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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 21, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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good morning. are you ready for the first major snowstorm of the season? we have a little time before it comes. we found penndot crews brining major highways before that snow. salt yard in south philadelphia is bus think morning as they get ready for first real test of this winter. we will also show you how they are bracing for historic flooding down the shore but roads are looking okay right now. >> we're looking good. >> katie, you are still busy in the weather center. >> yes, we had so many time. >> guys, this is what we want to you use once the the snow begins to fall, we want to see your pictures, hear your observations.
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so hashtag it, cbs-3 snow. >> yes. we will see if we can get them on the air. >> you can remember. that is our little psa in terms of the social but lets talk about what will happen right now. things are starting to come together at this point. very consistent agreement with our computer modeling which we have been saying and any other guidance really looks like we can pinpoint things more accurately for you now and with more certainty. let's go outside. we will go outside with storm scan. storm is starting to get its act together and starting to blossom at this point. if you see this we will track this with me what you will remember it was just a little piece of energy over idaho, montana and it has moved into the plains. it started organizing, itself and then turn into a nice will solid area of low pressure, and it is also going to blossom with moisture with time here. so for now all is pretty tranquil. we have had a disturbance touching off a coating of snow, in the shore towns yesterday or last night i should say, but that is nothing compared to what we're looking ahead to so friday,
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p.m. sunday a.m. is wednesday, we will go in effect in terms of the watches and warnings, blizzard watches expect across the virginia and other points, to say appalachian mountain range but winter storm warnings will go into effect. we here are only looking at winter storm watches. i have a feeling that will shift as things get underway here. we will let you know when and if it does. here is your storm time line after 9:00 p.m. friday is when snow will begin south to north. later then we were original willly looking at. it means we will get through evening russias long as this pans out without a major hitch. heavy snow lingering all day sat the day basically. we will go out to the boardwalk plaza in rehoboth, 23 degrees there. there is that blanket of snow we talk about a second ago. hour by hour, today, now is the the time to get those preps underway, guys. sun will shine. it is not terribly windy. the it is cold but not as harsh as other mornings have been. now is the time to get your self ready. >> i don't think anyone should
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wait. the get yourself ready now. good news is this morning if we're just talking about thursday morning, right now things are looking good. this is i-95 taillights months in the north bound direction. this is at the airport. so for southbound travelers this is what we're seeing the bulk of the volume starting to build. southbound right now in the so much the northbound direction around the airport but it is southbound. that is i-95 where we are building and we're looking more north, i-95 south the at cottman that is looking g right here at the airport looking nice and steady and building ever so slightly southbound, schuylkill. taillights in the eastbound direction. this is at conshohocken curve an area, we saw heat up yesterday. looking good. right the now westbound no problems just yet. we will see that course change on the thursday morning for sure. volume, looking good, opened, no overnight construction to tell you about. the westbound looking good. eastbound, this is where i have my eye, eastbound, starting to build, more and faster in the westbound side. that is not what we saw
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yesterday. so, moving on, emergency construction for those in and around this area. 295 southbound route 168 to route 42 the the right lane is block, again as emergency construction. for those in area make note of that, erika, back over to you. we have been gearing up for that first major winter storm of the season. "eyewitness news" found some road crews outlining the road overnight, the the prep work is expected to continue throughout the day-to-day. and while most of us worry about, being buried under the know people at the shore are more concerned about the threat of coastal flooding. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from ocean city preparations they have made there and already snow on the boardwalk, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that is right, quite a few areas in south jersey will wake up to snow this morning. we found quite a few spots on the atlantic city expressway making our way to ocean city and take a look the the at boardwalk. what a pretty dusting of snow after a weak system moved through this area now nj dot
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is ready for whatever comes next. the department has 450 trucks to plow snow and spread salt. they have power to call in 2300 contractors, as well, and ny dot also has added to its application fleet this season and increased its salt and brine storage capacity. preparations are underway in south jersey, snow is one concern but big concern along the shore as well is coastal flooding. take a look at this video. this is what crews are doing at shore points in north jersey. bulldozers are busy building bermness bellmawr and bradley beach this will play a big role in the defense of coastal flooding on saturday. leaders there say they learned a lesson during super storm sandy. they have require the the necessary equipment to fend off mother nature. once complete these berms will be one and a half miles long and stand eight and a half feet tall. >> we will prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> we don't take these things lightly, for sure after sandy. >> we just think being better
