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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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good morning, and get ready for a high wind, and heavy downpours, just shaping up to be a messy wednesday as a huge storm system moves in the delaware valley. do you see he how big that is. you see mobile three also on the road there, already wet, katie will let you know where that heavier rain will fall because your morning commute is not easy by any stretch. >> you can see that right now. it is looking wet. in some cameras shots we're even seeing the pooling that we're starting to see as well. >> both ways. >> absolutely. >> one storm came through and we have another one to get the through and that means whole day will be wet, windy and just blah. >> yes. >> you know, but at least we
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have better news that comes down the road here but we have to start with the here and now, and get you out the door, on its face, in. i get it, just rolling out of the bed and cannot really build extra time in the day but if you can get outside earlier it is not worst idea. we will go back inside in time and look at the snow amounts. it wasn't much. we did have a trace in allentown, forks township pick up .3 of an inch. mount pocono just shy of an inch. that came with the on set of that first system. now it is simply too warm with most of us to deal with any wintry weather but we have a wintry weather advisory until 9:00 specific to the poconos. northampton county no longer included in that. lets look at storm scan at this local level. we are between systems right now. but there is so much moisture to work with that the air is so saturated it can do nothing but rain down upon us. it is a light rain, drizzle. you are seeing it come through
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scattered in nature. we have fog issues this morning but this is just the beginning folks, storm number two is on the move and the steadier rain starts to pick up this afternoon toward evening, not to mention wind gusts that could peak easily further inland as high as 40 and higher then. that we are talking 50 plus miles an hour at shore point and that is where a wind advisory will will take effect at 6:00 tonight. weak walk you through hour by hour. look at how warm it the gets. we are pushing 60 degrees. not an enjoyable pushing 60 degrees because you'll be dodging heavy rain but at least it will be a mild system. we're not expecting anything in the way of wintry precipitation. simply too warm for that. this is a serious storm system and definitely will bring potential for severe weather. we will talk about that later in the show. >> that within great, thanks very much. we are keeping an eye on these cameras. the it is looking very, very wet indeed out there again as volume levels heat up in the morning just know it is going
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to slow you town quite considerably and even in those area where you can drive at posted speed, because hydroplaning can play a issue. live mobile three you can see windshield wipers are going, hopped on to the vine and it the is looking very wet anywhere i look in the cameras. it doesn't matter, you are looking just like this, wet, windshield wipers. we are seeing pools, more kind of condensed toward the side streets, those sidewalks, you can see them under the bridges specially the bridge decks and pulled off to the shoulder. the just make sure you travel at posted speed or below, and give yourself some room from the car in front. i-95, looking good at the airport. speaking of the the airport no major delays to speak of right now but would i check your on line schedules when we have weather like this coming through. 422 headlight moving eastbound near will valley forge, you can see our early risers tart to go hit the roadways letting us know it will be busy. that would be my bet. new jersey 42 freeway north bound at creek road you take this to 295 this is what you
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are looking at traveling at posted speed but you won't be as we push through five ape 6:00 o'clock. that accident in collegeville the only accident we have had this morning is all cleared, great news, erika, back over to you. people in the gulf stayed of lou san, mississippi and floor reeling this morning. strong storms and tornadoes left at least three people dead while several others remain missing. as done ton champion reports some neighborhoods are barely recognizable. >> reporter: even into the overnight hours, storms, showed little mercy on the golf states. in pensacola, florida a reported tornado tossed around cars and damage most of this neighborhood, kelly williamson admits that she barely serve identify. >> it is all that matters but a big train coming through. >> reporter: in many areas daylight will reveal true extent of the damage with power knock out, people used flashlights overnight to sift through debris. the storms gained strength all
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day tuesday with at least 26 tornadoes reported in the south, one of them blew the roof after this gym in prairieville, louisiana. >> they had 35 people here working employees and people working out. they had eight kid in the day care. that is a scary situation. >> reporter: not far from the town of convent another tornado destroyed this rv park killing at least two people. >> we have in way of knowing that we had one, two, three people. we know we have have people in hospitals. >> reporter: to the north in mississippi witnesses say a tornado ripped a mobile home off its foundation killing the elderly man inside. in new orleans the storms even spawned three water spots on the lake. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a lawyer for an alleged victim in bill cosby's sex assault case says cosby is using courts to bully her client. cosby suit his accuser andrea constant for talking to police in her 2005 case begins the
