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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 3, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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good morning, a happy home coming for astronaut scott kelly. he just returned home from his first time in almost a year. special treat he received from the president, and is what next after his historic mission to space. first though, cold outside right new but it will be a very different story, this time tomorrow, when winter weather advisory is issued. katie will let you know when that he snow will fall and how much is expect. enjoy your commute this morning. because tomorrow, yeah, probably set the alarm early but not bad out there right now. >> right now we are looking good, nice and dry. >> we will start morning off with plenty of sunshine. we might have sun glare to contend with, at 6:30 this morning but generally speaking this will be a quiet start to the day. we will eventually end up with
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the snow on the the way. i will give you a time line and when things are coming in and when they will get out of here. for now bank on the fact that it will be nice and quiet, at least initially the whole day looks good. the lets get out there and start off with another quiet shot to the palmyra cove nature shot, one of the favorites here in the live neighborhood network because we have a beautiful view overlooking the delaware river, center sit the eye sky line and because it is such a clear sky no problems with visibility whatsoever. that storm scan remaining nice and tranquil, our tri-state sweep not picking up on anything right now. even over through course of the night we had wind enhanced lake effect snowfall well off to the north and west. you can see that fizzling out. that indicates the wind has done the same, we have definitely seen that wind taper off, very nicely. lets move it ahead though and get you to the good stuff. when does got stuff get here, generally at 10:00 o'clock tonight which is when the winter weather advisory takes effect and for southern half
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of our area it is a very light snow, five to 9:00 a.m., right through morning drive and into the the afternoon it is tapering off from west to east here and done in philadelphia. no later then noon. hour by hour today, no snow, just yet, you can expect to see these temperatures take a solid hit, we're only at best in the lower 40's this afternoon, and then we are expecting, again, to see some sunshine throughout the the course of the day, eventually, ending up with some clouds building in later on. meisha, back over to you. >> thanks very much, katie, good morning. here's the gateway to the weekend. we are starting off with a bang in the traffic center. it has been busy all morning long. we have a koran fire here at i-95 north, off ramp to bartram avenue is closed. you can see is what going on. we have fire crews putting this fire out right now. we are seeing a lot of smoke. you will get gaper delay and brake lights because you cannot the get through here especially trying to get an
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that off ramp to bartram avenue from i-95. that is closed. koran fire. they are getting that handled. i will update you and let you know when that clears. we will let you know about that right now. taking ben franklin bridge moving in the westbound direction looking good, nice and quiet, one of my favorite shots right there boulevard, taillights in the southbound direction, wissohickon avenue, also looking good here. that accident on street road that has been since cleared, eastbound lanes are now opened, great news for those there construction in delaware, 495 northbound at du pont high way that left lane closed until 6:00 a.m. erika, back to you. home, sweet home, astronaut scott kelly back in the u.s. after spending a year on a historic mission in space. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is here with what he had to say after stepping off the plane. i'm sure he is thrilled to be sleeping in his own bed. >> scott kelly, he looked good as he got off the plane in houston albeit a little will tired. he a has had a very long trip with 340 days in space on the international space station. kelly said biggest challenge through it all was physical
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isolation from family and friend but that came to than a end just a few hours ago. back at home, early thursday morning, astronaut scott kelly stepped foot on american soil for the first time in nearly a year. after long awaited hugs from his twin brother, his father, his daughter and his friend in houston at 2:30 in the morning kelly joke he would have like to go back sooner. >> i'm used to going 17,500 miles but this airplane doesn't do quite that. so it took south time. >> reporter: kelly spent, 340 days in space, longest day than any american. >> they talk about my year in space. it is not my achievement but nasa's achievement. >> reporter: kelly returned to earth earlier this week landing first in kazakhstan, he will now undergo testing that could last a year or longer. during his time on the international space station kelly orbited the earth 5,440 times, and that is about
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143 million miles or roughly the same distance as a trip to mars. this mission, a dry run by nasa, for an eventual trip to the red planet. >> this mission is late's achievement in our country's space program, but it is not the last. there will be more. it the is in our dna of our country to explore and we must never stop doing this. >> reporter: but first, some welcome home treats, courtesy of doctor jill biden. >> good luck, i brought you some beer and apple pie, nothing is more american than that report report she said beer was from the president and pie was from all america. you saw kelly's twin brother former as though thought mark kill on it tarmac but now scotties actually now 2 inches taller than his brother. space elongates the spine, doctors say that is only temporary. >> great side effect. >> this is such a big step because this could lead to a trip to mars. >> reporter: nasa is hoping to send astronauts to mars in the
