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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 24, 2016 5:05am-6:01am EST

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again. it most certainly has been a very trying and very frustrating 24 hours for folks who live here. the mayor even says this storm has hit sea isle city harder than super storm sandy. you can still see flooding here, just off central avenue near city hall this morning. now, the winds, you can also see, it is whipping over the flood waters at this hour. sea isle city's office of emergency management continues to did people to stay indoors and not drive-thru flood watt earth, of course, that wake further damages homes, and businesses, and if you get stuck, it may be hard for emergency crews to help. >> now there is nor'easter, accompanied by the full moon, and the brutal unrelenting wind, has created a perfect storm here in sea isle city. this shore town experienced flooding last night, during the second high tide of this storm. icy, cold, pools of water and right to up businesses and homes. and earlier this is the day, during the first high tide, water was seen at the top of parking meters, in some places, as chunks of ice floated down the middle of the street. the mayor, again, is comparing
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this impact here to another big storm. take a listen. >> i think it is worse than sandy because of the weather. the weather is cold, it is snowing, it is icy, it is raining, we've had a heck of a day today. but it is all in a day's work. >> now the mayor is going to be checking out damage a little bit later on in the morning. again, there is a lot of power outage in this area. in cape may county alone, 15,000 people are without power, atlantic city electricity says it is going to provide an update of when you can expect power to be restored, right around 7:00 this morning. you can see, the wind, it is still whipping. might be able to hear it over the microphone tonight make matters worse yesterday, crews here were gusty battling a fire in the middle of blizzard like conditions. so, definitely a tough 24 hours for these folks, and they are still possibly going to be dealing with more flooding right around 8:30 today with the third high tide. we are reporting live in sea isle city this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness
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news". >> jan, thanks so much. those images are just certainly incredible, and your heart goes out to the families out there. >> so much to deal with, thank you. to philadelphia, septa plans to gradually resume services today, buses, trolley relaunched this morning at 4:00 a.m. but some bus routes, conditions allow for it, got to be safe out there. regional rails and the norristown high-speed line, they're also operating, so if you do have to take public transportation, maybe trying to get to work today, do expect some delays. >> our team coverage continues now with a look at philadelphia international airport. >> yes, justin finch throughout in operations, hoping to gradually return to normal. how is it looking right now, justin? >> reporter: rahel, erika, good morning, well, on friday, the airport told us this would likely and transition day, steve say at this point boards reflect that, few on time there front ear tells us their flight will not leave until
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this afternoon, expect the trends here at philadelphia international airport, airports across the eastern seaboard, as they continue dig out. their port essentially open, just not for business. normally busy terminals inside looked more like a ghosttown, the flight boards began going blank, we hear about friday evening, and it will begin to fill up again today. now, many early flight could be concellations here as it seems right now on friday morning, the airport first announce that saturday service would be canceled, which brought us to this back-up we are seeing this morning, and perhaps, throughout the rest of the day. now, that did help hundreds of airport staff get to work on clearing millions of square feet of roadways and runways. and that heavy snowfall we saw blow through in those hours yesterday. now, this was all in hopes of getting things back on track today, and hopefully get things back to normal for monday. let's take you back out live.
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you are seeing customers here at the frontier check-in counter. there are a few who actually camped out here over the weekends with no place to go. i can tell that you southwest is diverting all of it customers to its one-800 hotline, jet, frontier, saying at this point they expect to staff their checking counting 2:00 this morning afternoon. if you have travel plans it is particularly urgent that you reach out to your carrier, because what you are seeing on line or the flight boards here, may not be the entire truth about how you will leave or arrive into philadelphia today. rahel, erika, back over to you. >> man, better to be stuck at home than at the airport, good advice, justin, thank you. our coverage now continues in south philadelphia. >> that's right, our sister station cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" is roaming through the city checking out conditions this morning. cherri gregg, good morning, how is it looking out there? >> good morning, rahel, erika, it is cold out here. let me tell you yesterday it was cold, it was painful, as the snow came down, then it was a lot of fun in the
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evening, and now, just a mess. take a look at tenth street here in south philadelphia. a plow has clearly been through these streets. but now the cars are wedged in, and under city code you have to clear a walkway, and you can't put the snow in the street. so, what do you do with all of these 2 feet of white tough? >> snow clean up well underway, but there is still much work to be done, both by the city and resident. there is snow on cars, on sidewalks, in the street, and in parking lots. so, removing it, or should i say, moving it, means, it will all start piling up. the plows pushed the snow to each side. then car owners pushed the snow into the street. and in parking lots, plows are pushing the snow, as well. what you will see over the next couple of days are snow mounds, several feet high. these piles make it messy, and tough to get in your cars, it also makes it dangerous, and
