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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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were not great. >> it was supposed to be a permanent form of birth control but a local woman says it didn't work, and nearly killed her. right now on "eyewitness news" new evidence about potential dangers, linked to a popular contraceptive used by hundreds of thousands of women. and tonight, there is an urgent call for action. good evening everyone i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. health reporter stephanie stahl talked with the bucks county congressman who says this device is putting lives in jeopardy. >> reporter: that is right, ukee. this device is supposed to help woman but the congressman says that the f.d.a.'s own data a shows that it is dangerous. one montgomery county mom says that it nearly ruined her life. >> they are my baby. >> reporter: she says after having three children she and her husband decided they didn't want anymore so she took her doctor's advice to get a permanent form of birth control called esure, tiny coils inserted in the fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy.
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not only was it painful, tara a who lives in montgomery county, says the device slipped and she ended up getting pregnant and there were life threatening complications. >> i ended up having to have a complete hysterectomy during my pregnancy i was almost 20 weeks pregnant and with that i lost the baby, i lost my uterus. >> reporter: devastated, tara turned to facebook where she found esure sisters, thousands of woman who had horror stories about the device. >> this is some of the women today that are having surgery due to esure. >> f.d.a. need to take this device off the market and do further studies on it and if the f.d.a. won't act, congress should. >> reporter: bucks county congressman mike fit fat trick said there are hundreds of adverse events linked to esure linked and reported to the f.d.a. >> risks are so great that children have been killed works man have lost their lives, tens of thousands of woman have suffered symptoms that they attribute to the device. >> reporter: in response, bayer the maker says in part bayer is particularly
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concerned about statements that may be creating an atmosphere of unfounded fear. the safety and efficacy of esure is supported by more than a decade of science. >> i'm angry. >> reporter: tara shares her agony with the facebook group as she tries to cope with her devastating ordeal. >> it was a night the mayor for the whole family. it really was. it was very hard telling our kids that this miracle babe that i we thought we were going to have was not going to happen. we found out it was a little will girl. it was very tough. >> reporter: now it is estimated 750,000 women have the device, which does have a warning label about potential risks. the fta has also issued warnings about esure over the years for things like potential allergic reactions and slippage out of place. the results of the agency's current investigation, expected later this month. >> let us know. >> yes. thanks, stephanie. nearly caught in the collision, several vehicles including a school bus slammed into a center citibank
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narrowly missing people on a packed sidewalk. >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at the scene and tells us who else had a very close call, anita? >> reporter: ukee and jessica, crews are work going right now to repair the glass at the bank that complete thely shattered from this crash earlier today, you can see that crews are working right new to repair that window, and it took several hours for tow truck toss remove the school bus, the taxi, and the limo, that slammed into this bank earlier today, but now imagine seeing it all unfold from a small news stand right next door. it could have been deadly. >> i heard the big noise so i just went out and the customer was like, right away, my god. >> reporter: he has run news stan at 15th and jfk right next door to td bank in center city for five years but thursday, he saw a scene he has never seen before.
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>> the bus was pushing that car. the bus and the car was running this is back. >> reporter: another witness, said the chaos began when taxi cab first hit a septa bus. >> the septa bus pulled right over but the cab, he hit the gas. >> reporter: then according to baker the cab hit a school bus and limo suv, all three vehicles smashed glass right through the bank. >> most people trying to help, and keep their kid on the bus. >> reporter: fortunately there were none according to philadelphia police but those in the other vehicles will still need time to heel. >> we do have multiple, reports of people being injured in the vehicles that were involved and the septa bus. they are not life threatening. >> reporter: back here live, i actually just got off the phone with the philadelphia parking authority they did decline comment on that taxi driver who witnesses say was involved in causing this crash, earlier today, septa officials say at least 13 people on their bus were taken to hahnemann university hospital, early this
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afternoon. they are expected to make full recovery. that is latees from center city, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we are following some breaking news right now fire fighters are battling a warehouse fire in north east philadelphia. chopper three is live over the scene on the 7700 block of edmond street in holmesberg. fire fighters are working to get this under control. so far no injuries have been reported but it is causing a 30 minute delay on septa's trenton regional rail line so keep that mind. in the meantime we will stay on top of this breaking story. chopper three was over a deadly accident on martin luther king drive this morning two. cars hit head on, killing one drivertantalian sending the other to the hospital. the cause of the accident remains under investigation. thinks the second deadly crash on this curvey stretch of road in the last year and a half. taking a look at the weather now after a sunny but chilly day here in philadelphia, we're looking forward to the start of the weekend.
