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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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in march and lauren says there is one day we could even hit 80, we will tell you which one. also this morning it looks like this is a giant heap of metal but that is actual a a car that slammed in the building overnight. drastic steps crew hayseed to take to get that driver's body to the morgue. also we are live on the scene of the the fire on the main line that sent three people to the hospital. find out who rushed into that burning home to save their lives before fire fighters arrived. good morning it is wednesday march 9th i'm erika von tiehl. we're talking about bernie sanders stunning upset in a key primary state. first they back to that incredible weather, lauren on the sky deck and for once it doesn't feel bad out there. good morning, ladies. >> good morning, road are looking good but we have a couple accidents out there i will get to those in a moment. lets get right into the great news, lauren, bearer of all of the good news this morning. >> it the feels great. i do not even need this jacket, sunrise, it is about 20 minutes away and it is a beautiful start to our
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wednesday. we're feeling so nice right now. definitely in the really march-like. feeling like spring, for sure, quiet conditions. we will have a lot of sunshine in store for today. storm scan three confirming that, really quiet conditions, a few passing cloud, otherwise, a whole bunch of nothing. temperatures right now 44 degrees in philadelphia, in wind to worry about. we're 46 down the shore. four 2a very mild start in the poconos, and we are heading up for record warmth today. 79 degrees, our forecast high for today, our average high temperature is 50 degrees. so we are going well beyond that, previous record 73 setback in 2,000. we will crush that today, in your daily planner, just gorgeous conditions, 56 degrees with sunshine by 9:00 o'clock hour. beautiful on your lunch hour, you might want to take lunch hour and a half, mostly sunny, 37 degrees and we will top out at 79 meisha by end of the the daze today and more record warmth in the forecast. i will have details on that
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coming up. >> it will be gorgeous, thanks very much, lauren. good morning everyone. if you are just waking up we are so glad you are here grabbing your first cup of coffee. we have an accident at schuylkill eastbound at girard pulled off to the right, hard to see as this is behind this tree. just take net they are in the moving, very, very slow here, schuylkill eastbound a at girard, we have that accident there. also i-95 south, past cottman take a look at how slow this is as well. the just cracking now in the 6:00 o'clock hour we are seeing significant, significant slow downs in areas. in accident here, this is just your normal, rush volume. starting to build right there. forty-two freeway, north bound at creek road in new jersey, for those taking this 295 this is basically what you are looking at still traveling at posted seed but starting to build, volume levels right the now compared to what it was even i would say just 25 or so minutes ago. accident here involving university avenue, before curie boulevard, make net, because this will slow you down as well and then also i will have a reminder of a
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closure on the vine street expressway coming up in 15 minutes. erika, back over to you. meisha, thank you. new this morning a driver is dead after what police say was a high speed crash, in kensington. the carries unrecognizable as it sits at second and cecil b more. police tell "eyewitness news" that vehicle was going extremely fast when it slammed into several park cars and a house and then burst into flames. the car was so badly damage fire fighters could not least move the victim's body so they had to toe the entire car, to the medical examiner's office. while you were still sleeping, heroic actions by a a couple of police officers who rushed into a burning building to save the lives of people inside on the main line. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joining us live in lower merion with more on those heroic officers going above and beyond the call of duty, justin, good morning. >> reporter: lower merion fire chief says police were first to arrive when they found this home with heavy flames showing
