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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  February 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> good morning too close to call in iowa. it's neck and neck between hillary clinton and bernie sanders and one of the camps just declared victory on the gop side. vote areas warded decisive win to senator ted cruz and two candidates dropped out of the race altogether. we'll tell you who and a big day in court for cosby. his lawyers will ask a montgomery county sdwroj throw out the case and defense star witness is a former district attorney. even another mild overnight in center city and katie is tracking rain headed this way and there's a flood watch in effect.g rain headed this way details on that in a moment. good morning, tuesday, february 2. ground hog day. i'm erika von tiehl. traffic and weather with
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miesha. >> happy tuesday, katie, welcome back. i can till right now roads are looking good. we have construction out there. the nice thing is the weather feels calm. streets are nice and dry will that last? >> well, no. it's proverbial calm before the storm, miesha. we'll end up with steady, heavy rain and any snow left on the ground at that point will easily have a chance to melt away and that leads to potential for flood problems. that's not happening yet. it doesn't happen until tomorrow. for now a nice quiet sky cam 3 looking live over center city for our station headquarters. as we throw current conditions over the map temperatures is flirting with 40. you don't have to worry about icing in the city. as you head further southwest we'll show you temperatures in the region that could be a bit of concern. wind is blowing relatively lightly. it feels like 33. meanwhile storm scan as we mentioned looking time for the
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moment. we had a front cross through that brought in rain retreated well out sea. you end up with sunshine. look at the area temperatures. close are you get obviously to freezing mark the more likely it is you can run into a few little pockets of black icing out there. i don't think it's a huge issu issue. it's enough if you want to keep a close watch on the thermometer it's a good idea. the closer to 32 the more you may have issues. it's not a huge concern in the city at least. we go to willow grove, or pottstown. that's the spot you might want to be careful. mean while we walk you lieu the rest of the day. 50 in the city under full sunshine. pretty calm day. as we said it's proverbial calm before the storm. even though we have sunshine for groundhog day a midweek brain storm is on the way and i emphasize brain storm not expecting to see snow at least not with this storm. we'll see a significant warm-up
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before the storm passes through. miesha, over to you. >> enjoy the 50s while we have them. good morning, everyone, we're happy you're waking up us with. we have an accident schuylkill westbound past spring garden pushed to the shoulder cars scotting by as you can see. we have a lot of headlights and taillight out there. tuesday, will probably be the same thing. vine is looking good. moving eastbound, westbound sgrexs and see a lot of headlights and letting us know that probably is a good indicator it will be busy toda today. headlights at broad past the girard point bridge look going here. you can see the headlights coming through the camera and as a reminder as well i'll get to this in a second, falls bridge is closed. construction 42 northbound past 61 that lane is blocked until 5 a.m. falls bridge is closed until friday, april 1.
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you have to use alternate. i would suggest roosevelt or city avenue bridge and also flyers play the canadians. >> back to you. >> this is sgluingt hillary clinton is claiming victory after a raise or thin margin in the iowa caucuses. clinton and bernie sanders are in a dead heat. martin o'maley dropped out with one vote. the former secretary of state says she looks forward to the race against sanders. . >> so as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa. >> now, even before the outcom outcome, sanders was quick to discourage the edge down in iowa he calls it a tied ball game. >> what the american people have said, and by the way, i hear this not just from
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progressives but conservatives and a hear it from mod rats, that is we can no longer continue to have a construct campaign finance system. in new hampshire sanders is ahead of clin noon next week's primary. >> ted cruz is leading iowa as leader of republican caucuses. the texas senator had a clear lead over donald trump and rubio is third and dr. ben carson fourth. no other candidate got more than 10,000 votes. cruz walked up victorious with the most votes including evangelical voters. >> tonight is a victory for conservative as cross iowa than great nation. >> the outcome was a setback for trump who was front runner before last nightch the bill on heir real estate mogel
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congratulated cruz on the victory. >> we finished second and i want to tell you something i'm honored really honored and i want to congratulate ted and i want to congratulate all of the incredible candidates. >> outcome left mike huckabee to end his campaign and martin o'maley. stay with eyewitness news. our coverage continues online at cbs >> right now it's 4:36. philadelphia police are trying to figure outta why a half-dressed man was running long the boulevard when struck and killed agent light. chopper 3 over hash ison and mayfairch the unidentified victim was in outer lanes when hit and impact landed him in inner lanes where he was struck by a second vehicle. bill cosby will number a montgomery county court today to ask a court to dismiss
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criminal sex charges against him. former montgomery district attorney bruce castor is expected to officer for the defense. his plan to ask the judge to drop the charges. castor promised not to testify him for his testimony in a civil case. stay with eyewitness news. we continue to follow charges against bill cosby. we'll 1ru7 dates on tv and online. >> a document from the national transportation safety board is providing new iniingt into the deadly amtrak derailment. it shows images of track 188 right before the accident that killed eight and injured 20 0. but much of it focusesen engineer brandon bostian and his account of the fatal crash. previously bostian said he did not remember what happened. he said he was holding tightly