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neighborhoods like south philly, where the streets are narrow, and maneuvering, can be tricky. so, many residents are opt to go catch cabs. but even taxies are not taking any chances. >> the cab driver dropped me off about four blocks from my house. he didn't want to go any further. i was pretty happy to get this close. >> and now this mess could stay for awhile. the city of philadelphia has more than 2700 miles of street, and the city has to pull 415 plows, 675 employees, and response to the storm. now the city is still under a snow emergency, and officials ask that folks stay out of the way, so that they can do their jobs, and try to deal with this mess. live in south philadelphia, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio", for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, cherri gregg, thank you. she said it, still a lot of work to be done. >> oh, yes. still ahead this morning, the storms affect really so widespread. coming up next how the snow impacted travel on the pennsylvania turnpike, and
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caused problems for the temple gymnastics team. >> but first, here's kyla out on the roads. kyla, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it is a good day to stay inside everybody. we are rolling on spring garden. i will tell you how the roads look when we come back, a lot of plowing to be
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backlog on the pennsylvania turnpike is clearing up, at its peak more than 5,000 vehicles were stuck near the somerset and bedford exits, bus caring the temple university women's gymnastics team was among the vehicles that got stuck. the red cross and the salvation army are providing meals for those arriving at the shelters. >> and, other parts of chester county, many busy roads remain covered. >> yes, "eyewitness news" in paoli where you can see, right there, those mountains of snow just piled up. plows were working through the night, clearing the streets. fortunately, not many wires
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down, in the trees in the county, no reports every any serious accidents. now, this snow is casino of like white gold for private plow operators. this struck driver earned his monday any king of prussia montgomery county. he had the grocery store there parking lot all to himself for most of the morning, as you can see him clearing and pushing away all of the snow there. >> and, neighbors helping neighbors in camden county, few guys helped push the stuck car out of the snow. this is near route 38 in pennsauken, the wawa, as you might imagine, and specially popular spot, employees there working hard to keep the sidewalks and parking lots clear as snow for customers who did have to work and be out in the storm. >> and the big dig in delaware. now the shovels, snow blowers, being put to work in wilmington. clean up of course underway after major winter storm that we had this weekend. >> rahel, you know first-hand what it is like to be out there. very happy to have you inside this morning. we know were you out in the element yesterday, just getting blasted with all of that snow. >> yes, it was a painful --
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>> you know the deal. i've done it many times. >> let's show folks if they weren't watching yesterday. poor rahel out in king of prussia. what were you fell right there. >> i believe i would say pain in my face, burning, stinging, and if you can see, maybe my eyes are open, just a little bit. but it was brutal. the snow, the guys who were mopping up the snow, pushing away the snow, they had the right idea. they had on her to face masks. >> not allow for a tv reporter? >> oh, freeze frame right there. >> oh, my goodness. >> you know, you're fairly new, that's your initiation, you know? >> my hazing? >> we always make everyone do a snow ainge whole they come here. >> i feel like the photographers set you up that way, like you're face the wind all the time. they do it on purpose. >> i knew that live shot would come back to haunt me. >> if you were outside yesterday you know what that felt like.
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but the snowstorm over, now the clean up? >> fun for the kids, good day to get sleddingment you can get out of the house, maybe high school kids make a buck shoveling, too. >> but the them to work. >> yes, check it outside right now, still a loft snow on the ground, obviously, cold, temperatures already down to the teens, in a lot of spot. looking live from our roof camera at center city, so, good day to clean up though. nice and quiet, we get the sunshine out here, but the slow melting process, that's what you want, you don't want any rapid melting specially any heavy rain, that can cause some flooding. but this was good snowstorm for philadelphia. check it taught. the top four. this made the top four. four now with 22.4 inches officially from the snow. then again, the records was the blizzards of nine the six where we had 30.7. still, not touch, but pretty impressive storm system yesterday. it is now moving off shore. it is long gone. there is the last of the snow. maybe across eastern cape cod right now, southern connecticut, rhode island, that's about it, that will
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rapidly move off shore. clearing the skies out nicely, nothing behind that system, a lot of times, cold arctic air, it is cold but not seeing the true blast of arctic air. twenty-two millville, 22, newark checking in at 20 degrees, 20 pal my, a look at philadelphia now down to 23, 15 out in malvern. fifteen in allentown, 11 degrees in mount pocono. you had the fresh snow in place, that helps keep the temperatures little colder than what they would be with just bear ground. so, on the roads, again, going to give yellow light. so probably passable, driveable, but again, this could be little blowing and drifting around this morning, with some breezy conditions. that will be the trends into the afternoon. still icy spots shall specially away from the exposed areas the sun and the shade. you will still deal with those icy conditions, and certainly, tonight, a lot of re-freezing, tomorrow morning, still a lot of black ice to deal with. winds coming down, that's some good news, out of the west to northwest over the next 24 hours. much lighter later this afternoon into tonight. pretty much calm tomorrow.
