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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit >> people are waiting for the plows and struggling to dig out, just three days now after the storm. those snow covered streets forced philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools to close for the second straight day. there are more than 450 other closings and delays, we have them for you at the bottom of the screen. but we are expecting the roads i think to be little busier, maybe folks, parent took the day off. but today have to get back. >> sometimes two days are too much to take even if the kids are off school, right?
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>> everybody at home: you said it! >> bundle up, go outside, play in the snow, good day for it. >> tracking little disturbance, tracking wet weather here today, but not huge deal. however, when we go outside, you will see this on storm scan, in a second, we are already in fact seeing some precipitation creep little closer, a little sooner than originally anticipated, sometimes they throw us little curve balls on the radar. >> looks like the traffic and septa buses are moving along okay. meisha, a every course, the ers perth there, will get more on that in a second. but clearly when you see this little sheen that's still cast over the streets here, there may still be some icing that is going on out there. and then, on top of it, as go in through some of the west most suburbs, notice what happens, right on the tail end of the loop, see, that little hint of pink. i'm worried you might see freezing rain through berks county, lancaster, might even
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survive as it creeps ever closer toward even western montgomery and chester counties. so, watch for that possibility, in those locations, but otherwise, i would think anyone is fair game, this morning, where you have got temperatures below freeze to go see some of the re-freezing take place, i95 all point northwest of that, but look how mild it gets. the closer you get to some of the shore towns. so rather than dealing with maybe refreezing, you're still dealing with the clean up from the errosion and flood that took place over the course of the weekends, certainly some snow removal down this way, as well. that said, we will walk through your eyewitness weather day planner, it is chilly start to the morning in philadelphia. little milder depending on location. but, as we go through the day, the clouds are going to be with us, we will see shower here and there. in philadelphia, it looks like any of that precipitation gets here too late for anything but plane old rain, very quick check on the area headlines, okay, we've got that disturbance for now, refreezing concerns continue. have you heard the rumor of the storm coming for the tail end of the week? is there any truth to it? i'll answer the question for
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you coming up. meisha? >> oh, now, now, fine, we'll wait. thanks, katie. good morning everyone, happy tuesday to you. here is a look at 95 at girard. looking pretty bus any both directions, i'll keep my eye on southbound for hour, but see plenty of headlights and taillights right now, right around the girard area, letting us know that they more likely will be busy around the roadways than it was yesterday. delaware county looking good. ninety-five north at 452, takes it all the way up to the airport, this is what you are looking at in terms of the airport by the way, just make sure to check your flight schedules, make sure they're back on track. sounds like most of this are now resuming bag to normal, but just double check to be safe. snow removal 202 north at valley forge road, right lane still column pro misted see the flashing light not causing too many slow downs now but could if we don't get it cleaned out of our way. of course more snow removal, southbound, lansdale to the turnpike, that right lane is still blocked, i'll let you know when that lift. right now just know. that will also, two water main break issues, jenkintown, one lane blocked, there and
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also, in trenton, new jersey, route 130 southbound between i195 and route 156, the right lane block, and i'll have an update on septa coming up in about ten minutes, back to you. >> thank you, that big dig-out continues from about 2 feet of snow in south philadelphia. so the big question s. where do you put all of that snow? looking live, i want to show you at broad and washington where snow crews are piling up the snow into an open lot. the philadelphia parking authority will not be handing out tickets again today. while crews make impassable streets clear. the ppa also extends that 5-dollar discount garage parking rate. how much, ticket forgiveness, discounted parking just not enough to stop neighbors from really being upset that their streets are still covered with snow. >> city always forgets about us. just the way it has always been in south fill. >> i streets are terrible. even walking today, you know, to a doctors appointment, it was terrible, streets terrible. >> the mayor encourages residents to be patient, plows are clearing main roads, and secondary streets. they're coming up next.
