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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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morning? >> major flooding dealing with down the shore unfortunately with another high tide about to happen. >> the threat isn't over. how is this for a strange site? an empty philadelphia philadelphia international airport. no one there. we have live update for you as crews get to work, trying to open those runways up so people can get back home, get where they were coming from. good morning, sunday, january 24th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm rahel solomon. let's get your day started when weather and traffic with justin and meisha. good morning, what a weekend it has been. little calmer today. >> here's hoping. >> yes, people will wake up and be very happy to know that the storm has now passed us by. with that being said, though, with teens, 20's, for temperatures, still have the black ice. so justin, i'm telling everyone to just take it slow today. even though it has passed us by. when can we bounce up maybe into the mid 30's, say? >> yes, we can get there. we will have the sun. we're in late january. sun's not the strongest, but it will melt in the exposed areas. so still, shaded spots, untreated surfaces, pretty much going to stay frozen really for the next 24, even
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48 hours. so just be aware of that, you will get the melting during the day, refreezing at night. so when you have fresh snow on the gown it gets cold. colder than what it would be with the bear grounds. check it out. storm scan3, snow's gone, we're done, that's good. skies clearing out nicely from west to east. so we will see full sunshine today. at least of the morning, maybe clouds develop later this afternoon, overall sunny dayment look at allentown setting all new all time record, 31.9 inches, ambler coming in at 21 inches, then into new jersey, trenton, coming in almost at 2 feet, mt. laurel, 18 inches, officially in williamstown, 14.5. and to delaware, over foot in a lot of locations, new castle county getting hit the hard else. there you go. 22.4 for philadelphia, the fourth largest snowstorm on record. still, one warning to deal with, coastal inned warning, for delaware, new jersey, along the ocean front, and up the delaware bay. coastal flood advisory for new castle county delaware goes to noon. one more high tide to be
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concerned about. good news the winds are now going off shore. so that helps push the water back out to sea. cold. teens, 20's, right now. so still a lot of icy conditions. so overall on the roads, just keep it slow as meisha mentioned. still going to be some icy conditions, the next day or two, so also some blowing and drifting is possible this morning, with some breezy conditions. but, overall, not bad day to do some shoveling, snow blowing, or breaking out the sled. look at that, sunshine, temperatures right at freezing or slightly above that, low 30's, mid 20's in the poconos, maybe some good skiing if you can get up to the resorts if the roads are clear. that's the latest, talk about little warm up in the seven day, we go over to meisha for how the roads are looking. >> thanks, justin, roads looking pretty good early this sunday morning, it is cold like justin pointed out. we do have freezing out on the roadways, backing out of the way, show you the ben franklin bridge. you can see that glare, especially on more of this, i'll say this as well, side streets, bridges, bridge decks, anywhere that has been plowed, once, twice, even
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three times, doesn't matterment you will have plenty of snow and then you will have the re-freezing from the exhaust, annual very black ice. so, in terms of the ben franklin bridge, you are looking okay. it can be little bit slick even there, even though plenty of vehicles have gone over that, even the plows, doesn't matter, still slick. truck is off the road here. you can see crews, starting to get this clean out of the way, to two north before chesterbrook boulevard, reminding us very slippery specially take the on and off-ramps, in particular, columbus boulevard, at oregon avenue, south philly, just good reminder of what a larger road, not interstate by any stretch, but larger road, how much snow can still be on the roadways, despite the fact many plows have gone over it. and also, speed restrictions still in play, 45 miles per hour on the highways, 25 miles per hour on the bridges. even still, so today, you're going to have to take it slow even if you don't want to. erika, back over to you. >> just staying inside, wouldn't that be nice? well, your heart just goes out to everyone down the shore,
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already swamped, now bracing for more possible flooding. >> yesterday's rounds with mother nature also knocked out power to more than 10,000 customers. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is live this morning, in heart hit sea isle city. jan, good morning. >> reporter: rahel, erika, good morning, even though the storm is gone, threat still exists on the jersey shore this morning. we are all awaiting the third high tide of the storm here in sea isle city that's scheduled to roll in right around 8:30 this morning take a look, still dealing with flooding, coming to live from certain tram avenue near city hall. >> this site can be seen all oversee aisle city. wind still whipping at this hour causing a wig problem here. emergency management asks people to stay indoors, not to drive through the flood waters, remember if you get stuck it may be hard for emergency crews to help. so just stay indoors. now, this nor'easter,
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accompanied by a full moon, and this brutal unrelenting wind, has created a perfect storm here in sea isle city. the shore town experienced flooding last night during the second high tide of the storm. that icy cold pools of water, they ran right up to the businesses and homes. and earlier, during the first high tide, well, walter was seen at times at the top of parking meters. as chunks of ice floated down the middle of streets, the mayor here, is even comparing the impact, to another big storm. take a listen. >> i think it is worse than sandy because of the weather. the weather is cold. it is snowing. it is icy. it is raining. we've had a heck of a day today. >> it is all in a day's work. >> pretty strong words from the mayor of sea isle city. and then, on top of all of that yesterday, crews here had to put out a fire at a local coffee shop, as well, dealing with the blizzard like temperatures, and conditions, with the high wind gusts, at time they had rain, snow, back to rain, live out here this