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2030's. >> and to get from earth to mars the same amount of time. >> that is right. >> jan, thank you. >> pretty cool. >> 5:36 and scene from the wild west unfold in new york city of all places, a police horse tosses an officer off the seattle and runs loose, that is guney being taken away there. eyewitnesses say a loud noise spooked that black stallion causing him to throw the rider to the ground on times square. fortunately, the officer was not hurt. >> there was nobody, nothing, nobody. >> reporter: did you fear for your own safety. >> no, i don't get scared easy. >> reporter: did he hit your car. >> he did hit my side mirror. >> reporter: three cars were damaged during that wild run, he was later found in the parking garage where police officers, rest during shifts, taking a little break. in business news this morning a special invitation for hackers, and for some positive news from wall street. we will take it. money watch's jill wagner
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joins us from the new york stock exchange. she has that and more for us, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. oil prices continue to rebound that sent energy storks higher. yesterday dow jones jumped 34 points which means it is inching backup to the 1700 mark. nasdaq finished 14 points higher and looking at the big board it could be another higher open today. sports authority filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, there is plans to close or sell about a 140 stores, that includes one in cherry hill. the company says it needs fewer stores as more customers shop on line. the pentagon is looking for a few good hackers, to try to break in the military's network. the it the is part of the the program to test the systems security and expose possible areas of weakness. they must pass a background check first. and airlines want a piece of the cuban travel market. american, dealt, jet blue and others submitted applications to the the u.s. government to fly scheduled flights to cuba they are vying for just a
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handful of slots. erika. >> flying there before we know it, thanks very much. every single person who works at main line health is on alert this morning after their personal information was stolen. a worker accidentally gave that information to more than 10,000 employees to hackers when they responded to a scammer's e-mail that looked official. the company's offering credit monitoring to the workers, they pointed out that all patient information though is safe. chick-fil-a has a challenge, one simple thing to earn to free food, easy to do too. you can call this guy a crook with the conscious, see why he actually posed for this surveillance camera after break nothing to a convenient store and what he left behind. and, he brings an a game to the basketball game and court and classroom. big plans that star basketball player and student has for his future, we will be right back.
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a star high school basketball player in camden isn't just making a name for himself on the court. the a as pat gallen found out he is also a stand out student, in the classroom. >> reporter: high school basketball player averaging nearly 40-point per game, heads will turn. donovan guess is a senior the at leap academy in camden and he is the student behind some incredible stats this year, although, they weren't quite good enough for him. >> it was decent. it could have been better. >> reporter: leap academy
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season ended with the loss in the south jersey group one playoff despite 36 points, ten rebounds from donovan guess but for the 6-foot one guard it is not just about his stats on the court but numbers in the classroom. >> of course he has taken he has a 4.0g pa. he has a g pa of 3.8 with all of his classes. he will definitely be graduating at least from the business academy in my top five. >> grammar school students are coming into see to see him and is there the kid that dunks the ball. there is the kid on the news. it the is his image, his story, it is great that we are trying to work with the children we talk about all the time. >> reporter: one of the reasons is due to leap academy's flawless graduation rate. >> 100 percent, absolutely. >> reporter: is what next step for donovan, impressive schools are on his radar. >> u penn, princeton, to play basketball, and get my degree in business. >> reporter: what aspect. >> sports management. >> what do you want to do
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agent. if i can't play i want to be around it. >> reporter: from camden, pat gallen, "eyewitness sports". >> great kid. >> well, check this out, u.s.a., team u.s.a. is uprighting catmar on after a mishap yesterday. it could be a setback for the oracle team u.s.a. in the quest for another america's cup. that 45-foot catamaran capsized during a training run in bermuda none of the six sailors were injured and only slight damage to see electric tronics. america's cup competition includes event in new york harbor this may. sled dog race is ceremonial start this weekend in alaska will feature a special guest, snow. officials used heavy equipment to load snow near fairbanks bound for anchorage. anchorage got less than 2 inches of snow in february, and has persistently warmed temperatures too ididrod kicks off sunday. i'm thinking we need those railcars down here, for our
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snow tomorrow, what do you think. >> it will only be up to 2 inches. it may in the be enough. >> they are welcomed to it. >> i agree. >> blame el nino for that ab normally warm temperatures we have experienced certainly here at home as well especially during mountain of december. i will start things off here we will check with other eyewitness weather watcher network in a second but lets lot at map here. all is calm and clear. the nice tranquil binge, it is chilly too, see that in a second. here's the next disturbance, pretty nasty storm systems, already erupting, back to western tennessee and as well as portions of mississippi, that will track to west to straight east, sometimes you will see some curvature in the track here. it doesn't really happen. we will stay on the northern fringe, we will stay on the snowy side and we are expect to go get in on some snow. we will kick it off at 10:00 o'clock tonight for future snow amount about the time that the first flakes fall. i would say about this same time tomorrow you may have close to an inch, on the
