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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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wednesday, february 24th i'm erika von tiehl. it will be feeling like deja vu again today with more rain coming our way. lets check with katie and meisha about our morning and evening commute roadways are looking wet. it looks like it will slow down. the traffic levels are still obviously very light. when this starts to heat up, we will so problems out there how long will this last. >> it is an all day event here. we will be dealing with rain that picks up in intensity. this is actually the lull that we're dealing with and we are still sitting between storm systems but when we start off by looking at storm scan three here we are still finding so much moisture drawn in between these systems that there are little pockets of the light rain and drizzle out there. in addition to this because it is a warm surge coming from the south you will be dealing here with some pretty, decent fog, issues out there as well. that is where i will focus on first looking at the area of
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visability, keep in mind these are observation sites. that doesn't mean that the entire city of philadelphia, has visibility issues but could be seeing it better or worse depending where your travels take you. at dover we have half mile, one and a half mile at wildwood. that gives you a sense with that if you go and drizzle it will slow you down anyway. this is absolutely better of the two typical commutes here today. by this afternoon and evening the heavier of the rain moves in and we will see thunderstorms that rumble through somewhat strongly as well. there will be a severe weather threat that comes with. that we will outlook that as the show goes on. we have a day planner for you, mild day, absolutely but don't bank on any sunshine. rather keep that rain gear at the ready and with the gusty wind picking up here too you will want to hug that coat tighter. today a very great day to make sure cbs philly weather app is on your cell phone. get our updated forecast anytime and down load that app on i thetunes and google play,
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free, doesn't that make it better. meisha, we will send it over to you. free is always the buzz word. >> thank you for that, good morning. happy wednesday. we are live outside with mobile three and you can see manayunk on main street and look at how wet indeed it is. so on the main surface clearly it is not so much so that we're dealing with the hydroplaning issues or at least i'm not suspect of that but when we look more toward the sidewalk, on the bridge, bridge deck, the side streets, mainly push off to the side toward the shoulders, that is where you will see pooling and where you can get yourself in a opinion watch hydroplaning. just make note of that pushing through morning as it will only get worse from the sound of it. schuylkill moving in the ease bun direction, looking good, you can just see sheen on the roadway. good news it ties warm for this to ever turn into black ice but make note it is out there. chesterbrook 202 taillights moving in the southbound
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direction, again, anywhere i look this is giving you an idea of traffic levels. i-95 south at cottman coming around s curve looking good and nice and quiet. we have an accident in collegeville involving collegeville road at make note for those in that area and construction in delaware 495 southbound between 95 and edge more road that right lane is block, and that will be block until around 6:00 a.m. make note of that for those in area. back over to you. no word on charges just yet but former eagle lesean mccoy met with philadelphia police and prosecutors about that bar fight that left two off tooth i police officers injured. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from central detectives with more on what mccoy's lawyers said during that meeting, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. mccoy's lawyer is keeping quiet. mccoy himself is too. likely did most of his talking in that closed door meeting on tuesday with his lawyers, and investigators from central detectives about that violent night now more than two weeks ago. we do have video from last
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night, "eyewitness news" crew was present at the ex-eagle was seen exiting the central city high rise where his lawyer keeps an office and mccoy with his lawyers met with investigators from central detectives. a assistant prosecutors. now d.a. seth williams was in the present. that meeting came as cbs-3 obtain images of one of the officers involve. this is officer darnell jesse with stitches to his face. he is one of the two officers reported injured in that brawl after recess lounge at olde city on super bowl sunday morning at 2:45 that day. all a trigger over the ownership of the bottle of champagne. police report that mccoy and three other men got in the fight with three men who turned out to be off-duty philadelphia a police officers, and cell phone cameras were rolling as that fight, hit the internet and has been since reviewed by investigators. mccoy's lawyers is urging his client not to speak out about the case but did tell us this about his client.