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morning, you can see, what's left behind. the flooding and the wind still whipping across these flood waters. now, the mayor will be back out here this morning, checking out the damage, in the meantime, about 15,000 people in cape may county alone are without power. we should be getting a update from atlantic city electric at 7:00, on when people can expect that power restored. err cape, rahel, back into you. >> still a lot of problems there, jan, thanks so much. well, still may be difficult getting around on city transportation today. septa is gradually resuming services. buses and trolleys relaunch this morning at 4:00 a.m., but some routes may remain out of service, so make sure street conditions can allow for t don't want to put people at riskment regional rails, norristown high-speed line, also operating. but if you do have to take public transportation, we have to get to work today, do expect some delays. >> and, lot of people still trying get out of town, as things slowly get back to normal today at philadelphia international airport. yes, justin finch joins us now, justin, on the upside, no
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lines. hey bo it? >> erika, rahel, good morning, take a look around the airport here. there is no one here pretty much just me and few other people pretty much stand dollars here until their flights take off. how much, they could have very long wait ahead. as you can see, many of the check in counters not checking in anyone, as remaining airports across the country this morning. let's take you now to video. now, all philadelphia flights canceled for saturday, the terminals here were empty, and many still are. the rush to get on flights in and out on friday was because of that saturday cancellation. the airport now looking at today as a transition day, the airlines hoping to put some flight back in the air. however, weather-related issues here in philadelphia, and across the country, are creating more concellations than departures, at this point this morning. now, that saturday service freeze did actually free up some 400 plus staff. here at the airport to go out and clear millions of square feet of roadway and runways, to kind of get the ball
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rolling for pretty much of a transition day here at the airport to get service resuming by mondayment back out live here, i can tell you we are looking at the cancellation on the board here pop up more than on time flight. so very much a warning. i've been told by customers here your best bet is to call your airline directly, and speak to them about the status of your flight. many site, advertising on time flights. the board here, even say, that some flight are on time, or leaving at one time, and they're not leaving at all or leaving at a much later time. all of the major cars years servicing customers on line as well as on their hotline. so your best bet is to hold off coming here, and first check in with your carrier, erika, rahel, over to you. >> good advice, last thing you want to do is show up there and get stuck. justin, thank up. >> you can imagine that storm shut down the city. >> while some travelers were stranded at the airport, other were lucky enough to be stuck inside center city area
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hotels. >> the place to be. >> many visiting for shore while, ventured out. take a look, treking through the snow, in search of grub or trying to find something to do. some american airline flight attendants landed for a short turn over, and ended up staying for couple of days. >> we were coming in from frankford germany, and then we were supposed to go straight to charlotte. but woe never made it. >> this is quite the snowstorm. i've never seen it snow sideways in my life. i'm used to snow. but this is miserable. >> but -- god bless you all for living here. >> wow, all right. well, since the airport will resume service today, the ladies are hoping they'll be able to make it to southern temperatures. >> south carolina, so bless you all so much to clean up this morning. >> and it seems everywhere you look, there is still snow. >> cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" is live at tenth and washington, with a look at the neighborhood right now, good
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morning, cherri gregg. >> reporter: good morning, erika, rahel. yes, it is a mess. specially streets like south philadelphia where there are narrow streetment take a look at tenth treatment you can see, un city code do you have clear off your sidewalks, plows coming through, and pushing the snow and the cars here are literally wedged in so if you can't put the snow on the street, can't put it on the sidewalk, what do you with all of the white stuff? >> moving it mean it will all-star piling up. the mouth push the snow to each side, then car owners push the snow into the street and in parking lots, plows are pushing the snow, as well, what you'll see over the next
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couple of days, are snow mounds several feet high. it also makes it ding russ, and neighborhoods, like south philly, where the streets are narrow, and maneuvering can be tricky. so, many residents are opting to catch cabs, but even taxies are not taking any chances cab driver didn't want to go any further, but happy to get this close. >> i saw literally scooping up the snow and moving it to the end of the street, so if you have time, you may want to head out, start digging out your car, but, stay off the roads, because, again, the city still under a snow emergency. and the city has deployed about 415 plows, on almost 700 employees, and they need you to stay out of the way so they can get their job done, in time for rush hour tomorrow. can you believe that? hopefully they can do.