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that's good news, high tide, still a concern this morning, delaware, and the new jersey coast, 7:45, rehoboth beach. one more high tide to go through, with the potential for some coastal flooding. 7:57 for strathmere. 7:26 at atlantic city this morning. high pressure starts to move in. so we're locked into dry pattern today, and even on monday, it starts to drift off shore for tuesday, here comes the next storm, not a big storm, it is cold front, maybe couple of rain showers in here, tuesday afternoon, not enough to cause any problems. look at the temperatures, struggling to get above freezing today. gets cold tonight. we're dropping down to the teens, maybe even single digits in the coldest spot tomorrow, still in the 30's. so the forecast today, we will see a lot of sunshine, breezy, 33 for the high temperature, cold night tonight. 18 degrees and here is that extended forecast, good news, we're pretty much quiet, more clouds tuesday, maybe the rain shower, 44, that will feel good. even through the rest of the week, no big storms to talk about. that's great news, meisha. good news for the clean up. >> yes, great news for the clean up. justin, i wonder if the kids
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are going no, just hang on little longer. we doesn't want to go to school on monday. interesting to see what happens. some kids may go. some kids may not. see what happens. now, this is a look at the blue route, headlights moving in the northbound direction, can't see many headlight now, early sunday morning, a loft you still in bed, exactly where you should be. this is where we have a tree down that was straight horizontal across the blue route causing some major problems for those vehicles that would drive up to it, because there was no where to go. that has since been cleared. so the blue route, all good, right around route 30. this is a look at the ben franklin bridge for those of in you jersey just want to go take a peak what it might look like rid now, still looking slick, no doubt about it, we're below freezing, so we still have black ice out on the ben franklin bridge. as you move westbound, you can see, it is looking good, looking calm on this sunday, but like i said, every camera i'm looking at basically this is roads are still very, very icy. here is a look at the vine, a beautiful shot of the vine. but again, dealing with some black ice here, as well, but
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overall things looking good. it will look okay, because sunday it clearly not going to have the morning traffic like i normally see during the morning show hours monday through friday. in the world of mass transit, now this is talking about septa specifically. market frankford line, broad street, on time, has been on time all weekend long, buses they'll resume kind of restore service on route by route basis, starting at about 10:00 a.m. city trolleys, sometime this a.m., right along with 101, 102 will be sometime later today, and the regional rail, norristown high-speed line, that's going to be updated at around 8:00 a.m. so i'll keep updating you all morning long, so you know what's aid head for your weekday or entire week, entire work week, erika, back to you. >> back to work tomorrow, meisha, thank you. >> it is. >> big thank to you all of the great viewers who posted pictures using #cbs3, love this one right here, ski slopes we're open in philly yesterday you might say. smart way to get around these conditions. little cross country skiing in center city. >> i like it, smart idea.
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and here, enjoying their very first snow. this shot, cute little kitty there checking out the snow from the comfort of their home. quite a view for their first experience every winter weather. >> that's the way to do it, from inside, right? also, animal conditioning dom represented here as well, tremendous picture from herb and fashions. that deer hanging out in the snow hanging around, beautiful shot from the greater northeast. >> just chilling. and it is not too late. you can still share your snow photos on twitter, instagram, facebook, #cbs3 snow. could you see help right here on "eyewitness news". >> a lot of folks found ways to have some fun in the snow, if you have to be out in it. >> yes, for one woman it was a nice day apparently for a white wedding. meet the bride whose big day was anything but ordinary. we have her store when we come right
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welcome back, the roads are pretty that is think morning. to say the least. >> kyla grogan joining us from the cbs-3 mobile weather lab checking out conditions along string garden street. snow as far as the eye could see. kyla, good morning. >> reporter: , good morning, if you are wondering it is a good morning to stay in bed, let me assure i it is, it is not a good morning to get on the roads. here is why. take a look at this, eason spring garden, and you can see, that this road has been plowed. at least once. but, we've got additional snow that's falling, and we've got icy conditions. remember, we're in the 20's, folks, and the temperatures are falling fast, as we go throughout our morning. so, you got to give these road crews a chance to get out here and plow these roads. i can tell you from personal experience when i was walking, you're slipping everywhere. everything is icy. so anything that got a little bit melt i, is now crunchy, which means very dangerous conditions. so, i think it is a great morning to stay inside, definately want to stay off the roads, let these road
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crews get their job done. saw a few people shoveling sidewalks this early, it will be tough going until we get some melting, and unfortunately, today, probably not going to happen. so we will monitor the roads for you, be back in just a little bit to tell you how things are going now, we send it back to you now, rahel and erika. >> you can see, even like kyla said, they've plowed the roads, but still slick. >> still slick out there, kyla, thank you. >> a lot of folks do this on snow days. sledding down the philadelphia art museum steps, if you're brave enough to go outside, something to do, rocky steps just jam packed, sledders, check this one guy out, trying going down on his bike, stays upright to the bottom. pretty impressive. brave souls even went down face first, which i don't know about you, but having fun out there. a lot of folks also walking around the city yesterday using the city street, instead of the sidewalks, because in one was shovel. one guy found better way to get around. >> that's the only time i've ever got to do it.
