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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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in california that sold one of three, that file, he sold one of three winning tickets. he is getting a million-dollar for the the store. >> good for him good we are live coming up. >> switching gears two philadelphia police officers injured when another driver crashed into a patrol car, find out what happens when that driver tried to escape. we have been following breaking news from indonesia where several coordinated terror attacks end in explosions and a gunfight. two of the places targeted a police station and star bucks. >> very disturbing it is thursday january 14th good morning to you i'm nicole brewer. i'm erika von tiehl. lets check with katie and meisha with the temperatures and also roads and that wind seems to have died down a little bit. >> yes. >> good morning. >> good morning. certainly much nicer for morning commuters, today looks much different then dit yesterday at this same time. katie, it sound like things are looking better. >> it is a quieter beginning to the day. we have activity to report on storm scan three which we will discuss, and is there a disturbance pushing through
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portions of the the north east and having a impact on us as well. you know, janice turning a little bit more into a variety pack of days. through the the course of december, you didn't even have one day that was average, let alone below average. now we are finding those blue blocks here over the course of the last week and a half plus or so and it looks like we will see more leveling off on the thermometer readings, today looks quite seasonal, all things considered, but here's that little will disturbance i was telling but. on storm scan three we are finding signs of life. we have light snow showers rolling through, in of which has had a chance to stick let alone accumulate but if you run into some snow flakes out there this morning they could be heavy enough that they reduce your visibility. watch out for that but also don't expect that this will be with us all day. it is another hour or two plus before it is sipping away and we are left with some sunshine. at the moment temperatures are off to a cold start in the 20's generally across the board, colder in the
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mountains, but we still decided to give you a nice will solid b for a school day forecast. bundle up adequately. it is mid-january. thinks where we should be with thermometer readings. not as harsh, by comparison. even warmer tomorrow but it comes with the trade off of a more potent storm system for the weekend which we will discuss as the show progresses. meisha. >> maybe some rain, good to know, thanks katie. good morning, happy thursday. this is where we have one vehicle with the flat tire i-95 south at the airport. you can see though it is not causing too many delays, flashing lights moving in the the north bound direction i-95 is heating up. we have a disable truck right there let me just circle in right there pulling off to the far right shoulder, schuylkill westbound at montgomery not causing too many slow downs, just yet but we do necessity this gets busy and we are starting to see volume levels starting to pick up even still in the 6:00 o'clock hour. it has been a even progression so far, yes. this is where we have 95 taillights moving in the
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southbound direction for those more on the northbound moving in the southbound direction, looking good. i would say i-95, overall is looking good remaining steady. accident atwood bring broad street at walnut street for those in and around this area we are hearing it is possible lane blockages as well. travel times, take a look at i-95 from woodhaven to the vine looking great, holding steady there i, schuylkill all green, when we see all green that is great news and bus stop, basketball fans, sixers play bulls at 7:00 p.m. at wells fargo center. >> two philadelphia police officers are hurt after a violent crash. >> driver in the other car he tried to make a run but did not get very far. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us at temple university who are where those officers are recovering, good morning. >> reporter: erika and nicole, good morning. police say 20 year-old male driver who is in custody unwittingly exposed those two under cover officers when he hit their cars. what made it worse is when he tried to run from the law.
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the time just after 11:30, wednesday night in fair hill. two cars with heavy front end damage and one driver who should never have been behind the wheel. >> he was operating the vehicle with the suspended license. >> reporter: police say he was driving the nissan sedan and that two plainclothes 24th district officers were in that dark unmark ford taurus, we're told they were responding to reports of the shots fired and an armed man, traveling south, on b near west moreland street officials say the cruiser had his sirens and lights on. the nissan was traveling west on west moreland police say when the two cars collided, this is a nissan driver then climbed from the driver's side back window and then ran off with some secrets. >> they realized this 20 year-old male, not only was he under the influence of alcohol but he also had a suspended driver's license. so that is more than likely why he fled from police, ran four blocks, and then actually for the with the police who had to take him into custody.
