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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  January 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit it is mosquito born illness spreading like wild fire. today the chief of the world held organization calls an emergency meeting in response to the dramatic rise of the zika virus. good afternoon, i'm erika von tiehl. that will virus being linked to birth defects in central and south america. also, four people have tested positive in new york state after returning from abroad. cbs news correspondent omar
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villafranca with the latest on the outbreak. >> reporter: as crews in brazil spray insecticide to kill the mosquitos that r carry the zika virus, world health organization announced it will hold emergency meeting monday to decide if the virus should be declared an international health emergency. hell officials suspect the virus is responsible for spike in the number of babies born with and normally small heads in brazil. >> the increase incidence of micro self lee is particularly alarming. >> un health agency estimates, three, 4 million cases of zika infection are possible in the america's over the next year. cdc officials say the diseases now in more than 20 countries, mostly in central and south america. but us health officials say, based on experience with other mosquito born illnesses, they expect the number of cases here to remain small. >> we do not believe that there will be a major outbreak of zika in the united states. >> the cdc says almost all of
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the us cases are among people who travel abroad. health officials are urging pregnant women not to travel to the affected regions unless absolutely necessary. omar villafranca, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> twenty-four hours after threats were leveled against chester area schools, a man in custody for threatening police there. twenty-three year old david millborn allegedly posted threats on facebook and instagram. police say it is retaliation for yesterday's arrest in the 17 year old female student who forwarded violence against her fellow student. it is unclear if there is a connection between millborn and that teenager. meanwhile, police in burlington count have i a warning for parents, their intensifying the search for couple accused of trying to lure children into their car. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch has the latest on this investigation from evesham township. >> evesham police have their eye on this dark sedan,
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concerned neighbors are now concerned. >> we can't trust our own neighborhood where we feel safest. >> which is kind of un far. >> back on january 6th, surveillance video shows, this dark sedan driving along a road in the san too area development just before 5:00 p.m. inside that sedan, a couple, a man and a woman, whom police say approached those two boys, as they were playing near a home. >> vehicle pulls pretty close to them, they also say to the kids do you want some can i. the one child 11 year old has a cell phone in his pocket. he pulls his cell phone out, pretends that he's going to make it to the phonecall while saying i'm going to call the police. at that time the vehicle leaves. >> the couple is described as a white man, in his 60s, with gray hair, and a woman in her teens, with long blonde hair. >> it is not right. like kids need to be left alone. should feel safe where we are. >> same day at nine in the oaklyn police there report similar incident involving a couple and dark sedan, and
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children. however, in that case, police say, the woman was described as being older. justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". heavy smoke from a cherry hill house fire. this is on the 400 block of chef field road. firefighters looked to have everything under control and there are no reported injuries. no word right now on a cause, but a lot of smoke there. >> and, you can expect some traffic delays later in the day if you are traveling on 422, in montgomery county. chopper three right here in pottstown, where some emergency repairs are taking place. there is some gaping holes left in the roadway from last weekends' storm at the construction zone near 422 and route 100 westbound. crews will take about four hours to patch it all up. wilmington police are searching for who ever stole an s.u.v. right from the driveway of senator -- delaware senator chris coons. told the senator's wife went to warm up the car in the morning, then headed back inside the home, when she came back outside, though, the black ford explorer was gone,
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someone took it. police say the s -- suv does have sticker on it that bears the senator's name. >> turning to the forecast, hey, not bad considering it is the end of january. and it really looks to be bit of roller coaster ride coming up temperatures wise, we check in with lauren casey in for the katie out on the skydeck, how does it look? >> real nice, were you saying for late january day, i'll take this, sunshine, just little bit of breeze. temperatures up into the 40's, so not too bad. you still need the winter coat but feeling pretty nice 41 degrees right now, your current temperature in philadelphia, we're at 45 down the shore, and that's not too chilly in the poconos, 30 degrees, but bit of breeze, pushing the temperature to 20. see i crease in the clouds as we head into the evening hours and in a city and point south and east. but, for your day planner, the rest of the day, we are going to keep around some nice sunshine for the next couple of hours, 42 degrees, as we
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heed in the 3:00 hour then scaling back into the middle 30's by 9:00 this evening with few more clouds, and we do have chillier day on the way for tomorrow. bump things up when we get to the ends of the weekend, coming up in just a couple every minutes. >> warm up sounds good, lauren, thank youment magestic roll of niagara falls could soon be silenced new york state officials have plans to replace two historic stone bridges, in order to complete that work, the niagara river has to be diverted over to the canadian side. would reduce to just attributing he will, make the horse shoe fall more intense there is isn't the first time portion of the iconic falls has stopped flowing engineers diverted water around the falls to study errosion. actor leonardo dicaprio met with pope francis today not blessing for the oscars, but rather to talk about something else close to his heart, the environ: pope presented dicaprio with two, one on environment as well asset of
