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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the weekend is here and the dangerous cold is settling in on the delaware valley. justin drabick is tracking when the worse of the bitter cold will arrive this weekend. >> only "eyewitness news" cameras are there when lesean mccoy is spotted, even at a philadelphia gym. what l the former eagle said when asked about his alleged involvement in a old city night club brawl. >> the pope is on the ground in mexico and preparing to make history. i'm adrianna diaz in mexico city what what's in store. >> today is saturday, february 13th, good morning to you, i'm rahel solomon. let's turn straight to weather. justin drabick joining us with eyewitness weather. justin, here with the bitter cold forecast.
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>> in the like snowstorm where things can change last minute, cold air coming at us. this is the best it will be right now if you step outside. the winds will kick up through the day, core of the colder a ace refers tonight and certainly tomorrow morning. this is what is happening. coldest air of the season so far. and you have to go back to last february at this time when we had temperatures this cold, a lot of windchill advisories will go effect later today. light snow through the overnight. check it out radar, still left over snow showers coming across kent county, delaware, right now, toward dover, smyrna, the actual arctic front that came through, dropped little bit of coating in some spots, late last night, the winds are going to start to kick up, winds advisory, 6:00 this morning until 6:00 this evening, gusts to up 50 miles per hour anywhere across the region, we are under warning right now, up in poconos, advisory will go effect later tonight counties in blue pretty much the entire viewing area, windchill values well below
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zero at times later tonight. here is the actual air temperature right now, 22 philadelphia, if 19 in allentown, 13 mount pocono, pretty much it for the temperatures, kind of level off, maybe drop few more degrees later this afternoon, willow grove doesn't sound too bad but the wind starting to kick up. 15-mile per hour sustained winds in philadelphia it, will increase through the day today. this is what it feels like right now, single digits, like i said, the best it will feel pretty much through the weekend. forecast high generally low 20's, philadelphia and the shore, 14, and the poconos, when you factor in the winds, tomorrow morning, it could feel as low as minus 15 ear here in the city. we'll talk about when we warm up in a few minutes. >> justin, authorities believe, thank you. now onto cbs-3 "eyewitness news" exclusive. only our cameras capture reaction from former eagles player, lesean mccoy. we asked mccoy about a brawl he was allegedly involved in that involved two philadelphia police officers injured. >> what do you want to say about the fight at the club,
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man? do you want to say something, sir? a lot of fans, dude want to hear from you. i just want to ask you, dude? you don't want to talk? >> our greg argos talked with mccoy outside the bellevue where he was playing basketball. as you heard, did he not want to talk about the fight. mccoy's attorney says the decision will be made next week over possible charges. now, he is one of four people under investigation for a fight sunday, at an old city night club. that fight was caught on camera and set to be over a bottle of champagne. philadelphia police say two off duty officers were can kicked and punched, leaving one with a broken nose, broken ribs, the other with a possible skull fracture. >> also, exclusive, two police officers are hailed as heroes. they were at the right place at the right time to save a woman who collapsed outside after montgomery county convenience store. natasha brown with the details
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from lower merion township. >> fresh off a refreshing course in cpr, officers jeff soul van and rob whitt set out to start their day. little did they know they would have to put their renewed skills to the test so quickly. >> soon discovered there was young lady laying on the grounds, and she was in distress. at the time, she really wasn't showing any signs of life. >> officer sullivan radioed in for help, grabbing a portable defibrillator from his car. while his partner began the life saving process of cpr. >> immediately, as soon as the shock was applied, she began to show some improvement. >> you kind of are caught up in the moment. training kicks in. you just do you what got to do, what any of us would have done. >> woman began showing. showing signs of life and whisk away by an ambulance there is as unsuspecting customers filed in and out of this wawa on montgomery avenue. >> always good to like sully said to do some good, like