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>> reporter: officers were brought here to temple, the cruiser driver with head injuries and passenger with the broken right finger. the the the driver of the nissan was taken to episcopal. >> twenty year-old suspect didn't have any visible injuries, however, he appeared to be shaken up, it was a pretty violent auto accident and he was under the the influence of alcohol and he also struggled with police. >> reporter: struggling with police is never what you want to do, looking live from temple university hospital, a 24th district suv remains here on the scene this morning. the driver of that cruiser, he suffered head injuries, we were told he was conscious and able to talk and should be okay, the passenger in that taurus has a right broken finger, as you heard, that nissan driver was shaken up with no major yours there either but he is facing at least charges of resisting arrest as well as dui. erika and nicole back over to you. >> justin, thank you. >> thanks, justin. now to the story that has
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virtually everyone talking this morning at least three winning tickets in the railroaded power ball jackpot. >> everyone that bought a ticket that is first thing you looked at, was it me. >> overnight i would have gotten a call, right. >> sorry, if you are watching right now, it is not us. not you either, sorry. >> no winners in our area ticket were sold in florida, tennessee and california. again, danielle nottingham joins us live from chino hills, california where one of the tickets was purchased. one very happy person in cali this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole and erika you didn't have win the largest lottery to be happen any chino hills. once word spread even folks who lost out on becoming instant millionaires were celebrating. crowds of california resident descended on to this 7-eleven store in chino hills late in the night where at least one golden power ball ticket was sold. >> i live down the the street. what are the odds i could have
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won. >> your winning pur ball numbers. >> reporter: california lottery officials posted big news on twitter minutes after the winning numbers were drawn. the those who didn't win, still came to the store to celebrate, even congratulating this store clerk who and, no idea who won. >> i'm proud and i am really exited to. >> reporter: 7-eleven clerk says this store sold thousands of dollars of ticket over last few days as power ball fever took over the country. many waited for hours, in long lines, for a chance at becoming a instant billion air. james and ryan of tampa, florida created a $70,000 private facebook pool for a buy in of $500. >> no matter how many people we got in it didn't really matter, three or four or five million-dollar is still enough money, for everyone. >> reporter: jackpot winning ticket were sold in florida and tennessee. meaning the the big pay off
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will be split three ways. california state lottery officials plan to head to the 7-eleven in chino hills today hoping that the state's winner comes for forward. twelve other ticket matched five numbers, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and store owner at 7-eleven gets a million-dollar, for selling that winning ticket. live from chino hills, california, danielle nottingham, nicole and erika back to you. >> great morning for those people who run. >> danielle, thanks. >> maybe you have some numbers. two tickets sold in new jersey, matched all of the numbers, except the power ball. one ticket was worth 2 million. another one was worth 1 million. one ticket in pennsylvania is worth a million. so check those ticket. you may be a winner. here they are... anger and frustration in the holmesberg section of philadelphia now this is what folks are waking up to.
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someone had been smashing windshields overnight. this video we just got in the news room. police tell "eyewitness news" they have one suspect in custody, at least six cars were targeted near boring and ditman streets. neighbors say they are shock but they are taking tonight stride. >> at first, i mean, kind of stunned, normally i would be pretty livid, but i just woke up and i'm glad that the police were here and they caught the guy right away. >> good point. >> so far, the suspect has not told authorities what prompted that vandalism. some other breaking news right now suicide bombers target western interestness indonesia in attacks overnight. seven people are dead, including five bombers. the blast happened at a star bucks in jakarta near u.n. offices. they were followed by an intense gun battle. authorities say that the attackers imitated the actions of the paris terror attacks. star bucks says one customer was hurt but their employees are safe.
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they add in part quote we are deeply saddened by this senseless act that has taken place in jakarta today. our hearts are with the people of indonesia. all-star bucks locationness jakarta will remain closed until further notice. still ahead on "eyewitness news" we have an alert for pet owners, a highly contagious strain of dog flu may affect 2,000 pets across 25 states. we will tell you symptoms to look for. plus this... >> ♪ >> he is really getting into it. >> james corden how could you in the love this guy putting his own spin on adele's rolling in the deep, during last night's addition of car pool karaoke, it has to be the best segment out there, i'm loving every minute of it. hear what else they were
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belting out behind the wheel and surprise admission from adele about her song hello, all coming up next.
