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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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cold and mostly cloud think friday afternoon, and so many of you may have dodge some snow flurries if you were you out and about on your way to work. in the poconos a lot of flurries over jack frost big boulder, and now question is, is this just a bump in the road to warmer weather? we are certainly hoping so considering we are going into the weekend. good afternoon i'm erika von tiehl. we still can deal with a few flurries after last week even's snowstorm, but none of that snowfall please. lets check with meteorologist lauren casey outside on the
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sky deck, how is it looking. >> it is looking, i would classify it a as dreary. we have light precipitation. it is a mix of rain, and snowfall and that is what our display on storm san three will show you. very light in intensity but just kind of yuck more in the way of wet snow flakes as we look north of the city and more in the way of sprinkle activity with snow makes mixed in. south of the city. this will all continue to move east over the next couple of hours. so dealing with the scattered, light rain, snow showers, just kind of miserable condition, as we head into our friday afternoon. temperatures, chilly with that wind, that has kicked up 41 degrees right now in philadelphia amount wind west northwest at 17 miles per hour, making it feel more like 32 degrees. we are at 43 down the shore. for the the rest of your afternoon we will deal with light mixed precipitation, temperatures topping out at 40 . we will scale back in the 30's as we head in the evening hours. precipitation will come to an
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end as we approach evening, and clouds will be decreasing, and wind will still be elevated so you have friday night plans we will bundle up. we will talk about what to expect for the rest of the weekend coming up in a few. >> lauren, thank you. a ride to school turns kay the yot i can for several new jersey students after their busies rear evened by a suv. it happened on sicklerville road near bry's court in sick alreadyville camden county. alexandria hoff joins us outside in the middle of mullens middle school just blocks from the crash scene, alex. >> reporter: this just happened a couple blocks away from where the the the school is around 8:00 this morning. we're just learning that of the 30 students who were on the bus, 12 of them have been taken to area hospitals. crew where is called to the intersection of sicklerville road and bryce's court after police say a blue suv rear ended the bus with students inside. chopper three overhead as passengers of both vehicles were tended to. gloucester town ship school
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district tells thaws several students as well as a school bus driver were taken to the hospital, for examination. also, that the driver of the suv, a along with two small children who were inside of the vehicle will at the time have also been taken to the hospital. i'm told that all involved are being cared for between virtua, voorhees and kennedy university hospital, where the superintendent of the schools and two other administrators have a a accompanied the students and hear families. the there is no word on the the extent of injuries, but a witness on the scene did say they a appear to be minor. reporting live from camden county, i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile a man found dead inside a home in new castle delaware is being investigated as suspicious. police were sent to the 900 block of ider court last night for a well-being check. the authorities have in the released how that man died but they did say that the issuing ises on this scene, caused them to investigate further. also a woman is in stable condition after a narrowly
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escaping a fire in east germantown. police say that woman jumped out of the third floor window in order to escape a fire on the 6300 block of morton street. we're told that building is a halfway house and that the fire started in a trash can. the fire was quickly placed under control shortly after midnight. that causes being investigated. pennsylvania becomes the first state to join president obama's campaign to end sexual assault in schools, and on college campuses. this new initiative is call, it is on us, p a a. >> this society in which sexual assault is a big problem is a society in which the core valuers which we claim to hold dear, declaration of independent, life, lint and pursuit have of happiness little more than empty words. we need to end sexual assault for all of us. >> this new initiative has three specific goals. first, improve awareness and prevention, in schools, and colleges. second, eliminate barriers that present survivors from report ago boost.
