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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> sunday snow all across the region. the flakes were flying at the shovels board walk in atlantic city covered with fresh powder. our first accumulation snow of the season. and here in philadelphia, a snowy seen definitely worth park but a perfect afternoon for skating. finally getting that winter feel here in center city. boat house row covered in snow.
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just one of the many areas displaying the signs of the season this snowy sunday. tonight the snow has moved out. the chill does remain. and the concern now turns to icy conditions. good evening i'm natasha brown. thank you for joining us. we are going to begin with meteorologist. lop renne. natasha. thanks. we had first measurable snow in the season in philadelphia today t not a ton. you can stick a rule leer in it. our first measurable snowfall on record. even hundreds we got pretty close. 1995. but now the snow has moved on out. now impacting parts of new england and boston. seeing a few flurries up winds. arctic cold front going to move through. head into the next testimony of hours and take these temperatures down a big knowledge. 31 degrees holding stable in philadelphia. rider now 25 degrees in allentown. 26 in atlantic city. colder air is just up wind with
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temperatures in the teens. and in the single digits. that will be blasting in overnight tonight. will be with us for the next several days. icy travel. a concern tonight. early tomorrow temperatures drop down significantly. those wet roads produced by the snow earlier today very wet snow. that could freeze over eses specially onion treated surveillance passes, icy spots will be hard to see under the cover of darkness. be sure to use extra caution if you are traveling late tonight or early tomorrow morning. we'll talk about this that is going to produce wind chills in the single digits by morning. all that sunday in a couple minutes. >> thank so much. its odd that it did take this long. we can say officially went is under way. greg argos head to do atlantic city where the snowfall was a bit heavier. >> reporter: snow showers made their way through philly. dusting delaware. before heading down ac suppress
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way toward atlantic city. near board walk covered in white such created opportunity for snowball selfies. >> perfect. >> reporter: despite the freezing temps and clip preconditions some of the people decided to do take advantage of the beautiful back drop into. its pretty out back. seeing the lights. >> these outfits keep you warmer in this weather. >> y they do. last last. >> enjoy the special view. >> reporter: others deciding to avoid the snow taking the tram or hopping on ac jet knee. >> terrible out here. >> reporter: one person who is soaking up this seen. into. its beautiful, its wonderful. i am having a good time. >> reporter: monique visiting. >> this is the most snow i have seen. >> reporter: a place which rarely sees much snow. >> this is probably as much as i
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will ever get to say. >> you won't want to see more. >> yeah 86 i want more. maybe next snow ange gels snow men. >> reporter: folks like monique may not have to wait too long to see snowfall in our region again. we're expecting significant snowfall this coming friday. reporting here along atlantic city board walk greg argos cbs3 eyewitness news. >> well plenty of folks took to social media to share photos. using hashtag cbs snow. here's a few. bobby smith showing us this lovely shot, beautiful hashtag medford lakes new jersey. #cbs3 snow thank you. this is hash tack cbs3 snow hashtag snow harbor new jersey. looks like a couple inches or so in stone harbor new jersey. and how, from delaware this is fran see, this is what she
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tweeted first snow in delaware the first state not too much accumulation at this point. but i'm certain it was still coming down when she was sending this photo. thank you all very much for you're shots. we do appreciate that. when winter weather does help you can help us tell the story from where you are. connect with us and share your snow photos on twitter and facebook #cbs3 snow. sean penn sat down with charlie rose on 60 minutes to talk about his interview with drug lord joaquin guzman loera. his article ran in rolling stone magazine and quickly made headlines. and charlie rose challenged pen tonight and what he had what he hoped to accomplish by writing this article. >> you knew that the story, you knew that's a big story. you are not naive. now you have people wanting to know more about it. >> no. no. no. my problem with people is that they think they know more about
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it. let's go to the big picture what we all want. we all want this drug problem to stop. and if you are morale right or on far left just as many of your children are doing these drugs. just as many of your brothers and sister and teachers. how much time have they spent in the last week since this article come out talking about that? >> one%. >> dialogue about -- >> my article failed. let me be you are clear. my article has failed in that the, in that everything that's spoken about is everything but what i was trying to speak about. >> intense interview there. you can see 60 minutes every sunday right here on cbs3. let's get to campaign 2016. democrat candidates on the stage
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a blobbing from the south carolina church where a gunman killed nine people back in june. the presidential hopefuls clashed on many issues like gun control. >> reporter: under fire for hillary clinton for changing position for gun manufactures bernie sanders shot back at his opponent. >> i think secretary clinton knows what she says is disingenuous. >> reporter: he has a d minus report card from nra clinton said is he voted numerous times with gun lobby. >> he voted to let guns go on to a.m. track, into national parks. he voted guns doing research to figure out how we can save lives. >> reporter: former maryland governor martin o'malley accused both of them being inconsistent when it came to gun control. >> i'm the one candidate on the stage that actually brought people together to pass legislation. >> reporter: fiercely debated he would do the best job.
