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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 23, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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and i am actually going to take you bit further north. to up 23 degrees that came into us from frank, just finding snow falling at rapid pace here at the moment, he is a got 10-inch observation, but he said 10 inches, give or take of that snow is his best guess. because so much drifting going on out there. he's actually got drift welcome back everyone. anything from nothing, all the we're waking to up a winter way to up 28 inches. whallop. live look at storm scan3 shows so that is what you will the huge storm impacting much likely be coming across here, all again, because of so much of the northeast. most of the region is under a blizzard warning. >> and, this is a live look in winds going to one more here center city from our cbs-3 locally, take a look at some studios, much of the skyline of the area lists, 23 degrees, of course hidden behind a the temperature coming in from curtain of thick white snow jewel y actually up in out there. allentown, actually expecting at this point, perhaps, over >> also, no break for first achieving storm system. responders, this is live look so we have since sort of moved our darker shade of blue on at a house fire in brigantine, new jersey, where the burning our map to inch include maybe embers are mixing with falling 18 to 24-inch swat for that snow this morning. so. looking at some of the >> today is saturday, pictures coming into us. january 23rd, good morning to getting fantastic pictures you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. from you the weather watchers also through our cbs-3 snow >> i'm jim donovan. we are continuing our eye on the storm coverage of our hashtag. so, make sure that you sends first major winter storm. those into us, if you are a part of the network you can >> yep, first one of the season. sign up. keep that in mind.
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and it is coming down out also, make sure you sends them there, that's for sure. we do have a team of in on twitter. we would love to see them. reporters, fanned out across or facebook or stain gram for the region for you. >> there are also many that mother. around the region, nottingham community concellations, see them at the bottom of the snow that fran sent in. screen. a lot of drift interesting. first the latest on the lynn springer, belief she said conditions, katie is in the she thinks she has anywhere weather center, justin, kate, between eight to 13 inches, all based on drifting. excuse me, kate, now, moving not really easy to tell. people, things are moving here and out in chestnut hill, folks. >> kate by low is here. where phil resides in the >> justin on the skydeck, but philly area you can barely first let's go to meisha who make it through this road is keeping an eye on the right now. roads. >> and i think we will get to just so packed meisha in a moment. quick look, guys, good to see this morning, everybody out and about, we are seeing some serious snowfall out on the area roadways right now. in fact, just arriving in from the hotel about an hour ago, the drift even if philadelphia, just insane to look at. snow totals, and won't stop and we're measuring almost a any time soon. foot on the cbs-3 skydeck at right, kate? >> that's right, katie, not moving out any time soon. >> this storm is here to stay the moment. for the long-term. let's take a look at storm we have heavy snow across the area right now, heaviest back scan3, again, you can see, to the west, as you can see, right here, dark purple shading over portions of we've got heavy snow just maryland, into central pennsylvania, and this storm blanketing the entire area. again is pivoting, and you can expect all of this here to move through our area before and it is really coming down this is all said and done. specially north and west right now. and some of the heaviest snow so we've actually tweaked our still has yet to come down. snow map just little bit. we do expect through about at moved the 18 to 24, as katie least 3:00 p.m. or so, that we allude dollars to earlier up expect heavy snow band can be toward the lehigh valley. moving through the area. we do think you will get the but then it should start it
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18 to 24, as well. lighten up, still at least see the dry slot develop about light snow possibly up until around midnight. an hour ago, it is filling in so again, looking at some dry on the back edge now, but you will get a break-in some slot action here. let's go back to this storm spots. so right now in south jersey, scan3 picture, if my computer salem, cumberland county will let me here. little lull in the action. zoom n you can see things have that's filling back n notice eased up, just out on the it is raining like crazy down in southern delaware, sussex skydeck, not snowing super heavily in philadelphia at the county, toward rehoboth beach. moment. you may be seeing things heavy snow all the way back lightening up a little bit. is it over. into lancaster. it is not over. back toward harrisburg, as again you can see the shield well. and this is far from over. of snow to the back edge. all going to fill in, very we're going to be dealing with this, again, all day long. come on to get areas of rising the worse of the conditions and singing air as the storm into mid-afternoon, then strengthens offer the coast, gradually, gradually, tapering and dry slot is something that off later this evening and develops off into these type tonight. snow amounts again 18 to 24 inches, that's general swat of storms. across the region including our north and west suburbs, 12 to 18 right up toward the poconos, again, talking about 2 feet of snow, and not only keeps throwing moisture back toward the coast. again, you can see, heavy snow 2 feet of snow, when you take here in our western suburbs at 2 feet of snow and you pick it 3:00. up with a 50-mile per hour then, it starts to lighten up wind gust and toss it around, just little bit. you will be getting drift of still snowing at 8:00 p.m. finally starts to move out by three, 4 feet, if it drift up about midnight. again our latest snow totals, against your doorway, it will philadelphia airport, be very hard to get out in 13 inches of snow. king of prussia at 11.6. some spots. upper darby at 11.5. and marshall ton at 10 inches.
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snow ability, king of prussia the winger 11.6 inches, upper and allentown now up to 9.4, and again, we expect possibly darby 11.5, shy after foot. another six-12, on top of marshall ton at 10 inches these numbers, so we will right now, singing springs, continue to bring you updates 9.2, in new jersey wildwood as they become available. right now we check in on how the roads are faring with all crest, sore bye my overlapping of this snow, meisha? text, wildwood crest bat foot >> kate, keeps coming down, of snow, mt. holly seven and a and it is literally problem after problem after problem. half, ac seek on 6 inches, if you can stay at home in the port pen at 11.1, and new comforts of your warm home, do so. because this is what we are castle, 10.1. looking at. this is live view from the roads actually in new jersey. seeing strong wind so far in philadelphia, 3.9 inches, that a jackknife tractor-trailer, measurement by the way six hours old. route 73 northbound, the ramp so once they come in with the to route 30, let me kind of new measurement for us then we way back out of the way so you will see what's happening in can see this, you can see, oh, philadelphia and again, still under a blizzard warning, the crews are onset trying to winter storm warnings all get in out of the way. but the problem is, it is so across the eastern seaboard, and this storm is far from slippery out there, that even when we get this in the roadways, trying to get it cleared out, five minute later over. key will keep you updated, and another one just right around of course the fire down the here, tapping on their brakes, trying to avoid this area, shore, we will check that on the next hit. gets into another problem. how the roads are shaping up, so that's kind of the routine good morning, meisha. we're seeing this morning, now, going to another camera, i'll show you this, another >> yes, the roads are not area where we have some looking good. saying this all week leading problems, 202 north and south to up this, don't go out on at west chester pike, it looks
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the roadways, that's the theme for today. like southbound direction snow still coming down. since cleared. what's happening when the snow seeing the plows go by now. come down, on the vehicles now, a loft you are waking up, not that the plows are going to do much right now, because the snow just keeps oncoming, out on the roadways, once you we also have this casino every drive over it it gets sitting in the middle of the compacted. once it gets compacted it road. the thing is in the roads right now you can't see the turns into ice. very, very slippery out there. dividers. disable tractor-trailer too many, too much snow out there anyway. so even if you have a disable westbound vine at the ben franklin parkway. you can see it pulled all the vehicle, just kind of hanging out in the middle of the road, way off. not a big deal in terms of it is unavoidable at this traffic on a saturday morning, point right now. but if you can't stop, guess spring house, 309 north bounce what happens? north towns road, abandon and there is no traction out vehicle, you can see he is not there right now. going anywhere. disable vehicle, 202 southbound past chesterbrook boulevard, another disable taxi was right here. that's since been cleared at broad and spring garden. disabled tractor-trailer city but as you can see, this is avenue at presidential kind of a good shop of just how much snow is out there. boulevard. jumper cakes out, people you can see the pavement, trying to get everyone moved out of the roads. black ice right there for you, it is a mess. it is litter lay mess out and also see the camera moving there right now. around. that's letting you know that so, all right, we toss to we are also dealing with the justin real quick in mobile winds still which by the way three. justin, i can tell you, we when you get to up about 35, were just taking live look at the roads right now. 40, 45 miles per hour, and you have wind gusts like that it and it is accident after can really move your car accident. so what are you seeing out around. then back to black ice. back to no traction. there? just makes a mess. >> yes. you know, aim not surprised, meisha.
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just stay off the roads. accidented route 30 eastbound out here in south philadelphia right now, columbus boulevard, past route 100, what we go to right here. you can see not causing too where we are seeing cars stuck many slow downs, not seek a here, people are digging out, they come make the turn, they loft red. run into some of the snow also disable vehicle new plows from the plows. and they get stuck. jersey turnpike northbound that's the storiment then you before i195 the right lane is got the winds to deal with. blocked. we had bit after break here. and another disable, 295 and actually looks like the north, before route 30, that sun was coming out for little right lane block again. disable after disable, very bit. now it clouded over again, wind really blowing, again, slick conditions out there. you can see columbus boulevard avoid it if you can. jim and nicole, back to you. here, certainly, snow covered. plows are trying to come >> thanks, very much, meisha a through. looks like we have some stuck we will have more from you in just a little while. cars up ahead right here. in the meantime, our continuing coverage we go here actually. no, we will turn on 95. in philadelphia. we will look outside what's so just out of our picture, happening out there with our but several vehicles on own cherri gregg. columbus, just out of our view we understand it is getting pretty dangerous out there. here. that are stuck here, people have you seen any slick spots, outside, digging, so, actually people slipping and sliding on the roadways? we will take you onto 95. >> you just missed it. we have enough time here. we just had one person again, this is the onramp literally step-off the curb coming out of south philly. and slip a little bit here. again temperature right now, it is very slippery. below freezing, and you can let me tell you, the snow sort see, just of let up for about ten minutes. and but it is to has pick up again. and it gave the folks here, who were clearing the path,
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they were doing a lot of shoveling. a chance to actually see their work in progress. they use shovels first, and they put down salt, now they have this lowering tron i can brush, to clear this path. and lay it out so folks can a lot of side streets, walk without slipping and obviously, plowed shut. or they're drifted shut from sliding. but pretty cold. this wind. so again, main concern here, so, i'm nervous that this area just stay off the roads. you know, some vehicles stuck already. is going to freeze up. a lot of foot traffic on the roads as well, so be careful and turn into a little ice of people walking. ton ramps snow covered. that's the latest back into skating rink. but, take a lock at the you guys. >> justin, thank you so much. street, as you can see, on >> we are sticking with you to keep you informed on this neice side street, here, the blizzard of 2016. still to come this morning. >> we will have urge in new jersey governor chris christie as he declares a state of snow is really really thick. it is a lot thicker than it is on broad street where we've had plows pass by this area, half dozen times so far. and you mention snow drift. i mean, i'm five-11, okay? you know my whole leg is getting covered with the snow emergency. and the storm really thumbing drift. at least two and a half feet the state high here. that's because the plows have been coming down, pushing that snow here, cars, push be the snow here, making driving extremely treacherous, i spoke with a motorist timmendequas, he'll tell you what it was
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like driving this stretch of broad street in center city. >> oh, this is little slippery and little rough out that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: >> take your time and drive slow. pretty nasty out here. >> and you have suv. (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth >> maneuvering across the remembering... street, walking slowly, gingerly, how are you doing? that icing the cinnamon rolls folks, because look at these piles, every time you take a is a privilege not a right. step, your foot disappears within the snow. so pretty cold, if you don't unleash the power of dough. have -- i have toasty toast in give it a pop. my boots. so it keeps my toast pretty warm. i've got hot hands in the gloves to keep it warm.
