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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> street like that and other still covered in snow and ice making for slick start to your morning. meisha has the latest on the roads, also the black ice out there. >> and, down the shore, it is not the snow but rather the flooding watt that's have the businesses and resident cleaning up. we have more on their effort coming up. >> good morning, it is monday, january 25th, i'm erika von tiehl. kids go rejoice, a day off for a lot of children in the philadelphia school district. all public and archdiocesan schools are closed as are many others around the region, we have the latest on the bottom of the screen and also the website at kids, great news, bundle up, go outside, build a snowman, not such great news if you are hitting the roads moms and dads. >> good morning, ladies? good morning, monday being back at it, kicking offer brand new week. good news is that the storm now katie has passed us by, and temperatures are rising little bit. so, what i'm hoping for is for a lot of this black ice to be thawing out and go away. but will it refreeze? >> that's exactly what will
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happen here. that's the concern we have looking forward here, meisha, the next couple of nights and mornings, do you have watch out for. that will it is january. you expect these temperatures to be into freezing territory through the overnight and early morning, that's exactly what will happen. there is a lot of snow to get rid of here, folks. this will take little bit of time. we start things off just by going on out talking few statistics. yep, we have one for the record books, folks. we are now at the fourth largest snowiest storm that we've ever reported, since records began. tough to beat the "blizzard of 96" at 30.7 inches, but we at least got up there. you know, we ended one just shy of 2 feet here at philadelphia international airport. so, yep, it was a monster after system for sure. now, meisha mentioned, thankfully long gone, storm scan nice and quiet. see some sunshine throughout the day. but here is the problem. it is always what i call the aftermath issue. the next couple of days, not even just this morning, as highs warm up to above freezing, any of the snow will have chance to start melting during the day. but then, temperatures
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obviously drop overnight. that will allow the refreeze to go take effect. so just expect if it looks wet the next few days, expect it could be slick. twenty-three, nice calm wind at the airport, 20's, teens, even couple every single digit report coming into us this morning. so it is cold outside. we are going to warm up to just shy of below average territory here, normal miles into the low 40's, but in philly no better than 37, despite some sunshine, so, the colds is with us, but thankfully the quiet weather is, as well. just matter of time. we will get past this. it will take some time because there is so much snow that fell. >> so much snow still out there yet. great if you are going to be home with the kiddos and going to be out, at least 57 degrees will feel nice. then the sunshine, so that's the good news, right now though still dark out, still cold. we did have accident here that's a car spun out, 422, the ramp to the schuylkill eastbound, cleared, bun letting you know as soon as
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you come around the curves it can be very slick and icy. couple of issues out on the roadway this morning. ninety-five south at cottman, giving you eye at what you are looking at right now, northbound and southbound, right now, certainly heating up, even from 15 minute ago, looks a lot busier now than it did although i will say moving into the 6:00 hour. levels are still fairly light. i have a hinting suspicion a lot of parent maybe staying home with their kids from school today. ben franklin bridge, slows coming westbound from jersey looking good. again, looking quiet for moving into the 6:00 hour on monday, mondays tend to be fairly busy for us. disable vehicle in camden 676 northbound path atlantic avenue, since cleared, blogging the right lane. again that's since been cleared. also, we had another accident clear in west grove. route one near jennersville roadment again kind of showing you, illustrating that certainly roads are still icy having some issues. >> septa regional rails restored, septa buses and trolleys, restored, norristown
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high-speed line, restored. new jersey transit, cross. >> team three coverage. storm clean up continues. jan carabeo live in sea isle city where flood waters from the bay caused damage to homes and businesses. >> anita oh in south philadelphia, where despite the fact the state of emergency has been lifted the snow emergency digging out continues this morning. so much snow to clean out of there. anita, good morning. >> big mess to clean up here, tenth street, it is pretty clear here. you can see car coming through right now, so cars are slowly making their way through these slushy roads. but as far as the side street, here, this is what ziegel street looks like right now, it is just covered in mounds of snow. plows and crews focusing on main street, driving through them this morning, much clearer, much better condition. you can see the side street much different story.
