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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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philadelphians breaking out umbrellas as coastal storm rolls through. find out just how long it will last. a city in crisis as tens of thousands learn their tap water is full of toxic lead. it may have already have been deadly consequences. find out how president obama may be getting involved to help the people of flint michigan. >> new e-mail surfaces that could potentially derail the case against bill cosby. we've got details. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. >> eye gentlemen jessica dean. we begin tonight with the rain that's currently moving through the area and we go right over to meteorologist lauren casey. lauren lot of people asking how long is this going to last. >> it will be mainly an overnight even that is good for your weekend plans. if you had friday night plans they certainly got a little soaked. the rainfall intensity start to go pick up seeing a lot more yellows, oranges and reds right now on our radar on storm scan3 especially down the shore in parts of delaware and into southern new jersey. also, seeing some heavy rain start to go flare up right now
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this little batch stretching from reading up into kutztown and allentown will continue to slowly lift its way northward seeing some heavy pockets of rain in that vicinity. also, a few snowflakes mixing in up towards the poconos and into the scranton area. and then as we move closer to the shore, that much heavier rainfall heavy band pushing into the atlantic city area. this will ride along the coast and continue to move north northeast bound over the next several hours. and wee still do have quite a bit of moisture to work with with this coastal storm. this area of precipitation far reaching it will be fast-moving sole we'll be dealing with it as we head into the next several hours and we'll talk more about the timing of this system and when it will clear out coming in just a couple of minutes. >> thank you lauren in the news tonight plumping oil prices and china's economic slow down blamed for the stock market's worst ever start to new year. >> markets down again today at the close the dow was down 390 points to close at 15,988. the nasdaq and s&p 500 were also down. "eyewitness news" reporter david
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spunt is live in the cbs3 sat center with more on the market chaos. david. >> reporter: jessica, it was quite a day. seconds after the opening bell rang at the stock exchange, thing started to go downhill and many investors have long few days ahead waiting to see what next week will bring. there wasn't much to clap about when the closing bell rang on wall street. marking what analysts call the worst start to new year ever. at one point in the day the dow found itself off more than 500 points. but at the close it rose but not much. still down 390. >> might save the consumer a few buck and here. a lot of oil companies are latent with debt. >> reporter: oil prices fell to levels not seen in a decade. crude oil $107 a barrel in jun june 2014. dipped under the 30-dollar mark today. explaining the drop in gas prices. we found drivers in the philadelphia area who are not complaining. >> i think they should be low
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all the time. level. i mean just because i'm buying it of course i want it to be l low. >> good for me buying gas at the pump. bad for you will of us in the stock market. >> according to aaa the average price 1.92 down from 368 in june present 14. most of the stations in pennsylvania were in the low 2-dollar range but as usual new jersey dipped much lower. >> i don't think it will go lower. i doubt it. i doubt if it goes lower than jersey. >> it's not only oil causing problems. china the world's second largest economy has been in trouble and that's causing a direct effect here in the united states. >> average investor you probably shouldn't check your 401k right now it will put in you a bad mood. >> it's best not to panic to ride things out when they go up they go down. they go back up again much all about patience but jessica and ukee certainly with numbers like today it's still causes concern for many who are watching that stock market. live in the sat center tonight,
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david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. new at 11:00 tonight reports of a bombshell e-mail that could derail the sexual assault case against comedian bill cosby. the e-mail obtained by cnn reported details a deal cosby made in 2005 to keep deposition in a civil case from ever being used against him in a criminal court. that deposition is key evidence for prosecutors who charge the the 78-year-old in december with sexually assaulting former temple employee back in 2004 e-mail was reported sent before charges were filed to former montgomery county district attorney risa vetri ferman by her predecessor. no comment from the da's office or cosby's representatives. vice-president biden's mission to cure cancer begins right here in philadelphia. today he toured the university of pennsylvania abramson cancer center. researchers are working on a variety of treatments there including immuno therapy where cancer is killed by the
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patient's reengineer immune system. the vice-president's mission follows the death of his son beau from brain cancer. >> the goal is, whatever break throughs we can make in 10 years, my goal is to make sure we can do it in five years. my goal is that we find absolute cures but for some cancers we get to the point where we can manage them they become chronic diseases. >> the vice-president says he will use his influence to break down barriers in the medical world. he says those barriers are hol holding back progress on finding a cure. new tonight philadelphia police officer is injured while trying to arrest a man in kensington. this happened at the corner of a and ontario streets around 7:00 tonight. police say officers were questioning a 23-year-old man during a traffic stop when that man took off. the officers ran after him and say he tried to pull a gun on them. one of the officers broke his ankle while wrestling the weapon away. that suspect was arrested and the officer is now recovering at
