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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> definitely more clarity today. keep in mind bulk of the storm is still three days out so things can change but everything is starting to solidify. it does look like the bull's eye of heavier snow will be near d.c. but here in philadelphia up i-95 corridor we could be in a concentrated area of very heavy snow, possibly a foot or more. coming up in a few minutes when i join you inside we will have our first official snowfall map. stay tuned for. that let's talk about a preview tonight. we may start to see flakes fall you don't want to think this is the storm and it is here. the this is another system crossing in the northeast at the moment. we could see light snow in the western suburbs and as we zoom in mainly light flurries and snow showers across the area this evening into tonight. not a big deal. the not expecting much in the way of accumulation. we will go through 2:00 a.m. little or no accumulation maybe dusting off to the south. temperatures in the lower 30's and upper 20's through duration of this first event. and then it is quiet heading in the day tomorrow. high pressure in control. here's friday at 3:00 a.m. notice, off to the south and
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west there is our storm and here it comes, starts to lift up with heavy snow during the day on friday. it does look like it is off to the south at around 7:00 o'clock friday night. this starts after evening commute on friday, that is great news. worst of this storm is on saturday, and is there your winter storm watch already in effect for significant accumulation for the entire area, that goes from friday evening, until sunday morning, coming up, i will tell you preliminary numbers for you as far as what could fall neuron backyard. for now back inside to you there has been a stream of folks in rittenhouse hardware. there the ace lull for the the last few minutes, i can tell two main items, folks are
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buying ice melter and shovels. the sound of snow melter filling 5-gallon buckets, might as well be a warning, winter storm is heading our way. there is a lot of people, there that are still pulling the wait and see. i don't think it is coming, you know, and they just don't get prepared. >> reporter: big gamble. >> big gamble. >> reporter: if you are in the gambling type fairmount hardware has plenty of snow removal supplies sitting around after a mild start to the winter season. >> we had our plants out because everybody was still, you know, hey, i want plants, i want to get plants. the weather is so nice thinking about their greenery and stuff and then we're moving all of this and coming back to shovels. >> reporter: what do you think, do you think it will be a big storm. >> i hope not. >> reporter: are you prepared? >> i'm trying. >> reporter: further south at writ even house hardware a similar sight. >> people panic. so, it is not hike we are playing on the panic but we have to feed the need.
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>> reporter: folks snapping up shovels. >> yes. >> reporter: ice melter also a hot item. >> someone is watching my talk so they will have to shovel my sidewalk, and do that for me. >> reporter: megan haines will be no where in sight. >> i will be in florida. i will miss the the snow. i'm jealous. there is just a jealousy. >> how does it feel this winter. >> it is okay with me. it is okay if i miss it. >> reporter: you can see plenty of ice melter here in stock at rittenhouse hardware. like clockwork follow thanks work hearsay even though folks are coming in they are buying shovels, ice melter right now. the day after the storm you can be assured that there will be a line of folks outside looking to purchase this all at once again, and sometimes if they run out that is too late. the key is, prepare, especially if we're expected to get a few inches of necessity here come friday. we are live in rittenhouse square i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good game on very shortly.