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>> the one quote i have, on the public record is exactly that, he did nothing wrong but i will not say anything more bit. >> now this investigating has gone on for more than two weeks. when asked about this time span d.a. williams says they are taking their time with the case and there is in formal timetable. erika, back over to you. justin finch, thanks for the update. we have new video from this morning several people forced out in the cold rain overnight after a fire in north philadelphia. that fire broke out at harrison plaza on the 1300 block of north tenth street. that building is owned by the philadelphia housing authority, and there are in reports of any yours but several apartment units suffered smoke and water damage. the cause of the fire is under investigation. another victory for donald trump, cbs news is projecting him as winner of the nevada republican caucus. second place right new just too close to call between senators marco rubio and ted cruz. doctor ben carson is a distant
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fourth. trump celebrated in las vegas and danielle nottingham was there. >> reporter: after picking up a third consecutive victory in last night's nevada caucus donald trump continues his winning streak with a eye on super tuesday state. >> we have had great numbers coming out of texas and amaze numbers coming out of the tennessee and georgia. it is going to be an amazing two months. we might not even need the two months folks to be honest. >> reporter: billion air front run are garnered his support from voters dissatisfied with the government. >> political correctness is destroying us. >> he is here for the people, and i think he wants to win. >> reporter: the win gives trump majority of the states bringing him closer to clinching the g.o.p. nomination. >> he is position todd sweep across the board. >> reporter: as trump
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continues to gain momentum, rest of the g.o.p. field is battling it the out, as trump's alternative. exit polls show a favored a candidate with more political experience back marco rubio over ted cruz. the texas senator addressed supporters shortly after polls closed. >> one week from today will be the most important night of this campaign. >> reporter: they will face trump in the next debate tomorrow night in texts before voters in 11 states pick their chest for command inner chief n las vegas danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". democrats meanwhile are focusing on south carolina where party holds its primary on saturday. hillary clinton was there today, last night she and bernie sanders appeared separately in a cnn town hall. today sanders is campaigning in oklahoma and missouri. democrat told their convention in philadelphia in july. tornadoes are across the south, at least three people are dead. two were kill in the trail are park in convent, lou san a
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storm flipped and mangled will trailers and knock down trees. at least 20 homes were destroyed in assumption parish. there were down trees and power lines near new orleans as well. >> wind pick up and before you knew it, debris was all over, flying every where. it the sounded like it was just a bomb hitting the house. >> heavy rain also hit pensacola, florida. other storm related death was reported in mississippi, schools in georgia have have have already canceled class necessary anticipation of today's pad weather. well, if you live in the city, you may have to pay more for your water soon. however, today you do have a chance to weigh in on that possible rate hike. the city's water department wants continue on crease rates by about 2 percent over the next two years. the that means the average customer's inly bill would go up about $4 per month, this july, and again, next july. the proposed hike at 6:00 at
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philadelphia protestant home. water rate board has not said when it will vote on that plan. coming up, we are used to hearing about babies being born on the side of the road but not on a train. we will tell but a special way a philadelphia woman honored another passengers after her unscheduled delivery. a woman loses her cool over coffee, simple dispute that led to this outburst in the counter. also... >> ♪ >> impressed audiences for years how singing is improving the lives of this special group. big performance they are getting ready for up next. ♪ >> we're sorry to say it but we are dealing with more rain today and some of those storms could be severe too, we're looking live at wet roads this
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morning from mobile three, katie has that storm to let you know when heaviest rain will fall, we will be right back.
