak, keyword weak, disturbance a impulse shortwave passing through leaving with it a little hint of precipitation on the the radar but this is having a difficult time reaching the ground and sipping through so quickly it will be gone before you know it and not cause any problems. 40 degrees. milder day tomorrow, courtesy of the latest warm front and that is a sign of things to
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come as our next large storm gets underway and develops off south east coast and bringing rain to the area as early as friday, overnight, meisha over to you. >> friday, 50's katie, that is silver lining, awesome, good morning, happy thursday to you. we are so happy you are here, here's another live look outside, at the blue route, headlights moving in the northbound direction at ridge pike looking good here we are starting to see headlights and taillights popping up on our major highways and interstates. new jersey, 42 freeway north bound looking good and as you take this to 295 you're looking good there as well. speaking of 295, but construction has lifted around there. now, this construction i-95 south between girard and vine is that right lane is block. they are trying to get that cleared out of your way, as i'm speaking right now, so right now looking good, but off in the distance moving in the southbound direction of i-95 you can see headlights getting out there. this is construction i was talking about in new jersey, 295 southbound at route 42 that off ramp is now opened
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but route 30 westbound before warwick road that right lane is still blocked and that will be blocked until 6:00 a.m. that will affect you as we progress through the morning, back over to you. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are live with one of the stores that sold that winning power ball ticket. not around here. >> can you imagine. >> i know. plus, showing off your philly pride we will show you new phillye maine gi you can add to your smart phone. the plus this. >> ♪ okay. this doesn't start your morning off right i don't know what will, a epic carrasquillo oak i when james corden takes adele for a ride. see her take on another hit shop at the top of the hour. >> lets look at the this for a while.
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ahh, listen to that, new this morning it is power ball excitement, excitement across one of the stores, three stores that sold a record ticket in the record breaking, drawing. we're their life with new information about the the three golden tickets that hit that jackpot. also new this morning two police officers are hurt after another driver slams into their cars, the driver tried to escape but he didn't make it very far. this is breaking right now terror in indonesia, explosions at a gun battle rocked a star bucks, now the the death toll is rising, good morning. good morning, it is thursday january 14th i'm erika von tiehl. i'm nicole brewer. another frigid way to start the day, katie outside feeling
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those temperatures and meisha keeping an eye out on the roads, good morning. >> yes, we did not win the the power ball gang but friday is tomorrow, 50 degrees. so there are some good things, roadways looking great, overnight construction to get cleared out of the way. so katie what is in store today. >> we are looking at a tranquil beginning, at least our thursday, very much just typical not a heck of a lot to talk about say for the fact that it is cold outside. it is typically cold. thermometers will read where they should this time of the year. lets talk about this trend. we came from some very warm air. we were up to record territory on sunday. but we have been, you know, dropping back steadily here on machine we were back down to more seasonal territory. mid 40's tuesday. we could even hit 30 degrees on wednesday. and now, today we expect to actually hit 40, again we will see the the top of the graphic that is typical. i would call it somewhat as a


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