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rosaries, in turn, dicaprio gave the pope a book every paintings including one that hung over his crib as a child. >> it represented a planet, the over population excess, and then the third panel, we see blackened sky, that represent so much to me, of what's going on in the environment. >> as they parted ways, the pope asked the actor to pray for him and added not to forget. humor. time is running out for president and can't dates to make their appeal. tonight republican hopefuls will deliver their pitch during the lay debate during the caucuses, at least most of the candidates will be there. correspondent weijia jiang in des moines to explain why donald trump says he will not debate. >> republicans will hold their last debate, without
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frontrunner donald trump. trump says megan kelly was unfair to him when she moderated the last fox news debate. >> i got a very unfair question from somebody, but we don't need to talk about this. we don't talk about this. i refuse to talk about that. >> nearly 40% say they could change their mind before monday, and trump's opponents will be reaching out to those voters after the debate. >> what does it say when donald trump my time is more important than your time? >> instead of debating donald trump will be here at drake university where he will hold his own event part rally, part fundraiser for veterans group. >> i give you bernie sanders. >> with susan surround and done looking on, called out hill had i's ties to wall street. >> my oponent is not in iowa tonight. she is raising money from a philadelphia investment firm. >> hillary clinton had her own start campaigning for her,
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former president bill clinton. >> she is a walking, breathing change agent. the only person qualified by economic and social issues and political issues. >> the clinton campaign is banking on get out the vote effort to hold onto their lead. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage on campaign 2016. when we're not on tv you can get the very latest on our website today marks the 30th anniversary of the space shuttle challenger disaster, the wreath laying ceremony right here took place short time ago at kennedy space center on cape canaveral. it was 1986 when the challenger exploded just 73 seconds into its flight. all seven people on board were killed. their families were present at today's ceremony. the tragedy unfolded on live television. there were six astronaut on board, along with school teacher, kristin. after undergoing month of training, she was set to become the first american none
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at tree naught to travel into space. nasa shuttle program halted for more than two years after the accident. it then resumed with successful launch of discovery in 1988. there is much more news ahead. including red wine and dark chocolate. they have something in them that can help your diet. help how about that? coming up we'll tell you what's in those as well as produce to help keep you slim and even lose weight, that's in the health watch report. also, the changing face and shape of barbie. how the toy maker is updating the classic doll to be more life-like. that and more whethe
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following breaking news just? chopper three live over house fire, you can see the smoke coming out there. this is on 39200 block of dover street in north philadelphia. there are no reports of any injuries at this time. but as you can see, that fire is not under control yet. we will stay on top of this, bring you any updates as soon as we get them. you can always get the latest as well at well, if you are looking to stay slim, or even lose a few pounds, you might want to up your flavonoid in take. they're that the all compounds that appear in many types of produce like strawberries, games, and onions. newspaper study followed more than 124,000 middle-aged or older people and found that those who ate diets rich in flavenoids maintained their weight or even lost a few pawn, some great news,
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flavenoids are also found in red wine and chocolate, if you need any excuse, there you go. hey, did you hit the snooze button this morning, or maybe hit a little traffic? chances are, if you were late for work, you maybe made up little white lie to help get you out of trouble. new study says people can be pretty creative it comes to those responses, correspondent jamie uke as has some interesting examples. >> can i ask you a question real quick? >> it seems like all every us are running behind. >> oh, i'm real late. >> oh, three out of five days. >> some excuses are plausible. >> my baby pooped. >> i told them that i was like throwing up sick. so that's yes was late. and i really just overslept. >> did they buy it? >> ya. >> but others are even more creative. >> someone from my family died. >> i didn't think it was a work day. it was a holiday. >> how did that fly? >> not so much. thinks that bad?
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new survey, most outrageous excuses employers had heard? they included my hair caught on fire, from my blow dryer. there was fresh powder on the hill, i had to go skiing. a vaseline truck overturned on the highway, and cars were slipping left and right. and, i was detained, by homeland security. more than a third every employers say they don't care if you're late once in a while. >> a quarter of us show up late once a month. >> why do we come up with a excuse? >> to avoid any trouble. >> or maybe because the actual reasons are boring surgeon vai found 50% get caught in traffic, 15% oversleep, and a third delayed dropping kids off to school or day care. >> haircut fire from a blow dryer? how about it. still ahead on "eyewitness news", the embarrassing yet hilarious punishment for guy who lost his fantasy football league. you don't want to miss this video. also, giving bash a make over, how mat tell is making changes
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to the classic toy to make her look more like you and me, lauren? >> well, that's nice. >> yes? >> now, as we head into the day tomorrow, we'll have chilly and blustery conditions. after that we warm things up talking about several days of 50's, for next week, and i'll have all of the details on your eyewitness weather forecast coming up next.
