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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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good morning, a deadly shooting in the northeast, police say a gunman walked up to a home, opened up the front door and then shot and killed a man in the living room. what is worse there were children inside when all this happen. we are live with the search for the killer. also the case continues in the legal defeat to bill cosby, a judge ruled the comedian can face sex a assault charges we will tell you is what next for the 78 year-old. >> i was begging for my life. >> lucky to be alive, only "eyewitness news" speaks to the victim of the carjacking at the a local gas station what she was thinking when that crime unfoaled. it is thursday, february 4th, i'm erika von tiehl. the let's check with katie,
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meisha and fog out there, ladies, how are you doing. >> good morning, happy thursday, gateway today, you know, we're almost to friday. wet this morning again, so will this linger all morning. >> the fog. there is a a lot of moisture which has since departed but we have damp roads and some of the snow melt ape that leads to spray from the area vehicles traveling. watch for. that i had to flip windshield wipers a handfull of times myself. you will likely do the same. generally speaking storm scan three is emptying out here, in terms of the wet weather now pushing out to sea. notice the problem here, we go out to sky cam three and show you the current conditions overtop us. normally you would see the sky line. the it is not visible at all. you have to watch out for fog issues. note that is win, it is still out of the southwest. we have not seen the slip in the northwesterly flow of the wind just yet. we haven't scoured out the clouds and with that said wind is light. the those are ingredient,
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moisture rich air mass, light wind to get this visibility very poor, and we have actually got a dense fog advisory as a result. it is only until 7:00 but if you are up now chances are you will hit the road soon and you might run into poor visibility like these. under a half mile in a couple spots. i ran into intermittent fog on my drive-in. watch for it in the outlining suburbs and the cloud to break and cooler by comparison, but still a above average for the standards, meisha. >> fog indeed, we are seeing that this morning on the roadways and maybe causing some potential problems as well. this is where we have our first accident, i-95 north at vine street, you can see block ago this left lane not causing too many slow downs because it is only 4:30 in the morning. it is there. we do have people out of their vehicles. whenever it is slick, wet on the roadways and people on the roadways it can get messy quickly. be very careful heading on you the right now. this is just evidence of look at this how foggy it is. we saw moisture on the
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roadways, the rain, and melting snow all that stuff it is too warm to have it the freeze to turn to black ice but just know it is out there. that will slow us down a bit. toking in king of prussia a, 202, taillights moving in the north bound direction and looking at 309, same thing, completely foggy, so give yourself a couple extra minutes, it will be busy, erika, back over to you. happening right now i gas leak forcing several residents from their homes. live look right now at the that scene on the 7200 block of 21st street in west oak lane. pgw crews found that leak and expected to have it fixed in two hours. medics are also on the scene, one woman was not feeling well and went to the hospital as a precaution. also new overnight several young children in frankford witness a horrible crime. a man, gunned down and killed right in front of them. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us a at the police headquarters with the very latest, justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. homicide detective do have an idea of what this man looks like, he is the man witnesses say, opened up the doornd insid,
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in front of the four small children. the lets take you now to that video from overnight. radio call came into 15th district police at 10:30 last night. report of the shots fired on the 1800 block of east fillmore street the in the frankford section. the shooter was long gone when police got the there. they did find two shell casings near the front porch. witnesses say the shooter walk up to that home, opened up the front door and began shooting. the victim is a 30 year-old man who was shot with at least one of those shots to his head. he was pronounced dead at the scene at 10:40 last night. also inside that home police say were six young adults and four children ranging from four to eight years old. police say given nature of this shooting, it is believed that others were not injured or killed. this morning, the search is on for the gunman, a man last seen wearing a dark jacket with white writing on the front and back possibly a
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north face jacket also wearing dark jeans and white sneakers. at the scene detective also found that there were even more eyes on this shooter. >> now fortunately, we have found not only philadelphia police city cameras in the neighborhood but we found pha housing police cameras in the neighborhood and we found a business right next door where the shooting occurred and those cameras did record the shooter coming to the location and then fleeing from the location. >> reporter: that man was also last seen running east on fillmore toward tackawanna houses. no motive for the shooting, however, police do say fillmore tackawanna corridor is a known drug area. if you have any information you are urged to call police. we are live outside police headquarters i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you for that. meanwhile bill cosby will be back in court next month after a judge ruled his