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that will live in south philadelphia, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> i'm sure a lot of kids out there hoping they don't do their jobs so they can stay home from school. >> snow day! >> exactly. >> cherry, thanks so much. >> well the storm has affected really so widespread. coming up how many the snow impact the travel on the pennsylvania turnpike and caused problems for a temple gym that is innings team. details on that when we come back. ♪ soul on fire, best you learn ♪ can't get higher ♪ ♪ till it burns ♪ man on fire ♪ sole survivor, yeah ow! ♪ get up! probst: medical, medical! woman: god, it just hurts so bad. probst: we're right here with you, all right? woman: oh, my god. all right, we're going to have an evacuation! call for the chopper! ♪ oh ♪ man on fire ♪ sole survivor, yeah. if you misplace your you can use freeze it to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds.
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>> in chest they are out county, the employs trying to keep up with the storm. of course as the snow kept falling yesterday, meantime, people struggled to clear more than 2 feet of snow, from their cars, and of course, the high winds, that didn't help either. >> crazy, unbelievable. i'll probably be out until sunday night. stay in your house. all i can say, stay in your house, let the professionals do what they do. >> good advice there. fortunately, there were no reports of downed trees, or power lines. >> the gridlock is now clearing up on the pennsylvania turnpike. more than 500 vehicles were stuck for miles starting friday night for nearly 24 hours, the bus caring the temple university women's gymnastics team was among the vehicles that got stuck. state police tried to alleviate some of the backups at the turnpike plaza. >> i never seen something like
6:16 am
this, i am free louisianna. >> all they can do is go west. they can't go east. >> the vehicles had been stuck so long, they were each surrounded by a foot of snow. the red cross and the salvation army are providing meals for those arriving at shelters. hard to believe. >> just getting stuck out in your car, meisha warns us, this is why you want the blanket and snack in the car in case something happens. >> absolutely, and stay in the vehicle. a lot of times people first reaction to get out of the car and walk to go get help. a lot of times they get exhausted, and in a blizzard, you can get stranded out there. >> how is the turnpike looking this morning, meisha? >> just looking at that, it still looks very icy. in fact on the turnpike you are not looking at that right now, i'll get to this in just a moment, but the turnpike very much icy conditions there. and even still snow on the roadways, despite the fact that the plows been going over and over and over again. just doesn't matter. that's how much snow we got. okay, so, right now, what we are looking at is 202 southbound past gulph road. we had clean up crews. see them in the camera shot. still trying to remedy the
6:17 am
situation. driving that salt, get that snow pushed out of the way. so even though not going to have a rush hour on a sunday morning, no doubt about that, still a lot of commuters heading out on the roadways trying to get done today what they couldn't get done yesterday because of the blizzard. stowe will get busy. use your best discretion, it is still very, very slipperiment take a look at this, where a truck went off the road, 202 north before chesterbrook boulevard, trucks on the site trying to get him out of. that will again, on ram of, off ramp, bridges, side street, all very slippery, and still dealing with a lot of snow. wissahickon avenue, looking little hazy there. now in the world of mass transit, once the new jersey transit gets restored, it is going to be cross-honoring system-wide. just make note that far right now, new jersey transit, dart, suspended, and also, take a look at this, update for septa, buses restoring service on route by route basis. and also, regional rails and the norristown high-speed line. we are going to have another update for you at about 8:00 a.m. on this. so all of this just kind of coming to fruition on what
6:18 am
exactly it should entail. again for those every you headed out on the roadways, just take it easy today. still dealing with a lot of black ice out there. it will be cold. still in the teens. sometimes the 20's. just waiting, justin, you can speak to this a little bit, we are waiting for it to get above freezing so we know when it will melt off. >> we will get little above freezing today, not whole lot. but having the sun outment that's going to be huge. so areas in the exposed sunshine will be able to melt. but still it, will get cold again tonight. a lot of pre freezing, if you're already missing the snow, if you missed the snow yesterday, or, you know, want little recap it for you, time lapse loop from west philadelphia, looking toward the city, can't see the skyscrapers there. this was early in the morning, 8:00 from the global leadership academy in west philadelphia. and as we go through time, you can see that, that snow varying in intensity, you know what i am talking about if you were up early in the morning, the worse of it, we had the lull in the afternoon, where could you see little bit of the buildings right there. and then just kick up back again, once the sun went down. and we pick up few more inches, so officially, from
6:19 am
the storm, 22.4, that's fourth largest snowstorm on record. last year, for the season, we had 27 inches. and so far this year, 22.9 inches of snow. storm scan3, much better check it out all of the clouds moving off shore with that storm system the snow has ends the. so, a lot of sunshine on tap for today. so again, like i said, there will be some melting going on, slow process, and that's good. because you don't want to get any rapid melting, no big rainstorms that could cause flooding. eighteen the current temperature in allentown, 22, in philadelphia, really cold farther north and west, eight pit burying, so with the fresh snow on the ground, that keeps our temperatures chilly. check it out. southern delaware, low two's around dover. twenty in vineland, 18 palmyra, new jersey being look at the suburbs, 14 ambler, quakertown checking in at 18 degrees, as well as allentown. winds much better. you know, we had sustained winds yesterday, close to 30 miles per hour, a lot of times during the day, now down to seven. officially. and the win direction is huge.