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american airlines is loosening restrictions on travel plans starting tomorrow through sunday. you can read much more about air travel this weekend by going to our web site at cbs and click on jim donovan's blog. coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 when snow piles up those tree branches have a tendency to take power lines with them. we will take a look at how peco energy is preparing for potential outages at this coming winter weather. track this winter storm and forecast anytime, down load free cbs philly weather app a railable on i tunes and google play. winter clean up will be a little tougher for a local hospital, after two men, stole their snow blower. and, it was taken, on, and, and, in charge and snow blower, power washers, and leaf blower, if you have any information, be sure to call the police. two injured fire fighters are recovering and displaced residents are trying to pick
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up pieces following a devastating apartment building fire in center city. tonight, city officials say that the burnt out building poses an imminent danger. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at 21st and locust with details, anita? >> reporter: good evening, jessica. crews have been on scene all day assessing damage and demolishing parts of this historic apartment building, built back in 1899. as you can see challenging conditions ahead as building is covered, in ice. licenses and inspections commissioner david perry tells me that is because this building was as you mentioned in imminent danger and at risk of collapsing on to the building next to it. the heaviest damage, i'm told was to the elevator shaft inside. all will though everyone did make it out of the burning building safely last night the neighbor who lived in the basement level unit spoke with "eyewitness news" exclusively and says he lost a lot more than just a place to stay. >> we came back this morning around 6:00 a.m. to look at the the building in daylight and it hit me then, that we
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have nothing, no homes, no clothes and not even a food brush. >> reporter: nearly everything todd ape his fiance own, nearly destroyed. >> i'm not expecting anything to be salvageable. >> reporter: after a massive apartment gutted the apartment in the historic district tuesday night. >> we made it out alive, thankfully. the rest is just stuff, but everything that made our life comfortable and made us, us. >> reporter: that includes photos, electronics, clothing but most meaningful loss, he says is his engagement ring. he took off the band to do dishes right before the the fire sparked. >> yes. >> crews spent the day assessing the damage and preparing area for partial demolition of this building. for nettell that is heart to watch but he says love is more than a symbol and home is american just a place. >> it is a thing that can be replaced, we are alive, safe,
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our neighbors are safe, our doggies safe, and, we have to just start over, rebuild, make it better. >> reporter: the two were making plans to marry in the springtime. he says becoming homeless has put those plans on hold for a while. in the meantime they are receiving relocation assistance from the red cross and staying with the collogue. for now live from center city i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, welcome to the team. chopper three over a fire in lower moreland a home at welsh road and packer avenue caught fire this afternoon. all of the people in the house got out safely. 1e ms worker was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the the investigation into a causes underway. another fire in the bustleton neighborhood seems to have destroyed the back of this home and much of the yard. chopper three over the 1800 block of tomlinson road just a short time ago. there is no word on a cause but we do know there were no reports of any injuries. a surprise sweep by the the the montgomery county sheriff's office results in the arrest of dead beats who
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owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support. more than two dozen were targeted. all together they are behind in child support by $385,000. officers made arrests in willow grove, pottstown and several other communities. another wild day on wall street, falling oil prices sent market to the lowest point in months. at one point the dow jones fell more than 500 points. do you finished down 249 points, nasdaq and s and p also suffered losses. cbs news correspondent jill wagner has details from the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: another day another massive sell off on and, more than 500 points. >> this is the the new normal. >> reporter: once again, falling oil prices for blame. they are trading at 12 year lows. because supply is way up, and global demand is down. it is great news at gas pumps, national average is well below the 2-dollar a gallon mark.
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the traders, steven gillfoil says it is bad news for energy companies and hundreds of thousands of americans in places like north dakota and texas who work for them. >> they are either losing their job or making less. new the the place that they buy their shoes isn't selling shoes, the place they buy their car isn't selling a car, the the place that they eat pizza isn't selling pizza. >> reporter: traders here in the u.s. are worried about the economy in china, a huge market for american goods. china's main stock market shanghai composite has dropped more than 40 percent since last summer and it is taking the world markets down with it. >> we probably don't want to check your balances every night because it is bad. >> reporter: stocks are falling and it is not clear where or when they will bottom out. jill wagner for cbs news, wall street. this is wall street's worst ever start to a year. at least 20 people were killed and 23 more were injured in the terror attack at pakistani university. police say four taliban
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militants, scaled the walls of the college in northeastern pakistan shooting their way past the security guard before opening fire on students, and staff. those gunmen were ultimately killed ending the siege with survivors that they say lasted for hours. local taliban leader is claiming responsibility for today's attack but the the terror organizations official spokesmen is disowning the group saying the assault was unislamic. developing right now philadelphia police received an anonymous threat direct toward the philadelphia and new york police department. authorities confirmed that there is a threat but will not disclose any details. they say they are working with the nypd and fbi to determine if the threat is real. safety alert has gone out to all officers and we will have much more on this story when it becomes available, jessica. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 george clooney is weighing in on the oscar diversity controversy. then actor jamie foxx is receiving praise for his actions off screen, how he helped save a man from the
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burning truck. have you ever wondered if you really need to be on antibiotics? health reporter stephanie stahl will tell us about a new test that you can tell that you have a viral or bacterial infection, that is coming up. plus this. i'm pat gallen and i will take my first trip inside the palestra as big five celebrates 60 years.
