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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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left behind, in so many neighborhoods a lot of kids, hey they'll be off today to go sledding. philadelphia public and arch die son schools closed today more than 700 other schools also closed or delayed. we have those for you at the bottom of the screen, or any time at coverage of the aftermath of the storm, checking in on neighborhoods still covered in snow. i know you have bunch of important news about the monday morning commute. first to katie with the conditions, you want to be careful when you head outside there, kate. >> i and the colds will create the problems. you get the refreezing taking place here, as you walk out the door, if you don't have any salt down on your step, from the storm coming in in the first place, it could turn little slick. we did see temperatures yesterday get warm enough, and enough sunshine to help melt some of it away. now the temperatures have just plummeted right back down. so as a result you have seen it all refreeze in a lot of spots. now, "skycam 3", nice and calm, collected here over the ben franklin bridge, no problems right now at face
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value, meisha, obviously, will have all of the trouble spots. they are still out there. again, the aftermath trickle down effect that takes place, when you have so much of the snow, the heaping ♪ to get rid of. you can have the problems left behind. now, allentown, you guys did well on this storm system. your normal seasonal snowfall is 32.9 inches. and out of this one system you pick up 1 inch shy of that. it was an all time record event for you, at 31.9 inches. and allentown's mild stomping grounds, i can tell you, i was getting pictures left and right from my family members showing me what's going on up there. just unbelievable, the amount of bands that came into the area in general, through the course of the storm. but now, it is all gone. storm scan, nice and quiet. you have got couple of clouds up across, say, southeastern pa, even central pa, but i don't want you to worry about any weather-related hazards today except the re icing. so with everybody under freezing right now on these
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thermometer readings, you got to watch out for the black ice. if it looks like it has got a sheen to it, it has likely frozen over, once more, meanwhile though you can expect a quiet weather day all things considered. sunshine, couple of clouds, temperatures that eventually top off into the upper 30's, generally around at least the shore point and the philadelphia region, itself, in the mountains, though, probably have hard time hitting the freezing mark. so that said, it is a quiet weather day. but meisha, we always talk about these aftermath issues that come into play here. not like the storm comes and then gone and you wipe your hands clean of it, unfortunately. >> no, absolutely, clean up now just beginning. and i can tell you there is still so much snow up there. parking is still a big issue, also the refreezing on the road surfaces, a loft ice, a lot of ice. also, the residential roads, the secondary roads, there is still so much snow, sometimes where there should be two lanes, only one lane. that's causing some problems, too, which is why a lot of the kiddos won't be able to go to schooled to -- school today.
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brought broad street at spring garden, see how much ice still compacted down on the road surfaces making it very slick. speed restrictions are no long america play like we saw they were all weekend long; how much, you won't be traveling at posted speeds, especially side street, just because of how icy they are. when we look at the major interstates and highways, looking better because of all of the volume that goes on the roadways. exhaust will melt a lot of the aisles. more vehicles that we have, the more exhaust keeps it frozen. once all of those cars go off the roadway, after our evening rush, and once it can freeze over, that's when we get the ice again, then we have to wait for it to melt in the morning again. so what we are dealing with right now. ninety-five south at girard looking good. i will say that there are still some slick spots specially when you go under those bridge decks. make note of that. ninety-five at the vine looking good, giving you birds eye view at the volume levels. we are starting to see some early risers now start to hit the roadways, blue route near route 30, also looking good. blue route had some problems over the weekend. an accident jackknife tractor-trailer here new jersey turnpike past route
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168. make mother of that. that certainly can slow you down this morning if you are not aware that it is there. erika, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. snowstorm long gone, snow emergency in philadelphia has now been lifted. "eyewitness news" in south philadelphia overnight where many small streets remain untouched by plows. 22.4 inches as katie mentioned fell in the city making it the fourth largest snowstorm in philly. because of all of the ongoing clean up, the effort there, the trash, and recycling collections for today have been canceled. no need to drag your bins out. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh joins us live along tenth and ziegel in south philly where more on how the city digging out. so much snow still there, anita, good morning. >> reporter: so much snow indeed, erika, good morning, these side streets still dealing with major mess. as you can see i'm stands nag pile about knee-deep here. so there is a lot of clean up to be done, behind me, you can see, that a lot of cars still have a lot of clean up to do. they're just wedged in by a lot of piles of snow there. and neighbors spent yesterday