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from the second floor. the officer's went inside and pulled out two people, and then fire fighters went inside to the the second level and then pulled out the a third, both are split second decision that is saved lives. >> at this point it is not habitable. >> reporter: as fire ravaged this home first responders faced down those flames and fears to rescue you three victims trapped inside. >> they had fire showing on the second floor, and police officers pulled two people out from the front on arrival, fire department went in, and found another victim on the second floor. >> reporter: back to back shows of bravery, minutes before midnight came calls of the house fire at 18 rena, the fire was under control within 20 minutes. >> right now, the smoke damage is throughout the house, we had one bedroom that was just destroyed by the fire. >> reporter: officials say the main line home may have housed as many as eight occupants at the time of the fire, at least three hospitalized. >> right new we're still
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investigating still trying to get statements from the occupants that were on location. >> reporter: this morning we have one person at penn presbyterian with reports of the smoke inhalation and two others taken to lankenau as you heard the chief say the investigation is still very active. the home at this time is uninhabitable, no gas or power to this home at this time. erika, back over to you. >> justin, thanks for the update. huge flames right now and reports of the explosions at this business in delaware county. chopper three caught the intense scene here as it the unfolded in colwyn boro. that two alarm fire broke you the last night in the the auto body shop on ellis avenue. fire fighters believed that fire started outside, and then worked its way in to the building. more than 100 fire fighters battled that blaze, fortunate thely in, been was injured. meanwhile philadelphia police are investigating as many as six homicide committed in the short span of time. latest happened in east falls around 10:00 last night. police were called to the 3100
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block of abbotts ford avenue as they found a map's bod which multiple gunshot wound. police believe the victim in his 20's and 30's was the intended target. bernie sanders and hillary clinton face off one again tonight in a debate this time in florida. showdown comes just one day after sanders claimed a surprise victory over clinton in last night's michigan primary. on the g.o.p. side donald trump defeated his rivals in michigan, mississippi and hawaii but as craig boswell reports, one of trump's opponents also scored a win. >> reporter: bernie sanders regain momentum last night picking up a big win in michigan's primary contest over rival hillary clinton. >> i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan, who kind of repied eighthed the polls that had us 20, 25 points down a few days ago. >> reporter: clinton who scored a victory in mississippi brushed off loss looking ahead to the general election. >> running for president shouldn't be about delivering
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insults, it should be about delivering results for the american people. >> reporter: for sanders, the race is an uphill climb, former secretary of state has already earned more than half of the delegates needed to clinch the party nomination. >> in terms of the super delegates he is way behind hillary clinton and i just don't see that changing barring some catastrophic problem with her campaign. >> reporter: despite efforts by some in the republican establishment to derail donald trump's campaign trump to continues to extend his lead picking up even more victories last night. >> there is only one person that did well tonight, donald trump i will tell you. >> reporter: billion air front runner defeated his rivals in michigan, mississippi and hawaii while ted cruz carried idaho. >> we have tremendous expert on the the grass roots and we are fighting to earn delegates. >> reporter: marco rubio suffered a brutal night's merging with no new delegates. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". our coverage of the
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campaign 2016 continues on line, for latest on the numbers and candidates, go to our web site at cbs man suspect of shooting an idaho pastor over the weekend has been arrested all the way across the kentfully washington d.c. secret service agents caught kyle odom throwing objects over south fence of the white house yesterday, pastor tim remington was shot six times in the parking lot of his church, sunday. he is expect to survive. after the shooting, odom reportedly flew to washington. >> we took measures to try to locate them and then we put a warrant in the system in the national database how someone with a felony warrant could board a airplane i'm not the person to answer that question. >> police do not have a motive for that shooting but they say odom left behind writing that is listed pastor and names of the several lawmakers. still ahead this morning montgomery county has its first confirmed case of the zika virus, find out how that person got infected. >> also this.