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on the healthwatch tonight, a blood test that can tell if an infection is caused by a virus or bacteria. it could be a big help to doctors trying to quickly, diagnosis patients. health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain what is a break through. >> this could be very helpful. it is important to know, the cause of a respiratory infection, if bacterial antibiotics can safely, effectively be prescribed but in the for a virus. >> scientists have come up with a blood test that can distinguish whether a respiratory infection is bacterial or viral. >> bacterial infections are one that is typically treated with antibiotics where viral like the common cold are typically just treated supportively, bed rest, fluids, tylenol.
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>> reporter: researchers developed gene signatures, patterns that show which genes are turned on and off when a person is fighting a particular infection. by distinguishing between viral and bacterial infections doctors hope to cut down on the over use of antibiotics which has led to a rise in antibiotic resistant super bugs. >> more antibiotics someone takes especially when they don't need them they will expose them to other owe affects on their overall health and puts them at high risk for developing resistant infections later on. >> reporter: so far test is 87 t take ten hours. duke is trying to create a one hour version that clinics can use in the next couple years. researchers say the blood test will be especially helpful when more viral drugs are developed. coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock this prospect park father is recovering, from a serious brain injury after falling off one of those popular whoever boards. the as the injuries grow, new legislation will be introduced in philadelphia tomorrow,
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aiming to make them safer. the family that i talk to today, wow what a story, he is really lucky to be alive and on a mission to try to save others. >> those head injuries are very serious. >> yes. >> you hear more and more about these injuries. stephanie, thank you. another hollywood a lister is weighing in on the lack of diversity in this years oscar nominations. in a statement to variety george clooney criticized the whole system saying quote how many options are available to minorities in film, particularly in quality films. we need to get better at this. this comes as spike lee and jada smith announced they are boycotting the the awards. >> plenty of opportunities to celebrate actors and actresses of colors to be missed last year is one thing. for that to happen again, this year, it is unforgivable. >> this is the second straight year of all white acting nominees and boycotts are putting heavy pressure on the
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at contacted my of motion pictures arts and sciences to diversify its overwhelmingly white male membership. actor jamie foxx is being called a hero today after safing a life of the man trapped inside a burning car. high was patrol says man was driving under the influence when he swerved off the road causing his truck to flip several times. it all happened in front of the foxx's mansion in california. the oscar winning actor says he just did the right thing. >> i don't look at it as heroic, i look at it like, you know, you just had to do something and it all just work out, man. >> i think we all hope we could do something when the time is there but the the question is, do we? do we actor fear our own lives? he did not. >> foxx said another driver who happened to be an emt also help. the two men cut the seat belt and pulled the driver from the burning wreck. >> incredible. >> amazing. >> kate joins with us our forecast. it is all about the bull's eye and ground zero and who gets what. >> the jackpot zone, as we
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call it, but some people in the jackpot zone might not call it a jackpot, maybe a downer. there are some spots that could get two to 3 feet. that is looking like near d.c. this would be one of their biggest storms ever in d.c. it doesn't look quite as heavy with us but that bull's eye has been a moving target. we are still three days out for bulk of the storm. it is not happening tonight or tomorrow this storm comes in late friday but bulk of it is through the the day sat the day. so anything is subject to change with these storms. they have a mind of their own. we track date, we bring you the best, best information we can at this time. let's get into it. we have questions. we will have the the snowfall map coming up in a couple of graphics. we will start out with what is happening right now. cloudy evening at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth beach, delaware. 30 degrees. little bit of snow for rehoboth beach in the next few hours. take a look here on storm scan three, this has nothing to do with our major winter storm. it is not starting tonight, didn't speed up or anything
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like. that the quick clipper we have been talking about is moisture starved, very fast moving as these storms tend to be but it could drop flurries, maybe a few snow showers across our area and down through del marva peninsula area through next several hours and then out of here overnight and for the most part not expecting anything in the way of accumulation maybe dusting in a couple spots and that is bit. you can see a few snow showers popping up over chester county at the moment and this wall into southern delaware as well. where is our storm? it is starting about here, elongated system. what it will do is dive southward where it will not only strengthen and dig to the south. that is an indication they are strengthening. it will pick up moisture and warmth from the gulf of mexico and head off eastern seaboard where it will phase and turn into a major nor'easter and have some pretty nasty consequences for us. the not even just heavy snow but win, coastal impacts will be very, very noticeable. very impact full from this storm. 34 degrees right now in philadelphia 30 in reading. twenty-seven in lancaster.
