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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> i looked through the window and the whole side of the house was engulfed in flames. >> a deadly fire broke out at a delaware county home. the community morns the loss of a woman they described as wonderful. that woman's husband was also injured and is now the a a hole hospital. >> flames broke out just after five p.m. on the 200 block of blue balling avenue in booth win. argos spoke with first respond ears: >> fire department was dispatched around five p.m.. because it was just yellow. >> i went at the window and the whole side of the house was en gulfed in flames: friends say brendan mckee.
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>> with that much fire trying to get inside: fire crews tried rushing inside as did her had you been. >> she was in there throughout that entire ordeal which was about a half hour or so. >> reporter: while a neighbor and friend prayed outside. >> call on the lord. >> reporter: fire officials were able to reach brenda. >> a lot of fire a lot of heat. >> reporter: brut, it was too late. >> made entrance and found victim on the second floor. >> reporter: fire marshal for the county is asking anyone who may have seen the fire contact police department as part of their investigation. right now, a cause still undetermined. reporting here i'm greg argos. cbs3 eyewitness news. >> two firefighters fighters are recovering tonight after injured fighting a house hour in burlington county.
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flames broke out early at home in borodin town. one of the injured firefighters was hospital d the other was treated at the scene. their injuries are considered minor. cause of the fire is still under investigation. turning to weather it was a gloomy end to the weekend understand more rain is on the way for us. let's turn it over to lauren casey. hey, our weekend coming to a close. a little bit and a soggy side. light rain coming through the delaware valley. rainfall totals not super impressive. picked up a quarter to an inch. princeton just over a ten did this of an inch. atlantic city picking up combo 400th of an inch. storm scan 3 showing us a picture about an hour ago rain clearing out of center city philadelphia. there's not enough moisture left over to see anything coming
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through. maybe a flake flying by. clearing out in philly. now showers heading into burlington county dealing with shower activity, camden and gloucester county, that will count to move. light to moderate rainfall in toms river. eyes focus on storm system positioned over texas. gathering strength and gathering a lot of gulf moisture. this system will start too build in. we'll see two systems it's going to bring a lot of moisture as we head into midweek. i'll let you know when the rain starts to move in and how long you are going to need that umbrella coming up in full forecast. >> thank you so much. michigan mean is in custody. accused of carrying out a series of random shootings that killed six people and injured two others. cbs news correspond kenneth craig in kalamazoo people are
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gathering together to mourn. >> reporter: musics and prayer brought hundreds offer grieving residents together sunday night at a church service to honor the victims killed in a deadly shooting rampage. >> this kind of tragedy happens in california or in new york city or overseas. it doesn't happen here. >> reporter: authorities say 45 year old jason dalton began when he wounded a woman around six saturday night outside an apartment complex. four hours later a father and son were killed at this car dealership. then investigators say he killed four women at a road side restaurant. a 14-year-old girl was seriously injured. >> investigator say the women were in two vehicles here at this parking lot. authorities are still searching are a motive. >> reporter: cbs news confirmed dalton was working as a driver and passed the companies background check. he was his passenger less than
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two hours before the rampage. >> driving through median, driving through the lawn. speeding along. and then finally once he came t a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> reporter: little long's fiance posted on facebook to warn other passengers to stay away. authorities believe he would have continued shooting spree if he weren't stopped. kenneth craig for cbs3 eyewitness news. >> well police say dalton did not have a criminal history and they do not believe the act are terrorism related. meantime he's currently being held at the county jail. set to be arraigned tomorrow after nooning. also tonight police are trying to figure out who is responsible for deadly shooting in hunting park. a 20 year old man and a 17 year old girl were shot multiple times on pike street in park avenue while sitting in a car. the man died. the girl is still in critical condition. one woman we spoke with a victim of gun violence herself says it needs to stop. >> this is really really
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dishartening to here its continuing do happen right under our, my mom lives here. she's 80 years old. throughout the 50 years i can name county less people that have been killed kin the area. it need to stop. >> so far police have no leads in this case. 20 year old christopher bloomfield charged in connection with crash that killed three people in bustleton last july. police say he was driving a car that crashed on sand my lane killing 17 year old sabrina roles and gone solace also 20 year old hernandez. he faces a slew of charges including three counts of homicide by vehicle. also a fatal accident in glue tear township new jersey it happened on the college drive around nine p.m.. a female pedestrian was struck and killed by a motorist who remained at the scene after the crash. the driver is cooperating with police. investigator are still trying to determine what led to the
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accident. lawyers for bill cosby's wife filed a motion late saturday to postpone her deposition that was scheduled for tomorrow. the motion says her deposition should be delayed because she quote, has had no involvement with the facts or allegations underlying this case. it also says her deposition would created unnecessary media sir can you say and a security threat. bill cosby is facing charges ac caused of sexually assaulting a former temple employee back in 2004. now republican presidential candidates were back on the campaign trail after the primary. he made a stop in atlanta at a georgia where there were technical issues. >> they were probably sent here so that we'd put them in our jails. because to put them tin our jails, they didn't pay the electric bill. >> trump kept on going earlier in the day. he was on face the nation on cbs3 and he talked about his win yesterday. >> had a great victory yesterday. south carolina was amazing.
