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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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once, twice, sold one of the fiats used to take pope francis around. who won the bidding and how much they paid? we look into the science into the silence. why don't people talk in an elevator. nicole brewer starts conversation to get a answer. what a difference a week makes. tonight, sidewalks are clear and the snow piles shrinking. in a few days, you may be asking, where did winter go? . we begin tonight with a major distraction for dramatic presidential hillary clinton. i'm ukee washington. jessica is off tonight. for first time, the obama administration is saying that quote, top secret information was sent through clinton private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. david spunt is in our satellite center with more on what this means for clinton campaign. >> reporter: good evening, it's interesting because the dnc is
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going to be here in philadelphia less than six months. we have seen e-mails like this through hilary clinton server released by the state department. we know they're from her personal server. new round released of 22 e-mails according to the state department are top secret. those will not be made public. hillary clinton greeted a safe supporters tonight but made no mention of the news that broke hours earlier surrounding her personal e-mail server. news that she may are sent or received top secret e-mails on her personal server exploded online and on the campaign trail late this afternoon. seven e-mail chains totaling 37 pages were being upgraded in classification to top secret. >> in consultation. >> top secret is considered one of the highest levels of classification, applies to information that could cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.
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e-mails were on her home server and she has repeatedly denied e-mailing any classified information using her personal server. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. >> reporter: news broke just three days before the iowa caucus. the start to the presidential election year. in a statement, clinton called overclassification run amuck. arguing if at least one case some of the contents appeared to involve information from a published news article. when pressed about the e-mails, state department spokesman john kerby wouldn't say much more. >> i'm not going to get into debating or discussing candidates one way or the other on the campaign trail. >> reporter: while the state department won't release even
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small portions, they want the e-mails reported to the public. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". in iowa the candidates are crisscrossing the state. making a final push. clinton competition on it dramatic side bernie sanders rallied with supporters in eastern iowa. on republican side ted cruz met with the voters. he has promised to meet with all 99 counties in iowa es on television and ill bring only on cbsphilly dfrm. one week after the major snow storm, chilly night. kate bilo iss on the on it sky deck with a check on what's happening right now. >> ukee washington it's a cold friday night in philadelphia. temperatures dropping. it's really the wind making it feel so much colder than the
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thermometer. the wind are dying down. still our windchills are pretty brutal out here this evening. let's take a look at what's going on. we had snow showers move through portions of the area earlier. those have cleared out. skies clear tonight. at clear night. that means temperatures dropping rapidly. especially as though wind die down. you can see off on the north and west and reading it's down to 28, lancaster 25, above freezing barely in philadelphia. there could be icy spots. developing overnight into tomorrow. wind feels like 23 in philadelphia. i can vouch for that. feels like 17 if reading and 14 in lancaster. after tonight, we won't be talking about cold. temperatures start to rise, next week may feel spring like. i'll have the numbers. i'll tell you when rain returns. james mcintire had
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inappropriate contact with to special needs student. conduct occurred repeatedly between 2009 and 2015 while mcintire drove the students from their homes to the vanguard school in chester county. he has been band and suspended without pay. the school district released a statement. we will be in contact with the families of students and had provide all necessary resources. we'll cooperate fully. as the investigation continues. tonight rowan students are accused of stealing $35,000. they were using their bucks to exam a 7-eleven. a 21-year-old assigned to. he credit his own
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7-eleven noticed and requested information from the college about transactions. they looked further in and saw, wow, they have a lot of returns. >> police say the thefts start this time last year and went on about ten months. five students were at any point away in handcuffs after gunfire erupted inside ben franklin high school. a shot was fired after a fight broke out into a stairwell. school went into a lockdown's a handgun was recovered. no one hurt. a woman shot and left to die in her own bakery. zivka is trying to get back to normal. to armed men broke into her bakery. they stole a couple honed and shot her in the neck. >> i am survivor, yes. i'm glad i'm back to work.
