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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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pocono but windy, the wind will be with us through tonight and right into tomorrow. the that is making it feel like about half of what the thermometer tells you, maybe even worse. in fact feels like temperatures all across the area right now in the inning will digits from philadelphia on north and west. feels like seven in atlantic city and four in allentown. temperatures have really taken a hit to start the week. we have got to 40 degrees outside yesterday to day only 20's, tomorrow will be lucky to crack the the 30's. the it gets better wednesday, into thursday, we're tracking chance of a few flurries, maybe snow shower late wednesday but, of course, friday all eyes are focused on for a potential major snowstorm. we will have more details. but first we will continue our bitter cold coverage as we head out live to meteorologist justin drabick on the ben franklin park witt with the cbs-3 weather lab. those flags are flying tonight. >> yes, that is right, kate. i positioned myself facing win. bad move come on i'm the meteorologist i should know this. this wind is battle.
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cold we can deal with but this wind is not letting up in the next 24 hours. not a lot of food traffic. there were joggers earlier but these wind are kicking up to 30, 35 miles an hour here in the city. that will make it feel worth this evening and, of course throughout the overnight hours. currently winter took its time to get here but there is no doubt that it is here right now. bitter cold air coming on the heels of our first measurable snowstorm of the season. yes, winter is dealing us with a brutal blast. >> it is cold. >> reporter: can't venture outside without full on winter gear, hats, gloves you name it. mid-january is typically coldest time of the year with average high temperature of 40 e 10 degrees below that. add in the gusty wind and it feels like the teens. >> what i'm happy it is here because it is cleaning up the air. >> the win just draws tears out of your eyes especially than broad street but it is a nice change from the warm weather on christmas. >> i grew up in iowa, this is
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nothing. >> reporter: as bitter as it the is we have been, pretty lucky overall with the cold weather. we are coming off warmest december on record and remember how nice it was back in november? this deep freeze could be mother nature's way of delivering a reality check. yes, thinks a cold snap number three, third arctic blast of the season that will stick around for one more night. core of the cold air on top of us right now. it starts to lift out over next 24 hours but still no big changes in our jet stream so chilly temperatures stay locked in through the the rest of the week into next weekend and that will help set stage for that potential winter storm and again, still details little uncertain at this point, we're still days way but back here with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab, current temperature 23.9 degrees. add in the win it feels like inning is will digits and teens and will get down around zero tonight. reporting live, i'm cbs-3 meteorologist just continue drabick for "eyewitness news". >> winter is right here, thanks very much. are you pro snow or no snow?
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well, let us know on web site, twitter facebook. right now poll is close but pro snow is beating out no snow at the 55 to 45 percent. ukee what do you think pro snow, no snow. >> i'm's of the age now it is all about no snow but i just don't want it to be paralyzing. give mountains some crew, give the crews some work but no paralyzing snow you don't want city to shut down. you can track this forecast and potential for late week snowstorm, anytime, at your fingertips. all you have to does down load cbs-3 philly weather app available for i tunes and google will play. strong wind and below freezing temperatures made things extra difficult for fire fighters battling a fire that destroyed a historic tavern in southern new jersey. flames broke out inside hill crest tavern in bridgeton around 4:45 this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us with more on the demise of the popular spot, greg. >> reporter: ukee, good afternoon, fire officials here
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in bridgeton new jersey are trying to figure out what sparked this three alarm fire. it the destroyed the the hill crest tower, take a look at this tavern that was built in 1782. you can see now a total loss. with this sign gone and last wall knock down the historic hill crest tavern sits in pieces. >> we got the the first call at 5:00 a.m. by the time bridgeton new jersey fire department crew as arrived, fire already consumed the 23 two-year old tavern. >> i mean it immediately went to a second alarm and went through the operation. >> we looked out window and we thought there was a building that was in flames. >> reporter: kevin molina took video of the flames lapping in the air. the those flames could be seen for hours. the cold weather that is tough conditions for men and women bat telling blaze. >> you can imagine with these temperatures, water spray, guys were getting covered with ice. >> reporter: city officials used courthouse as their refuge point for fire
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fighters. >> department and crews salted the road and red cross handed out chile to first responders. when the flames were out the demolition crews came in as those that worked, kind and dressed here stopped by to pay their respects to a historic building now in peace. >> to have a total loss like this is devastating for the city. >> reporter: back here live this really was such a popular restaurant, such a popular place for so many here in bridgeton. in fact all afternoon car after car folks coming here taking pictures of what once was like i mentioned here a destruction of the popular tavern. coming up at 6:00 hear from the former owner of this tavern, you will also hear from a former employee, a waiter here who work for more than 15 years and what they have to say about this town's loss. we're live here i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. fire fighters had to brake windows at this home in abington trying to get a fire there under control.