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>> how you perceive all the 6 hundred thousand dollars. >> you did not go as far in training on wall street as i would. >> i have a plan that most men at any time said is tougher t more effective and more comprehensive ism e sanders is leading in new hampshire and tied in high what, a big edge over the senator nationwide. >> when this campaign began she was 50 points ahead of me. we were all of three percentage. >> reporter: all three candidates are looking for a spark before the iowa caucus on february first. cbs3 eyewitness news. >> well, search sun rescue efforts continue for 12 marines who's helicopter crashed late thursday. one of the marines is from philadelphia. another missing marine is sergeant shul leer from gardener
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, pennsylvania. large waives have hampered the search effort. some debris could be from the helicopter has surfaced. three americans meantime are serve on sideways oil after a plain flew them out of iran safely in total five americans were relieved as part of a prisoner exchange following the exchange the united states and five other world powers list lifted economic sayingss on iran. all of this was a part of the land mark nuclear deal that was reached in july. president obama waited until they were out of i rain meehan air space. into in they were united in welcoming home sons, brothers,. endured absolute nightmare. >> three americans will spend their first night of freedom at a military hop in germany. will be righted with families in germ man me as well. goo 82 police are still looking for the shooter accused of
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opening fire in a philadelphia shelter killing an employee and injuring another. sherry greg from sister station shows up, officers say the shooter had been evicted from the shelter just days earlier. >> reporter: shock were visible outside of the station house transitional center son north broad street sunday. >> man laying there in a pulled of blood. he died. >> reporter: this man declined to speak on camera one of several residents who witnessed the after math. police say a resident evicted from the shelter returned to get his belongings around six am got into an altercation with staff. they say he then took out a gun and shot one shelter employee five times and another one once in the hip. >> i mean i was just standing there didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: witnesses say the
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shooter fled through main entrance of the shelter ran through parking lot on towards railroad tracks hear you north broad street septa station. former mayor wilson good, shelters a hundred men each time. he comforted the victim's family an employee immediately after the shooting. >> i don't think that you could have found more dedicated employees. >> reporter: those who noose the victim said he was in his 40s and well liked because he went out of his way to provide food and clothing foreign dense -- residence. >> as she left this morning, he loved his job. and did. >> reporter: good says his staff and trained but they may consider doing more. in the meantime residents, staff and those who loved the victim are still in shock. wondering why and how this could have happened. north philadelphia cherri gregg kyw radio eyewitness news. >> still to come fighting to
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have religion recognized a meeting in philadelphia. what their petitioning for and why. also we have lift off another successful launch where this one blasted off and what its mission is tonight. lauren. get ready for a bitter blast of much colder air moving in by morning. more snow in the forecast coming up j
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more this is little, enjoying first snow man of the season of the she's in millville cumberland county. thank you very much. check out olive shovel in hand. ready to handle the freshly fallen snow in conshohocken. we're going to check back in with lauren to get our friend forecast ahead.
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>> three, two, one. >> foggy launch in california as the rocket blasted off into space. the mission called jason three is a collaboration between us and europe to measure ocean surfaces here on earth. date tap sent back will help with scientific research in climate change. mission is expected to last between three and five years. severe weather sparked a pair of torn 98 toes that ripped through central florida in the early morning hours. national weather service said the first one touched down. the second struck in the beach community. a couple and their son died and four grandchildren when their mobile home was destroyed. take a look at this video police chased a possible stolen car before it finally crashed. the driver maintained speeds well above a hundred miles an
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hour through much of the chase, which lasted about 37 minutes. the suspect was ordered out of his vehicle. a female passenger was also taken into custody at that seen. eastern state penitentiary is honoring martin luther king during this holiday weekend. visitor's are being treated to special read dippings of letter from a birmingham jail. the let was written by doctor king while he was in prison in birmingham. excerpts of the letter are being red three times a day through monday. events are free and open to the public. now with observance of martin luther king tomorrow many news lums feel that along with this holiday and christmas, their holidays should be recognized as well. alexandria huh as more. >> reporter: one of over two how thousand muslims living in philadelphia. >> when you are growing up as a child you are not clear
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understanding why you can't and there are other things celebrated. >> christmas is like a no brain mer, easter, jewish holidays recognized, by recognized it's a city holiday for school system, city workers off holiday pay for that. >> starting this year no, public schools will have two additional days off to account for the muslim observance, hundreds in philadelphia will be rally young around city council. >> we are americans. born are raced and american. >> political climate has been polarizing so the community is prepared for some push back. >> we have pain and joy and sorrow like them, like everybody, so, all these miss information can be disspelled by simple conversation over dinner. >> there are a number of people who have the wrong idea of what islam is. we have to be reminded. some of the things that are
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happening is not islam. >> reporter: the two holidays which would mean a day off would fall on different days each year a five year calendar has been presented to the city. city council man curtis jones plans to introduce this pill during thursday counsel meeting. i'm alexandria huff cbs3 eyewitness news. >> you can see alexandria there. you can see the flurries falling around her. it was a beautiful site. nice because a lot of it did metal on contact across much of the area. we had higher totals in atlantic city close to three i think. ac today that broke a daily snowfall record. cape may two inches. camden county an inch, montello relevant half an inch. philadelphia international a half an inch of snowfall. first measurable snow of the season so far. storm scan 3 showing us clouds still in place. well off to the north and east.
