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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 29, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> i kind of miss donald trump. epp was a little teddy bear to me. >> the debate go on without donald trump after the frontrunner sit out this latest presidential debate. this is the last debate before eye iowans cast their first votes. live reaction to trump sitting out that debate. first, it is quiet right now, we'll take it, don't be surprised if you see snow showers later today. may impact your ride home tonight as well. dealing with the here and now, ice on the roads watch do you think, justin? >> we had a lot of melting yesterday. still untreated surfaces could be slick, a loft sidewalks, but, if you remember, earlier this week, we had big rumors about snowstorm, bye would happen today. actually inbetween two systems. >> we'll take snow showers. >> but that's not really from the billing storm.
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never came together. that was just a rumor, goes to show. >> it was just a rumorment always have to stay tuned to the forecast. it is a living thing, the forecast is, always changing, and as justin was saying, kind of sandwiched inbetween two systems, one off shore, then another one that will drag cold front through the area and generate the possibility after few scattered snow showers, now, not everyone will see snow shower, but the potential is there. so it is something to keep in mind as we led into the second half of the day today. temperatures, this morning, not quite as cold as what we had yesterday morning. but, still, you need that winter coat, hat and the gloves. 28 degrees in philadelphia. we're 30 down the shore. 28 degrees in the poconos, winds are calm for now. and then next several hours, we will have blustery friday afternoon and evening in store. storm scan3 showing us we do have the system up winds, in the the counter clockwise, it will move it way to the northeast, kind of drag weak cold front through the delaware valley, so we could see some of the snow showers moving in, as we head into the lunch hour and into the afternoon hours.
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so, chance of scattered snow shower in there today, blustery conditions, especially the winds picking up by lunchtime, northwest around ten to 20 miles per hour with gusts up around 30. so high temperature today, seasonable, 40 degrees, but the win chips down to the two's for much of the day. mostly clear, cold tonight, still bit breezy specially for the first half of the overnight period. 23 degrees, our overnight low. so some of these future feels-like temperatures, as we head into lunchtime, stepping out to grab that sandwich, temperatures feeling like right around the freezing mark, and then as we head into the afternoon, down into the 20's, teens in the lehigh valley, still need to bundle up if you do have the friday night plans. went chills down into the casino of near 10 degrees in the lehigh valley, toward allentown, feeling like 20 degrees as we wake up in philadelphia, on our saturday morning. high temperatures will be right around average by tomorrow afternoon. up to 40 degrees. mix of sun, clouds, and on sunday, we jump up to 50 degrees, turning milder, and then check it out, nice stretch of 50's, as we approach groundhog day, then justin, a 60 degrees reading
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in there, with some rain, on wednesday. >> heatwave there, break out the short. yep there is snow will be gone quickly. and actually record highs, 67 degrees. so actually can get close to 70 this time of year. but check it out. 476, headed toward route one northbound, headlight looks good there. southbound, no issues just yet. i'm sure things are going to go downhill as we head tort the heart of rich hour. delaware county here 95 northbound tail light here right around 452, again, looking good both directions, another hot spot as we head toward the mid-morning rush hour, we take to you 422 near valley forge, again, both directions, eastbound, westbound, no issues right now. good news, burlington bristol bridge back down, that opening is complete. so no further backups expected there. heads up up in perkasie, north fifth street highland drive. do have accident. so there could be few delays around there. headed into south philly this weaken, we have sixers warriors, coming in tomorrow at 5:00. then, the concert, muse concert at 7:30 sunday, expect
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some delays right around the stadium complex. both weekend nights. all right, jersey turnpike, tractor-trailer still jackknife there. the southbound outer drive just past 195 the right lane stays block blocked. that's a look back to you. >> with three days to go for the first vote, the candidates hit the campaign trail in iowa today, will make to make their closing arguments to votes. for the republicans, final pitch started when last night's debate. marlie hall joins us live now in des moines, where the event was dominated by one candidate. he wasn't even on the stage, marlie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. last night was the last debate before the iowa caucuses here in des moines in iowa, and gop candidate got the chance to be seen and to be heard without getting overshadowed by donald trump. >> with trump absent, his biggest rival, ted cruz, took center stage, becoming the target of the night.