5:27 am
>> lived here for 23 years, i never had snow like this, at least that i can remember. so, me, skiing down broad street from girard, probably going to go to south fill tie. >> first time for everything, right? friends also out there, pretty touch to get around on the little cold feet, bundled up, and for little sophie, i put on her mittens, wasn't a happy camper. can't say i blame her going outside to do that. >> but she looked so cute. >> well, thank you. she had that going for her. >> sophie, you look very nice. across the city many made the most out of a snowy situation. >> cbs-3 vittoria woodill was out and about, people embracing the cold weather even one bride, our heart goes out to this woman. her wedding was scheduled smack in the middle of the storm. >> this is awesome. like i moved here last may, my first big city snowstorm, and i'm loving every second of this. >> when you live in philadelphia, you sometimes think you've seen it all. >> breath, look out. >> oh.
5:28 am
no! >> but then it takes something unexpected. like a snow day. to uncover your city and it beauty all over again. >> please, don't hit a tree, please don't hit a tree. okay. >> like through the eyes of a child, sledding down a snowy hill. >> did you go sledding down the hill? >> ya. >> did you go real fast? >> ya. >> was it awesome? >> ya. >> we're ready for some snow. >> ya. >> the b word not so much. blizzard definitely not. >> a bride, ascends the stairs after city church on her snowy wedding day. >> isn't she stunning? >> for me, some of those beautiful months unraveled by chance. >> experts -- >> are you kidding me? >> only got 35 cents slim jim. >> some i sought out myself. >> something tells me you might have instigated all of this. >> just a bit. don't even try, don't even try it. >> okay at that face, innocent face. >> i'm little hungry from all of thatting. >> all made me look at philadelphia as a place that's bright, loving, living, with curiosity as to what could
5:29 am
possibly happen next. >> if you aren't familiar with the plow contest, nate, can you demonstrate? wow, amazing. >> that was amazing. >> that poor bride, i can't imagine, you plan all year long, and then snowstorm. >> well, she did say she planned it in january, so she had to know there was a chance, but yes, did a good job with that. >> that was our vittoria woodill reporting. coming up: all quiet right now, we take live look at the philadelphia international airport. operation shut-down for the snowstorm. we'll have a live update on when things will be back up and running, coming up n
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and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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good morning, i'm justin finch here at philadelphia international airport. if you are planning to go to the airport and fly out today, hold off on those plans. i'll tell you why coming up. and justin, while the storm is gone, the threat remains here on the jersey shore. streets are still flooded. another high tide is about to roll in. i'm jan carabeo, live in sea isle city. we have more dramatic flooding video straight ahead. >> the snowfall may be over, but the clean up has just gun. i'm cherri gregg, in south philadelphia. finds out how your neighborhood is dealing with all of this white stuff. >> so much. >> lots of news to look forward to this morning. good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm erika von tiehl. the snow, at least not falling any more, but oh, so much to clean up. right now we're hoping it moment sometime soon. we want to check in with justin in the weather center. what a storm. >> top four. >> winter came all at once. >> it did. >> it can go away now. >> typical, el nino systems,
5:33 am
pretty much large like 2010, that winter we three big once. >> yes. >> back in the sunshine today, clean up, big dig out. hopefully get melting down, slow process, get the melting during the day, but so cold at night. a lot of refreezing going on this week. no big storms to talk about this week, that's great news. temperatures, each day, actually get little warmer, talk about some 40's, coming up as well. here is the latest on storm scan3, that snow moving off shore, so everybody's now dry, the snow has ended, clouds continuing to push east, so clear over philadelphia. eventually, we see the clear skies over southern new jersey. so, look at some of the snowfall amounts, allentown sets new record for their biggest snowstorm on record. 31.9 inches. king of prussia over 2 feet of snow at 26.1. we go into new jersey, trenton, hit one of the hardest spots, at 22 inches. williamstown, 14 and a half. atlantic city airport 13.4, into delaware, a foot, close to foot and a half in a lot of locations, new castle airport
5:34 am
16.1 inches. there you go, philadelphia 22.4 officially at the airport, the fourth largest storm, snowstorm on record. coastal flood warning, does continue until noon today for coastal new jersey and delaware, and up the delaware bay. still one more high tide of concern coming in between seven and 8:00 hour this morning. lock at the temperatures, into the teens in the lehigh valley, low to mid two's from philadelphia south and east. nineteen in quakertown, and as well as pottstown and doylestown. again, slow melting process through the afternoon, we'll have the sun, but we don't have the exposed areas. won't get the melting. high temperatures do get above freezing, it does melt during the day, re-freezes at night, still icy spots. this morning, again, mostly clear, breezy, could be little blowing snow, even this afternoon, where you get away from the exposed area. watch out for the icy spots. temperatures in the 20's, 30's, talk about the seven day forecast, and maybe shower chance this week, coming up in just a few more minute. let's hit the roads with meisha, a good morning, what's the latest?
