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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" good morning, after the loss of his son beau joe biden visited philadelphia today. the former eagles is coming home. reports that the birds will hire former quarterback doug peterson but not everyone is excited. week after a gunmen ambush add philadelphia police officer, residents in one philadelphia neighborhood gather to discuss , the violence. good morning, friday. it's january 15th i'm erika von tiehl. >> two people i know are happy. good morning. good morning. >> good morning, happy friday. the roads are looking good this
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morning, if you're waking up and wondering, katie i hear today might be warmer? >> we're only talking 50's but 50's in january is not bad at all. typical high is about 40 on this particular day of the year. we're going to take what we can get were we can get it. low 50's, not bad at all. but it does come with a price, you are eventful going to see a new storm system. clearly you got no issues, only a handful of higher clouds across southeastern pennsylvania but there's a storm brewing, even across new england things are quiet. the south beginning of moisture starting to lift in across alabama. that's going to be heading our way with time, and it brings in our next round of precipitation, at this point looking like primarily rain, temperatures are off to a chilly start, not as harsh as yesterday. take a look you're down to the 40's this hour in the shore points in the 20's, throw low
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30's, cold but not as cold as typically would be. moving forward in this forecast, eventually we're going to see any sun put that we do start off with will chart to yield to cloud cover and that's a sign of things to come. look at that highch 52 degrees as we hit 3:00 p.m., not bad at all. clouds will continue to to thicken courtesy of a warm front lifting welcome moving in rain goes along with it we're going to track for you. heads up for next week. can't get too used to this mild end week to the work week. we start to see much colder weather return to the forecast looking ahead to next week. we're going to be talking rain, talking about temperature drops in the near future. for now, pretty tranquil. good morning, everyone, has that friday to you. tgi f. here's a look outsidech we have an accident, 202 on the off-ramp to the schuylkill. the ramp is closed because of
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this accident. a lot of flashing lights. trying to get toss cleared on you your way. the good thing is it's still early. if this stays there, too much longer, especially as we push into 5:00, we will start to see that make even early morning trafficful the schuylkill at belmont moving both directings, looking nice and quiet. that's exactly what we want to see as we are in the even into the 5:00 hour yet. we're looking at 422 at trooper, looking good, hunting park at 5th street closed. this is an accident, second one of the morning, you're going to have to use an alternate, luzerne is probably going to be your best bet right now. route 70 westbound past hat feel road right lane is blocked. 295 southbound the ramp to 42 is closed that should lift around 5:00 a.m. happening today, vice president joe biden launches his goal to find a cure for kansas
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in philadelphia. >> part of a round table discussion. eyewitness jan carabeo is live for us at peril man school of medicine in university city with pour on that. jan. >> reporter: nicole and erika, good morning. joe biden calling this his moon shot. in making about this initiative, earlier this week, he compares it to a mission to moon be 55 years ago, he said that call to action inspired science and innovation, and curing kansas should be this generation. happening today. here at the university of pennsylvania, vice president joe biden will take a trip here to introduce and explain his new national initiative to end kansas. it's obviously a very personal mission for him. he alive had us son, beau to brain cancer last may, the goal is simple. he wants to double the rate of progress. he wants to make a decade's worth of advances in five queers. to do that, biden says he plans
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on increasing resources private and public to for it cancer. he plans on bringing cancer fighters together. this will get done through funding, better coordination with leading cancer centers, and that's abramson cancer center. >> challenge we're happy to partner him on is how can we extend our reach? how can we achieve cures? and more and more patients, because the tim to do that is now. the scientific break, throws, medical break throughs are unprecedented right now. we don't want lose this opportunity to achieve all we can. >> reporter: the vice president emphasized that thought and released this statement writing in part that the goal of this sensitive, this initiative, this moon shot is to seize this moment, to accelerate our efforts to progress towards a
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cure's to unleash new discoveries and break throughs for other deadly diseases. the vice president is scheduled to be here in philadelphia at the university of pennsylvania around 3:00 this afternoon. he will tour the school of medicine as well as cancer center then take part if a round table discussion. cbs3 will be here for it all. we're reporting at uof penn a possible case of arson involving two minivans in north philadelphia, police were called to the 3100 block of 6th street. jen area of the vans, no one injured. fire officials are investigating the cause. eagles fans are waking up to the worse kept concrete in philly sports. the birds have reportedly wrapped up their search to report chiech. dug peterson. worked with him for year, spinelle the 99 season playing
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quarterback for the birds. he's surprised by the pick. >> i didn't see this happening or becoming a reality because of the lacking mysterious that doug doesn't have on his his eresume. >> the eagles can't officially hire peterson until the cheese are finished. they play the patriots in the playoff this saturday at 4:30, here on cbs3. >> eagles fans never quiet with their opinions, chimeing in on this new potential headcoach. >> we need somebody fresh. he has work on andy reid a few years. i don't know if it was the number one choice. there's a lot worse candidates. >> not too excited. i'm mad we let andy reid go and he's doing incredible over there. i guess i'd have to say if he was coming under that wing, wouldn't be a terrible decision. >> not a good choice. >> why is that. >> i'd rather have seen super bowl winning headcoach like tom
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coughlin instead of offensive coordinator. >> speaking of tom coughlin he was also in the running but he was to his name we're told leaving the eagles to choose peterson. >> philly newspapers weighing if on this, hail to the chief. looks looks fans aren't quite sure. on back page, little red. yikes. that's a reference to andy read's nickname of big red and the close relationship. we want to know what do you think of the of the regular hiring doug peterson use #cbs3. chip kelly landed on his feet yesterday the 49ers announced he will be their new headcoach. kelly was fired by the eagles. he moves on to the 49ers where he'll attempt to res recollect the career of quarterback. 4:38. a week after a gunmen ambushed a
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philadelphia police officer neighbors in cobbs creek gathered to discussed the violence. discuss the shooting of officer jesse hartnett. edward archer confessed to the shooting in the name of isis. many muslims say the shooting does not reflect their faith arc this guy does not recommend usch i don't even know who he is. i've been in this city as a muslim 40 years. and it does not reflect the characteristics of the muslim here. >> he does if the believe archer is part of a larger cell. the republican presidential field narrowed with the contenders growing increasingly more combative. >> the gop in fighting was front and center in last night's debate. >> and then there were seven, still a bill gop primary field by historical standards but smaller than previous debates.