6:20 am
it is now off shore. that will helps push the water back off shore. but still, areas of concern, this morning, across the coastal areas of new jersey and delaware, even up the delaware bay, so one more high tide cycle, 7:45 for rehoboth beach. cape may, high tide, coming in at 8:00 this morning, 7:26 at atlantic city. so that's still a concern for some coastal flooding, coastal flood warnings stays in effect until noon. >> high pressure moves over us. large and in charge. that's why we keep it nice and quiet. so, good forecast coming up for the dig-out today. and certainly tomorrow. looks prettiness as well. sunshine, with temperatures above freezing tuesday, cold front, most of the energy stays to the north. that's good. couple of showers out of it. that's about it, temperatures today, struggle to get to about freezing this afternoon. it is a cold night tonight though. look at the single digits to the teens as winds go calm. at or freezing once again with sunshine. here is the ten day trend. cold for now, fresh snow in place.
6:21 am
we get brief warm up tuesday into the 40's, next weekend little cool. but as we head toward february, sign every milder air. now, this isn't record warmth, but temperatures, at least no signs of arctic air. today mostly sunny, breezy, 33 degrees, tonight very cold, 18 for the sit. colder in the suburbs, extended forecast no huge storms to talk about this week, maybe couple of showers on tuesday, highs in the 40's, otherwise, temperatures right where they should be for this time of year. erika, rahel, back to you. >> we like it, justin. >> six's and 70s from december about? we enjoyed those. >> after this weekend i'll take 30 and 406789. >> very true. >> and still to come this morning, from the city to the shore: we have you covered in the aftermath of yesterday's imagine or snowstorm. >> first though we check in with kyla grogan out on the roads. good morning, kyla. >> yes, if you are thinking of hitting the roads this morning, you may want to slow your roll, folks, because it is cold, it is icy, and you might be the one dealing with this, the car that's plowed in. we'll talk about road conditions, when we come back, stay with us, cbs-3, coming
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right back.
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> you saw kyla out there for all of those people who owned those cars stuck, kyla? >> not easy wake-up call. you can see here, i'm in collingswood, haddon avenue. wayne, you'll need some plowing done. >> this main drag in haddon, is doing okay, but here is the
6:25 am
problem. if your car was park on this street, you are socked in with the snow. i'm meteorologist and tell you that these two people coming out this morning, check it out. this is how deep this pile is talking 21 inches of snow. i mean, and, you know, you can see my feet. they sank right into it. justin told you will it, won't be melting today, it will be tuesday by the time we see some melting. imagine that if you have couple of feet of snow to dig your way through this morning. i don't think anybody will be excited about that. now, listen, some of the main roads are on 30 east. looking pretty good. but, the side roads, are not looking good. so i think the smart person this morning, stays off the roads, until later this afternoon, to let these crews get out, because a lot of this, a little slushy, and i can tell you what's going to happen now. you know, we are getting colder as the morning goes on. this is all going to turn to
6:26 am
ice. that means it will be a big slippery mess everywhere you go. so, i have to say, i'm going to give you some advice, even though you didn't ask for it, folks. stay put. let them get these roads cleared. we send it back to you in the very warm and lovely studio. >> kyla, yes. sore bye that. more hot coffee. >> well, down at the jersey shore, not only the snow but the major flooding giving them so many problems. >> let's take live look now from sea isle. jan carabeo is down there this morning, give us a first-hand look, at this terrible conditions they're dealing with. and with another high tide expected, the threat isn't over. we'll check back in jan when we come right back.