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they are feeling a little blue. lets take a look. >> little penguins are the smallest species of penguins they range from maybe 2-pound to 3-pound. they are very small. >> those little blue penguins will be in water side this summer. tomorrow morning, katie will introduce you to the sneak peak at their home and where you can get up close and personal with them. don't miss it tomorrow morning
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on "eyewitness news". >> yes, i know. >> yes. >> i mean, come on. >> they are so cute. >> i just love your blue little friend. >> they are all together. what i find just so enduring about them is their actual species name is little blue penguins. >> yes. >> it is part of the species name. is that not the the cutest. they are all named too. we will share these names with you tomorrow, just precious. the lets turn our focus to weather and turn our focus here. now that we have passed the winter solstice are days are starting to get longer. we have got more daylight to enjoy. now, okay, fair enough, we do not see sun up past 5:00 p.m. tonight but it has gone down a lot sooner then that in recent weeks here but we will start to see it go down later, later, with every passing day and we are gaining about a minute of daylight every take as well. it may not seem like very much but it starts to add up quickly. as we, continue to move toward springtime it will get to be brighter and brighter, longer
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throughout the day. meanwhile storm scan is active right now. we are watching a weak wave of, just energy pushing across the north east. more lake enhancement back toward portions of western new york and also northwestern pennsylvania. but you might the see a few flakes flying across northern counties, this is not a chance to accumulate much if anything at all, but it could reduce visibility very briefly. watch for that. that should be moving out of here, it is gone and then left with high pressure initially. warm front lifts through tomorrow comes through dry but expect more clouds and a mild day. then overnight tomorrow into saturday we are left with some rain. we are looking at a soaking rain to that we wake up to on saturday morning. sunday just cloud but also turning colder in the wake of the storm. looking at the roller coaster here. 50 degrees tomorrow, well above average and then dropping back down to, welshing really crashing back down to 30 come monday. if you you are taking martin lieutenant are king day of service activities the outside
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you'll to have bundle up. wind chills no better than teens that day. >> that is cold. that wind chill that matters. good morning, everyone. happy thursday to you if you are waking up with us, so glad you are here. i don't like to be bearer of bad news. i-95 south at cottman we have in reports yet of anything going on in this area but it is looking, very busy. in fact which say, um, oddly busy. so 95 south at cottman for those coming in this area look at what you are dealing with. and that comes all the way around that s curve right there, a lot of brake lights, doesn't look like you are moving very fast, we know you are not moving at posted speed. collegeville 422 headlights moving in the eastbound direction past route 29, looking good, just looking at your steady flow of traffic starting to build now. disabled truck schuylkill westbound at montgomery right there pulled off to that right shoulder, not causing too many slow downs but as you come around this curve right here you will start to hit your breaks as we get more and more vehicles outside on the
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roadways. >> now on the healthwatch this morning veterinarians are warning about a possible new strain of dog flew. >> latest strain reportedly effects 2,000 pets in 25 states since last spring. the flu-like symptoms of h3n2 include runny nose and cough. and while you annie cannot get dog flu we can pass it on to other dogs because the the flu is airborne. >> so dog coughs on you, coughs on your hand, you pet another dog you can give it the to another dog good there is a vaccine available for this new strain of dog flu. it takes two doses and booster shot three weeks later before being fully effective. >> so sad to see that little dog with the flu. poor thing. >> get your shots. this could be james corden best car pool karaoke yet, adele. >> ♪ good. >> she even reveals her first new heart break, you will be surprised who it was coming up.