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that. >> for lower merion police officers jeff sullivan, rob whitt, a day that began like any other turned into an extraordinary act of bravery and heroism. >> i followed up. i saw her mother. i got a little emotional at first. because at that moment it hit me that i might have made a difference in somebody's life today. and as a police officer i've been doing this for 21 years. you don't get too many moments like that. >> officers were so concerned about the victim's health that they followed the ambulance to the hospital just to make sure she was okay. leaving that hospital, with renewed sense of a term, protect, serving, often saving lives in their community. in lower merion, natasha brown, cbs "eyewitness news". >> kudos to those officers. warning for pet owners from the pennsylvania spca. it appears some people are posing as spca officers. the scammers threaten pet owners with animal cruelty charges, if they don't hand over their pets. wissinoming woman said she was
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targeted after she posted a photo appearing to show her dog hanging from a wire, but the picture was misinterpreted. officials say in some cases the scam remembers flashing fake badges, or dressing the part in all black uniforms. "eyewitness news" reporter anita o will have more on the story in just about an hour. >> small business own nerve south jersey doing what he can to help tackle the drug problem in his community. and he's doing it with a pizza box. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt shows us how. >> it is friday night, one of the busiest for the crew at rome yo's and maury's pizza in vineland, on this night, the talk is about pizza, but more importantly the war against drugs. >> stop saying the kids are bad. the parent are bad because they don't want to talk to the kids about drugs. >> roam an opened the place three years ago, started putting these stickers on his pie box toss encourage parent to talk to kids about the dangers every drug use. >> we have a serious problem that keeps our future, we need
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to start talking to them, so it is very important that we spread the word. >> started using these stickers about three weeks ago, so far he says he have used about 4,000. these are the first, but several other in the vineland area are joining in. the police department is also involved. and customers seem to like it. >> i actually dealt with family members and stuff, but i think it should be addressed any time it needs to be addressed. so on pizza box, milk carton, where ever it is at it, should be addressed. >> glue up in vine lands, sales the drug problem in vineland is real. >> i have an old friends on drugs. but, yes, i think drugs are bad. >> said as long as he's in business, the stickers will be on his boxes. he believes he owes it to his community. >> the other day, i see a parent start talking about it just because he saw the message. he is like you know, what i need to talk to you about something. and i hear they are talking about the kids and the kid was
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shocked. >> reporting in vineland new jersey, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> the war of words is heating up in south carolina. ahead of tonight's republican presidential debate here on cbs-3. last night, frontrunner donald trump threat toned sue rival ted cruz over being born in canada, if the texas senator doesn't stop running negative ads against him. most of the candidate spent the day on the campaign trail viewing voters ahead of the february 20th primary. trump has commanding lead in south carolina. and, don't forget the republican candidates will debate again tonight at 9:00. you can watch it right here on cbs-3. well, pope francis is waking up this morning in mexico. the holy father is on are week long visit, beginning with a mass at the basilica of guadalupe a later tonight. adrianna due ease reports on the pontiff's welcoming is her moan way discontinuing mexican flare. >> a band greeted pope francis at mexico city's airport.
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mexicans use cell phones and flashlights to welcome pope francis to their country. outside the national palace, workers made sure everything was perfect for saturday's official welcome ceremony. here in mexico city the visit is all everyone is talking about. the pope is expected to address some of mexico's biggest challenges, including drugs, violence, and poverty. francis will also be the first pope to visit the us-mexico border, more than 200,000 people are expected to attends a mass next week. new mexico bishop, oscar cantu will be there. >> it was on his insistance that the site for the mass be right close to the border. >> on the flight from rome, mexican journalist gift dollars francis a popped beam sombrero. she said it would protect him from the brutal sun. before he arrived in mexico, the pope made quick stop in cuba, to meet with the head of the russian orthodox church. the first such meeting in nearly a thousand years, now
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the focus is all on mexico home to the worlds' second largest catholic top lakes. in mexico city, adrianna diaz, cbs 3, "eyewitness news". >> it is valentine's day weekends. a perfect time for brides to be to do a little shopping. coming up where you can go this morning, to find brand new designer gowns at deep discount. >> plus, they say money can't buy you love. but expect things to be more expensive than usual this valentine day. how much that gift for your loved one we'll dig into your wallet coming up. >> warning for couch potatoes, this has nothing to do with diet. health reporter stephanie stahl tells us about an alarming new link to smaller brains. we're back in a moment.