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>> initially i could not walk at all. the it hit both side of my body but more on my left. >> that with man almost died after just get herring hair washed at a salon, find out how the simple service caused debilitating condition and what you can do to prevent from it happening to you. and president obama is skipping nancy reagan's funeral to attend another event, find out what he plans to do instead, coming up. >> ♪ beautiful morning, 52 degrees in center city, it will warm up from here, we will let you know when we will hit 80 this week when we come back. i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was
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2016 arrived with 85 mushers, three of them have since dropped out. race doesn't look like your typical iditrod, sometime sledding over dirt instead of snow. lack of snow made 1,000-mile race in alaska more treacherous but snow that was shipped from fairbanks to anchorage was never used. the winner is expected to cross finish line in the town of nome early next week. to texas where strong storms are, stranding drivers on flooded streets. rescuers faced several people from the rising water after flash flooding caught them off guard. six students and a school bus driver also had to be rescued with their school bus, stalled in the high water. some areas outside dallas got more than 6 inches of rain, yesterday and they are expecting more storms, today. and lauren, back here at home talking about a different picture we're talking record
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warmth. >> very quiet forecast and very warm forecast, and more good news is that we will spring ahead as we head in the upcoming weekend, setting those clocks, forward, we will lose an hour of sleep but check this out on sunday our sunset time will be at 7:06. that is so nice when we extend that sunshine into the evening hours. we will can still enjoy the evening after we get off work and sunrise, yeah, it is coming up, beautiful scene across center city philadelphia temperatures are cool, 44 degrees but nice, calm wind and temperatures will be soaring under a a lot of sunshine today. storm scan three is showing us the trend, very quiet, conditions, just a couple of clouds passing on by, sunshine will be the dominant factor throughout the day-to-day, temperatures across the a area with the clear skies and calm wind overnight that does promote radiational cooling. we have chilly temperatures in some spots, 36 in allentown. we are at 40 in millville. 41 degrees in wilmington but this big mild air mass in place across eastern half of the country.
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keep in mind we are at 6:15 in the morning and temperatures in nashville in the 60's, same case in birmingham and we will keep this mild air mass around through the day-to-day and through the day tomorrow. record to beat today, ac record high temperature is 78 degrees, mount pocono, record is 71. we will get close, in mount pocono, and then a as we head in the day tomorrow more record, will be approaching, and likely brand cross the region. so our high temperature today 79 degrees in philadelphia, which definitely shattering that record, in down the shore likely we won't break record temperatures, and, 73 degrees, and, 78 degrees, and, march beach day, and we will get close to the record high temperature in mount pocono with a high climbing to near 70 degrees. the just beautiful conditions, makes you want to move out of work early on a wednesday. >> sure does. >> i'd say. >> how are road looking. >> they are looking really busy. more vehicles we will get on the roadways we can bet there will be probably an accident
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or two. that is exactly what we are dealing w overnight construction for most part has cleared out of our way. now navigating a around these accidents, one, one area that we do not want an accident right around now the 6:00 o'clock hour or so we don't want one on the schuylkill. we have an accident at schuylkill eastbound at girard talk behind the street, hard to see but what you can see is backup that is starting to form. this carries on for quite sometime, one of the backup shots i will show you, take a look at this, the schuylkill at montgomery leading up to this accident. we are looking at another one even push back further, and it looks just like this one the. so if you can a avoid it at all cost, schuylkill eastbound at girard you will want to do so because you do not the want to be sitting in this. you like hot coffee? it is not hot sitting in that tell thaw one right now. ninety-five south at cottman, coming around the s curve you can see it starting to build. when we see brake lights like that you are no longer traveling at posted speeds and you are not here. so leaving home just give yourself a couple extra
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minutes. another accident at university avenue before cure i boulevard. this next up video will make your jaw drop man gets in the back of the cab and points a gun at driver's head but what happens next is even more astonishing. also it was voted one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in america and it is right here in philadelphia. where you can order one and essentially ingredient that makes sandwich stan out from the rest, coming up.
