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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  January 31, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EST

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police are asking for public's help to find this man, whom they say, stabbed a fellow bus rider. captured on camera good smart tans jump in to action to help them subdue a robbery suspect at a local shopping center. presidential candidates are wrapping up the miles crisscrossing iowa trying to win over last minute undecided voters. i'm craig boswell in des moines, iowa coming up. today is sunday january 31st, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. meteorologist justin drabick is here with eyewitness weather. the justin, it is end of the january but feels like spring already. >> last sunday everybody was digging out to day we can enjoy it. >> we deserve it. >> yes, we do.
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>> you were out getting blasted in montgomery county. i was in the weather lab. do you know what your anchors were doing, donovan and nicole brewer. >> they were eating. >> because they didn't clean up their mess, yes. >> very nice, nicole and jim. >> yes. >> there is butter in here too. >> look at that. >> that is in the cool, but hey, everybody relax this weekend, enjoy, good day to wash your car with the sunshine, temperatures up around 50 degrees. check it out right now. we are at 34 at the airport. a few areas below freezing. in allentown, reading, upper 20's. a few areas of icy conditions, that will quickly melt, this morning. wrapped change in temperatures, check it out, compared to this time yesterday we were four to 18 degrees warmer. that is the warm trend. wind are calm, no harsh wind chills this morning. not a bad start to the sunday. don't expect a whole lot of sun. we have cloud rolling in. that is a sign of the warmer air in the the forecast. overall temperatures in the
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bad. by noon time mid 40's: 50 degrees for mid afternoon high temperature for philadelphia. 10 degrees above average. lower 50's at the shore 406789's in the poconos and even some 60's potentially later this week. the it will come with some rain, we will time that on it in a few more minutes, rahel, back to you. and septa riders are on high alert this morning after a disturbing attack inside a bus. cherry greg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at northeast detectives and cherry, you have been following this all morning, what can you tell us. >> reporter: i can tell you, rahel, good morning police released surveillance video taken from that bus and they are hoping that the public can help them id the suspect whom they say stabbed a fellow passenger, during a bizarre altercation. police say it all happened around 2:00 p.m. on friday afternoon on route 56 bus near intersection of torresdale avenue and paul street, now police released that video
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taken this are from that septa bus and shows suspect wearing a blue shirt. he gets on the bus. drivers questions the the passenger because of his transfer but still left him on, the passenger is irate, and they called police, and asked suspect get off the bus and he sees another passenger frustrated by the whole situation stepped in and pushes the us peck off the bus and fight ensues. it end with the suspect stabbing the the passenger several times in the neck. the man was rush the two hospital where he was in critical but stable condition. lieutenant dennis rosenbaum of northeast detectives says that the man cannot speak. the vick them cannot speak because of the location of his injuries and many other passengers left the scene to catch other buses which is why police need the public's help. >> anybody knows him call our tip line. it the is anonymous. we are looking to point it in the right direction and if anybody who was on the bus that left before the police got the there has any
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additional information or no who this person is to call northeast detectives. >> reporter: that suspect is described as a man in his 30's, 5 feet ten, he wore a blue shirt and light colored jeans. for those taking septa, police advise that passengers, wait for authorities, in the event of any incident, like an altercation and a photo of that suspect is available on cbs live from northeast detectives, cherri gregg, kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good information to remember, cherri, thank you. one person has died after a shooting overnight in west philadelphia. the the victim is believed to be in his mid 20's. police say he was shot multiple times and a back seat of the koran 60th and pine street. he was transported to penn presbyterian hospital where he was pronounced dead. no arrests have been made. citizens taking justice into their own hand and it is all caught on camera. this video from brian roberts
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shows a suspect being held down by good smart tans. that suspect had attacked a woman with the knife and tried to take her purse at the queen ann plaza shopping center in fair less hills. those citizens subdued the suspect until officers arrived to make an arrest. a dog shot and nearly killed trying to defend his owner has been reunited with family. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff tells us this story of k-9 bravery. >> reporter: after witnessing the the worst seven month-old rhino is prepared to see the the best in life. two weeks ago the boxer pit bull mix was shot in the leg during a violent break in. his owner was shot twice and died at the hospital. rhino, injured, bleeding, hid for over six hours in the home before eventually lift go into the sight of police. >> from the moment he walk in here they were all helpful. they were all treating him like, you know, like he was part of the family.