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congress plans to fight president obama's late's tempt to close guantanamo bay in cuba 60 prisoners would move to the u.s. a bucks county mother who lost her son on september 11th, 2001, tells our david spunt she wants guantanamo to stay opened. >> wonderful son, wonderful brother a and wonderful friend. >> reporter: it has been almost 15 years since judy reese lost her son josh and pain has never gonna way. twenty-three year-old josh reese was at work near 100 floor of the north tower of the world trade center on september 11th, 2001, when a plane crashed below him at 8:46 in the morning. >> he didn't answer his cell. i tried calling his direct number at cantor. i tried calling cantor's offices, i could not get through. >> reporter: years later she's upset by government's handling of those accused of planning attack. she watched president obama announce his plan from the white house tuesday to close guantanamo bay. >> for many years it has been
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cleared that the detention facility at guantanamo bay does not advance our national security. >> reporter: obama administration promised the closure back in 2009 but plan hit several snags. now the president wants to send prisoners to other countries and some to an undisclosed location in the united states. >> this is in the just my opinion, this is the opinion of experts, experts of the many in our military, it is counterproductive to our fight begins terroristreport she visited the prison in 2009 and insist moving prisoners to the united states and other countries would put citizens in danger arguing that prisoners would bring followers to the area. >> the government has forgotten about the families of the victims. we want justice. we want fair justice. >> reporter: reese family isn't a alone, bucks county is home to families of the 18, 9/11 victims they are honored here in bucks county at the garden of reflection. judy easies her only hoping is congress stopping the
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president's plans so trials can get moving in cuba and soon. >> another 15 to 20 years before they try these people, that may be past my life expectancy. and i want justice for my son. >> reporter: in bucks county david spunt for cbs-3 eyewitness house. 5:15 right now. we are continuing to keep an eye on storm scan three this morning as rain head towards the delaware valley but not just rain we're worried about either. katie is outside with a look at what we can expect from that storm, katie. >> it is not just rain. we have got severe weather impacts, wind impacts and even still early this morning winter weather advisory posted for potential of icing, thin glaze further north you travel. so a a lot to talk about, guys and i am standing on the sky deck where off in the distance you can barely make out sky scrapers. fog is the other issue. we are technically between systems here but that second storm on the way starting to lift in with time with heavier rain will bring the brunt of
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what this several multi day event worth of wet weather, issues have brought us and it will come through second half of the day to day. at the moment what we're finding it not beginning of the storm but we are sitting between the system but there is so much moisture to work with that we are fining air. it is look cloud are squeezing themselves out, so saturated they can do nothing but rain down on us in a few scattered pockets of the the light rain and drizzle will. here's a look at the primary impacts we have out there, guys, rain, some heavy, especially this afternoon and in the overnight hours. wind gusts inland up to 40 miles an hour but at the shore they could get higher then that. but of course rain, win, flooding, ponding on the road is already an issue and it will be slowing you down as we have any kind of travel. lets look the at future wind gusts a at the shore where wind advisory will take effect the at 6:00 p.m. tonight. we will see wind cranking up by noon time frame but really getting even more so underway, toward the typical evening
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rush. purple on the contour map, guys that could mean gusts that peak as high as 50 plus and wildwood, maxing out model interpretation at 9:00 tonight, 62 miles an her gust. the eventually it tapers off tonight and tomorrow but, you know, when we look the at what we see as best and worst commute if i had to pick one i would say tonight this afternoon and early evening drive will be worst of the two but this morning is not much better. you will have poor visibility, ponding and slow travel anyway from the rain that fell yesterday and rain that continues to fall this morning. it is in the perfect out there but it is better of the two. now looking forward, at least things will start to dry out eventually but we have at least another 24 hearst guys before we can start to say we are wiping our hand clean of this storm and then start to see sun return but hey, meisha, better news we are looking a ahead to the decent weekend. >> absolutely, yes, we are keeping our sight is a head we have to get through today. getting through today we have to drive safe. here's mobile three live look
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outside in center city on market street, looking good, wet, as you you can see, windshield wipers are going right new but good news is traffic levels are still very light. so if you want an early jump start take a look at this. you are in good company. i know you want to stay at home, take that extra cup of coffee. this is when you want to get out there because it is looks nice. i-95 approaching walt whitman bridge, both directions looking good, maybe heating up as ever so slightly new that we are cracking in the 5:00 o'clock hour. this is rose wealth boulevard headlights moving in the southbound direction approaching wissohickon avenue and it is looking g take a look around here you can see those drops on the camera letting us know it is wet, wet red ways, all morning long and when we are dealing with that on a busy wednesday morning you want an early jump start to your day and you want to drive at posted speed or under because hydroplaning. speaking of, bridges, side street, under these bridge
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decks anywhere of that narcan get pooling and, of course, the case of hydro planing. just drive careful today. erika, back over to you. thanks, meisha. if you cannot stop what you are doing and look at your tv this woman faces aggravated assault charges for flipping out inside a south philadelphia dunkin' donuts. do you see her throw the munchins. it happened february 12th at a store at 15th and washington. workers say that woman was upset that her total was $1.76 then she thought it would be so she threw the tip jar, flipped doughnuts, turn that display case over. manager suffered a cut to her arm in the a attack and had to get stitches. more bad behavior caught on tape when a brawl breaks out inside a chuck e cheese of all places. the it happened in manchester connecticut during a child's birthday party sat the day. in word why that fight broke out the but police say it involved strangers who showed up to that child's party. they took off before police
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could get there. coming up, hackers have found a new way to get in your computers, the simple steps you condition take so your information is not exposed to an attack. a very special delivery, see what made this adorable little gorilla's birth so rare and risky. we will be right back.