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a would be robber is certainly picking the wrong time to pull his gun on the cabdriver in reading berks county. do you see this surveillance video from inside that reading met the tro taxi shows suspect, didn't know a sheriff's deputy was in his patrol car, right behind the tab. the deputy turned on his lights and approached when it didn't move to the green light that is when suspect tried to make a run for it but he did not get far. he is in jail this morning. the official mourning period begins today for nancy reagan. this afternoon there will be a small ceremony filled by public viewing at ronald reagan presidential library any california. mourners can pay their respects until tomorrow, and the funeral is friday. then mrs. reagan will be buried next to her husband on the library ground. first lady michelle obama will attend nancy reagan's funeral but with the her husband. washington post reports
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president obama will keep his commitment to speak at south by southwest festival in austin, texas. 6:20 right now. coming up an leather for new parents why baby form lamay in the deliver what they promise. also having your hair washed at salon is supposed to be a relaxing, pampering experience but it can also be dangerous, even deadly, find out how it caused one woman to have a stroke. record smashing temperatures today and tomorrow, lauren, how about it, how warm will will we get. >> we will get very warm after mid 70's yesterday we are cruising up to 80 degrees today, today went be only record breaker, ill will's let you you know how long this warmth will last in the full forecast coming
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on your healthwatch this morning, lafayette college in easton says worst of the stomach bug appears to be over. nearly 50 students got sick over the weekend, school officials however say number of cases is subsiding. the pennsylvania department of health is working to determine the cause of that out break. in montgomery county, they are reporting a first case of the zeka virus. the county health department says a five five-year old woman who traveled out of the country to an area where virus is present. it is mostly spread through mosquito by the and there are six confirmed cases of zeka in
6:24 am
pennsylvania. new research in great britain found special baby form last that claim to protect against allergies are not effective. study published in the medical journal british medical journal looked at 37 different trials. it found no evidence that the formula reduced the risk of developing conditions, such as milk allergies and eczema. getting your hair washed at the salon should be a relaxing experience but it can be a dangerous one. health reporter stephanie stahl explains why. >> reporter: before nearly every blow dryer cut, hair is washed in basins like these but 48 year-old elizabeth smith says getting her hair washed at a salon nearly killed her. >> i was shock, that happened to me. >> reporter: almost two weeks after the visit doctors told elizabeth the she suffered a stroke, here's he's pictures months later, she's not able to smile. smith says doctors determined it was position of her head in the washbasin that probably
6:25 am
caused a blood clot leading to a stroke. >> well, initially i could not walk at all, it hit both side of my body but more my left so i could not move my left arm at all. >> reporter: the it turns out this has a name, beauty parlor stroke syndrome. doctors say it is rare but can happen when necks are hyper extended. >> when a patient is leaning their head back and you can possibly tear, irritate these posterior circulation or have these kind of strokes. >> reporter: smith is a single mom and two years after her stroke she still has dizziness and vision loss, so much so they fell recently leaving her with a black eye. the doctors say if she suffers a second stroke she could die. >> unaudible. >> reporter: she's suing her salon and warns others to be careful. doctors recommend using towels to prop up your head on the washbasin so you are not tilt willing it more than 20 degrees, or even have your hair washed by flipping it forward with your face down. i'm stephanie stahl, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 6:25 right now.
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what a spectacular sight in the sky a total solar eclipse, see over parts of the asia, coming up find out when people here in the u.s. cane that rare phenomenon. ♪ >> and, see him on stage right there that is a local student jamming with bruce springsteen, what he did to get the boss's attention, jan. and melt kraft is making a name for itself for delicious grilled cheese sandwiches now making a name for itself all over the country. i'm jan carabao in rittenhouse, coming up we will show you secret to the goodness and how you cannery create this magic at home. well, all right. we have a couple accidents out there causing some significant delays and overnight closure you don't want to miss all that coming up but first take a quick break and stay right where you are with the