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>> reporter: since then rhino has been a vet specialty and emergency center where he has been released in the care of the victim's sister. she believes rhino was shot trying to defend her brother from the shooter and despiting having funeral expense toes paid for and now veterinary costs, she said her family owes a great debt to this puppy and will cherish him as her brother did. >> i'm happy. i think my brother would be happy. >> reporter: alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police now have a suspect in custody in connection to a shooting incident at a philadelphia high school. a shot was fired on friday during a fight at ben franklin high school on broad street. police took five students out in handcuffs, and witnesses later led police to the home of another juvenile, they searched that home and arrested the teenager. the teen's identity is not being released and no word on any charges. a community is remembering a pottstown woman who died while shoveling snow. eighteen year-old brianna
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girloff who suffered from a heart condition and was eight months pregnant was found unconscious by her brother after this weekend's major storm. she was later pronounced dead at the hospital. a go fund me page has been set up to help the woman's family, fine the lincoln that page to cbs all three inmates who escaped a southern california jail are in custody. hussein nairi and jonathan tieu were found hiding in the stolen white van park at a whole foods in san francisco. that is nearly 400 miles from the orange county jail from where they escape. the third inmate surrendered to police on friday. we are new just one day away from the iowa caucus, and a new poll out shows donald trump in the lead on the g.o.p. side. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck. craig boswell is on the campaign trail with the very latest. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate donald trump is on top in the des moines register's final poll before monday's iowa caucus.
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he has a five-point lead over ted cruz, and a three-point lead over marco rubio. >> it all doesn't matter if you do not caucus on monday. >> reporter: cruz led this pole in early jap but he has been under attack from trump and rubio. >> ted cruz has been my friend bye he decided to run a very deceitful campaign in the end, all of the things he is saying, people see through that. >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton is hanging on toe a small lead. bernie sanders is within the polls margin of error. >> when we began this campaign we were 3 percent in the national polls. here in iowa it is virtually tied. >> reporter: clinton is in damage cop troll after the state department said it would not release 37 pages of e-mails from her personal server that are classified as top secret. >> i want all of these e-mails out. i take classification very seriously. >> reporter: clinton's rally here, with supporters and some undecided experters.
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they it is something way to support them. >> yes. >> reporter: with the polls so close experts say undecided voters will make a difference. craig pa swell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the iowa caulkes we will bring you up to day on line and on tv. local concerns about the zika virus why one local pregnant woman is worried about being exposed the disease by a member of perfect own family. a young basketball star becomes a internet sensation. see how he captured the attention of one of the best players in the world. justin is back. that is right we have a nice quiet finish to the weekend and then february starts off feeling like springtime, details coming up in the eyewitness weather
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welcome back. today is the the final day to get health coverage under the the affordable care act. thinks the the end of the third open enrollment. each one has attracted more and more people. at the end of the january, 415,000 pennsylvanians have signed up, including 275,000 in the philadelphia area but that still leaves hundreds of thousands in uninsured i should say. the penalties for not having health northern is jumping to a minimum of $695 per person, or two and a half percent of household income. the pennsylvania health department reveals that six to eight tests are pending on potential cases of zika virus right here. like the rest of the cases in the you had, if confirms these are in people who traveled and as health reporter stephanie stahl tells us they would have been infected in other countries.