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i never know that many people care about me. they helped her pay bills until she could return to work. there is word tonight that health officials in pennsylvania are testing six to eight people for the the zeka virus. the residents returned to philadelphia from impacted areas, a specific breed of me ski toes a spreading the virus. there are 32 confirmed zika virus cases in the united states. a septa transit hub that dates back more than a century gets a face lift. a new and improved 69 and street transportation center in upper darby. they held a ribbon cutting today celebrating the completion of the $19.65 million improvement project. it enhances septa's bus and trolley operations as well as passenger safety. you're headed to work. whatever the case, as soon as
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you good it in the elevator. conversations stop. what's up with that? sounds like a good question to me. nicole joins us with answers. >> kind of weird. right? ukee? we've all been in the situation at one time or another. you're in the elevator. nobody is look at each other. people are staring at the ceiling. it can get awkward. tonight's good question, why don't people talk in elevators? i went looking for the science behind silence. on average, a single elevator carries 20,000 people per year. is it the best place to carry a conversation? >> why don't people talking on elevators? >> because everybody be listening to their conversation. >> intimidated? >> closed confingertiped space. >> you have the time. you're in the elevator. why not talk? you don't have time for
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conversation. >> i don't have time for conversation. i just have time to clock in and get to work. >> why don't we speak in elevators. >> it's hard to get it right jrgs rap dal collins is professor of sociology at the university of pennsylvania's studied human behavior. in small confined >> it's kind of like a problem when human bodies get together, we're really sensitive to each other's nervous system and we feel good when we're in the same rhythm and feel bad when we're not. >> make you comfortable when people talk to you in elevators? >> never happens. >> since it's tough to get in tune with total strangers. we keep quiet. >> some people don't want to be both bothered. >> but that can push some peel's
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buttons. >> your turn. your turn. >> that's how i feel. according to the national elevator industry. there are about 900,000 elevators and the average ride four to five floors, not a whole lot of time to get into deep conversation. next time the doors close, just say hello. >> i feel like this isn't a problem to you. everybody wants to talk to ukee washington no matter where he is. >> if i get silence,000 just try one more time and let it go. >> it can get awkward. >> it can. yes, it can. >> is ok, moving right along, got to get off here. >> good stuff, thank you. submit your question or tweet us using #cbs3 good question. nicole will be here every night with the answer at cbs3 at
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11:00. the philadelphia auto show about to shift into high gear. vittorio woodhill is live at the pennsylvania convention center for the festivities. >> reporter: i'm they transform convention into a car lover's dream. coming up next. >> one of the two fiats is sold and auctioned. we'll tell you how much it went for and who bought it. >> it's a cold and blustery night outside. a weekend warmup is on the way. temperatures really rising through the weekend. and into next week. we have a day in the seven-day at 60 degrees. how long does it last? i'll have your full forecast coming up. the romance is over.
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a goat an tiger whose relationship dominated social media go their separate ways. more on that story when we come back.
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. friday night getting ready for super bowl 50 is. here's a view of super bowl city. san francisco for the fun and excitement. they will be a huge fireworks show, pyro technicians are loading on to two barges in the bay. saturday will be a 12-minute synchronized display. sports director don bell will be there and will be reporting live from san francisco leading up to the big game starting wednesday, february 3rd, on "eyewitness news". remember. you can watch super bowl 50 february 7th, right here on cbs3. new tonight, a formal kickoff to the philadelphia auto
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show to at the convention center to the black tie tailgate. lots of well dressed folks got a chance to look at the newest rides. this career's auto show features more than 700 vehicles. among those at tonight. our own vittorio woodhill. you look so is fancy, all dressed you will. hey, tori. >> reporter: ukee, stop it right now. i can't take it. can i tell you, when you said everyone is so well-dressed, you are absolutely right. i have to tell you, at the auto show, black tile tailgate. he said everyone else. look at this jag, being hand painted. he's painting city hall on the hood. it is amazing at the detail that goes into an effect such as this and the pit crew has been in place about two weeks preparing and they have is put me on duty
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as well. take a look. are you ready for a ride? pit crews are in place and the transformation of the pennsylvania convention floors in the greatest display of automotives have >> i'm not a race car driver, that's a we learned today, i'm drive a monster but i can't drive a racing car. >> reporter: plenty more cars to drive your imagination too. >> it's a beautiful lineup of everything automotive from classics to exotic. it's everything you want to see. we have to tape it. put electric down. you can actually carpet 250
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average size american homes, 30,000 hours worth of labor. >> reporter: it's all work and no play for the crew. i'm on duty. >> what's on the docket today. >> you don't want to know. >> listen up, getting ready for the philadelphia fought show. lots to be done. lots of work to do. let's get to work. >> reporter: we'll start way look under the hood. warmer. we're in. >> reporter: call me a jack of all trades. come on. pit stop. how about windows? fellows, keep up the good work. i'll be watching. all right? nice job. >> these guys made the road to the premier look super smooth. >> how am i doing so far. >> best in the whole wide world. >> raise?
