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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 28, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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good morning, we all know parking is at a premium after a snowstorm but one community has no problem with the neighbor saving a spot with the cone. just a great story of neighbors really looking out for each other. we will show you message on the cone and also how it is leading to even more kind gestures, love that. luckily we will in the see any significant snowfall, lauren, you have been talking about a warm up, 50's next week. i know you will talk about it today but focusing on the 50's sound so nice. >> 50 degrees on tuesday, a a lot of our snow, 45 degrees yesterday, really just a couple snow piles left and over the next couple days they will be out of here. we have a chance of a snow shower maybe a flurry tomorrow. >> lets not get crazy. >> don't get too crazy, don't
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worry, don't panic if you see i flake flying by but quiet conditions right now, chilly to start off on a thursday morning but the trend for january over last couple days at least we have had temperatures just a bit above average helping to us melt that snow pack from our fourth biggest snowstorm in philadelphia history over the past weekend. we have had quite a few above average days and significantly above average days for january but also cool days as well, kind of the different story for january then we saw for our record warmth of december. we are .7 degrees above average in our temperatures for january and this morning we are below average, chilly start to the day. 19 degrees in cherry hill. nineteen in pemberton. temperatures in the teens, 17 in mount holly, reporting 25 degrees right now in philadelphia and even some single digits this morning, 9 degrees to wake you up in quakertown. it will be a cool day to day, 40 degrees our high temperature but mostly sunny
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conditions and light wind. the in the too much of the wind chill impact. overnight tonight partly cloudy, chilly down to 28 degrees, we are dropping below freezing once again. we will see some melting today and that will refreeze during the the overnight period tonight. storm scan three is showing us very quiet conditions, cloud up wind nice clear sky up autopsy down i-95 corridor. we will see crowd increasing as we head in the evening hours and for tomorrow we will do deal with the possibility of a few flakes, windy conditions, temperatures cool down briefly, 30's and then 40 o saturday, sunshine returns and milder into sunday and in your seven day forecast we have that one cool day tomorrow 39 ape windy, where we're up to 52 by next monday. >> looks good lauren, thank you. to the road right now and we have an accident on the ramp from i476 northbound to i-76 westbound. new we're told vehicle spun out there, and it the is an example of lauren talk about the icy conditions on the road. that is exactly what can
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happen. that ramp is now partially block. a look at route 42 freeway inner 295 in new jersey, in problems to report but that usually is a slow spot in the morning so if you can head on you you have time to do so. to our maps we have a malfunctioning traffic light maybe you saw this the on the roosevelt boulevard between byberry road and comly road in northeast philadelphia those lights have been repaired and they are working normally. good news. head up construction on the commodore barry bridge once again only one eastbound lane is opened and there is i 35 miles an hour speed restriction in place. well, some are proving we live in the city of brotherly love and neighborly affection especially in the rhawnhurst section of the northeast philadelphia as natasha brown reports a flood have community kindness is helping a local family during a difficult time. >> reporter: cruising around streets of rhawnhurst in northeast philadelphia snow weary residents have marked their spots. >> i dug my spot out and do save my spot after that. >> reporter: saving shoveled out parking spaces using
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shares, garbage cans and cone. >> this is our cone. >> reporter: forgery bill gert this coneys different. her handwritten net taped to it comes from a heart wrenching place. >> it says this spot was shoveled by a cancer patient for himself and his pregnant wife. kindly dig out your own spot, thank you you. >> reporter: terry's husband mike was diagnosed with stage four head and neck cancer in november. he shoveled their car out of nearly 2 feet of snow during this pass weekend's storm despite his illness. >> i can't shovel for you, you have to shovel out your spot. the coneys going out. >> reporter: terry did said she has never done before something philadelphia police are aggressively trying to prevent, saving shoveled out parking spaces. she says that she dit because her husband's life saving treatment depend on it. >> just started radiation on monday which was the reason why i put the cones because he needs to go down to jefferson 25 days a week. >> i will comply. she's pregnant. she's sick. why not. have a heart.
