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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  February 15, 2016 1:35am-2:06am EST

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our eye on a storm that's going to bring snow, sleet and freezing rain into the area tomorrow. stormscan 3 is giving us a glimpse at the system right now as it churns towards our area. good evening, i'm natasha brown, thank you for joining us. pennsylvania emergency operations center will activate tomorrow at noon and our wet weather advisory has been issued for philadelphia. lauren casey is tracking the storm right now in our cbs3 weather center, what's the latest >> tomorrow is going to be quite the mess this weekend. definitely feeling like winter tomorrow going to look a lot like winter and present half hazards and we'll talk more about that. first, the cold this weekend and windchill temperature this morning, 33 below is what it felt like this morning in mount poconos. 17 below in allentown. 13 below in northeast philly at the airport in philly. nine below waking up to feeling of seven below in atlantic city. temperatures right now are still very cold. 17 in philadelphia. 12 in allentown. one below in mount poconos.
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temperatures will start to turn around tomorrow but that will present that mix precipitation threat. wind speeds have eased finally now, calm to light wind speeds at windchill temperatures not too bad, still feeling frigid at this hour, for tomorrow, we do have that winter weather advisory. mount poconos kicks off at 6:00 tomorrow morning and runs until last tomorrow, what we can expect in the city, snow arriving by late morning, we'll see a transition over to a wintery mix including sleet and rain and the possible of freezing rain and turning over to all rain by rate evening. we have a higher potential for freezing rain up toward the lehigh valley and poconos. where we could see icing conditions. we'll talk more about that and just how much snowfall accumulations to expect before the transition to rain and all of that is coming up in our full
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forecast it's never too cold to lace up the skates. that's what people were saying says as they glided park. >> it's freezing but not as pwid as i thought it would be >> even bundled up, it was a romantic night. it was brutally cold as you know if you been out there. it's not enough to stop walkers and runners. anita o has more from sea aisle city. >> a shark, a viking even spider
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man-man. >> we're still looking for the polar bear. >> reporter: 1800 people who came to support mike's seafood eight and annual polar bear walk and run for autism. it's a knitting name. >> it's a cold one day. what's it like 19 today? >> reporter: despite the below freezing temperatures, many people still showed up. they say that with every step they're raising autism awareness. all of the money raised from today will go towards add quiz. organizers tell me event raised nearly $100,000 most of which will be donated. it's a cause close to kathleen all bright's heart, she's sea aisle's 2016 polar bear queen
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>> they're not one person here that doesn't have someone or know someone who's affected by autism. if we can make a little bit of difference, all of this is wonderful it. sea aisle city >> look at these amazing pictures. after a six alarm fire in frankford on the 4600 block of griscom street. firefighters had to use a tremendous amount of water to tack empty those flames. in these photos, firefighters were still pouring water on to the remnants of the fire. also tonight, interstate 78 reopened after a crash on saturday killed three people. authorities say more than 70 people were treated follow this huge pileup of 64 cars and different kinds of vehicles.
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the crash involved a dozen or so commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailers and box trucks. police are still investigating whether a passing snow squall may have played a role in this massive crash. a woman hit way bottle and stabbed and slashed at a northeast philadelphia bar. it happened early i didn't say morning on the 7300 block of frankford avenue in mayfair. as "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos shows us. some we spoke with called this bar a neighborhood nuisance. >> eyewitness cameras capture the moment a 37-year-old woman is rescuered from fidler's green tavern in mayfair. her throat slashed with shards from broken beer bottle, >> when she hit her in the head the bottle sliced her throat. she says the brutal attack happened quickly >> it wasn't something that could have been responded to. it was a literal two-second incident. >> reporter: as philly police identity the investigation
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>> to be perfectly honest, we're not surprised. >> reporter: neighbors are up. >> this has to be stopped. >> reporter: are the the owner here >> rocks sane was locking up the bar and able to address some of the concerns >> we're aware of fights to at the bar. we're working to get everything under control, working with the 15 and added security. we're taking steps to try to fix everything. >> are you going to have a representative at the town hall peeing >> yes, they are. >> reporter: the tavern is locked. doors closed. manager says they're not sure when they're going to reopen. victim was in critical condition, northeast detectives have not yet made any arrests and they're continuing their
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investigation, reporting in mayfair, greg argosing "eyewitness news". a woman is in stable condition after two men impersonating utility workers attacked her inside her own home. it happened in the point breeds section of the city. two men armed with guns posing as utility workers forced their way inside the house and assaulted the woman. she suffered allergies lacerations. students will head back to class after ursinus college after a stomach illness shutdown the school. about 200 or so students reported they were suffering if symptoms since last to us night. there is still no word on what caused this mystery illness but the college was cleaned disinfected and it's working with jefferson university hospital to provide students with visits with doctors
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the flag outside of the supreme court in washington, dc is also at half staff. the death of justice scalia sent shock waves throughout the nation's capital and the white house announced that the president will not nominate a successor this week. let's get you to 2016. republican candidates hit the trail again today trying to drum up last minutes support. a new cbs3 can news pole shows donald trump with a commanding lead in the state among republicans. florida senator marco rubio was declared the winter the last night's republican debate. . >> select me you'll have a president that believes, respects upholds and defend the constitution of the united of america. >> on the democrat side, senator bernie sanders made the rounds on the sunday morning shows. while hillary clinton campaigned in nevada. the same cbs3 poll shows clinton
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with a commanding 19 point lead in south carolina right now. a long and busy day for pope francis as his mexico visit continued. the pontiff celebrated an outdoor mass for hundreds of thousands before making a special visit. cbs3 correspondent has the latest from mexican city. >> reporter: pope francis visited a children's hospital in mexican city where he gave a sick boy medicine. displaying his averages for the young he asked the children to pray for him. ♪ . >> reporter: a young girl sir 98ed the pope with a rent date, time and location of ava maria. mexican has been his hub since he arrived. earlier in the day the holy father traveled by helicopter to one of mexican city's poor
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suburbs. the largest event on his six-day visit. the pope urged mexican, an estimated 2 million people lined his motor cade route. >> amazing. amazing. >> reporter: why did you like him? >> you liked his white >> reporter: tomorrow pope francis flies the region to meet with people on mexican's southern border. in mexican city adriana one night until the 58th annual grammy awards.