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hoff will be there live in the next half hour with more on what you can expect to find. >> tens every millions of americans are finalizing their plans for valentine's day. people who celebrate will spend average about $147 this weekend, and that adds up to, get this, nearly $20 billion. anna westerner looks at the numbers that will have some lovers seeing red. >> on valentine's day, more than half of men in relationships say they'll buy flowers for their special someone. most of the year, roses would cost a little more than $40. but this romantic day is different. >> the price of roses, especially red roses, because up anywhere from three fold to five fold. >> financial websites, bank rates, says typical valentine day celebration, roses, chocolates, champagne, jewelry, and nice dinner, could set you back $512. it is actually the fourth most lucrative event on the retail calendar, behind only christmas, back to school, and
5:15 am
mothers day. says ad week executive editor cone i case. >> seems like a lot of people who say oh, this is a set up holiday, it is a hallmark holiday. >> men hate it because they feel obligated to top themselves. women hate it because they always hate the gifts they get or somehow doesn't live up to their expectations, so nobody's happen. >> i restaurant raised price toss take advantage of romantic dinner dates. valentine's day dinner at maria, two mitch lynn star restaurant in new york city, $175 per person, on other days, it is just $99. >> 75% of people said they do not want anything for valentine day, but when asked again, in the same survey, 25% of them admitted they lied. >> so they really wanting? >> if your wife says she doesn't want anything for valentine day, don't believe her, buy it anyway. >> absolutely buy it anyway. there is some good news, the price of jewelry has been dropping. >> i haven't noticed.
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>> have you gotten your valentine day gift yet? >> yes. >> you're good guy. >> well, hopefully you have someone to keep you warm this weekend because you will need it. >> obviously good coat is a good gift last minute ball you will need it this weekend. >> very romantic, too. >> coldest day of the season for sure, talking windchill values minus 15 tomorrow morning, gets little worse. we'll get through it, kind of short lived, couple of days of there is we warm it up next week. outside right now, not much happening. light snow overnight. we did have arctic cold front come through, just reinforcing the colds areas, some areas coating of snow. there may be passing flurry every now and then coming in this morning through the afternoon, but as of now north most part looking okay. the exception is delaware, we will talk about that in just a bit. so here are the headlines, coldest air of the season right now, last through throughout the weekends, windchill value goes into effect tonight. start to bring warmer air back, transition back to another storm system. they are the actual temperatures. it is not that bad. twenty-one in cherry hill, 24
5:17 am
in dover, delaware, seeing little light snow, and then you get up toward philadelphia, similar numbers, 21 voorhees, new jersey, some mid and upper teens now, developing across the northwest suburbs, that's not terribly cold, certainly not record cold. but the winds is starting to kick up. here are the windchill values now down to the single digits in a lot of spots. mount pocono feeling like below zero, minus three on exposed skin. the reason this strong arctic front that came through. front number two, over the past few days, so this is bringing in the core of the colds he is air, 20 to 25 degrees below average actual high temperatures, light snow breaking out across dover, delaware, south toward camden, wyoming eventually milford, delaware, heavy enough, could drop another little coating of snow in some spots, reduce visibility, just heads up kent county delaware over the next half hour or so, little band starts to move the taught south and east. elsewhere, few clouds around from time to time today. maybe passing flurry. with the front the winds will
5:18 am
be kicking up, winds gusting near 30 miles per hour through the morning over 30, maybe even 40, 50 miles per hour this afternoon. so the gusty winds continue tonight. if you have dinner plans this evening, maybe for vennel tyne day, day early being look at that, winds still gusting 20, 30, maybe 40 miles per hour, so the windchills values will just be nasty tonight and tomorrow morning. better news sunday afternoon the winds start to lighten up little bit. so the harsh windchills start to relax by tomorrow afternoon. forecast today, again, partly sunny skies, maybe stray flurry or two from time to time. tonight, we will clear it out. but just windy, cold, tomorrow, no problems, lots of sunshine, not going to help the temperatures much. watch what happens on monday. we bring in some warmer air with the storm. so during the morning hours, some light snow starts to break out from southwest to north and east, will drop maybe one, two, 3 inches every snow. cold air still in place. but this storm pretty strong. it will draw in warmer air. we will see change-over to rain, starting in the afternoon and evening and that progression of rain will move northward. look at these windchill values today.