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prepared for the storm then anyone before it. >> reporter: shore points are getting ready, so is the entire area of south jersey. we have had quite a few snowplows already putting some salt down on the atlantic city expressway, so always a good remind ter drivers at this point just give them room to work because you'll see them outside on the roads even though we are out of the snowstorm, so just be prepared, keeping in mind they will be out there and keep an eye on the forecast. we are live from ocean city, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". peco is also on full alert, utility activating its resources hoping to avoid repeat off the record setting 2014 winter mess. at the height of the storm mourn 600,000 customers lost power. peco says there are things you can do to prepare for the storm. >> make sure you have bottled water, make sure you have new batteries in your flashlights. >> peco says you can also stay informed on any power problems by going to their web site at
5:37 am and stay with "eyewitness news" for latest developments as major winter storm heads our way. we will have the latest forecast on tv and web site at cbs right now 5:37. in business news this morning volvo is making a serious pledge. general motors is getting in the ride sharing business. henna daniels joins us from the insuring stock exchange with more on those stories and rest of the headlines, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. general motors launched a new car saving service called maeven. it will start in ann arbor, university before expand to go major metropolitan area, later this year. mavin customers can rent a car for $6 an hour through an app. there is no membership fee. world's largest retailer wal-mart is giving most of the employees a pay raise. more than 1.2 million hurley wal-mart workers in the u.s. will see a bum in their paychecks beginning
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february 20th. average full-time hourly wage will be $13.38 an hour. that is still below the $14.95 national average for hourly retail workers. volvo is promising a death proof car by 2020. they are pledge nothing one will be kill or seriously injured in the new role ohio car or suv by creating a self driving car that will include technology like lane assist collision, avoidance, and pedestrian detection. one of their models the volvo xc90 has had no u.s. fatalities in at least four years. sweet news if you are shopping for snacks, cinnamon bun flavored oreos have officially hit the market. the choice on the classic is cinnamon cook which a cream icing flavored filling. so far reviews on line seem to be good. one reviewer says it taste like a cinnamon bun, but crunchy. >> that sound delicious.
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>> i can't wait to try it. i will try this immediately. >> do some research for us. thanks very much. 5:39. the atlantic city council will hold an emergency meet to go consider asking new jersey's permanent to file for bankruptcy. two days ago governor chris christie vetoed an aid package that blew a 33 and a half million-dollar hole in the cities budget. the christie spokesmen says the governor vetoed the aid because city has failed to get its finances in order. michigan's governor want president obama to reconsidering his federal disaster area in flynt. the governor said he will do whatever to do to end the crisis over lead contaminated water. adrian diaz is in flynt where authorities stepped up fresh water. >> is the water in flynt safe today. >> we don't want to consider it safe, scott. >> reporter: michigan governor rick snyder admitted to cbs news scott pelley that flynt's contaminated water situation
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got away from his state agency charged with oversight. >> they were too technical, they followed literally the the rules. they didn't use common sense. >> reporter: snyder released e-mails that revealed he was aware about complaints of water quality from flynt residents dating back as far as last february. eight months later flynt switched back to the detroit's water system but damage to the pipes was done. >> what is unexplainable and not excusable is once people figured out that there was a problem there and there was lead in the water the notion that medicinally families weren't notified. >> reporter: cases of bottled water are pouring into this warehouse and new there are enough supplies, and people, to get the the water, to the doorsteps of the cities 100,000 residents. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: abby got her first delivery on wednesday. >> it is not really a time to point a finger at blame to one person at blame. >> reporter: they took a sample of her tap water for
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lead testing wednesday but she won't see results for weeks. >> we need to know immediately what is in our home. >> reporter: president obama pledged five million-dollar in emergency assistance, but governor snyder and flynt's mayor are appealing for more. adrian diaz for cbs news, flynt, michigan. prosecutors say bill cosby is seeking special treatment by trying to have his sex assault charges thrown out of court even before the the first evidence hearing. montgomery county district attorney kevin steele says he can prove cosby drugged and maine less ted a a woman in his shelf even ham home in 20 on 46789 he cited new evidence from cosby's deposition in the civil lawsuit. a common pleas judge scheduled a hearing for february 2nd. coming up this morning talk about keeping your head in the game, yes, you have to see the unusual way a baskets ball player is shot. also a discovery of a new planet that was just discovered in our solar system. and bad news for star wars
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fans the next movie in the franchise has been delayed, why it was just pushed back to 2017. blank. >> ♪ big news for adele fans, who just when she will be performing at grammys next movement we will let you know what other artists have been just announced. we will be right back.