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the storm battled cruise ship anthem of the sea goes on another trip. will this voyage get better than the last? lauren >> the snow sleet and freesing rain in the forecast, heavy rain on tuesday, all the details in your messy eyewitness coming up flyers started an important five-game ro
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the biggest names in music are getting ready for the grammy awards. we caught a sneak peak at what the artists will take home. four time nominee alabama shakes is preparing. southern rockers are up for the big prize album of the year and before this accidentny howard admits they're star truck >> we come from a little town, it's read to be shaking hand
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with people. >> alabama shakes joins a diverse lineup. host ll cooljay says the closing act is still under wraps >> appetizers will be amazing and decertifies spectacular >> grammy cam will capture video from the winner circle >> you will literally be in the hand of your favorite artist. you'll see their point of view and perspective >> let's not forget one of the biggest perks for the nominees. >> an amazing gift pack for them they can roll away or send over to the hotel rooms and they get to come to the gift allentown >> miguel will take the stage to pay tribute to michael jackson. miguel is performing a cover of she's out of my life. celebratinging the reissue of jackson's 1979 album off the wall. can't wait for show the.
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the 58 and annual grammy rewards air tomorrow night on cbs3. also tomorrow night after the grammys take the tangle out of those ear bud cords. a new invention that makes listening to your favorite tune as snack. a loop, it is a necklace that doubles as ear phones >> i spent many hours on the phone and one of my biggest gripe was need to untangle my head phones >> you can call them head phones, see how they work and where you can get some. tomorrow on cbs3 "eyewitness news" after the grammys. valentine's day is synonymous with love. but also with flowers and chocolates and the rose flower shop at the corner of ogontz and stenton was very busy all day long today starting at 7:00 a.m. one of the biggest days of the year, 4,000 flowers were shipped in to keep up with today's
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demand. a special valentine's day for these little princesses here in camden county. collingswood. they teameded 1 with broadway's beauty and the beast to give the royal treatment. they could choose from bell braids a make over for both, i'd go for both. children could enter to win prizes and the proceeds will benefit chop. on this valentine's day the franklin institute was getting to heart of the matter. "eyewitness news" was there as an event was held for national donor day in front of the giant heart exhibit. burped on her to stress the importance of organ donation and on hand, heart transport recipients who shared their amazing story. despite having my chest cracked open and tubes coming out of every part of my body, within few days i was feel better. i didn't realized how sick i had been feel, having the transport let me get back to pane things. i work as a pediatrician.
