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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 4, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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good morning there are growing concerns over the zika virus, more cases popping up in the united states, so do we need to be worried about a widespread out break here. what you need to know about the health threats. also, do you know somebody looking for work right now? we are talking about hundreds of jobs, that need to be filled in our area we will tell you where. but first lets look live at the roads, a lot of fog, you can barely see ben franklin bridge and this could slow down your morning commute. i know were you saying it will not affect everyone this morning. you hit tight. >> i had windshield wipers going, very foggy and we have seen a string of accidents all over the place. we know it is affecting everybody. the visibility and wet roadways this morning. >> this is what is just left behind at this point. it is aftermath. i feel like so often those are
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the problems that can lead to the biggest traffic issues because you think you are in the clear, when it is over but you still have mist and fog and that there in lies the problem. that is the concern this morning. we have a few other mother nature curve balls that are coming our way in the next couple days, including a couple of snow chances. >> you had to go there. >> i know. >> the dreaded s word, right. the first round of snow could come tonight if you can believe it, not every where, that is important to note but let the me start with the here and now we will talk about the snow potential later. storm scan at the moment pretty quiet at this point. finding rain retreating, still a few lingering showers, scattered but fog is that concern. so southeastern pa, not including delco or philadelphia county by the way you are included in that dense fog advisory that last until 7:00 this morning for visability that have already been under a half mile and under a quarter mile in some spots. what you need to watch out for is this, areas of patchy but locally very dense fog and for
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that same kind of visibility problem at least under a half mile. you have to slow it down. you will need to keep low beams ready to go but thankfully we will start to see wind direction shift, wind picks up and sun comes up for that helping the cloud cover scour out of here. throughout the course of the day you will see basically steady temperatures throughout the midday but then we will gradually decline through the rest of the afternoon. tonight we will see low pressure, rapidly start to develop on the tail event of the front and that is potential for rain turning to snow may come into play. it is specific to the shore towns. we will have much more on the possibility as the show goes on, meisha. >> thanks very much, katie. just a mixed bag of things we are dealing with right now. right now, visibility, wet roadways. some areas that mist we are seeing. we see it earlier this morning. difficult on my commute n you might as well. it the is slowing you down a little will bit. you will see, volleys picking up i-95 south.
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or on the northbound side i-95 north past cottman you can see pulled over to the right shoulder, a disabled vehicle. disable vehicle will on the northbound side, i am not too worried about it but i wanted to make awe wear of it for those in that area vine street expressway is heating up. you can see both in the west and eastbound direction heeding warning that when we have visibility issues and it is still wet on the roadways. they are not freezing over. just wet roadways. this is a indication you should leave early give yourself a couple extra minutes. schuylkill headlights moving in the the eastbound direction at the boulevard starting to heat up at this time and you can see wetness on the roadway getting kick up on the windshield so give yourself some extra room to maneuver around in that area as well, erika, back over to you. growing concern this morning over the zika virus here in the u.s. florida's governor declares a healthy mergecy to stop the spread, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is here, and it is other countries that will not affect us but it is a real concern. >> reporter: almost 50 cases
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in the u.s. so much so that florida has at least nine confirmed cases of the zika virus. these are patients affect overseas but concern is growing too that these patients could infect u.s. mosquito. governor there issued a healthy mergecy in four counties. the number of zika cases is now growing in the u.s. health department, 12 states and washington d.c. have reported at least 48 cases, so far each patient has been infected overseas except one sexually transmitted case in texas. in florida an emergency health declaration cleared the way for more spraying of the mosquitoes. cbs news chief medical correspondent doctor john le puke spoke with scott pelfrey brazil where the virus is the worst. he explains the action. >> it is an attempt to stay ahead by lowering odd that zika virus will enter the local mosquito population in florida. now remember the same species of mosquito that has the zika
