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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now on "eyewitness news" a local dog is shot and nearly killed trying to defend his owner during a deadly home invasion. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us today. the dog named rhino was finally reunited with his family but the person who shot him and killed his owner is still out there on the loose.
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"eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live in northeast philadelphia with the very latest for us. alex. >> reporter: good evening. on the 16th nakia pilot was shot and killed by a person who police believe was trying to rob him. an arrest has not been made in that case but today the family did get happy news much after witnessing the worst rhino is prepared to see the nest life. two weeks ago he was shot in the leg during a violent break in in the 4600 block of penn street. his owner was shot twice and died at the hospital. rhino injured and bleeding hid for over six hours in the home before eventually limping into the sight of police. >> from the moment he walked in here, they were helpful. they was all treating him like he was part of the family. >> reporter: since then rhino has been at the vet specialty and emergency center where he has now been released into the care of the victim's sister. she believes rhino was shot while trying to defend her
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brother from the shooter. despite having funeral expenses to pay for and now veterinary costs she says her family owes a great debt to this puppy and will cherish him as her brother did. >> he's a normal boy again so i'm happy. i think my brother would be happy. >> reporter: again, no arrests have been made at this time. anyone with any information about the shooting should contact police. reporting in northeast philadelphia, i'm alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, thank you so much alexandria. well, with some of the snow from last weekend's storm still sticking around out there we're hoping that a warmup can finally help to melt the rest of it away. meteorologist lauren casey is in the weather center. she's got a first look at the forecast. >> thanks so muchnity natasha. in the next several days the snow is going to be out of here especially by midweek next week with 60's in store but temperatures today very seasonable. 38 degrees in philadelphia, little bit of breeze impacting the wind chill feeling more like 31. 36 down the shore an mild day
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in the poconos, 30 degrees right now. storm scan3 showing us quiet conditions had a ton of nice sunshine today. as we head into the overnight period just some patchy clouds that will pass through and we have a big mild stretch that kicks off tomorrow with high temperatures cruising above average and by monday we'll be about 15 degrees above average. by wednesday possibly tying a record high temperature but it is going to be a very soggy day in store. so we'll talk about the timing that of rainfall for midweek and the pocket 18th of a few rumble of thunder so, yes, winter warmth returning to the forecast and it's going to clear out all that snow, natasha. >> thank goodness. thank you very much lauren. police released new surveillance video of a stabbing on board a septa bus. the attack happened yesterday afternoon on the 4100 block of torresdale avenue. police say the suspect didn't have money to pay his fare and got into an argument with another passenger. police say the suspect then stabbed that passenger repeatedly and then ran away. the victim is recovering in
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the hospital tonight. anyone who recognizes this man should please contact philadelphia police right away. and police have also made an arrest in a shooting that happened inside ben franklin high school. a shot was fired yesterday during a fight in the hall. police took five students out in handcuffs and witnesses later led police to the home of another juvenile. they searched that home and arrested the teenager early this morning. his identity has not been released and no word yet on any charges. three inmates who escaped a maximum security jail in california are now all back behind bars. the men pulled off a very elaborate escape from the facility santa ana eight days ago. one man was rearrested yesterday while two others were captured in san francisco this morning. officials say a prison english teacher has also been arrested now in connection with the escape. iowaians will be heading to caucus monday night. hillary clinton's last minute
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campaign overshad going by news she stored classified e-mails on an unsecured private server while secretary of state. craig boswell is on the campaign trail with clinton. he has more from aims, iowa. >> reporter: hillary clinton got a big endorsement from gaby gifford a former congresswoman turned gun rights advocate after she was shot and injured in 2011. >> come january i want to say these two words. madame president. >> reporter: clinton who is clinging to a narrow lead in iowa says she is best qualified to take office from day one. >> so, please, go out and stand up for me on monday night and if you do, i will stand up and fight for you for the next four years. >> reporter: but some lined up to hear clinton talk about another issue, her e-mail scandal. >> yeah, i think about that a lot. >> reporter: they are undecided voters. they're disappointed she didn't address the issue. what do you think now? >> i think a very high level national security issue.