5:19 am
single digits, gets worse tonight, in the evening, down around zero, then through the overnight minus ten, maybe even minus 15 to minus 20, in a lot of spots. and then tomorrow afternoon, feels like temperature starts to get little better but still feeling like single digit. today the actual high 22 degrees, the wind continues, tonight, few clouds, windy, frigid, low of six. now the record is 2 degrees. don't think we'll get that low. but, six is pretty cold for this time of year. sunday's high valentine day 19 degrees in the sunshine, here is that extended forecast, so we're dry, just windy throughout the weekends, very colds. then monday we bring some light snow in for the morning and afternoon, changing over to rain at night. look at the push of warmer air for tuesday. 48 degrees, we'll have periods every rain through the day, some of the rain could be heavy specially in the morning, then we dry out for wednesday in the end every next week, with temperatures in the three's, 40's, which is closer to average for this time of year. rahel, back to you. >> average sounds pretty good to me. thanks, justin. classes will resume on monday, at ursinus college after
5:20 am
mysterious stomach bug caused 10 percent of the student body to become sick. 192 student and staff have reported symptoms related to the illness since tuesday. we're told many of them, fortunately, now feeling substantially better. cleaning crews have sanitizing the campus dining hall and it is now open for normal hours. other common areas also disinfected, still no word though on the source of the outbreak. >> on to the cbs-3 health watch now, and this one for couch potatoes, new research shows inactive people have higher risk every brain shrinkage, health reporter stephanie stahl explains. >> look familiar? we know they're everywhere. couch potatoes, people who do a little too much relaxing and don't get enough exercise. they tends to gain weight and have increased rates of other health issues like heart disease and diabetes. now, new research finds yet another potential risk for couch potatoes. >> what they notice was that people who were not in as good
5:21 am
a shape as 40, had smaller brain sizes at 606789. >> the research was part of the framing ham heart sudden study and look at the connection between cardiovascular fitness in middle age, how the brain developed over time. exercise capacity on treadmill was tested, on people in their 40's. those with poor physical fitness had higher blood pressure and heart rate responses to exercise compared to people in better shape. mri brain scans two decades later showed the people who did poorly on the treadmill test had smaller brain volume. experts say, brain shrinkage is related to cognitive decline, and increased risk for dementia. >> i think it reinforces what a lot of us have been saying that things like exercise are good for your brain, your brain is larger if you exercise and you're in better shape. >> doctors say good blood flow is the primary way fitness helps keep the brain in good shape. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". still ahead, a look at what's new in the movies this
5:22 am
weekend. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up ryan reynolds becomes super anti-hero in dead wolf surprise. ben stellar returns to the catwalk in zoo lander two.
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big crowd turns taught see theresa jude a, real housewives of new jersey star who was recently released from prison. she signed copies of her new book at the rowan university book store. its titled turning the tables from housewife to inmate, then back again. jude a recently finished serving year behind bars for fraud, her husband, joe, about to start serving his prison sentence in march. at the movies, the best and possibly dumb he is male model of all time is back on the catwalk. and ryan reynolds is not your average superhero. kevin frazer from entertainment tonight takes you behind the scenes of what's new in theatres this weekend. >> this is different casino of superhero story. >> ryan wilson, former mercenary undergoes experimental cancer treatment that leaves him indestructible but disfigured, leading him to the path to becoming possibly the funniest superhero ever. reynolds worked for 11 years
5:26 am
to get the story on the big screen, and do the characters with a sense every humor justice. >> we're allowed to do whatever we want, say whatever we want, show whatever we want, and because of that it, really the freedom -- >> cue the music. >> ♪ >> to take on the worlds every fashion, and save the world's most beautiful people from an evil organization, the movie also features all-star cast, including pen open pea cruz, will pharrell, and an unrecognizable kristin wig. >> she is sort of like the evil queen with a face and the wigs, and the nails, and the costume, you just kind of, i don't know, you can't help it.