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virus down here in brazil, also exist in florida. there is no evidence that those moth skis owe have the zika virus. >> reporter: but they could spread like this an infected mosquito by the someone say in brazil, virus stays in the the person's bloodstream for about a week. that person then comes to the u.s. and uninfect mosquito by the him, gets virus and then by the someone else. now the virus is a u.s. mosquito. >> what is likelihood there will be a mosquito born out break in the united states. >> scott, i think it is very, very likely that zika will make its way in to local mosquito probably in the southern part of the united states first but health officials i have spoken to say it the is unlikely you'll have a big out break on the scale of something say in brazil. >> reporter: sick ace linked to birth defects in pregnant woman have been advised to avoid travel to country where virus is spreading. cdc is advising pregnant woman to protect themselves if their male sexual partner has travel
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to the country where zika ace spreading. >> we know about the florida and states but is there anything done. >> reporter: we are learning about what brazil is doing right now because they are hardest hit. what is being done town there is increased spraying, getting rid of those breeding grounds that is standing water and just public education for people about using the spray and covering up. we will also talk more in our next hour about when a possible vaccine could be available. >> people clamoring for that already, jan, thank you. 5:36. some new jersey shore residents and business owners hit hard by last month's snowstorm can ask about assistance at two workshops. flooding caused major damage to shore communities. today state officials will have representatives a available from 11:15 to 4:15 at sea isle city library a and wildwood's convention center. time for a check of your business news this morning. it looks like there is a new ad campaign on the way for subway. the the irs have some explaining to do we will check with money watch's jill wagner
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at the new york stock exchange, jill, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, irs is trying to get electronic tax filing system backup and running. compute are problems shut down several tax processing systems, including the e file system, the agency has stopped accepting electrically accepted tax returns. outage could affect tax refund but irs says it does not expect major disruption. stocks staged a late day rally as oil prices row. dow jones jumped 183 points and nasdaq fell 12. this morning labor department will release numbers on unemployment, yesterday, payroll processor said adp says job hiring slowed down in january. it is still growing at a healthy rate and economy is focused on the american economy like construction and health care, they are still adding jobs. subway berth start working on a new catchy jingle they are raising price on the 5-dollar-foot long to $6. subway has been running that promotion for nearly a decade and since that time, costs
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have gone way up. understandable but 6-dollar-foot long doesn't have the same ring. >> no, it it does than the, jill we will wait to hear what that is. some workers in new jersey could be getting a raise, democratic lawmakers will introduce a bill to boost the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour. that is almost double the current rate of $8.38 an hour. even if it passes the legislature governor christie would still to have sign off on that raise. keep in mind he veto a similar bill three years ago. if you are looking for work, listen up, home depot is hiring. chain plans to hire 80,000 seasonal work's cross the country this spring. here in the philadelphia area there are about 1500 openings. spring is busiest time of the year for home depot, if interested in a job, check out the blog on cbs by jim donovan. when awe reply for a job you have to worry more about rest me a references. henna daniels tells us your
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social media presence can play a big role in whether or not you land that job. >> reporter: like most 22-year old anita benjamin spent a fair amount of time on something media. >> i used linkedin and then i use facebook, instagram, snap chat all of that. >> reporter: but when the college graduate started looking for a job last year she was careful about what she posted. >> i was thinking i would keep it professional because it is all on line and everyone can see everything that you are posting. >> reporter: new research shows that is a good idea because businesses, are looking. a report from the society for human resource management finds one-third of companies have disqualified a job candidate in the past year because of information found on their social media accounts. in another survey, hiring managers were asked the most common social media mistakes job applicants make, 45 percent said posting negative or inappropriate comments. 35 percent said posting or being tagged in inappropriate photo the owes. >> if you are too opinionated,
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too negative you can really come off as a problem in the work place. >> reporter: if you think staying off line is the answer? think again. 17 percent of hiring managers questioned job applicant whose don't post regularly or don't have a social media profile at all. having a a professional presence on line works for benjamin. >> the way people perceive is is important. >> reporter: she got a corporate job, her first, out of college. henna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". time is running out for winner of the 63 million-dollar lottery jackpot that winning ticket in california must be delivered to a lottery office by 5:00 p.m. today. get on this one man who claimed he is winner has filed a lawsuit alleged he turned in his ticket but it was reject by lottery officials who said it was too damaged. however lottery officials say in one has claimed the prize. >> there is no record of a claim, no record of a denial.