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>> reporter: terry says heartfelt gestures have been pouring in. >> i had a neighbor i don't even necessity where he lives knock on the door and left a note saying next time it snows he would shovel us out. that was awesome. >> reporter: for now terry is hoping neighbors and police will understand this open act of defying and open their hearts at least until the snow melts. there are still mound of snow piling up here in northeast philadelphia a but with warmer temperatures the snow is melting and terry says next few days or so she's hoping the cone won't be a factor. in northeast philadelphia, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". what great neighbors. right now 5:35 and tonight all leading republican candidates for president will be on the debate stage except for one, donald trum be will be boycotting the fox news debate and holding his own event for veterans in the very far away. marley hall explains why the front runner is skipping out on this face off. >> reporter: with the debate just hours away donald trump is still refusing to attend.
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a point he made clear wednesday night in an appearance on "fox news". >> will you just consider i want you to consider, all right, think about it. >> bill, this is much tougher being with you because frankly you are smarter. thinks much tougher then doing the debate with megan kelly, believe me. i got a very unfair question from somebody. >> reporter: at an event from south carolina earlier trump took aim at the the "fox news" host moderating the event while in des moines chief rival ted cruz will challenged him one on one. >> i'm going to propose a venue western iowa tech saturday night, we already have have it reserved. >> reporter: while his republican counterparts are on the debate stage, trump will be here on the campus of drake university. even students who don't support the out spoken candidate are excited about what they are calling the anti debate event. >> you know as an american
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citizen i'm worried he is unable to stand up to one particular reporter or one moderator, how will he attempt to make america great again. >> reporter: trump's camp says he will hold a fundraiser on the campus of the the drake university tonight. at least one veterans group, the the iraq and afghanistan receipt advance of america, announced they will decline donations from the event. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you haven't often hear how police department is a brotherhood some new york city police officers are showing just how strong that bond is. they came to philadelphia to visit officer jesse hartnett after recovering from being ambushed in his car. they presented him with a plaque, great photo here. earlier this month a man shot officer hartnett in his squad car in west philadelphia. the suspect says he acted in the name of islam. the officer hartnett left the the hospital last friday, a special take. all right. the right now 5:37. in business news this morning it is back to the future for a famous car, also, what the
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feds are now saying about the economy. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange with those stories and much more for us, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. fed wraps up policy meeting, unfortunately on a sour note about the u.s. economy saying it slowed down at the end of last year. fed interested it could pull bag from the plan continue on crease interest rates, four times this year and that spark a sell off on wall street. dow jones fell 222 points , nasdaq dropped 99. facebook stock surging, the company made nearly $6 billion in the last quarter, that is 52 percent american the year, before mostly because the company figured out how to make money on mobile ads. face back says nearly a billion people now check their facebook on their smart phone every single day. it is car that travels through time and back to the future. now delauren meters says it plans to make 300 replica of the stainless steel sports car. they have in the been produced
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since 1982. they will cost about a hundred you this dollars, and they will be on sale sometime next year, erika. >> hundred grand. i'm sure somebody will buy them. jill, thanks much. women have been doing this for years but now it seems men are catching up when it comes to inn visiting in their looks. the as cbs news correspondent karena mitchell shows us sales of male grooming products as younger men put their best face forward. >> reporter: he's just 29 but he says he started noticing signs of aging two years ago. so he decided to do something about it. >> get the the lines, and botox that works phenomenal. i would start new. >> reporter: this doctor a new york cosmetic surgeon says he is seeing more men in their 20's and 30's who want to even than their looks. >> less of a stigma with it, it is not as bad or horrible to go in and get something done and make yourself look a
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little bit better. >> reporter: male cosmetic procedures including botox injections have soared 273 percent, in the last two decade. that is not the only way men are improving their appearance. men are also buying more grooming products, everything from shower gels to facial cremes. from 2010 to 2015, sales for male personal care market in the u.s. jumped almost 15 percent, hitting an estimated $4.2 billion. analyst, marley says millennials are leading the surge. >> over the last two decade we have seen a definition of masculinity shift. it made men much more accepting of the using grooming products. >> you won't see those any more. >> reporter: doctor says most men don't want anything too drastic. >> men just want to look better. they do in the want to look different. >> you cannot reverse the the age but if we can look as good as we can why in the do it. >> reporter: karena mitchell for cbs news, new york.
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young basketball star becomes a internet sensation. see how he capture the a attention of one of the best players in the world. also turning off water in niagara falls sound crazy, right. we will tell you why one of the wonders of the world could go dry. here's a question just how much would you pay for this picture of a potato? you have to hear outrageous price somebody just paid to buy it. you might the in the believe it the. we will be right back.