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ground, half inch depending on location but it is primarily unpaved surfaces, especially fit has been treated, it shouldn't be terrible. i would still think about set ago this alarm extra early, however, tomorrow, just because you never want to be dealing with the slow downs that come along with any kind of wintry weather. the here's a look at the eyewitness weather watcher network as we will zoom into a couple spots here. we will find 20's around here. twenty-six from john, he has got a nice clear sky here, clear and cold that sums it up very, very well. another 26 degrees, thermometer reading coming from david. he too is seeing a nice clear sky out in clementon. let's go back outside to your school day forecast, it is not the a bad day, chilly, below average, but we will start with sunshine. we will keep it the most of the day. we will see clouds refill. high of 41. then snow comes tonight and first half tomorrow to slow you down. the high of 39. check this out, we will go on a surge, 65 tuesday with some sun no less, 70 on wednesday,
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what? everybody is cheering here in the studio. i know y'all love it but we have to deal with the snow in the meantime tomorrow. sorry, meisha. >> i refuse, no. >> all right, fine, thanks katie. good morning everybody. happy gate the way to the weekend. you heard it next week, 70 on tap, amazing news, that means we can get through, anything today, including a car fire here in tinicum township in delaware county. i-95 north off ramp is getting underway right the now and cleared out of the way. traffic is getting by for a moment it was ought something you could not drive through. they are out there crews are out there. i saw that a a little bit ago. cleaned up relatively shortly. blue route taillights in the moving in the northbound direction looking good here. looking in the southbound direction looking good there, blue route has been looking really nice all morning long. almost looks dairy say it, peaceful. it looks pretty peaceful. i-95 south coming around the s curve looking good here.
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we are seeing brake lights but overall still traveling at posted speeds. don't even think for a second that will hold on too long. construction delaware 495 north at the du pont highway that left lane is closed, left lane closed until 6:00 a a.m. we have a little bit left on that, i will let you know when it lifts, back over to you. u.s. government is eliminating any confusion over the difference between e cigarettes, and tobacco cigarettes on airplanes. you are not the allowed to have either of them, okay. government has long banned tobacco cigarettes on plane and that ban includes e cigarettes but apparently not everybody understood that. now officials say you are not allowed to smoke them or charge their batteries. you are not permitted to pack e the cigarettes in checked luggage just leave it the at home. speaking of cigarettes police in new mexico arrested this man 24 year-old ellis, for breaking in a convenient store over the weekend. apparently he was desperate for a pack of cigarettes. he allegedly broke the front door to get inside and once there he made sure security
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cameras caught him, paying for those cigarettes. left behind $6. now though he also has to pay for the front door which police say, it cost about $800. on your healthwatch this morning new evidence energy drinks may be bad for your heart, new researchers in california say 27 healthy volunteers, they found the drinking two cans of than a a energy drink a day may increase the risk of an abnormal heart rhythm and can lead to high blood pressure. a little will california girl and her family are breathing a sigh of relief after realizing what is causing her running nose for the past six months. five-year old chloe russell and her mom went to three different doctors and are you ready for this, all of them failed to note us the safety pin stuck up her nose. chloe never complained about the pain even though she had to blow her knows every few minutes. that is how it came out just this last weekend. >> it just shot out and there it was, we were like what is
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that. >> i was horrified. >> glad she's okay. >> chloe said that pin got stuck when she was building ray cast with the safety pins. she feels fine new but doctors will check her nest for infection. how did they in the see the safety pin? all right. upper darby native tina fey is back on the the big screen this weekend playing a reporter in the middle of the war. >> i need a story, i need to get something on the air. >> it ties dangerous. >> pretty good for you too. >> she talks about what attracted her to the real life story when we come right back.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪
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standing by for fun. ♪ chick-fil-a has a challenge for you, jut put down your cell phone don't call drake up on it. we will tell but the free offer to get you designed to talking again plus in person. first though upper darby's own tina fey takes on a new role for a movie that hits theaters this weekend n
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whiskey tango fox trot fey plays a war correspondent. wendy gilette gets a scoop on the new movie from the stars. >> she said welcome to afghanistan. >> reporter: new comedy whiskey tango fox trot find humor in war. tina fey play is a a television reporter in afghanistan, it is an adaption of street reporter kim gar versace's memoirs. >> what attract you to her story. >> kim's book her time working as a journalist in afghanistan is really funny, honest about how hard that she partied over there and all of the kind of dangerous situation that is she was in. >> hit the road. >> reporter: it wasn't exactly accurate the but it is generally like, your life. >> tina in the movie is a, she's a tv reporter, i'm obviously not. her name is kim baker. i'm kim barker. liberties were taken but it is really true to the narrative of my life.