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comedian was reopened last year. the cosby says that she violated the confidentiality settlement ape now want that money back. conn stan's lawyer says that cosby's filings are in an effort to create a quote, shadow court system that is free from public scrutiny. a dover police officer caught up in a controversy for kicking a man in the head will in the return to work. dash cam rid yes shows corporal thomas webster kick ago this man and breaking his jaw in august of 2013. webster has been on paid leave since he was cleared of assault charges last december. he was set to return to work but submitted his resignation, yesterday. fbi is investigating a physicality altercation right here between powerful union boss john dougherty and non-union contractor joshua keysee. dougherty is there with the scarves and white hair. altercation happened during a dispute at a work site in south philadelphia on january 21st. video right here shows he is being pulled down the sidewalk
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by another worker as dougherty and three other men approached him on third street. keysee claims he was punched by dougherty. the video shows an apparent scuffle but not clear who was involved and no where in the video is dougherty seen striking anyone. dougherty confirms he was involve in the brief physical altercation but says he was not the aggressor. 5:37. in business news this morning a break through in the air bag investigation and also, where stocks are this wednesday morning. money watch's henna daniels joins us from the insuring stock exchange with that and much more, good morning. >> reporter: stocks on wall street followed the price of oil yesterday, down. the price of crude oil fell 4 percent. dow jones fell 188, nasdaq finished 67-point lower. scientists hired by auto industry say they figure out what caused takata air bags to inflate, with too much force.
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takata air bags has caused ten deaths and 139 injuries. independent testing coalition has been studying the problem for a year. it says design issues, moisture, high humidity, heat and use of the controversial propel ant, a ammonium nitrate are all factors. massive recall by check late candy maker mars, mars is recalling candy bars and other items in 55 countries after plastic was found in several products. the dutch group authorities say the infect products including mars, milky way snickers and celebrations. recall does not affect the u.s. chipotle is facing a new problem that has nothing to do with food safety. new market research shows customers are getting bored with its choices calling it a menu you fatigue. chipotle serves a limited menu of burrito, burrito bowls, tacos and salads and pride itself on being a healthier alternative to traditional will fast food. chipotle has not change its menu since opening it stores
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since two decades ago. >> henna thanks very much. for a local group known as a state street miracles. at dult performance group with disability has woed audiences from the delaware valley to d.c. and new they are embarking on another big trip. jan carabao is joining me with where they are hearing all morning. >> they have a special mission and they are truly inspirational. for members of the the stage street miracles perform is fun it makes them happy but collectively the group is much more than that. not only are they the face of the greater community but seeing also improving their lives, and new for the group's ten year anniversary the miracles are getting ready to show lawmakers in harrisburg what they can do. >> ♪ >> reporter: every monday this group of four, warms up you inside the media theater on
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state street. and, before you know it, the state street miracles are letting loose playing their favorite tunes. >> i'm happy, they are nice to me and people are so nice that work here. >> reporter: miracles are best friends. together, they play together and audiences smile for years now. >> they go on stage and they shine. >> ♪ >> reporter: group doesn't just think that the state street performs. trish cofield founded at dult performance church ten years ago. she wanted a creative outlet for her son jake and others with disabilities. >> i just love music, bruno mars, justin timberlake. >> what they bring here is inspiration. >> reporter: jesse kline,
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artistic director stepped into give miracles time and space to practice. >> to me that is what the theater is cruel willly all about, it is very inclusive. >> reporter: all these years later they have performed throughout the delaware veil, for law makers in washington d.c. and now more memorizing 20 songs to perform for legislators in harrisburg. march is intellectual disability awareness month and the state street miracles are proud to represent their community, and show off their progress. >> it improves their self-confidence, articles, people who are not ex-spoked todd people with disabilities can see them in their greatest joy and their best light. >> reporter: each member have the miracles living up to their name, proving anything is possible. >> the state street miracles head to harrisburg on
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march 16th. what a wonderful experience for me to see them there. >> absolutely, to meet them and hear them and what a great chance for them to meet other friend. >> great struggle of support and way to meet friend and other people because sometimes disability they can be complete thely isolating. so it is a great place to go every monday. >> i love it. >> i'm impressed. jan, thanks very much. 6:42. ryan howard opens up at the start of what could be his farewell start with the phillies what he has to say about the trouble both on and off the field. >> i just like the sport, my dad wants to go the gym i say yes. >> she's a young knock out the how that new jersey girl got involved in boxing and big title she's setting her sights on now, good morning.