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that's what you need if you have to come out here. otherwise stay home, have some oatmeal, watch us on television. because it is pretty treacherous, dangerous, as the winds pick up. live in center city, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" "eyewitness news". >> before you interviewed the bartender heading home, laughing about him wearing the shorts, debra on twitter has told me that bartenders wear shorts because the coolers and the equipment behind the bar make it very hot back there. >> who knew? >> you learn all of these things watching us during blizzard coverage. >> fun fact. >> who knew? >> snow stiletto's, not trying to look cute out there. >> of course, the snow piling up in delaware, under a state of emergency. >> we're seeing this all morning long, stay home folks. "eyewitness news" reporter justin fin in downtown wilmington with the latest. justin, it looks a little
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better. am i missing something here? doesn't look like you're being pelted at much? >> reporter: i think you're being deceived. the sun is rising, minimizing the severity of the little ice dag that's are hitting us in the face out here in downtown wilmington. >> welcome back. as you can see, there is work going on behind me. we are covering the first big we're right off market street, snowstorm of the season. of course, we're encouraging here at downtown wilmington. to you use the #cbs3 snow. crews are moving the snow from you can see there, on our the sidewalk here, i'm not screen, getting quite a few of sure if it is best to put it in the street. your photos into us. but that's where it is going for now, it appears, we came sends them on facebook, on twitter, on instagram. down, to downtown wilmington, from 202, southbound, very whatever you have on social clear going down 202. media. we'll bring it to you. thereon 13th and lombard very minimal problems doing streets, you can see, i think that. that's some kind of damaged however, it was still treacherous in part. siding actually? we can tell you that here in wow it, looks like some damage due to the snow. the city so, we are tracking it all for you via our eyewitness cam. we will continue to do that as we move throughout the morning. if we come back in here to our studio, you can see, we've got quite the err ray using #cbs3 snow which i'm told is actually trending.
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you guys are using it. this one coming to us, you can purple is in place. that means, many houses of worship may be able to operate see, snow covered car here, a as warming sensors for those who are in need of that service. we do know there are patches lot of snow piling up there of power outages throughout the wilmington area, crews are working to repair those for along the street. who need that power restored, let's check this out. rather. but i have to tell you, that wow. that's actually somebody we've seen a transition in the precipitation in this area. it was snow. it was not so bad earlier. opened their door, and you can it is now more after ice. see the snow drift now created it is painful. the winds will throw it right toward you. and this is the casino of an imprint off that door. thing that makes this snow out so, people are just seeing a here that was once fluffy, and lot of big snow totals out there this morning. this one, from david bryce, my almost nice experience, into wake up in west chester, pa. you can see, visibility pretty something much more dangerous. these are also the conditions poor. and again, a lot of snow covered street, know covered homes here this morning, we are finding cars along the travel route stuck in. summer gal. they are thinking perhaps they oh, summer gal, just bridges back memories of warmer times. can maneuver their way through this, and they are almost going through solid areas of she says back deck in ice. as you can see, the winds is moorestown. wow that looks to be what kicking up here in this area. about a foot and a half? we've had very tough time i'm no meteorologist, we'll trying to out width and out get, act totals, at least run this wind. but it find you at every turn. what's coming in from our summer gallon twitter from -- it is traveling through these buildings, sending chills through us, but the clean up another from jake, northeast, here is underway in i think this may be from a wilmington, but as the snow is window, from his vantage coming down, you wonder for point, but you can see the how much longer these areas snow piling up there. and creating quite a snow
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drift out there this morning. will remain clear, plows circling the entire state, jay tweeting us kind of hard more than 300 plows work to go to tell, again, when these get the roads clear. not just for today but for the things are snow covered, hard days to come. to even see what's happening jim, nicole, back over to you. out there. but we do want to see what's >> all right, justin, thanks happening outside your window specially from the comfort of so. we know it is brutal out your home, dom for the of the there. couch definitely the best way you are doing a great job. to get through the snowstorm. >> ice daggers, that's a new tweet us, facebook us, one. >> that's a visual for you, instagram us, using #cbs3 right? still to come this morning, working on getting some information from every corner of the region, we know we're getting hit pretty much from snow. jim? all angles here, checking in >> snow emergency in effect in with atlantic it i power philadelphia. vehicles parked on snow company getting word every emergency routes are being thousands every outages, as towed right now, city this storm continues to pile officials say, 66 vehicles up. >> and our cbs-3 weather were re-located from snow emergency route overnight. teamwork g those storm models to get the latest on the track but these drivers aren't so of the blizzard, our eye on lucky. they've parked on broad street the storm coverage continues, in south philadelphia. it is saturday, stay home, to get their car back, will enjoy the family, we will be cost $125. right back. if your car was towed, contact >> justin, putting on a coat. the city of philadelphia's oh, oh. snow emergency hotline. must be serious. the number: 215686-snow. >> he is the real >> and here is a look at barnegat ocean county really coming down at pretty good clip. local state of emergency
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declared there, as well as mandatory evacuation for some of the residents, again, due to the coastal flooding that's going to be very big issue down the shore. >> right now though the great white way is extra white. covered in layer of snow. >> you hardly ever see things like this in times square. it is quiet. new york silt is he being hilt by the same storm that we r the bright lights and signs are about the only thing reflecting off of the shiny white snow. >> and then to the south of us, national mall is blanketed in a thick layer every snow second time in days, being hit by measurable snowfall. >> further south in kentucky around 3,000 drivers, series of accident completely halted traffic there. red cross still aiding about 75 motorists trapped on the highway provide g food and water. kentucky is expected to get 2 feet or more in this storm system. so a lot of snow will be falling down. but, a tennessee couple not letting this winter weather
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get them down. also not letting it put a dam perron their plans. >> they've braved the elements, to say, i do. >> john you may kiss your bride. >> jessica read, and john pile, got married yesterday on the nashville pedestrian bridge despite the 5 inches of snow that fell, and that big fur coat to keep jessica warm, well the couple actually took to facebook to find one, got that one that was originally a wedding gift from the 1920's. >> it was crazy, but also just awesome that a community comes together. >> love always wins. >> the couple met one year ago. they new friday was the day they wanted to get married. so no postponing for winter weather. >> i guess that's one way to cut back on the guest list, right? how do i weed out the people, just is have it in the middle of a snowstorm. >> and very nice coat she was wearing there. and people keep on asking, i am not wearing two jackets. this is a -- >> not that cold in the studio. >> it is a little shell that kind of sips on to the thing.
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>> i like it, i feel like we're in ski lodge. >> the fashion police have been up since 6:00 a.m. like i never had this most attention from my clothing before. >> i like it, good look for you. had i known i would have worn my winter green, little plaid going on. >> we could do the newscast >> we want you to show us to show you where you lived. what's happening outside your with a scottish accent. window, snow photos on i'm ready for fox hunting, facebook, twitter, instagram, indeed. >> it is a snow day, anything again use the #cbs3 snow. can happen. >> now a look autoharp the you could see your pictures lehigh valley is doing, this right here on cbs-3 is live picture from the hotel "eyewitness news". bethlehem where the snow is meanwhile, live picture falling. from mobile three on the scene of a fire in brigantine. the fire is at a condominium complex on brigantine boulevard. freezing conditions, snow, making it tough for firefighters get an upper hand. we are told no one allowed on and off brigantine island. we'll keep you up-to-date as soon as we learn more about this fire. >> such poor timing on that fire with the winds. >> what a mess. this storm that's dumped inch of snow on the region has also knocked ought power to many south jersey customers. >> yes, on phone with us right
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now, lydell jones, regional we are tracking this storm for you, the first snow of the communications director for atlantic city electric. season. the blizzard of 2016. in full force. good morning to you. the roads are a mess. and we've got our cbs-3 mobile weather lab out and about. >> do you know how many custom cars are strand all over the verse lost power? place. so again, if you don't have to >> yes, seeing outages be out on the roads today, it scattered throughout our entire service area, the is a good time to stay at heaviest concentration cape home. >> and get a look at this. may county where we have just this is a view of the storm under 20,000 people without power right now. from space, astronaut scott kelly tweeted this incredible >> oh, that's a big number. are you getting any assistance picture earlier. from any other power companies send us your out of the world right now? shots. using the #cbs3 snow. >> at the moment, we are not. but they are en route to help >> you're out of the world us, so we are expecting them shot. with a out of this world to come in at some point this hashtag. #cbs3 snow. sends them us to, we'll put morning. >> any idea, is this a them on television. today is saturday, january 23rd, good morning to generator-related, downed wires, have any idea what's you, thanks for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. causing the outage at this >> i'm jim donovan. point? i know it is pretty early. in is special eye on the storm coverage of first major winter >> well, at this point, we storm. we have team of reporters, have one of our substations in fanned out all across the cape may county that's been region. >> they've really got the brunt of the task here this knocked out, what's causing the outages there.