5:27 am
so fun. >> i can't understands a word that you're saying. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> and for all of the latest news from hill wood watch entertainment tonight, it is on every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. it was a party with the boss, in south philadelphia, last night. >> bruce springsteen rocked a sold out crowd at the wells fargo center, the boss and the e street bands played songs from their 1980 double albumn the river. here is more on the concert as gee to break. stay with us, back in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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how does brand new designer wedding dress sounds for under $300? well, if you are already up this early, you have chance, i'm alexandria hoff and i'll show you how. >> also, ahead, surprise
5:31 am
homecoming takes center stage, and one local elementary school. >> and if you're not ready for valentine day yesterday, you better get busy. we take you behind the scenes of local florist and tell you why this year they're facing a extra challenge. >> justin dray break, when it is this cold it is almost dangerously cold. >> yes, especially tonight, tomorrow morning, the worse of it, the good news is anything in lots of couple days will bring back milder air, nothing terribly warm, but at least -- >> relatively. >> the colds he is air of the season so far. you have to go back to last february at this time when we were dealing with similar conditions. >> lagging pretty much this weekend, snow through the overnight hours, arctic colds front came through, little bit of coating in some locations wake up to, and still left over snow showers, across southern kent county, delaware, so, some reduced visibility briefly could drop
5:32 am
another coating very quickly, little band movely to the south and east, winds kicking up, winds advisory in effect until 6:00 tonight for the entire region, gusts this afternoon, into tonight, could be up to 50 miles per hour. also, windchill warning, already in effect, until 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, up in the poconos, windchill values as low as minus 35. so, big weekends for skiing. wow, it will be nasty cold up there. you will need the face mask for sure if you head out to the mountains, then the windchill advisory goes into effect everywhere else at 6:00 tonight through 9:00 tomorrow morning. dangerous windchills, actual air temperatures now not bad. teens and low 20's, pretty much the best we will get today. sustained winds currently around 15 miles per hour, they'll increase through the day, so current windchill values in the single digits, and that's what we will expect throughout the afternoon on sunday, and then tonight, that's when it gets real cold as low as minus 15 in the
5:33 am
city, what it could feel like, that forecast, on how long the colds lasts, that coming up in just a few more minutes, rahel, back to you. >> certainly got to bundle up. well, bride to be's dream come true. a designer wedding dress for a hundred dollars. south jersey good will store is holding its eighth answer all valentine bridal sale extravaganza, also known as the running every brides. "eyewitness news" reporter alex hoff live in pennsauken with some savvy shoppers, on a hunt for the gown of their dreams. good morning, alex. >> good morning, rahel. i just want to let you know, not talking about aunt susi's puffy sleeve gown from 1987. we have vera wang, justin alexander, brand new designer gowns, all valued up to $3,000, but won't cost a shopper more than 300. that is what has made this event so popular. brides come in from far as away as long island, dc, doors officially open 9a many they'll start lining up long before then. so popular, that ticket will
5:34 am
actually have to be issued for crowd control. now, these gowns are donated directly from bridal shops, and in doing so, they hen the customer safer money of course, and their experience in sharing their voice, really focusing on their attention to what matters most, the marriage at hand, and maybe not going out and spending five, $8,000, on a gown. so it is benefit being brides in that way. but also good will stores and their effort in helping training in employment, whatnot, so this is really great, really fun event, donated directly brand new gowns, not always what you think when you think of good l you think secondhand. women, a lot of these are brand new. so it is a very, very exciting experience, and i don't know, this is like dress up. it is too early for me for. >> this because i am just getting too excited. so i'm going to, see, rahel, finding if we were to play dress up, i don't know, i like this one, so i'm here first, that's why i'm feeling like you have front of the line,
5:35 am
and i'm just too excited to be here. so i'll find some more cute ones i think you will like. we'll keep hang the out here, doors open 9:00 a.m. good will store on route 70 in pennsauken, we send it back to you for now. >> alex having a lot of fun, thank you. well, this valentine weekends senior cup rest saying i do once again to the one they love. eight married couples celebrated their enduring love with a vow renewal ceremony. "eyewitness news" at the spring hill assisted living room facility in cherry hill. officiated by mayor. >> to be able to recognize all of the years that they've spent together, very, very special. >> it is sort of romantic, and sort of gives you another commitment, you know, like it is still the same after 62 years. >> they say the key to long happy marriage is simple: never forget to smile. >> well, we will be struggling through some frigid temperatures this valentine day weekends, but chestnut
5:36 am
hill has an idea. how about valentine's on ice? >> world famous ice sculpture peter slave inch and his team are preparing frozen theme display for germantown avenue this weekend. there will be special ice sculptures, and bonfires, and other activities. sculptures say it is fun and organizers say the children will love it. >> you take water, and we turn it into ice, and then we turn it into art. >> we will have close to 20 ice sculptures up and down germantown avenue, also ending the day with a ice bonfire, before that, from 12:00 to 2:00 have ice corrupting demonstrations, frozen inspired. >> there will be other ice scup tires, as well, including baby animals, and a reproduction of philly's famous love statue. >> also, happening this weekend, an indoor event if you're searching for some new
5:37 am
inc. hundreds of the best tatoo artists will be at the pennsylvania convention center for the 18th annual arts tatoo convention. unique event one of the biggest gatherings of its kinds on the east coast. one entheusiast stopped by to get a picture every his dog tatooed on his leg. >> i just want to make sure that i always have a piece of her to look at, and just always wanted one. >> 1500 artists under one roof, from all over the world, i think if you're planning on getting a tatoo you can come here and find and get whatever you want. >> tatoo arts convention runs through sunday. a soldier's welcome home is disguised as school assembly in south jersey. "eyewitness news" captures the heartfelt moments at b bernice elementary school in burlington township. second grader, joseph adams, first held up a sign that told everyone what was going on, then surprised by his father, also named joseph, who has been de to south korea.