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new eagles coach doug pederson has hired 15 coaches for his staff, including former eagle greg lewis and wide receivers coach. former chargers coordinator frank reich is the teams new offensive coordinator. lebanon county native quarterbacked the bills to the biggest come back in nfl history overcoming a 32-point deficit to beat oilers in the 92 playoffs. speaking of the buffalo bills they are making a different kind of history this year, head coach rex ryan has hired catherine smith as special teams quality control coach. smith is first full-time female coach in nfl history. well done. it looks like an alabama high school basketball team forgot what sport they were playing they had to use a soccer play to score a basket. the city was posted to twitter by ashland van diver whose boyfriend, watch right there, number 83, he scored a basket
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off his face, right in there. in word if he is also a soccer player but you can imagine the soccer coach, check this out too. here's something that has big news potential a possible new planet. researchers at the california institute of technology, say they have evidence that a giant planet is orbiting billions of miles beyond neptune this new planet has a highly creative name can you guess, planet nine, yeah, and, researchers say for last 13 years handful of objects have been found by other astronomers and they all go in the same direction. >> that cannot happen by chance. we knew something was going on. this is a little bit smaller than neptune. so it is between earth and neptune. >> with the theory now out there researchers are hoping that someone can locate that planet using a deep space telescope and hopefully a better name. with snow on the way we thought we would give you some ideas what to do with it this
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weekend. some think about the the snow brings out artist in appleton wisconsin. check out that yoda on the front lawn. also a neighbor made a snow horse, impressive. another used food coloring to make a blue and green dag on. if you do something like this snap a picture and post it with the hashtag cbs-3 snow. the we want to to see your creative creations, because people have work, school this weekend, time to make beautiful sculptures. >> i have a feeling we will see a lot of snow men, snow angels that we get into that hashtag cbs-3 snow. we love to see them. how are you even eyeing this storm. not everyone is looking forward to it. but with that said the timing could be so much worse. now kids i don't think you'll get a snow day. it doesn't look like it will pan out that way for you unfortunately but you'll have ample time and know to play in. lets get out to the eyewitness weather watcher network and take a quick peak at the area temperatures. we're in the the 20's around the area. twenty-one from eileen in
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gilbertsville. out liars from peter in lawrenceville at 28. twenty-two coming in from fran in nottingham, chester county. lynn is in cherry hill. you get the idea. we are talking mid up toker 20's. regional wide. let's talk about some snow, shall we? all right. checking on it first and foremost we have a nice wide zoom on storm scan. as you look across plain states, this is just the beginning, folks. the this is a large system starting to get its act together. you can see count are clockwise location with the precipitation that is currently falling but eventually this will not just blossom with moisture but gather some strength and intensity and then get cut off from the main flow and drift in and stick around, basically for a 24 hour time frame. notice your time stamp, this is tomorrow at 9:00 p.m., so the the timing has been since shifted later which means you're going to get through bet are part of the evening rush without a hitch here. you won't even see any snow until later that night. well after the the sun has gone down but leading edge moving into southern new jersey and delaware at that point, and then we will get to
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say 11:00 a.m. saturday. that whole time it was still snowing over spreading the region. there may be a cut off point where mixing takes place and down near shore towns there might be a break along the way but we will see rain build in here. regardless though we expect to see substantial snow out of this i want to quickry show you expectations here for philadelphia, and vicinity of i-95, a general 12 to 16 inches is our current expectations and that is all getting out of here by sun take with lots of clean up to do, meisha. >> yes, crews will be busy, in doubt about that but if there was ever a good time to have a snowstorm, it would be over a week even. and it sound like, my morning commuters, you are going to be safe, i'm so happen bye that. use your best descretion always but roadways looking good on this thursday. it sound like we will have some sun. we will begin with that sun glare, moving in the eastbound direction as we were yesterday. now this is where maintenance crews were removing ice from underneath the bridge. this is i-95 south at the vine all lanes were temporarily
