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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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hillary clinton on this super tuesday. what they need to do to secure their party's nominations, and take control of the presidential race today. >> gorgeous view, the one could bring rain, the other could bring some snow. not finish with winter yet. good morning, it is tuesday, march 1st, i'm erika von tiehl. >> things are looking but irks we have some construction, a lot going on, so we'll get to in a in just a no, ma'am. what's in store for us, another beautiful day i am hoping? >> looking good. might not have the warmth that yesterday produced but still staying above average. >> going to sigh lighter winds, as we showed you in the beautiful shot, broad and spring garden just second ago here in center city, so too,
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another looking beautiful this morning, lovely sunrise currently underway here, 45 degrees, outside middle township high school, cape may courthouse, yes, off to cool start but more march 1st, not bad. march 1st also marks the beginning of meteorological spring. so happy meteorological spring everyone, conjures up nice warm fuzzy, doesn't it? at least the beginning every new season here in meteorological speak. storm scan3, nice and quiet as well, doesn't bank on this lasting forever but the entire day looks pretty awesome. more sunshine, a 2 degrees at best there, 46 up in the mountains also milder than average for the poconos. and pleasant start to march, as a result. now, as we look ahead to overnight tonight, and tomorrow morning, especially, new storm system is set to push on through. that's going to be bringing with it some soggy conditions, in the way of rain, likely few thunderstorms, too. but yes. the rumors are true, we're tracking the potential for late week snow.
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coming up a bit later in the show i'll let you know that get here, how much snow could we be talking about, meisha? >> we must enjoy the moment, all right, katie. thank you so much. good morning, everyone, just joining us, well, weaver some activity out there. right now 59 south before girard looking okay. just building up as we would anticipate it would slowly levels build, everyone traveling at posted speeds which is good, disable vehicle the schuylkill westbound near the conshohocken curve pulled all the way off to the shoulder, not causing too many slow downs it, corks but what concerns me whenever it is really dark out, pulled off kind of like that, when you come around, if you are not paying attention that could pose some problems for you. overall things are looking good. just make note do you know it is there so when levels persist you know what's going on. >> in the worlds of mans transit, new jersey transit, northeast corridor, is suspended between trenton and princeton, both directions so
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make note of. that will more on that coming up. i'll also be tweet that out. >> new this morning, family argument get out of hands and ends with two people shot. it ham shortly before midnight 3900 block of percy street, in north philadelphia. ly mr. is say two families living in upstairs apartment got into an argument, then bullets started flying. >> they saw there were signs of violent struggle. they saw three knives on the hallway floor. they saw blood on the floor, blood on the walls a door had been forced off of its hinges. think found bowker bottles, broken glass, also found three spent shell casings, from semiautomatic weapon. two men are being treated for their injuries, police say one year old boy whoos inside that apartment during the fight but luckily he was not hurt. police say they know the name of the alleged gunman, and they're looking for him. right now, 6:03. and searching for ways to curb gun violence.
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philadelphia mayor jim kenney attends a community meet to go help finds a solution. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joining us now live at south detectives, with more on what the mayor had to say. justin, good morning. >> good morning, the mayor said the topic was supposed to be about reinvestment and recreation for young people in south philly but after those sunday shootings he told crowds that gathered at the vare rec sent their they want to save their neighborhoods, they have to save their young people. >> the siting legal, legislative tie ups to pass plans to gun flow in philadelphia, mayor jim kenney told crowds, that the vare rec center what can happen on the local level. >> we can't stem the flow of guns. we will continue to try to do that if we get these kids off the street and off the corner, after school, and at night, we are going to stem a lot of these problems. >> problems, many resident fear, are plaguing their communities, and problems that pull in young people, guns, and violence. >> got shot standing on the
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corner. >> that was about 6:00 p.m. sunday when philadelphia police report a drive-by shooting of two teen boys, at the corner of 31st and tasker outside a grays ferry chinese food restaurant. >> fifteen year old struck once in the stomach, and once in his right foot. a 17 year old shot once in the left calf. and once in the left arm. >> the monday night meeting had been scheduled on reinvestment be libraries, parks, to the issue every gun violence came to the force. >> take full responsibility of what you all kids are doing out here. >> calling on fellow par don't take a stands to show up and takings to protect their communities, and their kids, from another violent end. >> these meetings is should be bigger than this, should be all the way out the door. >> the mayor also introduced jack who overseas the office of black male engagement, also says he'll do more to bring what he learned at that meet to go city hall, and the meet
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diagnose commas police announce they captured two men, one woman, in connection to the shooting of cab driver in grays ferry, earlier last month. we're live here outside south detective, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you for that. >> a bucks county teenager waking up behind bars. police arrested him for allegedly selling pot brownies to young kids. police in bensalem say 18 year old jacob francisco sold those brownies to a middle school student. the detectives say then that seventh grader re-sold the brownies to several student at shaeffer middle school. luckily no one was hurt. authority commends the non-buying brownie student for alerting them. >> don't ask, don't tell, i don't want it get involved. but these kids new something was wrong. they got involved immediately and did the right thing. >> authorities say francisco sold pot brownies before on school ground. that teen being held on $100,000 bail.