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this eyewitness cam video was sent by brian sullivan of the the fire company. the fire started around 6:30 on jenkintown road and west avenue. at the moment there is no word on a cause and no injuries were reported. we are learning more about a deadly shooting in the philadelphia home less shelter. police say, suspect was not allowed at that shelter when he shot and killed one man and critically injured another. eye witt the necessary news reporter rahel solomon is live at police headquarters with the are latest on the investigation, rahel? >> reporter: well, jessica, police tell me this actually started with an incident saturday morning. they say the suspect showed up at this homeless shelter apparently after curfew, and was intoxicated. he was escorted out but sunday morning he return, apparently very upset and armed with a gun. >> from what the doctor told us there was no centimeters of him losing his life and it is heart. >> reporter: le mant barnham's dad said he never thought this vice place his 26 year-old son's would love would be the
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place he would almost lose his life. >> he loved it. every time i would turnaround he was there. >> reporter: at station house homeless shelter a at 2601 north broad, he and fell will owe employees a four three-year old edward barksdale were forced to escort john brook out. it was after curfew and brook was intoxicated. authorities say enraged, three two-year old brook snuck in sunday with delivery workers arm with a gun and equipped with a plan. >> he actually asked someone else are those two employees working. he wanted to necessity where they were working. he walked in the fat it is, and as soon as he walks in their station is as soon as you walk into the left. he turns and attempts to execute both of them as soon's walks in. >> reporter: barnham who worked at the shelter for four years survived with a single gunshot to his hip. his co-worker and friend barksdale did not. police say he was shot five times. >> that is first thing he told us, he said he got killed right in front of me. >> reporter: as police turned their attention to getting
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brook off the street, some wand fur this could have been prevented. >> the football game, perhaps you should go into a shelter. >> reporter: his dad tells me he will likely be in the hospital for another week. meantime police say that the suspect has add least ten prior arrests, they warrant warned he is armed and dangerous. the reporting live at police headquarters, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> rahel, thank you. thousands as cross the region are honoring doctor martin luther king junior, not with a day off but a day on. volunteering in our community. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff tells us about the record 140,000 people, who were giving back around the philadelphia region. that promise of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness was first made here in philadelphia. it was the prelude to doctor martin luther king's dream, his life's work became making sure that prom ace applied to all. >> ♪ >> reporter: it was in the warm light of the liberty bell
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that doctor martin luther king junior widow wanted her husband's legacy honored when the the holiday was first dedicate $3.01 years ago. >> official opening of the celebration of the doctor king's birthday as commissioned by mrs. king. >> reporter: our own ukee washington presided over the event that included governor tom wolf, senator bob casey and mayor jim kenney. >> if we can treat each other decently and with dignity, every day, we will be honoring doctor king the best was way we can. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands across the country honored this leg ace toy see the annual doctor martin luther king day of service, largest service event in his name. tight began here in philadelphia a. >> doctor king was a man of action and not just one day but 365 days of the year. >> reporter: charitable action was taken by over 1,000 on the campus of girard college and bicep rate organizations throughout the city. >> supporting doctor king's legacy is just a treasure and a joy and a commitment that each and everyone of us can do something for someone else.