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temple hospital. calls for justice tonight in port richmond from friends and family of ryan kell al local man who was murdered on thanksgiving day. "eyewitness news" on the 3500 block of gall street kelly was murdered to blocks away on the 3600 block of almond. police found kelly lying in the road suffering from gun hot wounds. he later died at a local hospital. investigators have made no arrests believe his killers are also responsible for a number of robberies in the area. anyone with information should call philadelphia police. philadelphia police also need your help identifying the man in this composite sketch. suspect is wanted for robbing and shooting an elderly woman in the face as she walked near the 7100 block of erred trick street on new year's eve. the suspect was driving this white nissan maxima. it was last seen getting on i-95 headed toward bucks county. $6,000 reward is offer for information leading to an arre arrest. tonight members of union representing philadelphia school
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district maintenance workers want safety improvements on the job. their protesting after a boiler explosion at an elementary school. we get more now from "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco. >> reporter: friday the school workers union rallied outside school district headquarters demanding act after a worker is seriously injured. >> what are they going to do in regard to making the schools safer. >> chopper three over an explosion that sent a schoolwork kerr to the hospital and evacuated the building with hundreds of children inside. >> the mechanic was trying to get the boiler started back up again. that's what we know. and then the explosion occurred. >> reporter: the 61-year-old maintenance worker was rescued from the boiler room and taken to the hospital where he remains in a medically induced coma. the mayor now vowing to send inspectors out to all the schools next week. >> tuesday morning we're going to be out early and everywhere to take look and assess what we need and get the resources we need to fix it.
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>> we need to fix these schools so aren't kids aren't in danger. we have one of our members take the hit right now it could have been many children. >> reporter: boilers are repair every two years and they've spent more than 83 million on boilers in the last 10 years. >> we have a lot of buildings that are quite old. right now we believe there's about $4 billion in need of maintenance for our buildings. >> reporter: the mayor now demanding more money from the state. >> worker is in serious but stable condition at einstein medical center. the school has been closed since the incident happened but there are plans to reopen tuesday when work to the boiler is complete. in east mt. airy, diana rocco cbs cbs3. news. >> rowan college is launching two initiatives to make school more affordable. the first calls for students who intern with gloucester county government to get free tuition for two years. second initiative is a three plus one program. this allows students to get a bachelor's degree by taking
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three years at rowan college and one year at rowan university. >> this degree would be bachelor's degree at approximately $28,000. now students are looking at us that never look at us before. >> keating says equality and affordable education for students is always on his mine. 12 million personnel are missing after two marine helicopters collided off the oahu coast in hawaii. what was is a search for survives has turned into a recovery ever. the transport helicopters each carrying six marines including instruct pilots crashed late thursday night during a routine training mission. some heard the impact on shore. >> around 11:30 i heard a big explosion, boom! then i heard another one shortly after. kind of spontaneous, boom, and then another boom. >> rescue teams initially found an empty live raft and debris two and a half miles off oahu's north shore. waves up to 40 feet high are
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complicating the search efforts. an elder woman seriously hurt after her neighbor's car smashes through her wilmington home. chopper flee over cold fax court this morning. the 73-year-old victim was trapped under the car for about a half hour. police say her neighbor was cited for reckless driving. penndot considering unoption to ease congestion on the traffic clogged schuylkill expressway. officials are studying the idea of opening the shoulder to traffic between route 1 and 202 during times of peak usage. right now it's illegal to drive on the shoulder. penndot says the shoulders would need widening and that's a big challenge since much of the road is squeezed between sheets of rock and the river. some drivers we talk to though, say it might be just work. >> pretty nice, because there's always a lot of traffic and it could clear thing up a lot. >> if we can expand that road in it any possible way it would be a good thing. >> penndot study considering other improvement such as
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variable speed limits, new signage and eight high tech monitoring of the traffic. there's no time frame on when all the improvements could be put in place. city of thousands horrified to discover their water has been contaminated with toxic led for more than a year. stray ahead tonight see how officials are handling the crisis and how many deaths it may have already caused. >> we're getting a look at the biggest dinosaur every discover find out where its bones were found and just how tall this beast once stood. lauren. >> coastal storm is giving us a good soaking tonight. we'll talk about how much rainfall to expect by morning and what moves in after the rain moves out coming up in your full forecast. we'll be right back. ♪
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michigan governor is asking president obama to issue an emergency disaster declaration for the city of flint. it comes a mid a drinking water contamination crisis that's now being investigated by both the justice department and the michigan attorney general. flint residents stormed the state capitol this week calling
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for the resignation of the governor after learning their drinking water is contaminated with lead. the problems began after the city switched its water supply to the flint river in the spring of 2014. the car rows seive water stripped led from pipes and children in the city were found with high levels of lead in their blood. the city has changed its water source but environmentalists say water coming out of faucets in flint is still unsafe. now health officials are investigating a spike in legionnaires' disease. there have been 87 cases of the new known ya like disease sin the water switch and 10 people have died. his body died of legionnaire in august. >> did she die because of somebody didn't want to say the water might be bad. >> dr. mark edwards virginia tech has been studying flint's water. >> if indeed it is drew that this can be linked to the water system and there's a pretty strong likelihood, yes,