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>> i'm 34 weeks. >> reporter: jamie rodgers is due to deliver in early march at paoli hospital. while she's perfectly healthy she's worried about her family in panama where there are concerns about the the zika virus and pregnant woman there. >> something like this where you have in control over, it is scary. >> reporter: zika virus which is rapidly spread nothing central and south america can cause birth defects. the 32 cases in the united states are among people who traveled. the virus is spread by mosquitoes which are eventually expected in the u.s. there are questions and concerns, about other ways that it could be spread. >> if you have this much zika in south america and caribbean, sooner or later we will see a local transmission. >> reporter: jamie stays in touch with her mom on e-mail and making arrangements for her to be back in the u.s. next week. are you concerned about being around her now that she's coming bank from central america. >> i don't have any concerns right now because everything
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ivoried so far has been that it is contracted specifically through mosquito. as licensings my mom doesn't bite me i think i'm okay. >> reporter: pregnant woman are being advised to stay away from areas impacted by the zika virus including parts of the caribbean. >> symptoms are common symptoms, fever, joint pain, pink eye, and a rash, for instance. so not a significant health risk to the adult population but health risk to the unborn baby. >> doctors say that there is in evidence the zika virus can be spread from person to person only by certain kind of mosquitoes. right now because of the cold temperatures we don't have to worry about mosquito by the in our region. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". turning to weather, head line today that is the the start of the february and february is typical in where we see everything.
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it ills our most snowy month. >> what he don't need to see the s word in light of the last week. >> in threat of any snow this week. we have spring-like temperatures. march and april like numbers for middle of the week. good day for some skiing, riding, same deal for tomorrow. mild too. you may be can ditch the heavier jacket heading the slopes and throw on the sweat shirt. temperatures in the poconos today, over 40's, with some sunshine and light wind, just taking a live look at big boulder. overall this week it will be a mild one, average high this time of the year is 41 degrees. new we are coming off coldest time period mid to late january, and we will stay above the average line all week long, we will take a little bit of the hit on tuesday but up around 50 degrees, wednesday, warmest day in the 60's with some rain. by end of the week we will cool it back down close to where it should be but still for this time of the year it will stay above average. looking at the numbers right now getaway from the thick snow pack, at the 41 in
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harrington. south jersey in other the shore, lower 40's. then the snow cover, still cold with temperatures at or below freezing. the vineland, voorhees at 35. cool are to the north and west. ambler has 26 at this hour. twenty-seven in pottstown. beware of patchy, areas of ice especially in those sidewalks and parking lots the best shot to see that. cloud rolling from the west, it is sign of the warm air, in threat have rain today, warm front pushing through great lakes right now, we will see filtered sunshine today but enough sun to warm us tup around 50 degrees for a lot of locations. rain chance these week. no snow threat. 3 percent tomorrow. scattered shower late afternoon, maybe relevant i evening as cold front passes by. we are dry on tuesday. then we will see a larger storm on wednesday. a good shot for some rain every where across the region. we could have steady heavy rain picking up half inch of rain from that system. good news is we have a nice slow melt from the snow over
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the past week or so-so hopefully we don't to have deal with any flooding concerns. today though nice and quiet. warm front pushes through. partly sunny. here comes the front monday afternoon. not a lot of moisture with this. 30 percent chance for maybe a scattered shower, keyword is scattered, so not everybody sees it. on tuesday, still drying, sunshine, cloud return, later on tuesday and ahead of the next stronger storm that brings steady rain. today not much happening. tomorrow morning we will wake up with clouds and sunshine. not a bad start to the workweek. here comes the light showers coming in, mid to late afternoon, less than a tenth of an inch of rainfall expected if we even see the shower. we will clear things out late monday night. look at these numbers, even with the snow on the ground, a lot have of locations could reach the lower 50's, and then tonight it is not cold, we're above freezing so no icing concerns tomorrow morning and then temperatures monday have afternoon, well in the 50's, even up in the lehigh valley, maybe even 60's, in some areas in interior south jersey and delaware. we can see enough sun. now we're entering february,
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here's the outlook as far as the temperatures go. for the the month. now, northern half of the u.s. looks like predict warmer than average numbers. that is when you average everything out. we will still get cooler than average temperatures across the south. that is typical for your normal el nino pattern. maybe this trend will continue. january has been above average. we will see if february is the same. 5020 day. milder, partly sunny skies. we could have some fog around tonight. dropping down 41 for city. colder in the suburbs. here's that extended forecast. nice little hint of spring coming at us for next few days. groundhog day on tuesday with the high of 50. steadier rain on wednesday but by the the end of the week we will dry it out and rahel, we're talking about low to mid 40's but for early february you cannot beat that. >> no, even still, it feels warm compared to a couple days ago. thanks, justin. right now 8:18. time to check on the roads. let's go to ann evans in the cbs-3 track center where we're seeing traffic pick up earlier. >> reporter: yes, traffic is picking up but there is no major problems like accidents or construction, to slow your
