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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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madam secretary, that is a low blow. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton clash as they fight for votes in campaign 2016. president obama was a frequent topic at last night's democratic debate. hear what the candidate said about him, and the message they think voters like hearing. first, just freezing friday morning. and this is just a taste of what's to come this weekend, really, if you leave your house sunday, my hats off to
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you. just freezing out there. >> and a lot of people probably will. >> brunch, sunday service. >> what a night to have a valentine day dinner in. >> sounds like a plan, flight. >> cold start, too. >> definitely cold start, not as windy as yesterday wasment see it change with time. for now, not horrible. >> yes? >> it is not horrible. there is your weather headline >> but it is going to be getting a lot harsh as we move forward in time. so yes, sort of just like that appetizer essentially here, what we are dealing with. at the moment, storm scan, hey at least that's quiet and collected, couple of clouds here and there, but overall, clear sky to start this morning off. however, we've got windchill warning, folks, how dangerous the cold is going to become over the course of time. now, it is specific to the poconos. you go up to carbon, monroe counties, really any of the other ski resort towns here, you will have the windchill warning in effect starting 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and it actually lasts you through the early afternoon
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sunday. long window where the windchills values will be as low as 30 below zero. windchill granted, but you've got to use that as a gauge when you walk out the door. now, ski lovers, they're tough folks. they will go out in this regardless, but i am telling you, make sure you're smart about how you bundle up. again, it will be very, very brutal over the course of the weekend. and it is not much better right now frankly. already feeling like it is sub zero in the mount pocono area, eight is the best it feels at philadelphia international airport. so waiting for the shuttle bus in the economy lot, rough stuff, still have to have the heavier coat ready to go, even if you are headed to the tropics, you can't leave the heavy coat behind if you are waiting for the bus, right? looking forward in this forecast for the skiers, down right frigid folks. your saturday high is only 8 degrees. so really dangerous stuff. the sun does come back sunday. we rebound to whopping 11, brinking it back to the day here region as a whole not much better. 28 degrees, few late day snow showers moving in, arctic
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reinforcements come rushing in. >> sound like good time, katie. not. good morning, happy friday, tgif. just waking up with us, things looking good. a loft early risers getting on the roadway, jump start to their weekend, can i not blame them. beautiful shot. schuylkill eastbound approaching spring garden looking good. looking mellow. starting to see levels just slowly start to heat up right now, as we will expect to see them specially as we push into the 6:00 hour. right now, right around spring garden looking good there. tac-pal bridge back down, so is the burlington bristol bridge for those every you thinking of taking the bridges, the ben franklin bridge, just sought that minute ago, in the westbound direction from jersey, looking good there. route one southbound fox street. looking good both directions whether northbound or southbound early risers hitting the roadways here, as well. and again like i said we usually see this casino of early rush on a friday, not so much a rush, everyone traveling at posted speed, early risers wanting jump start to their weekend specially valentine weekend, don't blame them. construction, walnut st. between 19th and 22nd, is
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blocked. soap, if you are in and around this area, you will have to use alternate, samsung or spruce street probably going to be your best bet. and also, construction on 95 and water main break all coming up in about 15 minutes, erika, back to you. >> hillary clinton is working hard to get her campaign back on track, after resounding defeat in new hampshire. last night in the final debate before the next two contests, clinton and bernie sanders sparred over foreign policy and race relations. as cbs correspondent marlie hall tells us, the two were polite, but pointed in their debate. >> hillary clinton sought to regain momentum in milwaukee last night calling the vermont senator out on his so-called unrealistic plans for the country. >> we have to also be very clear, especially with young people, about what kind of government is going to do what for them and what it will cost. >> secretary clinton, you are not in the white house yet. >> both candidates then turned their attention to immigration, and criminal justice reform. >> i would hope that we could
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all agree that we are sick and tired of seeing videos on television of unarmed people or if african-americans shot by police officers? when we talk about criminal justice reform, and ending the arab incarceration, we have to talk about jobs, education, housing, and other ways of helping communities. >> with the candidates neck and neck in the polls, minority groups are expected to play a key role in the next nominating contest. >> there is no doubt, that secretary clinton starts with a long standing record, in a long standing advantage. >> the former secretary of state has work to set herself up as the candidates who will continue president obama's legacy. something pundants say appeals to the democratic base in nevada and south carolina. marlie hall, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". is republican candidate marco rubio cracking under the pressure? well, appears his tooth s