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not a bad night, not as cold as last night but we have a few snow showers, 25 overnight. for yourself thursday mostly sunny and chilly at 37. then we will watch this storm a approach. through the the day friday starting by 11:00 friday night. heavier snow through the day saturday. notice these band of purple heavy snow, two hours and it is still snowing. this is a long duration that will take us through entire day saturday. wind gusting to 40 or even 50 miles an hour at times, during the course of the storm and impact timing, friday through sunday morning when we see over a foot of snow, gusts to 40 or 50 miles april hour, coastal flood watch has been issued for shore as well and potential power outages. without further adue here's our early estimate map. expect a general foot along i-95 corridor, 12 to 16 inches, heavier amounts off south and west, lower down the shore thanks to some mixing, that is something to watch, coming up, we will talk more about the mix line and talk more about the factors you will want to watch that could change as this storm
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continues, to evolve but as of right the now i think we're good for about a foot. that is where i put over under in philadelphia right at the moment we're mountain 12 to 16 range. that is a big storm, it is not biggest storm we have ever had but certainly disruptive and major traffic problems. we have gusts to 40 miles an hour that snow will be blowing around. you do in the the want to be out in that. >> you don't want to be driving there. >> it is coming. >> yes, thank you, kate. still to come on "eyewitness news" could sharing clothes become future of women's fashion. how one company is looking to cut in the multi billion dollar sharing industry and save you money on plus sized fashions. pope francis drove in style during his philadelphia visit. now you can have a chance to buy your own pope mobile, we will explain on the other side, don. the betsy ross house, union league, historic buildings in philadelphia. up next we will celebrate one that is admired by hoops junkies nationwide, sports on the way.
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don bellies here. we will switch gears. it has been all eagles all the time. >> we are going in a different direction. >> ing together the palestra. >> talking hoops. >> ball so hard, people. ball so very hard. let's talk bit. college hoops double dip in less than two hours, temple/lasalle at 7:00. st. joes and penn at 9:30. four teams will hit the court but the biggest star is the the court itself. pat gallen has more. >> lambeau, fenway, wrigley, the the cathedrals of sports and in our city stand another that conveyed the entire history of philadelphia basketball: the palestra. over the the year many of piled inside to tight quarters of the palestra to watch the the best our city has to offer. but not me. >> well, this is my first time in this beautiful building. so why don't we take a look. this this building has a certain smell to it. i love it.
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not only do the the game of basketball begin on this date in 1892, but tonight the celebration of the 60 years of the big five, the palestra will host a double header with temple against lasalle at 7:00, followed by penn and st. joes a associated press writer jack shore has seen many a great game here having covered basketball in philadelphia for 45 years. >> people say there is never a bad seat in the palestra even up in the corners, which is true. you are so close. wow, wow, everybody is on top of us. >> reporter: i'm slightly embarrassed this is my first time, walking in here. >> i find that hard to believe. >> reporter: it is true though, i will not lie. it is true. >> any philadelphia sports fan has to be at palestra at some point in their life. >> reporter: i got here, 31 years, it took me a while. >> my favorite build ago way from home. my wife vice familiar with that. >> reporter: i'm pat gallen
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for "eyewitness sports". >> love that building. >> here's the thing, pat fridays northeast philadelphia, a philly guy. >> yes. >> i'll tell you what i played this with the spiders, played against university of penn, what a great experience. i was a kid they had streamers after first bucket, it took them too long to clean it you will up but those were the best times. >> what did you say about the building. >> spackle dust. >> yes. >> sparkled shooting. >> deadliest two happened shot ever. >> the media game. >> guys, let's go. >> buckets. >> thanks, don, appreciate it. here on "eyewitness news" caught on cameras would be carjackers trying to steel a car from the wrong woman. see how a mom fights them off to protect her children. also this... >> getting ready for this weekend's possible storm don't forget your pets. i'm cleve bryan coming up how officialness south jersey are taking action after a puppy found
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"eyewitness news" continues now at 5:30. hi everyone i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. will more bumps in the road for presidential candidates as they get ready for iowa caucus. >> g.o.p. hopefuls high profile endorsements are playing a key role and for the democrats a new poll adds to the tension for the first votes. craig bo is swell is in washington with the very latest. >> reporter: donald trump and sarah palin rallied together for the the first time since her endorsement of the g.o.p. front runner or on tuesday. >> are you ready to stump for trump. i'm's here to support the next president of the united states of america. >> everybody wanted her endorsement, she said what you're doing, donald is amazing. the it is a movement. it is a movement. >> reporter: trump's stop in oklahoma is first time he has campaigned in the city of
