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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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(groaning) bishop! bishop: upstairs! tony: you all right? hudson needs an ambulance. i found the wife. don't move. ducky: her body was preserved in formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, phenol-- basically, embalming fluids. stuffed into a vacuum-sealed storage bag. that's why there was no odor. and very little decay. and a cause of death, duck? yeah, a fractured neck. sharp left-to-right twist. same as major newton. who do i notify about her remains? she had no family except the husband that killed her. i'll call her father's lawyer. do we know who the imposter really is? rita applegate. she was a waitress at a bar not far from lejeune.
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that's where they met. discovered they had a lot in common. she and captain hudson shared similar, um, desires that his wife didn't. she wants to cut a deal and is willing to testify. says that hudson killed his wife and transferred the body, all along with their personal possessions. after hudson retired, they were gonna dispose of the body, move to the caribbean and live off of lauren's money. greed-- the root of much evil. morning, my lord. hey, ducky. those are awfully nice-looking flowers. i take it that you and jake made up. those aren't from jake. they're from mcgee. tony: aw. well, that's kind of sweet. so, you-you guys are good again? bishop: yeah. actually, mcgee saved me. i canceled my trip, got my deposit back, and, uh, it was a good thing. jake has to go out of town that weekend. a summit somewhere in asia. somewhere? asia's big.
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yep. need-to-know. couldn't tell me where. we'll take our little trip another time. yeah. so i got this, uh, leave request of yours. you still going to england? no, i think i'll take that trip another time. uh, thank you. um, you know, that heritage stuff isn't all it's cracked up to be. what happened? well... my cousin, crispian, called back. he knows all about archibald drummond. (chuckles) it turns out archie... was quite a character. he was a... he was a scoundrel, and a-a thief, a con man. died in newgate prison. crispian says that some historians suspect that, uh, he may have been...
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" right now on "eyewitness news", the storm is over but the clean-up has just gun. a look now at the damage done to the jersey shore where homes are flooded. businesses destroyed. and back here in pennsylvania, sp people are dealing with more than two feet of snow. and they could be digging out for days and days to come. from the shore to the city, "eyewitness news" has you covered tonight and it starts right now. good evening, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us, this was a storm of historic proportions. we will be feel effects for days, if not weeks to come. all philadelphia schools are closed. that's including public and archdiocesen schools, there are
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many other closings as well. you can see them scrolling there at the bottom of your screen. please take note of that. as the region recovers, our team is spread out tonight. covering every angle of the aftermath. temperatures are dropping. and that's raising concerns about refreezing. lauren casey is in our weather center. she's out there now on the sky deck with more on that. lauren? >> natasha, i'm on the sky deck. we have quite a bit of snowfall still lingering out here. it's getting pretty kron which he and crusty. as those temperatures drop down, getting cold tonight but incredible snowfall totals as we know, 22.4 inches of snow falling in philadelphia. this is now our fourth largest snowstorm on record in the city. records date back to the late 1800s. temperatures, they were cool today, we topped off just above freezing but a lot of sunshine did do melting despite the colder temperatures and now we've had the melting and temperatures continue to drop. the concern for ice is real and widespread.
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likely as we head into overnight. 28 right now in philly. already 16 in millville. this is going to be an issue over the next several nights as we contend with this snow pack high temperatures above freezing. for the next several days combined with sunshine, tomorrow is going to assist in the melting conditions, melts during the day. of course, as we head into the evening and overnight, we're seeing a lot of that refreezing of the slush, icy spots and they're going to be difficult to see, especially during the nighttime hours. travel is going to be kind of treacherous over the next several nights and early morning so especially as we're heading back to work after the big weekend snowstorm tomorrow morning. take it slow and easy and i'll have more details on what to expect is for the next several days and if there's anymore snow in the forecast coming up. >> we'll see you inside. >> along the jersey shore this storm brought serious flooding also knocked out power to thousands. but acelectric is only reporting about 550 outage, chopper 3 was
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over north wildwood. "eyewitness news" greg argos got a look at the shore clean-up first hand. >> reporter: more than 24 hours after that massive snowstorm rocked our area. this is the scene at the jersey shore, we're in west wildwood where many of the streets, at least the ones bay side are partially, if not completely submergeed with water. the good news is the water is receding and the clean-up in this town and many down the shore just starting to begin. as philly and much of pennsylvania digs out of the snow, remnants of the storm, those down the jersey shore are dealing with a much different clean-up. >> still some seeping out of the walls here. coastal flooding in sea aisle city. >> hurricane sandy we had 34 and now we have 15 be 16 inches on this storm, i never seen a tide come as to so toft ever.
