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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  January 15, 2016 2:07am-2:38am EST

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♪ philadelphia is buzzing to night over reports of former eagle is coming home to roost. the birds reportedly will hire former quarterback and assistant coach doug pederson to replace chip kelly. >> speaking of chip former eagles head coach land add job on the west coast with the san francisco 49ers. as you might guess, fans are weighing in tonight. we'll show was birds diehards think about the changes at the top part of our live team coverage and it starts right
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now. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. social media is blowing up tonight over the news. let's bring in lesley to tell you more about it. >> it's hard to tell if this was indeed their first choice they'll never tell. they got their guy, but the eagles at this point cannot confirm the decision to hire doug pederson but a team spokesman did say they have concluded their search for new head coach. eagles cannot officially hire doug pederson until the chiefs are knocked out of the playoffs. but right now it appears to be the worst kept secret. pederson was andy reid' former quarterback and current offensive coordinator. >> it was a great opportunity i thought for him to, um, to visit with a great organization. phenomenal organize. so i think it was hahn for him to have that opportunity. >> as a former quarterback for the birds he was mentor of don nan mcnabb who was surprised by the choi. >> i didn't see this happening or becoming a reality because of the lack of experience that doug, you know, obviously
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doesn't have on his resume. >> jeremiah trotter who played with pederson like the higher but it may not have been his first choice. >> i myself would have moved to try to get hugh jackson. he was the number one guy on my list. andy reid sold jeffrey lurie hiring doug. obviously andy spoke for him when he was here in philly. >> less bowen broke the story of pederson's higher. >> is he good coach. >> he's never been a head coach in the nfl. even as offensive coordinator in kansas city he doesn't call the play. >> coming up in sports we'll hear what the voice of eagles merrill reece had to say about the higher. does he approve. it seems kind of like everyone is -- they don't know. >> caught off guard. no one saw this coming. >> interesting. thanks so much. see you in a bit. >> let's go live to "eyewitness news" reporter diane in rocco at lincoln financial field with
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reaction from the fans. diana? >> reporter: ukee and jessica this news drew a mixed reaction from a lot of eagles fans tonight but one thing all can agree on they are very glad that chip kelly era behind them. it's all but called official by the philadelphia eagles doug pederson will take chip kelly's role as head coach next year. >> we need somebody fresh and he has worked under read for few years. so i don't know my number one choice but there was a lot of worse candidates they were interviewing. >> not too excited actually. >> reporter: why is that? >> i never like him. >> reporter: fans at chickie's and pete's had a lot to say about pederson. former nfl quarterback no stranger to the birds he's been working as offensive coordinator for the kansas city chiefs since reid left philly and he had a short stint as quarterback for the eagles in 1999 as a backup to donovan mcnabb. >> i'm still mad we let andy reid go and he's doing incredible over there.
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so i mean i guess i'd have to say if he was coming under that wing, it won ab terrible decision. but i'm also hoping maybe, you know, the patriots got somebody they want to let go after the playoffs are over. >> not a good choice as a head coach. isn't. >> reporter: why is that? >> i'd rather have seen super bowl winning head coach like tom coughlin here instead of offensive coordinator. >> newly fired coach tom coughlin was also in the running for the top spot withdrew his name last minute leaving the eagles to make their announcement they found their guy. but they won't say who. >> i'd rather see coughlin from the giants. he knows our division more, and he's a power running back. for the news former eagles coach chip kelly is now the head coach of the san francisco 49ers. >> i don't think chip will do well anywhere in the nfl. >> i don't like chip kelly at all. he ruin our team. >> reporter: certainly very strong opinions there. we should tell you pederson also spent several years working on the side lines here at the linc
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under andy reid before moving to kansas city and announcement may likely come after the kansas city chiefs season is officially over. live at the linc tonight diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> it's the talk of the town diana. thank you philly newspapers are weighing in as well. here's the front page of daily news. hail to the chief. >> little red little reference to andy reid's nickname of big red and the close relationship between the pair. what do you think of the eagles hiring doug pederson. >> new tonight emergency community meeting in philadelphia's cobbs creek neighborhood. it comes following the shooting of philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett who was allegedly shot by a suspect who pledged allegiance to isis and islam. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt was at that community meeting. tonight is about terrorism unfortunately. that's what this meeting is about.