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donald trump and ted cruz took center stage, literally and fittingtively at thursday's fox business network in south carolina. they've been mostly friendly, but last fit the gloves came off with the donald taking bear knuckle jabs at cruz's natural born presidential status and presidential eligibility. >> fine constitutional journey that feel because he was not born on the land he cannot run for president. >> on the issue of citizenship donald, i'm not going to use your mother's birth against you. >> also hitting the donald's home town. >> not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. i'm just saying. >> with the spotlight on trump and cruz, the others fault to turn out as alternates to the embattled front runners. >> governor christy endorsed many on the. >> when you're a senator you
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talk. when you're a governor you're held accountable. >> while attack each other they shared a common favorite target. >> tuesday night i watched story time with barrack obama. >> this president is undermineing the constitutional basis of that us country. >> check those power balls. stores in our area sold million tickets. >> looks like another warm day ahead, kate takes a look to re tos and chance of rain for the weekend. which is the better day
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check those power ball tickets, lottery official say some local players scored bigful three stores in pennsylvania sold million tickets matching all five number, just not power ball. a ticket sold at a wawa me new jersey matched all five. but that person won double prize $2 million because they added
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the multiplier, paid off big. "eyewitness news" was at that wawa. >> $2 million? >> my god, i hope it's somebody that i know. >> i'll go home and check. just came from work. i didn't look. >> congratulations to the lucky winner. i'm going to find out who you are. we're going to be friends. >> good strategy. the store manager says they get a bonus for selling that winning to the extent. goes into a fund for associates who can use it for long term sickness or time lost for family issues. this morning we're waiting for the three grand prize winners to come forward. in california, the 7-eleven store accept add $1 million check for selling a ticket. other two winning power ball tickets were sold in florida and tennessee, all three winners will split the 1.5 billion dollars jackpot. >> you hope they know they won. . >> thinking about effort if you have the winning ticket. you know that it's yours.
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do you sleep with it? you don't let it out of your sight? you don't tell anybody. and that's like until you cash that puppy in. >> thank you for that. my pleasure. >> having fun we're hitting 50 degrees today. >> isn't it hilarious that 52 sounds awesome but when you get to july or june, this is so cold, but for january, phenomenonal. perception, perception, it will actually end up being a nice day, sunshine that's going to yield to clouds, and that is where the transition starts to take place. next storm system starts to move in, but because it's turning is warm for at least january's standards, we're looking at just a rain maker, we're going to track all of had this for you so you get a sense of timing. it's coming with good timing if it's going to come at all. it comes primarily overnight when many of us will have hit the hey for the night. taking a quick peak.
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you see moisture developing especially into georgia and black men ma into floor, this is soliciting north as it's own area of low pressure. it's not easy to define on the radar satellite right now but there is another system pushing across the north planes into the great lakes those pieces are essentially becoming the next big thing for the northeastern united states. we're really only going to get affected by the southern component because we're getting milder air getting shoved into the delaware valley it means it will be too warm even in the mountains, we think, for the most part. let's walk you through. at noon we don't expect much more than a handful of clouds, those continue to thicken, by 5:00 p.m., sun will have dropped, clouds will have built in and the blanket of cloud covers there keep us mild. by 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 at night rain lifting in and tort the northeastern mountains, you're not going to end up with anything but rain. perhaps starts with snow but not going to amount to much.