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good morning, to you, a gorgeous look outside, and you just may have a case of the spring fever as you wake up today. it will feel like may or even june as we can smash some record and lauren, i love this we are starting off with the nice temperature here. it will just get better. >> yes, don't need that winter coat or most of us won't. still chill any some spots with the clear skies but temperatures are soaring, now that the sunnies up, and they are cruising up to record levels a nice treat after a chilly weekend. >> we're due. >> definitely. temperatures have been on the rise over the last self days and today will be our warmest day, actually just last november. live look at center city, beautiful clear sky, condition, 44 degrees, nice calm wind. temperatures across the a area we are chilliest in some spots, 39 degrees in toms river but you 43 not too bad
6:31 am
to start in cherry hill. thirty-eight, cool her in mount holly but voorhees we are in the 40's at 43 degrees. and temperatures north and west, chillier as it the is expect, 38 degrees to start off in doylestown and 36 in quakertown but a a the plus forecast for today, got to like that for 8:00 o'clock hour. hanging out waiting for bus in problems, 53 degrees under mostly sunny skies and heading home from the bus, 79 degrees, with those record temperatures, in store and yes, we will smash a record for the day-to-day, 79 degrees, your forecast high and that is in fact, meisha our warmest day, since november, 2015. soak it all in but we will to have soak too much because we will have more record warmth in store for tomorrow and we will talk about that coming up. >> i love sound of that, thanks very much, lauren, good morning, happy wednesday, if you are just waking up with us, well, we're talking about an accident at schuylkill eastbound at girard that has been since cleared. great the news for those just thinking about heading out
6:32 am
there right now. now this is residual backups, it is always busy here but this is a little bit heavier then normal because of an accident that has been clear. now our volume levels typical morning rush volume levels added on to the residual from after that crash has been cleared. take a look at this schuylkill at city avenue, all the way from city a avenue that crash. we have got girard. so this will put it in perspective and then take a look at the that sunshine, sun up, slow down, pass those sunglasses you will need them. it the is gorgeous out there schuylkill taillights moving eastbound past the curve, this is what you are looking at, not too bad, we are looking good out there. one closure i do want to call your tension to vine street expressway, east and westbound is closed overnight tonight, tomorrow night between the schuylkill and broad street. this will take place from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. that will affect a lot of people so make note of that. that accident involving entrapment on university avenue that is been since cleared, erika, back over to you. check this out a spectacular sight, a solar
6:33 am
eclipse, people in south east asia saw this show yesterday, correspondent don champion explains when the u.s. will get that same chance. >> wow. >> reporter: 40 million people in three time zones took in last night's total eclipse, in indonesia people cheered as they witnessed morning return tonight, and rare phenomenon across south east asia happened when the moon moves in front of the sun casting a shadow on the ground n some places total solar eclipse lasted for four minutes. nasa scientists were on the ground and used the opportunity to study the sun's atmosphere and solar storms which east affect planets. >> they can also impact our technology, satellite, gps, and even be harmful to astronauts in space. it is really critical that we understand the cover roane a which is where all this axis happening. >> reporter: this video was taken on board an alaska airline flight to hawaii. airline adjusted flight plan
6:34 am