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>> good morning, yesterday the airport was shut down. today, will flights take off? that story coming up. >> this big storm may be in the rear-view mirror. for the jersey shore, flooding already in place here throughout shiite silly, now waiting for another high tide. we ' take a look at the danger straight ahead. the snow may be over. now it is time to get rid of
6:30 am
all of this mess. i'm cherri gregg in south philadelphia with the clean up efforts in this neighborhood. lot of news this morning. good morning, thanks for being with us, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm erika von tiehl. the good news, storms' gone, left behind quite a mess, we want to check in with justin drabick, good day for shoveling, what do you think? >> shoveling, who wants to shovel 2 feet of snow? >> never a good day for that. >> but will be a good day, sun will be out, don't expect whole lot of melting. temperatures struggle to get to freeing, still icy conditions out on the roads, that's the issue really now and for the next couple of days. trends will be for some miler air, and maybe hitting the four's, on tuesday, and no big rapid warm up. that's good thing, you doesn't want rapid warm ups, or a loft rain, then you talk about flooding potential. that won't happen this week. pretty quiet weather pattern checking out. nothing left of the storm, last of the snow showers moving off shore. skies clearing out nicely, again we go mostly sunny, especially, in the morning
6:31 am
hours. check out some of these snowfall amounts. again, allentown is the g new all time record, 31.9 inches. malvern, 28.2, broomall, coming in at almost 2 feet at 22 inches. we look in new jersey, trenton almost 22 inches, lindenwald 13.9, a.c. airport over a foot. into delaware, we go, new castle airport 16.1 inches, down in wood side, kent county, over a foot of snow at 15. and officially philadelphia here at the airport, 22.4, that's the fourth largest snowstorm on record. coastal flood warning continues. delaware, new jersey, up the del way bear, as well, that's until noontime today. one more high tide to be watching out for. twenty-two is the current air temperature in philadelphia, 18 allentown, there is your issue, even though the snow done, shrill slippery. crews will be out there. and some of the roads are just wet. that had been treated. but again, side streets will take a while. look at the windchill values, feels like single digits in lot of spots. outside of the city, breezes not as bad, though, that's
6:32 am
good news there. next few days still expect icy travel. high temperatures will be above freezing, so you get that melting during the day. and then things will be re-freezing at night. those icy spots will be hard to see specially coming in through this morning and again tomorrow morning. so meisha, look like still going to have some tricky travel problems for the next couple of mornings. >> yes, absolutely, i tell you what, justin, it will be so nice to see that sun, even though, like you said, we are going to be struggling to get to that marker where we can start this out little bit. but man nice to see that sun come out. bala cynwyd, city avenue at conshohocken state road. you can see when you look at these pictures, when we look at our traffic cameras, seeing plenty of snow out on the street. specially pushed up on the curbs. so parking is certainly still going to be issue for a loft you. but also, what we are doing, because we are still at the freezing point in the teens, 20's, we still have black ice out there. make no mistake about it, we are seeing some problems out there. evidenced by this, truck off the road, 202 north before
6:33 am
chesterbrook boulevard. and they've been working to try to get them out. he was so deep in that snow, that it is causing some problems, even trying to pull him out of there. also northeast philly another area very slick, aramingo avenue at castor avenue. overall when you go out to do your errands today, use your best caution, stay lower than posted speeds, you will have to anyway. slow speed restrictions, erika back to you. >> or stay home and tough it out. africans egg ought flights, things are expected to get with a normal at the airport. >> justin live with slow process ahead for airport personnel, justin, out there all by yourself. >> rahel, erika, good morning. at this hour you're used to seeing some casino of hustle and bustle here at the airport. not so much today. the few we have seen have been workers, and even smaller few are passengers who were eager to fly out. now, here's what's got never their way. the renmant of yesterday's snowstorm. all flights here at phl were cancel though the airport did remain open. there was a heavy push back on friday to get as many
6:34 am
passengers to and from their destinations before that snow blew in. and today is being called something after soft start to get those flights back into the air. it will be a process, however, the airport did record some 20 inches of snow. hundreds of staff were working around the clock saturday, to clear the roadways, and runways, for today. and despite their effort it, appears at this hour that not all flights are going to be a go this morning. we did meet this morning, family from orlando, who showed up for their flight, and they found out very quickly, it was canceled. >> when you saw the forecast, and then snow coming yesterday, were you nervous about this being a possibility? >> no, i just kept the positive attitude. thinking it would resolve itself by this morning. >> i feel so bad for you. to your knowledge, is there any flight that could get you to orlando that is not your current airline carrier?