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trip this morning or run your sunday errands. we are looking at schuylkill at spring garden, in delays or problems on the schuylkill this morning, earlier we had an accident around here but that has cleared and we are good to go. schuylkill through philadelphia and its suburbs, looks okay, we will move the the traffic cam here to i-95 at the walt whitman, walt whitman at the very top of your screen, in delays on i-95, but it has been behaving itself. walt whitman bridge no problems there. delaware port authority bridges look okay this morning. forty-two, 55, garden state parkway all look okay as well. we will move traffic cam to the 422 at collegeville 422, of course, the volume on the stretch of the 422 but what volleys there is moving along just fine. when taking mass transit honor close to schedule. that is latees from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans new rahel back to you. an 11 year-old from virginia is getting national attention for his moves on the basketball court. his videos have gone viral but
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now he is getting a lot more than just looks at facebook. cbs news correspondent weijia jiang shows us how he has become a sudden star. >> reporter: when noah cutler isn't playing basketball. >> crazy ball handler. >> reporter: the 11 year-old is watching i and looking up his favorite nba players on line. >> one day i could be there if i put in the work. >> reporter: when noah saw steph curry of the golden state warriors do this he had to try it. >> next thing he is watching video on you tube and he is dribbling out in the front yard and fit is raining we have to pull him out from the rain. >> i practice a a lot but i got it. >> reporter: then how did you feel,. >> i was happen that i i got it. >> reporter: in other a's dad posted a video mimicking the tricky move and several others. >> there was in transition, everything has been boom, boom, boom, boom, boom and lou back and like wow, are we
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here. >> something to remember. >> reporter: his clips became so popular the warriors invited him to california to meet his role model. >> i didn't even think that it was real life, i thought i was dreaming. >> reporter: noah says the attention is nice but playing basketball with his friend makes him the happiest. he is small for his age, smallest kid on the team but on the court he fels like a giant. noah has big dreams too. >> it would be crazy to play on that floor and one day that would be my dreams. >> reporter: he is already playing with the pros, on the way to becoming one. we gentleman jiang for cbs-3 eyewitness news. a little step curry in the making. stay with us, we
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band cold play celebrate its 20th anniversary this year and as cbs sunday morning anthony mason tells us they will be the life of the party at next week super bowl. here's a preview what you will see coming up later on cbs this sunday morning. >> ♪ the. >> for the band's four principal guitar player johnny buttland, will champion, base player guy berryman and front man chris martin, it is the the biggest gig of their career. the audience for this is like a billion people. >> i think it is three actually. >> if something goes wrong. >> that is a big problem. >> my daughter, says the sweetest thing yesterday she said how are you feeling about the super bowl. of course we're a little will bit nervous.
8:25 am
>> that is what she said. >> people will just forget. >> their biggest show will be their shortest. >> i love the whole concept of trying to present your entire musical life in 12 and a half minutes. it is a great challenge. >> have you figured out what you will do. >> we possibly got 11 good minutes, so we have special guest and they will cover the rest. >> there will be fans all down here, right. >> yes. >> those guests have in the been officially named. there have been plenty of hints. >> there may be beyonce's footprint. let's say that show was here about four hours ago. >> a front row seat to cold play and campaign 2016, that
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is this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. still ahead last minute push for votes is on in iowa. >> presidential candidates scramble for votes just one day a away from the iowa caucus, i'm marley hall in des moines with the latest coming up. and the challenge of grieving for a pet at work, why some companies are making it easier consumer reporter jim donovan tells us about pet bereavement dates. and our weekend warm up continues, justin drabick is back with the very latest on spring-like temperatures on the way.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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good morning i'm rahel solomon. meteorologist justin drabick is here. justin, a lot of folks happen bye this warm up even if it is temporarily. >> january, early february we're in the done yet. winter is still halfway through. >> we can be optimistic. we can dream. >> yes. >> good day to be outside enjoying nice weather. we have 50 degrees. maybe get car washed get rid of the salt if you have not done it already. it is caked on a lot of cars. the trendies for march, april like temperatures at least through the first half of the upcoming workweek. check it the out, outside right new compared to yesterday at this time four to 18 degrees warmer. is there our trent. we will deal with temperatures well above average. thirty-four at the the airport in philadelphia we have some cold air this morning. zoo outer suburbs, below freezing in allentown, reading. 33 degrees in willow grove. twenty-seven in pottstown. watch out for areas of black