so passengers could take in the sight. for the first time in 30 years on august 21st, 2017, millions of the u.s. will get to experience a total eclipse. the temporary pass of darkness will begin in oregon and sliding the country, down into south carolina. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". camille cosby says that she never read a deposition where her husband bill cosby admits he gave sedatives to woman he planned to have sex w camille cosby was deposed in a defamation lawsuit last movement seven women say that cosby called them liars, over sexual assault allegations. camille cosby also says that she never read sexual assault complaint against him made by a former temple employee. the 78 year-old cost bit has entered a not guilty plea to those charges. his lawyers want the defamation suit suspended until criminal case has been resolved. put yourself in the situation here walking down
6:35 am
the street and find a big old bag of cash, what do you do? well, that is exact situation, a septa employee found himself in. bob tracie spotted a bag containing more than $15,000, just sitting in the middle of the street, in drexel hill. at first he thought it was a with man's purse and then he saw the wind fall inside, dozens of crisp hundreds and 20-dollar bills. so what did he do next? he followed his heart and turned that money into police. >> i want someone to do that for me, you know, so that is why i did that as fast as i could. >> in the world of the mike chitwood if nobody claims the money, it should go to him but in the legal world, i don't know we need to research that. >> the upper darby police department is investigating where that money came from but, what an honest man. get ready for mouth to water over this next story. some of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the the country are being made right here in philadelphia a jan
6:36 am
carabao is jim us from melt kraft in rittenhouse square. we are wondering what makes these sandwiches so special and more importantly can you you bring some back. we'll all take one. >> reporter: i'm taking orders, erika. good morning. that is right. we are here at melt kraft who is making themselves for the go to place to buy grilled cheese sandwiches. they have five locations. this is late necessary rittenhouse square. this is master mind behind all of the menu, grilled cheese chef rebeck foxman. take us through what makes this so special. is there one key ingredient you make in your own creamery. >> we make the cheese ourselves in a creamery at moorestown, new jersey. >> reporter: you can buy the cheese at reading terminal market f you feel like buying it by the pound, have a great sandwich anytime. rebecca will take us way to elevate your regular grilled cheese at home. what do we start with here. >> we will do a classic, grilled cheese which we do in the restaurant, all the time. it is one of our most popular
6:37 am
sandwiches. i just start with butter. you want to butter both side of the sandwich. and then four cheeses. it comes out to about half a pound of cheese all together a lot of cheese. >> a lot of cheese, yes, exactly. we will start with sharp cheddar, we are a gooey, cheese for fundo. this is our cheese from the creamery, as well, and then some pro ohio loan. what we always want to do when you make it the at home and i always do you want to salt and pepper the sandwich. season it. you have to put a tiny bit of roasted garlic oil on it for a little will bit of flavor, that undetect really good profile that helps it be elevated from what it is. >> garlic oil. >> that is how we make our roasted gar rick which goes on our sandwiches too. i like to put tomato.
6:38 am
i'm making my favorite grilled cheese which is a classic grilled cheese from our creamery with tomato. >> and bacon. >> it is breakfast, you have to put some bacon on there. >> why not. we top it with bread. >> and more butter. >> yes. >> and then at home you can use a grilled pan, a sandwich press, sort of whatever you like and then we put it on the grill, lit it flip. these grills at home you might in the have to. when you are finish, it looks just like that and it is a super, gooey, creamy and delicious. >> exactly. >> yes. >> that is so wonderful. >> thank you. >> and that makes your sandwiches so specialist that cheese. >> that is what makes it so specialist high quality cheese and we sort of, we shred it so it doesn't become oily or a
6:39 am
mess, we want a good, gooey and stringy, we put it in the box and we have it here with covered ranch, grilled pickles and potato chips. >> that is it. i'm already hungry. you know what, if you are like me and you want someone tolls make your sandwich for you, melt kraft is opened seven days a week. >> opened seven days a week at reading terminal market in philadelphia. >> erika, i have to go eat my sandwich. >> take a big bite for me, i want to see it. big bite. >> on tv you are putting me on the spot. >> ten seconds to go. >> yes. >> rebecca says it is hot, but that is okay. let's see it. >> that looks delicious, look at how gooey. oh, jan, living the dream. >> so good. >> thank you, jan. big thank to you melt ka. >> thank you so much. >> it looks pretty darn gooda.