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one neighbor worried emergency crews would not be able to get through while another said she was not too fond of the city's fourth largest snowstorm. >> we got people here, em errly people on the block, blah tori service, ambulance couldn't get down the street. not only this, anybody sick or fire or anything like that, nobody could get down here. i'm used to snow, but this is miss err job miserable indeed. we did see that some of tees walkways here have been shoveled. but, they are still very icy, there are patches of ice very hard to see. and i actually did see one neighbor who was out here walking and he actually did take a slip. it is very dangerous out here, please be careful. >> having technical problems there with our and ito oh in south philly. careful heading out on the roads or sidewalks. resident in new jersey coastal towns, dealing with flooding, more the flooding than the snow. also, power outages.
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>> yarn january, we know you were out there yesterday morning, too. how is it looking this morning? >> that's right, you will remember yesterday, central avenue, here in sea isle city was completely flooded, this whole area under fact, this morning, thank goodness, flood waters have receded but now what we're left with is a loft debris on the road, and that icy layer this morning, so if you are out and about early this morning, you want it take note and be very, very careful, it is very slippery. in the meantime, later on today, there is a lot of clean up still needs to be done. we were able to take a tour of the damage here in sea isle city with the mayor. >> with a beach near the neighborhoods at the bay, sea isle city has a lot of cleaning up to do. >> would were hoping this
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won't happen for many, many years. >> he couldn't say the same for some of his other property. >> we did lose two appointment, sitting low on the ground. >> sea isle city suffered severe flooding through three high tide cycles this weekend. west jersey avenue, flooded. central avenue, water as far as the eye could see. not even the mayor is immune. >> open your door, water coming in. >> but also worried about the beach. >> drop here? >> he surveyed found badly point badly erroded. >> different story on the north end. >> much of this beach remains. better yet, he says, the ocean never breached any of the dunes during the entire storm. these dunes were installed as a result of super storm sandy, and they were actually just completed in november. a good thing, too, because the mayor says the dunes saved sea isle city significant damage during the storm. >> they did the job that they were supposed to do. and they saved literally
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hundreds and hundreds of thousand dollars worth of damage. >> this flooding from the bay. while the damage is still bad, officials say it, could have been much worse. >> even though it was bad this time, when the ocean meets the bay, never a good thing. >> now, as this clean up continues, today, couple of the beach access points have been closed because you do see those steep drop-off point. now the mayor tells us, power wasn't real a issue here in sea isle city, restored quickly after the storm moved through hereof corals. real issue the flooding, debris, muck in all of these businesses and of course, the beach errosion, he tells me that the army corpse of engineers is expected out here to survey the damage later on this week, that could happen as early as today. for now, reporting live in sea isle city, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, jan, thanks so much for that. "eyewitness news" at philadelphia international airport this morning. where things are slowly getting back to normal. many flights were canceled over the weaken, and still
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today at least 70 flights in and out of philadelphia have been canceled. "eyewitness news" sees travelers getting back this morning, some more optimistic than others. >> all good. get there eventually. >> i'm not leaving out until today. so i lost two days of vacation in the sun. >> we're comfortable when that. >> going to their honeymoon, delayed, oh, shame. officials expect things to be back to normal by midday. they're encouraging travelers as always check with your airline before you head out to the airport. >> 6:09 right now. still ahead, using parts from a plane, to help the train. we'll show you the unique way septa is clearing snow from the rales. also ahead, intense manhunt is underway in california for three escape prisoners. how authorities say they broke out after maximum security jail. then, residents in the lehigh valley are digging out from this record setting
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snowfall. our storm coverage continues just ahead. >> whipping winds blew ice cold snow. bundle up if you are headed out this morning, katie has your forecast when we come back. >> ♪
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at status of its services after the storm. they'll hold news conference coming up in about 20 minutes at 63 and we'll carry it for you liver here on "eyewitness news", meantime the norristown high speed and all regional rail lines will resume this