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adele is getting ready to kick off her highly anticipated world tour. >> before that she took a spin with james corden in the late, late show for car pool karaoke. >> ♪
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yes. >> look at his face? he has skills. >> in between singing her biggest hits, adele and corden shared hair advice and he revealed that she played drums on that hit show hello. so talented. she also reveals her first real heart break her love for the spice girls, growing up. >> you used to have those spice girls parties. >> on my own, and i would just sit back and sing spice girls. i was always jerry. >> really. >> and then she left. >> she left the band. >> i was truly heart broken,
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the first time. >> yes. >> ♪ >> my gosh. >> adele has two shows planned for philadelphia, she takes stage september 9th and september 10th. i think i'm getting ticket for that. >> would i like that idea this made my life, this segment. >> it just makes me happy. >> he can sing so well. >> yes. >> that tour, tough ticket for sure. still ahead if you are trying to lose weight but hate stick to go one diet or work out plan you are not alone, doctor jen has tips to stay on track. >> these are tips you have in the heard before. >> good to point out. new campaign stop and new target for donald trump. find out what he verbally attacked this time. >> katie, we are warming up in just a bit. don't worry, we will come
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crashing down on the thermometer eventually. i'll tell you how cold it gets, and in the meantime a storm that we have to track for weekend in less, full details coming
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republican presidential hopefuls are gathering for another debate tonight. >> fox business network is hosting and airing the debate from north charleston south carolina one candidate rand paul is upset over that two teared system. he want party leaders to put him in prime time because of a new poll that puts him in the top five candidates. republican date donald
6:26 am
trump is never one to shy away from the microphone but quality of his audio equipment that had him upset during a rally in florida yesterday. >> i don't like this mike. whoever make this mike system, fire him. this mike is terrible. >> stupid mike keeps popping. do you hear that george, don't pay him. >> yikes. >> trump believes in paying, but not the with someone quote, does a bad job. >>coming up next, we have girl scouts in our studios this morning because. >> also another bad day on wall street we are live in new york with the look at what is behind the stock market drop, jan. and a number of high profile meetings happening today, in philadelphia, concerning that officer ambush case, i'm jan carabao reporting live, we will take a look straight ahead. thanks, jan. we have an accident i-95
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south at cottman and we have changes to mass transit schedule, we will have updates coming up but first take a quick break stay right where you are,
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pandemonium at a 7-eleven in chino hills, california where someone bought one of the three winning power ball tickets. the other two are in florida and tennessee, the jackpot, of course, grew to $1.6 billion. a lot of people talking about this before last night's drawing but we have the winning numbers. also the temperature is on the rise, we've got good news but the roller coaster will continue. i appreciate we will just have have a normal day as opposed to the wind it was just so cold. >> that totally threw you,
6:31 am
despite having nice heavy winter coat on you can feel that wind chill you to the a crossbone yes. >> exactly. new thankfully we do not have that wind to contend with but we have activity on storm scan three. weak impulse of energy pushing through right now and we are seeing a few snow showers because of it. earlier, we had a quick little burst of snow, didn't accumulate anything at all, a across our northern suburbs like bucks county, for example and still finding that up toward poconos. do not worry about this. this will not be a big deal. we will see some sun as the day progresses. looking forward in the forecast as we said a moment ago we are looking at a roller coaster on the thermometer, but the core of any arctic cold will stay up across canada for another day or so and then we will see a storm system brewing that brings in, for one thing more precipitation to the area and it usual necessary some cold, and especially by martin luther king damon we will be stuck back down into the deep freeze. now, for now it is awfully cold outside don't get me
6:32 am
wrong, do you see that thin layer of snow in broadheadsville a more remote suburb in monroe county and live neighborhood network but 16 degrees there. that wind has tapered off. a look at eyewitness weather day planner, partly sunny day, seasonal one at. that any snow that is currently on the radar should be long gone pretty soon and we will end up with tranquil conditions for the rest of the day, meisha. >> sound good, thanks very much, katie. good morning, everyone. if you are just waking up with us i want to call your attention to the accident 95 south at cottman. now they are saying it is a minor accident but the backups, because of this at cottman let me show you a backup camera real quick. this is actually believe it or in the looking better then what it was just ten minutes ago. it looks better new but take a look around that s curve we are seeing brake lights go off. that is letting you know, you are in longer traveling at posted speed. very slow here because of that accident. also we have a disable truck schuylkill westbound at montgomery pulled off to the
6:33 am