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unfortunately people will die from this disease. >> fema will son to the governor's request as early as this weekend. the move would unlock federal funds to repair flint's water system and help residents. >> the national guard began giving out polled water to residents this week. there was a celebration today in philadelphia to mark ben franklin's birthday which is sunday. >> franklin focus on health was at the center of the celebration held today. his son died from smallpox at the age of four and franklin long regretted not getting his son vac nayed for that disease. >> the odds are if ben franklin had given his son that vaccine, his life would have been saved. >> franklin helped establish pennsylvania hospital. he also brought tofu to america during a brief string as a vegetarian and lived to an unheard age of 84. >> tennessee couple comes forward to claim their share of
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the powerball jock pot. lottery officials presented john and lisa robinson with a check for $528.8 million. the couple only plays the lottery when the jackpot gets big. john says he purchased the tickets on the way home from work just hours before the drawing. >> i have four people in my immediate family so i buy four separate tickets. that's just the way i do it. >> it was the third one that was -- >> the one. >> the couple says they will choose the lump sum amount which will be $328 million. meanwhile a powerball prank called on camera celebrations erupted inside a nursing home a nurse thought she won the big one point sick billion dollars jackpot her own son call her saying she wouldn't then teched a picture of what he said was the winning ticket. she got home from work later he told her he was just joking. not cool. um-um. a milestone in space today.
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the first ever space walk by a british astronaut. tim peak work outside the international space station replacing a broken component. he was joined by an american astronaut and they're space walk lasted six and a half hours. and now to another great picture from space. this a look at hurricane alex which reached hurricane strength yesterday morning. it has since weaken to tropical storm. now, alex was a rare january hurricane in the atlantic. the last one to form in the atlantic in january was in 1938. >> i've been watching this situation i'm sure. >> yes. not a threat to the us but such a rare formation of a storm. only the form time in about 165 years we've hurricane form in january. just more crazy weather and right now we're dealing with kind of tropical like conditions. heavy rain moving through the area but of course we're thankful we had the warmer weather and that this is not snow. storm scan3 packed in right now. heavy precipitation start to go
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build across parts of southern new jersey and delaware as well. those heavy bands of rainfall continuing to lift off to the north and we'll see some of heavier rain start to build into center city philadelphia over the next hour or two. right now seeing heavy rain just moved through atlantic city. now stretching up into the little egg harbor. also vineland seeing heavy pockets of rain and this band will continue to move it's way northbound over the next hour or two. we'll see our south jersey suburbs see some of that heavy rain first and then center city philadelphia and lifting north into our northern suburb over the next about two hours or so. this because of this big coastal storm that is riding along the coast right now picking up a lot of that atlantic moisture and wrapping it around on shore right now so we are dealing with the heavy pockets of rainfall and the rape will be pretty steady over the next several hours and too into the overnight period and rainfall totals already pretty significant down to cape may county airport well over half an inch of rainfall so far. same case cape may county courthouse about half an inch of rainfall. berk county about .20 of an inch
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of rainfall. half an inch at the university of delaware checking in on life neighborhood network. live look at center city philadelphia. the streets looking a little glimmer row because they are slick right now. temperature 44 degrees. light winds right now and temperatures across the area we are above freezing. frick degrees in atlantic city. closest spot mount pocono arthritic degrees we can see snowflakes and we have been seeing snowflakes mixing in with some of that rain over the last several hours up in the higher elevations. but today, a very mild air average high temperature 40 degrees. we got up to 53 in philadelphia. middle 50s down the shore. middle fours in the lehigh valley and overnight tonight temperature not going to fall too much with the clue deck and rain in mace. 40 degrees. rain continues heavy the times and then we'll see a few showers linger early into tomorrow morning. otherwise gradual clearing, breezy conditions. still mild 49 degrees that's about 10 degrees above average but then we get colder into sunday future weather will show us a trend for steady and heavy
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rain over the next several hours into the thee clock hour still widespread in nature. but then as we move materially tomorrow morning, the precipitation shield lifting off to the north and east has that storm races out we'll show i was few clouds lingering in the morning gradual clearing as we head into the afternoon and then on sunday, the cloud deck does return and we can see a couple of pops of white passing snow shower but not worried about any accumulation of snowfall but we certainly will see rainfall accumulation through this event overnight tonight. generally in the lehigh valley picking up about a half an inch of rainfall in it around philadelphia about half an inch to an inch and down the shore we can pick up total well over an inch of rainfall with some of that heavier rain produced from this system but through the day tomorrow improving conditions, lingering shower early then peeks of sunshine as we head into the afternoon. we'll see a secondary cold front move through late in the day tomorrow. it will be a dry front so we won't see 93 precipitation from that late day tomorrow, but we'll feel the effects as we head into the next several days. colder on sunday, train degrees.