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new hampshire was amazing. you know the size of the victories i think were incredible. yesterday i wouldn't every delegate all seven congressional district on top of having a big margin. so, that was a great victory. >> next up for the republican nevada caucus on tuesday. democratic side of things hillary clinton hillary clinton is celebration last night's victory in the nevada caucus made a stop in texas. that state is one of the many states that will be decided on super tuesday. clinton is coming off a six point win over sanders last night. and made an appeal to voters to send her to washington. >> and what we're going to do in this election is to make sure we have a democrat in the white house to succeed president obama to keep our progress going. >> the last democratic primary before super tuesday will be in south carolina on saturday.
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keep it here on eyewitness news were continuing coverage of the presidential race you can get the very latest any time at our website you can call it first responder on ice today. this is show f a a appreciation. they whoever presented badge or military id were able to 68 free at dilworth park. roth and kenny were on hand to show support. this is the last week of skating or the seeing. the ring closes february 28th. local man meantime he is taken to running to help remember fallen police officers all over around the country. james is a former corrections officer from south jersey. he ran every day in january. and now is in the process of running a 155 miles during february dedicateting each and every day to a different state. today and he others ran for fallen police officers robert wilson. and other fallen officers from
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pennsylvania. >> negativity around law enforcement there's people doing good for them. you shouldn't have a few people put a blemish on the whole group. >> so far he raised more than 2000 dollars for charity. the new jersey coast guard has successfully pulled a barge and a tug boat from the pooch in brigantine. the tug boat and barge ran a ground saturday after the tug lost power. efforts to remove it resumed today after night fall with the help of the tied both the tug in the barge were pulled back to see safely. officials say no one was hurt and no fuel ever spilled. stay with us still to come a bus filled with passengers explodes on a highway. what happened just moments before the flames broke out. "deadpool" crushes box office. record that the ryan within folds super hero flicks is
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closing in on lauren. we a little rain this evening a lot is in store midweek. i'll let you know when to expect the heaviest and your full fo
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>> a megabus burst into flames just outside of the chicago the driver and 40 passengers were able to escape. most of their luggage was lost. attire blew just before the bus exploded gentleman gentleman a police union in miami is urging a nationwide boycott by law enforcement unions of beyonce's tour. the tour begins in miami in april 27th. back lash started almost immediately after she released her controversial formation music video. it continued after her super bowl 50 half time show performance. critics objected to black lives matter and are saying it has
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anti police theme. another successful effort from penn state university students in annual dance marathon, during this year's nearly 8.6 million dollars was raised. longest student run flan p throw in the country. happen dance session since 1977 more than 125 million dollars has been raised very nice. hollywood has a good thing going with the super hero movies another box topping weekend for "deadpool". >> you might be wondering with another red suit. >> 55 million dollars this weekend bringing domestic total to 235 million. its the highest grossing r rated film ever still 135 behind passion of the christ. running up kong few panda three.
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risen under ten million. round ding out the ten five how to be single. philadelphia pliers are battling for a playoff spot on the ice. off the ice they are helping improve lives o family. fun on the streets of bell tonville. inside one of these homes a remarkable renovation. greg argos spoke with the very deserving family. >> reporter: its a special block party. flyers orange every black. and one honoring nine year old and her family. >> we met the family back in december. and they are a very gracious, wonderful loving familiar. >> reporter: he suffered from answering eye tumor since less than a year old. her familiar strapped for cash because of constant hospital visit. >> give a yank to a family who's
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been dealing with a long term illness with their child. >> reporter: philadelphia flyers wife's club stepped in and built up. >> we are in it for the fun. >> very excited for her and her family. >> reporter: within though vague their fell tonville home. transforming the bedroom, the family condition living room and basement all at no cost to the family. >> brand new house, its amazing. beautiful. no words. i can't find words to explain how thankful we are: perhaps no words are needed. just a site of this smile on her face. well this the sixth year nonprofit michael's way to help out a family six million dollars has been raised to benefit families who's children are battling cancer. lauren casey is joining us to tell us when we are going to need our rain boots. they are going to get a nice
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work out if you have nice new boots you wanted to shout we are going to get a little bit of action. we had showers this evening much more in the way of soggy weather as we head into midweek. for tomorrow that's our dry day. it will feature sunshine. so far this month we only had three clear or sunny days in the month of o february and tomorrow we'll get in some of that vitamin d. take it all in. we are going to deal with two storm systems as we head into midweek. the rain arrives tuesday doesn't move out until thursday. backside of the systems we are going to get colder into next weekend. we're not going to have 60 and last weekend we got a big dose of the chilly. high temp temperature last sunday 20 degrees. today's high temperature 61 degrees. quite a difference there. running about 15 degrees above average. high temperatures today sore ring especially down the shore 67 degrees today. in atlantic city. we topped at 61. in wildwood temperatures right now are still fairly mild across much of the area inning the mid