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meteorologist kate bilo is on the skies deck to tell us, what is in store, kate. >> reporter: jessica, it is chilly out the here on the the skies deck right now. now that the sun has gone down and still a beautiful looking sunset happening, even though the sunnies below the horizon. great color in the skies here in philadelphia, temperatures are on their way down. a clear sky, generally lend itself to a cold night and that is what we're feeling tonight but temperatures are on the way up. lets look the at why that is. we will take a peak at storm can 3a warm front lifting through great lakes. you can see that line of cloud in western pennsylvania moving through our area tomorrow. tomorrow we will transition from chilly, to much milder weather, and we will do so with mainly just a few cloud, possibly a snow shower tomorrow from the lehigh valley toward the poconos. the in the meantime we're already in the 20's in lancaster. 29 degrees. thirty-one in reading. thirty in allentown. 34 degrees in philadelphia, wind are still quite brisk, feeling the breeze out here, out of the north and west at ten to 15 miles an hour, and it is a cold night but by the weekend we can shed these
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layers, a light jacket or sweat shirt and i'll tell but which day we could hit 60 degrees and what to expect with the system trying to move up the coast next week. i will have latest information in just a few minutes, back over to you. we will now know identity of the woman found dead and stuffed inside of a recycling bin in allentown on valentines day. lehigh county coroner identified the victim as 59 year-old rose siani. her body was discovered in the 800 block of east tillghman street. police have a suspect in custody. don't fall for it. that is message tonight from camden's police as they search for scam artists targeting the latin o community. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan, tells us what these scam artists are doing to inspire fever in would be victims. >> what he is doggies not right and he will get caught sooner or later. >> reporter: robinson wants to you know about a phone scam that affect his health and almost emptied his bank account. >> i got a phone call telling
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me that somebody in my family was in a bad car accident at sunoco station in camden. >> reporter: caller didn't know robinson or his family specifically but knows the camden county area well enough and almost convinced robinson his daughter caused a car crash, he needed to pay off pretend victim or he would hurt her. >> he want meade to meet him at the walgreens in pennsauken to give him $500 in cash. >> reporter: when the man on the phone refused to let robinson talk to his daughter, he hung up and called her at work where she was fine. camden police say this kidnapping hoax is a growing concern. they have received about 15 similar reports and want people in the area to be on leather. >> they do not pay that money, and that the telephone number, jot down the telephone number being used to make that phone call and inform the police department. >> reporter: police say criminals in this case used different phone numbers but all 856 area code. some of the details they provide may seem convincing but other stuff that they are making up on the fly.
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they say to what robinson, did hang up or fit is a text, don't reply. >> making me angry, and by doing the conversation, my blood pressure was high. >> reporter: never tell other person on the phone where live or meet them because you could put yourself in danger. instead report it tour local police department n camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, just when you thought reading terminal market could not get anymore tasty a new merchant moves in. condiment will be the new shop at center city landmark and it will supply hand crafted customized condiments. it will focus on keeping you healthy. we're also supplying preservative free base being such as ketchup made without high truck coast torn syrup, mayonnaise will be whipped to order, and butter will be made on a daily base fridays a rotation of farm cream from local pennsylvania farms. >> condiment moving in reading terminal market will be at full capacity, bringing the total number of tenants, to
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80. >> i was thinking same thing, beautiful. >> sound tasty. >> new culinary opportunity could change the lives of some philadelphia residents. >> straight ahead on "eyewitness news" the program helping them get back on their feet and what you can do to help, kate. coming up for next week we have a potential storm in the the forecast, the track of this storm is crucial, and still a lot of uncertainty. i will walk you through couple different scenarios what we know and what we still to have figure out with this system coming up. don? the phillies hope he is just like shane victorino i'm don bell live in clearwater, florida with the fightin phillies. up next we will introduce to you a guy hoping to make a impact just like shane victorino, we will
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local non-profit is bringing skill of cook to go men and women in need. >> they are doing more than meets the eye. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos tell us about the program that is a win for everyone involved. >> reporter: chopping, grilling, and sauteeing, all staples learned in expensive culinary institutes. >> we really try to hone in on the fundamentals. >> reporter: this is part of the special 14 week program offered by hunger relief non-profit philabundance is totally free.