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it will be another emotional day for erin andrews as she returns to the witness stands. sport cast or is suing a national hotel after a stalker secretly recorded her getting changed. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo here, with more on this case, and when a rough day for erin yesterday. >> very emotional day yesterday. erin andrews broke down, as she recalled the moment she found out those videos were posted on line. today is day two of testimony. andrews not only suing the national hotel where this happened, but also the man who admitted to stalking err had. -- stalking her. >> a nightmare re-lived. sports broadcaster, erin andrews, took the stand monday, to recall how she found out secretly shot nude videos of her were posted on line. >> everybody was caught up. i was doing it for publicity and attention and that ripped me apart. >> in a civil lawsuit the now fox sportscaster is suing michael barrett the man who recorded the videos and admitted to stalking her. andrews also suing the
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franchise owner of this national marriott, where barrett recorded one of the videos through a peep hole. she is suing for $75 million. andrews says she found out about the videos in july 2009 when a friends called. >> and he just said, erin, there is naked video of you on the internet. and i said no, there is not. i don't do that. what are you talking about? >> she was hysterical. >> paula andrews, erin's mother, testified to getting a call from her caught their night. she also spoke to the lingering effect of the videos. >> she still has to travel and that makes her very nervous. >> video clips from barrett's deposition were also played in court. in them, he described renting hotel rooms next to andrews to shoot the videos. meantime, the franchise owner of the hotel maintains barrett is solely responsible. >> michael barrett said two and a half years in federal prison for recording the videos. he has not shown up in court to fight the lawsuit. >> rough time for her, but hopefully she gets some resolution here.
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>> day two of testimony. >> thank you. voters in several states head to the polls to decide who should be their party's president a.m. nominee. latest polls show donald trump leading marco rubio, ted cruz and the rest of the gop field in several states. democrats hillary clinton is expected to rack up more delegates nan bernie sanders today, which could make her unstoppable. of all of the states in play, one is the biggest prize. finds out which state that is, coming up in a live report. that's at 6:30. >> well, hey, they are going to have something in common with philadelphia mayor jim kenney in the next half hour or so. we all get to hang out with the harlem globetrotters sunday here at cbs-3. there is mayor going in for a dunk yesterday at city hall. the globe trot remembers celebrating their 90th anniversary season. they have six shows in our area, over the next two weeks, you can get that information at right now, though, we want to gave you a live picture of the great hall on cbs-3, broadcasting headquarters, those are are are the globetrotters live in color in the house right now. we get to meet them in our
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next half hour to learn little more about the team's history and its 50th anniversary tour. once again, that's coming up in the next half hour on cbs-3, gosh, such talent, right? all right, hey, it is tax time, coming up some simple ways to save money, or even -- also a woman desperately tries to seek shelter, as a tornado bears down on her. but, the doors locked. find out what she did next that saved her life. >> and, once again, soda tax is proposed in philadelphia. but, this applies to more than just soda. find out what else will cost you moran how much money is expected to generate. >> ♪ wish we could turn back time to the good old days ♪ >> oh, march 1st, coming in like a lamb, don't stress out. it is not going to be horrible this week. but katie is tracking two
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storms. she has the details on which could bring rain, which could bring snow. that's coming up after the break. >> ♪ stressed out ♪
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> this woman took cover where she could while high winds destroyed that store around her. workers inside hid in a bathroom, while driver kai rajon son hung on for dear life. kyla survived and described her terrifying ordeal. >> i just brace myself right here between the coke machine it, wasn't even holding on, it was just a brace myself. because after i seen the video, i didn't know what it really look like. i just figured i was in a