5:35 am
>> justin, it is a sunday morning, so we can expect it to be quiet. you know, but i will say, that just want to gave you a forewarning, a lot of people get their errands done, grocery shopping runs in on a sunday, still very, very slick out there. what we are looking outright there, schuylkill taillights, moving in the eastbound direction, there you go on spring garden. kinds of seeing the mere sheen on the roadways, letting us know we certainly do have black ice, any time talking about temperatures in the teens, 20's, you're going to have black ice, especially when you have a lot of vehicles, and that exhaust melting snow and then it re-freezes, that's when we start to get the black ice specially after a big storm like what we saw yesterday. so the good news, that storm passing us by. shear look at broad street and spring garden. where we see a lot of the snow is going to be those side street. under the bridges, the bridge decks, so for those of own side street, now this is looking at center city but for those of you maybe out even in the sub attorneys have the side street, snow, still plenty of snow, even though, the plows have went through. new jersey, 42 freeway,
5:36 am
looking pretty good, looking quiet. mass transit update, buses restoring service on route by route basis. know. that will also, city trolleys, sometime this morning, we'll have updates on the regional rate, norristown high-speed line later today. erika, back to you. >> needless to say certainly will be tough job for everyone getting back to normal after this massive snowfall. >> our justin finch is live this morning at philadelphia international airport. one place already getting started, justin, good morning. >> rahel, erika, good morning, if you are planning in anyway, shape or form to get out of philadelphia today, you may want to have a seat. pick up your phone and call your air carrier. i'll show you why in a second here. look at these flights. we've seen new concellations pop up in just the past few minute here. these are for later afternoon flights. if you were planning to leave this morning, chances are you will be delayed, if not canceled at some point today. let's take you now to video here. philadelphia international airport was open over our blizzard-like conditions yesterday. but they were not open for business. now, all flights into and out of the airport were canceled,
5:37 am
but terminals here, tumble weed territory, and the flight boards began turning blank friday evening. a mid that last minute push to get travelers into the skies, and to their final destinations. now, today, the airlines are hoping to put those flights back on the board, and get customers home. but nature at this point appears not to be cooperating. and this weather, we hear now this morning, may leave more concellations and on-time de part tours, back on friday morning, airport did roll out the saturday service was going to be canceled. that service did free up hundreds of airport staff to get to work clearing millions of square feet, of roadways, runways, in that around the clock effort yesterday, despite the heavy snow. now, today, the hope was, to get things gradually back to normal. and hopefully fully back to normal by monday. looking now live at the airport, as you can see, there are not many people here. myself, few airport workers, and few customers waiting for information this morning, if you are trying to go anywhere,
5:38 am
i've been advised for to you call ahead, even go on line, re touch your carrier on twitter or facebook, they are is her g customers on platforms cents a you may imagine what's been happening over the past few days, volume very high, today, will require your patience, if you are traveling anywhere, especially,, on the east coast this morning, erika, rahel, good morning to you. >> travelers trying to get where they're going. >> oh, i know, airport like that completely empty, wow. >> hey, no lines, that's the upside, justin, thank you. >> and tidal flooding and power outages continue to create problems at the jersey shore. >> now, neighbors are waiting for another high tide last thing they need. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us in sea isle city to bring us to up date. just do in the need any more water out there, jan, good morning. >> erika, rahel, good morning. some 15,000 atlantic city electric customers in cape may county alone, are without power this morning. and awaiting word on when they could expect to see power
5:39 am
restored. meantime, here on the ground, in sea isle city, they're dealing with number of issues. this is flooding at the corner of central and west jersey avenues. but you can see this all oversee aisle city. and take a look at that wind. still very strong winds out here this morning. creating those ripples on the top of the water here. and even though the storm is over, the threat is still here on the jersey shore, the next high tide is expected around 8:30 this morning, in sea isle city. and officials say moderate to major flooding is still a possibility. so, sea isle city office of emergency management continues to ask people to stay indoors and not drive-thru flood waters. the wake of doors further damages homes and businesses, and if you get stuck, it may be hard for emergency crews to help you. now this nor'easter accompanied by the full moon and the brutal unrelenting wind has created a perfect storm in sea isle city. it has been a long 24 hours for folks who live here, the mayor even says, this storm has hit sea isle city harder than super storm sandy.