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rushing rapid of niagara falls may soon go dry for at least a few months. new york officials are thinking of diverting what the tore make much needed repairs. as cbs news correspondent don champion reports it wouldn't be first time that the falls have stopped running. >> reporter: to some the thought of niagara falls going from this, to this is unimaginable but new york officials say that it is very necessary. >> so much talk over the last 48 hours has been about the dewatering that is not the end, that is a means. >> reporter: state park officials are considering diverting water from the falls to a replacement project. plans involve replacing two crumbling, 115 year-old pedestrian bridges near the brink of the falls. >> i'm glad they are doing something because what they have there temporary since 2004 looks horrible. >> reporter: project could mean water will be diverted for up to nine months, the spec particular california happened once before in 1969
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when army core of engineers did a study on erosion at the falls. >> it is kind of sad, because people won't be able to come see it and won't be able to see how pretty, it is. >> it is such a beautiful a area, one of the wonders of the world and finally they are putting money back into this place. >> reporter: project could cost 24 million-dollar, so far, funding has in the been secured. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". wisconsin family is crediting their three legged dog with saving their lives. dorsey and bob, say that an armed robber broke into their home. the couple's 15 year-old pit bull named levi started growling and barking at the intruder. the couple says the suspect seemed intimidate by levi. >> more than a minute after that, the person fired on levi, right in the head. a feeling you cannot really express in words, thank god he
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was here. >> bullet hit his head, suspect left without taking anything. the now this is not first timely vei has come to the rescue. a few years ago he shattered is leg while saving cherry's son from a fall what a dog. police in alabama, they have pick up an unusual stray, pot belly pig. check this out. the his name is oath is. they saw that pig running loose and they caught it. the photo in the back of the police cruiser has gone viral. otis was later reunited with his owners after a fun day. european art lover forks over a lot of dough for this picture. what would you pay for this? photo of the organic irish potato. this was taken by kevin avon, taken famous port traits of the beyond i dep and yoko ono and he sold this potato portrait for 1.5 million-dollar. all that money. he says that potato number 345 is a metaphor for human
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experience. i'm thinking we have in the wrong business, taking pictures of the vegetables, millionaires. >> i'm leaving right now, i have vegetables at home, some fruit, maybe even fruit would be better for my scene. take the i phone out. >> we have a plan. >> we have enacted it. the plan for this morning is layering up in our weather watchers are reporting some cold temperatures this morning, even some numbers in the single digits. we will check in right new and head east to the city, 4 degrees from our weather watcher mark reporting clear sky conditions in chadds worth. he says clear and cold to start the day here and temperatures are even chillier as we head north west of the city. so we will head up, 5 degrees, right now by our weather watcher eileen. she's reporting clear sky conditions in gilbertsville, pa and she says yeah, cold. 5 degrees will wake you up as soon as you step outside the door. that is for sure a lot of chilly temperature is a cross
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the the area this morning. we he will get one more, we will have to head to the north east with eileen there beyond reporting 2 degrees in perkasie. clear sky conditions. he says take your breath away, chill after the nice start to the day yesterday, and then it is a colder start to our day this morning. temperatures down in the teens and 20's we are at 25 degrees right now in philadelphia, even cold down the shore. temperatures in the the low to mid 20's. we have had a significant drop off. we had a cold front moving through late the day on tuesday and that colder air settling in across the region. temperature drop offs over the last 24 hours on the order of 15 to 30 degrees. storm scan three is showing us quiet conditions, nice, clear skies across the the delaware valley and that is how we will keep it today. also quiet our win speed. got news for news combination with the cold temperatures. we are not adding wind on top of that to affect our wind chill temperature a cross the region sunshine, sunshine with a few included in the poconos, temperatures near 31 degrees.