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>> reporter: more than 200 angry and concerned west philadelphia neighbors packed the bryant school to talk about what happened one weeing a just a few blocks away. >> i'm shot. i'm bleeding heavily. >> reporter: police officer jesse hartnett was ambushed and shot several times and authorities are confident edward archer pulled the trigger not once or twice but more than a dozen times. hartnett took three shots to the arm and authorities tell "eyewitness news" edward archer confessed to the shooting in the name of isis and islam. >> i've been in this city as a muslim for 40 years. and it does not reflect the characteristic of the muslims here. >> reporter: this man was just one of dozens of proud muslims who came out to show support for philadelphia police officers. many who were on stage. >> islam itself is peaceful. it's certain people within islam that can make it hard for others. >> reporter: fbi is the lead on the case. and the bureau's director james comey spent time with officer
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hartnett in the hospital before briefing local authorities. >> we at the fbi level through our joint terrorism task force are investigating that attack as a terrorist attack. >> he doesn't believe archer is part of a larger cell. he's cautious. philadelphia police commissioner richard ross on the job just over week spent time with officer hartnett in the morning. >> every day he's getting a little better but he's got a lot of recovery ahead of him. >> reporter: according to fbi officials, archer traveled to egypt and saudi arabia within the last five years. something authorities and neighbors want to learn more about. >> it doesn't represent us. this guy does not at all represent us. >> reporter: edward archer has his first court appearance on january 25th. of course, that could be pushed back but tonight jessica and ukee the focus at that meeting was on officer hartnett. people are he and his family well.
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david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you david. >> also tonight a fire in senior apartment building claims the life of a 74-year-old woman in trenton much the fire started in a sixth floor apartment of the luther arms complex on broad street around 4:00 o'clock. investigatoinvestigators say ite senior fell asleep while smoking a cigarette and her clothes ignited. neighbors are remembering the victim tonight. >> she didn't get around that well any more. she was in wheelchair. sean doing very well health wise. i felt bad. i've been here awhile and cease been here awhile. >> authorities tell us nine other people suffered smoke related injuries. chopper three loafer the delaware river tonight as crews rush to pull a construction worker out of the water after he fell in. we're told the man was located and medic performed cpr but they were unable to save him. he was pronounced dead at hahnemann hospital. it's unclear how he fell into the river. a group of seven took the main stage tonight in south carolina for the sixth
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republican debate. two front runners donald trump and senator ted cruz went toe to toe with the first contest in iowa now just weeks away. >> front runner donald trump brought his birth argument against this closest rifle to center stage in debate on the fox business network. trump claims ted cruz is not qualified to run because he was born to u.s. citizen on canadian soil. >> why are you raising this issue now. >> now he's doing a little bit better. i didn't care before. >> i spent my entire life defending the constitution before the us supreme court and i'll tell you i'm not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> but trump made no apologies for his tone rebuffing criticism from the gop and south carolina governor nicky haley. >> i'm angry because our country is a mess. >> crew cruz took heat for failing to diss low a million dollar loan from goldman sachs used to finance his 2012 senate campaign. >> yes i made a paper work error disclosing it on one piece of paper instead of the other.
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>> but the universal opponent on stage was democrat hillary clinton. >> someone who lies to the families of those four victims in benghazi can can never be president of the united states. >> she gets elected her first hundred days instead of setting a jenn today she might be going back and forth between the white house and the courthouse. >> candidates get another chance to face off in two weeks just days before the iowa caucuses. in other news tonight check your powerball tickets. local players scored big, three stores in pennsylvania sold million dollar tickets matching all five numbers but the not powerball. ticket sold at a wawa convenience store in new jersey also matched all five but that person wouldn't double the prize. $2 million because they added a multiplier. "eyewitness news" was at that wawa today where customers were flooding the store to check their ticks. >> $2 million? >> yup. >> oh, my god. i hope it's somebody i know. >> i'll go home and chegg. i just came from work. i didn't look. >> congratulations to the lucky
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winner. i'm going to find out who you are. we'll be friends. >> the store manager says they get a bonus for selling that ticket. tonight we are still waiting for the three grand prize winners to come forward in california the 7eleven store in chino hills september add $1 million check for selling a winning ticket. the other two winning powerball tickets were sold in florida and tennessee. all three winners will split the $1.5 billion jackpot. temperatures are warming up but we're also tracking wet weather. lauren. >> that's right. more mild day today after a bitter day yesterday. we'll warm it up even further into tomorrow but we are tracking some weekend rain and i'll let when you know you'll have to break out the umbrella coming up. also, oscar nominations are out and there's notable names left off the ballot this year. we'll have those nominations for you and the snubs. that's coming up. a pair of local business school graduates unite with a
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delicious plan for early retirement. vittoria woo ill shows how it works in tonight's taste with tori. and teenage innovator punches her ticket to the super bowl. see what she invented that got her a free trip to the big game. ♪