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with shovels in hand making sure some of their streets are clear. take a listen. >> truthfully, i've been shoveling since yesterday about 2:00. >> wow. >> and i just got back here, i shoveled this all out. come back today and it is right back in. what can you do? >> we got people here, elderly people on this block, very sick, that need plan tori service, the ambulance couldn't get down the street. >> other actually enjoying the snow. one turned broad street into a personal ski slope. >> only time i have ever got to do it. >> i lived here 23 years, i never had snow like this. >> so, some people definitely having fun with the snow, and taking advantage of it, but for others they'll have a lot of clean to up do. today, tomorrow, there is still a lot to be done, as you can see, and peco says there are still about 160 customers in the philadelphia area without power right now. but from now, liver at tenth and ziegel, anita oh, "eyewitness news". >> cold night, and eat, a thank you. while the big dig out in
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pennsylvania continues, down the germs i shore residents are dealing with serious flooding and also power outages. many streets look more like waterways. look at that roaring waves pushed high tides on to the board walk. while whipping winds ate away at the beaches. home and business owners are surveying the damage and counting their losses. >> 1 inch, 2-inch, you know, the same clean up. maybe less damage it get everything pick up. but it gets into every crevice. >> officials along the jersey coast say clean up may take weeks. wildwood's mayor has reached down to governor chris christie for assistance, we'll get a live report from that shore coming up in about a half hour. >> over to delaware now, the governor lifted the state of emergency overnight. but wilmington city offices are still closed today. along with the majority of schools in the state. if you are still snowed in, we're told crews plan to start plowing some untouched subdivision streets later on today. also, we'll hear from septa later this morning about the status of its service
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after the storm. they're hold a news conference at 6:30 this morning, and "eyewitness news" will car at this live here on cbs-3. meantime norristown high speed and all regional rail lines, except the airport line, they're still suspended. subways are operating normally, head it for the very latest on septa status. and, it took a loft effort for septa to clear the railroad tracks. see this? chopper three over the rales on the norristown high-speed line, where crews were using a jet engine it seems to get rid of the snow. basically, a high powered snow blower. whatever it takes to get those trains rolling again, they're doing it, oh, my gosh, certainly wishing you had those in your neighborhood i bet. meantime live look at philadelphia international airport already a long line at security as things slowly get back to normal this morning. many flights were canceled over the weekend. still today at least 70 flights in and out of philadelphia, they're canceled today. "eyewitness news" spoke to some travelers who got to the airport first thing this morning. some were more optimist being than other. >> it is all good.
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they'll get there eventually. >> because the airlines canceled everything, i'm not leaving out until today. so i lost two days of vacation in the sun. >> we just lost a day. we got the refunds. so we're comfortable with that. >> officials expect things to get back to normal by mid-day. they're still encouraging though if you are traveling today check with your airline before you head to the airport. well, the town that got hit hardness all of the snowfall was allentown. the community is now digging out from more than two and a half feet of snow. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff went there to see how their clean you have efforts are going. report oh, man it was just crazy. >> snow was everywhere. you couldn't see anything. >> reporter: they new the storm would be significant. >> this is the worse. >> reporter: as it turned out it, proved to be the most significant snowstorm that allentown has ever seen. >> oh, we was praying for the snow to stop. but it kept going. >> reporter: the community is
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now trying to rise to the surface after record breaking 31.9 inches of snow. >> it just kept getting worse and worse. we didn't realize that we hadn't even hit the peak of it. >> reporter: downtown it was a mad dash to move parked cars in time for plows to pass. that is if you could find them. >> we looked out this morning, and i had no car whatsoever. like you couldn't even see anything besides the two windshield wipers sticking out. >> reporter: records that challenged, range from the slightly slushy to impossible. >> doctor, just getting home, when we caught up with him. he was snowed in at the hospital. the good thing, because no other doctor was able to make it in. >> we had two heart attacks, one stroke, so i had to manage them alone. >> reporter: cross between crawling and swimming, small moments like this, and big collaboration, all revealed, when a storm passes. obvious issue will be the
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re-freezing of roads that could cause dangerous conditions, but another issue that residents have been dealing with is a lack of fuel, because trucks haven't been able to get through to gas stations. reporting in lehigh county, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> much more coverage for you of the aftermath of the storm, including other areas hit hard by the blizzard. >> big dig on the east coast has already gun, there are still thousands of cars burried under snow. why officials don't want people to dig themselves out. i'm brian web in new york, that story is coming up. >> and local church now looking for a place to worship after its roof came crashing down during the storm, weaver new information about the damage left behind. ♪ >> a lot of people are wishing they could just go back to sleep, instead of digging your car out this morning. how about it? more details on the big dig out whether we come back.