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tulsa. >> great people. >> reporter: he he began in iowa where there was another first, some supporters disappoint todd see only trump, not palin. >> it was advertised he would have a special guest and we were surprised, our friend and i were surprised that she was not here. >> reporter: trump and ted cruz are running neck and neck in iowa where cruz took a hit when state's republican governor came out against the the texas senator over ethanol subsidies. cruz campaigning in new hampshire turned it into an attack line. >> donald trump promised not only to protect the mandate but to expand it. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bill clinton stumped for his wife in new hampshire. >> she has a little lead that is solidifying and maybe growing a little bit. >> reporter: hillary clinton lead nationally but in new hampshire latest cnn poll shows bernie sanders ahead of clinton by 27 points. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new hampshire voters cast ballots on february 9th, iowa voters make their choice
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february 1st, that is less than two weeks away. well, water crisis in flynt, michigan was focus of the the state of the state address in michigan. governor rick snyder apologized saying the state will commit 28 million-dollar in the short term to pay for filters, bottled water and health care in the city. snyder promised more transparency and said that he would release his own e-mails regarding flynt's water but for many, it is just too late. >> it is almost like we're in the third world country, we have filth their don't work. i don't care what they say, people these filters do not work. >> our kids have been damaged by this lead poisoning that has been going on and what we have been doggies asking the governor, the state to be accountable. >> reporter: flynt residents have filed at least two class action lawsuits against the governor over states happeneddeling of the situation. detroit public school teachers make a statement. today more than 80 schools across that city were closed because of a mass teacher sick out. it is part of an effort to call attention to high class sizes, dilapidated buildings and other problems in city
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schools. the school district said they had no choice but to close when teachers did the the in the come to work. caught on video a woman fights back after two would be carjackers in florida, tried to take her car. take a look what happened, you can see suspects rush to a van on the other side of the pump before they turned their attention to the red car. they tried to jump in that car, here they go, but the would the man, rips one of them out of the driver's seat, takes off his mask and police say that woman had good reason to fight. >> it was a mom, and what that bad guy didn't know in the back seat of the car were two kids and she wasn't going to let them be taken. she for the. she dragged the guy out of the car. they both ran away like cowards. >> a is mag. >> men jumped in the federal away car but it didn't get too far because it crashed. all three were arrested and charged. septa is holding a safety blitz, continuing education for all of its riders. "eyewitness news" on septa's manayunk/norristown line. safety officers speaking at
5:35 pm
the entry viewing regulations, and precautions with passengers there. today they really focused on safety for children around the trains. >> we believe if you start with someone young and you warn them about being around the the right of way, as they grow up, that stays with them and more careful riders. >> nearly 11,000 customers ride septa's manayunk/norristown line every day. the pope mobile used by pope francis during his historic trip to philadelphia will be one of the stars of this years philadelphia auto show. his famous fiat 500l will be auctioned off to benefit ministries and missions of the philadelphia archdiocese during the black tie tailgate, january 29th. another pope mobile used in philadelphia will also be on display. officials say that the vehicles have become icons of the papal visit. >> it allows to us raise much needed fund to help care for our communities most vulnerable and often most marginalized members. >> the auto show is saturday january 30th until sunday
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february 7th. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight, disney issued a recall of infant onesys. then a treat for stargazers, if you missed this morning's rare celestial event, you'll have another chance to see it. we will tell you when, when we come back. finding fashionable plus sized clothing, consumer reporter jim donovan tells base new service that gives you lots of options for rent, kate. we are bracing for our first major snow fall of the winter season. coming up later details on this storm, when it is in, when it is out and what you can expect where you live.