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criminal sex assault case can move forward. a montgomery county judge yesterday reject cosby's motion to dismiss the charges. the 78 year-old is charged with sexually assaulting former temple employee andrea constand. during the two day hearing cosby's legal team argued he had an immunity deal with former district attorney bruce castor but the why decided the agreement did not stand. the cosby left the courtroom after the ruling thanking supporters outside. >> he is a big icon, so, you you know, he is,. >> cosby's attorneys will appeal the ruling. preliminary hearing in that case is scheduled for march 8th. cosby case moves forward, stay with "eyewitness news" for all of the updates on tv and on line at cbs philly to the come. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are scheduled to face off in tonight's democratic debate in new hampshire. last night the 29 appeared separately at a forum in
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dairy, new hampshire tell vice on cnn. sanders a accused clinton of being out of step with liberal democrats and spared over which one can truly call themselves progressive. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes 15 million-dollar from wall street. >> i'm's not going to let that bother me. i know where i stand. i know who stand with me. i know what i have done. >> among the republican donald trump is alleging that ted cruz won the iowa caucus by committing fraud. he tweeted aid new election should take place or results should be nullified. iowa g.o.p. says there was no fraud. cruz responded while campaigning in the granite state. >> well, it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tan trum. >> two more republicans have dropped out, meanwhile, kentucky senator rand paul will focus on his reelection bid and former pennsylvania
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senator rick santorum is endorsing senator marco rubio. rubio is also getting an endorsement from pennsylvania pennsylvania senator pat toomey who believes rubio is the strongest candidate to take on clinton in november. he calls rubio knowledgeable, thoughtful and will be a strong leader. toomey is running for a he can is, six year term in the november election. stay with "eyewitness news" as we follow candidates in campaign 2016, our coverage continues on line at cbs right now 4:38. one woman is thankful to be alive after being carjacked and robbed at a gas station in south philadelphia. police say two suspects popped in the victim's car after she made a quick run to the gas station on 69th street and that is when they forced her to drive a block away before finally releasing her this happened on january 29th around 3:30 a.m. the woman spoke exclusively to "eyewitness news" about the the frightening crime. >> when my car hit the
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pavement of that gas station that night, i said god, i'm moving from the camera there is in more camera after this i'm dead. >> police now thanked the suspects who targeted her, also robbed another man nearby, and if you have any information on who they might be you are asked to call police. it has been two days since hit and run driver struck a mother and two young children in south philadelphia. now husband and father of the victims speaking exclusively to cbs-3. arthur mcmilan is girl's father, he got a call tuesday night that his wife, stephanie and two of his girls, five-year old caitlin and four month-old laylah had been hit crossing the street at broad and dickinson. the accident was caught on surveillance video. stephanie and four month-old laylah are out of the hospital but five-year old caitlin is still being treated for her injuries. arthur has a message for the driver who fled the scene. >> you really could have killed my family my wife and kids. i pray you turn yourself in.
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i want to know what happened, who this person is, why would you just hit and run, there is a woman and her kid involved. >> striking carries a red honda accord with a missing passenger side mirror. that is the car right there if you have any information, you are asked to call police. florida's governor declared a healthy mergecy to stop the spread of zika virus. there are nine reported cases on have the mosquito born illness in the the sunshine state. they all involve people who contracted the disease traveling in affect countries. the virus can cause birth defects and is rapidly spread ago cross latin america and the caribbean. still ahead this morning help is on the the way for heart hid residents and business owners flooded out at the the new jersey shore. who could forget these pictures from last months storm. still ahead where people can get today to sign up for assistance. then the bay areas lit up, all ready for super bowl 50. now we have a behind the scenes look at how law enforcement the and their k-9's will be working to keep
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everybody safe, that is just ahead, good morning.
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but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from your heart. megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body.