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we're at the point where if this person did file a claim we would look into it but at the this point we have in record of it. >> if that jackpot goes unclaim the money will be forfeited to the state schools. still ahead scary day at work for a post man he is attack for just trying to do his job, but very different story about what sparked that frightening confrontation. ton of wings, i'm pat gallen at pj wheelihans in maple shade and i'll learn from the best, competitive either taking part in wi (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering)
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to keep it pumping.
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it is a philadelphia tradition this time tomorrow morning, competitive eaters will be getting ready to cho down on hundreds of wings the at wing bowl 24. patrick will try to deeven if his crown after eating a record 444 wings last year. however, he will face tough challenge from a previous champion molly skylar, former nba player dennis rodman will be there and we will, as well, just not the me but "eyewitness news". don't miss wing bowl festivities tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news". of course those eaters just can't show up, it takes a lot of work, right. >> yes. >> pat gallen is joining us, covering wing bowl tomorrow and you spoke to the the experts to see what it takes to win the wing bowl. >> it was an interesting day, true.
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yesterday i threw out all i known. tomorrow is 24th installment of the philadelphia a gathering, it is wing bowl 24 and to prairie learned from the pros, and the results were tough to swallow the 94 wip winning bell may be a spectacle but it tease endurance and mental stamina to eat 444 wings that won the contest a year ago. >> there is techniques involved with stretching your stomach, and, it is not just minutes or days before the competition, this goes overtime. this is, unique. >> during 60 days out. i have been doing all of my training for two months, so a lot of water in take. >> reporter: on friday the real competitors will take part in wing bowl 24 but for today, i get to take part in a win g eating contest at pj wheelihans. rick is the manager and my coach for i day. >> we have one wing and we will do it like acorn on the cobb. >> push the meat up. >> push the meat up like that.
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>> you go from this end >> we don't want to mess up your short. we need a rick the manager motto right there. >> notorious bob and i got one minute to see who could eat the most wings. >> in three, two, one, eat. >> wow, wow, this isn't brunch. get out of the blue cheese, come on, eat, eat. >> here we go, five, four, three, two, one. >> drop your wings. >> it looks like bob, you have got about six, seven, eight, nine, ten and a half. and pat, lets see what you canal i, this up, i think it is three. >> safe to say i won't be taking part in competitive eating anytime soon. the contestants weigh in tonight, tomorrow it goes down in front of the packed house at wells fargo center.
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note dover just bobbies guy i ate against. told me he drank three and a half gallons of water in two minutes yesterday, to help stretch his stomach. he also said, yes, that is gross. he also ate over 20-pound of food in a contest once. >> yes good you wonder is it worth it to win that prize, possibly. >> you know what, this is what, he is i competitive either. he does it for money. you will do whatever you can. >> if you win, you really killed witt those three wings. if you were to take part, how many do you think you can eat. >> i will a say this, i will say this those wings were much larger than wings they get at winning goal so i ate three there, maybe i could eat nine or ten. >> that is almost a size. >> that is crazy. >> can't wait to see you down there for wing bowl. >> katie, how do you like your wings. >> i like a honey barbecue, chipotle kind of idea.