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>> the purpose of the program is to provide job training, culinary experience for low income adults. >> students are getting in here very early in the morning. 7:45. >> this is the last second ticket, so to speak. >> they're going non-stop until 12:30. >> reporter: one of those students is kevin robinson. >> being in high school for a while, lost my job. >> reporter: now homeless kevin is determined to learn a new trade. >> this is a great chance to learn a new career. >> reporter: get back to work. >> more about life skills then it is about cooking. >> reporter: chef campos who runs the program says with their background the students here are especially motivated. >> we are also learning from the difficulties from the past and we try to coach them through. you have done hard stuff. this is just cooking. this is fun part. >> reporter: many end up in city restaurant and hospital kitchens landing full-time jobs helping pull them out of the poverty, placing them back
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in the community, and back in the work force. >> because people are contributing by taking care of their own families. so they are contributing their effort to pre duesing food that is serving people in need. it is a win for all of us, because, you know, who wouldn't want to help someone get their life back. >> reporter: even though this program is free for participants and it does cost about $3,500 per student to put on, and all of that money comes in the form of donations. we have put a lincoln how to help on our web site the at cbs reporting here from north philadelphia, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good we hope you check that out. if you missed your chance to see mummers perform on new years day don't worry, you will be able to this weekend. >> ♪ >> one of the string band there getting ready for mummers mardi gras parade in manayunk. it is second annual parade that almost didn't happened because of lack of funding you today bob braid a announced a
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$8,000 donation aimed to help keep city tradition as live. the family friendly event will start at 11:00 a.m. and run about a mile along main street. well, weeknights at the 11:00 you ask and nicole brewer answers your good question. >> tonight we're aiming high. we want to know how did they get william penn pen on top of city hall. the statue sits high above watching philadelphia how did he get there? nicole will get the answer at 11:00 tonight. it is friday eve. >> yes. >> got you on that one. >> it looks like really nice weather. the taste of spring. >> it felt like it was friday all day. >> yes. >> was the overall joke. >> my dad. >> friday eve, well, friday is a transition day, so tomorrow, it won't be too sad to be stuck inside the office tomorrow because you will not is in much. a lot like today couple degrees warmer and with more cloud cover. but the weekend, that is definitely something to make some plans on the calendar if you have not already. lets take a look what is happening right now you we will take you to the poconos something good to pencil on your calendar for weekend.
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nice in the poconos, one of the great days on the slopes where there is plenty of snow to ski on but don't need to bundle up or completely cover your face in the scarves and maybe just wear a light jacket or sweat shirt on the slopes this weekend. it will be very nice. jack frost big boulder, busy night, a few people coming down at the mountain. here's how the day turns out this is time lapse from palmyra cove nature park after a few clouds, it was brilliant blue skies, all day long and then a really nice looking sunset, pastel colors in the sky as the sun went down. a beautiful day to look at, not the best day to be out in, definitely felt on the chilly side today. we are climbing as we head toward weekend. it is all thanks to the system off to the west. warm front pushing towards the area rain and snow showers across the upper peninsula of michigan. probably not an issue for us but as this storm lifts through tomorrow, can't rule out a stray rain or snow shower mainly from the lehigh valley in the poconos, mainly after four or 5:00 o'clock tomorrow evening. in the meantime temperature wise, again, these are our highs today, so notice our
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normal high in the mid 40's. up to 37 in philadelphia 34 was the high in allentown and 35 degrees, that is as far as we climbed, as we move into trenton. but take a look at highs off to the south and west and we can see how warm it is. 60 degrees in st. louis. seventy-four in little rock. seventy in new orleans and this warmth is starting to move north and east as we go through next few days. the wind still strong, and here's what it feels like outside right now. it feels like 24 in philadelphia, even though temperature is 35, 36. feels like 22 in wilmington. it feels like a very cold ten in mount pocono, for skiers we just saw on the slopes. today's high only 37, by saturday, high, 20 degrees warmer then that. we may make a run for 60. high pressure starts to move east we will start to get southeasterly flow. more clouds tomorrow thanks to the warm front and then a breezy warm day on saturday, well above average with highs in the mid to upper 50's to near 6o then we will turn our eye to the coast. timing of the system is late