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>> without question, three percent. >> reporter: that's two generous. i'll take it. i have to get a shout out to the local stage hands who really let me play boss for a little bit. even though i had no idea what i was doing. but they know what they were doing. all the bells and wissahickon i picked this out for myself, we're going to roll out in this. i'm going to take baby for a spin. i'll see you guys on monday. >> we got to get you some theme music. who are you is running the show? >> reporter: i'm living a dream. >> yes, you are.
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a well-known symbol of the pope of visit to philadelphia sold to the black fiat. one of the fiats was auction off. auction lasted 11 minutes, went for 82 thousand dollars to michael chapman of chapman ford. all the proceeds are going to charitable works. i believe we were expecting rain and it never happened. >> the rain held off. the sun peaked out. the forecast worked out beautifully. >> our forecast? chillier. >> working out beautiful for the weekend. you can't beat a january weekend like this. it's not in the 60's or the 70's. we'll take a weekend in the 40's with sunshine, especially after last weekend. we were digging out two, three
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feet of snow. nothing more like that in the forecast. we can deal way lot of rain, before we get there. let's talk about your friday night first and foremost. if you're looking for snow you have to head up to jack frost and big boulder. they got a lot of snow. mother nature been helping out. of course they got a good dose of snow last weekend. enough to freshen up the powder on the slopes. nobody out there right now. lights still on. you can have the whole place to yourself if you went out right now. look nice. take a look at stormscan 3, you can see not a whole lot to talk about about, we did have snow showers moving through the briefly reduced visibility. wind still out of the north and west but thoughts will be dying down as we head through overnight into tomorrow morning. 33 in philadelphia but you can see below freezing in many of our out lying area, we'll wake up with temps in the teens and
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20's. if you're the type that likes to wake up bright and early saturday more power to you, don't slip and fall. abuzz in the afternoon, we head to 40 for daytime high. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. if it's too chilly now, sunday upper 40's, near 50. beautiful day, one week boundary. temperatures still in the mid 50's. you can see all that chilly air begins to retreat as we head through weekend. the jet stream lifts to the forth. little stumbling block tuesday. wednesday into thursday next storm system comes through. a surge of mild air make it warm enough in some spots along the midatlantic coast to challenge record skies. you can see the cold lurking off to the north and west. the snow is melting. it will continue to do so as temperatures rise into the 50's. at least another inch of water added to the ground over an inch
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of rain possible wednesday. close eye on streams and creeks. to make sure the sump pumps are in good working order. five planets in the night sky. maybe a good night to head out. 40 degrees saturday, sunday, finish off january on a nice note to. january should end up close to average. shower monday, tuesday nice. wednesday 60, but at were the 60. you will need the galoshes, but you won't need the parka. >> lesley got your sports. >> sixers tomorrow ready to face. >> we got this. >> here the eagles lane johnson the money, what position will
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it's been a busy week for the eagles front office. to long-term deals on monday zach ertz got his deal, today lane johnson signed 63 million, 35 and a half guaranteed. he only missed four games because of a p e d suspension. filled in at left tackle and jason peters went down and expects to take over. >> i believe that's what they drafted me for. jason peters probably the best of all time. him and walter jones in my opinion. i will continue to do that until
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the time comes. >> birds taking care of it was an emotional when his agent called to tell him he got the extension. >> i looked overat my wife. i sat on my couch and thought about everything it took to get here. where we need to go. >> the sixers have the night off. they're back in action tomorrow when the world championship warriors come to the center. golden state held off. bet record in the league, led my stef curry. the sixers are in the rebuilding phase. stef went through that. he says losing will actually make the sixers a better team in the future. >> it allows yourself if you
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stay on that bench over there, makes you a better player. it could click next year with the right combination of guys. >> we're going to get these guys tomorrow. we need to see the nba version: one -- from the moment he steps off the team. it starts with
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♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkz for $289 a month only at your lincoln dealer. that's going to do it for us. for lesley, kate, everyone, i'm ukee washington. we're always on at the late show with steven
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