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>> but, looks like those cars are not going anywhere any time soon. common site, really throughout the city, cars burried under several feet of snow. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now as you said not from the north pole but from the northeast, how is it looking, r justin? >> erika, good morning, yes. this is casino of an arctic landscape. look out here there is untreated snow here, piled up here, now pretty hard and stiff with layers of ice underneath it. we're on st. vincent and hawthorn street. here is a car coming down st. vincent, doing so ever so carefully. there is a lot of treacherous ice underneath the road here. it is very difficult to maneuver. if you don't know quite what you are doing, however, when you come down frankford here in mayfair, you will find the roads are okay. now, this car approaching, we've seen some problems in the past, you hear it grinding all of that ice underneath there. let's hope it can turn there. he's got it. little bit of slipping there. but he's made it. not everyone having that same
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luck. mayfair elementary school, hoping here over the next several hours, they are able to come by, and plow these secondary anter shower streets. the sidewalks are clear in this area here, but you will see, in a second here, that there is still some work to be done. if school opens here on wednesday, they will have to come back through and maneuver more of this sidewalk space. there is still a lot of plows that need to be done in this area, again, the main arteries here, seem to be fine, the neighborhood streets, secondary anter shower areas that need a little more tlc. we can tell you this: the city taking this very seriously, they want you to remember this is a pretty record snowfall that's hit our area. they are working around the clock with their plows, their trucks, their survey crews, to see what spots to hit next. of course, they'll need your help to do so. they are urging you if your street or sidewalk needs help, to call 311. you can also reach the city on social media, at philly 311 on twitter and facebook, they're
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hailing complaints from all of those different venues here, and in the meantime, pedestrians, drivers, you will want to exercise some calm when out here t can be very frustrating to go down these streets, but you are going to have to be very careful. live here in mayfair, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", back over to you, erika? >> justin, thanks for the heads up. real quickly gold star for you using sat word, tertiary, well done. we were impressed in the studio. economists putting price tag on the storm. some analysts say the snow that crippled part of the northeast could cost anywhere between 500 mill to $3 billion. still, too early to tell, thoughment damage reports include burst pipes, collapsed roofs, power outages, and flood damage. the loss revenue from restaurants and transportation, also coming into it. >> experts say the economic impact would have been far worse if that storm had occurred during the work week, though. so maybe grateful for that. >> 5:37. in business news in morning,
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what philadelphians were doing during last weekend's storm and what international markets are up to today. want to check in with money watch's jill wagner up at the stock exchange, and has the headlines for us, good morning. >> good morning, erika. global markets are tanking this morning. china shanghai composite dropped 6%, it is now at 14 month low. follows big drop yesterday in the us markets, dow fell 28 points, nazdek finished 72-point lower. futures are pointing to a lower open today. investors will be watching as apple reports its earnings to the all important holiday season. most analysts expect lower iphone sales, because the success and the 6s plus don't have as many distinguishing features as previous models. >> this weekend's massive snowstorm had cable boxes working over time. at one point on saturday nearly 1.3 million comcast cuss storm ers used xfinity on demand to watch movies and tv shows at the same time. that's a record. and what were people watching? shades of blue, game of
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thrones were the top popular tv shows, hotel transylvania was the most watched free movie, intern was the most rented movie. the storm may have sparked some winter romance, dating app happen reported jump in use during saturday's storm according to the app, messaging in new york city went up 139% from the weaken before. in philly the app saw a surge in messaging of 342%. love connections in the storm. erika? >> just trying to stay warm out there. jill, thanks so much. 5:39 right now. here's some harsh reality, not all of your facebook friends are really friends. british researchers say that on average only four of your facebook friends would be at your side in times every crisis. >> that study also claims average person has about 13 close friends. so the inclusion from all of this, although social knelt working can help you keep up
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with your acquaintance the, do not expand your number of close friendships, four out of how many? wow. still ahead this morning, living on the edge. see the dangerous situation that forced some people out of their homes. also, who loves snow more than this panda? remember this video from this weekend? now seeing more cute video of the adorable animal, enjoying another snow kay at the zoom. we'll be right back.