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third, demonstrating commitment to eliminate, the problem in pennsylvania. the g.o.p. presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail, fresh off of the debate in des moines. without donald trump taking part his rivals were able to get in the spotlight but a as marley hall tells us the the front runner stood at a attention in an event of his own. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie was one of the first g.o.p. candidates back out on the campaign trail this morning following last night's trumpless debate in des moines. go p front runner donald trum bowed not his on going feud with "fox news". >> let's address the elephant not the in the room tonight. >> reporter: he appeared at his own event about five minutes away. in new hampshire this morning donald trump tried to rally more support. >> you have to be tough, strong and cannot let them push you around. >> reporter: last night at center stage for the the first time and running neck and neck with trum in iowa, ted cruz became a target. >> gosh, if you guys say, ask one more main question i may
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have to leave the stage. >> reporter: this morning, doctor ben carson gave his own performance high marks. >> i had probably least amount of time but i probably had the most substance. >> reporter: political pundits said chris christie gave a solid debate performance last night the but the new jersey governor is way behind in the polls and he will have a uphill battle here in iowa. the christie asked potential supporters this morning to tell their neighbors why he should get their vote. >> he is the most tested person on that stage. he is the person who is most ready. >> reporter: voters like roger have have been following events very closely. >> i hope it is not trump. >> reporter: candidates have their handful with last minute campaigning this weekend and long awaited first in the nation caucus begins monday, marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime on the the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling for every vote as we are days away from the way caucus. sanders held a town meeting in
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iowa this morning and has several other events planned throughout the day. clinton is also been campaigning at events a across iowa city. we are following campaign 2016 for you, we, of course, have latest on tv but also on line at cbs the philadelphia police department welcomes its new members today. "eyewitness news" at the police graduation held at temple university. thirty officers, graduated after going through eight months of training at the police academy. it is academy's 374th class and first one under new commissioner richard ross. congratulations to all of our new officers. it is one of the cities mess popular events and one of the country's largest auto shows. the philadelphia auto show opens up tomorrow at the pennsylvania convention center with 700 vehicles on display. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen has a preview of what you can expect. >> reporter: giddy up, 2016 philadelphia auto show opens up saturday at the pennsylvania convention center but cbs-3 got a sneak peak.
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in its 115th year the show packs plenty of punch, all told there are over 40 brands and 700 reek also throughout the seven hub thousand square foot feet of space. david, chairman of the philadelphia auto show, says that is there plenty to sianni do. >> where we've involved is entertainment value. that is what our people enjoy. you have the experience where you can ride in the car which is so incredibly unusual to be able to drive on a convention center floor. we have three rides outdoors. you can test drive at our show which is very unusual in national. you don't see that. >> reporter: new technology is a at forefront of the festivities. that includes the latest in self driving cars like the the 2017 lincoln continental. they are not quite flying cars but we are getting closer. in addition to the cars sunday's show will feature a very special guest. >> carli lloyd, great woes man soccer player in the world. she's actually wanting to do something different. we will do a live exhibition at one, two three, o'clock
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sunday the 31st and you can a actually listen, watch carli demonstrate, how you make a ball from right to left, left to right and all of the things she does. it just a amazes me. >> reporter: good thing i'm not actually driving this viper but this is an exhibit you can check out in the philadelphia auto show, with tons of other vehicles, tons of things to do down here. i am will's pat gallen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if you break it, you bought. it looks like fun. it seems the escaped prisoners in california may have had help, coming up how police say this woman got most of the prisoners and helped them escape a maximum security prison, details coming up next. a little cute video alert, a baby, of course, born into a big future what this little a baby, of course, born into a big future what this little guy did my name is tyler oakley. my name is brodie, and this is my best friend kurt. announcer: 11 teams, who connect with millions