5:40 am
and on top of all of that, krause had to put out a fire yesterday, and a local coffee shop, as well, battling those blizzard like conditions. the cold, the wind, the rain, the snow at times, it has been a very tough 24 hours for folks here. the mayor, we're told, will be out here, inspecting damage, as well this morning, back out here live, you can see, and maybe from time to time you can hear across my microphone, the wind whipping and picking up with those wind gusts every now and again. atlantic city electric, when it comes to those power outages, they say they'll be better able to tell when power will be restored, if you're without power at 7:00 this morning. and of course, as we finally get more daylight, we will be able to bring you even more pictures of the flood that is still here as we wait for the third high tied at 8:30 this morning. erika, rahel, back into you. >> jan, thank you. >> and really difficult night for people who live in a brigantine condo complex. we brought you images of their huge fire, as breaking news during yesterday's storm. firefighters had to battle
5:41 am
snow, high winds, huge flames at the complex on brigantine boulevard. the fire broke out at about 5:00 in the morning. the brigantine police chief tells us the fire was accidental. red cross is helping resident displaced by the fire. >> flames also tore through this grocery store, in the 2600 block of germantown avenue, in north philadelphia. there were no injuries, but another difficult battle for firefighters who managed to knock down the fire, luck lip, in less than a half hour. the cause that far fire is under investigation. terrible conditions out there. >> oh, yes. >> when we come right back, our cherri gregg checking checkn on the clean up efforts across l if. >> time tore to dig out from more than 2 feet of snow in new york sit. >> i we love these videos, adorable snow picks here. humans aren't the only ones frolicking in the winter weather. more thon cute panda coming up. >> love. that will mobile weather lab out and about checking on road of road conditions, survey some of what south jersey waking up to this morning. we'll be right
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5:44 am
>> cherri gregg, how are you doing out there? >> i'm good. and, it was fun yesterday. you could cuddle at home, could you go outside and sled, but now, there is a mess. take a look at tenth street here, in south philadelphia. 2-foot snow drift here. some streets, as high as 5 feet, large mounds of snow everywhere you look. and this is what folks will have to wake up to, whip out those shovels. take a look at the video, the city has more than 2700 miles of streets to deal with today. and, since this is in old
5:45 am
city, neighborhoods like south philadelphia have narrow street, so even though a plow has cleared an area to drive through, the cars are now wedged in. and under city code, do you have clear a walkway on the sidewalk, and if you want to go out, you have to clear off your car, but you can't throw the snow in the street or you'll get fined. so what do you do with all of this white stuff? well, folks are moving it into big piles, either with plows, shovels, and they're continuously growing. i spoke with one of the plow operators, contracted with the city, and he says cleaning up the storm that dropped nearly 2 feet of snow is nothing like he's ever seen. >> it has been a nightmare. we've done this in years past. and i haven't quite seen anything like this. the way the snow has drifted off a lot of the buildings, there is some streets that are probably four, 5 feet deep. and it just makes it impossible for the residents to dig themselves out.
5:46 am
>> now, i don't know if you can see this, but there is heavy artillery here, right here in south philadelphia, off of tenth street there, bringing in the cranes, to sort of move these big piles of snow out the way. and if you see, they are dumbing it right in front of people's cars. so if you're park too close to a curb, that could be a problem, if you are trying to get out. the city has deployed 415 flus, 675 employees, and in response to this storm. now that snow emergency is still in place. i've been told that if you see a disable cars, because there is a lot of places where cars just stop working because they got stuck in the snow, call the city. let them know. so that they can move the snow out the way, in time for rush hour tomorrow morning. live in south philadelphia, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, cherry, thank you will, that's kind of hard thing to think about, rush hour tomorrow morning. >> no kidding, got to dig the cars out. at least the snow stopped. we want to check in with justin for that forecast for today. you are saying some sun today?