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tornado. >> wow. the owner of the store and kyla say they believe they were in god's hands during that storm, incredible, that she is okay. all right, 6:14, right now, we check in with katie. not bad start to the march, right? >> definitely not. the storm system that is coming our way thankfully not expected to produce any kind of severe weather. that's good news, could see couple of thunderstorms out of t here it is by the way. for now as i step to this side of the camera, notice, nothing virtually going on on the eastern seaboard, nice start to the day, beautiful, unfolding here. >> this guy though will usher in the next shot for wet weather arrives as early as the overnight, then into tomorrow morning specially. so we walk you very briefly here through future weather. in the the time stamp, all calm, all quiet across our delaware valley and the greater philadelphia region. then this guy comes in. so talking late tonight, even into the evening, things are pretty quiet for us, but overnight we start to see some rain showers developing across the region, cold front crosses through, that's where the brunt of any storms are going to come into play, but it happens early in the morning, so specially the first half it
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looks like of the morning drive maybe i am pact dollars by some heavier soggy conditions, with rain, few thunderstorms, but then, i mean, by 11:00 tomorrow morning this should be basically done. and sipping out to sea, then we bid our time until the next system comes along, and that's going to be getting here come friday. so, this is a general expectation right now, guys. any snow showers that come through should be light. but they'll last us most of the day. that circumstances since the grounds is kind of warm right now, we are mainly looking at grassy accumulation, unpaved surfaces, at most, one to 2 inches. so this is not going to be heavy hitter, brunt of the system passes to the south. but it is going to slow you down. any time you have snow out there, it messes with visibility, all of the rest of it, so you know how it goes, that said, though, not much more than inch or two of accumulation but still nice big heads up for you and that's again on friday. it is a chill day, too. check it out. we don't even hit 40 degrees that day. so you know, meisha, a you have been saying this all morning, enjoy today while you have got t there are a lot of, you know, twists, turns, in the seven day. today will be nice. >> nice start to the day.
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>> gorgeous, yesterday was gorgeous, today will be gorgeous, but i will say, with that being said, roadways are nice and dry, but it has been busy day in the worlds of traffic. soap, if you are home right now just waking up with us, so glad you're here gray g first cup of coffee, get out on the roadways as soon as you can. accidents, disable vehicles, we have some stuff going on on mass transit. let me touch base in just a moment. taking a look, 42 freeway northbound at creek road, approaching 295. looking good but certainly looking busy now with that being said you are still traveling at posted speeds, i would anticipate that you will no longer be sometime soon. so for those every in you new jersey taking 42, take a look at this, in the past 15 minute, this is really starting to heat up here. so 42, though, still traveling, at posted speeds, for now, 95 south at cottman, coming around the s curve looking good, brake lights going off letting you know no longer traveling at posted speeds there. schuylkill eastbound at city avenue looking very busy, and just beyond those trees, westbound, looking the same way. so anywhere on the schuylkill. but i want to pull your attention to mass transit. new jersey transit, northeast
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corridor, suspended between trenton and princeton because of fatality, so this will cause a lot of slow downs, both directions like i said. i'm going have more updates coming up. first i give awe quick break, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> city water department wants to raise 12% over the next two years. according to the water department, the average customer's monthly bill would increase by about $4 in july and another $4 next july. tonight is the last public hearing on the rate hike. it is at the ymca north broad street, will start at 7:15. >> mayor kenney's soda tax is falling flat with some resident. the tax could help funds universal pre k and other initiatives, he estimates that the 3 cents tax would raise over $400 million over five years. the charge is for all sweet drinks, even sweet tee. >> everything is going up. and not getting better, getting worse. >> he's out of his mine. the taxes on everything, so why not? >> not telling you can't drink it, but you know the margin, profit margins on that product are pretty obscene.
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>> former mayor michael nutter proposed 2 cents tax during his administration, kenny, a city councilman at the time, opposed the idea. and the tax never made it to a council vote. the american beverage association is against that tax. 6:21 right nowment philadelphia has it first confirmed case of the zika virus, coming up where the patient got infected. >> also, threatening emojis, message one teen sent out on social media that has authorities on alert. and katie i know tracking some rain and snow for the week. >> i am indeed. i'm going to tell were you to expect the rain, how much we get, when to expect the snow, how much we will get, time everything out for you. it is a little bit after wild week of weather coming up here. so full details on your seven day are straight ahead.