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tonight a new push to protect animals after two puppies are found freezing in the birth cold. >> sadly, one of those frozen puppies died in atlantic county. new jersey reporter cleve bryan has more on what is being done to prevent this from happening, ever again. as officials prepare charges
5:40 pm
against the dog's owner. >> our call volume has double if not tripled. >> reporter: atlantic county spca investigators kay warden has been on the go non-stop for two days after posting pictures on facebook of a puppy that she found apparently froze tone death in buena vista township. >> we lifted the top of the igloo you to get a better look and it was curled up. >> reporter: warden said the dead puppy and another dog were clearly malnourished and their water bowls were frozen solid. she took older dog nina to the vet but several hours later she died. >> i'm glad that she was warm and knew human companionship in the end. >> reporter: two dog's death are provoking anger but action. she met up this have afternoon after despite 15 calls of people reporting dogs left outside. one man surrendered this dog named karma and other received straw bedding and a notice. >> cold water compliance request please bring your pet indoors. >> reporter: state law allows animals to stay outside in any kind of weather as long as
5:41 pm
they have some form of shelter but there is no definition for adequate shelter. at humane society of atlantic county executive director steven dash says people need to bring their pets inside during the cold and state needs to make stronger laws. >> we are working on a state level, a anti tether ordinance that will keep from keeping dogs chained up but address amount of time dogs are allowed out identify in the weather. >> reporter: on line is a annex stream weather pet ordinance and it has 2,000 signatures. people are also talking about going to the next freeholder meeting and demanding change n buena vista township, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i think everybody just, your heart sinks. >> that just hurts. that just really hurts. >> be careful. it is cold for everybody. those dogs included. as we continue tonight, we're tracking a major winter storm. >> kate has your updated fore
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clothes made by disney is being recalled because of the choking hazard. it effects 10,000 dark vader and disney land 60th anniversary onesys. apparently it is snaps that can come loose. no injuries have been reported but consumers should contact walt disney parks and resorts for a full refund.
5:45 pm
sin city perks are getting slimmer. aria, bellagio and ten other hotels are reportedly putting an end to free parking at their hotels. this is expected to happen over the next few months, and, no word if other hotels in the the area will follow suit. if you woke up before sunrise today you witnessed a rare astronomical sight, mercury, venous, saturn, mars and jupiter were all visible for about 45 minutes, before sunrise. it is first time in more than ten years that all five of them have appeared together in the predawn sky but don't worry, if you missed it this morning, we spoke with the franklin instant substitute chief astronomer derek pits. >> right new we have a perfect period for viewing between january 20th and february 20th, that is when the best window is for viewing these planets. if we wait until the end of january we will be able to see the thin crescent moon, sliding along in its path around the the earth, stopping, it seems like at each one of these planets as it makes its way around its orbit.
5:46 pm
>> very interesting fact, from derek this morning. the here's how you can tell difference between a planet and a star. stars, and kate is nodding her head, stars twinkle, planets do not. correct? >> yes, maybe. i'm not an astronomer. i'm a meteorologist good difficult not know that. >> that is pretty awesome. >> yes. >> i'm wondering you see bright planets and then you can kind of tell what they are. >> and when the the moon is in the seventh and the jupiter lines with mars do you know the the rest. >> will you tell us or for tune now. >> it is okay. it is dawning of aquarius. >> that is okay. >> is that the song. >> no. >> sorry. >> just some information. we will google it later. >> yes. >> you are an expert in weather. >> i don't know about astronomy or disco music but i will talk about this storm, that is heading our way this
5:47 pm
this week. this is a major storm. more serious topics now. we have got time. tonight a couple snow showers, tomorrow is quiet. if you can get out tomorrow, stock up on some things forstrom. aim he not saying get bread and milk but if you plan to be on the day saturday and stuck in the house grab some snacks for the kid, maybe dvd from the red box. the lets look at is what happening outside right at the moment. the center city philadelphia. we are looking all lit up this evening. the the clouds have rolled in though, we could see a few flakes start to fly. and, within the next hour or two, especially through overnight hours right around midnight a few light snow showers. the this is not the storm starting, this storm doesn't get in here until friday night. so this is a precursor, little clipper moving through as we go through this evening and tonight. high witness weather watchers checking in with their stats. i want to urge our weather watchers. we have our dedicated core team of weather watchers, maybe more casual weather watch their don't contribute every day, with the storm coming, friday, sat the day,
5:48 pm