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morning, subways are operating normally. head to for the very latest on septa's status. septa was not messing around when it came to clearing those railroad tracks, check this out. chopper three over the rales on the norristown high-speed line, crews are using a jet engine, that's what you are looking at right there, jet inch gin to get rid of the snow. think of is to as super high powered snow blower, hopefully get those tracks up and running today. also, lots headed back to work after the weekendment want to bundle up out there. >> absolutely, that is kind of the only aftermath thing that comes along with it, still cold outside. does mean you might see refreezing out there. this is backdrop, the flood that took place down toward the shore point. we even have been talking about the coastal flooding as being one of the biggest many packs that came from this storm system. just two examples of what ended upgoing on down in stone harbor, saturday morning, the tide came in, at ten and a half plus feet. and the record, from sandy, was actually about a foot shy
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of that. so this was worse for stone harbor than even sandy produced. cape may, similar scenario, where on saturday morning the tide came in at 9.38 feet. the records from sandy was just about eight and a half or so. so, you know, it sort of just lends itself to the fact if you have the perfect storm, perfect set up where you have the monster storm to go with it, also full moon, and the high tide coming in, anything can happen. and this is what ended up hang with that coastal flooding situation. thankfully, things are starting to get back to normal. we saw? jan's story earlier in the show, now we've got pretty quiet storm scan3, almost country wide here, you go out toward the northern high planes, through dakota nebraska, seeing little swat of snow break out here, very weak disturbance, actually will have impact on us. walk you through future weather here today not bad at all. as we move forward in the show, or move forward by tomorrow, you are going to start to see a little bit of wet weather moving in here.
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comes through the second half of the day. looking at rain showers out of this, meantime though you have got to worry about not necessarily a direct impact in the weather rather an indirect impact. where you end up with what we will call just the caution light, right along the roadway. so numerous icy spots because of the refreeze taking place, some icing, some slushing, just because everything is trying to melt during the day, and then once it does, the sun goes down, and it refreeze z, so that's your problem there, guys. let's just jump you right back out to the seven day forecast, give you sense of what's to come. i am not sounding the alarm just yet. but there is a storm that's going to be brewing off to the southeast coastline here come friday. track very important with this, at this point it, looks like it will stay out to sea. bring nothing more than flurry or snow shower here. but it is something that we are watching. >> dodge the proverbial bullet. >> we're due, after this weekend's storm, we deserve the break, guys. black ice real a story out on
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the roads? >> still is. specially the secondary streets, those ones where the employs maybe win over once, twice, certainly causing some problems. and already this morning, we've seen some spin out, disable vehicle, had couple every accident. good news they're getting cleaned out of the way. when i look at all of the interstates, highways right now, volume levels are being looking light. that tells me a lot of people are staying home this morning, with those kids, because a loft those kids are going back it school. yeah for the kids, not so yeah for the moms and dads. >> mid-county toll plaza, you can see where those plows have been pushing all that snow into big mountains, casino whatever we are dealing with. >> get being ought of the exhaust, melting off the roads, but residential areas and those side streets, those bridges, knows walkways, under the bridge decks, all of that still have a loft problems in fact a lot of times on the residential streets seeing what should be two lanes is
6:17 am
one lane which is why some of those kiddos can't go back it school today. 309 at the turnpike looking okay. >> the blizzard this past weekends, one. most dangerous areas we were experiencing, a lot of people stranded on the turnpike. still dealing with the black ice. delaware county 95, 452, volume starting to build. slowly because today looks slower than it normally does for busy mondayment then front street, oregon avenue, letting you know how much snow is still out there. giving you a idea, you can see how slick, wet and icy some of these roads r we will be dealing with that all day long and even into the week. but the good news sun's coming out today. back to you. >> that is good news, thank you. still ahead we aren't the only ones digging out from the snow. we'll check with other hard hit towns including new york city. also the storm brought ice to part of the country. still ahead where they are work to go free big rigs stuck on notoriously bad road. we'll be right back.