7:16 am
>> we know of course with the morning. snow piling up on wires, power lines, it is probably going to only get worse from here on out. who should people call if they >> katie on the skydeck, do lose power, because of meisha keeping an eye on the roads. course, you know, the lights >> let's start with kate, talk go off, and you think who can more about this storm. help me, who should they call? so far, how are we doing in terms every totals, kate? >> in terms of totals, storm >> they should call our progressing pretty much as customer care number and/or expected. very heavy snow has fallen all they can call their county across the area, seeing and the coming in over a foot of snow in the city and in the office, or if their cell phones are working go right to suburbs we still have long day our mobile app atlantic city of snow to get through. what's happening weather wise electric. outside, storm scan3, again, com/mobile app. you can see, we've got heavy they can call to report snow off to the west, especially, right now, but outages at one-800-833-7476. notice this is starting to fill in for us. the dry slot that's set up over portions of south jersey, >> so at this point there are delaware, into philadelphia, 20,000 customers in cape may now starting to fill back in. and we've still got a lot more county. anything else other than that snow to go. i know it is tempting to go particular area? outside, see it is winding >> yes. as i said in the beginning, we down think my gosh; this is the end of it? are seeing scattered outages it is not the end of it. let's talk little what a dry throughout our entire service area, ocean county, we have slot is. make this big major storm
7:17 am
moving up the coast, cool air filling into the storm from about 9,000 people out. the northeast. atlantic county we have about warm air flooding into the 5,000. storm from the south and west. all of the other areas are now that warm air will overrun minimal numbers. >> all right, and that is your colder air, and that process within the storm causes a lot of dynamics. singing and rising air within atlantic city electric, we a storm. just spoke with len den jones, thank you, we will chill back when up see dry slot, center with you. >> thank you, bye bye. of the low, what we are >> now we want to send it over seeing, sent of of the low off the coast of new jersey then to kate by low, tracking the you get the dry air to filter storm system, man, i mean, in. but this is filling back in. first one of the season. and the precipitation shield getting wallopped out there. >> we are, we kick it off with rotates through the area. still very heavy snow a bang, see what the rest every winter has in store for us. many spots across our area could hit our annual seasonal snowfall average in just one storm. this storm could dump over 2 feet of snow in spots specially off to the south and west, 18 to 24, still expected around the philadelphia area. you can see this storm, now, we have talked all week about in d.c. some limiting factors, one of that's still yet to come for us. those that i kept banking up so future weather, has it down for us, over the next several hours, again, still steady was sly slot. bands, here is 11:00 a.m., still snowing pretty heavily what happens when a storm is in philadelphia, continues until 3:00. me bribing -- shove after strengthening like, that pull in dry air. 3:00, 4:00 start to see things ease up little bit perhaps. you can see that's what still going to be snowing, you can see around 8:00 p.m., we have some holes in the happens happening. notch that form over south precipitation shield by midnight. jersey. it starts to move off the coast.
7:18 am
don't get too excited if you then we should be out of the woods as far as falling snow see the snow stop. this is filling back, in is concerned by tomorrow morning. do want to mention coastal notice how far to the south flooding, re-tweeted pictures on twitter feed of people just these heavy bands go, now, down near washington, d.c., showing roads underwater, down the shore, icebergs floating baltimore into northern virginia, so getting a little in the water down the shore, very nasty conditions, major lull in the becomes here in coastal flood something philadelphia right now the happening. if there is any good news, it is that we just hit high tide lightest it's been. about an hour to half hour ago in delaware filling back in at the moment, heavy snow kent county, heavy rain sussex as the tide starts to recede, should see some of the water county and bands of snow just start to recede into the sliding back up towards the afternoon. but we have another high tied to get to tomorrow morning. lehigh valley and poconos, the entire region at the moment that will cause another round of coastal flooding. covered by at least some form we'll have much more on the of heavy to moderate snow. storm, updated snow totals in the only break in the action a bit. right about here. meisha, a things look pretty so if you want to get outside, nasty out there on the roads? in south jersey, salem, >> yes, they have all morning long, starting i would say cumberland counties and you want to sweep off the right when even when i was leaving, around 3:00 in the driveway, shovel out, your first half perhaps now is your morning, things were not looking good, and it is just time toll do it. >> i don't know that you are going to get that break up progressed, ever since then. through the north and west you can serbs, because this will tractor ill contrary here, schuylkill eastbound continue through the entirety approaching the blue route, of the day. you can see, we've got the in fact, future weather has crews on site. that for us, we take it got the flashing light, the through it here, going toward good news is you're not seeing a loft volume out there. not seeing a loft vehicles. 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., notice still heavy snow wrapping in, a lot of people heating the may start to turn colder even warnings, and staying at home, down the shore, so heavy bands that's good, because once you will impact coastal new get out there, it is usually jersey, still, snowing heavily
7:19 am
in the north and west suburbs, look at this band, wrap around, what we call deformation zone on the back edge of the storm at 2:00 p.m., snowing like crazy, in philadelphia, and the nearby suburbs, finally we start to see things lighten up a little bit by 7:00. vehicle or an accident. of some sort or you're stuck somewhere. but it is not until around no traction out there. another disable midnight that this storm tractor-trailer here very close, blue route, at the finally starts to push out and schuylkill. you can see, another vehicle, kind of off into the ditch. and a lot of these ones off in the ditches, are crews are so busy helping everyone around loosen it grip little bitment just got this issuement in the area, that it is going to be a while. from the philadelphia office of emergency manage. and to that end, stay in your , measured total of vehicles, in you do get caught up in a situation like, that 14.9 inches, in philadelphia. save nerve your vehicle than you are outside of it. ben franklin, view from 15 inches every snow. camden, you can see, the we've still got hours of snow to go. visibility, look at that. expected under six to 12 on no visibility, very, very top whatever you see already. it is 24 right now in little, a live view from the philadelphia, so that means, road, 73 north, approaching 29, a you can see, the slick light fluffy snow. notice how the slightly milder conditions. and you can actually see kind temperatures starting to work their way into south jersey of fishtail of the back end of and delaware. other vehicles in front of where tell raps right about near freezing, that's going to give you the higher ratios, you. there is no grip. overall theme, i am hoping lower ratios, i should say, ten to one ratios here, so people are hearing the warning and staying at home all starting to turn into more of morning, and frankly, all day the heavy packing type snow versus light fluffy snow. once again, i know this is what everyone is concerned long. becomes 18 to 24 inches, our >> update, firefighters seem prediction for the greater to to get an upper hand at majority of the area.
7:20 am
with that dry slot, with the mixing, it is a little lower brigantine condo complex, toward the coast, higher back erupt bad 5:00 this morning, to the south and west where tore through three units on the bands just keep wrapping brigantine boulevard, around. so, all day today, heavy snow, firefighters faced heavy fire, strong wind, tonight the snow high winds, and freezing will taper in the late evening hours, it will still be windy and blowing and drifting snow temperatures no report of any injuries. will impact your sunday but we will keep you morning, as well. up-to-date as we learn more thanks to again all of that snow on the ground. when you are talking again about 2 feet of snow it, will drift to three, 4 feet. details. new jersey under state of emergency this morning. so things will be impassable >> couple of hours chris christie will be holding a in areas specially on back briefing. the governor actually on the roads, and in fact, our own phone with us right now as we speak. skydeck is dealing with governor, good morning to you. blowing and drifting at the thanks for being with us. what is your biggest concern moment. we send it out to meteorologist, katie fehlinger out there, katie, what's it this morning? >> biggest concerns really are like outside? >> definitely coal. definitely one of those two fold. first keep people off the situations you mention, kate, roadment make sure they don't where you see not just blowing go out there. and drifting snow but the right now do get pretty good visibility just gets so job of keeping up with snow. greatly reduced because of that. so, that is something that we two, 3 inches an hour falling, are concerned about here. in southern new jersey while when we say blizzard, i think the road are snow covered, a lot of people heard there they're passable, for both our was blizzard watch. then turned into warning. they thought okay, that means plows and most importantly for our emergency vehicles. we are upping snow totalsment so please keep people off the granted we d but it has road. nothing to do with the actual secondly, power outages. amounts of snow, folks. because we're in late january, what you are dealing with is gets cold very quickly if you
7:21 am
high wind, visibility factors lose your power. that come into play with. so urging anybody to lose that will you need that all their power. to happen here in this call your utility company definition. winds speeds of 35 plus, and immediately. under quarter mile visibility, report it, then try to shelter plus falling, or blowing snow. with friends, family, who have it doesn't even have to actually be snowing for power. if you can't, we have county blizzard conditions t has to happen for at least throw shelters open in every county hours. now that said, looking at your in new jersey. current visibility, not so and you call your local police hot. department, they'll be able to you are under 2 miles in most help you if you need locations, heck aunt mile in assistance, in getting to the many spots as well. with that blowing and drifting taking place, so wind gusts are peaking, quite shelters. but those are the two biggest concerns at the moment. significantly already, we've >> governor, are most people seen them down near the shore taking your advice and indeed towns as high as near 50. staying off the roads from what you hear from your team at this point? and i think we're easily going >> yes, the reports we are getting from the new jersey to get new the 60s here department of transportation possibly even localized is that the roads are very, very lightly traveled right outline that's get higher than that near the shore towns. now. that's good news. so very, very windy day. we want tone courage people to continue to do that, as you that was that we have been discussing now for days on mentioned, even though there is maybe a small break in the end. as major major component to storm it, will continue through the rest of the day the storm systemment and the into the late afternoon in impact it would have on you southern new jersey, and so we because of it. don't want people to take -- current wind speeds sustain, go out there now, make some up at 40 right now in atlantic type of trip, then they get city with strong persistent on shore push also going to lead caught in worse snow later we think here to some major than maybe be stranded. don't do that. coastal flooding specially now stay in the house today.