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>> gosh, if you guys say, ask one more main question, i may have to leave the stage. >> some of the biggest fireworks came as the candidates sparred over illegal immigration. >> we should have a father to legal status for the 12 million people here illegally you. >> said on the issue of people here illegally we can reach a compromise. in the committee you said i want to bring people out of the shadows, now trump trump on immigration. >> marco made the close of going the direction for the major donors for amnesty, thought it was politically add vantage us. >> with cruz in second place in iowa, rube any third, political pundants say the two men needed to stand out. >> i think it was a good hit. but, i don't think you can use rubio as an ad vaux cat on what is or isn't a conservative position. >> other candidates often overshadowed by trump during the debate. called this one the best one yet. >> we got to go around several times on issues, and so i think it was a big
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improvement. >> despite being miles away from the debate stage, at drake university, donald trump still managed to garner a lot of attention. >> the billionaire frontrunner dominated google searches last night, and even had the most mention on twitter. >> is it for me personally a good thing, a bad thing? will i get more vote. will i get less votes? nobody knows. who the hell knows? >> drum's cam said last minute valley for veterans brought in $6 million. >> monday's caucuses will be the first time voters have a real say this election season. it is yet to be seen whether donald trump's boycott of last night's debate will alienate voters. erika? >> now, marlie, we know that trump raised millions, he's saying he raised millions of class last knight. is he saying where that mondayly go now? >> well, the trump campaign is telling us that 1 million of those $6 million came from donald trump himself.
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and they're saying that the money will be distributed to 22 different veterans organizations and many of them right here in iowa. erika? >> all right, marlie hall for us in des moines, thanks so much, marlie. >> right naira 37:00. in business news this morning, amazon stock takes a tumble, also, mcdonald's is expanding their breakfast menu, like the sounds of. that will money watch's jill wagner joins us from new york stock exchange with the detail. i'm pretty pumped about the expanded menus. >> good morning, erika. let's start with some economic news. investors waiting for the government's release imported gdp numbers today. yesterday, the dow rose 125. the nasdaq jumped 38. amazon shares are in free-fall after the company's earnings for the all-important holiday season came in below estimate, amazon made a lot of money, delivering record number of packages, but, that is also part of the problem. shipping costs were too high. that ate into amazon's profit. the company of course working
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on drones for delivery. the next time you rsvp to an event on facebook, could you also coordinate how you will get there. facebook filed patent, outlines way for use tears set up carpools for people going to the same party. and, mcdonald's all day breakfast has been soak successful, expanding the menu to include the mc griddle sandwich. so it was problematic, because the pancake buns need to be warmed up in the same offends where mcdonald makes lunch item. for now testing it in oklahoma if successful, they could be coming, could be going national. erika? >> some that far maple flavor, just ties it altogether, marlie. here's hoping or jill here's hoping to come here to new york and philadelphia. >> you know what? i never, ever turn my nose at all day breakfast no matter what it is. >> jill, thanks so much. have a good weekend. >> the ss ooh night dollars state in south philadelphia, apparently not become scrap metal. supposedly will un go rebirth possibly in new york city.
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supporters of the ship say they have an option agreement with the redevelopment partner. we'll learn more at news conference next thursday. the one time luxury vessel is larger than the titanic was. the ss united states still holds the record for the fastest transatlantic crossing. >> still ahead this morning, there is some disappointing news for people trying to lose an extra few pounds. also, do you have trouble sleeping? if so, the health risk for women, tossing and turning throughout the night. pat? >> erika, this car right here is a porche. goes about 250 miles an hour. you can't buy it, but there are plenty of other cars here, the philadelphia auto show, that you can buy. other porche's, there are maserati's, and we'll go inside the mc lauren when we come back.
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mmmm, yoplait.