right shoulder, not causing too many slow downs but getting busy. we have two accidents here northeast extension, southbound before lansdale a car hit a barrier. right lane blocked there. unless lansdale allentown road at oxford circle within lane is block there looking busy in this area, just make note for those having to drive through that area, anytime soon. in the world of mass transit, construction, at kane station, two lines, media elwyn and chestnut hill east are running special schedules and running those this weekend and also next weekend, nicole, back over to you. fbi director is heading to philadelphia, one day after saying many bush of the police officer here in philadelphia is under investigation as a terrorist attack. >> then tonight that shooting will go to the community meeting. eye witt the necessary news reporter jan carabao has very latest on this, good morning. >> reporter: a lot of high profile meetings happening in philadelphia today, erika and nicole, good morning. you mentioned that the fbi
6:34 am
director will be in town late this afternoon. happening earlier then that right around 12:40 at police headquarters, u.s. senator bob casey will be meeting with police commissioner richard ross to talk about this investigation. take a look at the video even earlier then that around 10:45 another big meeting, u.s. senator patrick toomey will provide an update about the fbi investigation this comes after the fbi confirmed it is investigating ambush of fill will a police officer jesse a hartnett as a terrorist attack, just about one week ago now, hartnett was severely injured after police say edward archer ambush him and shot him in the streets of west philadelphia. arch's allegedly confessed to shooting the the the officer in the name of islam. authorities are investigating a tip that archer is part of the larger group of radicals in the area who may pose a threat to other philadelphia police officers. new fbi director james comby will be in town late this afternoon to meet with a number of local officials, he had this to say recently about the ambush investigation.
6:35 am
>> we are investigating that as a terrorist attack, and trying to understand as we do in all of these cases, what were the the motivations and often it is a tangled web we have to undo, what are the the motivations, directed or inspired the individual, if anyone, and who else might have been involved. that is work we do and that is work we're doing right now in that case. >> reporter: so we are expecting an update later today about this investigation with the fbi director coming down and happening tonight, local lawmakers are holding an emergency community meeting in the neighborhood where officer hartnett was shot almost a week ago. they will talk about safety and security measures in that neighborhood. they are also going to be talking about mental health issues that meeting starts at 6:00 o'clock at the bryant school on cedar avenue, now for an update about all of the officer hartnett. we're told he has a long road to recovery, a number of surgeries still remaining. we did reach out to his fat shore says officer hartnett is taking it one day at a time. reporting live outside police
6:36 am
headquarters this morning, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". mount laurel resident can go back to their regular water use this morning. crews have repaired a broken sewer line on the 200 block of hartford road. the road is also reopened to traffic. the mount laurel asked customers to limit water use to reduce amount of waist water during repairs. 6:36. the sell off in stocks continued yesterday pushing stocks into correction territory. here to discuss what was behind the drop and what you should do to prepare for continued volatility, of course, check with cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger here to calm us all down. what were the causes of the sell off. >> reporter: you know, earlier this year we were talking about china but yesterday was not about china. it continues to be about a fear that a global growth slow down is taking hold. the bears what they do is say crude oil at 30 bucks a barrel that is near 12 year lows that is evidence that demand is weakening. crude oil is down 18 percent
6:37 am
just this year. we are starting u.s. corporate earnings season and not expect to be a good one and finally there are just a bunch of people who say this bull market is getting tired. nearly seven years old it is third longest in history. put it all together you have a rotten start to the year with the dow jones and s and p down 7 percent, nasdaq lost 9.6 percent. i should mention russell 2,000, small stock index is already in a bear market down by over 20 percent. >> doesn't last forever. one thing you say you say stick to the game plan when it comes tour investments. it does that still hold considering the volatility right now. >> yes, but i also understand that people are really worried when index move down so dramatically. now, so here's what i want you you to hear the real problem is that if you sell stocks now even if you are correct in the short term, you sold today and things keep falling apart how do you know when to get back
6:38 am
in? market timing requires to you make two precise decisions and something that is nearly impossible, that is why i am repeating boring advice, and stick tour diversified portfolio because it works. >> jill, boring but good advice, thanks so much. it that is time of the year already, jill thanks very much. we will talk about our girl scout cookies. we have great guests in the studio right now peanut butter, short bread, cinnamon, girl scout cookies are once again going on sale in our area. our nicole brewer is talking about special guest in our studio. i love these segment and i love the cookies. >> when you said special guests i thought you meant cookies but even better than that. we have the girl scout cookies and we have girl scouts hear from eastern pennsylvania and also some folks here that we will talk to. ninety-nine years, right, kim. this is kim, and we're talking about 99 years selling these cookies. >> yes.