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>> reporter: and for him, the the selfless visionary freedom rang out with the symbolic climbing of the liberty bell. oldest living niece of doctor king's wife, delores tucker, a sound that will always mean freedom at last for all. reporting from olde city, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and many are taking today to remember and look back on doctor king's legacy. monk them philadelphia's chapter of the naacp and black clergy of philadelphia a. "eyewitness news" at bright hope baptist church in north philadelphia where distinguished leaders spoke about doctor king connecting his lessons to issues, of our time. across the the bridge a group of volunteers are lending a hand to the food and secure in south jersey. more than 100 people, spent their day of service inspecting, sorting and packaging at food bank of south injuries any pennsauken. a adverse group of volunteers including high school
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students, faith based organizations and a local fraternity chapter. >> it is a opportunity for community. we are taking a day off from our day jobs to come out here and do work for our community which mean we would do it every day but today is a day we set aside for that. >> the food bank of south jersey provides assistance to 200,000 people, each year. and there are a number of events, still going on around our region today, for more information and find out how you can get involve, head to cbs eagles made it official today, doug pederson is the new head coach. here he is arriving this morning to sign the contract. eagles nation familiar with pederson, of course, he played for the bird in 1999 and joined the coaching staff in 2009. he followed andy reid to kansas city, he was offensive coordinator for three seasons. our sports director don bell will have have have more on pederson's hiring coming up in sports. >> wish him well, good luck, doug. coming up on cbs-3
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"eyewitness news" 59:00 judge judy grounded see what a florida tornado did to her plane. the space x rocket is successful, the landing, not so great. why it toppled and exploded, just moments after touchdown. also a possible scandal, rocks the tennis world, an investigation reveals alleged match fixing over the last decade, and it includes grand slam winners. and then toxic nail polish, new research say chemicals in the polish end up absorbed by your body, health reporter stephanie stahl has a warning when we come right back.
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tornadoes ripped a across central florida. one couple was killed when a twister hit their mobile home. couple's son and four grandchildren were injured. the first tornado touched down early sunday in the town of r u.s.kin and minutes later another hit seees to key in sarasota county. many homes there were damaged. high wind and plane on the tail in airport in naples, florida and this jet happens to judge judy, of judge jude i fame. her plane was among several damaged. we are hearing from friend, of the marine missing after last week's helicopter crash in the waters off
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hawaii. of the 12 missing marines, two are from pennsylvania. captain brian t kennedy is a local from malvern chester county and adam shuler is from gardener's adams county. friend and family of sergeant shuler say they are hopeful, and praying for a positive outcome. >> it is a very caring, outing, and outing person that is just not enough word i could say. his hearties so big. >> large waves complicated the search for some debris that officials say could be from the helicopters has been found. a car smashes into a sidney australia gas station nearly hitting a woman inside and it is all caught on camera. take a look, woman disappeared from inside as car flies in the store. it appears that she's hit but the the car, just, missed her. you can actually see her walk away which is incredible. workers drag the two people inside the car to safety and police are trying to figure out what sent the car into the the store.
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allegations of match fixing are rocking the tennis world as the the season gets underway with the australia opened. an investigation by bbc and buzz feed led to the explosive allegations. the investigation claims 16 top players, ranked in the top 50, told officials that they threw matches. including a big tournaments at wimbledon and the french open. inquiry found that rush, northern italy and cecily making money on matches thought to be fixed. >> we have seen in the past players that have been banned for life for suspicious situations in matches and match fixing but relatively, tennis is ab incredibly clean sport and you know, we will see what further develops from this. >> the report does not name players, individually, half of those allegedly involved in the match fixing right now competing in the a australia right now. late's tempt to land a space rocket on a ocean platform didn't go as plan. the space x falcon nine rocket a appears to land but then,
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toppled over, and then explodes. rocket delivered a satellite into space before the landing. space x ceo tweeted that the leg on the unit didn't latch on landing. thinks the fourth such failure for the company, space x wants to be able to reuse its rockets so it can cut the cost, of its space flight. kate bilo is back with us this week. the grad to have you back. >> yes, we are creating you with very, very winter wet ther. >> yes, i cannot say it was whole lot warmer in florida. it was chilly. every time i thought it was cold in florida i lot at concerned temperature for here and it made me feel better here. >> but folks down there were cold. >> they were in parkas. one guy said if this keeps up i'm moving to florida. when i thought was funny. we were in florida. good to be back. we have got some interesting stuff to talk about here in the weather world, including possibly our first major snowstorm, of this wintering season. so lets get into it and talk about what is happening right now. the first and foremost what a beautiful view it is. one good thing about being in