we're going to be relying on you guys as part of our team. send those reports. get out there with the yardstick. measure for us. take some pictures. that is how we will get an indication of how much snow is on the ground across the region. steve schwartz one of our weather watchers in bensalem is at 33 degrees. steve says it seems like the the calm before the storm, and could be because that is exactly what it is. 30 degrees as we head into barbara lane's area, willow grove. clear skies, and a few cloud. dew point is 23. everything is starting to moisten up this evening. 30 degrees heading down toward jason's house. he is at 30. and he a has got some cloud moving n feels like 24 with the wind chill. another cold one today. not the as brutal as yesterday, but still, not a great day, to be out and b eyewitness weather watchers sending us photos as well. kid playing in the the snow. the thinks an old kick. this is from philly. will it look like this on sunday? probably will. the kids are going to love it even if you don't get a daze off from school, you can play in the snow this weekend. take a look at what is happening. we will go out to storm scan three. i mentioned a few snow
5:49 pm
showers, flurries moving in and tonight, a weak clipper system, generally moisture starved and fast moving. you can see a few snow showers through the delmarva, where we may have a coating down here. for us i don't expect anything in the way of accumulation just some flakes flying here this evening into tonight. the big picture across the united states, our storm is right about here, kind of elongated and starting to move into portions of the central planes. we are sampling better data from this. i keep thinking this storm is tomorrow. we have had a lot have lead time on this storm. we still have several model runs to get through and we have to now cast this storm watch what it actually does. now that it is over the the united states it will dig to the south, pull in moisture from the gulf of mexico. it will be interesting to go watch this develop. we have blizzard warnings in baltimore and d.c. take a look at. that winter storm watches all the way through the the north east and the reason for those blizzard watches, again, take a look at bull's eye of heavier snow will be right over d.c. area some spots could get 2 feet of snow, with this, we are on a slightly
5:50 pm
less playing field as far as snow fault around are concerned. still a big storm in philadelphia 30 in roading. thirty-four in philadelphia a another part of the storm is coastal impact. the coast aal flood watch issued friday night into sunday morning. good news is worst of the wind is in the afternoon now on saturday. high tides in the morning. that may mitigate it some but moderate coastal flooding with this. the you can see by saturday morning right at midnight it is snowing and snowing heavily. watch that mix line. that is something we will to have watch. here's what you want to watch, how far inland does it the go? will it get to the shore or i-95 corridor? there is a chance. ocean water temperature very warm. there could be banding around back side of the storm, what we call deform nation zone that could lead to intense snowfall amounts and changing ratios. we could go from wet snow to light snow to powder on the back edge, that could change the the totals a bit. our early first call for philadelphia, 12 to 16 inches of snow right up a and down i-95 corridor with much lower amounts down the the shore, and namely thanks to that mix
5:51 pm
threat. tonight snow shower 25 degrees, you're witness weather seven day forecast, snow does ant live until friday night, so this is a saturday storm, and a major winter storm with around a foot the of snow expected, keep in mind things could still change. we will bring you those changes and details as we watch this storm develop. for now, back over to you. >> interesting few days ahead, kate, thank you. woman designer gowns and evening dresses for special events and now number of sites specializing in clothing rental has skyrocketed. >> depending on your size the options for some women are limited, that is until now 36789 on your side consumer reporter jim donovan is here to explain. >> good afternoon, guys. 67 percent of women are size 14 or above. for the the most part traditional retail has ignored and under served these would man. a company called queen bees is working to change. that they have been referred to as the netflix of plus size fashion, but when northampton native christine started the company out of perfect apartment, it was anything
5:52 pm
but. her staircase doubled as a work space, her dining room was the company's warehouse. over the past five years she has built the business, catering specifically to women seeking to rent every day clothing in larger sizes. >> if you look at it from a financial perspective or business perspective you have got 75 percent of the adult female population is size ten or above. >> reporter: company now operates out of the 150,000 square foot facility in ohio. >> for rental you want those things thaw wear once or twice that are noticeable, more statement. >> reporter: jason cans, editor at large at wired says technology is driving cultural change. >> if you are renting, you only access it the when you need it and everyone else can access it as well. you you are splitting the the cost amid a lot of different customers n a lot of ways it is more efficient. >> i think we have an entire generation of people growing up now that are all about smart utilization and how can i make my dollars stretch
5:53 pm
further for experiences. >> reporter: owe far he says they have shipped more than 3 million boxes but she's pushing for more. >> yeah. >> very much so. >> yes. >> largest part of the population, you might as well cater to it. >> if you have a special event where you really want to wear something that is noticeable you don't want to buy that and then never wear it afterward. still ahead on "eyewitness news" thousands of commuters walk through suburban station every day, this woman, takes a pause to stop and give clothing to the homeless. >> her mission of mercy is this weeks story of brotherly love. we will be right back.