7:22 am
keep watching the news, as that we're right around the they're doing right now. high tide time and we have and we will be getting you all some cameras down near the shore towns that are of the best and most current absolutely brutal when it information we can in partnership with all of you. comes to some of the waves crashing on shore. >> governor christie, it is 8:00 in the morning, we know our extended forecast the snow will justin to fall. thankfully starts to ease up if road conditions become more not only in terms of the actual wind, but also, and the dangerous, are you prepared to issue travel storm itself, but also the temperature. we will get you back in the 40's by the time we hit mid week. that will should help to melt away some of this snow. so that's good news there. i tell you what, meisha, that is tough in terms of travel. so how are things looking right now? >> not looking great. i can tell that you right now. they are looking busy and slow and slick. there is no traction out there. seeing disable vehicle after >> we are, but we don't think this will be necessary in this storm. listen, this is my 17th snow disable vehicle after emergency in six years as governor. we have have been through accident. let me back out of the way and this. this storm is a serious storm, show you what i am talking b but not brutally so. we are ready to deal with right now crews right here, this. we will have a lot of snow on the gown, un for lit, especially in southern new trying to pull someone who is jersey. but the fact is that our do. just outside of his vehicle it is prepared for it. and really, if we stay on top of the power outages, as best trying to shovel his way out. we can, and for that, dependent upon the utility companies, we will be okay. so i don't think there will be probably a simple turn, little a travel ban nor at the shore, do i believe, there will be bit of snow, i can probably any need for evacuation. make this, if i gas it a we will have street flooding little bit. in part of the shore, as you you cannot with this kind of compact snow, you just can't
7:23 am
get through when you try to make turns, especially going on or off to other slick ramps. so what you are looking ate rye now 202 north at the off ramp of dekalb street. see they are trying to get them out of the way. we have been watching him trying to shove his way out for quite some time now. he was unable to do so. and pot n is, too, the snow keeps coming down, 42 it, headlights eastbound direction, at route 29, expect any kind of real serious flooding. collegeville. and certainly, i have heard some mention, not on our air look at this. bullet where of comparing this the pavement that we're to super storm sandy. this is in no where near super seeing, black ice, you guys, storm sandy, in terms of it is black ice out there. flooding events per new jersey shore. so anyone who is staying that should stop saying it. ben franklin bridge, giving anyone is in south jersey, you know, please let's make you look at camden, new sure you stay inside. but don't worry about evacuations at this point if jersey, a beautiful shot here, that changes we'll let you know. >> so indeed, a lot of people very picturesque t looks you just mentioned, storm surge levels, coastal flooding, your experts are saying everything is just literally like postcard. fine. don't expect that? it just happens to be very >> listen, we expect flooding in the street, which i think you have shown over the course dangerous conditions out there. of time. ninety-five south at cottman, take a look at this, we have some early commuters out there. they are braving it out there. if you have to go out for whatever reason, just make sure you do have some sort after emergency kit. make sure you have flashlight. make sure you have shovel. make sure you have full tank every gas, maybe extra blanket, certainly your hat and gloves, very good jacket,
7:24 am
all of that, because we are but nothing like the destruction of hurricane sandy seeing a lot of people in the where there was a need for me ditches spun out on the road as you might remember, two days before sandy, i evacuated wait to go get help. the entire jersey shore. there is absolutely nothing. by the way speaking of that, >> this storm contained kates if you ever get stuck and it we need to do any type of evacuations at all. and listen, the high tide is cold and there is a happened at about 6:45, we'll have another one this evening, blizzard, stay in your and another one tomorrow vehicle, you're safer inside morning. and so we'll have to keep an eye on. that will and we will. your vehicle, pack the water but at this point we feel fairly confident it will just as well. be the kinds of street flood that you all have been showing on your air so far. disable vehicle 295 north >> thanks, governor chris tie, before route 30, right lane is real quickly we have to mention, we know you received block, and all pa highways, some criticism recent bridge people accusing you of putting you are down to 45 miles per your politics ahead of your day job. hour restrictions, and 25 on what do you say to those the bridges. folks? how balancing your campaign jim, nicole, back to you. for the white house with running the state of new jersey specially on weekend >> meisha, thank you. from the weather center to the like this? >> well, listen, i'm here. cbs-3 mobile weather lab. you know, that was always my >> cbs-3 meteorologist, justin intent. what i said to folks was, and drabick, now on the road this is no insult to your checking real time conditions. weather folks, but they don't this is live view of just how the conditions are in our always get it right. so i wanted to make a decision area. about what the storm was going justin's report is next. to look like when i got the time to look for the board games, people. most recent information. stay tuned. so, yesterday morning, at >> it is going to be a long day inside. 11:00, i had been getting we'll be right briefs for three days on there is at 11:00 yesterday morning, it became clear to me that this storm was going to hit new jersey, and it was going to be a significant snow event. once that happened, you know, i got in the car and headed back from new hampshire to new jersey.
7:25 am
i was down here last night before the first snowflake hit the ground anywhere in new jersey. and we're here. i'll be here until i think we have avenue got things under control and the storm is passed. so it was never a question. my first and most important responsibility is being governor of new jersey. and when this is under control, i can head back to new hampshire. but not until then. >> thank you so much, governor. i have to ask this question. does your family do french toast during the snowstorm? >> what do you eat when it snows? >> listen, what i think is going on right now, and i'm getting ready to go leave to tour the state, but what i smell downstairs smells like waffles. >> oh! >> you're teasing us, governor, your area teasing us. >> sorry, sorry, burr your a all women come. >> we have no access to food. >> once the storm clears all welcome. we can do waffles for you tomorrow morning. >> thank you very much, governor, christie from new jersey, thank you very much, governor. >> we're in. >> our pat gallen also a busy man shall maybe not as busy at
7:26 am
governor christie, but pretty busy on his snowstorm tour of philadelphia. >> not easy for a sport guy to miss a transition to news this time. pat's live at the mayor fair diner. see, i knew there would be food involved at frankford avenue. oh, he is outside. i thought he was inside. >> he soon will be, right, pat? >> yes. i will be walking inside shortly, because who wants to stands out here? actually, of course, very serious situation, just trying have some fun with it, but it look like it was slowing down for a time. and then it just ramped back up. we've had gusts of wind. and if you look behind our cameraman matt here, this street, side street here, fly avenue frankford, it is piling up about knee-high. so it is almost impossible to traverse these side street. whipping. mayfair diner however is open. so if you're in this area, i don't know why you wouldn't come down here, get yourself a hardy breakfast, across the
7:27 am
street if you must why not go to the soft >> we are on the benjamin franklin bridge, this will probably be drifting shut again over the next half hour, they're open as women. so we will go inside, guys, i to hour, or so. know, i don't want to rub it out here on the ben franklin in per say, because i heard nicole just says that you're having trouble getting food. but when i go in there, i've got to get my favorite. parkway. there is a guy out here taking and that's scrapple. i mean, you can't go to the mayfair dineryourself a beautiff pictures, good morning to be scrapple. so, we started in port outside if you want some shot of the snow. richmond, we are working our again, the best thing, do it way up frankford avenue. we will continue going up frankford avenue. we'll just see what's going on by foot. out here. right now it is nut. and again, that's another people are out shovel, people are trying to drive. however, it is very hazardous. thing, a lot of bikers, they so that's the latest from can't get on the sidewalks, as frankford avenue. in mayfair, i'm going inside get myself some scrapple. that will cool with you guys? they're all snow covered. >> i knew it was coming, so they're coming out in the beautiful piece of scrapple. it has your name on it, pat. thanks. >> i feel like i've turned at street. just got to be careful of least. that. >> i think so. >> pace yourself. people walking on the street soft pretzels afternoon. if you head outgoing in your >> all right, pat, thank you. vehicle. again, i don't recommend t i delaware is also under several mean i would say at least a inches of snow. foot of snow on the city. at least where we are right here t did come through with also under state of emergency. the plows, we cleared out >> justin fin of live in little bit. wilmington where he has temperature 29 degrees, in caulked to kim of people that break, we've been talking trying it dig out of the mess,
7:28 am
about, for the past hour or justin, you don't look like things are getting any better so. so this is the best it's been for you out there? all morning long. don't get used to it, though, >> jim, nicole, i dare to take these heavier snow bands will come right back, as the storm off my hood. continues to intensify. we have a bit of a lull in the but again, all is quiet here wind. i say only a bit here. in center city, almost like so far, it has been clear. ghosttown, that's good. because you want to stay off we haven't had enough else of, the road. stay indoors. sorry, much other snowfall you know, watch the storm from rather, it has been kind of your sofa, watch cbs-3. calm for now, still pretty again, 29 degrees, pretty nasty out there when the winds colon gusts of winds blowing. but you can see the work that are gust to go about 40 miles has been happening for the past few hours here, market per hour. and get -- again it should street here, clear, we have one lane open. you can see, lot of snow build increase throughout the morning. ben franklin parkway for the up here in the roadway here. most part pretty much snow covered, with the exception that was done by a combination where we are right now, of plows, as well as guys dangerous amount where you are. we will hit highways, and keep digging the snow out. you updated. we met with them earlier, they that's the latest here in the tell us they were out here cbs-3 mobile weather lab, we since about 2:00 this morning. send it back to you guys. digging by hand, the >> remind i have for if you you are out and about or even just at home use the hashtag sidewalks, and part of the road here. flip it cbs-3 snow. from what they tell me, it was a very treacherous morning let us know what you are seeing, maybe just out your own window. from them. sends it us to on facebook, on here's more whatever they had to say. twitter or on instagram. >> just makes it ten times >> the conditions are very worse. i mean, for us, we're used to rough.