5:54 am
>> i'm a woman in the house. >> reporter: fey's character bond with tanya played by margot robbie. no scenes were shot overseas. >> we're marine unit in the movie but a lot of the actual, movie was shot on the air force base in new mexico, flown around with helicopters, it was fantastic. >> reporter: fey produced the move which her former boss saturday night live creator lorn michaels. wendy gilette for cbs news, new york. >> good. >> toronto man wakes up to find a fresh layer of snow, and some belongings outside his house. u-haul truck left a huge pile of household items in front of the, his garage. he said he doesn't know why, or who they blank to. and that is not his only problem. >> if i could walk out, i have a car in there. >> he called city to remove items but they say sorry, it is on private property.
5:55 am
get this u-haul is not returning his calls. >> oh, in. >> his plan right now, yard sale, items included an unopened wii game consoled, hopefully something is contacting u-haul to get their stuff back. chick fill ellis offering their customers a challenge and a treat. dine hours can put their phones down during a meal can get free ice cream. it is available at 150 locally owned chick-fil-a location as cross the country. the company says the goal, it is to reduce distractions during meal time. i remember back in the day you don't answer phone during meal time. >> my father used to get so mad if the phone would ring during dinner. >> yes. >> yeah, we get so creative a and so good on so many levels. i had chick-fil-a and i love their sauce, it is sauce i: >> yes. >> and free ice cream too. >> great salsa too. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" philadelphia mayor jim kine will ask city council for money and gadget
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when he unveils his first budge tote day. we are live with how at least one of his proposals could cost you. if you can look at power of positivity these cheerleaders just may change your mine. how they are shattering stereotypes and spreading cheer to all that they need. that is coming up in our next hour, stay with us. good morning.
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good morning waking up to a calm, chilly morning but we are tracking some snow. katie will let you know how much it will a arrive and she times it out in just one moment. also a horrific scene in lehigh county when a car and a tractor trailer collide, five people were killed. and that road remains closed. find out when it will reopen and what investigators hope to reveal today. astronaut scott kelly returns to the u.s. after his historic space mission. it looks different the one noticeable change in his appearance, plus, the gifts he received from the president, we will tell you. good morning it is thursday, march 3rd i'm erika von tiehl. winter weather advisory has been issued for late tonight
6:00 am
into tomorrow. katie is on the skies deck. meisha has your morning traffic. you have a calm morning drive, right guys. >> indeed we do. >> roads are looking g we started off with a bang but now slowing dunn. katie, what is in store for us. >> we will get throughout bolt commutes today, the morning and evening rush without any major hitch. is it not until any snow begins to fall and accumulate. for now it is cold. worst of the wind has tapered off. that was wicked sun yesterday. but now we are waiting, for that next system to get here. we showed you a a moment ago on storm scan. at a local level there is nothing happening, folks. we have clear skies and with the clear sky, we have been noticing a contrast above us here at cbs-3 headquarters in spring garden. you can actually see looking closely back toward williamsport do you see clouds and lake enhanced snow showers pushing through.


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