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parts of the lehigh county saw some of the most snow in the region. allentown the hardest hit in terms of snowfall. community now digging out from record breaking 31.9 inches of snow. now, downtown, residents were scrambling to move parked cars in time for the plows to pass. >> we were praying for the snow to stop. but it kept going. >> it just kept getting worse and worse. we didn't realize we hadn't
6:21 am
even hit the peak of it. >> no car whatsoever, like you couldn't even see anything, besides the two whipped shield wipers sticking out. >> residents also dealing with a lock of fuel. trucks have not been able to get through to the gas stations. up in new york city slowly getting back to normal. delays and concellations are still expected for the nation's busiest transit systgem also in queens residents are complaining about the lack of plows on the roads. the storm brought 26.8 inches of snow to central park. official say that the second most recorded snow since 1869. how about that? >> another look at hour powerful the storm was, knock over the bubble, knocked the bubble over the washington football practice facility in virginia, just knock it down. the weight of the snow along with the high wind, caused the bubble to deflate. according to the football team's website, the facility will be re inflated once conditions improve, and the snow is removed. there were no report of any injuries. >> and the storm also got
6:22 am
numerous trucks stuck on a notoriously dangerous road, this is in tennessee. many trucks tried to maneuver past definitely's curve in joelton, 15 miles north of nashville. as you can see, they slipped on the ice. tow truck even came out to try to move those trucks. but even the tow truck got stuck. so, big clean up effort this morning, tennessee. >> all right, this morning, we have reminder a lot of communities closings and concellations also a lot of school closings. we have those at the bottom of your screen or any time at and if you are headed out this morning, a warning, be careful, the roads are slick and slippery a lot of black ice out there. we'll check in with meisha just ahead. we'll be right back.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals.
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fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern. a man accuse the of ambushing a philadelphia police officer has a preliminary hearing today. edward archer faces attempted murder charges and related offenses, he was caught on surveillance video opening fire on officer jesse hartnett in west philadelphia earlier this month. authority say archer confessed to the shooting, saying, he was acting in the name of islam. officer hartnett was released from the hospital last week. >> three inmate escape from saint an anna california, they say they're extremely dangerous, a thousand dollars reward being offered for their capture. investigators say, it was a
6:26 am
daring and and elaborate escape cutting through metal, crawling through plumbing tunnels and repelling four stories down to freedom use willing ropes made from bed sheets. officials say that they think somebody on the inside may have helped the inmate. >> it seems that the inmates cut through half-inch steel bars to facilitate their escape. the information and evidence also is suggesting that the inmate cut their way to the -- cut their way through the plum willing tunnels, and ultimately gained access to an un secure area of the roof. >> say there is no indication escapees have left the country. >> 6:26 right now, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", baby born in the storm. also ahead, local church suffer significance damage after the roof comes crashing down. a look outside what's left. then live look right now at septa headquarters in center city. we are waiting for a press conference at 30:00 or so, they'll give us an update onto get the city transit service
6:27 am
up and running, we'll car it live for you on cbs-3. >> still very slippery out there, still dealing with the snow and the ice, and mass transit it is trying to get back to normal. all of the tapes coming up. still a quick break. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> south philly just socked in. some yet to see a plow from the near record setting snowfall. live with the details. also heads up, parent, listen up, kids, too. because the storm there is no school for children in philadelphia. yeah for the kids, parent, boo. all public and archdioces schools are closed more concellations at the bottom of your screen and at
6:31 am
i know friday talking about the kids being disappointed, well, finally a snow day. >> system was big enough. i'm sure you can, too, maybe didn't have as many snow days, but just the feeling of overwhelming joy, when you hear schools close the. >> if you forgot to do your homework, lucky you. >> lucky you. good day to go build a snowman, get outside. >> absolutely so much snow that got dumped on this area, really doesn't matter where you are, you will have the ample opportunity here to take advantage of it, and have fun in it, so have a blast with it, hashtag us cbs-3 snow, too. we low do you have to see your pictures, go talk about couple of other cities. we did have the number four on record, it was >> meanwhile in baltimore, actually here number one system every all time,
6:32 am
29.2 inches fell at baltimore in new york, 26.8, so, it was a very substantial storm system. storm scan3, hey that's nice and quiet for us right now, all clear, at the local level, but, keep in mind, the side impact that comes with this is the fact that you are going to see refreezing, everyone across the boards is below freezing right now, even single digit values showing up out there, that means you will likely end up with some ice, some slush out there as you travel. do keep that in minement quickly checking on the eyewitness weather day planner expect to see sunshine throughout the day temperatures rebound into the upper 30's, but, meisha, that problem remains, that we're going to end up here with again, some refreeze that goes on. >> okay, right now we go down to septa headquarters, down in center city, getting update on their services after the storm, let's listen in. >> good morning, the region still recovering from the fourth highest snowfall storm in recorded history. high winds, that created blizzard conditions, made this storm even more challenging.