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future weather, this particular model thinks it's going to get out of on her by 9., 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, and we'll see strictly rain, and tomorrow doesn't look terrible because of it. let me walk you through what happens. 52 degrees, normal high 40. doing the math, it's not badly looking forward to the forecast. don't get used to it because the temperatures take a solid hit. come martin luther king day, we're back foot deep freeze once more. nicole. >> thank you. a young philadelphia girl has earned herself a trip to san francisco for the super bowl because of her reward winning idea. 13-year-old sierra is an eighth grader at our lady of calvary. she entered a competition to create an ap that tackle lid health issues at school. her ap was selected. she won $11,000 in grant money to build this ap in an all and he knows trip to the super bowl. >> my idea was a health and wellness ap pour grade school students at our lady of calvary. they can earn points and rewards based on competing in different
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health challenge, a fitness challenge. >> eighth grade. good for her. what a ride: before the big game, she'll meet with mentors to help her with mentors to help her design a future. she developed a ap on her own. >> you can see super bowl 50 only on cbs3. the biggest game of the inquiry here february 7th. >> i just love to see that. >> still ahead, on "eyewitness news", shake shack is making big change, the newist edition >> first here's what's coming up tonight on cbs3.
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. 4:50. money watch's jill wagner, markets could be in for another rough day? fingers crossed. what's happening? what do you think.
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>> well, good morning, again. erika and nicole. chinese stock now in a bear market. shanghai composite fell again, down 20 percent from recent highs, there's concern drastic steps from chinese authorities to stop the sell-off are not working. it's worry about the china's economy that sent u.s. markets into a free fall. yesterday was a rebound. we'll see what today brings. you never know anymore. >> alongside talking about shake shack. what was hear they recently went public and increasing stores and expanding the menu. >> well, that's right. the burger chain debuted it's first ever chicken sandwich. it's 100 percent organic, lettuce, pickles, butter milk, herbs, shake shack rang the opening bell. brought a huge display of these chicken sandwiches. my producer and i ran around to
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try and get some. we still need to try one. >> we're so sorry to hear that. that's a bumper. it's your big day. >> i know. >> delicious, too. jill, thank you. coming up after >> a factory closes. jobs are lost. the old way was to simply give people a hot meal. this is the united way. right here in our community, united way is changing the way, from quick fixes to real lasting change. that's what matters. that's united way. to learn how you can help your community, visit...
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right now 4:54. check with katie. it's friday, more good news. >> absolutely. if you like the mild air, we got you covered. it's only one day that hits the 50's. pretty sweet for a mid january standards, normal high is just 40. we expect to actually get you up to about 52 in the city. not to bad. storm scan is still quiet. handful of clouds here and there. not terribly cold. we do still need the heavy coat. it's not windy as harsh as recent morning, by tonight our next storm system is moving in. that's going to be a rain producer for everybody. even in the mountains. some of that rain will likely be
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heavy. i would say give it a window of 8:00, 9:00, move up until 11:00, 12:00. rain amounts high as three quarters of an inch. it will slow you down if you're traveling through the overnight but the timing could be worse. it doesn't come for the morning or p.m. commutesly looks like tomorrow morning clearing out quickly. by the time we hit next week, it's going to feel awfully brutal on monday be windchill values no better than the teens for monday and tuesday. >> and that is cold. thanks so much, katie, that is a good morning, enjoy the 50's today while we got it. good morning, everyone. we have an accident north on the off-ramp to the schuylkill. one lane is now open before the ramp was completely closed. now you're seeing drivers being able to get by. it said one lane open. here's a look at 95 south past
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woodhaven road. you can see plenty of headlights. many of you want a quick jump to the day. here's another accident in horsham, easton road. one lane blocked and also in hunting park, 5th street is closed in hunting park avenue. i would suggest usinging luzerne right now and this is an investigation involving a pedestrian. very careful in or around this area for those of you hitting the roadways early this morning. also a down poll route 70 past haddonfield road. the right lane blocked in this area. erika, back over to you. coming up we have the latest on the vice president's visit to philadelphia today. >> easing traffic on the schuylkill, yes, please, we'll let you know about the bold new plan to get rid of some of the bottle neck. >> this new jersey woman is proving you're never too old to do
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" good morning, it's being called a moon shot for the basic fight against cancer and today vice president joe biden starts his mission to cure disease that killed his son. hear what he says about the personal project as he comes to philadelphia today. also. >> there's a big overhang. there's a big question mark on your head. you can't do that to the party. >> the republican candidates clash with weeks to go until the first votes are cast. here's donald trump's comment one of his rare heart felt responses. >> a former eagles returning to the nest. 17 years after he played for the birds. doug pederson will be the team's
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next headcoach. see what the experts are saying. good morning, it's friday, january 15th, i'm erica von tiehl. >> katie and meisha keeping eyes on things. >> we do have an accident. you can see the flashing lights thely. this will be a good driving day because it's friday and dry roadways, and katie sounds like the weather will be good. not bad, we are tracking a storm system. but exclusively a rain producing storm system for our area, you won't be breaking out the shovelss any time soon. we get most of the day in without a hitch. starting off on storm scan a handful of clouds but it will be awhile for wet weather, if presip to show for the first time in a couple of days across northeastern u.s. there's moisture building across alabama into georgia, that is is sign of things to come. the a couple states away's needs time to build north a


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