6:35 am
>> to my knowledge, no. help me. >> help this mother, and her daughter, as her birthday, trying to get to the bahamas for her daughter's birthday, so she can be back in school by friday. what a headache that many travelers are now experiencing this morning. i can tell you this, that family tells me your best bet is to reach out to your carrier directly, often what you see on line or on the board here is not the most up-to-date information. the only people who will have that will be your airline carrier. you can't reach out to them over the phone or on line, many tell me, they have success reaching out to their airline carrier on twitter. pull out all of the stops today if you are trying to get to your final destination. >> good they're doing that, at least accessible. >> and hopefully tote of get to the bahamas soon and warm up. >> and after a storm that dumped 2 feet of snow in new jersey, the shore continues to deal with its aftermath. thousands this morning are still without power, and there is possibility of more tidal
6:36 am
flooding. >> we want to check in with jan carabeo in sea isle city. last thing you need is more flooding, jan, good morning. >> erika, rahel, good morning. that's right, flooding remains, we are experiencing widespread power outages. some 15,000 atlantic city electric customers are without power, in cape may county alone this morning. we are expecting an update from the utility around 7:00 to see when you can expect to have your power restored, meantime here on the ground in sea isle city take a look at this, on the corner of central avenue, west jersey avenue near city hall. this is just one example of flooding that remains, and the threat is not over. we all have our eyes on the next high tide. that is scheduled right around 8:30 this morning, near sea isle city. so, officials, say, moderate to major flood something still a possibility. so they want to remind people to stay indoors. and not drive-thru these flood waters. the wake of course further damages homes and businesses, and remember, if you get stuck it, may be hard for emergency crews to help.
6:37 am
now, this nor'easter accompanied by full moon, and that brutal unrelenting winds, it is still going on here this morning, it has created a perfect storm in sea isle city. it has been a very long and frustrating 24 hours for folks who live here, the mayor, even says there is storm has hit sea isle city, and has hit it harder possibly than super storm sandy. and on top of all of this, crews had to put out a fire at a local coffee shop yesterday, so everyone here has had their hands full. back out here live on scene, the mayor will be checking out more damage come this morning, and again, atlantic city electric says it will better update customers without power at 7:00 a.m. on when you can expect to possibly be restored. we're reporting live in sea isle city, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", erika, rahel, back to you. >> you really need that heat on too, hoping to get the power back on soon. thank you. >> and the shore had real difficult time. firefighters were called out at the peak of the storm. fire tore through brigantine
6:38 am
condo complex. we brought you live pictures of this fire as breaking news yesterday morning. brigantine police chief says the cause was accidental. fortunately there were no injuries. several people however were displaced by the fire. they're now in the care of the red cross. >> fire fighters philadelphia also had to battle flames, snow and cold temperatures, grocery store on the 2600 block of germantown avenue caught fire about 7:00 last night, and crews got the upper hands about half hour later. fortunately, there were no injuries in this fire either. >> some good news there. okay, waking up this morning, the snow has stopped falling, that means, do you have finds that shovel, start cleaning up, flight. >> yes. many resident of course will spends today probably shoveling their sidewalks, digging out their cars. lot of work to do. cherri gregg "kyw news radio" 1060 live in philadelphia where snow drifts on the cars. >> yes, in some places good morning, erika, rahel. let me tell you yesterday was a lot of fun with all of the
6:39 am
snow, people sledding and all. now there is this messment take a look at the snow drift here off of tenth street in south philadelphia. of course, you know, that under city code, residents have to plow a 3-foot space in front of their home, businesses have to do the same but then the plows are sort of coming through, and so that means your car is wedged in, on both sides. now, take a look at the video, the city has more than 2700 miles of streets to deal with today. and since this is an old city neighborhoods like south philadelphia have narrow street, so, even though the flu has cleared the area, these cars have to deal with all of this snow. and there is no where to put it. so you're going to see large piles of snow at the end of blocks, i literally, you can see, like a bulldozer at the end of this street that's dealing with this snow. it is scooping it up. it is dumbing it at the end of blocks. and that's what neighbors will have to come out and see today as they try to move their cars and deal with these issues.