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welcome back the roads are wet this morning as you get ready to head out the door. we are looking live at mobile three on academy road in northeast philadelphia plus that wet weather will get much more intense later on today and katie i know is track ago this storm and also, we have the schools, bus stop forecast, the gray, and steve, the producer is great because i hear you are tougher on the grade. >> i tend to be more difficult grader when it comes to the school day forecast. you will see what it is in a second here. lets look at storm scan three. we are at localized zoom. notice pockets of the scattered showers showing up, is there so much moisture to work with in this atmosphere,
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guys, and that is why clouds are ringing themselves out. they can do nothing else but just so saturated drop down rain showers. also poor visibility. as we check with our eyewitness weather watcher network we are finding overcast or drizzle or a light rain. we will keep it to new jersey for this particular hit, we are finding some light rain coming into us from mark, in chats worth calling it a wet, chilly morning. this is a mild system but mild for february. it is still kind of chilly outside, and, that comes in, and, as well in chesterfield is reporting, and took the dog for a walk this morning and said it is not bad. i would have to agree that he does have wet weather out there, slowing you down, and, and sheen, that moved in, with that driveway. so that is where you will come across here. the visibility is not ideal, but, again as we go back to storm scan it will, be eventually getting worse. when we zoom things out you
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will notice a i big shield of rain starting to lift from the south. here's your main storm system. that is lift nothing bringing with it in the just heavy rain, folks, it is not just rain. severe weather comes along with this as well. let's talk about that. we have been up to a slight risk for severe wet's cross southern most new jersey, cape may, at the latin i can, cumberland county, most of the delaware. at this point biggest risk looks like heavy downpours for sure, that is regional wild but gusty wind that peak as high as 50 plus miles an hour, that could cause damage and small sized hail as well. promised a school day forecast. steve just barely let you pass at the a d here. wet, windy and when those thunderstorms coming in later today they could be locally strong or severe. it is a busy, active weather day. finally light at the end of the tunnel by the weekend only a few days away, meisha. >> what a mixed bag, thanks very much. >> this is a great morning for anyone just maybe waking up
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who just heard the forecast, it will be messy, it will be busy, and as katie said it is in the just rain give yourself a couple extra minutes this morning. we are looking live mobile three northeast philadelphia, outside you can see rain drops every where. camera lens. we saw windshield wipers, pooling on those side streets, headlights are sharing right on them. they are in the just small pools. some areas it would certainly cause hydroplaning. for those anywhere in the the just northeast philadelphia but anywhere right now, this is academy road we are seeing wetness and brake lights. king of prussia, schuylkill, headlights moving eastbound past 202 and you can see that sheen on the roadway, fortunate thely, it is not black ice, way too warm for that. but it doesn't matter. we can still do slipping and sliding. hatfield, 309, headlights moving in the north bound direction at county line road looking very wet. anytime we have rain even just a little bit we are going to get more than this. even if that is the case it will slow you down no doubt
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bit. blue route, southbound, take your time, you will need it this morning, erika, back over to you. phillies are at spring training and we are talking about all phillies that includes new faces and old friend like ryan howard. sports director don bell, he is in florida where the big piece spoke his peace. >> reporter: day one of the full squad work outs was interesting in the the for stuff that happened on the field but what happened off of it in a press conference with ryan howard. he met with the media for the first time this spring, it was wild, press conference, but at times it was also very contentious. >> questions, high guys, first off how are you doing. i miss chase, jimmy, all those guys but you got to go with what is in front of you. >> last year was bad. this year i could go out and hit 300 begins lefties then what do you say. do i think it is fair? me personally, i probably say not but it is what it is. >> it is kind of shocking,