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>> destroying almost everything inside mike's seafood. >> there's nothing in this building that mike's seafood has that savageible. not the cooking equipment, any refrigeration, everything is a complete loss. >> reporter: further south in stone harbor, the storm surge cutting a six foot shelf into the dunes. eroding much of what protected downtown businesses. leaving employees at places like fred's tavern pushing out water instead of in and of itselfing out snow. >> any water bad. one inch, two inch, it's the same clean-up. maybe less damage if everything picks up. it gets into every crevice. >> reporter: you'd be forgiven for thinking west wildwood was a scene for water world. >> we never thought it would be stronger than sandy, saturday morning was the worst, higher than sandy. >> one, two, punch. isn't it. >> no question, we learned a lot from sandy. helped us with this, never expectsed to get this type water again, prepared us for it.
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>> reporter: those living here keeping optimistic about the massive clean-up. >> west wildwood is used to this bike tomorrow the water will be gone, people start cleaning out the garages. it will be business as usual. >> reporter: the mayor here says business as usual means a few weeks. clean-up here will be extensive and i will take some time. he says his office already in communication with chris christy's office for assistance. reporting here in west wildwood, greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> here in philadelphia, meantime major roadways got cleared promptly but most neighborhoods are still digging out. the roads are if such bad shape apparently that trash collection is cancelled for tomorrow as wellly. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live in center city tonight with the latest on efforts to dig out in many neighborhoods. diana? >> reporter: it's been kind of a tough day across the city, natasha, people are starting to get in and see what their cars actually look like and how piled up the snow has gotten over the
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last 24 hours, we have just learned that the to snow emergency has been lifted across the city and the snow is really starting to pile up here. especially across the street from city hall as the roads are looking good tonight, but that is not the story across much of the city. from south philadelphia to germantown the clean-up started. for some moving faster than others. >> they told us it was coming and it came. >> reporter: the snow piling up in center city dump trucks and front end loaders getting broad street ready for monday's back to work rush. unfortunately that means towing cars parked in the way. in south philly roads still impassable and that's if they've seen a plow at all. many side streets remain virtually untouched. >> we've been shoveling since yesterday about 2:00. i shoveled this all out. i come back today, and it's back in, what can you do.
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>> reporter: side streets throughout the city remain snow covered yet to be a plow. on see more streets there's taken matters into their own hand. >> they told us they wouldn't have anybody here for snow removal. >> we got elderly people on this block very sick that need service and the ambulance couldn't get down the street. and not only that, anybody with sick or fire or anything like that, nobody could get down here. >> reporter: everyone picked up a shovel and been digging out cars and the street since early this morning. >> everyone got the shovel and each one. >> reporter: kid who just found out there's no school tomorrow turned their unplowed streets into a playground. >> snowball. >> reporter: i like it. fun? yes. >> reporter: so the kids are very happy about no school tomorrow. as far as plowing is concerned, the city is asking that residents please have patience. they're trying to get to all the main roads first then they will start working on the secondary roads and some of those side streets.
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you'll start to see a little progress as the night and the day go on tomorrow. also, the parking authority will not be charging at meters and kiosks around the city tomorrow, live in center city, diana rocco, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. also the biggest hit in terms of snowfall was in allentown, pennsylvania. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has more on it clean-up there. >> reporter: man, it was crazy. >> snow was everywhere, you couldn't see anything. >> reporter: they knew the storm would be significant. >> the worst. >> reporter: sit turned out, joan nass proved to be the most significant snow storm that allentown ever seen. >> we were pray forgot the snow to stop. >> reporter: the community is trying to rise to the surface of a record breaking 31.9 inches of snow. >> kept getting worse and worse. we didn't realize we hadn't hit the peak of it. >> reporter: downtown it was a mad dash to move parked cars in
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time for plows to pass. that is, if you could find them. >> we looked out this morning, i had no car whatsoever, you couldn't see anything besides the two windshield wipers sticking out. >> reporter: roads challenged first responders throughout the weekend ranged from slightly slushy to impossible. he was just getting home when we caught up with him. he was snoweded in at the hospital. a good thing, because no other doctor was able to make it in. >> we had two heart attacks and two one stroke. i had to manage them alone. >> reporter: play time in the snow for his two daughters required a cross between crawling and swimming. small moments like this and big collaboration all revealed when a storm passes. well. the state of delaware is also digging out. governor markell will lift the state of emergency in the state at midnight. city offices will be closed tomorrow and the retail theft of the state, majority of schools
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will be closed in the aftermath of the storm as well. you can see the closings again at the bottom of your screen or you can just go to there is a complete list of closures there. chop over the calvary fellowship church in downington where a the snow caused the roof to collapsech the photo on facebook last night of the the gaping hole opened up by weight of the snow on the buildinglyly thankfully no one was injured. chopper 3 over the scene of a partially collapsed building in quakertown, crews responded to the scene this morning in the 100 block of north hellertown avenue. no one was in the building at the time, luckily. issues with septa. to tell you about tonight in the aftermath of had this massive winter storm. the norristown high speed and all regional rail lines except the airport line are still suspended at this hour. subways are operating normally at this time. many lines are expected to be up and running at least by tomorrow.