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♪ ♪
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♪ >> philadelphia department of health confirms woman in her 60s, and she recently returned from the caribbean. she was not hospitalized, and is currently recovering without complications. a health department official tells "eyewitness news", there is no threat to the community. >> it is not of significance to people locally, because the mosquitos that transmit infection don't live or survive in philadelphia. >> the health concerns are really for pregnant women. and a part from that, it is really not a significant issue. >> the philadelphia case
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bridges number of zika caseses in pennsylvania to five. federal authority also confirm a second case in new jersey. >> astronaut scott kelly marking his final hours in orbit after spending nearly a year in space. kelly has already handed over control of the international space station, where he's been living since last march. studying the effect of orbit on the human body. kelly will land in the desert tonight, and expected back home in texas tomorrow. welcome home. >> hey, kelly, known who are his tweets from outer space, sent this beautiful one out just few hours ago. he says, we're down to a wake up. earth, i'm coming for you tomorrow. good night from space. >> great images. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", it is super tuesday. >> headed into today's super tuesday races, gop donald trump and hillary clinton eye big wins. i'm weijia jiang in washington with the latest coming up.
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>> also, the harlem globetrotters are here, they're hanging out right now, in our great hall. will give us little taste of what you can expect, at one of their shows, might have to have you jump in, meisha. >> i might have to do that. good morning, erika. good morning to all of you at home. well, we have some accidents, out on the roadways, causing some slow downs as well as delays on mass transit. all of the updates coming up. first a quick break, stay right where you are. the cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right
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>> more delegates up for grabs than any other day in the race for the white house. the latest pole shows done al trump and hillary clinton leading in key states. for the democrats, 86 adel gas are at steak. for the gop about 600 delegates on the line. those polls are already open in some state.
6:30 am
weijia jiang joining us live in washington dc with more on super tuesday. all getting started, weijia, good morning. >> good morning, erika, and good morning to everybody. huge day ahead. but by the numbers, neither frontrunner donald trump or hillary clinton will actually clinch the nomination today. but, momentum could certainly help push them through. and for a fractured gop that means, even greater divide. among republicans who say they will and will not back trump. >> on the eve of super tuesday, donald trump predicted a victory, during a rally in georgia. >> we going to win with our military. we're going to win, win, win, win. latest pole shows leading both nationally nan several key states. marco rubio has tried to halt the billion's air's momentum, to dis avoid kkk leader david duke who announced his support for trump.
6:31 am
>> there is no room in the consecutive movement for the kkk or david duke or anyone who will not condemn them. >> texas senator ted cruz banking on win in his home state to keep his campaign alive. >> what we will see i believe is donald trump and me coming out both with a significant chunk of delegates and everyone else far behind. >> in the democratic race political analysts expect hillary clinton to pick up far more delegates than bernie sanders today. which could make it nearly impossible for her to lose the nomination. >> america is and always has been great. what we need to do together is make america whole again. >> sanders made his final pitch in massachusetts, where more than 100 delegates are on the line. >> i think we're going to win here. >> the vermont ten tore said he intends to take his campaign all the way to the democratic convention. >> and back to the gop race,
6:32 am
there are already some rumblings that republicans might be preparing to launch a third party candidate. because they say a trump win will not only mean the nomination at steak, but also, other races, ahead. both in congress and for governors across the country, in fact, some republicans are so worried they're embracing social media campaign against trump using the hashtag never trump. erika? >> i don't have to see how they vote. weijia jiang for just washington, d.c., thank you. >> now, last friday you may recall new jersey governor chris christie endorsed trump. he talked about it last night on new jersey's 101.5 ask the governor. >> donald trump has won three of the first four primaries, i've known him for 14 years, he will probably win at least seven or eight of the 11 primaries if not more tomorrow night. he's going to be the republican nominee for president. and i want to make sure hillary clinton doesn't win. >> well, christie says he and trump don't always agree, they do see eye to ion taxes, job