7:29 am
that's why we're on the air it, you know what i mean, this morning with continuing nothing for us. coverage for you, and our people trying to be out number three, coming up in the driving. people shouldn't being out, next half hour of "eyewitness just stay inside, have good news". fun snow day, you know what i >> and take a look at the view from our cbs-3 cameras, mean? you guys have hours ahead of basically nothing to see you, how are you kinds of philly skyline. staying warm and able to do a heavy snow blotting out any this work? signs on the city even the >> well, definitely got the buildings casino of getting under armour infrared on, kind lost in the haze, there that's how bad the visibility of sweating now, don't let any continues to be. we are also going down to the body heat out now. streets of philly for the situation there. when the day goes by i'm sure from cherri gregg, of our it will get little more cold. sister station, "kyw news >> and it is actually getting radio 1060". stay with us, we've got it more cold, perhaps, you can covered for you, that first see, the wind blowing a bit storm of the season. we'll be back. here. a bit deceptive in looking calm. actually quite a bite to that wind here. you know, there is a level two driving restrictions now in effect for kent and new castle county. that's bit higher than the level one, in those counties, you are being asked not it drive at all unless you you youe send shale personnel. there goes the wind. if you must drive you must have special per night do so. level one in effect for the areas here. of course winter weather watch, blizzard watch, plus a
7:30 am
lot of flooding watches along the coast, delaware has a lot on its plate. and to do that work effectively, they need those who do not need to travel today to just stay at home. there are warming shelters in place, as a result of the code purple in effect, 211 will connect you to those services, live here, downtown wilmington, justin finch, herswe pour 'em!ures. we pass 'em! cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, we pick 'em! nick snow. delicious fun for everyone. >> great information. we can real he hear that winds whipping up. hershey's miniatures are mine, yours, our chocolate. getting into the truck and stay warm. >> live picture from mobile three, our photographer jim spearing on the road again. this time, it is a live look at the road out of atlantic city. jim be careful on the way next stop i think he's stone harbor. >> definitely drive safe out there. >> right now though we do want to turn it over to the forecast. and kind of see where this storm is in terms every totals, also, in terms of track. so, we send it over to kate bilo in the weather center. hey, nature. >> nicole, jim, yes. this storm is progressing pretty much on track. one of the child cards talking about all week, dry slot. that happens when dry air
7:31 am
feeds into the southern edge of the storm. that's where you are seeing over portions of delaware. ♪ soul on fire, best you learn notice how it has start today fill back in though. we now have bands of heavy ♪ can't get higher ♪ snow in portions of the ♪ till it burns delaware, south jersey. they have trimmed the blizzard ♪ man on fire warning up into portions every central new jersey, and to not ♪ sole survivor, yeah include much of delaware, any more. which means, things are ow! ♪ get up! starting to slow down there, probst: medical, medical! woman: god, it just hurts so bad. not expecting blizzard conditions as of now. probst: we're right here with you, all right? woman: oh, my god. but we do still expect a all right, we're going to have an evacuation! blizzard warning in effect for the entire area through the call for the chopper! ♪ oh rest of today. ♪ man on fire from the city specially on north and west. that's where some of the ♪ sole survivor, yeah. heavier bands have set up this morning. and you can see, the wrap around still continuing with the storm. notice there is a little bit after hole here. so if you're in new castle county delaware, portions of eastern chester county, in delaware county, and south philly, not whole lot of snow falling at the moment. just one little hole on the radar picture, dow expect that to fill back n now the latest runs whatever we call our mess owe scale model, small scale models, do show pronounced dry pocket forming by late this afternoon, into this evening, over the city and new jersey, >> good morning, i'm jim even as snow continues to fall
7:32 am
donovan. >> i'm nicole brewer. this is special eye on the to the north and west, storm coverage of our blitz 11:00 a.m. still dealing with aarp, first snowstorm of the heavy snow. continues until about season really. we want update now from 3:00 p.m. then we start to see the holes form specially from the city meteorologist, kate bilo, here into new jersey. with us in studio. so after about 5:00 or sounds like this is an over 6:00 not going to add too much performer so far? to the totals in the city even >> yes, we start today see as some banding continues. and our north and west this coming about yesterday suburbs, then by midnight start to see this thing get evening, wow, 8:00, already off coast. it may be earlier than. 3 inches of snow there is will over perform not only for us that will peak wind gusts, another part of the system, in but north and west suburbs, at addition to the extreme snow, one point look like the north we have had 66-mile per hour and west suburb might get hit winds gust in lewes, delaware, by sharp northern cut off with port north, 62 miles per hour, ocean city new jersey 61-mile the storm. per hour gust. just got report of 60-mile per hour gust in pleasantville. peak wind gusts so far at least as far as i can finds in now, setting up to the south to the west, so take a look philadelphia, about 43 miles per hour. without further a do. so far we dough no have the i'll show you you the storm. sustained blizzard conditions in philadelphia. winds have been sustained in see the heaviest snow. the 25 to 30-mile per hour range. and again you need winds increasing over maryland, sustained over 35 for period central pennsylvania, and from our area, especially from the of three hours. snow totals, so far, 13 inches city on north and west, seeing at the philadelphia airport, heaviest snow at the moment. almost foot in king of prussia. we will be updating these because more snow is falling see the ban, still dry slot
7:33 am
action working through portions of south jersey in toward the city. ankle continuing to see the numbers climb going through the afternoon. there is going to fill back in, as the moisture wraps got it mention the coastal around the back i can of the flood warnings, in effect now storm. just got some updated snow noon sunday, could be hitting totals, now official record high water levels, in measurement at the phialled lewes, delaware, seeing near pour, tonight look very nice, record levels there. the gusty northeast winds sorry, my fault. 13 inches at the philadelphia pushing the water on to the airport at the moment. we also have few other lan. seeing flooding, seeing ice on philadelphia snow reports, the top of the flooding. office of emergency it is a mess out there. management, reporting down the shore, and the winds 14.9 inches. will continue, 40, ooh mile philadelphia fire, 78, per hour gusts, seen them reporting 15 inches of snow. already. and we have still gotten an they'll continue in the city and the suburbs, ooh to tire day of snow at varying 60-mile per hour goes cents rates to get through. but the worse of it is will continue through the the next several hours down the happening right now. now until mid afternoon hours expect blizzard conditions. shore. currents win sustained blizzard of course meaning we have sustained wind over 35, atlantic city and wildwood. sustained wind at 28 in and visibility quarter mile or philadelphia, gusts, even higher than that, and right less, that is sustained for hours, we've not yet as far as now haves ability, down around third after mile in trenton i know reached the actual and in lancaster, 1.3 in official definition of this being a blizzard, but will be philadelphia. so again you need visibility close at least for the next under quarter mile to sustain several hours, one to 3 inches per hour in the heaviest blizzard conditions. we don't really have that bands, and again those wind anywhere right now. gusts 40 to 06 miles an hour, so at the moment, not seeing taking the snow picking it up full-out blizzard conditions, and drifting it, it will be but still near white-out hard it measure, appreciate conditions on some area roadways.
7:34 am
those measurements coming in. speaking of the roads, let's hard to measure because of the check in with meisha johnson. drifting and blowing, but again looking at over foot >> kate, good morning, yes, visibility is certainly an now, in philadelphia. issue this morning, as you are with still hours of this storm waking up, even if you're yet to get through. more on the coastal impact thinking about hitting the coming up in just a few minute. for now we send it over to roadways, just do not dough meisha johnson with a look at so. take a look at this, live view the roads. from our roads right now. looking kind of miserable out you can seep, speaking of there? >> so miserable, yes. visibility, they're really you nailed it. this is another aspect that isn't. we are talking about almost just keeps changing. white out conditions. and you can see, even with the the minute i get a traffic list together, to bring it to flashing lights, you still you and let you know what's going on, completely barely can see the vehicle in front of youment even if that different. things keep happening. is ten, 20 feet it, gets worse what we are looking at right and worse and worse. now, spring house, 309, norristown road. abandoned vehicle. no doubt about it it is not to mention the fact it is abandoned, he won't go anywhere. this is what happens. very very slip rip. continuous snowfall is another sometimes we see some snow and we think we can burn through issue. then just no traction under it, you really can't. those tires. not when the snow is this accident 202 northbound the dense. it makes it very difficult to off ram top paoli pike the do so. ramp is closed. so once you get in a pickle, let moo back out of the way so you can see this, they are out once stuck somewhere, you're of the vehicles, trying to get not getting out of there. this remedy. stowe this is what happens i can let you know even with heist 309 northbound, you can shovels, we've seen some tell it is very slow, it will people out of their vehicles, be very slow moving there. trying to shovel their way out when they get stuck somewhere. not traveling at posted speeds anywhere by the way, we have and even that is not doing it. because the minute they start speed restrictions 45 miles
7:35 am
per hour and you won't even be to get relief, still snow after snow after snowfall. going that fast. really causing some problems. looking good, just couple the vine at 95 again just vehicles out on the roadways, showing you that visibility. what i opportunity see when i and you can see, couple look out at the cameras, slick drivers out there. but as soon as these vehicles there. incident city avenue at presidential boulevard. travel over these highways, we can see disable and interstates, and roads, tractor-trailer here, then also have some sort after and go to blacktop, it is freezing over, making it very incident going on right there. and can you see the tire very slick out there. schuylkill at city avenue, you tracks moving off to the left can see, again, see the direction. letting you know, again, there blacktop showing through. is a lot of slipping and it is pretty much black ice. sliding happening this morning, because you have no so if you can avoid going out traction. it doesn't even matter if you like i said, just do so. have winter tires on, which by because it is very, very the way i do. didn't mat they are morning. dangerous driving conditions. not one bit. and one more thing, disable ninety-five at cottman, tractor-trailer on 295 looking good, as you can see, southbound ramp, route 551, plenty snow on the roadways, the off ramp right now is snow keeps coming down. closed for those of in you and disable vehicle 295 north around this area. before route 30, since another disable truck, we've cleared. update on mass transit coming seen a loft those this morning, nicole, good morning up in about 15 minute, nicole, to you. over to you. >> meisha, thanks so much. right now we do want to turn >> meisha, a thanks so. to the roads. the jersey shore also getting hammered by this snowstorm. mike dinardo has been our road and now they have some flooding to deal with. warrier here this morning, we know the stowe covered roads >> our team coverage continues complicated by the winds certainly making driving with cleve bryan, who is live now in ocean sit way look at hazardous out there. the high water. mike, where are you, and how how are things going out is it looking? >> we are northbound on route therey?