5:19 pm
mid-january, now, it is that the sunnies setting a little bit later. we have beautiful views to show you. about a in ago this would have been pitch black. i could not show you this camera. there we go something to look forward to. we have seen days getting a little bit longer and that will continue as we of course head toward spring. not a whole lot of spring unfortunately in the the forecast coming up. we have a whole lot of winter to talk about from frigid wind chills to potential major storm. here's a live look at middletown ship high school camera. live neighborhood network. it is currently just 21 degrees there at the moment, very cold but it is dry and it will stay that way. there is a few flakes flying around when i was outside on the sky deck and that may be the case. we have lake effect snow, you can see lining up here on new york state through way, really nasty travel conditions there. wind are out of the north and west we are seeing maybe a few little flurries, starting to trickle in the area don't be shocked if you see i flake or two. that is worst of it. we are not talking about any accumulating snow here for
5:20 pm
tonight, that could change by even of the week. temperatures 24 in philadelphia. twenty in allentown. eleven in mount pocono. nineteen in he had looking. the you can see how cold it is, in the great lakes region. 1 degrees in minneapolis. six in chicago. twelve in cleveland. we will see high pressure centered over the a area as we head in the the next couple days. that means tonight into tomorrow you can see wind around this high. we have strengthening low here and high to the south. that is causing strong pressure gradient and wind are accelerating throughout the course of tonight and tomorrow. wind will be an issue for us. then as we get into wednesday this is not storm we have been talking about. just a chance for few flurries and flakes into your wednesday night. you'll wake up to temperatures in the middle teens out there tomorrow and not much better in the afternoon. wind chills early tomorrow morning right around zero, 7:00 a.m. feels like zero here in philadelphia. so what to expect overnight? a few cloud, windy, cold, 16 degrees. your tuesday mostly sunny, windy, frigid, your high of 30. three day forecast is quiet, starts to warm up wednesday
5:21 pm
into thursday but, of course, everybody is talking about this the potential for a winter storm, the the timing on this is friday night into saturday and significant snow is possible. still a lot of players on the field guys and coming up 59:40 we will break down players on the field and talk about what this could mean for our area. >> put those players on the bench. >> yes, for a while. >> bench them. >> thanks, kate, a appreciate it. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight tempers flare in britain over whether to ban donald trump from the united kingdom. a woman pushed on the septa tracks, the suspect then threatens her life as she tries to get out, we're live, don. doug pederson has arrived, what owner jeffery lurie sees in his new
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don is joining us now. we were just talking about the new official head coach of the philadelphia eagles. we will continue to learn more. >> it has been three weeks, right? doesn't it feel like two months it certainly does.
5:25 pm
>> well, we have confirmation, people. 1:13 on a monday afternoon with one click of the mouse eagles sent an e-mail confirming what we already know. former kansas city chiefs offensive coordinator doug pederson is their new head coach. pederson returning to his old team today. he flew in on a jet and then went to the novacare complex to work. this is his third stint with the birds. he played for the eagles in 99. he then coached under andy reid from 2009 to 2011. here's a quote from owner jeffery liar, this comes from that e-mail i just mentioned released today. doug is a a strategic thinker, compelling leader and communicator and someone who truly knows how to get the best out of his players. a all of these factors were what initially attracted us to doug and we believe that he is the the right man to help us achieve our ultimate goal. now, eagles will formal willly introduce pederson to a media tomorrow at 2:00 and the meantime, hiring pederson is a
5:26 pm
head scratcher for some experts. >> you wish that there was something in his resume that you could get more excited about. it is a pretty thin resume. >> doug pederson may turnout to be the right guy but i would have liked to see process be more thorough and little will bit more extensive >> yep, that is all we know at this point. sixers and knicks, mlk matinee from the garden. sixers down 1111-109. nixon a break, you see ish smith, and he scores over isaiah cannon. he had 25 points. they beat sixers, 119-113. >> that was a good game. >> at the garden. >> that was a good game. >> talk of the town, of course, is the new guy doug pederson we will talk to him tomorrow at the novacare complex. >> under the radar, andy came in under the radar. but we will see. >> yes. >> a lot have room to grow. >> thanks, don. coming up next half an hour frightening moments for a woman waiting for a septa train. >> reporter: police say a septa el rider was shoved on
5:27 pm
to the tracks at 40th street station, by this suspect, who threatened her with death. i'll have the story coming up. also incredible video as fire fighters helmet camera captured the dramatic rescue of the mother and baby from a burning apartment building. and new at 6:00 tonight are you taking too many antibiotics? our stephanie stahl explains the the new warning, about misuse of the o as a small business owner, you know things have a way of moving fast. but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you down. so switch to the 100% fiber optic network of verizon fios. you'll get 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi available. for a network that moves as fast as your business.