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just head back to the schuylkill river today. about 250 gallons every home heating oil made it into the river near 24th and market. this was after about 4200 gallons spilled from an emergency generator, then leak onto nearby csx property then on to the river. crews say it is not affecting drinking water and should be cleaned up later this week. an ohio officer caught in the middle of a streak accident involving a train and a semi, all of this is caught on camera, too. captain brad moore directing traffic around a minor accident when a train slammed into that semi. the impact sent it straight into de more. >> my left hand and arm got caught up in the right front tire. that's kind of what he seemed to be barrel rolling shot me out. miracle. i mean, really is, it is very -- makes you think a lot. so it is definitely one of those that, you know, foot this way, foot that way, it
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could have been really bad. so i'm very lucky, very fortunate. >> moore suffered that broken arm, also 25 stitches to his head. he says he is looking forward to getting back to work. just incredible, though. hey, you see this apartment complex in pacifica california? teetering on the edgement looks like it could crumble and tumble into the pacific ocean. ordering tenants to evacuate. think they want to get out anywhere? near delivers crumbling because of el nino. despite the order, though, some residents say they have no plans to leave. all right, well, grownups may be tired of the snow already. it appears one certain panda just can't get enough. this is tiantian, the panda at the zoo in washington it, c, released this video of him frolicking yesterday in the snow doing somersaults. we first showed you rolling down a snowy hill over the weekend, rub that snow all over himself. visitors will have to wait just little longer though to see him in person. zoo staff still clearing away all of the snow from the
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storm. but this makes up for it. good to see someone enjoying all of this snow, kate, don't you think? >> can we just watch this? for the next hour and 15 minute, how about that? >> i can't get over how stinking cute this is. oh, precious. weeee! wait, somer salt coming, maybe? oh, my gosh. the cutest, chewing his foot, too cute. hey are your girls seeing the snow for the first time this year? >> from the comfort of the nice warm living room, yes. >> there go. >> all three of us stood by the window and watch daddy snow plow. >> oh? >> well done, dad. >> yep, he is waiving to us with like all over, hilarious, look at him go, nice. it was great. yes, so hopefully awed chance to actually enjoy the snow, i know, it was making for such difficult clean. we got so much out of it. now the refreezing takes place, this is multi day event when you think about it, yes, storm just one day basically,
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now the days afterward, just takes a lot of time to clean up from storm like that. meanwhile, temperatures, let's go on out to the eyewitness weather watchers, start with one of the coldest spots we have on the map here, that's from eileen in gilbertsville, one of the more remote suburbs, no blanket of cloud cover for her. made for real cold morning. and this weather sure tests your car battery, really good point, make sure that everything is up and operational. just going to the list real quickly here, we show you the rest of the observations, gout a lot more variety here today. more like the 20's, in cherry hill, more like the 20's chesterfield from ed, peter checks in in the teens. so you have a little bit of variety here, john up in perkasie at 12 degrees below freezing for all of the washers thus far this morning. at least in this, you know, in these particular spots. so you do again have to worry about that refreezing issue, and i'll show you just couple of quick pictures, came in from ed, snow pile out thereby the basketball hoop. won't be playing too much horsey don't think in the next couple of days. also, another shot comes in
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from chill chill chaplain. you can just tell how slick it is here on germantown avenue. this came in, again, from phil in philadelphia. so, beautiful scene. just don't want to be traveling out in that if you don't have to, right? let's go next out to storm scan. now we started to see some moisture picking up already through our west most suburbs, tail end of this loop, right boom there. we are seeing little pink show up on the radar. i want you to watch out for freezing rain or sleet across the west most suburbs, just watch for that. is there any truth to this rumor that we have a storm coming this weekend? in short guys no. i think this storm will scoot out to sea. won't catch to up cold air. won't get drawn back in. air go, yes, we might see flurry or snow shower out of it, especially toward the jersey coastline. but that's about the worse of our worries. meantime, actually looking ahead to here to weekend little milder for a change. meisha? >> yes, 44, katie, will feel delightful. >> thank you. >> good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. looking at the vine right now near broad street.
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looking good. early risers just starting to get on the roadway. i want to point out today will probably and lot busier than what we saw yesterday. a lot of the kids home from school. yesterday a lot of parent stayed home, even though the kiddos are again home today, some parent just can't take second day, so back it work today. so busier today than what we saw yesterday. here is a look at columbus boulevard, oregon avenue south philly, see a lot of snow still out there. a lot of stuff that was melting yesterday, has now refroze end, so like katie pointed out we certainly do have some slick spots out there. some snow removal still going on, 202 north, valley forge road, looks like just trying to get that cleared up. not cause being too many slow downs, certainly k in the world every mass transit, paoli thorndale back to normal. service restored between malvern and thorndale. also norristown high-speed line back to normal, no service between bryn mawr and norristown, broad street, also restored, then septa regional rails, expect some delays as every starts to get back to normal. just remember over-crowding might be factor, also parking might be another issue.