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head to for the latest on septa's status. speaking of septa, it wasn't messing around today when it came to clearing out those rail road tracks, chop over the rails on the norristown high speedline, they were using a jet jen to get rid of the snow. whatever it takes to get those trains up and rolling again. things are gradually returning to normal at philadelphia international airport. a management of today's flights were cancelled american airlines which handles about 70 percent of the airport's customers cancelled half of their flights. sp passengers were holding out hope they'd at least be able to travel at planned, but they're not on thatmystic. >> we were supposed to go to orlando to get a cruise ship to bahamas. guess what? looks like the crews ship may go without us. >> to, officials expect things
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to at least be back to normal by midday monday, but they're encouraging travelers to check with your airline before heading out to the airport. stay with us, still to come on "eyewitness news", a very special delivery. we're going to introduce you to this cute little bundle of joy born in the midst of the storm. his proud parents speak to "eyewitness news". plus this storm dropped record snow on other parts of the east coast as well. we're going to take a look at clean-up efforts in dc and up in new york. lauren? >> we'll talk about tomorrow's forecast. if it will be conducive to clean-up the cold temperatures leading to icy roads, all of that in your forecast coming up championship sunday in the nfl. who's headed to the super bowl? we got the answers, lesley
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. welcome back, people have been sharing pictures and videos of the snow sunday with us. this was from alexandria. her dog getting in a run on the sled. good thing she has the sweater on to keep her warm. also check out this eyewitness cam photo. that is yankee galloping in the snow. this photo sent to us by the costello family from bordentown. thanks so much for that. our viewers have been helping us tell the story of this winter all weekend long, photos flooded on to our twitter, facebook and instagram with the #a cbs3 snow. we so appreciate you sharing your snow stories with us. they really are helping to tell the story around the region. special delivery for a couple of montgomery county parents. a baby boy born during this weekend's major winter storm. getting to the hospital in time, well, that was something the new parents will never forget. health reporter stefanie stahl
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has the story. >> reporter: baby jack resting comfortably hours after being born at einstein medical center, montgomery county. >> made it through the blizzard. >> mom, laura johnson wasn't due until the 29 and. during the severe storm saturday, as the snow was pile up outside, the contractions started. >> we were both panicking a little bit. i was doing my best to hide it. hopefully it didn't become. >> reporter: when laura's water broke, there was no more waiting. >> get me to the hospital seasons you can. >> reporter: two teat of snow in their neighborhood. driving conditions hazardous. >> i'm thinking, man please don't fishtail on snow bank. >> reporter: what's normally a 15 minute drive took an hour but the suv did great. >> we went that you pretty crazy stuff to get here. >> reporter: they made it in time, jack was born 3:44 sunday sunday, nine pounds six ounces. >> it will be a great story to tell. >> we'll always have the story.
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>> they named the baby after patrick's grandfather. >> he's not here, but i know jack was up there looking down at us and making sure we got here safe. >> reporter: a handle baby why meeting his big sister for the first time after a very special delivery. >> it was still a little hair ri but we made it. >> reporter: patrick said he used to live if buffalo new york, so he wasn't that frequent freaked out about driving in the snow. stefanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". hundreds of travelers were stranded on the pa turnpike. finally moved on but it's been hours. more than 500 cars, trucks and buss were stuck on the road near pittsburgh since friday night when the storm hit. and take a look at this. led by about 300 catholic students took place while everyone was waiting right there on it turnpike. a church official says some or drivers also joined in. and among those stranded on the turnpike, temple university gymnastics team, 14 gymists and
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a handful of coachs were standing still with the vehicles during the height of the storm. they're finally off the turnpike tonight. we're happy to report the turnpike chairman has offered scenario apology promising a thorough review of this incident. a daunting clean-up effort is under way across the east coast follow the historic blizzard, two feet of snow fell in washington, dc, as craig boswell reports, the nation's capital remains shutdown. >> reporter: the sun melted some of the two feet of snow that fell in washington, dc. but as the moon rises, temperatures are plummeting creating dangerous conditions. a convoy of trucks from boston and other cities arrived sunday to help get the nation's capitol moving again. >> we're bringing about 450 pieces of equipment from outside of dc. >> reporter: clean-up crews are making main streets a priority. officials asked residents to help with snow removal. >> senior citizens can't get out