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and new 59:30 a frightening attack on a woman at a septa station. she was pushed on to the track and her attacker then threatened to kill her. "eyewitness news" continues now at 5:30. i'm ukee washington. hi everyone i'm jessica dean. the the victim was able to get herself to safety and tonight
5:31 pm
a suspect is in custody. >> "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter joins us from southwest detectives with what happened, hi there walt. >> reporter: ukee, detectives hearsay a ride on the el turned truly, terrifying, for a 27 year-old young woman yesterday. suddenly pushed off of the platform as she waited for the train, injured in the tracks she looked up, and saw the the suspect who allegedly pushed her, yelling, kill, kill, kill, and waving a knife at her. waiting like these passengers for an el train at 40th street station at 9:00 sunday morning the 27 year-old woman, without warning, found herself, suddenly plunging on to the track, pushed, police say by kenneth grimes. >> completely random. i'm's in the the sure what the motivation is behind this gentlemen but but a dangerous situation. >> reporter: sprawled across the tracks, injured from the deadly current through the electrified third rail the young woman looked up and
5:32 pm
allegedly saw grimes, now with a knife in his hand, threatening to kill her. >> he is yelling at her kill, kill, kill and he has a knife in his right hand. she looks at him and says what are you doing. >> reporter: fortunately police say the the victim despite her injuries was able to scramble back on to the platform, before the train came roaring in. >> it is a a very scary situation. i just can't imagine. i can't imagine being in their shoes. >> it is scary. you know, it is could have been me, that could have been, you know, my child. >> reporter: hopping aboard the next el train, knife in hand, grimes, police say, rode for two more stops, exiting through amtrak's 30th street station, where tracked by septa camera he was arrested. >> i'm just glad that she didn't get killed or anything like that. you know what i mean that is the main thing. she got away with her life. >> reporter: now, septa officials credit their cameras with actually spotting this
5:33 pm
crime, in real time, and then getting help on the way before the the victim was even able to dial for help. meanwhile police records show that grimes has had a history of arrests, he was arraigned here this morning and now being held on a quarter million-dollar bail. live from southwest detectives division i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you for that. breaking news right the new we have learn that the suspect in the deadly shooting at a philadelphia home less shelter has turned himself in. three two-year old john brook is in police custody and being interviewed by homicide detectives. he is accused of shooting and killing an employee and critically injuring another sunday morning. police say brook snuck in the shelter, after he was banned from entering. airport workers rallied today seeking higher wages and union rights, they used doctor martin luther king junior holiday to demand better rights and a change in what they called important treatment by airline contractors. workers who rallied are
5:34 pm
baggage handlers, cabin cleaners and wheelchair a tenants. they marched through the airport with in solidarity with fellow workers in other big cities. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney released a statement supporting those rallying workers. the quote peaceful protest is a proud part of the doctor king's legacy and i applaud our airport workers for carrying on that tradition today. events marking martin luther king junior day are taking place all across the nation among them a special gathering in the nation's capitol. fbi director james comey place add a wreath at the martin lieutenant are king junior memorial in washington. today is the 30th anniversary of the federal holiday, honoring the civil rights leader. king would have turned 87 this past friday. and for the first time in american a decade the confederate flag did not fly at the state house in south carolina a on this king who will will day. from the democratic presidential candidates, it was, one victory that they shared but last night's debate, it is a different story. weijia jiang reports from
5:35 pm
washington. >> reporter: visitors reflected at the martin luther king junior memorial in the nation's capitol on monday. >> ♪ we shall overcome and live in peace ♪ >> reporter: while the presidential candidates channeled his legacy on the campaign trail. >> we should pay tribute to people who helped bring us to this point and be will challenged to continue their work. >> what is important is that we remember his vision, the world that he wanted to see the the america that he wanted to see. >> reporter: all three democratic contenders commemorated the civil rights leader of the steps of the south carolina state house in columbia fresh off their most contentious debate yet hosted by nbc news in charleston sun take night. hillary clinton and bernie sanders had several heated exchanges over gun control, health care and wall street. while martin o'malley struggled to get a word in.