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alan rick man the british actor from captivated audiences on stage and silver screen has died. >> do you really think you have a chance against us mr. cowboy? >> rick man who balanced cancer is perhaps best known for his role as hans gruber in diehard. the 69-year-old made his mark with a new generation of fans as professor snape in eight harry potter fans. he was a star on and off camera also taking a shot at directing. >> the oscar nominations are out and leonardo dicaprio the revenant leads the pack with 12
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nominations. >> it was nominated for best picture along with mad max, spotlight, the martian, brookl brooklyn, room, the big short and bridge of spice. >> this could be the his year to take the best actor oscar. matt damon in the martian. if i cal fassbender steve jobs, bryan cranston in trumbo and eddie redmayne in the danish girl. >> and looking at the best actress contest, kate blanchett nominated for carol, brie larson in room, ronan in brooklyn, jennifer lawrence in joy and charlotte ramping in 45 years. check out commodore barry for a complete list. >> young philadelphia girl earned herself a trip to san francisco to the super bowl. sierra eighth at our lady of calgary enter add competition hosted to create an app that
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tackles health issues at school. well, her app was select the and she won $11,000 in grant money to build the app plus an all expense paid trip to the super bowl. of course you can watch the super bowl, super bowl 50 right here on cbs3. the biggest game of the year february 7th. >> congratulations young lady nicely done two college friends graduate from one of the move prestigious business schools in the entire country right here in philadelphia. before they even got their diplomas they remember planning their retirement around sandwiches. vittoria woo ill has tonight's taste with tori. ♪ rt report. >> did you hear a bit of new yorker there? it's not new york new york for these two. meet matt and marie owners of matt and marie's modern italian sandwich shop in center city. >> original i'm from brooklyn new york. >> i grew up on long island. >> they attend the wharton school of business. >> we were sitting next to each other at dinner.
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i was talking to one side of the table about i would love to get into food and hospitality and start a restaurant and matt was doing the same thing with folk on the other side of the table. and so then we looked and we said, we should probably start talking. >> i had this dream that i was going to retire one day and open up sandwich shop and i met marie and she was i have that dream, too. >> they shaved off few decades until retirement and started a catering company between class classes. >> hand carting stuff for miles. and then it turned into our own shop. >> a shop in philly's financial district their serving suits and sandwiches stacked with flavor stemming from italian roots. >> of sandwich we'll have will be some kind of core recognizable feature but it's good to have fun. we're here. we're in an office building. people like coming here multiple days a week. we give them something differe different. >> different like vietnamese twist on hot sausage and peppers with homemade pickled veggies but most of their san witches
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come from home. >> when everyone else has peanut butter and jelly sandwiches i'd be helping out meatballs, italian meats and cheeses with like this is what i'm used to. >> marie is even using um poured cheese from her own brooklyn neighborhood. >> it's a third generation italian family. these people know cheese. >> her passion for food was genetic. >> this is actually a picture of migrate grandparents italian sandwich shop and deli that they had in brock lynn new york. >> for matt, it was magnetic. >> few places that i've been to over the years that just kind of gave me that feeling, like, person behind the counter had a purpose. i always wanted to be at that, n person. >> for mow it was almost pathetic. myself control went right out the window. >> be careful not to eat the paper. leaving this sandwich shop hadn't agree forget it much as we say forget about it. vittoria woo ill cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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all right. and vittoria left a little note fours. just in case you were wondering, while they have great chemistry it doesn't go any further than the kitchen she says. >> i gotcha. tori ate the paper. >> it was that good. >> lauren joins us with our forecast. >> yeah. what a week. 65 on sunday. 29 yesterday. what's going to be in store for the weekend? >> how about it. >> could be anything. >> i'm going to tell was it will be so you'll know. but, yes, a craze so week of weather. january week from record high temperatures on sunday to our coldest day of the season so far yesterday. today temperatures did rebound we topped at 47 degrees in philadelphia. temperatures are chilly right now but not too bad for january evening. 39 degrees in center city philadelphia. as we get a live look on skyca skycam3. wind speeds much lighter. we had several blustery days this weekend. just adding to that bitter factor but we are going to break from the winds overnight tonight
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and through the day tomorrow. also, some good news in the forecast. you may be noticing it now. sunsetting later and later. sunset in philadelphia this evening was 4:59. tomorrow we hit the 5:00 o'clock mark. by february 1st about 20 minutes after 5:00 and 6:00 o'clock mark by march 1s march 1st. always nice to have that extra sunlight when you're getting out of work later in the day. also, positive news in our temperature change we're up 13 degrees from this time yesterday in philadelphia. a 26-degrees in atlantic city. 46 right now still pretty mild in acly 39 in philadelphia. chillier in allentown at 30 degrees right now and 32 in mount pocono. overnight tonight dropping down to 33 degrees just light winds partly cloudy conditions very quiet. and quiet through the daytime hours tomorrow. clouds will be increasing but some sunshine to start. and then 52 degrees those winds stay light 5 miles per hour through the day it will be a nice quiet end to our work week but we can't say that about the tropics and it's just mind blowing in january.