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surprised, just like what are these people even talking about. you cross that bridge when you get to it. hey guys, somebody trade me to somebody right now. my job toys play baseball. i leave here, i go to philadelphia, i will give 110 percent every game i got. until they come to me and say we traded you to so and so then i will go to whoever and play 110 percent. >> last year was a tough year. last year was a tough year. i was than the happy with the media. i just think the way stuff was handled, recorded, and a lot of stuff. i will just leave it the at that because i didn't like it. so the past is in the past. 2016. >> what were you upset about. >> it is 2016 and we're moving forward report report ryan hour not holding back in his first meeting with the press. within other note here at spring training, miguel franco who was absent on monday did report on tuesday, took his
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physical and work out with the full squad. so all appears to be okay between he and the ballclub. that is situation from clearwater, florida i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". well, she may not be the size of most boxers you see but pound for pound jacqueline silva can pack a wallup and she has american her fair share of ambition too hackensack new jersey native she's all of nine years old but look at her go. she and her dad took up boxing, as soon as he did this jacqueline's talent was undeniable. 74-pounders works out two hours a day, four days a week and says that she just cannot the get enough. >> it makes me happy that i'm doing this for have been and for myself so i can become something big when i get older. >> i started to pick up things quicker than me. i was like, i was surprised. >> natural talent. she's now training for the
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golden glove, next month. here's an easy question would you rather drink a glass of wine or work out. yeah, most of us would choose the wine, right? we will show you a new viral exercise routine that gives you the best of both world, can't wait to see this. we will be right
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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so do you love a glass of wine but hate working out? who doesn't, right. >> now a california woman may have found a way to get you motivated, it is called the wine work out? exercise, you can do at home using wine bottles, just wait. april story posted to video. it has gone viral with 25 million views. video repose ted by george takei who says quit wine-ing and work out. story posted that video thinking it would be funny but she does have a message. >> what i want to show people with my video is something you can do any day, anywhere and you can use anything. >> there you go. >> story has gotten mostly positive comments. some people are recreating their own versions of the wine work out, few are war that i had she will fall on the wine and hurt herself but look at those guns, she's fine, well, great idea. high school will cheer leader in florida asked a student with autism to the prom and his reaction, is
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priceless, here it is. >> will you go to the prom with me. >> yes, yes. >> you just can't fake that. just pure, joy. sound like a yes to me. michael presented her friend jonathan with that prom proposal on friday. the 17 years old said he has been to prom twice before and wanted her senior prom to be special and make someone else happy, and i want to go hug her but also him what a great kid. >> that is so sweet. >> yes. >> love her. >> i love that. coming up next hour of eyewitness knew new revelations about a royal rift why experts were called to stop fighting inside the
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palace. also, a terrifying advertise coverry, the growing threat that went undetected for years, that is coming up when we are back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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good morning, here we go, round two of the wet weather but this time wind will be a problem. katie will let you know where strongest wind will be and who will be the seeing the heaviest rain straight ahead. also former eagle, lesean mccoy meets with police and prosecutors to discuss that night club brawl, as two off-duty police officers were sent to the hospital. hear what mccoy's lawyers are saying and what is next in this case. >> of course, if you listened to the pundits we weren't expect to win too much and now we are winning, winning, winning. >> donald trump wins big in the nevada caucus but fight for second place continues. this as the democrats rally in south carolina ahead of the this weekend's primary. it is wednesday, february 24th, i'm erika von tiehl. unfortunately bad news for you, both of your commutes will be impact by today's weather. katie is outside the sky deck with her enormous umbrella and more than ace inside checking the roads. good morning, ladies. >> happy wednesday. >> you said


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