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a philadelphia woman on a amtrak train makes an unscheduled stop to deliver a baby. cheryl low went in labor traveling from north carolina on saturday. baby was not due until march 4th. the train stopped in aberdeen maryland so medics could deliver that little will baby, little trinity cristina stokes entered the world weighing 8-pound, 5-ounces. her middle name is cristina in honor of the passenger who
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comforted her during the ordeal. the just beautiful. another special delivery right here, this baby western lowland gorilla was born at the zoo in the uk following a rare emergency c-section. vets performed the surgery after the mother, the baby's mother showed symptoms of potentially life threatening prea a clams use. baby girl is doing well. only a handful of gorillas have been born via c-section worldwide. just great. wedding season is almost here do you know someone getting ready to walk down the aisle? this weeks angie's list report jim donovan looks at things to keep in mind planning a wedding, including the first thing that you should do. >> reporter: lauren and morgan snyder didn't have a big budget for their wedding so they did most themselves but they did hire a professional to be on site for the big day. >> the day of the event, she had to be assertive, and she executed wonderfully. there were times people were like she's being push i but in reality she's making sure everything is happening when it need to happen to make sure
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that she's happy. >> hiring a wedding planner will reduce your street the but to be sure get your contract in writing and understand exactly what will be done and how much it will cost. >> reporter: good wedding planner will cost you from 500 to several thousand dollars depending on their involvement. your planner should provide insights and maybe some discount on things like florist or photographers, maybe even the venue, and if you have your heart set on a special location for your wedding, make sure you lock it in. >> cheese your venue first not your date because the venue you love might not have that data veilable and that is what we dealt with. >> reporter: couple also recommend making a list of special people you may want photographed in addition to the standard wedding party and family photos. >> if you are investing thousands of dollars consider wedding insurance because venue can go out of business and photographers can get sick but make sure you fully understand what is and isn't
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covered. for more advice on planning a wedding visit cbs's list. i'm jim donovan. >> all right. >> if you use a wireless keyboard or mouse with your computer, listen up, hackers have found a new way to hijack your computer. it is known as mouse jacking. all they need is a $15, antenna and few lines of code but they do have to be fairly close to the computer to take it over this problem effects wireless keyboard and mice that connect with the u.s. b. >> if you have a wireless mouse i i can attach and send it whatever command i want to the computer. >> it is important to point out that this does not affect keyboard and mice that why blue tooth connection. if you have a wireless device that does connect through u.s. b, check for a security update. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are celebrating for some more rain, today, damaging storms blew through the south looking
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at major damage there. katie will let you know which areas have the greatest threat of severe weather today. >> also... >> ♪ >> they are hitting all of the right notes how that special group of singers is making a difference through music. and the road could be wet when you head out the door this morning, meisha will let you in he about early backups to avoid for your wednesday morning commute, good morning.
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good morning, and get ready for a high wind, and heavy downpours, just shaping up to be a messy wednesday as a huge storm system moves in the delaware valley. do you see he how big that is. you see mobile three also on the road there, already wet, katie will let you know where that heavier rain will fall because your morning commute is not easy by any stretch. >> you can see that right now. it is looking wet. in some cameras shots we're even seeing the pooling that we're starting to see as well. >> both ways. >> absolutely. >> one storm came through and we have another one to get the through and that means whole day will be wet, windy and just blah.


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