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>> reporter: so at some point between now and monday you want to hear more about this. >> i want to hear more about it. >> reporter: clinton's opponent bernie sanders says he's staying focused on the issues that impact voters. >> right now i would say it's a toss up. >> reporter: the republicans are also crisscrossing the state for support. >> don't we all like winning. >> reporter: in sue city marco rubio said clinton isn't qualified to lead the company. >> she believes she's above the law. >> reporter: rubio is polling in third behind ted cruz and donald trump. craig boswell for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> of course stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the iowa caucuses. we'll bring you updates throughout the day both on television and online at camden, new jersey, meantime hosted its first ever public school enrollment fair today. more than 35 public renaissance and charter schools were represented. officials say they have also simplified the application process which used to be confusing with nine different
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deadlines. the fair comes halfway into the application period for camden enrollment. >> it's important because for the longest time we had 17 different applications with nine different monthly deadlines in camden and it was just a complicated maze for our families to have to go through and it was unnecessary. so, what we've done is just stream lined it, made their lives easier put all the schools on one application and here they are all here today. >> school principals were also on land to talk with parents about their programs and after school activities. and a an ice carving battle was part of a winter celebration in burlington county today. let's take you there. mount holly hosted its annual fire and ice festival. families packed the downtown area for all the fun and excitement. more than a dozen talented artists turned massive blocks of ice into beautiful sculptures. some of those areas served up some of the best chili to keep everybody warm. stay with us everyone. still to come on "eyewitness news" the philadelphia auto
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show revs up into high gear. we'll take you to the convention center to look at all those sweet rides. the soup bowl just a week away. but what about the people who can't get tickets? see what's been set up near the stadium to give everybody a taste of that super bowl magic. lauren. >> the start of february is just around the corn but we're going to be warming up talking about record warmth some wet weather and what to expect for your sunday. all that is coming up in your "eyewitness news" forecast just after this. >> straight ahead in sports cole hamels back in our area helping out some kids. you'll hear from the 2008 world series m.v.p. coming up in just a bit in sports. stay with us.
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>> welcome back everyone. it's opening day if the 115th annual philadelphia auto show. cruised around the show today and showed us some of the pretty cool rides out there. >> reporter: like a new car roaring through life day one of the philadelphia auto show launched full throttle saturday. >> i'm a ford man. >> i really like jaguar. >> reporter: the eye candy is plenty. thomas green visits each year to. >> see all the fancy cars i'm never going to have unless i win the lotteries. >> bigger than ever. over 700,000 square feet, 700 vehicles. >> reporter: there's likely something here for everyone
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and i do mean everyone. >> we collect the bags. >> all the different car people give out bags. >> we try to see how many bags we can get. >> reporter: nicholas poleate tow dreams of a sports car but he's also got a one-year-old in tow. >> he really likes touching all the buttons and pushing all the horns and daddy is going check out some family cars too. >> reporter: even those who can't legally drive like 12-year-old zach got a chance to hit the road. well, kind of. >> i tried do a doughnut and it didn't work. this one is just a a simulator but if you were hoping to take one of these bad boys home, there will be no sales on the auto show floor. it's about hopping in. personally i like this one the best. reporting at the convention center, anita oh, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> i like that one, too. we're getting ready for the big game right here on cbs3. that would be none other than super bowl 50. here's a live view of super
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bowl city right now. lots of activity. fans are already making their way to san francisco for all the fun and excitement. and the vince lombardi trophy is the big prize and fans are taking pictures of themselves with it at the nfl experience. this is one of the main super bowl 50 activities in san francisco. the nfl experience is where fans can can run into nfl players, play games and learn a little bit of history about football. 49er running back great roger craig was there today and held the trophy. there he is. >> you know, it's like having your first baby as a father you know how to hold the trophy. association it's old news to me now. but it still felt good to hold that trophy knowing that this trophy is going to be delivered to one of the two teams that's playing, carolina and denver. >> roger craig won three super bowls with the san francisco 49ers. i remember that team was hot. sports director don bell will be at the super bowl and he will be reporting live from