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tuesday into wednesday, that much we know, it does look like more of a wednesday storm then a tuesday storm at this point. the as of the information we have right now it appears it could start out as rain and then end up as snow with colder air on the back edge but that forecast will evolve as the event nears. i don't think we will have a good handle on what to expect until at least the weekend, so make sure you you stay tuned a lot will evolve with this system because we don't have a lot of cold air to talk about and when you get that kind of a set up you don't have the ideal situation for a snowstorm but you have the possibility and we just to have wait until stormy involves on get a good handle on it. quiet weekend, beautiful weekend and then next week winter could return. whatever that storm does after it moves out it looks like it will get colder again. >> okay, here it comes. >> thanks, kate good "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> tonight scott pelley is in vegas ahead of the nevada democratic primary and goes one on one with hillary clinton. >> what do you think donald
6:20 pm
trump and bernie sanders have tapped into? it is a pur full thing. >> look, i do think scott, people are angry and that anger comes out of frustration it comes out of fear, inn security. vast majorities of americans haven't add raise in 15 years. women are still working for une qualification pay. minimum wage hasn't been raised. is there so much that people feel like their government is in the working for them, the economy is not working, the political system is not working. i think people are angry but they are hungry for solutions. >> you can catch much more on scott's interview with hillary clinton tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30. in the meantime, don will be with us, he is down in spring training with the phillies new leadership plan. learn more about that coming
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welcome back, don bell here in clearwater, florida. pete mackanin has been a interim manager three times in his career once with pittsburgh, another time with cincinnati and then in philadelphia last year. of course, now he is manager, main guy, with the fightin phillies and today he opened spring training for the first time in his career as the main guy. he is 48 years in baseball. so that brings us to this phillies pitchers and catchers hitting the field for the first full work out this morning. old guy is carlos ruiz, he is 37 years old. he has taken leader ship role among seven other catchers in camp but outside of chooch there aren't a ton of veterans on this ballclub. mackanin is aware but hopes others will step up. >> i posed this question to larry bowa and mike schmidt, i said when you guys made and were you successful did you need somebody to be your leader? did you need somebody to tell you thousand play and what to do? to a man they said no, because that was their make up.
6:25 pm
there will be enough players with good make up i think out of that bunch, one or two might rise to the occasion inn become leaders. so you cannot, it is something you can't teach. >> phillies hope to strike gold, again. back in december, they made infielder tyler goddell the topic in the rule five draft, same way they pick up shane victorino and herrera. he is ready to seized the moment. >> not a lot of positions are already locked down already. it is exciting. at lot of guys in here fighting for a lot of spots. i'm sure it will bring the best out of everyone. >> so tyler goddell looking to be the next shane victorino. meanwhile something that has nothing to do with baseball, nba trade deadline came and went today. sixers sent rights to international player to the houston rockets in exchange they get joel anthony and second round pick. that is story here from
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clearwater florida i'm don well for eye bitterness sports. now back to the studio, guys good don, thanks very much. we will get back later tonight. breaking news to tell you have one, chopper three is live over a fire in upper darby delaware county, this fire on lower hill road is not under control. you can see the blaze coming through the roof right now. there is no word on any yours. authorities are on the scene as chopper three starts to pull back to give you a scope of things. we will bring you very latest as we learn more on television and cbs ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back the at ten on our sister station the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". take care family, we will see
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you tonight. >> pelley: now it's a holy war between trump and the pope. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> pelley: also tonight, two days before the nevada caucus, a personal side of hillary clinton. >> my mother met me at the door, and she said, "there is no room for cowards in this house." >> pelley: a hospital pays ransom to hackers to get its computers back. and from football to footlights. >> i got good feet. >> pelley: a former nfl star pulls off the play of a lifetime ♪ it may sound odd, but all i care about is love captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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