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a prison teacher ace monk ten people under arrest in connection the to the california jail break of three inmates. investigators say that the man taught english as a second language inn identify the maximum security yale. she developed a relationship with hussein, the the the so-called in master mind behind last friday's elaborate escape. authorities say woman provided quote, tools for planning, like google maps. >> i don't know exactly what she knew in terms of what his plans were, to escape, but we do know that she provided him
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with some information. >> the the man may be living in the white utility van like this one, police say one of the us pecks stole that van unday after taking a test drive near los angeles. the fbi the has released new video of the deadly shooting of one of the men involved in it or gone standoff at a federal riled wild life refuge. le boy sinicum was killed and that led to the arrest of several members of the refuge. don champion has more. >> reporter: in a rare act of transparency the the fbi released this video showing this deadly confrontation with le voy sinic theum. it shows him behind the wheel of the white truck that sped away during a traffic stop. moments later the truck tried to avoid a roadblock, narrowly missing an fbi agent. here he is seen getting out with his hand up but the five five-year old then reach necessary his pocket where the the fbi says that a gun was later found. oregon state trooper then
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opened fire, killing sini thecum. >> as video clearly shows it was a reckless action, the the result of which the the consequences you see here today. >> reporter: he was one of two dozen people who seized the national the wild life refuge in oregon on january 2nd, armed members of the militia a remain held up inside the refuge. the the fbi is negotiating with them. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the so-called, affluent teen, ethan couch, is in court today. the last night he spent his first night back in the united states, and in a texas juvenile texas juvenile detention center. he has been on the run for more than a month have after break terms of his probation. couch was quick of killing four people while driving drunk in 2013. he became famous when his lawyers argued that his privileged upbringing left him with quota fluentz a. we have just learned a few moments ago judge decide that had couch will stay at that juvenile facility. also in court today, relatives
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of couch's victims along with members of the mothers against drunk driving. still ahead on "eyewitness news", champion olympic swimmer michael phelps playing for a good cause. we will show you how. a new born horse doesn't know it yet but he has a big job a help of him. we will tell but this little guys big future, coming up. we are tracking light snow showers on storm scan three, we will show you when the latest weather will move out and when warmer air will build in. we have a 60-degree day in your extended forecast. i'll let you know when to expect it coming up. le invoice
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back on "eyewitness news" and some amazing photos of pluto. it is a view of pluto's atmosphere taken by new horizons spacecraft. the image was taken as an infrared wave length. that blue ring you see right there on the screen is caused by sunlight scattering from heat particles, common in pluto's atmosphere. scientists believe it is a
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photo chemical smog. the the lighter patches in the ring are sunlight bouncing off more reflective areas of pluto's surface. so neat to see that. budweisers clydesdale family welcomes a new member to the heard. you see her right there tumack, he was born tuesday in missouri. he joins iconic clydesdales, from more than 16 seer he horses. so big. the heard has been representing budweiser for more than 80 years. he is first born this year. the his caretaker explains why he was chosen, so young. >> he is, everything that we're hoping that he would be. he has got the perfect clydesdale cover we want, dark tail, and white face and four white legs. >> just so cute too. now, they will start training for the the team, original clydesdale, this is fun trivia, original ones were a family gift given to celebrate the end of the prohibition.
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flowers or bottle of wine and then clydesdales. >> horses, some kind of live stock. >> yes, congratulating on you graduating high school. here you go. >> here's a goat, family of goats, great gift good great tradition for budweiser. >> they are so cute. >> we are surprised were on of those flurries this morning. we have more this afternoon. >> scattered snow showers moving through the the area. we are expecting them to come through light in intensity but they are just dreary, drizzly, light snow and rain mixed together. we will see that for next couple hours. starting to clear into your evening, and temperatures, they are not too bad but combined that with a plus try conditions and it feels chilly. we have more in the way of flakes and less in the the way of rain drops here as we look live at jazz frost big boulder. live look at skies cam three we see a few flakes flying by an hour ago. about 30 minutes ago as well. but conditions, kind of tapering off, in nature and poconos right now. we will check on storm scan three, we have quite the returns going on right now,