7:36 am
understanded at 11th and west, cleve? >> eleventh and west here. you can see the cars just went past. it is causing ripples. then when the water goes up it actually blows through the air because the winds is so strong. this is what they call moderate to major flooding close as we can get, definately don't want to be driving through this water if you don't have four wheel 42 in depford. generally i've seen two types of vehicles out this morning, drive, little it sad dollars those are plows, and those that are stuck. like that truck right there. and there are few maybe exceptions. and if we take a look, on the but for the most part, if you don't have a plow you shouldn't be on the road. edge of the roadway, you can here's why. i was southbound route 42, the a.c. expressway, turned and at see, where it is like berlin, crosskeys road. if you are familiar with that, bit of an incline at the top of the ramp there. icebergs. right here in front of me. were couple of trucks, pick-up you have basically an iceberg, trucks, utility trucks, that were stuck. because there was incline, and they just couldn't get floating around, in the middle through, about foot of snow at the top of the ramp. couple of guys got out. of the street, on west ave. managed to push the pick-up this is main drag here, in ocean city. we wanted to get back by the bay to show you some of the trucks out of the foot-deep snow. able to make it on their way. flooding, that's being caused by the severe high tide. but any kinds of decline at but we can't even get close to all, really robs you of that. three blocks from the back traction, because there is bay, and this is how just so much snow still on the roadways out here. significant the flooding has >> yes, certainly, looks that way. you know, another good point, become. one of the other things people
7:37 am
are dealing with is the winds, mike, is when the plows are out, there i know earlier you and all the electric wires, were kinds of trailing one, of course at a safe driving everyone once in a while you distance, but it is so important to give them plenty of too many do their jobs, not hauer allowed slap. that's big clump of snow, to pass those trucks? falling off the electric wires, and then splashing in >> sure. the road. because they are big rigs, which is why we have taken they can't maneuver very little cover on somebody's quickly, and they have a job front porch. to do. and they are trying to clear but the water is rising a the roads, and it is best to give them room. little bit. when we first arrived here, another complication of those plow trucks is when they push about 25 minutes ago, actually the snow off to the side, i was standing on the pretty much creates a wall of sidewalk, let's look down at snow that prevent drivers from the sidewalk, you can see, where i was standing, about getting off a highway or on a 25, 30 minutes ago. you just can't stand. highway or pulling into a so if you're coming down the parking lot, because the shore, or if you're down the entrance is just obliterated shore, stay inside, stay off the roadways, emergency by vehicles, only, we saw the high water truck, two of them come through here in ocean sit. and we haven't heard any report though of any rescues yet. reporting live in ocean city, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, clever, thanks so much for that report. we also want to mention ocean county sheriff has posted on facebook a pretty clear and direct message.
7:38 am
want to share it one. he said let me put in in very until those crews can make second and third passes, you clear language, roads are going to be stuck on the highway. completely impassable, all of >> that's for sure. you can get on, but might be them, do not go out, you will able to get off. we really appreciate it, stay safe throughout. get stuck. >> any time nicole. >> now that we're seeing the so again i mean no joke out blizzard in light of day, well, barely seeing it, because visibility is rough. there. >> good advice, good advice. we do have view of the storm and what it is like on the roads again all coming to you >> absolutely. we go from the forecast, of from the cbs-3 mobile weather lab. things out in jersey, right to cbs-3 justin drabick is coming up next with that, stay wi the neighborhoods, here in philadelphia. >> our pat gallen may and sportscaster but he's not playing game out there today, he's live in mayfair. he is really getting around there facing the elements. what's going on there, pat? >> reporter: jim, nicole, doing our best to get around. as you said, these side street here in the neighborhoods, we're in mayfair right now, very tough to get around. we actually about 20 minutes ago got stuck. before that the last time you spoke with us, we were athen gin company 52 down on harbison avenue. let plea tell you, those guys are big fans of nicole brewer, of katie fehlinger, of kate bilo, and of meisha johnson. and you too, jim. but mostly those four. they are big fans of. but they were digging out, we have had to dig out little bit, as well. we've seen multiple people get
7:39 am
stuck right here. this is princeton street in northeast philadelphia. soy people getting stuck all over the place. and of course, that's what happens when you don't have four wheel drive. and a lot of vehicles r this place right here is stein flowers. they've been around for decades and decades, and this is my friends, bill curbing. he is digging out. they're open today. bill, you guys are open? >> yes, we are. thirty-six a. >> why? >> people need flowers. there is always business to be had. my boss believes that we have to be open 36 a days in order to help our customers. we still have business for tomorrow and the next day. >> i love. that should be everyone's mantra, 365. >> you got it. the only way, the american way, isn't it? >> you guys have done a good job digging this out. >> dana here lives next-door, she has been shoveling since 4:00 in the morning. >> well that's a good thing, good thing. so, are you having fun out here though? >> i actually a.m.: having a
7:40 am
lot of fun. i got a 18 year old in bed. right now. >> trial to get him out of bed my friends. >> i tried. >> i tried that too when was 16. my deduced get up. >> he has rude awakening, bill, hold this for me, we'll have some fun. i'm jump in here. >> very good. >> oh, boy. >> big one over here. >> very first cbs-3 snow ainge. >> i come over here, a drift welcome back, cbs-3 mobile weather lab is traveling all over here, slight to shovel over the place this morning, right now in gloucester you out. county, new jersey, which >> we've got new reporter on means, meteorologist, justin the scene. >> oh, man, look at. drabick is also in gloucester that will you are making a mark this morning, but how county, justin inside, what's about that guy? it look being like out there, he needs to get his son out of bed. justin? >> get the neighbors, knock on the door. >> reporter: nicole, not good >> ya, i'm with you. on the side roads, some of the major roads getting here, not >> having some fun out there. bad. don't get me wrong. that other guy, poor guy out of breath. don't recommend getting out on the roads this morning or even that is tough job out there shoveling that snow. this afternoon, but the set up >> speaking about tough jobs, now going to turn to alex now, with a we are dealing with in mantua right now. hoff. she is out there in the again, one of the side roads elements in new jersey. here, obviously hasn't been lou things looking in pen plowed for awhile. the latest report in this sidewalk then morning, al
7:41 am
next. >> well, we are appreciating area, showing about 7 inches of snow, but i that was this lull. but dow want to say i don't earlier this morning, so i appreciate this standard being would say at least a foot of set by pat for these snow snow here. looks like we've got some angels, if that's all get too long cold for me. i'll bring you the news out issues with plows, maybe stuck here, that's about it for me cars, as well. there you go. that's what we're dealing right now. it is so blistering colds with with. the winds right now. the snow haslett up little bit. once again we are appreciating but getting here coming over the walt whitman bridge, little built after lull in really wasn't that bad. this precipitation out here, crews are doing an excellent trying not to get used to it, job on 676, route 55, actually though, of course. now the good news is we have not been seeing as many people in pretty good shape. on the roadways, this lull, the problem is getting to those major roads, a lot of and little break, in the snow the side streets have not been coming down has given some of the plows a chance to catch up touched. and again, at least foot of or at least make it feels to snow on the ground. them like they're making a looks like couple every plows dent. here trying to dig out this now, globe is immune to these one vehicle here, this van, kind of conditions. looks to be stuck right now. so earlier out here watching so again, that is the story. people get stuck really left that's why we have to stay off and right because the visibility, with it as it is the road. we have some more crews up now, it is hard to even tell here, trying to open up looks where you are exactly driving like chestnut branch park, at into. so we saw salt truck, he was least possibly getting into the parking lot. this is popular spot, for spinar away earlier, coming in and out of parking lots is tough. because of all of the plowing sledding. and right now, wireless going on, you are kind of creating this wall. microphone, believe me. so you may be on the road, you but yes, no one out here are feeling okay. sledding, doesn't look like but you know what? just yet, but conditions still
7:42 am
you might not be able to get pretty winds hearings you can off at certain point. see the snow blowing around, that's what we were seeing over and over again this at 27 degrees, so still, plows morning. now, just couple every minutes come through, and it just gets ago, and i actually tweeted out picture, we saw a woman drifted right shut. but again, heaviest snow, and her husband, we talk about pretty much at least has ended jobs where you have to be out for the time being. in this weather. still snowing here. at least not as bad as it was we don't advice anyone to be. but some people have tonight earlier this morning. that's the latest out in man this woman was a nurse. too a we send it back to you and their car was stuck here. so our photo journalist, he nicole in the studios. >> thanks so much. went out and helped him out. always good to have a lull gave him push. here and there. only to realize the car in coming up in the next half front was also stuck. hour, of "eyewitness news", we that woman was a nurse, as well, they had to give them a continue to cover the blizzard push. police came out, i mean, whole of 2016, first snowstorm of the season. roads becoming more trecherous ordeal. that will was just getting out after parking lot. by the hour, meisha johnson so we have to keep that all of will be coming up next with a that in mind. it is of course state of traffic report as road crews work to stay ahead of this emergency here in new jersey. that means, where ever you are right now, be prepared to stay storm. for at least 48 hours if you >> relentless snowfall pounds have tonight just to see how the king of prussia area. all of this pans out. coming down pretty hard at again, we are seeing a break this point. we'll check in with rahel right now, but we are not coming up next. prepared to let that continue on or we're not expect to go have that continue on. but these winds, at this hour, that is what's causing the discomfort outside. but we are out here, keep
7:43 am
monitoring the situation, i like what we're seeing on the roads. that's not whole lot of activity. for now reporting live in pennsauken, alexandria hoff. back to you. >> thank you very much, alex. the snow coming down thicker, penndot is working hard to clear the snow. >> still to come this morning, we will also be checking on the roads of course meisha johnson lots of critical information for you. all of that when we return right here on
7:44 am
wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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>> already seen foot of snowfall. >> a lot of snow out there, today january 23rd, good morning to you, so glad you're with us on this snow day. i'm nicole brewer. special eye on the storm coverage of this blizzard of 2016. let's get update now on the forecast, with meteorologist, kate bilo, seeing how the storm is performing, and also, how we're ends up whether all is said and done. >> looks like we ends up with a foot and half of snow in many spots, even some locally hire totals near 2 feet possible with the storm. it is a mess out there. you can't really measure it >> good morning, they've been just up and adam all morning for us this morning, guys, accurately, because blowing thank you, up front for all of all over the place. >> so much wind involved. your observations, let's go >> yes, so much winds, as this around, take tour of what's storm continues to strengthen happening out here. in fact, i zoom it out just a off the eastern seaboard, when smidge here. storm strengthens, the winds i want to take you down to the start to tighten up around the shore. because this is one of those center, we start to feel spots, where we will see perhaps just some -- a different animal of a storm, for the shore towns, james, one of our gold star ocean
7:46 am
city reporters, we love getting his reports, they're really well details. 35 degrees is his temperature. he's got just pounding rain coming down in the ocean city area here, in recent hours. he's got street flooding, increasing in the ocean city win gusts specially down the shore today. area, many wires down, he seeing wind gusts in some spots of over 60-mile per report, in this area, as well. hour, in fact, i have to tell you, they just reported a 75-mile per hour winds gust at dewey beach, delaware, specially because that far hurricane force by the way 74 miles an hour, so hurricane persistent winds helping to bring down the power lines, force wind gust in dewey beach, delaware. this storm is no joke. and not to mention again the we take you out to the radar picture, see the very heavy flood that he mends sean. snow bands still rotating let's move it back in here. around the back edge of the storm. as the storm center litter north, starting to make the turn, and we will see the heavy snow you see over in d.c. central pennsylvania kind of pivot back in toward the philadelphia area. does look as of now to me as though some of the higher totals will be north and west of philadelphia. but you can see still a lot of snow, wrapping around all of the way down into south carolina right now. that is how potent this storm is see no blizzard warning, extreme south deli washings rest of the region under blizzard warning. expect near blizzard conditions, winds sustained in the 20-mile per hour range. so certainly not quite reaching blizzard status just yet. but it is close. you don't want to be out there on the roads with this casino of snow being blown around.