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megared. the difference is easy to absorb. had happening today path horticultural society offers a sneak peak at this years flower show. this is video from back in august when they announced the theme explore america. the big event is a partnership between phs and national park service which will be celebrating its 100th birthday. the flower show runs from march 5th to the 13th at the convention center. it will be here real soon. relief is coming for residents and business owners in south jersey hit hard by last months winter storm. flooding caused major damage to shore communities. today state officials are hold ing two storm assistance workshops from 11:15 to 4:15 this afternoon. the first is a sea isle city library. sending is wildwood convention center. the fog is the story, katie. >> at least initially that is the concern out there because
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we have warmth and light wind in place and as a result it is a perfect ingredient for fog to form. it is not every where. you hit it coming in quite a bit. pardon me. i get all choke up over it. but it was very dense out there this morning. so expect that. and it is patchy too. you will not see it every where. where you do find it, yes, very dense. with that said once fog gets out of here we would think we would be in the clear. no, this front isn't done. i will explain that. storm scan three watching bulk of moisture progress out to sea. i want to zoom it out, that front has in the completely cleared down through the deep south. a as a result of this we are going to potentially see more activity from this front. here's what happens. it is not visible yet but an area of low pressure will form on the tail even right up the companies and throw some moisture back into us tonight into tomorrow. what are we ending up with? potentially a little bit of snow.
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not every where. so this afternoon, all free and clear, clouds break, cloud break and then we will get sunshine. tonight as early evening we may see rain drops down toward the shore towns and shore counties at least and that may pick up through the overnight to the point that colder air wraps in you will see a change overtaking place. it may start as rain, turn to snow, and then dump dusting up to an inch or so down near the shore towns. it is possible this edge gets a little further inland toward philadelphia but i don't think we are talking about any accumulations here in the city and this particular model, our european model basically agrees. we may end up with a few tenths of an inch but nothing that has a chance to stickiesly unless down in the southern most counties. over the course of time we will see temperatures on a roller coaster ride. we are watching for that possibility of rain/snow at the coast this morning, and then for super bowl weekend sun comes back out and we will warm up too, erika.
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>> thanks, katie. we are less than three days from super bowl 50, right here on cbs-3 and security is tightening in the bay area. latest addition toss super bowl security may in the look too intimidating but don't let the fury cute faces fool you. bomb sniffing dogs are all over super bowl city and downtown streets. k-9s are at the airport sniffing around luggage. the authorities say four legged crime fighters are trained to detect over 19,000 types of explosives, and firearms. >> they never complain, they don't want overtime but they love a little snack and a tummy rub once in a while. >> much cheaper then that. >> dogs have 20 to 40 times more receptors in their noses in humans making them much more efficient at sniffing out weapons. our don bell, he is live in super bowl city. hear his reports later today on "eyewitness news". certainly a big night tonight as contestant in this years wing bowl, other big bowl, they show up for weigh in. we have files from the
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previous weigh in last year. tonight 30 eaters will climb on the scale at south philadelphia a's chickie and pete's and reporter that age, height and hometown. their entourages will be on hand but the famous wingets, our wing bowl 24 is tomorrow at wells fargo center and you cab get we will bring you the gut busting action right here on cbs-3. still ahead on "eyewitness news", takata air bag recall is expanding even more, details on the vehicles affect next up in the your money watch
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philadelphia police are searching for a gunman who fired in the crowded home on fillmore street in frank for. man was killed and a dozen people scattered a as four children watch. surveillance video from a nearby business may hold important clues. bill cosby's attorneys say they will a appeal yesterday's ruling in which a montgomery county judge reject cosby's claims of immunity from
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prosecution, for an alleged sexual assault in 2004. cosby's next court appearance is scheduled for next month. and, there are two workshops today for south jersey residents and business owners, looking for government assistance in recovering from last months winter storm. representatives from banking and insurance, human services and other agencies will be on hand to see in sea isle and wildwood. so some potentially good news for tens of thousands of workers in new jersey. today democratic lawmakers will introduce a bill to raise minimum wage in the garden state the to $15 an hour. the current new jersey minimum wage is $8.38 per hour, and that equals $17,400 a year for a full-time worker. also today, pennsylvania governor tom wolf will a announce plans for early childhood education funding levels. this afternoon he will continue his schools that teach tour with philadelphia mayor jim kenney at the west philadelphia community center. kenney is pushing for universal prekindergarten
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education. 4:50. time for a check on your business news, money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. jill, that takata air bag recall is affecting even more people, what can you tell us. >> reporter: that is right, just when we thought this may be behind them, honda ace recalling another 2.2 million vehicles because of the takata air bags. they can explode with too much force, this recall includes older models from 2005, and also believe it or not some new models from the the 2016 model year. >> wow, even the new ones. >> jill, facebook is declaring a holiday today, friend day, what is behind this? >> reporter: all right. it has been exactly 12 years since facebook ceo mark zuckerberg started to work on the site from his harvard dorm room so tomorrow is a big day, facebook is declaring today's friends day celebrating the friendships, of 1.6 billion users, the cities putting together friendship photos
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that were previously posted on the site, erika, happy friends day. >> to you as well. still have to go to work unfortunately. >> reporter: sorry, no the a national holiday. >> thanks, jill we will see you later this morning. >> yeah, we don't get off yet. >> yeah, sorry. still ahead we will have a a check of traffic and weather. will that fog stick around. will that fog stick around. katie has d hey guys, thanks for coming. are we in trouble? no, you're not in trouble. i just want to set some ground rules. like what? well, remember last week, when you hit vinnie in the head with a shovel? [chuckling] i do not recall that. of course not. well, it was pretty graphic. too graphic for the kids. so i'm going to have to block you. you know, i gotta make this up to you. this is vinnie's watch, and i want you to have it. you deserve it. no, thank you. that's really not necessary. no, no, come here...