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>> that is awesome, visitors had a chance to sign up to be organ donors. >> passengers hoping for smooth sailing this time on the repaired anthem of the seas cruise ship the royal caribbean set sail from new jersey days after returning early after the cruise liner was damaged during a stormy en route to the bahamas. to one was hurt amazingly but the passengers had to deal with rough seas, now hoping for a better ride this time >> went through last week can get through anything. >> people should give credit to the captain and should give credit to the people who designed that ship, because it was an extremely sea worthy >> the coast guard checked the ship and made repairs before allowing it to head back to sea. from the sea to space the polar vortex has been hanging around, so big you can see it from the international space
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station, astronaut said it looks cold from here. i was going to say it looks like pretty cloud but you can tell exactly what that is? >> very, very cold like that, typically when you walk outside, it's nice bright and sunny like we had today. there's there's an arctic air mass very dry, when the cold air moves over the warmer ocean water you get the cumulus clouds to form just off the coast line. >> interesting. >> there you go. that the why we need the experts. all i know is it's cold >> it is very cold this morning. windchills in the poconos nearly 30 below zero. close 235 below zero. air temperatures if the poconos down at 11 below zero. woke up to eight above in philadelphia. ten to start the day in millville. one below in mount poconos, 16 in millville, we're at 14 in
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will. this arctic air is impacting large portion of the country. it's one below right now in albany. 14 degrees in new york city. they started off at one below, ard rah low temperature for central park this morning, also had the brisk conditions once again. not as windy as yesterday. where wind were gusting into the 40 miles an hour. definitely gave us a windchill factor but overnight tonight, winds will be light. mostly cloudy conditions still cold down to 15 degrees, big improvement especially by late day tomorrow, 35 degrees but conversely, the warmer air is going to give us that mixed precipitation threat, we start off as snow and transition over to a wintery mix, right now, all is quiet on stormscan 3. storm system wide reaching off to our south, it will e to the north and east as we head through tomorrow and give us the snowfall threat for most of the day tomorrow before we
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transition. in the morning for your morning commute looking all right, maybe scattered snow showers, by midday, widespread, more ordering snowfall activity even a little bit of heavy snow as we head into the afternoon, and then for your evening commute transitioning over to a wintery mix in philadelphia and the surrounding counties. just in time for your evening commute. we quickly transition from snow to rain down the shore but it will be a longer transition up towards the lehigh valley and in the poconos as we head into the late evening hours and that is going to pose that threat of freezing rain and icing conditions and potentially ice accumulations. by tuesday morning, we could be in a dry spot. but by tuesday afternoon, rainfall all liquid but it will be heavy at times, cannoting no the tuesday evening compute and then eventually clearing out as we head to late tuesday, but a mess the next two days, before we transition to rain, we could see in the city one to two inches of snowfall. i'm thinking down the shore not so much in the way of snowfall accumulation maybe an inch.
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towards the poconos in the higher elevations we could see local amounts to about five inches and in the poconos, as i mentioned we do have that threat for some freezing rain, we start off as snow continues to the afternoon and during the mid evening hours we transition over to freezing rain and we could see icing accumulations about a quarter of an inch. good news is the wind will be on the lighter side. we we only have that threat of down trees and power lines. i don't think in these areas, but of course, we will have very slick and hazardous travel conditions, really all across the area tomorrow, tomorrow night, and evening into tuesday as the periods of heavy rain come down, but 52 degrees, what a turn around from our high temperature of 20 today and makeup quieter for the second half of the week, temperatures in the 30's and 40's and we stay mainly precipitation-free save for a spotty shower or sprinkle >> just have to get through tomorrow: thanks so much, lauren. lesley, sports highlights. are they brawling the flyers? >> no love.
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the flyers and rangers not feeling the love on valentine's day. two fights in the first minute of the game. flyers within the gander for the
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flyers action lesley >> flyers and rangers always had that heated relationship. no love lost between these two teams, especially after wayne simmons gave rangers contents there a concussion last weekend. rangers promised revenge and got it. first minutes simmonds, 20 seconds later, we have ryan white and taner glass going at it. steve mason couldn't get a skate right there. the rangers take a one to nothing lead. 21 saves. they go on to beat the flyers three to one. >> to college on north broad street. temple owls with the four game winning streak on the line.
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five wins this season, the owls -- 18 points to beat florida 77-65. next one villanova wednesday night. coming up in sports zone we're going to have the the latest on the lesean mccoy investigation, the former eagles, allegedly of involved in a bar fight last a weekend with a couple of off duty police officers. coming up in just a few minute
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welcome back. the ppd and pfd are feel the love. the philadelphia fire department tweeted out on this valentine's day, we want to show love to philly police always out there with us. #pt dand psd. the police responded quickly with you will always be our
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number one day, #our hearts are on fire. #don't ever put put them out. is that that cute? feeling the love. lauren is back with a
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lauren got the wake-up forecast. >> watching out more snow tomorrow, 35 degrees. a mess of a day, plan extra time for traveling, especially for the evening commute. heavy rain on tuesday, 52, and much quieter, chilly on thursday, 36, but hey, after single digits, i think that's all right, 36 and sunshine not too bad for a winter day >> i'll take it. this is one time you're glad you're off on a monday. >> sorry. >> happy for you. >> sorry, "eyewitness news" for now, thank you four joining us. paid presentationl for cindy crawford's new meaningful beauty ultra, brought to you by guthy-renker, you'll discover the secrets to not only aging gracefully, but beautifully while looking your absolute best every step of the way.
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i think my philosophy on aging is really more my philosophy on living, which is just do it well, take care of yourself. it's about celebrating where you are and being the best you that you can be in that moment. then it's not aging, you're just living. (female narrator) in the next few minutes, some of the world's most inspiring women will share with you the secrets to looking as young on the outside as you feel on the inside. (valerie) i am 54 years old, and i feel like i have that little extra oomph that i need because my skin looks good. i love my skin now. i love it. there's no question that my skin is better now than it was five years ago. (norma) at 65 years old, i feel absolutely fabulous, and when i look in the mirror, i feel beautiful. (linda) i'm 51 years old and my skin has never looked better. (soft music) hi, i'm valerie bertinelli. let's face it: we're all getting older, but does that mean we have to look older?


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