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>> time to break out the party favors, the philadelphia zoo is celebrating very special occasion from one of its most popular residents. today is the 31st birthday of this guy, a western low land guerrilla. the zoo treated him to a cake made of all of his favorite treats, but unfortunately, didn't get chance to enjoy it, you can see, right there, one every his female house mates, swipes the cake, devoured it from high platform, in the
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enclosure, so he couldn't get to it. it is his birthday, bus his girlfriends took his cake. >> we know around here if there is cake being be quick on your feet. same thing in the news room, if you don't get that cake -- >> learn your lesson, poor guy. i like today's weather, seems to be warming up. >> real nice january day. sunshine, temperatures warming up, pretty seasonable right now, light wind speeds, as we head into tomorrow we are going to take step back a bit, because we are going to bump up blister you are. i conditions, 50's, in your extended forecast, right now probably still need winter coat even though it is nice and sunny, getting live look at center city philadelphia on "skycam 3". just couple of high clouds in the scene. but otherwise, pretty nice thursday in progress, and also, nice, we are gaming -- gaining some daylight. everybody likes that. head into the evening 5:15 will be our sunset time february 1st is on monday. 5:19 our sunset, then as we head toward march, right around the corner, sunset time
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closer to 6:00. so always nice, have little sunshine after you get out of the workplace, gaining about minute and a half of daylight each day. temperatures right now, not too bad. 41 degrees in philadelphia, after all, cold start to the day. thirty-three in allentown after spending the morning down into the low teens. temperature change, over the last 24 hours, this morning, these numbers were on the orders of 15, to 30 degrees. in the negative. now, with all of that sunshine, we've held warm temperatures up to the temperature change not as drastic right now. current wind speeds, also, looking pretty good. calm to light winds, bit of breeze in the poconos, impacting the windchill temperature, but otherwise, our winds speeds will stay light through the rest of the afternoon. soap, we get to enjoy the sunshine, temperatures very seasonable, around 42 degrees, as we head into tonight, down to 28 degrees. partly to mostly cloudy conditions westerly wind just at 5 miles per hour. storm scan3, showing us, mostly clear sky conditions. more clouds, will continue to move eastbound, in association with cold front. then do have system off shore, just going to keep rolling on
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by. but we will be thrown a little moisture from this system earlier in the week, you may have heard, some mummer about potential new storm, that's it, it will stay away from us, not bother us at all. tomorrow because of the nearby low, we will see windy conditions, maybe even few flakes possible, with some wrap around moisture from the system. but then as we head into saturday, high pressure returns, see it is sunshine, temperatures right around 40, and then climbing closer to 50 as we head into sunday under mostly sunny sky, so tomorrow, will be chilly one especially during the afternoon. with those blustery conditions. but, by sunday, 48 degrees, under mostly sunny sky. heading into next tuesday, 53 degrees, for the little groundhog, he'll come out to want to enjoy the 50's, then in the middle 50's for next wednesday, good news, because we have chance of precipitation, those mid 50's, will keep it all rain. >> a lot of folks wanted more snow on top of the roads. lauren, thank you. i love this next story. classic toy really getting real you might say.
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mattel just announced barbie's latest make over will be reflection of the changing perception of beauty today. great idea. new line of bash list feature three different body types, see them there, you have tall, petite, curvey. this follows another major update made last year. the toy maker introduced 23 dolls, various skin tones and hair colors. >> we were hearing that, you know, many thought that barbie was out of touch. >> people who were turned away from barbie because they wanted dolls more resemble themselves. more in terms of their body type, and more in terms of their skin tone. >> understandable. mattel in turn homes the new changes will help improve slumping sales. because they really took a hit when frozen came out with all of the dolls, leggo movie, hoping this will be, yes, change that people want to see. also for moms, buying your kid a toy -- >> yep, you want to relate. >> exactly. >> way to go, barbie. >> go barbie. coming up next, an embarrassing punishment for losing fantasy football. wait until you see this grown man singing a little salina
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>> the death after pet can be devastating. but some companies are more understanding, than others. consumer reporter jim donovan tells us about employers that are offering pet berevement days, that's today at a . well, a lot of people take fantasy football very seriously, winners get the bragging rights, right? but losers, oh, the punishment can be pretty rough. check this out.
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>> ♪ >> match the washed robe, too. oh, my hats off to this guy. he finished dead last in his league. so now he's becoming a internet star because of his punishment recreating selena gomez video good for you. poor guy. does the couch, the shower scene, does all of it, and with a straight face, too. >> so committed. i love it. >> i wonder how they got to tape this with a straight face. can you imagine a bunch of guys filming this? >> terry clot road, class all the way. >> working for him. well done. >> all right, that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm erika von tiehl. for katie who is off, everyone behind the scenes, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at a . we're always on line at >> the young and the restless is coming up next.
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