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to the controls and thought this is it, i'm going offer. people are concerned about his accounts. the problem reminutes mains his changing story. >> there was no memory of the key person in this whole tragedy in may days after the event. and then there is elaborate description of what he remembers and doesn't remember . >> according to a medical report bostian had a post traumatic headache and concussion resulting from the doesn't. the report shows there was no problems with the trains and track leaving possibility that human error may have caused the tragedy. >> investigators are trying to figure out why a rock hit an amtrak train in philadelphia. on route to new york was passing through bridesburg sunday when a rock shattered the window. it happened along the same stretch of tracks where the amtrak train derailed last may. none of the more than 200 porjs on board that train were
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injured. the cdc as costa rica and nicaragua added to a list of growing countries to avoid with the zika outbreak. they have declared the virus an international emergency. it's linked to thousands of birth defects. dr. rob will be here later on to smooth out questions about the virus. 6 still ahead. february marks black history month. and then you're getting a sneak peek at ads that will run in super bowl sunday including this one that features adorable dogs there. in case you forgot it's groundhog day. you can forget punxsutawney phil. we'll let
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>> happening today, hundreds are expected to honor a church
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founder and ab lish niingt. the postal service is honoring bishop allen. 200 years ago he founded the episcopal church. and we have fingers across here at cbs3 here this morning it's groundhog day and we're set to find out is the temperature going to give us more cold weather. all up to that little guy ther there. >> if he sees his shadow i always forget rule which is it. if he sees his shadow six more weeks of winter if he does i wouldn't worry that much he's right 39% of the time. i guess you want him to seat shadow so she would be wrong exactly. >> right. >> we'll find out around 7:30. this is a fun time out. there fans out dancing having a good time. >> not terribly chilly in punxy either. >> we have sunshine in our forecast and western pa we do
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as well. >> he's only right 39% of the time. >> i'm also here to hook you up. >> we have a real meteorologist. >> but we love our furry rodent friend out there. >> that said we have stuff to talk about. there's a storm system coming. >> let's get to it. >> the forecast looks tranquil and pleasant overall to start things off for tuesday. but we'll eventually see this go downhill. flood watches take effect and we'll see temperatures eventually drop out as well. let's go through everything. we'll start by talking about groundhog staties. what do you think. it's the cutest graphic in the planet. i love. it so far he's made 119 predictions and 102 of which he's seen his shadow and only not seen the shadow 17 times. as erika mentioned he not right that often. some would say i'm not right that often that's fine. i can understand that. however the big question, will
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he see his shadow today. meanwhile storm scan at a nice wide zoom showing the next best thing. central plains area here we ended up with blizzard warnings in time for iowa caucuses last night too. that's the storm that comes our way. no snow out of. it bulk of cold is well off north. we see a warm front lift here bringing in showers even as early as overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning and especially in the afternoon could come down heavily. as such we'll see flood watches take effect for central sliver of delaware valley that includes philadelphia. it's a combination of all the snow melt and rain that's likely to fall here. maybe around an inch or sov precipitation that could lead to flooding. it's a flood watch for now and takes effect later tonight. mean while as we jump through the rest of the week looking good. temperatures take a tumble. for now enjoy the pleasant 50 degree high me sunshine and it's a nice day dropping into the 40s tonight.
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it's well above the seasonable average or closer to our seasonable average so daytime high is well above. it there may be a shower by dawn. you will see a huge surgeon the thermometer tomorrow. a huge record breaking, 62 or above it's a record tying that number for us or higher. the heavy rain will roll on through here 49 by thursday and skies start to clear and temperatures start to drop. erika, back to you. >> thank you. >> the countdown to super bowl 50 continues we're five days away now. while the teams are situated in california we're seeing a sneak peek of commercials airing during half time♪ can't live, i can't give any more♪ i can't live♪ . >> this is the ad from heinz showing weiner dogs trying to reach a family of condiments while can't live without you plays in the background.
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>> and there's this ad. happy birthday to you♪ . >> seems like it's trying to do whole marilyn monroe happy birthday show but it doesn't sound or look like her. it features a funny surprise. you have to watch -- we'll find out who the mystery sing ser on sunday. >> mountain dew is introducing this character in their ad. appears to be a baby monkey creature of sorts as the soft drink first super bowl ad in 16 years. 30 second commercial will set advertisers back $5 million. hopefully it comes with ticket tickets. speaking of commercials tune in tonight at 8 for greatest super bowl commercials 2016 and then at 9 for super bowl's greatest half time show shows. and all star kawnt down at 8 and followed nfl show at 9 here
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on cbs3. and cbs3 sports director is headed to super bowl 506789 look for his reports from the bay area beginning tomorrow night at 11. still ahead this morning on eyewitness news job cuts resume order at one major company we have details coming up in the money watch report. first here's ahead tonight on cbs3.