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around philadelphia, but it is deceiving because again, the precipitation is very light in intensity, starting to see more in the way of green depicting rain drops mixing in with the frozen precipitation with those snow flakes, more in the way of snow flakes north of the city. warrington your returns kind of blue and purple and white indicate more in the way have of white snowfall coming down. we have a few snow showers working through down the short and more in the the way of green returns. most of the reports i have seen have been mostly snowfall, a couple of rain/snow mix reports and see it is deceiving. we are seeing green on the radar. we are seeing a lot of moisture working through but very patch any nature and light in intensity. we will look wider a at storm scan three. moisture wrapping around area of low pressure. as we head in the next couple hours dryer air will build in and bring that light precipitation to an end. temperatures right now are right around average. 41 degrees in philadelphia a38 in allentown. forty-one right now in millville but it is those wind, we will start off our
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friday with nice calm wind, not the case anymore, wind speeds up there around 17 miles an hour in philadelphia, and up to 28 miles an hour in wilmington. the that is not factoring in the gusts, gusting up to 30 to 35 miles an hour. the as those windy conditions for second half of the day and even into the overnight period and that is having a big impact on the the feels like temperature feeling more like 32 degrees right now in philadelphia, feeling like 20's in wilmington and teens in the poconos with that hearty breeze. that will continue in the afternoon. temperatures stay right around 40-degree mark. few passing snow showers. overnight tonight down to 23 degrees, clear skies out as we head in the evening hours and clear overnight but windy especially up until midnight and then wind will relax as we head into the overnight period or at least second half. future weather showing us yes, still that rain owe snow mix, for the next several hours and as we head closer tour evening commute starting to dry out the a bit, clearing out as we head in the evening hours so no problems, dealing with that
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precipitation, if you do have friday night plans. as far as snowfall accumulations don't expect it. we could see a dusting over next several hours as we look towards the poconos but otherwise not worried about that. as we head in the upcoming weekend sunshine returns for tomorrow, 40 degrees, less wind as we head into sunday, 49 degrees, that will kick off a warming trend and a few more clouds and then as we head into groundhog day, little groundhog peeking his head out, it will be winter, for longer or not 53 degrees. then 60. maybe that is i good sign, 60 after groundhog day, we will to have deal with some rain but it could be its time. >> i like it. i will take that. >> thanks, lauren. still ahead bizarre video right here, right now of olympic swimmer michael phelps. he helped arizona state university last night. he appeared in the the student section infamous curtain of distraction, that is him wearing just gold speed owe and his medals around his neck trying to distract the other
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team. oregon state steven thompson junior missed both foal shots. how could you not be. the fans of course when he missed just went wild, michael phelps clearly staying in shape in his overtime. >> we will be back with
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coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 big brother is watching, what you watch on tv, and it could determine which commercials you see.
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three on your side jim donovan reveals a new type of advertising, coming to a tv in your living room that is tonight at 5:00. king's, queen's bishop and knights battled in north philadelphia police officers from the 22nd district took part in the chess tournament with saint martin detours school. winners walk away with brag rights but all players get their own chess board. each week officers play in matches with the students to sharper then chess skills. visits are part of the outreach program started by irish pub children's fun days which seeks to improve relations between kids and disadvantaged communities, and police officers and great to see. that great to bring back. watching play chess. >> that was last week. >> yes. >> all right. >> keep it classy. >> yes. >> "eyewitness news" at noon i'm erika von tiehl. >> for katie off, lauren abe all of us here. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 we are always on cbs >> young and restless is coming up next.
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>> adam: my father's not doing anything to me. he finally respects me, sweetheart, and it feels good. >> chelsea: you're doing his dirty work. >> adam: i'm helping him rebuild newman. >> chelsea: so lying to me is just business as usual? >> adam: i'm not lying -- i was trying to protect you, okay? >> chelsea: babe, i'm looking at you, and i'm hearing victor. >> adam: okay. i'm gonna help my father, okay? i'm gonna do whatever i can to help him. >> chelsea: [ sighs ] >> adam: and i'm sorry i kept you in the dark, but now you understand why i had to do it, right? >> chelsea: and what do i do, adam? i just sit back and lie for you? >> adam: no, i'm not asking you to lie. "lying" -- it's a strong word. you know, you can convince marisa that you're on board with luca's and my plan. >> chelsea: you can spin it any way you want. you're forcing me to lie. >> adam: okay, first of all, i'm not forcing you to do anything. i'm asking you to stand by me. sweetheart, support me, okay?


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