6:40 am
and i actually had an opportunity to speak with one of the operators of the plows early this morning, and what he said is this snowstorm, the clean up effort, is nothing like he's ever seen. >> it's been a nightmare. we've done this years past, and i haven't queen seen anything quite like this. the way the snow is drifting off a lot of the buildings, there is some streets probably four, 5 feet deep. makes it impossible for the residents to dig themselves out. >> now the city has deployed 415 plows, and 675 employees, and in response to the storm, and the snow emergency still in place because, rahel, erika, this is what that folks will have to deal with. and i don't want to fall, but they're going have to come out and try to find a path to get to their cars and clean themselves up. so, besides cleaning your car, you need to stay off the roads and give those workers a chance to get this done in time for rush hour tomorrow. live in south philadelphia,
6:41 am
cherri gregg, "kyw news radio", cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> cherry, thanks so much. you know, we've heard it so much the last couple of days, but you want to shovel in intervals. to do it all at once, real a lot of stress. >> got to take care of yourself. still ahead this morning, time to dig out as we've been satisfying saying, more than 2 feet of snow, not just here but in new york city. to the big apple for the big clean up there. >> snowstorm tradition. run to the grocery store, grab all of the milk and bread you can. the ritual giving us some dramatic pictures at the grocery store. >> and now that that big snowstorm is behind us, what can we expect from our forecast? justin drabick tracking everything for us, lets you know when the snow can start to melt. details on that whether we come back. good morning.
6:42 am
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6:44 am
>> septa is saying at 8:00 this morning, they'll
6:45 am
have better idea how the regional rails and the norristown high-speed line will operate again. in the meantime, though, the broad street and market frankford line lines are running, running along even with the rest of the system shutdown. so septa spokeswoman heather redfern is telling thaws those two lines will still be the most reliable way to get around today. other mass transit notes, new jersey transit, that's still suspended until further notice. amtrak is on modified schedule. patco is on a sunday snow schedule. trains are running every half hour or so. finally the roads, i just spoke with penndot spokesman brad rudolph, who says 450 trucks are pushing snow, trying to make roads passable by getting salt out. specially the higher volume roadways, on those roadways there is a 45-mile per hour speed limit in place, and also, a vehicle ban in place, that means, no tractor-trailers, or motorcycles, for example, on the schuylkill. erika, rahel? >> tim, just quickly, are you seeing a loft cars out there? i know earlier this morning granted we came in pretty early, but i didn't see anything out there. >> wasn't that much earlier.
6:46 am
it took in henry avenue to get in here into center city. so it wasn't so bad. still slick spots though. most people being very careful and not getting out unless they really have to. >> prudence, good move. >> tim, thanks so much. right now we check in with meisha with the latest on the road. you're saying all morning to watch out for the black ice if you have to go out? >> it is certainly there, basically everywhere we look, we are still in the teens, the 20's, and if i'm not mistaken, did i hear something about motorcycles? on the roadways? ya, no, don't even think about it from someone who can ride, i can tell you right now, do not even think about taking a motorcycle out on these conditions. i don't know why you would anyway, it is just way too cold. here's a look at the vine in 95, looking good starting to see some vehicles starting to ticket out on the roadways, that's good thing, we can expect that on a sunday, a loft people are ringer around. that being said, very slick out there. truck off the road here, 202 northbound, before chesterbrook boulevard, still working to get him freed.
6:47 am
they have been for quite some time. but because of all of that snow, hard to do so. delaware county 95 north at 452, looking good, just casino of a birds eye view, you can still see how much snow still out there, disable vehicle cleared i95 good news, once new jersey transit gets restored it will be cross-honoring system-wide right now new jersey transit is suspended ' long with dart. justin, a sunday, going to be calmer than what we normally see in the mornings monday through friday but still slick a lot of people sundays as we know to kind of get out of their homes and get busy doing err around getting ready for work week, school week. what's in store for us? when will we start to see all of this out so to speak? >> it will be slow, a lot of ices conditions with temperatures still in the teens get some melting today, but all again refreeze z tonight. i expect still some delays to deal with potentially monday morning. checking in with weather
6:48 am
watchers, they've been great this entire storm giving us updates, pictures, and snowfall amounts. now the story this morning cold temperatures, as everybody gets ready to dig out. check it out. we head up to allentown, currently 20 degrees, where they set the new all time record, officially, at lehigh valley international airport. jewel which clear skies right now, does sends message saying over 33 inches every snow at her house, that's pretty impressive up there. let's go back here, if i can get out of this. >> in perkasie, john's house, ed in chesterfield, 15. he says good running weather. i want to see. that i thought i was a real man. but if you are running at 15, with snow on the gown, impressive.