5:54 pm
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thousands of people walk by the the homeless every day. a montgomery county commuter decided that she wanted to help personally. >> now she stops to deliver clothing and supplies to people almost every single day right where they are. it is this week's story of brotherly love. >> sweat pants are popular. >> reporter: every item of clothing in this roomies going go to a homeless person.
5:57 pm
kimberly macintosh got the idea commuting through suburban station. >> it bothered me having to pass those people by, cold with the coat on. there has to be something to do. >> reporter: she started carrying as many clothes as she could and giving them away to the needy face-to-face. >> and the the first woman i gave it to, she had the biggest smile on her face, and i, my hand were trembling i was so happy. i was nervous, excited, i didn't know how things would go. after that i was hook. >> when i first got out here in the streets i had a lot of stuff stolen. she has been helpful for people out the here. >> reporter: a few weeks ago kimberly, started a facebook group asking others to do the same, and donate to the cause, at the a variety of drop off locations. >> bars. >> reporter: boy have people delivered, coats, hats, gloves, and more to hand out to the homeless. she calls it, help the homeless people winter project, for every day people. >> it will make them smile,
5:58 pm
and feel more warmer, for this winter and help them stay healthy. >> reporter: volunteers such as john long are driving some donations to homeless shelter. >> it is very rewarding to be able to get them stuff out there. >> reporter: woman kim didn't even know carolyn anastasia offered to store some in her home. >> it is a worthy cause and keep responses coming because there is a lot of people out there that we still are not going to be able to reach. >> reporter: that is not discouraging kim and other volunteers from trying to reach as many as they can, one person at a time. you know, one of their biggest needs is new underwear. kim and other volunteers are hosting a distribution day saturday, weather permitting. snow date january 30th. they would love volunteers to help sort. we have a link to the facebook group at cbs kim, thanks very much. >> beautiful. >> way to go. that is "eyewitness news" at the 5:00. now at 6:00 tracking our major winter storm, kate. >> a storm is coming and it looks basically like we were talking about yesterday, friday night through the the
5:59 pm
day saturday. we have our first call of snowfall amounts. if you have not seen it yet, i will have that coming up at 6:00 o'clock. and with major winter storms often comes major power problems, our walt hunter shows us how peco is preparing for our upcoming snow. from a raging inferno to a burned out shell, we have latest on last night's apartment building fire in center city and how resident are now picking up the pieces. >> plus... >> my head went up and whiplash back down and then the the side of my head. >> reporter: his life changed in an instant, health reporter stephanie stahl speaks with a local man who nearly lost his life from one fall off those popular hoverboards. the rush is on, people are not taking any chances, they are stocking up on those winter weather essentials, it looks like our, quiet start to
6:00 pm
wintertime is about to, have a lot of folks gearing up. the big question is when will this storm arrive and what will it the bring? good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. meteorologist kate bilo has her eye on things. she has been watching this for days. she is in the cbs-3 weather center with the very latest. >> thanks, jessica and ukee. i want to start with the near term a system moving through bringing a little bit of snow. this is not the storm we are talking about later in the week but few snow shower moving through maryland and those coming in the philadelphia area later tonight. you may see flakes fly. we are not expecting any accumulation maybe dusting off to the south. temperatures in the lower 30's and upper 20's. so now, of course, moving to our major winter storm, certainly biggest one of the year so far. the first major storm of the year so far. we have got snow starting to push in during the day friday but good news timing is little bit later. it looks like it is a saturday storm, friday commutes should not really be affect. now these storms


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