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rubio told reporters in south carolina that he started his day yesterday at the dentist office and how he got there, garnered few laughs. >> i think potentially frozen, and cold weather, whatever, and i cracked the mold last fight time. but we'll keep the campaign. >> oh, well happens to everyone, right? we're told he is sticking to soft foods right now, rubio back to look to go bounce back from disappointing fifth place finish new hampshire. you can watch the republican candidates go head-to-head on the debate stage right here on cbs-3 at 9:00. right now, it is 5:36. in business news this morning, new choice for breakfast. new look at my space, my space still around? and trouble with the international market. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, with those stories and more, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. erika, concern about the economy here, and overseas, sending stock market across the globe much lower on wall
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street, the dow fell 254-point yesterday. nasdaq dropped 16. uber agreed pay 28 and a half million dollars to settle two class action lawsuits. one, concerns the quote safe ride fee that uber charges customers. the suit says it wasn't legitimate, because uber never did their own backgrounds checks on drivers, judge still needs to approve the deal. the pay out, though it, would be split amongst lawyers and about 25 million riders, though, don't expect a huge check. >> remember, my space? time inc just bought it as part of bigger deal with its parent company. it is digital advertising company, the my space is pioneer in social media, but it did get overshadowed by facebook and other social media sites, time says this acquisition is game changing. and, keloggs thinking outside the box. the cereal maker really struggled as americans look for other breakfast options, like greek yogurt. so kellog's revamping nourish line, focuses on bert
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ingredients like q coin ya, pop tarts, root beer, orange crush soda flavor. >> going to two extremes, orange crush pop tarts, then kin with a flakes, lots to choose from. >> you know what it is like they're going to throw whatever they can against the wall and see what sticks, right? >> why not? jill, thanks so much. pope francis is heading for mexico right now, with the quick stop in cuba for historic visit. we have some new video for this morning. he's on his way it meet the russian orthodox patriarch in havana. the meeting will be a first in history between the leaders of the russian orthodox and catholic churches, the first in hundreds of years, expected to focus almost entirely on religious reconciliation. then the first latin american pope is expected to make his pastoral and political messages during his five day trip to mexico which is 81% catholic. still ahead this morning, valentine's day just two days away. and this morning, we are taking time to stop and smell those roses, jan, right?
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>> reporter: speaking of, erika, what is your favorite? are you a fan of the roses or maybe possibly something a little bit more exotic? maybe the or kids, lillies? coming to you from stein, your florist company in northeast philadelphia this morning, where we are getting ready for very busy weekends. we'll show you some of the work straight ahead. >> ♪ >> we have the secret behind the bands' gravity defying video coming up. >> ♪ >> halfway through meisha's love song list, wonderful
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tonight by eric clapton. checking your traffic and weather together for your valentine's day, we'll be right back. >> ♪ frustrated with your overactive can't handle the side effects? botox® treats symptoms of leaking, going too often, and the strong sudden need to go. ask your urologist if botox® can help calm your bladder
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♪ >> counting down meisha's top five most romantic love songs. this may be hard to top. this is two, right? >> yes there is was number two. but i can tell when you you put them in order, how can you even put them in order? we just heard michael bolton, now un chained melody. >> speaking much of love this morning. >> can we get to sunday already? my heart is about to burst out my chest. >> i hope everyone has pick their valentine. one of the busiest places to be this weekend absolutely will be the flour shop. the big holiday. our jan carabeo joins us at stein's florence mayfair, where they are ready, and you have number of different flowers, not just roses there, this morning, good morning. >> good morning, i can't pick