6:33 am
creation, and that america needs a decisive executive. stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of super tuesday, we will bring you up to the minutes results tonight right here on cbs-3 and always at >> right now, turning to our weather and katie is tracking rain and snow in the forecast, at least today's not looking bad though right, katy? >> definitely not only start things off on quiet and bright sunny note. it will be a nice day out there. >> i will take it. >> yes, definately take this. temperatures not quite as warm as they were yesterday. but, that said, it is not as windy as it was yesterday. we are expecting to see that sunshine all day long today. so it is a good excuse to make some outdoor plans for sure. but there will eventually be more wet weather down the road. and as we had mentioned moment ago you will see variety some rain some snow in the cards for us looking ahead. now for now, nothing but totally clear sky. the sun just about ready to pop over the horizon here in philadelphia. any minute now. and as it does so, sun glare then becomes the issue of the morning when it comes to weather as it relate to
6:34 am
traffic. so if your travels take you on east-bound track here definitely have sunglasses ready to go. we walk you through future weather. jumping you all the way to this afternoon, by the time we hit lunchtime folks still bright sunshine, still nice and mild for the standards, and as we hit the overnight, even as early as nine # or 10:00 p.m., few showers start to dot the area. precursor what's lying ahead into early tomorrow morning. we have our next storm system moving in bringing with it straight up rain. even in the mountains, it is too warm for anything but rain. but this rain could come down very heavily. specially affecting early part of our typical morning rush. and a long with it could be few rumble every thunderment take a look, by the time we hit noon tomorrow, already out of here. here is another shot of the sunrise, isn't it beautiful, sigh will he in the distance here, one of my favorite cameras live neighborhood network, 34 degrees, light wind, on pace to end up in the mid 50's later today, under some sunshine and few high clouds, but quiet day unfolding, and again, it is above average with the high of 56 degrees.
6:35 am
not bad way to kick off the month of march, meisha. >> katie that sunrise, yes, you said it, it is gorgeous. look at the shot of the schuylkill. man, right around the conshohocken curve almost looks like you're in dome so perfect. so good morning, everyone, just joining us, so glad you're here again. this is the schuylkill you're looking at moving in the eastbound direction, both eastbound and westbound, starting to heat up now. just make note of. that will but the good news is you are waking up to some gorgeous weather, and that beautiful sky, which we know, as katie has been pointing out, will slowly start to change, as we progress through the week, but enjoy this, yesterday, was gorgeous, today is looking good, traffic levels, they're billion dollars g, not looking great. but they're actually okay. for what would typically and very busy tuesday. case in point, 59 south, approaching cottman, we can sort of expect this, you are no longer traveling at posted speeds just make mother of that. so just thinking of leaving your homes now just know you are in slow company. very slow company in fact. ninety-five south one of the busiest right now. but the blue route southbound mcdade boulevard, take a look,
6:36 am
looking really good. everyone traveling at posted speeds here, blue route, big thumbs-up. mass transit take a look at this for those of you in the world of mass transit. if you use this today, new jersey transit northeast corridor resume service but they're experiencing 60 minute delays between trenton and princeton junction in both directions. because of fatality. so make note of. that will again i've been tweet that out all morning long, erika, back to you. >> thank you, by now you should have received most of your tax information, so it is time to get going that return won't do itself. cbs news business analyst jim schlessinger joins us live from new york with ways to save or even make monday which uncle sam's help. i love the sound of. that will the first thing to touch on are tax credit, you're saying the best way to reduce the bill. why is that? >> the reason is credits reduce your tax bills dollar for dollar. now, compare that with your deductions which are calculated based on your tax bracket. that's why i love them. some of the best ones include the earned income tax credit.