6:33 am
much of our system is running due to the hard work and dedication of our employees. recently obtained snow clearing equipment also played a big role in our effort. >> now, now whatever everybody is looking for, a route by route run down on our service. broad street, and market frankford have run throughout the storm and are on schedule. city trolleys, running on a normal schedule. media sharon hill line, the route 101 running, except for straight street in media. >> the route 102 is running on normal schedule. norristown high-speed line, operating service between 69th street and bryn mawr only at this time. snow has covered the third rail and our forces are in engaged with jet engines and other means, to clear the third rail. we anticipate full service tomorrow on the norristown
6:34 am
high-speed line. >> city bus 38 routes are operating most with detours and delays. sue bush ban bus routes, most operate withing die tours and delays. >> we continue to open up the remaining routes, road conditions, vehicle parking issues, permit. we are currently at about 60% of our route. okay, the regional rail network, all of our rail lines are running, but service west of malvern on the paoli line is currently suspended while amtrak works on frozen switches. delays can be expected all day, and some trains are short cars. also, parking lot have very large snow piles in them. lost up to 30% of the stations in certain stations.
6:35 am
we will work all week long to recover parking spaces and many cases even struck snow out. cct today we will carry dialysis, medical work a pointment only. lucy, horsham breeze, and route 204 and 205 are all running. our employees will continue to work hard to restore the entire network. we are coordinating with the city and the force -- >> you're listening live for update from septa with the lines that will be open if you are taking public transit to try to get to work this morning. i know meisha has been close attention, the latest information, and more on the roads and rales coming up in just a few minutes. >> right now, though, it will be awhile before things return to normal on a lot of the city side streets. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh live along tenth and ziegel in south philadelphia, and oh, if you live on that block you better find that shovel, anita, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, definitely a loft digging out that will be happening today.
6:36 am
i want to show this speed limit sign here, speed limit usually 25 miles per hour but this road today is impassable. >> complete tires that are covered with snow, and there is just way too much snow, no plows through the area yet, most of the plows focusing on the main street in the center city philadelphia area. difficulty even when the streets are shoveled, even plowed, not a lot of places for it to go. and so these cars just barricaded in here. same story for a lot of the cars in the city. but the real danger shear actually these very difficult to see patches of ice, i don't foe if you can see this, but it is very slippery here. i actually just saw someone walking along this walkway, he slipped, and he did take a fall. because it is very difficult to see as i said. soap, if you are out walking, if you're out driving, please be careful. but for now, live in tenth and ziegel in south philadelphia. anita oh, "eyewitness news".
6:37 am
>> careful on the sidewalks, too, and eat a thank you. >> scary scene now for driver of this plow truck owned by the city, of hazleton, pennsylvania it, burst into flames on saturday. we're told the driver escaped unharmed, no word though on what led to those flames. meanwhile, at least 30 deaths are being blamed on the storm. nationwide, including several in our area. a commissioner in havertown, delaware county says a 49 years old schoolmate meant work, died from heart attack while clearing snow, his identity has not been released, also, norths in mule end berk township berks county say 56 year old daled pirato died, neighbors tried to dig him out, just too late. >> in new jersey, a family is just devestated tragedy to report here after mother and a one year olson died from carbon monoxide poisoning. while the three year old daughter fighting for her life. they were all sitting in a car with it tame pipe covered in snow during the storm. the father was trying to dig
6:38 am
that car out of 2 feet of snow when he saw them slumped over inside the vehicle. neighbors jumped in to help. >> that boy don't have life. >> tried, tried, the paramedics tried, tried, those people work so hard. >> three year old little girl in very critical condition. police say the taj is he a reminder for everyone make sure your tail polite are free and clear before you start your car many really does not take long at all forecaster to fill with carbon monoxide. >> death in boston, massachusetts is being blamed on this weekend's storm, as well a pedestrian struck and killed by a plow truck yesterday morning while crossing the street. that victim is believed to be a nan in his 60s. the driver did stop at the scene and is cooperating with authority. the incident remains under investigation. still to come this morning, we have our share of snow on the gown, but one town overseas, they're seeing snow for the first time in 70 years.