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bank robber fought to have his customers, or manager, fault to have his customers and staff. manager was just looking out the door of his bank, in north carolina whether he spot add pan dress in the black dash in
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toward the door. that mask man tried to yank it open, even pulled out gun and smashed the door. all of this, all the while, the bank manager just hanging onto that door. >> if the suspect had made it into the bank, you never knows what's going to happen then. the guys obvious late lately agitated, obviously had a gun corks have been much worse had he made it into the bank. >> as you can see from watching the clip here, suspect eventually gives up and takes off. police are still looking for that suspect. all right, now, very young snow plow driver right here, maybe the youngest ever, check him out. three year old sam curry is using his birthday bulldozer to clear snow from his parent home in kington, tennessee. when not playing, he's building snowmen, having fun with his family. hey corks have future in snow plow business, what do you think? >> oh, that's so cute. look at him enjoying the snow there, getting some work done, some play down, you know, both things, got the right perspective on dealing with
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this snow. well, let's check in with morning with our weather watch ers not quite as cold, some of the reports as we had yesterday morning. we will check in right now in new jersey, 24 degrees, at carry's house in mt. laurel. she reporting clear sky conditions, and she said, yes, thank goodness it is friday. i think a loft us feel that way. great view of the moon and the planets in align. >> this morning. we talked a little bit about that yesterday morning. you can see five planets right now, the pre-dawn sky, visible, to the make eye. you don't even need a telescope. so maybe go out there, and check that out, as carry is suggesting. head north of the city, 26 degrees right now in phil's house in philadelphia, 26, he says, clear sky conditions being reported right now, cold, clear, friday morning. windy, afternoon, snow showers possible, he's been paying attention, to that eyewitness forecast. we do have the chance of a few showers, phil, we head into the afternoon hours. and could locally reduce visibility briefly, but not everyone is going to see the flakes today. 28 degrees your current temperature in philadelphia, 21 in allentown, we're at 26
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right now in trenton. storm scan3, showing us, some of the snow showers, trying to sneak their way, couple of flurries into the poconos, and lehigh valley, haven't been successful so far. do have little shower just up wind of lancaster, we will keep an eye on these over the next several hours. wind speeds right now are calm. it will be quite a different story as we head out and about into the next six to 12 hours, as winds will pick up all across the area, blustery conditions, this afternoon, few flakes possible, in philadelphia, down the shore, and in the poconos, less sunshine today, high temperatures near 40 degrees. we will top off in the middle 30's today, justin, in the poconos, but we have to watch out for possibly few flakes flying by. but casino of different scenario than what we were dealing with this time last week. >> if you don't like the cold wait few more days, we warm things up, temperatures maybe even 06 necessary week. show you the seven day little later. out on the roads, all quiet. heads up still untreated areas, again, we saw the refreezing process occur again. so could be some icy
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conditions. a loft sidewalks, though, in parking lots really the best shot to see. that will most of the highways looking good. that will was 59 south at girard, headlight everything just volume starting to increase. 202 at 76 northbound at the moment, quiet right now, headlights coming our way actually southbound looks pretty good as well. here is your shot from the ben franklin bridge, from camden, headed into the city. looks like things are smooth flowing this morning, also, out bound, no problems. still have the accident scene up in perkasie this hour, north fifth street at highland drive. be aware of possible delays. better news, the atlantic city rail line there back to normal. as service has been restored between philadelphia and cherry hill. we had the delaire bridge problems yesterday. that has reopened. yesterday evening, still looking good this morning. route 07 eastbound cuthbert boulevard. right lane taken out. that's until 5:00 this afternoon due to construction, elsewhere, area speeds, looking pretty good. that's a look at your ride, erika, back to you. >> thank so much. whether looking for new set of wheels or the chance just to jump behind the wheel of carve your dreams, there is always
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plenty to see at the philadelphia auto show. eyewitness neutral reporter pat gallen joining us at the pennsylvania convention center with sneak preview for us, pat, good morning. >> hey, erika, yes, they have entire place to myself. and if you have been following along before the break we showed you some of the more zero exotic cars, like the porche's, there are some maserati ace here, infinity, tezsla, but this one is a little bit different. >> this right here, this is a mcclaren, very, very fast car, kevin back with me, the executive director of the philadelphia auto show. what is so cool about the auto show is that people can walk out here and they get to dream about driving home in one of these cars. i think that's the best part. >> it is, pat. there is business aspect about 40% of all of the vehicles sold are influenced by the show. but there is the dream factor, cool factor. like the internet in reverse. so you can actually see these cars, touch woman of these cars, what you have here is the mcclaren 570s. one of the first major introductions, public introductions in the country here at the philly show. again that's what makes it
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cool. there is something for everybody. here you have a vehicle that guess zero to 6o nothing gets really bad gas mileage, and really really cool. >> it is really, really cool. it is funny because it is really authorities get into. so i guess when you can afford it, it is hard to get in and out of. >> absolutely. by the time that you can afford something like this you are too old to get in and out of it. but a special vehicles, i'm sure there will be throngs of people around looking at this vehicle. >> this is a very expensive vehicle. this is also a mcclaren there is beautiful orange vehicles over here little more expensive you are telling me? >> 650s spider, spider meaning it doesn't have a roof on it. you can put it down. but you chop off the top and you add about another $50,000. that's about quarter after million dollars. and that's a little faster than this. but this is really cool too. it is more affordable if you call $188,000 affordable. >> tell me, what's your favorite crazy dream car in this place? >> oh, wow. >> got to narrow it down. >> rolls royce drop head coup. nothing like the style of driving up in that vehicle.