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>> his opponent hillary clinton says she won. new hampshire prime areay is one week from today. attorneys forbility cosby says former montgomery county prosecutor bruce castor could testify at today's pretrial hearing. he claims he had a non prosecution deal with the former district attorneych the 78-year-old comedian is charged
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in alleged 2004 sexual assault. >> and the world health organization declared zika virus an international emergency. the virus spread to mosquitoes is linked to thousands of birth defects. >> 4:50 now time for a check on business news. joining us from the new york stock exchange is jill and there's changes as the world's most valuable company who are we talking about here? >> well, that's rite. if you google most valuable companies you find google parent at the top of the list alphabet worth $571 billion at end of trading yesterday. that's $33 billion more than apple. alphabet is soaring from google online advertising business and apple iphone sales slowing dow down. they've been most valuable three years. both are doing pretty well. android edging them out here it sound like and yahoo reporting earning reports after closing bell and analysts expecting
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trouble for employees especially right? >> yeah, yahoo could make drastic cuts the company is laying off 15% of workforce and closing several different business units and the fate of ceo marisa meyer is still unclear. she took over in 2012 and promised to grow and redefine yahoo. the company has had a hard time competing with google as we mentioned and companies like facebook. we'll see. erika. >> thank you so much. we'll see you later this morning. >> after the break a check on traffic and weather. will you need the
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>> well, good morning, everyon everyone, we'll see our fair share of wet weather as i large storm system brews off to the west. we end up with a nice day. i'll turn your attention to what happens with the flood watch that goes into effect tomorrow. that will be because we have a storm system moving in. it actually bring us with pretty steady, heavy rain it
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looks like. here's the storm over the central plains bringing in blizzard conditions across iow iowa, kansas, nebraska. and the main bolt of energy with this gets september off to the northwest of us. which means we get on the warmer side of the storm. and in other words, we'll look strictly at a rain producing system out of this. 39 is our temperature at philly international and temperatures dropful the sun comes up well after 7 at this point that said it won't be as much of a black ice situation in the city and the closer you get to freezing mark through mount pocono and allentown a lot of snow melts. if anything looks wet or icy it could ice never those communities. watch for that. we head to next couple days with a roller coaster on the thermometer. tomorrow looking to be recor record-breaking day in terms of temperature. 64 we're shooting for and record to beat is 64 in 2006.
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>> and it's almost like indicatesy i'll take the rain if it will be 64 in february. i'll take it all day. >> good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. all right. well right now the roadways are nice and dry. very pleasant outside. we're seeing plenty of head lights and tail lights leave the parkway. it was pushed off to the shoulder and not causing slow downs. i want to make you aware because we're seeing plenty of headlights around the area. and towards the schuylkill looking good and great on the blue route as we push towards this 5:00 hour. 95 south by cottman looking good and steady as we come around that s curve. as you can see plenty of taillights already for just move tooing 5:00 hour. it will be a busy tuesday. construction, 14 northbound past route 681 left lane blocked until 5 a.m. make note of that and also more construction cherry hill route 70 eastbound right lane blocked and that will be blocked until
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3 p.m.. erika back to you. >> miesha, thank you. >> our stories from the sister station kyw news radio 1060 is head lining. the bacon brothers play a benefit for a part in center city and african-american burial ground named to historic register of his torque places. check in two, three, four times a day on 1060 on your am dial. >> on eyewitness news we're live with the key hearing today for bill cosby and also overcome with emotion a woman meets the little girl that received her son's heart. that touching moment coming up. . >> and also, is this the gold standard for pizza. we'll let you know whoa is cooking up golden pizzas for the super bowl. we're back on our groundhog da day. we're back on our groundhog da day. we'll be right back.
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>> also, investigate right now, hillary clinton has just declared victory, in iowa. where they're live with the latest on the hotly contested race that was too close to call all night long. >> and, in case you forgot, it is gown hog day, but you don't have to wait for punxsutawney phil for your forecast. we have katie the meteorologist. how about that? i'm erika von tiehl. still have to wait few more hours to hear fill's prediction, always fun. right now we check in with katie and meisha, get ready to head out the door. >> good morning, happy tuesday, oh, phil so cute,
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isn't he, katie? happy i just love him. roads are looking good, nice and dry, we will get to that in just a momentment for today, feels like beautiful day: that's going to continue our snow melt, process here, as well, still do have pretty decent snow pack in our little bubble, of the metro flex, around the region as a whole.


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