6:39 am
we'll show you where. also ahead, residents in philadelphia sending aid to flint michigan, as that town deals with a water crisis. and the denver broncos have their superbowl gear on sale already. we'll have highlight from their game, as well as the panthers match up still ahead.
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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(instrumental) saw our share every snow damage from the storm. downingtown weight of all of the snow caused the roof of the calvary church to collapse. the pastor posted these pictures on facebook showing the huge hole from inside the auditorium. the sprinklers also went off. flooding most of the building. church leaders say it is still too early to know how long it will take to clean up that mess. >> partial building clams in quakertown sunday morning. crews responded to the 100 block of north hellertown avenue. no one was inside the building at the time of the clams. >> state of emergency in
6:43 am
delaware has been lifted however wilmington city offices will be closed today. as are many schools, you can see them at the bottom of your screen or go to >> delaware valley, expect to see snow? january however not in the southern chinese city here. yesterday it had its first snowfall if about seven decades, imagine that. it is part of a cold snap that continues to bite in east asia. it was just a dusting really but hey that was enough for china to issue its second highest weather alert, goes back to location, location, location, right, dug dusting snow in china, here, no big deal. >> that's what it boiles down to. think about it, down across the southeastern us, they just don't tend to see the casino every snow events we do here in the northeast, so they may not have the preparedness that we would have in the way of the amount of snow plows you would need, and all of the other resource that is come into play. folk just on the local area, and check in with our eyewitness weather watcher
6:44 am
network. we take you out here to very cold read to go start things offer. >> this came into us from ed, nice clear sky in chesterfield. and he did say that his temperature officially is at 9.2, but calm, cold, also mentioned the fact a lot of junctions at intersections are still slippery. he actually sent us several pictures. i want to move into this one. where if you look closely, might be live difficult to tell but a lot of snow covering this roadway, and that could lead obviously to slick conditions. new castle count 6 degrees frigid where dolores, nice clear sky. take you little further north here where we did very well with the snow. that's in allentown at 22 degrees, julia report in from south allentown, clear sky nice and chipper despite the street have not yet been touched by a plow. so sit tight, julia, i'm sure they're on the way, there is a lot of decline to up do up in allentown where we will turn our focus here, ended up officially at lehigh valley
6:45 am
international with 31.9 inches. that's an all time record, normally the seasonal snowfall up that way, is actually just an inch shy of that 32.9. looking at nice wide zoom, calm, collected, encompassing eastern seaboard, we do have remind or disturbance, see it streaking out with little snow from central minnesota, central minnesota the state itself all the way down into february last, a the next disturbance that will strike through our area with some precipitation, we are only talking about a couple of showers, of rain, no less, actually going to warm into the mid 40's tomorrow, to trigger couple of those rain showers through the afternoon maybe early tomorrow or rather wednesday morning. skies somehow clear out briefly, then by week's end we will be watching a storm brewing off across the southeast. no sounding of the alarm on this one, but draw your attention to it, friday watching the track closely the storm, for now only calling
6:46 am
for the possibility of snow shower or flurry at worse. meisha? >> no, no. >> at worse, don't worry. >> talking about that on wednesday or thursday, good morning, everyone. happy monday. well we are so happy you are wacking up with us this morning, and the good news is overall, the snowstorm has now passed us by just dealing with the clean up and slick conditions, no doubt about it we have an accident, 59 north academy pulled all the way off to the left lane. overall not going to cause too many slow downs because we don't have enough vehicles out on the roadways, actually for a monday pushing toward the 7:00 hour. actually looking pretty good. pretty low in terms of volume levels. because of the slick conditions, any time we have an accident, or disable vehicle where you have to tap your brakes can cause some problems for you. 309 at the turnpike looking good, looking quiet, looking very, very quiet. also, the blue route northbound, mid-county toll plaza just see how much snow is still out there those plows