5:38 am
for mom the homecoming was very emotional. >> in the beginning was the hardest, then toward the end, still hard, and anxious, anticipation gets worse. but glad he's home again. it is amazing, probably one of the most memorable experiences that i can imagine. >> specialist adams served in iraq in 2009 and 2010. a park in the center every medford burlington county is being renamed in honor after man known as the black doctor of the pie. cleve bryan has more on the legacy of doctor james still. >> sassafrass, ginger, and the perer minutes. >> with less than three months for al education, samuel stills great great uncle james still became one of the most prominent past physicians and landowners of the 1800s cents, his nickname, black doctor of the pines. >> the stories in this book about how woe go on vacation, vacation in long branch, new jersey one time, when he came back, a week later, he had
5:39 am
people lined up down the road here waiting to see him. >> stills family runs an education center at the historic site in medford, new jersey where the doctor lived and ran his practice. seeing how he made his herm al remedies, tour bridges it to life. >> there is a remedy he used to make, cough balance some, really cough is her up. >> many know about his brother james still ran the underground railroad with harriet tub man, much less publicized, but this spring medford township plans to rename a park in the center every town for doctor still, including the sculpture from art of susan decline err. his descendents would like to see more investment and more attraction to his who are i can site, also see his autobiography become a part of black history dedication. >> we were to read doctor still's book every year. >> catherine gains' doctor still's great great granddaughter and retired school teacher. she says his story deserves a spot in any study about black history. >> he was a man that believed in god. he was a man that was for
5:40 am
everyone, just to help everyone. and i think this should be known throughout the world. >> in medford township, cleve bryan. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and the education center located at 211 church road, medford, new jersey, is hosting open houses for black history month today and next saturday, february 20th, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. still to come on "eyewitness news", the valentine rush is on. and no one feels it more than florists, why this year they're fixed with extra challenge. >> and, we're gearing up for the 2016 grammy awards right here on cbs-3. from the performers, to the nominees, and don't forget host ll cool jay, a preview next. >> and dangerous cold this weekend, justin is back to tell us about some snow and rain, that will follow. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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tomorrow of course is valentine stay, local flower shops are in overdrive work to go get the beautiful bouquets ready for that someone someone. jan carabeo shows us how one philadelphia florist has been surprising sweethearts for more than a century. >> the rush is on across the delaware valley ... your stein's, florist company in mayfair, busy taking valentine
5:44 am
deliveries. owner patrick kelly has his routine down pat. first inspect. >> these are just magnificant. >> unpack and then create. >> he just wants to below her mind, i haven't disappointed him in years. >> stein, frandford avenue, philly favorite. philly business now more than 125 years old. but, each valentine's day bridges new challenges. this year, business is spread out over several days, since the holiday is on a sunday, while there will be fewer office deliveries, kelly, still anticipates filling a couple of thousand orders. >> our big goal every valentine day to try to keep them from having to line up on the street. >> now there is extreme cold is also throwing florist for bit after loop. these flowers can freeze in a matter of minutes. so they can't lever them out in the cold, and they have to keep those trucks nice and warm. >> so take a cue from the professionals.