5:36 pm
>> can i get 30 seconds too. >> reporter: with just two weeks to go before voting begins in the presidential race, the republican candidates are getting a aggressive too but many of them also took the time to recognize there king. front runner donald trump made a campaign stop at liberty university in virginia. >> so we will dedicate the that to martin luther king a great man. >> reporter: jeb bush tweeted a picture of doctor king saying he forever change our nation for the better. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and we have around the clock update on campaign 2016, as we rapidly approach the iowa caucus. for continuing coverage head to cbs donald trump's controversial remarks have british lawmakers debating whether or not the the g.o.p. front runner should be banned from the uk. members of the parliament held a three hour debate discussing whether or not trump should aloud in britain after he proposed muslims to be banned from the u.s. last month. more than a half million
5:37 pm
people across the uk have signed an on line petition urging the government to keep trump out. >> his word are not comical, his words are not funny, his words are poisonous. >> i want to see donald trump come to this country. i want him to get a sense of the fury, frustration, with his remarks. >> uk's prime minister david cameron says trump a's proposal is wrong but said he should aloud in britain. dramatic fire rescue captured on fire fighters helmet camera. this happened in fresno, california yesterday. fire fighters pulled his ladder to an apartment window yelling when he sees people inside. take a look at this heart stopping moment as the tenant hand the fire fighter her baby through the window. that fire fighter hand the infant to the fire fighter below and helps other family members down. fresno fire say rescue family played it smart, they kept their doors close and fire fighters said that saved them
5:38 pm
from much worse smoke exposure. >> wow. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" toxic nail polish, new research discovered chemicals not only found on women's nails but absorbed in their bodies. health reporter stephanie stahl has a warning. adele fans have quite the story to tell after a chance encounter with the singer while she was reportedly intoxicated. kate? it is a very cold evening, out there, feeling like around, zero when you wake up tomorrow morning and, of course, all eyes on the end of the week, a potential major snowstorm in our future, we will have the the latest details coming up when we come back.
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gap between rich and poor is widening. according to a study from charity group, the 62 richest billion airs in the world own
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vacation there but hey lets get philadelphia in on the action. >> great beaches down in delaware, indeed. >> yes. >> i'm just into this whole soci
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one college friend have quite the story to tell after a holiday trip to london. >> they said, hello, to a tipsy adele and, the the rest is tv history. brady and jameer tell the story this way. they will went tie london restaurant where adele was having some wine and jameer picks up the story. >> well, my mom said we're big fans. we tried to get tickets tour show but it is sold out as well as in ten minutes or something crazy. she said oh, i haven't heard that just yet. >> i find this e-mail address in my pocket of another family from knoxville, and told me it was sold out. i would give them ticket in nashville. >> adele tells the the store on it late, late show from james corden. >> that is such a great clip. you need to watch the whole thing on james corden you tube. she's hilarious. >> i bet. >> she tells the whole story too. >> yes. >> i like that.