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san francisco leading up to the big game starting next wednesday, february 3rd on "eyewitness news." also remember you can watch super bowl 50 february 7th right here on cbs3. all right, lots of fun and excitement out there on the west coast. on the east coast hopefully it will get a little warmer. >> very seasonable, had the nice sunshine, winds were kind of in check today so a nice day to get outdoors as long as you were bundled up. >> i was. >> we're going to warm things up especially as we head into midweek next week but the cool factor settling back in now that the sun has set on center city philadelphia getting a live look on skycam3. quiet conditions, so that was a different story just about a week ago when we had our fourth biggest snowstorm ever in philadelphia we picked up 22.4-inches of snowfall in just that one storm, which was actually the exact same amount as our average for the entire season. we had a half an inch of snow
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previous to that storm, so pretty crazy that we matched that number exactly but our snowiest month in philadelphia on average is february with about 9-inches of snowfall on average. so, we still have to get through that. as we head into the next several days the precipitation chance is going to be rainfall. chance on monday with a few late day showers possible looking dry tuesday and thursday. and a pretty much good bet for rain on wednesday. even a few thunderstorms are possible with some very warm and moist air building in but temperatures today we hit average right on the head, 41 degrees in philadelphia, topped at 40 in allentown, 42 in atlantic city, so temperatures pretty consistent across the area. starting to cool off now, 38 degrees in philly. we're in the mid 30's in reading and calling in at 40 degrees right now in dover. wind speeds have a little bit of a breeze in some areas. winds picking up in wildwood at about 15 miles an hour but you notice that wind direction out of the south and that southerly component to our wind flow is going to drive in more mild air as we head into
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the day tomorrow, but it is having a wind chill impact minor one feeling like 31 degrees right now in philadelphia, feeling like mid-20's in wilmington. overnight not quite as cold dropping down to 32 degrees. we got to 26 last night. partly cloudy southwesterly winds at around five to 10 miles per hour. for tomorrow running well above average, about 10 degrees above average. a mix of sun and clouds with just those light southwesterly winds at about 5 miles per hour so a good day to get outdoors on your sunday. storm scan3 showing us quiet conditions all up and down the i-95 corridor, just a few clouds up wind and a few snow showers well upwind. future weather going to show us as we head into tonight just patchy clouds moving through. very quiet through the day tomorrow. again, just some passing clouds. as we head into monday, we'll see a few more clouds and then you do notice a few showers popping up but very -- not widespread in nature at all, not very heavy, either. couple dots, blips on the radar as we led into monday afternoon and evening so we could see a passing late day
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shower on monday but check out that high temperature. 56 degrees. heading into tuesday still well above average foreground hog day, a few morning clouds, otherwise sunshine. tuesday afternoon looks great and will feel great as well had well. wednesday up to 62 degrees. that would tie a record high temperature set back in 2006. we're not going to be spending a lot of time outdoors unless you have all the rain gear with you as heavy rain will develop and that possibility of a few rumbles of thunder, could even see a thunderstorm with some gustier winds wednesday late day and then cooling as we led into thursday back down into the middle 40's. >> wow. >> big warm upin store. >> boy. i happy. let's get that snow out of here. >> i know. >> you can barely park in the city. have you guys notice idea. >> i still can't get into my parking spot. >> i still can't find a space. i digress. i'm sorry. let's get right to sports. >> interesting game going on right now at a soldout wells fargo center. battle between first place and last place. the world champion warriors with the best record in the league right now are taking on the team with the most losses,
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that would be your sixers. fans aim tout see steph curry who leads the league in scoring. sixers with an early seven-point lead but then the champs got hot. curry scored 13 points in the first half. and then his back court mate clay thompson runs on in and scores on lay up. thompson with 21 as golden state shot 65 percent in the first half of the right now warriors leading 73-54 at the break. spring training is just around the corner and today former fightan cole hamels made an appearance in our area. cole is giving kids some points at the sports clinic in garnet valley. the 2008 world series m.v.p. foundation sponsored that event. when cole was traded last july he promised he would still come back and help out in the community and cole kept his word. >> i made a promise to the city but because i think the support they've given us we want to try to uphold
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everything we dodge every event we've had, all the money we've raise is there because of the support of the city of philadelphia. so we want to make sure that we're still upholding our end of the bargain. >> cole is one of the key pieces for the phillies great run when they won the world series an. cole said he was happy to be a part that of. >> to be able to experience philadelphia baseball like people talk about and to have the type of 31 we did for so many years, that's what you're going to miss. there's a great camaraderie not only from the teammates but from the organization and from the fans that is very hard to come by and to replicate. >> i miss cole. flyers on the all-star break until tuesday when they host the canadiens. most of them relaxing somewhere except claude giroux. he's the lone flyer representative. it's a three on three tournament with the winning team splitting a 1 million-dollar prize. claude says he likes all the changes.