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my favorite. right now my eye is on this one, fuchia colored roses, maybe because it matches my dress this morning? we have roses every all colors, even got a tie die rose right here, rainbow rose, where each pedal in almost a different color. how gorgeous is that? you come down the line here, see exotic flowers, some or kids, some lillies, and we also have patrick kelly here, the owner of stein your florist company here in northeast philadelphia where you are very busy already this morning. >> yes. >> what are we making here is? this is fans. >> i yes, for one of our customers who likes something a little more extravagant than the norm. and you really want time press his wife. we will de that for him. >> i would say you are going in the right direction here. what kinds of flowers? i see roses, and are those orchids? >> or kids, hot pink roses, this is called vandela rose, something you want nice glass pedestal. we'll make some beautiful for them. >> gorgeous, i know, the roses are of course the favorite. but you don't have to do roses in. >> you don't have to do roses,
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you don't have to go with the traditional. beautiful arrangements in iris, a lot of folks like to step out of the norm because roses are so, i don't want to say passe, but they know they'll get, that and the girls are real impressed when the guys come up with social security different. >> surprise them little lit? >> that's right, out of the norm. valentine's day is on a sunday, how does that go when the business goes? >> a lot different, because you have lot less business deliveries. weekday it averages maybe 30% busier because of all of the deliveries for the businesses. we'll have at love house deliveries and such things. but it will still be pretty active. >> yes, you will be busy and it is spread out now instead of just one day. >> right. makes it little easier for us actually. we will still be here all night, but it will be a little easier. >> and we will talk about the cold weather. because it will be frigid this weekend. does that make it harder for you guys? >> makes it a lot harder. sometimes you can lever the flower outside, you don't have to worry about it in this situation, you know, just
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takes few minutes for the flowers to freeze. so we will be leaving tags on doors for folks that aren't there, and have to go back and i are-deliver. >> patrick, what's last minute advice? now that we are headed into the weekends, guys out there might think oh, no, valentine day sunday? what do you say? >> i would say goat your but now a flower shop and get your flowers ordered. our store we have beautiful bears, candies, gorgeous flowers, just, you know, get in motion. earlier, the better. oftentimes going into a flower shop the day of or the day before, you know, there could be 40, 50 people in the store. so if you're in a hurry, you know, don't plan to get out too quick. >> right. >> we're pretty efficient, though. >> patrick i'll let you get back to this extravagant bouquet right there. erika, meisha, a like i said, still thinking about what my favorite s how about you guys? roses, more ex the snuck much more coming up in our next hour. >> i say why choose? sends them all, right, jan? >> all of them! >> valentine fabulous.
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thanks so much. see you later on this morning. well, unfortunately, as jan mentioned, katie, it is going to be frigid val end tune day. snuggle with your verbal someone? >> what better excuse than that. right? definitely the chill in place already. this is just the appetizer, if you will, of what's yet to come here. we are checking in with eyewitness weather watcher network, finding values in the teens. but quite a few of the outlying suburbs, folks, picking up on single digits at this hour. under nice clear sky, fran, one of those folks with his clear sky, nottingham, chester county, only 9 degrees, and he actually said his dogs didn't even want to go out in this very long. that really reminds us of the fact that we're about the only ones that get cold in this kind of chill. make sure you're taking care of the pets, guys, they really do deserve t meanwhile finding temperatures staying awfully chilly, as women weaver we take you 17 degrees comes in to us from phil, clear skies, 17 degrees, said the windchill at about 12. and actually sent in cool picture with the clear sky. any warmth that we manage to
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build up in the atmosphere yesterday went right back up to the atmosphere, but also produced really cool views of the crescent moon out there. beautiful shot that he sent in of that. let me take to you one more, we cross the delaware, go into south central new jersey margo checking in with 10 degrees, that clear sky for her, as well, brr, with side of brr, she says. so hot chocolate wouldn't be the worse idea either. make sure you're ready to go with something nice and warm. maybe wait at train station or wait for bus, something like that, have the extra layers ready to go and nice hot beverage never hurts. showing at this point pretty tranquil weather, who i pressure, primarily in control for now. however, as the cold air reinforcements start to nudge in here, not only are we going to see the colder air, knock the temperatures back, but actually going to potentially ends up with a couple of snow squawls once more, through montgomery county west central new jersey, so that comes through primarily tonight, and early tomorrow morning, high pressure briefly in place but vicious windchill through the weekends, and then there is another system that we are
5:49 am