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ice potentially this morning especially the sidewalks. that is bit. most areas, have been treated well. wind are calm to about 5 miles an hour or so, to a nice quiet morning across the region. we have some clouds rolling through, so filtered sunshine today, and those clouds are just a sign of the warmer air that is starting to move in the mid levels of the atmosphere. then we will to have deal with rain chance these week as well. what to expect this morning. again, a few icy spots, now that would be just north and west of the city. the temperatures still hanging in the 20's in some locations. otherwise 30's this morning. and then in the afternoon we're surging in the 40's and potentially lower 50's in the warmest spots. average high 41 for this time of the year. we will get to 50 for philadelphia. fifty-two along the jersey shore, delaware beaches and up in the poconos not a bad day there at 42 degrees. we will talk about the 60's with good rain chances as well, with these details in a few minutes. >> get out and enjoy, thanks, justin. we are just one day away from the iowa caucuses, and polls are showing it is still a anyone's game.
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cbs correspondent marley hall reports from des moines. >> how would you like to make the pundits look dumb on election night. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders urged a young crowd at university of iowa to caucus on monday warning he will lose if there is a low turnout. hillary clinton attacked sanders on his plan for free college tuition. >> i do not believe giving free college to donald trump's youngest child is in the best interest of all of the hard working americans who need help. >> reporter: des moines register poll shows donald trump has a five-point lead over ted cruz and a three-point lead over marco rubio. >> the only thing that matters is the the poll taken on monday. >> reporter: trump campaigned with reverend jerry falwell, junior to attract voters. >> donald trump will be back on television. >> our goals.
8:32 am
>> reporter: ethanol is a hot topic in iowa renewable fuel is made from corn, the the state's number within crop. >> it could be a deciding issue for some iowa voters. >> reporter: farmer ray kyle phillips said he will only consider candidates who favor a government mandate to increase amount of ethanol blended in to fuel. >> that is my livelihood and it supports my family. >> reporter: iowa voters have several opportunities to find out where candidates stand on all of the issues today as they make their final push ahead of monday's caucuses. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the iowa caucus when we're not on television we are up to date fur on cbs one person is dead and seven others injured after a fight broke out, at a motorcycle expo in denver. it is unclear what prompted the incident that left people both stabbed and shot. the the injured were taken to denver health medical center. this morning police are not saying whether the violence was gang-related, denver's
8:33 am
police chief does say he believes there was more than one shooter. after traveling nearly 400 g fugitives from a california jail break are back in custody. cbs correspondent brian web tells us just what happened. >> reporter: sheriff's officials say escapees jonathan tieu and hussein nairi are back behind bars after a daring prison break, they were on the run for nearly nine days. >> the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief because we have other two dangerous individuals back in custody. >> reporter: men were found in a stolen van, parked in a san francisco food market, after being noticed by a neighbor. nairi fled on foot but was quickly caught. two was found hiding in the van along with ammunition, in weapons was ever found. >> the focus shifts to continue to look at where the system failed us, where
8:34 am
policies and procedures before not followed. >> reporter: officials believed that tieu and nairi and third inmate cut through a steel grates and crawled through plumbing continue tolls get out of the jail. dong, split from the other two and turned himself into authorities friday morning. the prison english teacher 44 year-old, shown here, was arrested in connection with the escape. >> we necessity this this was some type of relationship that developed but how far it went and whether it was physical or in the we are still trying to confirm that. >> reporter: men are being interviewed and will soon be taken back to orange county and placed in the high risk area at the same jail where they escape. brian web for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the prison break was similar to the one last sum inner upstate new york, prison employee joyce mitchell pleaded guilty to smuggling in tools that helped richard matt and david sweat break out of prison. meantime in san francisco, super bowl week is underway. the the vince lombardi trophy is big prize in super bowl 50
8:35 am
and fans are already taking picture of themselves witt at the nfl experience. this is one of the the main activities in san francisco, and the nfl experience is where fans can run into nfl players, play games and learn about the history of football. 49ers running back roger craig was also there and held the trophy. >> it is exciting, you know, as a father, you know how to hold a trophy. it is old news to me now but still felt good to hold that trophy knowing that this trophy will be delivered to one of two teams playing, carolina/denver. >> super bowl city is alive, a week before the big game. correspondent ann, is in san francisco with the more about the big show that is kicking it off. >> super bowl city is opened.