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to upper 40s. searchly by february standards getting chilly inning mt. pocono nearing freezing mark. cooler will be the trend for tomorrow. nice south southwestly winds throughout the weekends. we have a wind shift out of the north northeast. going to push in cooler air that's going to stick around to midweek. dropping down to 38 degrees. gradual clearing as showers continue to exit. still bit of of a breeze ten miles answering hour. tomorrow pretty nice mostly sunny cool 49 degrees. still above average for us. north winds at around five, ten miles per hour. storm scan 3 showing us the end of sunday evening showers. you have much of it concentrated in southern new jersey. just an hour ago lingering showers across burlington counties will make their way to shore points over the next hour. rain will be with us, future weather going to confirm that by
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one a.m. hour. still clouds in place. but that rain is off shore. clearing out for monday morning commute. nice and dry. good way to start out of workweek for our commute mome, same conditions going to deal with nice clear skies, dry roadways. into tuesday morning commute going to vincristine clouds dry conditions. tuesday evening commute that rain is going to be building in. you notice pink and wait wintery mix possible. up toward lehigh valley and poconos. tuesday chance of wintry mix continues of the into poconos in higher elevations elsewhere it is going to be all rain event tuesday night. then were going to have a lull in the activity i think on wednesday morning as we transition from one system to a secondary portion of a system that is going to ride on the coat tails of first. this is going to be the stronger of the wolf the rain returning into wednesday afternoon and rain will be heavy at times into wednesday evening commute i think we can hear had hear a few rumbles of thunder into wednesday evening hours.
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so, tuesday, rain moving in during the afternoon hours. all of these days are going to feature windy conditions p we'll see that possibility of mix far to the north and west off to the lehigh valley and poconos. wednesday some spotty morning rain. getting heavier and steadier into the afternoon, evening and overnight thursday we'll see showers lingering into the morning finally starting to dry out still see a few sprinkles lingering into thursday afternoon. it is going to be a soggy portion of the week as we head tuesday, wednesday and into thursday and colder and blustery conditions as we look ahead towards friday high temperature of 39 degrees and real winds elevated each day from tuesday all the way into next saturday. >> oh boy. hold on too my hat. >> thank you very much. leslie has sports for us. five games left in the regular season for temple. instead of the two game one owl had a career night. as for the sixers, was his
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performance over shadowed by a future home
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>> sixers again showing promising things tonight. wrapping up a quick two game road trip. have not lost to the sixers since 2005 goes in with a slam. career high 31 points and but the problem was, he stepped back to hit the three. that's going to put him past 29 thousand career points of the the sixth most in league history. the match vick beat sixers for the 10th straight time. college hoops capitals back in action. final minute of the game now down by three. he knocks down the triple right. career high 26 points.
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next coleman comes up big hit with a three point. that the going to give them a three point lead. escape with a 69-66 win. coming up next sport zone sport director don bell spoke with down in clearwater. he's looking for a spot in had. we have mat and what we can look forward to. hockey talk about flyers. deadline looming coming up in a few minutes. >> lots to chat about. thank you very much,
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>> welcome back. we've seen these creepy character on tv. but before they end up in hollywood they get their start right here in our own backyard. find out who creates them. created and creeped out. that's tomorrow on eyewitness news at 11. children's book came to life today at the mir 81 theater. its a very hungry cat at a pillar. this show was very special.
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other kids brought books with them to donate to area ronald mcdonald houses. the first 500 children who brought a book were given a stuff dog. he's the mascot for the ronald mcdonald house. everybody loves him. lauren is back with last check on workweek
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>> well some games are really cool but this one is a little
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extreme. swimmers found a new way to build stamina by playing chest in freezing water. lunched into water about 41 degrees for games of chest believe it or not. it test ed their physical and mental strength. >> it looks painful. >> yes, it really really d they are not even shivering. >> 40 degrees. all right lauren. 49 degrees and then we deal with a storm, two storms moving in tuesday, wednesday and thursday. sewing yesterday day will be wednesday, wednesday night we can see periods of heavy rain. temperatures into the 40s and 50s. we'll keep this all rain for much of the area. could see though a wintry mix tuesday in the poconos. >> thank you very much lauren we appreciate it. thank you so much for joining us tonight.
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remember, we are always on sports zone. have a good night. >> most excited player in all philadelphia sports. >> mark started from the top and now he's here. why this stadium behind me bright house field could be the place where this 24 year old
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receive discovers his swaggerer. >> welcome. if you didn't see last night's flyers game you missed a good one. this was john versus steve, he didn't last the whole game. the game tied up at one. flyers two on one low den to, flyers go up two to one. to the second period along the board shannon does is the rest himself. flyers up three to one. toronto is able to tie it up in the third. check out this brilliant skating. on that play steve mason takes himself off the ice. michael has to replace him. now, remember they were down three to one, they take the


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