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a few flurries trying to work into lehigh valley and poke notion with a secondary cold front that's going to move through as we head into the next self hours set us up are for bitter wind chills by tomorrow morning. dropping off significantly. keep this cold around for several days as well as blustery conditions with gusty winds the winds that got us and push downwind chill temperature. watching for potential, potential at this point no a went storm as we need friday and saturday. but for right now watching the temperatures drop this is nothing so far. over the last 24 hours down 11 degrees. philadelphia down 15. allentown temperatures are still fairly stable. been at 31 degrees in philadelphia over the last couple of hours. 25 in allentown. still holding up at 34 degrees in wildwood. winds are so relatively calm to light for now. the wind are going to be picking up. once the cold front drops through. feels like temperatures still tolerable for night now.
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lehigh valley feeling like 23 degrees in philadelphia. over night tonight as our air temperatures drops down to 24 degrees and northwesterly 10 to 20 miles an hour late tonight going to start to feel griffin gid. that's going to be the trend through sunday. mix of sunday and clouds. 28 degrees. that will be coldest of the season so far. westerly winds whipping at around 20 to 25 miles per hour. with higher gust. what to expect tomorrow, temperatures struggling mid to upper 20s well below average. thirty one 35, even 40 miles per hour combine that with the cold feels like temperatures will be in single digits and teens all throughout the daylight as we wake up tomorrow poconos down to 10 below zero near zero. city and suburbs zero to 10 degrees. southeastern delaware still brutal wind chill temp p chars
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five to 10 degrees for a good bulk of tomorrow morning. tuesday cold sticks around as does the breeze. 18 degrees. wind chill step temperatures down into the single digits. tuesday morning high of only 30. wednesday nice sunshine still chilly 36 degrees. could see a few snow showers late at night wednesday. become mostly sunny into thursday. 38 degrees. we are keeping our eyes on the potential at this point still well far out for happen went storm. more than one model hintting at the possibility that we could see a significant snowfall friday and into saturday combined with strong winds so something to keep your eye on forecast over the next several days as we continue to get model date. forecast becomes more honed the closer we get to the event. >> into i will. >> i panic first. thank you so much, lauren.
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watts happening with doug pederson is he going do sign watts happening gentleman gentleman yes waiting a little bit longer. the eagles will formally announce doug pederson as next head coach. i'll tell you who could be joining him. flyers head to motor city. winds are hard to come by there. highlights coming
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and build a better future for pennsylvania.
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>> all right leslie has sports highlights. we're still waiting. we will get official announcement that the eagles have made doug pederson their head coach we just don't know when. word is he is busy a he system blink statement he wants to bring in frank white to be head coordinator. has limited play calling responsibility. former eagle says he'll be fine. >> this is knowledge of the game and being able to understand the personalities inside the locker room and the guys that he's
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dealing with that is a big key component. he understand that. and i think he'll do good things. flyers in detroit won twice in last 23 games. third period down. ties up the game. goes into shoot out. how about jake scoring there. the flyers won third time in 24 games in detroit two to one the final. coming up next sport zone we'll talk about the eagles hiring doug pederson. is he the right fit. >> lots to chat about. thank you, leslie. still to come on news news a -- eyewitness news two years and thousands of miles in the making that is message in a bottle left on the shores of new jersey. we're going to tell you where it finally ended up when eyewitness
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making a bottle washes up more than three thousand miles a way inference believe it or not a couple through the bottle into the ocean in toms river never thinking it would make it far. they wrote a college do you remember address on a note saying simply write to say about
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your good fortune. someone contacted them saying the bottle was found in france. >> we thought someone would find it. >> i can't believe it that it went all the way to france doesn't make any sense. >> the bottle was found a week ago by a man walking along the beach. covered in see we'd and sand. lauren is back. cbs sport zone starts upright
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>> women come back everyone. it took a comedy sequel and the


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