6:39 am
>> what is this program all about talk to us about this. >> thinks the largest girls run business in the world. this is an opportunity that provides girls an opportunity to learn business skills, financial management skills, people skills, goal setting, all these girls set goals for themselves and with their troops so they can do great things in girl scouting. >> it is cookie time, right. you have been doing this a while. you are the the national winner. listen up, you are the national winner, to take girl scout cookies and create a more elaborate dessert. >> yes. >> talk to me about that. >> we used short breads and carmel delight and it has a short bread base with check late chips, melted carmel and crushed carmel delights and short bread on top. >> can i just take a little taste because this is begging to be tried. >> my goodness. i apologize to them, in
6:40 am
advance that i'm talking with my mouthful. why, because i'm eating girl scout cookies. we want to eat them. real quickly, go ahead. go ahead, choose your favorite. in the meantime tell me your names and your age. >> stephanie. >> and your age, stephanie. >> eight. >> eight years old. >> how about you. >> ariana, eight. >> eight years old. >> and fiona and i'm eight. >> they are a adorable little hair bow it is a thin mint in the middle of the bow. >> i love that. >> thin mints are my favorite. that is pretty cool. >> i want to talk to you about this app because apparently you can order your cookies on line using an app. >> that is right, so we are trying to respond to girls today all of these girls have been born in the digital age and they expect to be able to sell cookies on line.
6:41 am
so girl scouts is responding to girls today, you still have to know a girl, it is a individual sale you cannot just go on line and find cookies. many of our girls are participating in the digital program. or not but it is a real popular thing that is growing every year. this is second year. >> you have been doing this for a while what is it about this program that you like so much. >> it gives you an opportunity to be around other girls who have the same ideals and want to to exactly what you want. >> like minded people, we all like that. >> why do you like the girl scouts. >> i like helping people with my friends. >> that is so great. >> how about you. >> camping and hiking and selling cookies with all of my other friends. >> you are an outdoor adventurer, camping, hiking, how about you. >> i like to meet new friends. >> i love that. >> so great to have you guys. do you have a favorite
6:42 am
cookies. >> lemonade. >> it looks like you have a samoa, sometimes they change, carmel delights. >> we learn something new. >> thanks so much for being with us. girl scouts of eastern pennsylvania. we will send it to break and i'll have more cookies. we will be right back. it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. ♪ you just gotta find that balance. ♪ where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkz for $289 a month only at your lincoln dealer.
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back on "eyewitness news" won dayton buffalo's ice car. >> we told you earlier this week, mitsubishi sedan that had been frozen in place, it has new you been freed from the freeze. >> oh, good. >> earlier this week high wind from lake erie sent water over the dock. it is up to the loge towing company to make life frozen and let it go. >> twenty-eight years of doing this, i have never seen this, of that magnitude. i was exited to get the call. >> work withers used 350-pound of powdered calcium chloride to leave the mountain of crystal leaving behind a imprint. we call those buffalo problems, in the philly
6:46 am
problems. >> is that right. >> yes. >> we had a lake that was, you know, spewing that kind of moisture over our area, we will have that same problem. it is interesting weather phenomenon across the opened waters of the atlantic. guys, we're talking about the tropics in january. this usually does not happen. we have a subtropical storm named alex, first of the year, and only fourth time we have ever had a name storm, in the month of january since record began. currently, subtropical system but same win speeds of 07 miles an hour. it is close to being a hurricane, very interesting, but this is far removed from the united states coastline and hopefully it will be potentially going right through azores, and we will see how it goes. more anything it is fascinating that we are talking about this at this point of the year. remember atlantic hurricane season does not get underway until june. fascinating stuff there eyewitness weather watchers are in full force. we have a lot of readings in the 20's, very typical i might add for the standard of this
6:47 am
time of the year. we will take a tour of a couple of them, heading inland 23 degrees comes from dawn. she's got a nice clear sky in downingtown at this hour but cold, thankfully not as windy as yesterday was, one more in delaware where sally is reporting from wilmington a handful of clouds as well but cold, but not windy 25-degree temperature. heading back over to the maps now we will bring it back stateside from the opened waters of the atlantic and we have a disturbance we are tracking. bark is worse than the bite with these systems as well, just a little shortwave, moving through but it has been responsible for a couple light snow showers in our northern suburbs. i do think this will be diminishing with time here so more than anything we can expect to see sun today and quiet albeit very seasonal 40-degree high rebound to go 50 by tomorrow but the trade off is you will see a new storm develop and friday night and saturday morning we will see heavy rain roll through. then by monday, meisha, temperatures crashing again.