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>> a lot of teams are going into the playoff push right now but three on three you can go a little harder and there's not going to be a lot of hits and your percentage of being hurt is not as high so maybe guys will play a little harder and -- but it's going to be a lot of entertainment i think. >> to college basketball lasalle taking on dayton. explorers came into the contest way five game losing streak. second half lasalle down by six. price makes a triple. lead down the three. but the fliers take control. palmer scoring 18 points, eight rebounds and dayton beat lasalle 59 to 44. kerber upsets serena williams. williams was trying tie steffi graf's record of 22 grand slams single titles. this is the first grand slam title for kerber who was playing her first major final. that was a shock. >> that was definitely a shock. >> wow.
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thank you very much, lesley. >> we're
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. one cute little girl proves you're never too young to hit the slopes. take a look at this. she's adorable. 14 month old sloane just learned how to walk and now she's tearing up the slopes in park city utah on a snowboard: her father bought the smallest snowboard he could find but still had to make a few modifications so her little legs weren't so far apart. she's a natural. i'm thinking the olympics. >> i'm thinking. >> she's on her way. >> started early. >> that's natural talent right there. >> i want a snowsuit like
6:24 pm
that. >> just learned thousand walk. >> i can't even do that. >> and we've been walking for a long time. >> oh, my gosh, she's adorabl
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>> all right so we've all heard of the cat stuck in the tree story before. in warminster colorado firefighters had to rescue both the cat and owner.
6:27 pm
firefighters put the ladder back up for the owner. he came down but the cat was still stuck . >> [laughter] >> oh, into. >> finally rescuers took a bucket up to jupiter in the fire truck ladder and brought him down very gingerly. both cat and owner are reunited and they're both on the ground. that was probably not the normal rescue. >> you must be embarrassed like i'm sorry fireman. >> blame it on the cat. >> blame it on the cat. >> one last check of the weather lauren. >> getting mild tomorrow looks like a nice day, mix of sun and clouds, light winds, 50 degrees. mid-50's monday, maybe a late day shower. ground hog day pretty quiet, 52 degrees and then near record warmth that would tie the record 62 but heavy rain developing as we head into the afternoon, a bit breezy as well and then cooler after wednesday back down into the 40's. >> still a nice pleasant week. >> yeah. >> thank you very much and thank you so much for joining us. i'm natasha brown for lesley lauren all of us here we appreciate you being here with us and we're always on we'll see you at 10 o'clock on the cw philly back here at
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11:00. have a great night, everyone. >> ♪ as a small business owner, here's one thing you can rely on: your business will change as it grows. whether it's new space, more employees, or better equipment,
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>> pelley: manhunt over. two dangerous fugitives are recaptured in california eight days after their brazen jailbreak, the inmates are found 400 miles away. . >> the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief. >> pelley: 48 hours before the first votes of campaign 2016. the candidates make their final sales pitches in iowa. holding rank-- disgraced general david petreaus gets to keep his four stars and full pension. and hockey's most unlikely all-star, a 6'8" bruiser with few skills just won a face-off with the league. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod.


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