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we have hurricane. this is hurricane alex category one storm wind right to you 80 miles per hour in the central atlantic it will impact the azores islands overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. 850 miles west of portugal. not set to impact the united states. stay well far away the fact that hurricane season ended on november 30th. this is our first january hurricane that we have had since the 1930s. crazy. storm scan3 showing us not crazy conditions. nice and quite just a few patchy clouds. very quiet conditions up and down the i-95 corridor. as we start off the day tomorrow, some sunshine, into the afternoon, becoming mostly cloudy. then into the evening hours that rain shield starting to build in from south to north across the delaware valley. might want to pack that umbrella if you have friday night plans. rain showers continue into the overnight period. heavy rain down the shore tomorrow p few lingering showers into the early morning hours on saturday but by saturday afternoon, some gradual clearing
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and much drier conditions. but it is going to be a wet go especially tomorrow night and especially down the shore. we'll see our hey highest rainfall accumulations about half inch to possibly an inch and then the lower values will be up towards the lehigh valley about a tenth to quarter of an inch in the city and suburbs somewhere in between a quarter to half an inch of rainfall through this event. tomorrow night into the first half of our morning on saturday. 47 degrees breeze picks up once again colder on sunday flurry possible, 37 degrees. and then it's another arctic blast as we head into next week. 30 degrees and windy for mlk d day. those wind chills will be in the teens and 20s all through on the the day but we've done this a couple times already. 32 on tuesday. still chill into next week. >> been there. done that. >> thank you lauren. >> lesley is back again with more on what's going on in sports. >> a lot. >> everyone is talking about the coach right now. but, yes, the sixers they're playing. they had a monster first half against the bulls tonight could
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they pull out the win? and, y yes, the beginning of the doug pederson era in philadelphia. but is it the right choice? we asked the voice of the eagles merrill r
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all right. now we're like has anything changed in the last 15 minutes? we don't know. >> mr. pederson. >> yes. we still don't really know what to make of this. we told you earlier in the show the eagles set to name doug pederson their new head coach. less bowen from the daily news the first break that story. he can't be named head coach until the chiefs are knock out of the playoffs. pat gallen caught up with the voice of the eagles merrill reece to get his take on the hire. >> what are your thoughts? >> i -- i fine it very very interesting. i know doug pederson extremely well. and he's a good guy. pat, he's a really good guy and he's a stand up guy. i remember when andy reid took over. he brought in doug pederson to really be a sacrificial lamb
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because he was a backup quarterback installed as starter and kept him in there until he felt number one don nan mcnabb was ready. he was his first pick, of cour course. number two the offensive line was ready. so that meant week after week after week doug pederson went out there without a good offensive line, without quality wide receivers, and he took a pounding. and he never complained. and he never pointed fingers. he's a very warm individual. he's a very communicative individual. and let's face it, he has a guy -- he has guy who has come up the coaching trail. he's a quality l guy and he's a guy who should be well qualified for this job. >> chip kelly landed on his fe feet. 49 mrs. announced he will their new head coach. he was fired before the last game of the season. he moves on to the 49ers where he's going to attempt to resurrect the career of quarterback colin kaepernick. sixers taking on the bulls tonight trying to snap a three
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game skid. sixers led 62-42 at the half but the bulls come charging back. jimmy butler gets foul. the bulls take the lead. he had 53 points. sixers showed is a little fight. 17.6 left. smith for the three. that will tie the 105. game goes into overtime. in overtime jimmy butler again sixers lose heartbreaker to the bulls 115-111. got to stop that guy. >> that is a heartbreaker. >> they had that. up 24. >> definitely merrill made me feel a little bitter about the whole pederson hire. >> watch it unfold. >> yes, we will. >>
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♪ new tonight einstein health care network kicks off a year long celebration of its 150th anniversary. >> "eyewitness news" on hand for big party tonight at the
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national constitution center in philadelphia. jason alexander of seinfeld fame served as host. the current einstein health care network got its start a 22 bed jewish hospital back in 1866. how about that? we'll be right back. ♪
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