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blocked for a while this was my backup cameras looking good, but you can see residual effect, 95 south, approaching the the vine, and detours, and, taking this stretch on the vine and i-95. you are good to go. they are no longer there. it is getting better then what we saw just ten minutes ago. this is an overview, bird's eye view of the vine at i-95. love this shot for those moving 95, trying to get out of the vine but looking good there. things have looked g emergency construction 295 southbound route 168 to route 42, right lane block. over to you. before the snowfalls for the night, philadelphia police are issuing a friendly reminder, you cannot save parking spots, for the storm. >> you need to call us on your cell phone, late night when you need that home
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you know, it is good effort there no saving spots. they posted that hot line bling on the facebook page to make sure people get message out about saving spots. if youe somebody's cone or a lawn chair out there, trying to save a spot, just call police and let them know the location. well, adele is not nominated for any grammys but that does not mean you will in the see her at the award show next month. the the academy announced that yesterday that ten time grammy winner will perform during the show. other performers include kendrick lemar and weekend. the in case are wondering, why she's not nominated, adele is not eligible to be nominated for her hit album 25 until next year but great the to see
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her perform. don't forget cbs three is only place to watch grammys on february 15th, coverage begins with the live red carpet special at 7:00. live those red carpets. the performances start at eight. >> there is a disturbance in the force, star wars fans will to have wait a little longer for follow-up to the force awakens. disney has moved release days of episode eight from may to december of 2017. there is in official reason for that postponement, the force awakens opened last month breaking several box office records, disney, of course, hoping to repeat that great success. still ahead this morning a local community is finding a new way to fight gun violence. new they are turning those weapons into useful tools. we will she you why. are you in a market for a gently used car, how you can own a piece of history from the pope's visit to philadelphia. that and more when we come right back.
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unique way to promote peace in philadelphia, by turning guns into garden tools. donated firearms are being melted down in a furnace at the university of pennsylvania. then a black smith with the violence prevention
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organization, raw tools he uses a hammer to transform a firearm into garden tools. he says he sees them as useful, symbols of change. >> this one is almost finish, it could be a garden tool that you can use to cultivate, little handle here, so you can have a handle will tool thaw can use for weeding, or planting. >> the demonstration was all part of the program to celebrate the life of doctor martin luther king, junior. hey, for sale, a compact european car only one owner, pope francis who kept it immaculate. former fiat 500l used during the pontiff's visit to philadelphia will be auctioned off during philadelphia auto show black tie tailgate on the 29th. another car will be on display. all money raised will go to the philadelphia archdiocese charities. >> the decision was made by archdiocese that the fiat in pope fran cyst model should be used for good in our
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community. >> auto show is saturday january 30th until sunday february 7th. we will be right back.
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good morning, right now, a major winter storm is about to
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be 36 hours out but it is time to treat those roads. this is live, with preparations already underway this morning. a few weeks ago hardware stores were selling plant. now it is all moved to salt and shovels. i'm greg argos in fairmount with the preps for this weekend's big storm. and you can call it the pregame snow down at the shore, waking up to snow on the ground like the boardwalk right there but that is nothing compared to what we are expecting this weekend. winter is here. it is thursday, january 21st i'm erika von tiehl. it looks like we cannot dodge this one, as we have dodge other systems so far, it is a coming, ladies good morning. >> like it or not. but i'm so happy for our commuters, morning commuters, evening commuters because they will miss it, it sound like, katie. so is that true. >> yes, i would say a at this point timing would peg only to begin to arrive after the typical p.m. rush hour on a friday which is


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