6:37 am
that's for low and moderate income workers. the maximum is over $6,200, the dollar amount, does vary by your family size. another one people forget about, the child tax credit. a thousand dollars for each qualifying child who is under the age of 17, i know, a thousand dollars probably for kids doesn't seem like enough but it is something from uncle sam. this credit phases out for higher earners. there is one that i think a lot of people don't actually claim. this is the child and dependent care credit. this is a veil recall if you are paying someone to care for a dependent who is under the age of 13, so that you can work or actually look for a job. this credit maxes out at $6,000. >> great reminder. we know they're not as good as tax credits, but deduction, still nothing to turn your nose up at, right? >> absolutely, and look, you start by saying are you going to itemize or claim the standard deduction. if you're deductible expenses
6:38 am
exceed that 2015 standards deduction limit of 6300 for single, nine the 250 forehead of household, 12,600 for joint filers, that's when you start to itemize. popular deductions include mortgage interest, charitable contributions, and state and local taxes. some taxpayers are overlooking miscellaneous deductions, that can include your tax preparation fees, your job hunting expenses, professional deuce, and medical expenses, now, in order to claim this deduction, the total must be more than 10% of your adjust adjusted gross income or seven and a half% if you are over 65. by the way, deducting sales tax can also be valuable if you made a big purchase or you live in a state with no income tax. >> jill, thank you so much. sure. >> take care. more criminal charges for the man who police say pose as high school student in harrisburg. police in the nearby town
6:39 am
charge arthur with identity theft. charges in connection with application to a ten the citizens police academy there. the ukrainian national spoke about his reason for faking his identity. >> just want to have a bert life. that's it. in america you have a lot of opportunities. take this opportunity because i didn't have a chance. you do. >> the 23 year old also offered apology to the people he lied to. he also faces sexual assault charges for allegedly having contact with a female student. a fairfax virginia 12 year old may face charges for threatening her school on instagram using emojis. authorities say she included emojis after gun, a bomb, and knife in that pose. police have released very few details of their investigation, and that matter has been turned over to prosecutors. the eighth grader's mother says her daughter did it in response to being bullied at her school. >> still ahead this morning. the power of good posture.
6:40 am
doctor rob is here to talk about how your posture impact your health and he'll show you the right way to stand and sit. >> ♪ >> ♪ the harlem globetrotters celebrating their 908 anniversary. few joins us liver. those guys talk about the show and when you can see them. we're trying it get katie and meisha in on the act. that's coming up after the break. >> ♪
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>> in you are looking out to straighten out some back pain, you may want to look at the way you sit and stand throughout the day. for many all of the slouching and slumping could be contribute to go some of your aches and pains. family physician doctor rob dan off is with us with the trusty old spine, nice display for us, talking about how posture could be so important to your health, doctor rob,
6:44 am
always good to see you. >> good to see you. >> now, you won't think about laughing having effect on your back pain, but really does, right? >> it does. our spine naturally keeps us balled and strong, but or spine normally has a curve. you know, we have lower curve, and our lower back area, outward curve in upper back, and our neck goes back in again. so when it is properly a lined, when we walk properly, proper posture or sit. it keeps us strong. but weed bad posture, muscles against tense and the ligament, we get headaches and back pain, and sore muscles. >> okay, now we all know our moms say don't have bad posture watch are the mix takes we make when it comes to not keeping our shoulders back. >> one of the most common is, you know, when we sit down at a desk, hunch over, leaning forward, flight. >> so true. you feel like you're all hunched up. >> exactly. >> your stomach muscles get tight. you get like neck pain or you get headaches. that's so common or sit at a desk, doing this, really hard. so those are some very common things that we can pay attention to, because few
6:45 am
hours later oh, why am i snore. >> so true. so let's start talking about good practices. how should we properly stand under if you're aware of it, how should we stand? >> i notice posture, you walk great. a lot of times like so used to do this, looking at our phone walking down. east years thing to do, stand up straight, head straight, right, looking formed, shoulders are back, and it is actually straight line between your head down to your hips which your shoulders and your hips are perfectly a lined, which is great. stomach is in. right? walking like. >> this and our feet should be about the width of our hips. >> okay. >> this is our natural body position and you know what? a lot of times it takes little while to get use today because we're so out of wack. then we start to feel better. give it couple every weeks, we feel better, breathe better. >> so many us walk with our phones in our hand. >> yes. >> you mention looking up. i feel like so many of russ constantly hunched overlooking at the phones while walk. good remind tow put the phone down right? >> right. call it text neck. leaning forward. it is putting more strain on
6:46 am