5:47 am
>> we'll get some sun. areas seeing the expos dollars sun will be able to melt, still, temperatures will get cold once again tonight. likely re-freezing, so untreated surfaces stay slick throughout the day today certainly on monday. at least seeing the clear skies over the region, nice and quiet, look telling ben franklin bridge. winds starting to calm down. that's great news. so may be little bit of left over blowing, drifting this morning, but the winds really have dropped off. so, that's good news, the exception will be down toward the shore, still running at another high tide potential for some flooding there. at least off shore winds are developing. let's check out what's happening as far as the headlines go today. sunshine out here, slow melting process over the next several days. no big storms to talk b maybe little rain on tuesday. but not enough to cause flooding, and again, that's just chance for maybe couple of showers. we will talk about that in just a bit. but check it out. allentown coming in 31.9 inches every snow, that sets all time record. look at that, their normal season snowfall 32.9 inches. almost at that. just with this single storm. here in philadelphia, officially 22.4. that makes it the fourth
5:48 am
largest snowstorm on record. all right, there is the storm. it is moving off shore. left over snow across cape cod right now, skies clearing out, nicely, big area of high pressure building in from the west, that keeps us nice and quiet. as far as our weather goesment look at the temperatures, though, teens to the north and west, low to mid 20's in south jersey, there is some cold air, just to the north and west, single digits in pit burying if you hour. fresh snow in place. holds temperatures downment don't expect any big warm up coming up any time soon. wind speeds this afternoon, start to calm down out of the west to northwest. ten to 15 miles per hour. so much better than yesterday. and generally see calm winds tonight. mention high tides again this morning, one more to go for a concern for flooding, rehoboth beach 7:45, then up into new jersey, between the 7:00 and 8:00 hours. again, off shore winds, that makes a huge difference, because now starting to push that water back to sea. future weather model, very quiet today, some sunshine, overall, not bad day. dig out. then tuesday the clouds rollback in, maybe couple of rain showers, nothing heavy.
5:49 am
look at these temperatures struggling to get to near freezing, this afternoon, tonight, very cold, single digits and teens, and then tomorrow once again, few degrees above freezing, so here's the trend. we still have cold air in place. no big changes in the jet stream. we get a brief warm up on tuesday. we are talking some 40's by the end of the week, temperatures pretty much close to average this time of year. again, no big storms to talk b so again, today, looking for high temperature of 33 degrees, mostly sunny, tonight few clouds, 18, here is the extended forecast, each day little warmer, some showers possible, tuesday, by the end of the week still looking at some sunshine for thursday, and friday, temperatures close to average. now the big story is what left behind on the roads. and from that, kyla grogan live in the cbs-3 mobile weather lab checking out conditions in camden county. kyla, it is cold, it has got to be icy out there for sure, flight. >> well, i tell you, it is, but we came across the ben franklin bridge. and i have to say we're on route 30 now. and they've really plowed this very well. so, if you have to get on
5:50 am
these roads today, these are looking a little better than some of those minor streets in philadelphia, for sure. take a look at this. again, driving eason route 30, and we're near pennsauken right now, and you can see, i mean, these roads look great. see the blacktop. see the lines on the road, that makes big difference from what we showed you before when you couldn't really see much. so, you know, this is a much better scenario. and obviously this is a main thorofare. so they've had a chance to really plow this. and i think that's really what we will be seeing. the minor roads are going to take time for those crews to get out of really get them plowed. and the icy conditions are going to make it very dangerous until they are able to get them plowed. now the good news, justin was telling you, hey, listen, we are nice and clear, it will be cold, but that will be good weather for crews to get out there and get a chance to get on top of this. but i really think it is a great idea to stay put, if you can. i'm happy to say we just don't see a lot of people out here on the road right now, it is early, i think that's a good signings all right, we head over to to meisha, expert on
5:51 am
the roads, by the way, road her snowmobile to work today. >> i got my throttle hand going, always ready to burn out. good morning, kyla, and i got say you look so cute in that cbs-3 hat on early sunday morning, good morning, everyone, taking a look at our roadways, and i can tell you, being that it is a sunday morning, it is going to be nice and it is going to be quiet. we do know that one everyone starts to get going, a lot of vehicles will get on the roadways, a lot of people running their grocery shopping, errands list, i understand that. just know that it is still very icy out there. this is a look at 95, headlights moving in the southbound direction before cottman. when we see that glare on those icy roads and they're icy, make no mistake, when we drop down it the teens, 20's, you're going have some issues, evidenced by this. 202 north before chester brook boulevard, he's in the going anywhere. but it look like crews are on site right now, trying to get him moved out of the way. but this can easily happen, especially, when taking on and off ramps or taking those
5:52 am
bridges, bridge decks, underneath those bridge decks, it gets really, really slippery there. and also, a lot of snow still on our side street. this is a look at columbus boulevard at oregon avenue, south philly. see just this is a larger road, not an interstate by any stretch, but on any of these side streets, the smaller travel roads, you are going to have a lot of snow out there even still. so, make sure, use your best caution all day today. rahel, back to you. >> very weiss advise, thanks, meisha. and new york governor andrew cuomo likely to lift travel ban on new york city this morning. >> the winter storm shutdown pretty much every mode of transportation in the big apple except walking. >> pedestrians take pitty on driver who denied the travel ban in new york city. saturday afternoon, all non-emergency vehicles were ordered off the roads in new york city, and tunnels and bridges were shutdown. >> it is very important that people clear the roads, so sanitation can do it work, and get this city back on it feet over the next day or two. >> roads were also closed on
5:53 am
long island. on the cross island parkway, new york governor andrew cuomo helped the stranded motorist. >> between the snowfall, and the wind, it is really a treacherous, treacherous situation. >> the more than 2 feet of snow took a heavy toll. three people shoveling in new york city died of apparent heart attacks. in mount vernon, west chester county, workers cleared the top of a fourth dome to prevent a clams. even the great white way is dark. all saturday, matinee and evening performances here on broadway were canceled. twins emily and kayla gilligan were supposed to see the show school of rock to celebrate their 18th birthdays. >> are you disappointed it is cans snelled. >> yes, yes. >> how long have you planned it? >> couple of month probably. >> but other new yorkers relish the weather. lulu got a chance to go sledding. >> she loves sledding so much that she'll knock little kids over to run back up to the top of the hill. >> it is time for a snow selfies, and lot of other pictures to remember a storm for the ages.