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a passing snow shower. monday is going to be cold tying for our defendant day of the season. so far. windy conditions will keep those wind chills in the teens. a lot of nice sunshine next week but it will be chilly sunshine with highs in the 30s. >> no kidding. >> appreciate the heads up. >> all right. >> leslie is here now with a look at what's next in sports. >> lesley. >> that guy chip kelly. >> yeah. >> he's getting settled in new digs. i have pictures coming up was doug pederson is good teammate in his only year playing for the birds? how is that going to make him the right man for the job? one of his former
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garbage. that's the budget passed by the republican legislature in harrisburg. it's unfunded, unbalanced and unconscionable. it'll balloon the deficit. and cuts education by $95 million dollars. causing governments to raise property taxes. all while protecting the gas industry by refusing to make them pay their fair share. call your legislator. tell them to fund education, stop the deficit from ballooning out of control, and build a better future for pennsylvania.
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lesley is here now with more on the new head coach for the eagles. >> doug pederson probably pretty right now. >> i'm pulling for them. >> he's a good guy.
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and he's preparing for tomorrow's playoff game between the chiefs and patriots. a game you can see right here on cbs3. if the chiefs lose, the eagles are then expected to formally name doug as the 23rd head coach of the eagles. we are pulling for him pederson work his way up coaching ranks thanks to andy reid. he started here in 2009 when andy hired him. he followed andy to kansas city. he's the o coordinator. back in 19 he started nine games as quarterback for the birds and today we spoke with a former teammate hollis thomas. >> he's a cool guy. always a team guy. i think when you picking a head coach the guy that's always a team guy look to go make the team better and not be selfish. i think he'd be a decent leader, because he's able to relate to the guys. >> you're talking about somebody who the phrase we often use is a people person and doug pederson is a people person.
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>> okay. the mane replacing chip kelly out west setting for new coach as head coach of the forty nineness today. chip was touring the team's practice facility. he signed four year deal worth $24 million. that means eagles off the hook for the 13 million that they owed him for the last two years of his deal. 9'ers will formally introduce chip next week. but today the giants formally introduced ben mack a do as their head coach. he did interview for the eagles job and was asked how close was he to designing with the birds? >> i think i would would be the new eagles head coach, i'm very happy to be a new york giant. this is home for me and my family, and we look forward to the challenge here. >> he didn't really answer the question. the flyers have the night off. back on the ice tomorrow afternoon with the ranger when they visit the wells fargo center. and check out who showed up at practice. texans defensive end end jj watt. he played hockey until he was
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13. imagine taking a check from that guy. he's just massive. >> yeah. >> that would hur. >> 99 more problem. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ we're getting our first look at the largest dinosaur ever unearthed by man. >> the newly discovered 122-foot
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skeleton on display at new york's american museum of natural history. it dwarfs their blue whale model by 30 feet. in fact it's so big it doesn't even really fit into the space. so part of the 39-foot neck will now extent out into the entrance greeting visitors. experts say -- i know. dinosaur lived 100 million years ago it's skeleton was found in argentina in 2012. we shall know it's official name in about month. we'll be right back.
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actor sean penn sits down for an interview with charlie rose will air on 60 minutes on sunday. >> does he not believe his october interview with epochal poe led to the drug lord's capture. guzman is believed to be responsible follow up to 34,000 deaths. >> as far as you know you've had nothing to do in your viv had nothing to do with his recaptu recapture? >> the mexican government they were clearly very hugh little 98e98ed by the notion someone fd him before they did. nobody found him before they did. we didn't -- we're not smarter than the dea or the mexican intelligence. we had a contact upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation. >> penn goes on to say he believes the meg can government wanted to put him at risk but he's not fearful for his life. you can catch that full interview on a special ed dig of 60 minutes at 8:00 o'clock on sunday at cbs3. >> for lesley lauren and everyone who are i'm ukee
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washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: thank you very much. thank you, thank you! thank you, everybody! >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: that's nice. that puts a pep in your step. that's pleasant. ( cheers and applause ) thank you so much. thank you, so much.


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