7:47 am
we will get updates on these totals shortly. around a foot, king of prussia, upper darby, mash partial ton, 10 inches. wildwood crest has foot of snow. mt. holly seven and a half. i think they just updated that total, i'll get that total in a moment. washington township 6.8. we had request for delaware snow amount, port pen at 11.1 inches, new castle county, new castle 10.1, wood side, 99.9. the official measurement so far at the airport, 13 inches of snow in philadelphia. and wind gusting over 40 miles an hour, 43-mile per hour gusts in the city. gusts over 50, down the shore, as this system continues to dump that heavy snow. again here's what we expect. eighteen to 24 inches in a broad swat across much of the area, 12-18 in southern delaware. some of the higher amount, maybe up in our north and west suburbs, near 2 feet, even up toward the lehigh valley now as these heavy bands justin to sit over that region. we will continue to bring you updates of course, on how the storm is progression.
7:48 am
see how it is impacting the roads, hey, meisha. >> oh, hey kate, not good. so again, if you can stay at home, you certainly want to do so. taking a live view from the roads. and just a moment ago, when we were watching the taillights drive in front of the mobile car, we were seeing it fishtail watch that lets you know the driving conditions not only are we dealing with visibility issues, in the snow continues to come down, but it is very, very slippery. and it doesn't matter if you have winter tires on, like i do. you are going to be in a condition right now that is leading you to what we are seeing this morning, disable vehicle after disable vehicle, not it mention the fact when do you then get disable vehicle, taking awe while for all of the crews to get to every single person that's having a problem, because they are just literally scattered all over our roadways this morning. so for those every you just taking a pecan waking up with us by the way, good morning, hammy saturday to you. we don't want to be the bearer of bad news unfortunately, just looking so darn busy. here is a lock at the vine at 995.
7:49 am
looking very, very slow moving. not a lot of vehicles out on the roadway, when we do get a vehicle out on the roadway, typically ends up in a mess. what i want to see, open roadways shall everybody at home, staying in the warmth and comfort of their own homes, that's good scene right there. forty-two freeway northbound creek road. again, a loft these roads starting to look like ghost towns, see, they are heeding the warnings, staying at home which is great. disable tractor-trailer 295 southbound the ramp to route 551, the off ramp is still closed. here, just as a reminder, i want you to know that there are speed restrictions in play, all pa highways, 45 piles per hour, the bridges, down to 25 miles per hour right now. and in the world of mass transit for those of you even thinking about it, septa suspended everything except for market frankford line and broad street, and new jersey transit and dart all suspended, patco speed line, amtrak modified and special schedules. make sure to check all of your schedules on line as we know, all flights are canceled. jim, nicole, back over to you. >> thanks very much, meisha. >> we want another check on the flooding.
7:50 am
happening at the shore. >> our cleve bryan is live in ocean sit and cleve you had to move from your last location, what's going on now? >> morning, jim, nicole. very windy. flood something very high stage. tide peak just little high ago. i'm standing on ninth street. i could stand in the middle of the road the because it is shutdown. the causeway coming in and out of ocean city closed down, in fact, see dis able vehicle there right at the base of the nine street bridge. there is a foot or more of standing water on many of the roadways? ocean city had to drive around for half hour to find high enough spot where we could park the truck and safely get out, here at the shell takes on the corner of ninth and west street. this is where they shut off all of the trafficment take a look here, behind me, the parking lot, municipal parking lot here, that's all underwater, the mcdonald parking lot here under water. as we come around, you can see, the intersections here, where some of the snow is just
7:51 am
push up against the side. but surrounded by water, and the street signs blowing all over the place, just bouncing, bouncing, bouncing. so people really need to stay off the roadways. there is no reason to drive if you are on one of the barriers islands, along the jersey shore. because, right now, we are at the peak flood stage. and i just spoke with the emergency manager for ocean city. they said they haven't had any rescues yet, they're hopeful they won't have any. that depend on people not driving around. you can see, there is an s.u.v. trying to come down the street right here. there is a lot of sort of people stopping, starting, thinking all right, which way could i go. which way is a little lower. you can see he stopped, he is backing up now. really not good place to go, stay off the roadways, very flooded at the jersey shore. right now again, the bridge is coming in and out of ocean sit, both closed hopefully in a kim of hours, hours, they're
7:52 am
going to the flood water they've closed it down at somers point. nobody can come into ocean city and closed it down here at ninth street. so the snow has stopped. it is raining now. it is very windy. thirty, 40-mile per hour gust, haven't had the 60-mile per hour gusts we've been wondering about, but varies minute to minute right here. so leaf did i will the until the thick of things as they like to say. so reporting live in ocean sit, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, clever, thanks for that report. such a scary situation when you're dealing that kind of flooding. just no reason for anyone to be out on the roads in that area. all right, clever, thanks. >> jim spearing in margate in mobile three. you can see it is a real mess out here. he's been driving around the area originally he was in ocean city earlier today. atlantic city now in margate.
7:53 am
he's driving in our mobile unit mobile three. as you can see, look at this, this is just a mess down there. >> wow, really is a mess. again we saw ocean county was putting out facebook post saying do not go out. you will get stuck. let the plows do their job. officers out were multiple vehicles. just even they couldn't make it. so, i mean, this is a bad situation. >> and again, this is street flooding, we did speak to governor christie earlier. they don't major shore issues. but besides the street, no coastal flooding at this point. so again this is margate atlantic county chief photographer jim spearing in mobile three. >> cherri gregg from sister station kyy news radio 1006 is live in center city, where some folks are just getting off from work. or maybe head today work. i don't know. cherry what's going on out there. >> yes, good morning, jim, nicole. yes, at the wawa. at broad and walnut. it is the place to be for those preparing to go to work,
7:54 am
a stopping point, because they have hot coffee. right in there. but as you can see, i mean, people are starting to wake up. the roads are still covered with snow, even though, plows have made multiple passes along this emergency snow route here on south broad street. but all along, as you can see, across the street there, people are getting up, shoveling the walkways, and that is not an easy job. but take a look at the video, the folks that have been out this morning, people walking their dogs, people who are preparing to go to work. people who are just want to get out and get some coffee. we even saw a jogger out here, running, i guess, rain, sleet, snow, blizzard, didn't stop him. and they're all doing this, and they're dressed with layers, trying to fight this cold weather. i even spoke to gentleman, who had been up working since 9:00 last night. take a look. >> we are here since 9:00 last night. everybody's got thermals on,
7:55 am
got boots on, gloves, hat. you know, make sure, you know, state out for two hours, come in for hour or two, go warm up. getting ready to go back out with our guys, then after we're done hopefully i hop is opening up. we can get the guys warm breakfast. >> under the city code, back out here live under city code, people, property owners. so people can walk by, as you can see, folks are out here making sure to comply. come out, do the shovel, go back in, get warm, come back out. make sure you layer. we heard ernest tow tell you how he is been doing it all night part of the reason he's been able to sustain that over the hours is because he has been getting warm, coming back out, and this is a day-long job. the snow isn't going anywhere. but in order to keep that going, in order to comply with city code, you have to take those brakes so your fingers
7:56 am
won't proceed. don't forget toasty toast, hot hands, they all help. >> this wind, if you can see, returning toward the wind, snow is blowing in my face. and it can sting little bit. if you breathe it in. it burns a little bit whether you breathe it in. most of the folks i talked to out here, nicole, jim have, had great attitude. getting their coffee. they are staying warm. doing what they do cautiously as they maneuver through the blizzards, cherri gregg "kyw news radio" cbs-3 "eyewitness news" >> with all of the snow and wind it, hurt outside. >> sure does. we head out to "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon. can tell us that much, liver in king of prussia hey, rahel? >> actually seems like the snow has light ends a bit,
7:57 am
maybe the winds light ends up, eased up a bit. so for now, being just a tad more tolerable than earlier we mover across from the kop mall, parking lot, as you can see out here, crews hard at work trying to clear this parking lot as much as they can. penndot tweeting this morning, say, they're out there, doing the best they k but simply said, you shouldn't expect clear roads, with conditions being what they are, the snow coming down, quite heavily. the winds, being something really difficult for them to deal with. the roads are just simply not going to be clear, certainly, doing the best that they can. but these conditions, just really not making it easy for crews this morning, and now as we move locations, we want to sort of see what the roads were looking like, as the storm progressed, as the snow continues to fall, as those winds picked up. not looking much better, since this morning, maybe even worse than this morning, those roads, still snow covered, still slick in fact, we drove
7:58 am
past the turnpike, and it didn't even look like the turnpike, just completely covered in snow. does not seem like a lot of people are on those roads, which is a good idea. meantime, take a look, justin says snowstorm has started to form. look how much snow has been piled over here. i can't even give awe stinks how tall this is. i'll try to break my neck, but you can sort of see, how high the snow has been formed this morning, all of the plows just sort of dedicating this area to sort of form all of this snow. but, you know there is morning, i was thinking of how much i love the snow as the kids, the "blizzard of 96", i love that storm, in particular, but right now it is probably not a good idea to go outside and try to enjoy all of this snow. because again the snow still coming down, wind still forming, winds still sort of painfully hitting your face, so there will be a time hopefully to enjoy the snow. officials say right now, however, is not that time. stay off the roads, stay inside. reporting live in king of prussia. rahel solomon, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, rahel, thanks so much.