5:45 am
>> a guy said oh, i will aleaf the flowers in my trunk overnight you. >> can't do that because they'll freeze. >> whether fan of the traditional beauty, or the bee dazzled unconventional. >> how cool is that? >> plenty of waste to say i love you, to a special someone this weekend, two legs, or four. in mayfair, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and justin joining us now, justin, for all of those couples headed out tomorrow, certainly need to bundle up. >> definitely really starting this afternoon, wind will tart to kick up. now is the best it will feel. you know, win chill values, in the single digits. >> comforting. >> so you need to go outside this morning probably the best time to do it. >> then certainly tomorrow night, tomorrow morning, the worse of the cold. but good news, only lasts couple of days. nice and quiet, that's good. if you have travel plans this morning, we light snow move through the overnight hours, little slick spots out there, coating on some of the neighborhood roads potentially other than that just partly cloudy skies, ben franklin bridge good shape this morning, wind not so strong, just yet. so this is what we are talking about on storm scan3, arctic
5:46 am
cold front passing on by, some heavier snow showers coming across southern kent county, delaware, over the past hour. that dropped visibility quickly, again, they could have pick up a brief coating maybe even up to inch in some locations there. couple of snow showers up across the poconos, moving into northampton county right now, may get stray flurry through the afternoon, just the arctic air mass spilling on into the delaware valley. these are the air temperatures, not factoring the wind. >> this isn't bad. we've seen this, we can handle this for february and the morning hours, 16 in reading, 22 in philadelphia, there is the true arctic air, 8 degrees in pittsburgh, two in buffalo, that cold air continues to filter on in to the delaware valley tonight. current windchill values, single digits, feels like six on exposed skin, 11 millville, nine in dover. that's pretty much what we deal with the morning to the afternoon. then tonight as the winds really kicks up those windchill values drop well below zero. talk about that in just a bit. here's our wind gust. into the afternoon, 30, 40, maybe 50-mile per hour winds gusts in some locations, and
5:47 am
that win continues through the afternoon today, and tonight, doesn't get better through the overnight hours. then tomorrow morning earl knit morning still very windy by the afternoon, winds start to relax, so there is some improvement coming in for sunday afternoon. today, not much happening. partly cloudy, just windy, maybe passing flurry tonight. we clear the skies out pretty good. then sunday good start to the day. mostly sunny skies, that will be the trends into the afternoon. here comes our next storm on monday. it will push the cold air out. it will bring rounds of some snow with this arctic air. it will take little bit of time to get it out of here. so during the morning hours light snow will develop across the region pretty much everywhere. and there could be light accumulation, generally one, 3 inches or so. then warmer air in here developing late in the afternoon, monday night, will see change-over to plane rain from south to north, on monday night. so forecast windchill values, single digits this morning, into the afternoon. then tonight we are getting around zero, below zero, many spots. look at sunday morning, though. this is what we are taking about the dangerous
5:48 am
windchills, up in the poconos could feel as cold as minus 35, minus 25 in the lehigh valley even here in the city and surrounding suburbs, as cold as 15 below, south jersey and delaware, in the chill, as well, with ten below zero windchill values sunday morning, the worse of t today forecast temperature around 22 degrees, where we are now, kind of hold steady, six for the actual low tonight, the record is 2 degrees. but again, the story is the winds and dangerous windchill values. nineteen for the high valentine day with sunny skies, president's day, i swear, it is always like a snowstorm on president's day, at least around this time of year. light snow arrives during the morning hours monday, light accumulation possible, that changes over to rain, because tuesday rahel at 48 degrees, how about that? it will feel like heatwave with rain during the day. back to you. >> i already feel warm. thanks. well, the biggest night in music is almost here. the hottest stars are preparing to perform, adele, lady gaga, kendrick lamar, pitbull just to name a new.
5:49 am
correspondent suzanne marquez shows us what's in store monday night right here on cbs-3. >> ♪ judge audiences say hello to rahel. returns to the grammy stage to perform song from her record smashing albumn, 25. >> taylor swift will open a show for the second time in three years. swift is up for seven awards, including, albumn of the year, record of the year, and song of the year. she goes up against kendrick lamar who leads with 11 nominations, country star chris stapleton, r&b artist the weekend and southern rockers alabama shake. lady gaga is slate today give one of the night's most highly anticipated performance cents tribute to the late david bowie. >> she has something very cool planned. she's been rehearsing off site at an undisclosed location. >> ll cool j will host the biggest night for the fifth consecutive year. he says the show is not to be missed. >> it will be an amazing
5:50 am
night. i think people will be away. >> grammys are forum for new artists including soul singer andrade. she will do it with ellie gould g. >> i'm not too nervous, but the day of it will happen. >> day also up for two grammys. suzanne marquez, cbs news, los angeles. >> again, the grammy's are monday night at 7:00 p.m., right here on cbs-3. it is a live grammy red carpet show, then at 8:00 the 58th annual grammy awards, watch them both live right here on cbs-3. >> phillies giving us woman thoughts in valentine weekends. flowers, chocolates, have you bought your sweety their gift yet? coming up some of the do's and don't's of valentine's day.