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we are expecting to see the fog be the main issue a as we walk out the door. storm scan three is where we will start things off to see things empty in terms of the wet weather we are finding. you do still have dense fog. now frontallal boundary that brought in the mess that we saw yesterday is moving out to sea but as the storm developing on the tail end and that will ride up the coast and just barely clip us, as the shore townses specially. the it with will likely start off as some rain and then turn over to the light snow, emphasis on the the light part and you might even end up with a dusting up to an inch of
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snow as you wake up tomorrow but that specific to the shore communities. here in philadelphia, we will get a couple flakes out of this. we will keep a close watch because it is a matter have miles and it may bust or verify for our area by tomorrow we're out of it. >> mother nature, it is just up to you. >> today we're talking a little bit of snow. but it is still snow. good morning everyone, happy thursday. we have an accident i-95 north by off ramp to the vine. the it is pulled off to that left. we have got flashing lights. it is just break this 5:00 o'clock hour things are very light, we are just waking up turning on our tv which we are so happy you are here this morning. what we are dealing with is a lot of fog, we have got wet roadways, not so much slick, too warm to have black ice but we know what happened during rush hour with wet roadways and fog and this is what we are seeing. we have an accident involving a tractor trailer and car northeast extension, southbound past lansdale pulled out to the shoulder, back to you.
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now we will check the stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is following. temple university will broadcast home basketball games in mandarin chinese. also, students at the university of pennsylvania's veterinary school, subject of the the new cable series. they have a review of the cohn brother starring george clooney, hail hail, caesar. check in two, three, four times a dane on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we have efforts to stop a gas leak that forced several people out of their homes overnight. and this is not your typical parking spot, right? how that car landed on the roof of that home. and new life for the ship that is rusting on the delaware river but its future may not be in philadelphia for much longer. we are back at the top of the hour, good morning.
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good morning. you're looking live right now with an early morning gas leak forced several people of the their homes and that is still not fixed. the situation could have been explosive if not the for a quick thinking neighbor. also, a legal setback for bill cosby, what is next for him after the judge refused to throw out the comedian's sex assault case. be careful heading out the door you could hit fog on the road and i know katie is tracking chance of snow. we will check in just a a moment. it is thursday, february 4th i'm erika von tiehl. certainly a lot to talk about with weather and traffic with that fog. i want to check with katie and meisha, good morning. >> normally i don't have much to talk about this time but we have seen plenty of accidents
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out there, seeing one behind me right now but katie, a little bit of these slick conditions, wet on the roadways but then fog, visibility issues. >> that is always a throw you a loop when you walk out the door. even though storm system and frontal boundary made its retreat and we are done with wet weather we have moisture, you still have an nice, light wind and moisture rich and mild air mass. that can allow that fog to form. basically a perfect recipe but storm scan locally no major problems right now and it is glancing view here but when you walk out the door it is a different story. we are at currently modest wind outside tashfeen my use cove nature park. normally you would be seeing portions of center sit the eye sky line. couple lights in the distance but you unless we told you you would never know. 55 degrees currently at that particular off site and that is why partly you have got fog forming and locally it is not terrible every where but you have


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