6:48 am
>> it sound like it. we should enjoy while it last, tomorrow is 50. i will enjoy it. good morning. happy thursday. you are just waking up with us. what we're looking at is i-95 south at cottman block ago this far left lane. looking at our backup camera this is what we're looking at. more vehicles, slower you are going, leading up to that accident. i-95 south at cottman looking very slow and busy. another accident here eastbound schuylkill at the blue route pulled off not causing too many slow downs right here, schuylkill, this morning has actually looked darn good. we are dealing with the disable vehicle, schuylkill westbound at montgomery we have been dealing with that still okay northeast extension accident that is been since cleared but we have an overturn tractor trailer here in lansdale allentown road at oxford circle within lane is still blocked in and around that area for those taking that just know. that 95 south at cottman is our best bet right the now to say, hold off as long as you can at home, stay in the comfort after your home and it is coal out there.
6:49 am
that is blocking a a lot of you. in the world of mass transit running a special schedule these two lines, because of construction, ladies, over to you. from cutting carbs to counting calories there are so many diets out there, right. if you are trying to lose weight and don't like stick to go one specific plan, what are changes you can make in your every day life to keep you on the right track. let's check with doctor jennifer cuddle here now with top weight loss tips for us this morning. doctor jen, looking great. happy new years to you. >> happy new year. >> always a big new years goal lose that ten or 20-pound and people think i got to get on the scale every day. where do you fall. >> i think it is individual. i don't know, i will not ask you but so many people out there feel like when they get on the scale and scale doesn't read what they hope or expect, it ruins their day or ruins their week. what i say is we need to have
6:50 am
information, because knowledge is power. it is important to get on that scale to know where you are at, but how often and when you do it should be strategic. make sure that scale is not dictating how you feel about yourself. it is just a machine. you are better than the machine. >> yes, repeat it to yourself. >> this next tippy never heard this before but 50 percent rule. so helpful for so many people. >> well, it is my 50 percent rule. i tell my patients in the office. this year you have seen nutritional guidelines, basically america we're eating too much salt,ing sugar, too much fat and cholesterol. we know this. how do you cut that out. i suggest, you start small. cutting things out drastically sometimes is a set up for a rebound. >> cold turkey is not easy. >> think about a habit if you need to quit. but those out there who are doughnut lovers. let's say you eat a doughnut every day. you are doing a doughnut every
6:51 am
single day for breakfast. 50 percent rule allows to you cut back gradually. in two weeks you will cut back 50 percent, to three doughnuts a week. >> you cut it monday, wednesday, friday do that to three weeks and two weeks later drop back to another 50 percent to one doughnut until you reach your goal. the idea toys cut back. we start at six, three, one, and overtime. >> you can still get your doughnut once a week. >> everything in moderation. >> absolutely. >> other health full changes some great apps. >> i love health apps. they are so helpful. i have them on my phone. calories and doing all this stuff. use health apps, super important. i also think that it is important to work out in groups, okay. really get a support system. people that you trust and can talk to about how things are going and how you feel. the don't forget we have nutritionist.