7:59 am
and, as we come back here to the desk, i have to say that jim was getting a lot of play on social media. >> because of my jacket. >> they couldn't figure it out. >> wearing under his blazer. >> it is going craze. >> i fashion police were after him. so i thought, you know what, jim? >> she put on the vest, we're in the vest -- >> but yours is full vest, this is a shell, like a face vest. >> who wore it better that's the question. use #cbs3 snow. >> yes, yes, and after this i'm going to go fox hunting, in my jacket. >> oh, fabulous. >> don't mind us, we head to the ski lodge after the show. >> we hope your area watching the storm from the comfort of your home, mobile weather lab is pushing its way through snow packed streets, live report from meteorologist, justin dray brick is next. >> thanks for moving that along, jim. >> coming right back. all right, let's check our twitter feeds. here they com if you misplace your discover card, you can use freeze it to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds. and once you find it,
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>> welcome back everyone, covering the snowstorm from every ankle they will morning, including look at center city from our roof cam. it has been snowing pretty stealthily for several hours now with very few breaks in the conditions. this city of philadelphia, barely visible from our roof. we're just few blocks north of city hall. >> yes, kind of craze at this see. that will live look for you from our pocono camera, jack frost big boulder carbon county, good day to strap on the skis, probably better day tomorrow actually. this storm may actually be piling up more, in the southeastern part of pennsylvania, rather than the northeastern part, a bit of a shift, there but plenty of snow to go around. no matter where you are. >> and another look at our camera from hotel bethlehem in lehigh county. there is snow everywhere. our forecasters say the storm is here to stay, with heavy snow all across the area, and very few breaks in the action, if you can, just stay home. right, katy? >> absolutely, yes. jim, you know, we have been dealing with just so many different changing conditions
8:03 am
throughout the course of the morning. so thanks to all of our eyewitness weather watchers. they are reaking out about the symptom as much as our meteorologists are. thanks for your observations. zero in on all of the new once we have here. temperature wise holding well below the freezing marks, mid 20's across moist of the board here through southeastern pennsylvania, go into interior, southern new jersey, little more into the 30's, and it is at this point mainly been a rain producing system near ocean sit. we check in with a lot of the different observations, but i want to show you snow totals that have come in thus far from our watch earns, 14 inches, the observation from ed in chesterfield, that's a wish, 13.5, for barbara in willow grove. tab err naegel just over foot. just shy of it, in nottingham. out there in chester county. and the list goes on, already hit double digit. fill in fill if i, mark in chatsworth, so we are definitely seeing that snow pounds down. and we're getting numerous observations continuing to come in, as women, so updating snowfall maps for you here throughout the course of the
8:04 am
morning. we talk little bit too about some of the winds, looks specifically at the actual winds observations, notice, that arrow, primarily this on shore northeast push of at least 30 miles per hour in middletown, lynn cherry hill at 30 miles per hour as well, there is the ocean city observation, 30 miles per hour, persistent, coming on shore, and james has been great about updating us over the course of the last few hours, where he is, lots of street flooding, also reported numerous wires down out that way, too. i do want to quickly check in on pictures coming in. you can imagine, the amount of snow that's been pounding down here and the kinds of pictures that come in with that wind. sent this one from her location, just winter wonderland scenes l all over the place, peter sent in this one from lawrenceville, major drift on the hood of the windchills here coming in from phil, just drift, make it so difficult to actually pinpoint how much that you actually have, built up against the front door here also in phil's neighborhood. so snow blower ready to go in a lot of these locations, you will have a lot of clean to up
8:05 am
do, but again, we're not through this just yet. we have hours to kill before this is totally gone. >> started about 7:00 last night, so far temperatures holding in the 20's, so this last been the lighter fluffier snow, the kind of snow that likes to blow, likes to drift, tan drift easily. sustain over 25 miles an hour, gusts over 40 miles an hour, still, across much of the area. storm scan3, showing precipitation fields starting to fill back in completely, dry voting going on, the center of the low still off the delmarva coast. see the storm starting that pivotings we've been talking about, a lot of people the friends theme, pivot, pivot. it will fill back in across the area through the remainder of the afternoon and this evening, take a look what's happening now, philadelphia starting to snow little more steadily, whole filling in there, starting to see steadier snow in chester
8:06 am
county, very heavy across portions of the north and west suburbs. and mixing going on south jersey and delaware. so here is our mess owe scale model, in house model, showing again what's going to be persisting through the afternoon with the heavy snow here's 1:00 p.m., and it is snowing just about everywhere, 1:00 this afternoon, by about 5:00 start to see some drying action take place, holes developing south and east of philadelphia, even as it continues to snow the north and west suburbs, still snowing heavily here, at 8:00 p.m. even drier air works its way in over new jersey, snow totals so far, some updated amounts for you at the airport, 13 inches so far. franklin township at 12:00 and a half, in gloucester county, king of prussia at holw castle, at 10.1, and our in-house middle showing this on top of what's already fallen, what you could possibly expect, another 6 inches possible, in philadelphia, possibly over a
8:07 am
foot still to fall in our north and west suburbs, so this storm is far from over. take what you have, and add six, seven, eight, possibly ten plus inches every snow to that. thirty-five is the current wind gust in philadelphia. but we're seeing wind gusts over 50 miles an hour down the shore. that will continue right through the remainder of the day. so batten down the hatches. reporting lots of power outages out there, definitely stay safe, stay inside if you can, you don't want to be out on the roads with this snow blowing around. we'll have more updates in just a few minutes, for now we send it out to meteorologist, justin drabick live in the mobile weather lab. hey, justin? >> good morning, route 77 naught heading route toward 40, toward williamstown. look like the snow pick up, temperatures still well below freezing, 28 degrees. still what of main road here, not that bad. it is passable. keep your speeds low. the problem getting to the major roads. you don't see anybody out here on the roads, good bet, earlier 322 westbound, couple of tractor-trailers actually stopped. had to turn around and got other way. you can see the snow still coming down, get the strong
8:08 am
wind gusts, especially the north-south >> tough to plow, do you have clean up, assuming at least 2-foot drifts in a lot of locations, so, that's the trend. so plows, doing the job for the most part on the main roads, just going to be lard to keep up with this. every now and then, hear little pinning on the windshield, sleet trying to mix in at times. won't cut the accumulations down much at all as heavy snow will continue to south jersey as we head through the morning hours, into the afternoon. more updates, probably head over to the delaware memorial bridge. check out delaware as welcoming up little later. we send it back over to you guys in the studio. >> justin, thanks for the update. >> as we bring in you non-stuff coverage this morning, take a look, this is a view at this hour from our cbs-3 roof cam. >> yes, right here on spring garden street. so the winds whipping, and visibility, tough to see. we can barely make out billy penn from that view.
8:09 am
but we will be back after this break, as the storm works it way through our area. cbs-3 snow day. stay with us.
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> and welcome back. here's a live picture from mobile three cruising around the jersey shore to bring i was look at conditions. right now photographers showing us the road to stone harbor right now so you can see that's what it looks like at this hour. not a great situation out there. of course, this storm has dramatically a ted septa service. >> they have suspended most service. header, what can you tell us, i understand the broad street and market frankford lines are running now. are they on time? >> market frankford line and broad street lines are running
8:12 am
on and close to schedule. they will be running throughout the day. all other services suspended. >> a lot of commuters concerned about monday looking far ahead. how long do you think it will take until full service is restored? >> we up i know snow management mode right now. we have crews out and we're running pilot vehicles to keep plows clear and working to clear our lots and facilities and just staying and top of the snow. and we will be doing that. our goal is to restore service tomorrow morning at four a.m.. of course all of that will be depending upon hot storm goes. we are monitoring the storm throughout the day. >> i know everybody has set of challenges, you know in this type of winter weather, what is the biggest challenge for you as a transit agency? >> at any time there's any form of weather we, you know it can suppose some sort of impact on the system weather its snow or rain or wind, this you have zero visibility out there with the
8:13 am
wind the blowing snow, anything like that could pose an impact. >> you mentioned pilot roots if you see buses that doesn't mean its the bus is ac testing passengers. >> we have some trolleys out there they are keeping the over head wires and traction clear so that when we can come back to service. but they are not for our passengers no. >> thank you we'll be checking later stay safe out there. >> down the shore it's not just the show but you are power outages you are looking at roads covered in ice. >> we do have crews out and about on roads to give you real time information about the drive out there. again, extremely hazardous driving conditions so if you don't have to be on the roads, please, stay at home.
8:14 am
>> today is january 23rd. this is a special eye on the storm coverage of our first major winter storm. you are seeing all the images there. we're dealing with snow. we're dealing with flooding a lot happening throughout and about throughout our region. >> here's the latest information there's state of emergency in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware so your best bet is to stay inside during the storm. >> if you don't have to go out, the speed limit on major highways is 45 miles per hour if you have to be out there it's going to be a slow go. >> every single flood at the
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