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i prefer to go single will hand, because you need one hand to go clean but you cannot do that at wing bowl. would i say i'm gladly standing on the sidelines. >> there you go. >> with the handy wipes. >> favorite time of the year. i love football. let's check out what the weather watchers are reporting. we have mild era cross the map. fifty's and upper 50's, here on the map here. john jenkins at 41 degrees in perkasie but he is finding scattered very locally dense around where you are finding it poor visibility at times. just advising everyone and good advice to drive with caution. let me zero in a across central new jersey where we have 57 degrees coming in from mark. he reports a fine drizzle. there is a lingering precipitation out there, it is gone though as our frontal boundary makes its full retreat. 57 degrees, also coming in from kerry and it is a great comment because even though we have been talking about snow melt, we have piles out there,
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because of have these 10-foot drifts at the train station specifically for her. she doesn't have anymore snow at the house but at the train station where they plowed everything at within big pile it may still be there. that helps the fog to form. it is worth a mention. do i want to check on storm scan as well because we are tracking the retreat, you would think of this front. the front itself is retreating but what will happen? you cannot see it happening just yet. there will be low pressure developing at tail end, rise up the coast, throw some moisture back on the shore and it will be a close call, but we may end up with some rain that turns over to snow at the shore towns. we will go to future snow amounts 1:00 a.m. start. so nothing to worry about this evening. but notice, this is one of our most robust, european, most robust model we are fine go on this you could have a dusting if not up to an inch plus of snow by tomorrow morning. at the shore. here in the city we will see a few flakes as long as that specific track, pans out but it is not a huge deal from the
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city northwest at all. we will see temperatures drop off and sun comes back, tomorrow, meisha. >> i have to say i'm still thinking about wing bowl. i cannot transition out of my head. i haven't experienced it yet. i have to do this. good morning, happy thursday. we are so glad you are here. i like to tell you it is definitely foggy out there and wet roadways. what this means in the traffic department it will be busy. the good news is that water is not freezing or turning into black ice. the just too warm out there because of that everyone is leaving earlier. a lot of people and that is actually smart to do so on a busy day like today when it is wet and visibility plays an issue. we have a disable vehicle on the north bound side past cottman not slowing you down any bit but you can see how much it was starting to build up on i-95 south. blue route southbound, looking okay, everyone traveling at posted speed. we have an accident, a pedestrian was struck in boyer town berks county right past route 100. i will let you know a as soon
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as i hear of a road close another but just make note that visibility is playing an issue this morning. erika, back to you. this could be the most sweet video you see all day all about the unlikely bond between a boy and his pet dog. see how they became cutest little friend, more when we come back.
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a postal worker is a attacked after delivering the wrong package and it is all caught on video. john chen working his mail route in brooklyn. he realized he left it at the wrong house. when he goes back to retrieve it, a woman kicks him off front steps with her dog following, him down those steps. >> so wrong package at her house and you went to go get it. >> i went to get it backy told him wait, i will bring box out to you. i close that had door to get the my dog to go back and he opens up the door and walk into do it himself into my house. >> the 26 year veteran admits ringing the door bell a few times but denies entering the house. u.s. postal inspector are investigating the case right now. long hours of hard work are paying off as we get our first look at the only men wild jaguar in the u.s.
5:55 am
remote cameras in the mountains outside arizona caught that jaguar in action. just beautiful. conservation groups have been monitoring that jaguar for three years. they say habitat for jaguar are threaten by mining efforts in the area. call this a real duck dynasty inside this texas home, a 19 in old tyler and his best friend a duck named biggie. you might called them bird of the feather, flocking together. you you can get they are crackers together. >> you hope. >> tyler's mom created a facebook page and it has thousands of likes. >> i never in a million years thought, i mean 15,000 people would like mize son and his duck, who knew. >> who knew. >> the pair have been together for about a year now and one might call it a true duck tail. >> that is absolutely precious. >> what gets me so much is the little hair on the duck's head. >> absolutely precious.
5:56 am
>> a boy and his duck. >> too much. >> we're going live to san francisco for super bowl preparations, that and more when we come back good morning.
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good morning. right now, philadelphia police are searching for a killer. they say a man open up the front door of the home and then shot a man inside. all of this happened, right in front of the some small children. we are live. also, take your time as you head out the door maybe leave early, a dense fog advisory is in effect and cause something trouble on the road. don't tell anyone i'm in james brown seat for super bowl sunday. i'm jamie yukiss with the technology you will see at the big game in santa claire. it is thursday, february 4th i'm erika von tiehl. busy morning for weather and traffic. katie is outside on the sky deck. i know you have had problems
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on the road already with the fog, good morning, ladies. >> we sure did. it started bright and early, 4:30 in the morning, and they clear out quickly but they keep happening. >> right. >> leave your homes early, katie, how long can this be lasting. >> it will hang on for a few more hours, meisha, that dense fog advisory will be in effect until 7:00 this morning. so yeah, picture worth a thousand word behind me, pretty poor visibility over city scape. but as we get out to storm scan three we are finding a a few little isolated pockets of light rain and drizzle, that too starting to shift on out to sea. but you will be running into that where you need windshield wipers, you will to have slow down and it will end upsetting you back a couple minutes but fog is other issue we were talking about. south east pa specifically is where we have a dense fog advisory posted. looking at area temperatures we are off to a mile start here. fifty-three at the airport. sixty in dover. handful of lower


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