our neck, also, on our upper back muscles. so we can get headaches and it puts about 25 pounds or more pressure on our lower back. >> wow, 25 pounds? >> yes, speaking about lower back? >> how should we sit at work? >> okay. demonstrate. >> you will be our vanna for the day. >> one of the biggest things we want, we warm armrests and back support. so when we sit it is so important to have a chair, because we sit a, a lot of times at work, both our feet, flat on the floor. our knees are slightly lower than our hips. >> new camera to show you off. >> and look straight ahead. not down, slouched like this, because this way more neutral pokes, keeping our spine straight. and less pressure so we won't have those lower back pains and this has good back support which is what we need. >> i was going to ask, see your co-workers with the lumbar support. are they worth spending money are? >> they are. we have that the neural curve f we don't support that we'll get lower back pain. >> could this lead to more serious problems do you think
6:47 am
if you do keep slouch? >> yes. >> slump or slouch which dow sometime, you get headaches or pain that last more than few days, see your doctor, any tingling, numbness, very important, and if you smoke, stop. because smokers have more back pain, less circulation, to the arteries in the back. >> good advice. >> another reason to keep, stop smoking. >> i'll have you check my moisture, katie awe us have the shoulders back. >> i do. yes, i'm the worse, like we start talking about posture, i automatic just sit up straight. because you catch yourself doing. that will great segment. thanks, doctor rob. tell you what, folks, really looking ahead to wacky week of weather here, even though starting offer nice, calm, collected that will be changing with time. you can see one system over my shoulder, we have two, that are we going to be showing here in the upcoming forecast, so we take you out, there storm scan3, quiet as can be, courtesy of high pressure right now, but we do have the storm system. we turn our folk us to begin, you have got snow with there is you have some ice. you have got some rain and likely some severe weather across the state of arkansas,
6:48 am
as well, at least initially. this is what is headed our way overnight tonight into tomorrow. so, for now, nice day. mid 50's, that's well above average. we are going to keep the sunshine around for one more day. but once this storm moves in, it starts to showers overnight, then some steadier rain tomorrow morning. very likely thunderstorm embedded within this, and since it is a cold front crossing through, but in the, no snow, no ice. all of that is going to stay off to the north. once that clears out, which happens relatively quickly, late morning, should be high done with there is high pressure for yet another day, getting back on sunday shine, colder thursday, then storm number two comes along there is time, passing us by to the south. because we sit on the northern edge of it, it will be cold enough with temperatures at best in the 30's, to bring some light snow. i don't think you are talking about much. probably only on grassy surfaces, unpaved surfaces but we could pick up essentially all day event maybe one, 2 inches out of that. this is a live shot. gorgeous sunrise currently underway. actually taking this particular shot from our very own "skycam 3", atop our
6:49 am
station headquarters here, in center city, 39 currently, very modest breeze, feels like 35, so basically what you see is you what get out of this thermometer reading here today. that's basically how it will stay today. quick check on some of the current conditions from our eyewitness weather watchers reporting a lot of 30's around the region from sally from and i in both locations in delaware, in bath, pa, far north 35 degrees, and mt. laurel where darcie located 33 is the temperature. we jump you to the seven day. give you sense what lies ahead here. today real nice day. march coming in like a lamb for meteorological spring, storm comes along with showers tomorrow night into tomorrow morning, then temperatures drop off with some light snow on the way for friday. meisha, over to you. >> well, at least it will be friday when that happens. thanks, katie. good morning, everyone. we are talking about some sun up slow downs if you know what i mean. i know you know what i mean. the schuylkill approaching gulf mill. you can see in the eastbound side, just make sure you have those sunglasses, but that is gorgeous, what a day, what a
6:50 am
morning. this is just, what we are dealing with all morning long, 95 north at 452, sun is kind of behind in you your review. my goodness does that make a mood changer. boulevard headlight southbound direction at wissahickon avenue looking good but again bamm. there is that sun. you are going have to use your sunglasses today. now in the world of mass transit, new jersey transit, northeast corridor, resumes service, but 60 minute delays between trenton and metro park. make note of that. sixty minute delays. then septa broad street line, ten minute delays, because of switch problems, fernrock, i'll be tweet that out for you all as well. >> this will slow you down considerably. accident clear here. northeast extension southbound before lansdale all good. tractor-trailer versus a car, but all clear, erika, back to you. >> meisha, a i know you like hair accessary, don't you girl? check it out. look what i have for you out here. the world famous harlem globetrotters out here in our great hall this morning celebrating a very special anniversary. they're in philadelphia. we are talking to them live. we'll introduce you to, let's
6:51 am
see, we have hawk thomas right there, next to hill melendez, and, fire fly fisher. part of the great team, the harlem globetrotters, we love seeing in you town every year. congratulations hey, ball gets away from them. happens to them, too, see? big year 90 anniversary, met pope francis, tell us about your favorite moments. >> we had a lot of big moment this year, made ton of trick shot in l.a. actually just recently did trick shot in the wells fargo sent earn, so doing a lot of big things this year, the nine ' anniversary, trying to slam at any up. had a lot of great programs to get out to the community to do things that we've been doing over the past 90 years, but kind of something that we want to, you know, celebrate little moran just give back to the community. >> absolutely. any favorite tricks or anything that you have been bringing to the table this year? >> actually kind of doing this double spin kind of dab thing. >> oh, show it to us, real quick. >> now, now. >> i'll show you later.