5:51 am
you'll need to email us so we can issue you a ticket. but you're right here. it's protocol. or, you can try staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. that's not protocol marsha. in by noon, out by 5 the next day. staples. make more happen.
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>> bick weekend coming up two, games against the rivals. both teams ahead of the orange and black in the playoff race. them ' have defenseman, rad co, available today against the devils, will not be suspended on this hit against buffalo player. four-point out of the final playoff spot, 29 games left, is there enough time to get it done? >> definately do-able. i mean, we're maybe it is not the situation we would want to be, but you know what, so many games left. the way we're playing as a team, i think we hit a little bump this past week, but hopefully we can get on a role here. >> he's arguably the greatest little man ever to play in the nba. allen iverson the answer,
5:54 am
bubba chuck, one step closer to basketball i am mortality. finalist for the basketball hall of fame, number one overall pick of 1996, for the sixers, with a force, averaging almost 27 points a game, in his 14 year career. the class of 2016 will be announce in the april. ceremony held in september. will he remember? >> congratulations on the nomination, may be seeing you later this summer. never know. >> where? >> springfield? oh, i hope so. >> allen, we love you, man. >> love that. it is cold outside, but the phillies are sending warm thoughts, the truck is passing headed to clearwater florida pitchers and catchers report for spring training next wednesday. rest of the team arrived february 23rd, and the equipment should get thereon sunday. >> now, sport director don bell will be in clearwater to see the phils first spring training under pete buchanon,
5:55 am
live reports will start on wednesday right here on cbs-3. that's all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdale, have a great day. stay warm. well, millions of people are finalizing their plans for valentine's day tomorrow. people who celebrate will spends an average of $147 this weekend. but how difficult is it for guys to find the right gift? dick brennan from sister station in new york went on a mission to find out. >> not like valentine day came as surprise it, happens every year, but buying a gift? oh, boy. >> it is not east. >> i no, it is not easy. >> i mean, they should have, well, i don't know what they should have, but finds some way of making it easier. >> would seem simple. flowers, chocolates, but didn't you give that last year? >> how hard is it for a guy to get the right gift? >> not hard at all as long as you are married to the right girl. >> and she is standing right next to you. >> right. >> you said the right thing. >> guys just don't get it. >> appreciate roses, flowers, not hard. what's the problem?
5:56 am
no problem. >> but it is so easy to strikeout. >> my dad once got my mommy think a dust buster, that was bad. >> i once bought my wife a waffle iron. >> that's all right. >> my wife didn't think so. >> women end oftentimes don't wouldn't chocolate, flowers, don't believe it, if they say that, get the flowers, get the chocolate, heed the words of the great american fill off to george cast tan who once say whatever they say dot opposite. >> 75% of people said they do not want anything for valentine day, but, when asked again, in the same survey, 25% of them admitted they lied. >> some same the guys say pay attention. >> when the woman says isn't that the cutest snipping. >> write it down. >> note taking key to this. >> we found one guy who had it all figured out. >> dozen red roses, chocolates, big smile. >> that's it? >> well, little bit of wine. >> don't forget the cards. >> this is hard? >> on the upper west side, dick brennan, cbs2 news.
5:57 am
>> card is important. that's it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00 much more still ahead on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. >> the spca says there has been recent increase in people posing as their officers and stealing people's pets from their homes. i'm anita o in north philadelphia. i'll tell you what to look for coming up. >> also ahead, pope francis touches down in mexico for a historic visit. coming up: what's in store for his week long visit. >> and, justin's back to tell us how long these temperatures will go this weekend.
5:58 am
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so weekend is here and the dangerous colds is settling in on the delaware valley. justin drabick is tracking when the worse of the bitter cold will arrive this weekend. >> only "eyewitness news" cameras are there when lesean mccoy is spotted. leaving a philadelphia gym. what the former eagle said when asked about his alleged involvement in a old city night club brawl. >> the stage is set for the cbs news gop debate. and the candidate are expected to launch aggressive attacks. i'm weijia jiang in greenville, south carolina with a preview coming


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