6:47 am
have done great job getting it out of the roads, off interstates and highways, but just now making these big mounds as you can see overall. so you can only imagine what it looks like on those residential roads. those side roads. now also mass transit make sure to check your schedules on line. septa regional rails getting slow start trying to get everything back to normal, slowly getting restored. also septa buses and trolleys casino every same story. check your schedules on line. some aren't fully up and running yet. all trying to do so, new jersey transit cross honoring 20 minute delays right now. twenty minute delays, so again, just make sure to check your schedules on line. this is ever changing as i'm even saying this, erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. philadelphians are doing their part to help with the water crisis in flint michigan. local entrepreneurs led by nia mia davis foundation, collected water to deliver to resident. "eyewitness news" in west philadelphia, where the two u-haul trucks full of water left from 52nd and jefferson, more than 50,000 bottles
6:48 am
altogether. well done, guys. turbulence forces american airlines flight to make emergency landing in canada, # people sent to the hospital too. the seatbelt light was went on when the boeing 767 caring about 200 people ran into turbulence. flight 206 which was on it way from miami, to milan, italy, landed safely in saint john's new finland. >> riding along, then turbulence. >> the plane actually dropped, you know. >> rolled on it side, everything went flying, people, ya, it was pretty intense. last underway to ensure the passenger and crew can now get to their destination. >> former philadelphia police commissioner, charles ramsey, helping make changes for chicago's police force. he'll be a senior advisor to guide civil rights reforms. ramsey a former chicago deputy police superintendent. chicago police are under criticism over their treatment of suspect, including a white police officer, shooting a
6:49 am
black teenager. >> right now, 6:48. time to see what's coming up on cbs this morning in about ten minutes. charlie road joins us up in new york with the preview for us, charlie, good morning. >> good morning, spread out along the east coast, continuing your coverage by the weekend bill storm, still causing problems, plus we go undercover to find out why women pay more than men at places like dry cleaners and james brown, jb, in denver with what to expect from the superbowl 50 match up, between the broncos and panthers, and visit the company organizing blind dates for it employees, all of that and more, the news back in the morning, see in you about ten minutes. >> curious about this, see in you ten minutes. >> well, are you ready for the superbowl, the at fc and nfc champions r afc championship game between new england and denver bent down to the final second. great game here. down eight-point, with 172nd
6:50 am
left, tom brady and rob, made it close but the patriots attempt at game tying two-point conversion ends with a interception. peyton manning win and make date for the superbowl. >> now, immediately after the game, broncos fans could grab some gear commemorating the team's eight superbowl appearance, won two of them. their last appearance just two years wag they lost to the seattle seahawks. carolina panthers beat up on the arizona cardinals. it was 17 to nothing just in the first quarter and really never close. mvp candidate newton through for two touchdowns, ran for two more, carolina beat arizona 49 to 15. panthers second superbowl appearance. >> so the stage is all set folks for superbowl 50. the denver broncos meet the carolina panthers on superbowl sunday two weeks away sunday it is february 7th, at levi stadium santa clara, california. if you can't make it out to california hey join us, we'll have it here on cbs-3.
6:51 am
we'll be right back.
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to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva. >> the snow emergency is lifted in philadelphia. but the clean up continues like right there in south philly. that's why public and archdioces schools in the city are closed today, snow day for the kids. there is also no trash or recycling pick up today.