5:54 am
governor cuomo says the travel ban will be lifted sunday morning, as life without a white blanket resumes. wendy gillette, cbs news, new york. >> oh, it is not just us getting all of the snow. good reminder there. of course no snow in outer space, but the international space spanned err commander scott kelly still having a good time. >> take a look at this, he is planning a view of the storm from about 200 miles away. >> i want to see this. there we go. the image snows snowstorm lit above by nearly the full moon. that's image posted by commander kelly shows where thunder snow activity, which is typically snow falling during a thunderstorm, some pictures you might say are just out of this world. >> oh, there go. >> so cool it is lit up like that. >> i know. some adorable video now after little guy who really loves the snow. >> oh, yes, show you this, the giant panda at the national zoo, and this is all over twitter yesterday, my goodness. >> look at him. >> the 18 year old bear, oh, got right out, rolled around,
5:55 am
covered himself in snow. i must have watched that hundreds of times yesterday. >> justin, do you bite your foot in the snow? >> that would be me. if i wasn't working that would be me right there. >> just showering in it. >> oh, too cute. someone certainly enjoying. >> first snow for your little guy? >> it was. i wasn't with him, i was here at work. >> oh, come on. >> he was born during tornado warnings, and now he gets to see his first blizzard. >> welcome to the real wormed, right? >> ya. >> maybe our future weather man. >> could be. >> saturday of course turned into full day of broadcasting here at cbs-3. >> there are some great moment we shared with you as we made our way through the storm, here they are for you. >> one, two, three. >> ♪ >> hey, guys! >> i've got ice flying at my face right now. it is absolutely painful. >> it was actually trending as
5:56 am
hashtag jims jacket. okay there is was good choice for the day. >> if you guys are going to be warm, if you guys are going to be warm, i'm going to be warm, too. >> a guy's got to eat. i brought from home, i whipped up batch of pancakes. >> they still decided to put on the top hat, check this guy out, he's got little goggles on. >> never happier to see you. >> oh! >> sort of like mother nature's after shave. >> take a look at this guy. this is how he's getting around. hype, sir, how is it going with the skis? >> there was a gentleman riding a bike. >> look out! >> oh, that's not even right. >> if anybody enjoys the storm like this, it would have to be a golden retriever. she loves the attention. >> only attention she could get. >> do you love the snow? >> ya. >> do you love me?
5:57 am
>> ya. >> oh, just great. >> tori has some fans out there. >> you know, she gets them young. that's how she does it. >> that's how to do it. >> the city, the suburbs, the shore, no one escaping the storm. >> as our coverage continues this morning, dealing with what's left behind. clean up of course will be top of line over the next several days. we'll have more when we come back.
5:58 am
that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
5:59 am
>> good sunday morning to you, this was among the top five storms. will everyone be ready to go back to work for tomorrow
6:00 am
morning? >> major flooding dealing with down the shore unfortunately with another high tide about to happen. >> the threat isn't over. how is this for a strange site? an empty philadelphia philadelphia international airport. no one there. we have live update for you as crews get to work, trying to open those runways up so people can get back home, get where they were coming from. good morning, sunday, january 24th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm rahel solomon. let's get your day started when weather and traffic with justin and meisha. good morning, what a weekend it has been. little calmer today. >> here's hoping. >> yes, people will wake up and be very happy to know that the storm has now passed us by. with that being said, though, with teens, 20's, for temperatures, still have the black ice. so justin, i'm telling everyone to just take it slow today. even though it has passed us by. when can we bounce up maybe into the mid 30's, say? >> yes, we can get there. we will have the sun. we're in late january. sun's not the strongest, but it will melt in the exposed areas. so still, shaded spots, untreated surfaces, pretty much going to stay frozen really for


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