8:36 am
>> reporter: it is part of the nine day fan fest super bowl and city. >> it is a lot of work and investment in the whole project. it is beautiful. >> reporter: including a zip line that runs across a mcgolden state bridge, technology is woven in to most of the interactive display and all free of charge. >> this game lets you make the game winning touchdown, catch. >> unaudible. >> reporter: if you are in the ready to be a star player you can become the ball, or just have a beer if you are willing to shell out. >> twenty bucks. >> reporter: at the sonoma wine country display businesses are getting a a chance to sign. >> i only do cabinet, so it is a great opportunity for us. >> reporter: meanwhile street artists protest outside of the gate. >> where many of the events
8:37 am
going on in super bowl city are we were normally have our businesses set up there and we're in the able to do that. >> reporter: there are plenty of reminders of every day life in the city but for nine days, this virtual playground is a reality, protect by san francisco police, armed with high powered rifles making hure that the celebration is safe. >> big thank you for bay area for welcoming with us open arms and being exited to celebrate super bowl 50. >> reporter: sport director don bell will be at the the super bowl and reporting live from san francisco leading up to thing about game. starting wednesday, february 3rd, right here on "eyewitness news". remember you can watch superbomb 50 february 7th also right here on cbs-3. well, one pennsylvania family is using the snow to get ready for super bowl with a cam newton theme snow man. take a look at this. now lemonde family ace parentally steelers fans but you wouldn't know it bite this larger than life depicts so why make a snow man of the
8:38 am
panthers quarterback. >> we like what he does. we like the dab. we like how he treats kids during games. he gives them footballs. >> good reasons there. >> family started with a big pile of snow and brought it do unwith a ice scraper. it took them about five hours over the the course of two days to make that. that is dedication. is there still much more to come on "eyewitness news" this morning, just one day away until the iowa caucus and we will check with face the the nation's john dickerson for a look at today's broad cars, stay with us we will
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joining us with a preview live in washington is maryland rate or and cbs news political director john dickerson. john, good morning. >> good morning, rahel, exciting day one day from voting in iowa. after all this noise voters
8:41 am
finally get to speak. before they do we will speak to donald trump, man the at the top of the polls in republican race is a cross the the country and in iowa and marco rubio who is finishing strong in iowa. that doesn't mean he will win but might catapult him in the favorable position in the next contest in new hampshire. we're always thinking of the next contest. and we have a great track record with a pol store and we will talk to her about the republicans and democrats about where things stand as voters go in the caucus tomorrow. at the even, of course, we will have our usual political round table to put it all in context. >> john, if i could quickly ask is i was caucus good indication of who might win this thing. >> nope, it is not a good indicator. what iowa do, they don't pick the president, but they do wind down the field. they take it down to about three candidates, and in the democratic field they may take it down to two depending on
8:42 am
how martin o'malley does. it is an early indication of what the new grouping might be but in this year, one of the things we are looking to see with so much money in the campaigns, do candidates who should be out of the field on the republican side, do they not listen to the voters and just stay in anyway. >> very interesting. the all right, john, thank you. and still to come this morning, a winter warm up is on the way, what we can expect temperatures in the 60's in the seven day forecast coming up. then the death of the pet can be devastate bug you some companies are more understanding then others, consumer reporter jim donovan tells us about employers offering pet bereavement dates. and award season rolls on with a she of strength for diversity and in holy wide, actors honoring actors when "eyewitness news" continues.