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here. >> the federal government will remain closed and airports in the area are only clear ford limited flight operations. the storm cancelled more than 11,000 flights. in new york city, fair and impartials say the noreaster missed setting a new record for total snowfall by a 10th of an nip. >> we need people off streets for their own safety and others. >> reporter: mayor di blasio asks drivers to keep the car parked. cancelled side street parking for the entire work week. that's how long it could take for things to get back to normal in many places, craig boswell, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> we're going to be digging out days. it's unbelievable. >> winter storm 2016, it was like i want in the record books, all of them not just philly. all up and down the east coast. i'm taking them all. >> we're going to do several days digging out, of course, sunshine help melt things a bit but going to create icy condition as we head into
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overnight with the storm was a do see, baltimore washington international airport picking up 29 inches of snow, biggest for baltimore ever on record. new york city central park, picking up close to 27 inches. it was number two. of course, number four for philadelphia. also washington, dc at reagan airport picking up close to 18 inches fourth biggest snowstorm on record. allentown our biggest snowstorm ever picking up 31.9 inches of snowfall. most of the fell in 24 hours time. it was just one in touch shy of our normal seasonal snowfall total. incredible numbers. put up by winter storm 16, king of prussia picking up 26 inches of snow on ratty is. trenton picking up 22 inches, well over a foot in atlantic city. our delaware amount 16 inches if in new castle. thanks to this powerful winter storm. but stormscan 3 all is quiet right now, patchy clouds moving
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on through, couple of flurries north of new york city, quiet conditions as we get a live look at center city. quite a different scene what we saw over friday night and into saturday. 28 degrees current temperature right now. bit of a breeze at around five miles per hour making it feel like 23 degrees, temperatures are falling off significantly. down to 16 degrees in medical. 22 right now in cherry hill. temperatures generally in the teens and 20's across the area. 23 right now in mountain holy. north pond 25 in pottstown, 23 in mount pocono and with the clear skies and lighter wind speeds, not blustery anymore. generally light to calm across many of our reporting sites. just having a little bit of an impact on the feels like temperature but with the cold numbers, regardless, just a little bit of a breeze, knocking down these numbers, making it feel like teens in mount pocono, same case in wilmington, dover, 14, windchill right now overnight tonight actual air temperatures 18 in the city,
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wind stay on the lighter sight, side, mostly clear conditions. the melting we saw through the day will refreeze overnight and to the first part of our morning, then more melting as we head into tomorrow afternoon, 37 a mix of sun and clouds, wind speeds throughout the day, so it should feel comfortable. future weather showing us quiet conditions, all throughout the day, another very nice weather day for clean-up. as we head into tuesday morning, quiet conditions for your tuesday morning commute. we will see shower activity, rain shower activity moving in as we head to the second half on the day pushing first into the lehigh valley then we'll see showers in center city philadelphia, and southern new jersey and delaware. i think the evening commute in the city and points south should be all right with those showers moving in past 7:00, 8:00 in the evening on tuesday. they will be kind of spotty to scattered in nature, not so widespread. a shower could linger into the morning on wednesday. sunshine and chilly thursday,
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temperatures climb back up into the 40's by the end of the week with maybe a flake or a drip on friday. >> maybe? much more manageable. >> we'll take a flake. we don't want anything else. the super bowl set yeah, number two, we have to teams left standing at play for the lombardi trophy, super bowl 50 set and feature a five-time most valuable player and a future hall of famer going against this year's
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garbage. that's the budget passed by the republican legislature in harrisburg. it's unfunded, unbalanced and unconscionable. it'll balloon the deficit. and cuts education by $95 million dollars. causing governments to raise property taxes. all while protecting the gas industry by refusing to make them pay their fair share. call your legislator. tell them to fund education, stop the deficit from ballooning out of control, and build a better future for pennsylvania.
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lesley two really good playoffs playoff games today. >> very excited about the super bowl coming up. getting closer, 32 teams went to training camp. that goal of playing in super bowl 50 which you can see on
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cbs3 february 7th. we know who is headed we're going to start in denver where the broncos took on the defending championship patriots. in the final second. down by eight 17 second left. tom brady, of course, gronkowski in the end zone for the touchdown. brady goes to join edleman. the ball is tipped. that's the ball game right now. payton manning is headed to his fourth super bowl. broncos hang on 20-18 win. to the nfc championship between the panthers and cardinals, carolina jumping up to 17 unmark. knew ton three 335 yards, two touchdowns, panthers forced seven turnovers and scored the most points in a conference championship game. 49-15 final. sports zone eagles name doug pederson headcoach earlier in the week. is he the right man?
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we're going to preview the panthers, broncos superbowl match-up. sports director don bell in just a few minutes. >> there's a lot. i can't wait for the super bowl. it's going to be exciting.
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