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we will top off at 42 down the shore and cool day to day but seasonal in philadelphia at 40 . we will have a warm up in store and talk about mid 50's in the extended in just a few minutes. >> lauren, thank you. lets go out and look at the road, shot at city avenue in conshohocken state road in bala cynwyd. road looking nice and clear right now. we have an accident on the ramp from 467 in the last half an hour, northbound to 76 westbound. vehicle spun out of control. here's another example of what can happen with the icy road. that ramp is still partially blocked. mass transit for you here september bus routes 94, 95, they are back to normal, dart route eight busies also restore. patco will be running a special midday schedule today and tomorrow. hey are you in the market for a new car or just like looking at hot new models. starting saturday the philadelphia auto show is place to be for car lovers. but you don't to have wait until then. "eyewitness news" is putting
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you in the driver's seat tomorrow morning. we will take you behind the scenes of the the auto show starting a 59:00 o'clock tomorrow. you do not want to miss this. always an exciting morning. talk about an unlikely paring. you have to see special bond between a dog and a duck. this 11 year-old basketball star wants to play in the nfl and his moves are already getting national attention. i'm weijia jiang in leaseberg virginia and we
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an 11 year-old from virginia is getting national attention for his moves on the basketball court. his videos have gone viral but now he is getting more than just likes on facebook. >> reporter: with noah cutler isn't playing basketball. >> just crazy ball handler. >> reporter: the the one year-old is watching it and looking at his favorite nba players on line. >> one day i could be there if i put in the work. >> reporter: when noah saw steph curry of the golden state warriors do this he had to try it. >> next thing he is watching videos on you tube and dribbling out in the front yard and it is raining we have to pull him out in the rain. >> i'm outside a lot but then i got it. >> reporter: then how did you feel. >> i was happy i got it. >> reporter: noah's dad posted a a video showing him, copying
5:54 am
the tricky moves and several others. they quickly went viral. >> there was in transition, everything has been boom, boom, boom and look back and like wow, are we here. >> reporter: noah's clips became so popular that the warriors invited him to california, to meet his role model. >> i didn't even think it was real life. i thought i was dreaming. >> reporter: noah says the attention is nice but playing basketball with his friend makes him happiest. he is small, the smallest kid on his team, on the court though he feels like a giant. noah has big dreams too. >> it would be crazy to play on that floor and within day that would be my dream. >> reporter: he is already playing with the pros, on the way to becoming one. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". talented kid how about that. >> construction crews make a monumental discovery on the the fat ball field of oregon
5:55 am
state university. excavators working to expand the stadium found a anxious bone thought to be leg been of the adolescent monmouth from 10,000 years ago. the the fossil in the northwest is not uncommon but it is where the the fossil was found, that is getting the a attention. >> the fact that you would find it under something like the end zone of a football stadium that is extremely unusual. that is why this is in part such a big story. >> archaeology students will sift through remaining dirt where the bone was fund to see if there was anything else to help top this exciting discovery. now an unlikely at a texas animal shelter will continue thanks to a family adopting two animals together.
5:56 am
these two, a dog and a duck, sound like a children's book. it was playing at shelter facilities. that is cyrus the dog and the duck. they work together and adopted together and farmer took them up on it. >> we like it when we see any animal get adopted out but we have a case lick this where they are bonded, we will call them brothers. they are going home together. that is our ultimate goal. they will be happy as well that they cannery unite. >> that is terrific. >> they are happy. they are going to their new home together. nice buddies. coming up on "eyewitness news", first it was oscars and now more uproar over lack of diversity in hollywood after a white actor is cast play michael yak on in the tv movie. see the controversial choice award. when your doctor should and should not prescribe antibiotics, doctor jen will join to us talk about when they are necessary and when you need to tough it out. we will be back at the top of the hour good
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plus, it's all natural, clear, taste-free and dissolves completely. it's clinically proven to keep me fuller longer and helps keep me healthy inside and out. benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. find benefiber healthy shape in the fiber aisle. good morning, and developing at this hour, a man is in custody accused of making on line threats against chester police officers and police say, this may have been retaliation. also a scary situation, and check out this video right here police want your help, tracking down the driver of that car, after an attempted luring, and how two young brothers got the away. and just a heart breaking case of animal abuse, horses,
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are left starving and left in horrible conditions. they are new being nursed back to health. good morning, it is thursday, january 28th i'm erika von tiehl. weather has been warming up. the that is helping to melt that snow we got last weekend. lauren casey is in for kate/the sky deck. we have had so much snow on the sky deck how sit looking earlier. >> no, and in the a trace, left. the last time i was out here it was about 18 inches of snow, on the the sky deck buzz temperatures are melt ago way that snow pack but this morning, it is a little chilly. i can assess out here on the cbs-3 sky deck. we are in the middle 20's in philadelphia temperatures down the the shore 21 degrees, we're in the teens in the poconos, our saving grace, calm to light wind. so no wind chill impact but it is a coal start to the thursday. storm scan three showing us quite the the conditions, just a couple of cloud, cruising on through and it will be a quiet winter day to day and we will do moreti


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