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jim donovan discovered some companies will give you time to grief. >> reporter: when erika lee lost chief, she said words cannot describe the amount of pain that she felt. >> chief was the the best dog ever, he was very sweet, loving, and great. >> reporter: luckily erika's company allowed her to take a day off to regroup and help her son cope with the tremendous loss. >> being able to stay home with him and grief with him was invaluable and so, so important to me. >> reporter: although pet bereavement days are not required under federal or state laws several national companies are now allowing mourning pet owners time off to grief. vm wear and maxwell health give employees flexible days off. kimton hotels and restaurants allow managers to grant three days away from work. companions policy gives, employees one paid pet
8:46 am
bereavement day. >> we allow people to do that grieving process and, it is just, to be able to heel. you need closure when you lose a pet and important to be able to have that time to do that. >> reporter: 30 percent of pet owners said they felt grief, sadness for at least six months after losing an hour. pet grief counselor janet the zimmerman warns for some people losing their pet can be a defining moment of their lives. >> it is really very, very difficult to function. if you cannot function you you certainly cannot function at work and you are not the same person were you before. you need time to get back to some sense of normality. >> reporter: erika is thankful for the the time that she had to grief and the support that she had from her employer. >> this should be the normal for many businesses, if not all. >> reporter: by the way pet loss counselors often recommend speaking to other put owners and co work hours understand what it is like to lose a pet to help during the grieving process. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim ton van. well, some icy art was on display at burlington county
8:47 am
winter celebration, "eyewitness news" in mount holly, for its annual fire and ice festival, american a dozen artists, both amateur and professional, turned big blocks of ice into beautiful sculptures, take a look at that downtown area was pack for all of the fun and excitement. speaking of fun and excitement justin is here with the the weather watchers. >> if you like warm temperatures you'll have fun with this forecast. you can get outside and enjoy it. we have spring like conditions. but again, it is early february. this warmth isn't going to go last. the we have signs of cooler air, looking to arrive next weekend and possibly by middle of the month but nothing record breaking cold at this point. this morning, still two areas below freezing. we are checking it out, jessica, farther north, but up in perkasie 25 degrees, at this hour. there could still be icy patches at the this hour out there driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, still frozen, in some of untreated spots, and then michael riley in san towing's has 27 degrees. saying it will be a nice day
8:48 am
today with this warm up. finally above freezing in new jersey, we will go to lawrenceville, peter fern at 33 degrees. he send a message spot on here pothole season, that is right, coming off below freezing temperatures at night. now we will get that warm up, and that water underneath the road, ice expanding, and the melting process so that causes the potholes, you will remember last winter, it was just horrible. closer to philadelphia, we are warmer now, we will go to the northeast, johnny at 39 degrees. he has partly sunny skies, warmer temperatures ahead today, awesome i can get all of the salt off of the truck g call there. good daze to do it. get that car washed. can't get your car washed today, wait until wednesday. you will get that natural car wash. check it out, ocean city, live look people jogging, walking on the boardwalk. the not a bad morning. throw a sweat shirt on. feels good in the sunshine with light wind across the region. this is what we are talking about a main weather headlines. warming trend starts today continues through wednesday, slow melting process continues, that is huge, so no huge big flood issues except
8:49 am
maybe wednesday when we will see steady rain moving in. we will have have to watch that. but snow pack is much smaller then several days ago. average high is 41 degrees. we will hit that yesterday, spot on for late january, today up around 50 degrees, tomorrow well in the 50's, still 50's on tuesday, and then we will warm it up even more on wednesday in the 60's, that is typical for april. wednesday we will deal with steady rain, we will not be able to enjoy the 60-degree temperature outside unless you love sitting outside in the rain 567:89:19 is sunset time tonight, signs of spring certainly with these later sunset times, stays lighter, long, end of february, 55 to second and daylight savings time begin march 13th sunsets after 7:00. almost a month away from that. we're gaining two minutes of the the daylight each day. quiet on storm scan three. there is cloud, showers across the great lakes, a warm front moving through, that is responsible for bringing the warmer air in, great day to be outside hit the the ski areas,
8:50 am