6:49 am
>> again, the fourth largest snowstorm at 22.4 for philadelphia. still 30.7 our record, january of 1996, if you remember that, big blizzard. i was in ninth grade, ski report, let's hit t skiing and riding if you can get out of your house, up to the resorts, awesome conditions. best of the year. check it out. jack frost to up 36 inches of snow, also, big boulder, full capacity, open at blue mountain, 660 inches with 37 trails. >> check it out, high pressure in control, winds switching off shore. better news for the jersey shore line. still the coastal flood advisory, remains in effect, here comes our next high tide. >> quiet weather through the rest of today, sunshine, clouds, as we head toward tuesday, there may and couple
6:50 am
of rain showers, that model not even picking much of anything. no big storms this week. temperatures today struggle to get to freezing, it is cold again tonight. look at the single digits, teens, so more icy conditions for your monday morning. highs on monday, getting back above freezing, as well. the trends, no big warm up. do have little push north in the jet stream tuesday. we should see the four days -- 40's, cools down for the end of the week, no true signs of arctic air coming at us. so forecast high today in the sunshine to up 33, cold night tonight, teens, potentially some single digits in the suburbs, extended forecast pretty quiet. shun feel good today. little breezy, in the 30's 40's this week, rahel, erika, back to you. >> justin, thank up the dig out from the winter storm now starting in new york city. >> yes, came close to the most snowy storm in history. we check in with vanessa murdoch wcbs. out in queens. we hear the travel ban for the city and long island, hoping it will get lifted it morning. >> reporter: yes, so 7:00 a.m., travel ban gets
6:51 am
lifted. we come off the second biggest snowstorm of the record. it is a big deal here in new york sit, just as it is in philadelphia. so good morning from our winter bonds land to yours. here is the deal. we have gotten 30 inches of snow. so there is so much digging out to be doing this morning. we watch as some woke up as early as 3:30 this morning. to shovel on out from messes that you see. this snow piled up, in some cases, above the windows, on cars, one gentleman told me, it took him two hours this morning but he wasn't giving up. it was great to see his smile on that face. truely while morning here in new york city. it is very, very comfortable, calm, muff different scene than what we endured yesterday with the blizzard conditions, for 27 hours straight. it snowed here in the city, and on average, the snowfall
6:52 am
rate was 1 inch per hour. so, we will be digging out, and we will be sending our best wishes to you guys in philadelphia, as you do the same. but certainly, the plows still have a lot left to do. take a look behind me, you can see the plow stopped here on one of the side street. still more than foot of snow behind that plow barrier. live this morning from queens, vanessa murdoch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> vanessa thanks so much. i personally think that man needs to be employee of the month. two hours? well done. our hats off to you, sir. we will be right back with more on the aftermath of the storm. we'll be right back.
6:53 am
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well, it appears to be a snowstorm tradition, head to the grocery store for milk, bread, eggs, yep, it is french toast kind of weather right. >> but the question is why do those items in particular just fly off store shelves? we are investigating. >> reporter: we see it where blizzard. people panic, hitting stores, stockpiling groceries. >> winter is coming. we had to know that. >> somers go nuts over two staples. >> every snowstorm, the first two things that go are bread and milk. >> bread orders tripled this winter for store manager scott. >> no matter how much we order extra, they're gone. >> just basic comfort toast and hot chocolate concept. >> first thing that goes quickly, so if i see they're scar at this, i grab it in case. >> which is why bread and milk sales are documented diligently on social media. it has gun there is woman posted, time to make the milk
6:56 am
sandwiches. >> we had the bread h on-meeter. >> affiliate in washington dc even came up with a bread-o-meet tear show how bad the storm would be. >> on scale of one to ten, it will be a ten, run for your lives. >> got to get my bread and milling. >> knowing compares to the hysteria, with video back in 2013. generating 14 million views. >> they said snow. i got to bread and milk. oh, my god. >> people feel like they're stockpiling, they're safe. >> psychotherapist lisa says there is a theory for this phenomenon. >> whatever is going on outside my door, at least i know i can have eggs and toast tomorrow. >> and if you stockpile too much? another tradition. that little bit of control goes bad by the time all the snow melts. cbs news new york. >> little sigh old gentlemen there.
6:57 am
>> bread and milk, delicious. >> essential items. still ahead on "eyewitness news", a live update from a hard hit south jersey shore. we'll talk with governor christie and get an update. >> meet the war veteran using his wheelchair as a snow plow, even clearing his neighbor's walkways, too. >> the sun will be cooperating, justin's forecast, is up next. stay with us.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good morning, oh, after the storm, nearly 2 feet of snow remain, looking liver outside those huge snow piles right now, that big dig is on in south philly where the narrow streets filled with parked cars, it really plaques plowing nearly impossible, we have live update coming up. >> and the shore is saturated, at a height of the storm, flood waters flowed in for blocks and blocks. >> sunny skies, second half of the weekend, if you do have to get outside, plow, kids want to build a snowman, at least nice weather for t good morning, sunday, january 24th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm rahel solomon. justin, meisha, a keeping ion things this morning, we just heard justin might


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