6:55 am
the philadelphia parking authority is not end for cents meter or kiosk, and discount parking still available today at ppa garages f you are street still needs to be plowed or salted call the city's 311 number to get your street cleared up. >> down the shore trying to dry out this morning, resident are cleaning up after major coastal flooding. our jan carabeo joins us now in sea isle sit way look at the damage there. the sun's up. how is it looking, jan? >> reporter: erika, good morning, you may remember, we were in this, yes, we were in this area yesterday morning, of sea isle city, this is central avenue. it was completely underwater, so, it is like night and day, those flood waters have now receded. in fact, just took a lambs, 20 minute to roll around center city this morning. we visited some of the worse flooded areas we saw yesterday. and again, most if not all of the flood waters have receded. soap, right now, with a we are looking at is a whole lot of mud, dirt, debris on the roads, and again, these very slick spots, where that left
6:56 am
over moisture remained overnight, and has frozen in place. you can see there, school bus on the way with a kim of cars right behind t just take it very easy if you are out and about in these early morning hours, because you could fine some slick spots. but again, whole lot of clean up left ahead, both in town and on the beach. just take a lock at the extensive damage here, in sea isle city of course that casino of got it all, blizzard like conditions, it was snowing at times, raining, and then back to snow, so they were really dealing with a lot, again many homes and businesses were still under water, as late as yesterday. i was able to speak to some of the business owners who spent hours pushing water out, and scrubbing the floors, the good news they tell me is that the first high during this storm was the worse. that is unlike during super storm sandy, when the second and third tides brought in even more flooding and increase damage. now, the mayor did check out the damage on the beach yesterday, as well. there is a lot of errosion out there. but he says, the own and never breached the newly install dunes, and that potentially saved sea isle city thousands
6:57 am
of dollars in damage. take a listen. >> dunes did their job. >> years ago this used to go right over the promenade, and into the homes, and really bring severe flooding. >> during super storm sandy, that was catostrophic for them it, wasn't like that this time around the newly install dunes kept the ocean where it is supposed to be. they say it was $25 million federally and state funded project. they say it is worth that weight. it was proof tone work during this storm. now, some of the beaches look better than others here in center sit -- sea isle city. still a lot of beach left. the issue is in central and southern part of sea isle city where the beach was heavily erroded. those winds and those waves really took away a lot of the sand there. some of the video you can see,
6:58 am
drop off at several point. that's why police had to tape off some of the beach access areas, in this area, as that work continues. and we are told that the army corps of engineer will be here this week to check out the damage possibly as early as today. erika, back into you. >> great to hear the dunes held up so well, thank you. montgomery county couple says their experience living in buffalo new york came in handy during the weekend snowstorm. they had to make an emergency trip to the maternity ward and the worse time too. specially are you here. mom laura wasn't due until the 29th, baby jack not waiting. mom and dad piled into the suv saturday night, negotiated those snowy roads, then all 9 pounds 6 ounces of baby jack made his appearance. >> i was kind of hoping for little better conditions on some of the main roads, like i said, we made it. took some bumps, really slow, you know, apparently, going over bumps, bumpy road while in labor having con vac seans, not very comfortable.
6:59 am
>> apparently. you know, mom. baby jack has a sister, big sister, and his parent say they just have a terrific story to tell jack when he gross up. but the worse possible time, saturday night. >> and specially with the roads that they were facing, gold star mom. gold star for them. so beautiful. >> that baby, so precious. >> like a doll. >> we could talk about babies all morning but need the latest on the forecast. >> looks very tame overall. still dealing with slick conditions, really the only xfactor is the fact that you will be dealing with temperatures that are below freezing, through the ellie mornings, but outside in our live neighborhood network, calm as can be, very, very cold looking this morning,. >> cold and icy conditions still. there is a look at 95 south at girard, going to the wide, see 46 on the schuylkill, not bad. thirty-four, 34 on the vine, other than that though blue route moving in the northbound direction looking good, for a monday morning, fantastic. cbs this morning is coming up next. reminder join us bright and
7:00 am
reminder join us bright and early every weekday morning, captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, january 25th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." millions dig out after the blizzard of 2016. washington, d.c. is still shut down. parts of the jersey shore are under water. donald trump retakes the lead in iowa, one week before the caucuses, but could another billionaire shake up the race? and we go undercover to see why women pay more than men for the same products and services. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. it's going to take time. this is not business as usual. a record amount of snow must be removed. >> digging out from a deadly stor


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