jack frost big bold inner good shape, 100 percent opened there, 16 big boulder. blue mountain 36 to 60-inch base and all of their trails opened up at 39. warm front passing through north and west. we will see filtered sunshine. but overall in the a bad day. this front that comes through tomorrow afternoon, doesn't have moisture witt. you you can see on the models in the a lot of rain maybe scattered shower in spots. tuesday, still dry, they will have to watch this storm, it is stronger, it tracks to the west, it the is on the warm side of the system so we will deal with rain but could come with steady rain in the day on wednesday. today, 50's, and some of the warmest spots, even up in the lehigh valley potentially. it would be warmer. tonight we're above freezing. it stays there until next week even. that is good news. then tomorrow look at that well to the 50's, mid 50's, maybe even 60's south and east of the sitpy if we see enough sun. mild ter day 50's for the high. with that increased warmth we have threat for some fog
8:51 am
tonight, some spots, 41 for city, colder in the suburbs. here's that extended forecast. fifty today. fifty-six monday with the late day shower. tuesday groundhog day, 50 in the sunshine, steady rain on wednesday at 62, and then cool it down, dry it out for end of the week into next week went highs in the the 40's, rahel over to you. >> little rain and snow. we can handle it. speaking of snow, 8:51. time to check on the road. lets go to ann evans in the the traffic center where it is just a bit of snow on the road out there. >> there are, rahel. this is schuylkill at conshohocken a case in point it looks like a pretty winter scene but looking at the traffic on it, many times folks take their time on the highway because there are icy patches from the refreeze that happened overnight. do take your time and watch for. that watch out for potholes because this is time that it happened when the the snow starts to melt and after a snowstorm like we had. so be careful of. that schuylkill is in fine shape this morning. no delays to talk about.
8:52 am
no accidents. no construction to talk about to slow you up. we will move the traffic cam here to 202 at allendale road at king of prussia in delays or problems here. that is latest from the traffic center, i'm ann evans now rahel back to you. an the actor goes to the cast of spot light. >> movie spotlight gets another boost, less than a month from the oscars. film took top screen actors guild award for best cast in the motion picture last night. some are also saying that the other big win are of the the night was diversity especially in terms of the television. david daniel looks at biggest moments of the the night. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to diversity tv. >> twenty-second annual saga ward turned into a show of strength for diversity in hollywood. queen latifah was honored for bestie. >> i hope everyone out there
8:53 am
who does not come in the package that people say you should, keep fighting for it. >> for second straight year orange is the new block doubled down, she repeated as best female actor in a comedy. >> a show that reflects so many people. >> show time ums as best comedy series. >> this is what we talk about when we talk about diversity. >> reporter: elba won a tv award for luther and philadelphia ward for beast of no nation. >> we made a film about real people and real lives, you know. >> reporter: jeffery tambor won for playing transgender woman for playing transparent, and alycia in the danish girl. even the night's lifetime achievement honorary the legendary carol burr net recalled being told early in her career. >> no, no, no, look all of the comedy and variety shows are hosted by men. comedy and variety is a man's game.
8:54 am
>> reporter: as for those looking for oscar indicate or revenant star leonardo dicaprio and brie larson from room took top acting awards and spotlight about journalist revealing sexual abuse by catholic priest. >> it is for everybody every where, thinks for every flint michigan in the world, this is for power less. >> fitting end to the night that shows hollywood's ability to reach and represent people through diversity. in hollywood i'm david
8:55 am
8:56 am
justin, for folks who like warm weather. >> great news they are loving me. >> um-hmm. >> yes. >> winter weather fan, all of the haters right now, they want the snow. >> it is not over yet, it gets colder by end of the the week but that is in the bad for february, how about that, 50's, even some 60's. we are dealing with some rain on wednesday with you wye end
8:57 am
of the week 40's. overall a mild start to february. maybe some signs of cold air by middle of the month but, you know, it is still overall trend looks for above average temperatures and tuesday is ground hog day, remember if he does see his shadow that means six more weeks of winter, so we will have to wait and see. it is all foulke lure but it is fun, to see what phil has to say. >> six more weeks of that forecast. >> not bad. >> i'm with you. that is "eyewitness news" for now, we may be psyched off on tv but we are always on line cbs sunday morning is next. have a great day. just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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