5:47 pm
y love that. >> he is great. you have met him. >> yes, i did. >> we did a little rap together this summer. >> yes, fantastic. >> adele's hello sound more and more like lionel richie. >> i'm starting to see that, you are right. >> yes. >> okay. >> we may say hello in either adele or lionel richie style to the snow, by the end of the week. we're tracking a potential major snowstorm. you know, i know you are excited. i'm excited. we had a little sprinkle yesterday some spots got an inches specially down the shore. good news it is cold enough it will stick around. everything looks a littlized like a frosted doughnut today as it will stay through tonight and thomas temperatures stay sub freezing. we will see city looking beautiful. even a little light in the sky off to the edge of the screen there meaning that sunset time getting later and later now as we head toward springtime but lots of winter still to come, and if you need a reminder it
5:48 pm
is winter just step outside, right now, it feels brutal. you can see our eyewitness weather watchers tracking these brutal temperatures, sending me observations. they are all in the lower 20's. lynn spring inner cherry hill at 21 degrees. clear skies, lynn says blustery cold one today. fingers crossed for lots of snow this coming weekend. most of our weather watchers are snow lovers and weather geeks like myself and they are rooting for this storm. cherry hill, new jersey looking beautiful. cold day and sunshine. 20 degrees up toward ed connor in chester feel. twenty and ed say cold, bright, windy. i love this picture of his pup casey going for a walk. you can see how much snow fell. it is hanging around throughout today. let's head further south in delaware. we will check in at 21 degrees with our friend delores lee in newark, delaware. she said wind chill 12. wind peaks at 15. so glad i don't go out. if you can hunker down tonight, good night to do it
5:49 pm
206789 degrees at wayne hunter's house. wind chills of minus ten this morning. minus two, right now. we will take a look what is going on. time lapse video showing a bright, cold day. video from the leadership academy in philadelphia, nothing but blue skies, high cloud in the afternoon. it looks great. it looks like a summer day from that video. but stepping outside and feel brunt of the wind. you can see a few flakes just splitting by this evening. a few snow flakes as we start to see lake effect snow being brought southward thanks to that cold, northwesterly win. right now 19 in reading. twenty in allentown. twenty-four in philadelphia at the moment. let's talk about what we have in store for tuesday morning. tomorrow morning when you wake up in the poconos it will feel like minus ten to minus five with the wind chill. lehigh valley feels like five below to zero. in the city expect to feel like zero or single digit, low single digits, southern delaware and coastal new jersey feeling like five to 10 . that brutal northwesterly wind keeping cold in place. watch for flurry late
5:50 pm
wednesday, thursday is quiet but then focus shifts to the system that is out in the mid of the pacific. this storm here's the coast of california here, west coast of the united states, energy that will develop our potential major storm is still out to sea. what we need to wait for, it is easy to get wrapped up in numbers how much will fall but we need to wait for this to get on shore and for mod tolls handle it well. is there enough consensus to say at least there will be a major storm impacting parts of the mid-atlantic or north east this weekend. could be a direct hit. there are a couple different track is it could take. right now significant accumulation over 6 inches, possibly over a foot is possible. also gusty wind and coastal flooding and erosion. this could be a major nor'easter down the shore. we will have more details at 6:00. for now overnight a few cloud, windy, cold, 16 degrees. tuesday, mostly sunny, windy at 30 degrees. you're witness weather seven day forecast, chilly wednesday and thursday. snow arrives late friday and it could that be major storm
5:51 pm
friday night into much of the day saturday. next week though we could get back to the 40's. ukee and jessica, back over to you. on the cbs-3 healthwatch a manicure alert. safety of nail polish is questioned by some researchers. >> very interesting. >> yes. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with details on the study. >> nothing to worry about quite yet, average woman paint her nails and any guesses, once a week. >> this new research, very preliminary says potentially dangerous chemicals in some nail polish a appears to be able to penetrate inside the body. >> from the nursery to the nail salon, nail polish is popular with girls of all ages but joint study by duke university and environment working group find chemicals in some polish can get inside your body. researchers tested woman for signs of the common chemical flame retardant, tphp, every woman had elevated levels after they painted their
5:52 pm
nails. >> nail polish is only personal care product that has this chemical as an ingredient. >> reporter: it is estimated half of all nail polish has tphp which is used as a flame retardant in foam furniture like couches. the experts say more research is needed on the effects of this chemical in humans. animal studies indicate tphp is linked to reproductive and developmental issues. >> i was shocked, and i'm cautious about what i get into and nail polish is not one of the things i ever worried about. >> reporter: in a statement group representing nail polish manufacturers calls the research speculative, misleading and points out that t php has been widely and safely used across many industries, including to prevent electrical, automobile and furniture fires. >> i think that i will continue to call and let me kids use nail polish. it is a fun thing that they enjoyed doing, but that will be more cautious about doing so. >> reporter: now tphp is put
5:53 pm
into nail polish to make it more flexible and durable. environmental working group says a number of popular nail polish contain this chemical including hanson, ref len and we will have more information on cb. i will post it on my facebook and twitter feed. i know lots of girlfriend out there, i have been getting manicures for a long, long, time. >> me too. >> they have something called five free polish which i don't know which chemicals it is free of. >> i like that idea good you have some options out there. >> coming up at 6:00 just released stud bye unnecessary and potentially dangerous prescriptions. a lot of people are getting from their doctors. >> wow. >> see you then. steph, thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" hollywood award season continues with the critics choice awards. and a young actor steals the show, next, we will be right back.