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>> south every us in washington, d.c., snow piled up even more, piling nearly 3 feet in some areas. brian web joins us, in new york with the crippling effect of the storm up and down the east coast, affected so many people, brian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. well the big dig has gun. there are still thousands of cars burried under snow like this one, and officials really don't want people to dow themselves out. they don't want the snow back out on the street, they don't want people to get hurt. already this weekend, several new york ers died with a snow shovel in their hands. not only is it cars that are burried, officials have moved the snow off the street onto sidewalks so people are having trouble walking down sidewalks, they have to compete with cars on the roads, just to get where they're going. >> federal offices and schools
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in the nation's capitol remain closed this morning, as people in the area continue to dig out from under 2 feet of snowfall. crystal lucas got a hand on covering her burried car from a good samaritan. >> even on a sunny day, they probably won't even say hello. but in a time of need people are here to help. >> reporter: in virginia and maryland, people did their best to chip away at the mound of snow ahead of the start of the work week. seventy year old steve mindcough spent hours shoveling out his entire driveway, only to have passing plow trucks undo all of his work. >> i'm almost so outraged by the state it, i'm liable to have a stroke now thinking about it. >> while much of new york city came back to life, after record snowfall totals, resident here in queens are still dealing with unplowed roads. >> we are all wondering what happened to the sanitation department? what happened to these blocks? they took care of the main roads. >> impact also being felt as many of the nation's busiest airports.
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carol and her friends have been trying to get home to new jersey in time for her milestone birthday today. >> this is not what i thought my birthday would be like, but that's the store. >> i airports along the east coast are slowly getting back to normal. but hundreds of flights have already been canceled for today. >> there will be no picnic for air travelers today, erika. already more than 1200 domestic flights have been canceled for today. >> such a shame. now being back to the city though in new york, any concern about falling ice from the tall buildings? >> reporter: yes, exactly many buildings around new york city, the one i live in, they have barricades pushing people away from the building for fear of falling isolate err today as it warms up. definitely a concern specially today. >> got to be careful. brian web for us up in new york, thanks so much. >> we saw our fair share of damage from the snowstorm, too, in downingtown, the weight of more than 2 feet of snow caused the roof of the calvary fellowship caused to collapse.
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the pastor posted these pictures on facebook, loot inside there showing the huge hole inside the auditorium tonight make things worse the sprinklers also went off it, flooded most of the building. all-in-all they suffered more than $1 million in damage, and church leaders say it will take about six months to fix all of. that will. >> and, check out the damage in quakertown bucks county. part of the roof caved in yesterday. that build something on the 100 block of north hellertown avenue. the good news is no one was inside when it came crashing down, but they also just have a huge mess to clean up today. and really just incredible storm, katie. but much quieter today. still so cold out, there but if you need to get outside and shovel at least still not coming down. >> and lighter winds to go along with that, as women. always tend to have the aftermath problems specially at this time of year. it will be below freezing, re-freeze, so that's kind of the theme that we have to continue to keep in the back of our heads the next couple of days. but when you talk about damage it, wasn't just from the snow, we are actually going to start things offer by taking you out
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to one of the eyewitness photos. start off "skycam 3", look liver at bethlehem, pa, and yes, snow covered streets, they clearly run the plow through there. you can tell there is definitely still some white stuff on the roadways. so, that's what you are going to be running across here. throughout the course of the day, throughout the course of the next few, really, because this was just monster after system. now we just got to get rid of all of. >> this going to the shotty wanted to show you here. this is out at nun's beach stone harbor. comes to us from one of our gold star tweeters, send this in with the errosion that took place, some of the damage out here in stone harbor. them just got an incredible flooding from the different high tides that came in in tandem with the huge storm, and in tandem with the fact that you had a full moon to go along with it, it was almost like the perfect storm. no pun intended. storm scan3 devoid of any storms at this point. that one long gone, becomes very significant rainstorm if you can believe it for the uk. however, we are now under the influence of high pressure, it
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will stay that way for now. although there is a weak dis ands that eventually does come n late in the week i don't want you to get too concerned yet. but there will be a storm that develops, you should sue our floor director now, he is like you have to be kidding me, storm developing off to the south. how much, at this point, some of our most reliable mod levels keep this out to sea. it is going to bear monitoringment and i'm going to continue to do that for you. we are at least calling for us to maybe get on the outskirt of the storm a shower, a snow shower, that would be or a flurry, but we are watching that. at this point, no major concerns, just big old heads up. ski report, now is a good time to head on out. you have the day off. why not hit the trails? quite a few open with very significant snow pack. check out blue mountain, 60-inch base right now out at the area. next couple every days keep the temperatures nice and cold for the ski lovers, again by friday, we are watching the coast for just the slim potential right now, but some