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check your schedules on line, back to you. >> good reminder, thank you. kiss that changed this little girl's life. her family says, her brain tumor shrunk after pope francis kissed her during his visit to philadelphia last year. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt caught up with the bucks county family and the girl's doctor, about her brave fight against the disease. >> it was happenstance that pope francis just blocks from independence hall stopped his motorcade to kiss little gee and an on her head, little did he know, that now famous kiss was just centimeters from a brain tumor, she has fought since birth. >> i cried. >> that is was kristin and joey telling their story to "eyewitness news", a day after the kiss. we met them again in november, after they learned, gee ana's tumor slang so much, it is barely visible on her latest mri. >> she continues to make progress every day, we're just trying to maintain a normal life. >> now the family feels
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positive energy, as they approach another mri. scheduled for next week. >> hopefully we will continue to see more progress, you know, there is no magic bullet when you are going through this kind of stuff. as long as you're going forward, and it is slow steady progress. >> her brain tumor isn't typical brain tumor. >> how rare is her condition? >> her condition is really rare. >> doctor amish shaw is her doctor at children's hospital of philadelphia. she suffers from a blood disorder that typically causes leaks action on the skin. gianna a's is not only in her brain but on the brainstem. making surgery impossible. doctor from shaw says gianna is one of about 40 people ever recorded to have this specific condition. right now her treatment is chemotherapy, once a month. >> i see her with a smile on her face, playing with her parents, really just very, very loving child. >> the family almost didn't go see pope francis, worrying
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that little gianna might get sick. so they called doctor shaw, who gave them the go ahead. >> i don't think any of us realize this would be the outcome. >> an outcome that played on television screens across the globe. >> i think pope francis is a living saint to us. he gave us a blessing with us through this entire journey. >> journey the family hopes to turn into something positive for other families. >> they're in our prayers every single day, but we just want to do more. >> now the family is doing more. they set up a new foundation in gianna's name. her middle name is grace. and for the love of grace foundation, is a non-profit aimed at raising awareness for histiocytosis and brain tumors. >> everyone says, you know, she is bless philadelphia have us. but i think we're blessed to have her. >> i've met gianna three times in four month, and i've seen a lot of positive change. some more good news to passalong, she starting to talk, her vocal cord is working again, and she can now hear. something not possible six
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month ago. the family told me to passalong to you just how thankful they are to everyone for their prayers. david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". that is incredible. >> and it is one of those things, too, where you can chalk it to up a coincidence, but there are so many miracles surrounding this issue that there is just, i don't see how that's possible. >> yes. >> it is so amazing, and not judges even for the fate filled. sometimes you really just need to see a miracle to start to believe something special. >> incredible six months ago when we met this little girl and she was kissed by pope francis, to know the condition, she wasn't supposed to live much longer. such a blessing. >> it is incredible. >> beautiful. >> 5:52 right now. still ahead, stranded by snow. see a man's viral performance after they couldn't make it to philly, they made the best after bad situation. show you what they did when w
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>> rock group snowed in in pittsburgh made the best of their stay in pit burying. that's the band, performing in pit burying alley of all places saturday. one every handful of fans caught the set on camera and
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the bands shared it on facebook. the philadelphia show being rescheduled now for june. well, running a half mile half marathon, rather, not half mile, half marathon is a tremendous ahmaddiya mischment, if you didn't train, or didn't train. meet this, showed up at the starting line out on bathroom break, just kept trotting along for the runner for the entire 13.1-mile course. got some pediatric there. too. get there is finished in seventh place. her owner, who is not a runner, didn't even know about her celebrity dog until a friend called and filled her in. well done, oh, the tongue hanging out, everything. all right, still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news", liver with the clean up effort across the area. then, we are no where near college mover in day. but now is the time to figure out that financial aid. how are you going to pay for it? we'll have tips on navigating through the confusion and the paperwork. >> and, a heartwarming act every kindness, when we come back, the story getting shared all over social media.
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>> that and more when we come back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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>> some philadelphia streets still look like this, still snowed n a live look at the broad and washington lot there, where work remembers piling up snow from across the city, into a heaping hill of frosty accumulation. >> and, new jersey governor chris christie returns to the campaign trail. why he's facing criticism for his response to the flooding at the shore. >> good morning, it is tuesday, january 26th, i'm erika von tiehl. kids, good news for you, another snow day in philadelphia. that public and archdiocesan schools all closed today. also, many other schools are delayed or closed. we have a listing for you at the bottom of the screen or just hop on line to >> right now, we want to check in with meisha and katie. looks like the snow should melt. refreeze, same problem today it seems? >> definitely seeing slick spots out there. the good news today again with the sun maybe peaking out, katie, and 40's again, maybe will melt off again. i wonder does it refre


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