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winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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plenty of hollywood stars and couple inn vad critics choice award and entertainment tonight had it covered. >> et's kevin frazier joins us from los angeles with more. >> reporter: ukee and guess can we were all over critics choice award. i hosted the red carpet show with samantha harris and cameron mathieson was first on the the blue corporate but the real deal, amy schumer and her boyfriend, ben because they were in full pda mode. amy and her new beau shared their first public kiss. the first she kisses prince charming and then, loses her shoe. amy was snapped wrapping her arms around the furniture designer as she a arrived in the white gown by calvin kline. >> i am plus, plus size actress, amy schumer. >> reporter: she won two award. other big couple is jen supporting justin he was nominated for his role on the left overs and aniston was
5:58 pm
stunning in the tiehl spaghetti strapped gown for saint lauren which she access rised with retro glasses. the road's jacob. >> i first wanted to say thank you for all of the critics that voted for me. the it the must be super hard with all of the other great actors in this category. >> reporter: another big winner, sly stallone. three days after nabbing an oscar many in nation creed star got a big congratulation from his that other action icon. >> i cannot believe we were so competitive, and now he is so supportive. >> reporter: we also talk to the stars about the lack of diversity at oscars, hear what they are saying about an oscar boycott, that is tonight on et. ukee and jessica, back to you. all right, kevin. that is "eyewitness news" at 5c. now at 6:00 our region in the grips of some bitter cold, people outside spring garden, certainly feeling the the chill tonight and it is sticking around, kate? it is definitely a night
5:59 pm
to bundle up. you will need heavy winter gear tomorrow morning with enough cold air in place again by the end of the week to produce a potential major snowstorm, we will have all of the details on that coming up at 6:00. a historic tavern built in 1782 is destroyed by a massive fire. i'm's greg argos in bridgeton, new jersey with how this community is dealing with the loss. plus remembering doctor martin luther king junior, how people in our area honored the memory of the civil right icon. bitter cold outside, sunday's snow left in its wake an arctic blast. people out and about in the city were sure to bundle up, before heading inside to the elements. with the whipping wind it is feeling colder. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we have team coverage. meteorologist justin drabick
6:00 pm
is live on a cold ben franklin parkway but we will start with meet the role goodies kate bilo on the cbs-3 sky deck, kate. >> it is a bitter wind chill night out here guys. it feels colder then thermometer would have you believe. throw on an extra lane, kick heat up, and throw an extra blanket on the bed tonight. cold start to tomorrow morning as well for those kid heading to the bus stop, you may want to drive them there tomorrow morning. we are in the grips of the third cold snap of winter. we had three well below average days so far this january. this is the the third one. you can see storm scan three. net is where snow band are lining up over new york state. that is where wind is coming from. it is northwest wind and we are feeling it here tonight making the cold feel so much more worse. a few flakes possible here in philadelphia but it is wind and the chill that we're talking about. only 22 degrees right now in the city. is 11 in mount pocono. twenty in wilmington. eighteen in reading. that is only half of the story look at these wind chills. it feels like five below in th


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