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snow. meisha? >> katie, it is good to see 44 in our forecast, after a weekends like we had. thank you for. that will good morning, everyone, happy monday. we are looking at the roadways this morning, things looking pretty good. as you can see right away when you look at this how much snow is still out there. and i will let you know because it all froze over. anything that melted yesterday, is now all ice on the roadways. what we are looking at right now, 309, headlights moving in the northbound direction, at the turnpike, and i can let you know that at the turnpike that caused major issues for a loft us on the roadways, turnpike, probably one of if not the most dangerous areas through the entire blizzard, so a lot of people got stranded there. what we are looking at at 309, things looking pretty good there. we know it will heat up moving into the 6:00 hour. moving on the vine headlights moving in the westbound direction at eighth street. looking at the vine little earlier, and very, very, very dangerous situation there, too, because a loft icing on the roadways. i'm going to ask my producer, try to erase this off the screen, there you go. ben franklin bridge looking
5:21 am
good for those of you moving in the westbound direction from jersey moving into center city, looking good but also bridges, icy, under the bridge decks, those side streets, sidewalks, all of those, still a loft ice out there on the secondary streets, residential streets, those are looking very slow because there is just so much snow. what should be two lanes, is you're down to one lane, causing some problems for you there. the schuylkill, taillights, moving into the eastbound direction, at montgomery. looking good here, but already on this monday morning you can see it is plenty of taillights and headlight out. that's letting us know even though a lot of the kids are out of school today, there is going to be plenty of people out on the roadways this morning, so just take it easy, if you are traveling at posted speeds make sure you give enough space from the car in front of you. erika, back to you. >> always good advice, meisha, thank you. rough ride when severe turbulence hit the plane sending several people to the hospital. now we're hearing from passengers about that scare in the air. >> and, three dangerous inmates on the run this
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morning, now we're learning how they pulled off the escape from maximum security jail. where this happened when we come look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
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>> man accused of ambush ago philadelphia police officer in court. faces attempted murder charges and related offenses. he was caught on surveillance video opening fire on officer jesse hartnett in west philadelphia earlier this morning. authorities say archer confessed to the shooting saying he was acting in the name of islam. officer hartnett was just released from the hospital last week. the judge will decide if there is enough evidence to put archer on trial. >> manhunt underway this morning for three escaped inmates in southern california. the search expands to go several counties for these violent criminals. as correspondent reporting, fbi offering $50,000 rye ward for clues that lead to their arrest. >> we will not stop until these individuals are back in our custody.
5:26 am
>> say may have spent months planning their daring escape, from the orange county jail. sheriff sandra hutchins. >> at this appears to be a very sophisticated operation. >> the planning was meticulous, says sheriff lieutenant jeff. >> it seems that the inmates cut through half-inch steel bars, cut their way through the plumbing tunnels, and ultimately, gained access to an un secure area of the roof. from the roof the inmates rep he'd down to the grounds. >> authorities say it is likely they used bed sheets and other clothing to fashion a makeshift rope. as to what tools they used to escape, how they got them, or if they had help, all every those questions got the same response. >> we are still looking into that. >> they are also looking at whether a disturbance inside the jail just prior to the nightly head count may have been a roost by other inmates to help the three men escape. authority don't believe they've left the country. they say tips have poured in but so far no confirmed
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sitings. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", much more on the aftermath of the major snowstorm, including the damage left behind down the shore. >> also, call this a very special delivery during the storm. we're now hearing from these new parents about their harrowing ride to the hospital as that snow fell. i can't even imagine, kate. >> i you took the words right out of my mouth on that one, my goodness. we are looking ahead here to at least quiet weather day. but we still have the aftermath problems to address here when it comes to the wake of the storm and trying to get rid of all of that snow. we'll have a full forecast for you coming up. >> thanks so much. also, be careful when you hop in your car this morning, meisha has been telling us there is some black ice on the road right now. really, just take your time, go slow out. there meisha has an update on your monday morning commute when we come back. good
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>> good morning it, could be a rough right, side streets still with several feet of snow. while the highways look clear, there could be some slick spots from black ice, if it looks wet, be wary. also, some issues if you are using mass transit to morning. we'll get you ready for the monday morning commute in just


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