6:52 am
>> show my later, all right. >> and fire fly, the show this year, always great show. but the 90 anniversary, any big special tricks? >> always big tricks. that's the best thing about the harlem globetrotters, when people come to watch us, one of the five are you things, warring. our vintage throw back uniforms, everybody will be table see, pretty high and tight, but that's the way they used to wear the clothes. >> hold on, are these the shorty shorts, and knee high socks? >> hey, look. >> oh, hang on, there they are. >> wow. wow. wow. >> and i got some girls hanging out. meisha a promise you the hair accessary, meisha, katie. meet the guys. here is your hair band. >> i think i can do this. >> okay, so show us what we can do. >> get the tricks going here. >> you ready? >> cue the music. >> all right? >> you go left. >> fine. >> here we go. >> all right?
6:53 am
>> let's get it going. >> okay? >> oh, geez. >> you ready to catch. >> wait. what? >> hang on. >> oh, come on shall meisha. you can do it. you got that. >> break it out, meisha. >> come on, meisha. >> okay? >> ready? >> very nice. >> bump off the elbow. >> well done meisha. >> okay? >> here we go. >> you got this, girl. >> first thing you do, i will give it to you. you go around your back. >> okay. >> around your back. two times. >> one through your legs, okay? you're going to hit it over. >> okay, around the back, katie. >> i think i can do that. do i have to do the hip things? >> there go. >> you agree? it is all right, it is all right. >> keep us on our toast. >> less hips. >> oh, man. >> fire fly? >> there you go. >> under the snelling. >> under the leg.
6:54 am
>> there it is! okay? >> up high. >> just like this. >> i can do that. >> easy! >> there you go. >> there is it, guys. >> thank you, katie! >> ready? >> all right. >> here we go. >> bamm. >> oh, awe. >> thank you so much. what a ball we're having. all right, guys, thank you so much. harlem globetrotters, tour dates, absolutely check them out. great family fun this week. check it out we will be right back. i want to try the behind the back thing. i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling.
6:55 am
my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study, most stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®.
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6:58 am
>> i love the jersey, katie. you can keep it on? >> absolutely, goes with my dress. >> being low g ahead to some rain. real quick check on. that will if we consideration the showers develop late tonight. so even the evening looks fine. heaviest comes along tomorrow morning. so it will slow you down. might end up with as much as half inch worth of rain in time for the commute. that's really what we want to focus on there. >> good heads up, katie, thank youment something we are working on for tomorrow. join us, dancers with the
6:59 am
pennsylvania ballet busy rehearsing their -- rehearsing, for the lead dancers, their love story on stage isn't much after stretch. they have real life love story that runs much deeper. >> we look at each other's eyes right away, and it is very comforting. >> we smile before we go on the stage. we kiss. we wish good luck. >> oh, fabulous. tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news", the couple takes you behind the scenes of the show. and you'll hear how dance brought them together in a unlikely way. >> cbs this morning is coming up next, let's go back out to the globetrotters, right, guys in still rocking our gear, big heads up. thank you, guys. hawk, el gato, fire flyer, they're just doing their thing in our great hall. hey, catch the show, they're in our area, tour dates once again at >> what a blast. >> and you're rocking the headband, meisha. >> oh, ya. >> hope you have a great day.
7:00 am
good morning. it is tuesday, march 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump is poised for a his gop rivals and the establishment pull out all the stops to derail the trump machine. hillary clinton hopes the southern voters g give her a full path to the nomination. we'll have a full political look at it from the team. >> we show you who's in and who's out. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> whether people like me or not,


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