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it is just pan ash, just coolness. i love them all. >> i bet. i'll try and get inside this thing it, might take a little bit of time to get in and out of it, but i'll give that shot. this things drops solo. beautiful leather. >> this thing, err day, just feels really really fast, and you know what? can you imagine driving this thing down 95 or the schuylkill expressway? i can't. >> i think you should try that. you can test drive, right, pat? >> i would probably end up ruining the car but that's why we dream. that's why we do it. >> that's why we dream, flight. >> dream to drive. all right, pat, see you later on in the show. thanks so much. great car. look good in it, just saying. 5:49. in your health watch this morning, some disappointing news if you are using extra -- exercise to try to lose weight. only working out may not be enough to drop those unwanted pounds. that is according to researchers at the city university of new york. they found that people don't
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necessarily burn extra calories even if they exercise more, the research finds you also really do need to focus on your diet too. >> and, women, do you have trouble sleeping? if so, researchers from harvard say you're much more likely to develop type two diabetes. doctors tracked more than 133,000 patients, and they found that women with numerous sleep problems, like snoring, and waking up frequently, were up to four times more likely to develop that condition. still ahead this morning, stephen colbert reveals big plans about his superbowl show after the big game. also, some mysterious boxes showing up on the streets around san francisco. what's inside how it is supposed to protect people heading to the superbowl. we'll be right back.
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>> cold play is getting ready for it biggest gig of its career. now, they're planning a trip back to philadelphia, too. we'll let you know when they're coming here, and when those particular that's will go fast about will go on sale. superbowl ooh, now just over
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week away, effort to keep people safe, really being ramp up across san francisco. as reporter joe vazquez, from sister station k pecks shows us, security device has some people doing a double take. >> that random device on the corner ... see the sign there? do not unplug. >> happens to belong to homeland security. >> looks like mini hotdog cart. i don't know. >> make sure to read the tiny gold sign. >> don't be pulling the plug. >> who is that a message to? >> ice us. >> turns out the mystery device part of government security program called bio watch it. >> collect air particles to find out whether we are under attack from biological weapons, anthrax, and the like. the biological program has been criticized for being expensive and slow. but government accounting office says it is not even clear whether it works, even though taxpayers have paid more than a billion dollars for it so far. congress couple of years ago nixed an expansion of the program, because it was going to cost a whole lot more. >> they're keeping you safer
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than if you didn't have them. kpix5 security analyst jep is retired fbi special agent in charge. he says the devices require human to transport the air sample to a lab for testing, still, they're not as slow as you might think. >> right now they are looking at 12 to 36-hour turn around on the sample. so when we hear up to 36 hours, it sounds like that's not a very effective early detection. if you or i had anthrax, we would want to know immediately. sometimes that isn't always going to happen. >> do not unplug. >> it is definitely makes me want to unplug it just to see what would happen. >> human nature, right? that was joe vazquez report being. cbs-3 is your superbowl station, and after the game, you don't want to miss a special edition of the late show with stephen colbert. it is the first time a late show has followed the superbowl. this is really special. colbert will sit down with philly own's own tina fay on the post game show. other guests include actress margo, also will ferrell,
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comedy duo, key ann peel. if you know coal bay, you know he has surprises up his sleeve. don't mitt it sunday night right after the superbowl right here on cbs-3. we are getting you ready for the superbowl starting wednesday night. our own don bell will have live reports from san francisco, on "eyewitness news". a lot of people of course will tune into the half time show to see cold play and beyonce sing. after the big gig though cold play will hit the road. the grammy winning band announced they're coming to philadelphia this summer. still, they'll rock lincoln financial field on august 6, mark your calendar, ticket are expected to sell very quickly when they go on sale happening a week from today next friday morning. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", we go back to the auto show for a look at some of the cars getting a lot of attention this year. hopefully pat shows us some of the mini vans, right? bark i's make overcomes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, more information on. >> this. and lawyer send tracking some snow showers. will it affect your morning or
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evening commute? she has the information for when you we come back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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good morning. a global alarm is sounded over the zika virus, world health organization says it is spreading explosively and could inch fact 4 million people by the ends of year. today pennsylvania officials are addressing those concerns. also, new this morning, a woman jumps out after third floor window to escape a fire. more on her dramatic escape. and, get your motor running. head out to the auto show. it opens tomorrow. we are taking you live inside a live look right now for a sneak peak at all of the cool rides. >> good morning, it is friday, january 29th, i'm erika von tiehl. tracking some scattered snow showers, for later today, lawyer send in for katie. justin is in for meisha a you know you got us covered, guys. >> good morning, we had the melting once again yesterday. yesterday, such a nice day. again, heads up. we've been saying it all week, refreezing process continues, watch out for the areas of black ice, rumors about big storm for today, not happening, lauren, inbetween two systems, but still, could get snow sr,


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