6:52 am
people forget with all of the technology that we have people that can talk to us about our nutrition and diet. talk with your doctor about getting referred to the nutrition expert. that can be helpful. remember go slow, this is not a race. january 1st i don't want to you say you will be in the gym 30 minutes a day every single day. no, how about we just let's go slow. >> baby steps. >> yes. >> we don't need weekend warriors, we want this to be slow insteady lifestyle changes. >> that is right. >> for some folks weight loss surgery, it is something they are considering. what should you ask your doctor. that is a big step. ask the right questions and make sure you are the the the right candidate for it. a lot of people are getting bariatric surgery. it is not necessarily a bad thing. you i think it is an individual's choice. for many people it literally saves lives. there are risks to surgery. we have to keep that in mine. one of the biggest determinations you have to talk if you are a candidate. one of the biggest determinations is your weight. lou at body mass index. your weight and your height.
6:53 am
we look at your co morbidity. if you have diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension. we put all those things in the pot, mix them around and see if you are a candidate. >> bottom line, talk tour doctor. >> but go slow, take it easy, progress, one of my medical students say take pictures before and after and see how you are doing but stay motivated. >> yes. >> doctor jen, thanks. >> we will be right back.
6:54 am
6:55 am
i wanwho doesn't?ape. so i bike. i get all of my greens. and i try not to faint. this.. i can do easily. benefiber healthy shape. just a couple of spoonfuls every day means fewer cravings. plus, it's all natural, clear, taste-free and dissolves completely. it's clinically proven to keep me fuller longer and helps keep me healthy inside and out. benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. find benefiber healthy shape in the fiber aisle.
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one last check of traffic and weather, we will check things out, how sit looking. >> not bad at all despite the fact that we had a disturb an that brought snow showers to the northern counties but here's one of the southern most down is in our viewing area outside boardwalk plaza. you can see a couple clouds here in the live neighborhood network but lighter wind, that is probably the biggest change from yesterday, it is 30 degrees currently. here's storm scan, snow showers i was just talking about. it just looks worse on radar then it is but you if are traveling the northeast extension, up to carbon monroe county you might find a few flakes flying that could very briefly reduce your visibility but don't worry about anything more than that. this should be clearing out of here, really very soon, and the rest of the day we are calling partly sunny. even by tomorrow look at sky rocketing temperature 50 degrees, not shabby for mid-january and we are in the
6:58 am
coldest time frame of the year after all and that 50 degrees comes with a price. rain on the way as early as friday night and linkers in to saturday morning. meisha. >> good morning, everyone. we have an accident i-95 south at cottman. in is backup shot leading up to that accidents. this is actually looking better, then it was even just ten to 15 minutes ago. it is probably going to clear out of your way. you are slowing down i-95 south at cottman. we have another accident eastbound schuylkill at blue route, route 29, it is where this is pulled off to that right shelledder here, in the really experiencing any major slow downs but make sure you know it is still slick out there, still coal so black ice could be a factor. all right, you guys, well tomorrow i'm back on the road for my dream drive segment this time i will get to the museum dedicated to vehicles from the 1700s to the 1900, many were built right here in pennsylvania, and the building is a former auto factory. i got to learn a little thing
6:59 am
about black smithing. >> i just turn it. >> how fast. >> as fast as you would like. >> my gosh. >> i'm also going to kickback and enjoy a ride in this vintage car. this was so much fun, find out how old this vehicle is, tomorrow president let's just say let's rel role, watch dream drive at 6:00 a a.m. >> crank to get the cargoing. >> yes, i know. >> meisha, thank you. plenty of people speak philadelphian. >> but now you can text philadelphian too. philly emojis, visit philly has been behind these creations. there are 60 emojis in all. down them to your smart phone. that is it for us this morning, cbs this morning is coming up next. >> yeah, remember to join us bright and relevant i each weekday morning on cbs-3. we will get you started at
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4:30. have a great day. stay warm everybody. >> try at captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, january 14th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." dreams come true for at least three powerball players! responsible tynious celebrations erupt at a california store that sold the winning ticket. we are there live. isis suicide bombers target foreigners near a starbucks in indonesia. >> are they trying to take donald trump down? ahead of tonight's debate, bob schieffer returns to cbs as our newest political contributor. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. [ speaking in foreign ua


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