tracking starts off as light snow we think monday, and likely becomes heavier and in intensity with the snow before it turns over to rain tuesday. so, i don't care what punxsutawney phil fill says, winter is here, and it is stuck with us, for at least the seven day forecast. meisha? >> so the gofer doesn't know everything, fine. good morning, everyone, happy true, tgif. yep, it is cold, like katie has pointed out, and there is going to be no relief any time soon. so, the cuddle season is son us, especially sunday, good morning, everyone, west chester, 202, headlights moving in the northbound direction past paoli pike, looking good here, seeing this all morning, even starting in the 4:00 hour. we have some early risers out there, hitting the roadways, getting jump start to their weekends, so in some areas we can expect that it might get pretty busy for a friday morning, 59 south approaching the betsy ross, starting to heat up there, as well. evidence right there, interstate 95, we kind of know how the morning will go, watching 95, and it will get little busy. delaware county, 95 north, at 452, also kind of steady
5:50 am
stream there. little bit busier now this time in delaware county than it even was yesterday on a thursday. all right, this is where we have construction, 95 north both princeton, dot man onramps closed and closed nightly through saturday. so make note that far for those of that you use those onramps and water main break in west philly. sixty-third street between haverford and master street. and girard avenue between 62nd and 64th, use alternate, lansdowne avenue, probably be your best bet this morning. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. concept of sound, in outer space, fascinated scientists for more than century, and now, proof that such a thing exists. this is the stay they found ripples from the collisions of two black holes, billions of light years from planet earth. they are called gravitational waves. albert einstein's thee orized such a thing 100 years ago, not just sound either. darryl from the franklin institutes says one of the biggest discoveries of our
5:51 am
time. >> one other thing part of this we might be able to do with this, to better understand how the universe actually began. because we will be able to figure out more, better, how gravity works, and that will help to paint that picture of what the early history of the universe was like. >> so interesting. now, some scientists say the break through like this is similar to the first time galileo is using a telescope to look at the planets. we'll see what comes next. >> well, one of the most innovative rock bands these days is okay go and their latest video really out of this world. >> ♪ >> the first-ever video fill untilled zero gravity. video shot in a airliner without any special effect other than just gravity. this is the way the astronaut train. now, this was so demanding the lead singer temporarily blacked out. not kinds to your body. the song is upside down from
5:52 am
2014 albumn hungry go. >> the countdown, almost over. we're revealing meisha's favorite love song coming up next, katie's a little later on. also, man gives his fiancee the ultimate gift for valentine's day, that's still
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♪ and there you have it. this is meisha's very favorite love song of all time. and not just the song, but also the person singing the song, and i think of elvis when you hear fools rush in. >> yes, no, i love elvis' rendition, as well, but this one is more modern times, i loved it when i heard it. i didn't really care who the female voice was, i just loved the female voice. and i loved this rendition of it, so i love cute, king of pop, whatever. but i love it, i love it, it is gorgeous, hearing the female voice. >> loverly voice.
5:56 am
katie, also, what's your favorite love song every all time? >> has to be my wedding song, you and me by dave matthews band. >> oh, ya. >> love dave matthews. i think they can do no wrong. >> they just can't. >> i actually have lullaby version we play for the girls now. >> oh! >> full circle. >> i love that. >> and of all days to be a zap, valentine's day. >> just in time, true gift of love. the gift of love. erin was born with one kidney and it started to fail. she needed nine hours of dialysis every night. her father was was ready to donate a kidney but he died from cancer, secretly her fiancee, christian, got all of the medical tests, they were a perfect match. >> late their week, i went out and bought the ring, because as a scientist, what more confirmation can i have than actual data, right? >> the couple is recovering well, and their wed something planned for august. perfect match in every way. >> beautiful. up next, katie has your forecast for frigid valentine
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day. i'm counting down mine, three romantic movies for valentine's day, that's combing up:
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good morning, you might
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want to go ahead and start your car and warm it up. it is a bitter cold morning for you. we are waking to up temperatures in the teens. but this weekend, it is really going to be down right dangerous, in terms every those cold temperatures. katie has your forecast in a moment. also, no classes again today, at ursinus college, health officials try to contain an outbreak that's made nearly 200 students and staff sick. we're live. and, it is moving day for the phillies, the fighting's are pack up, and headed south for warmer weather and spring training. >> good morning, it is friday, february 12th, i'm erika von tiehl. we just cannot say it enough. frigid outside. we sent poor katie out on the skydeck. good morning, ladies? sorry, kate. >> i it is all good. good morning, yes. i hope you're doing okay out there. it is toasty in here. we know outside it is very cold this morning. so, everyone has to warn, take warning of all of the warnings that we've been giving them. well, katie, you've been saying them all morning long, the real one don't get out of your car ifou


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