6:40 am
i'll stop. different kind of melty cheese and thinks a big comfort food too. kraft has quiet thely change their mack and cheese recipe to remove artificial preservatives, flavors and food dyes. they say in one noticed. they add that the flavor has not changed, kraft has sold 50 million boxes office new recipe. this one is better for you now still ahead, victoria secret swim special air tonight right here on cbs and we are giving you a sneak peak. i got the a little advice from one of the angel, lily aldridge, her number one tip to get woman bikini ready. >> ♪ >> adults now have a place to party like everyone else, where the party at in this weeks story of brotherly love. >> ♪
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welcome back. if you want to check out those famous cherry blossoms in washington d.c. you might want to to make plans now. the national park service moved up their predictions for peak bloom dates, it is now between march 18th and the 23rd. that is almost two weeks earlier then usual and we're told it is due to the unseasonably warm weather which we will enjoy later on today but a comfortable start to the morning, right, lauren. >> comfortable a, chilly, clear skies, calm wind that allows temperatures to cool off efficiently but conversely once sun goes up, things heat up very quickly at that, calling on our weather watchers, temperature december parity across the region. we are 47 degrees right the now checking with our weather watcher john in philadelphia. he is reporting sunshine, calm
6:45 am
wind and he says looking forward to another beautiful day outdoors. it will be a great within to spend a lot of time outdoors today, if you have the day off today you are a lucky person. the little chillier as we head north and west, of the city, 35 degrees right the now checking with our weather watcher christopher. he is reporting 35 in saint david. clear sky conditions, calm wind and he has nice outdoor plans later today. chilly morning. we will warm up to the forecast another great day, can't wait to play tennis, this afternoon and this afternoon is going to be a great one to get outdoors and enjoy your favorite sport or do work maybe, prepping garden getting ready for spring. temperatures in 30's in some spots. thirty-six in lehigh valley. we are at 44 degrees right the now in philadelphia. storm scan three is extremely quiet this morning, that is the trend all through the day today with just a few passing included, otherwise dominant sunshine. future weather will confirm that as time rolls on nothing really happening. a a few more clouds heading
6:46 am
into thursday but commute is nice and dry for us as we head into thursday night though especially after midnight we will see a weak cold front dropping in, could bring us showers late in intensity this is thursday night into early friday morning but conveniently they will clear out in time for friday morning commute. we will still have some clouds hanging around but those clouds will clear, pretty quickly on the back side of the frontal boundary as we head in the second half of the day on friday but for today it is all sunshine, record smashing temperatures, 79 degrees, for tonight mostly clear, mild, 55 degrees and your seven day forecast, meisha, not looking too shabby, 80 degrees thomas we head in the upcoming weekend we will springford into some mid 60's. >> wow, that is just awesome, lauren, all right, good morning everyone, happy wednesday to you. it is just looking, awesome outside. we know it will feel awesome, looking good too. now one of the best things that i have for you is an accident on the schuylkill eastbound at girard that has been since cleared. this ace a look at montgomery,
6:47 am
schuylkill at montgomery, this boys one of the backup shots, sure, looking busy but it is looking better here now then it was just 15 or 20 minutes ago as we start to loosen up that congestion after that accident. now with that being said we are moving toward the heart of the rush hour still very busy but actually looking better, and also city avenue, schuylkill at city avenue another backup shot that we are using looking a lot better here then it was just moments ago new with that accident cleared as well. you can see it moving in the westbound direction still looking very, very busy over there, in longer traveling at posted speed. look at the that sunshine, pack your sunglasses, you will need it, we will be dealing with sun up, slow down but who is complaining about that, nobody, don't even do it. ninety-five before girard moving good looking in the southbound direction no longer traveling at posted speed there but you can expect that pushing toward 7:00. this is a closure, vine street, east and westbound closed overnight tonight and tomorrow night, between the schuylkill and broad street and that is between 11:00 p.m.
6:48 am
and 5:00 a.m. make note of that. that will impact a lot of us. another reminder, betsy ross bridge westbound to richmond street is closed, until early may. we will take a peak as you see 19 on the schuylkill, 19 on i-95 and slower at the this point. back over to you. lasalle university student gets the chance of a lifetime, while home in st. louis on spring break tom england got to jam on stage with bruce springsteen and the e street band. man, he is holding his own up there too. tom's parents gave him loene ticket to sunday's show. he made a catchy sign that read can i work on the highway with the e street band. >> i popped the sign above my head and saw him reading it, and bruisings, he looks right at me and says what do you want to do. >> he said i want to sing this with you. >> he said what do you do. >> i play guitar. >> bruce looks at me and says
6:49 am
come on up. >> tom says he has nothing left on his bucket list now, he has check everything off. video was taken by australian springsteen fan and it has gone viral to more than 14,000 views. >> how about it. >> right now 6:49. >> time to come up, gayle king joins us. good morning. erika, what a great story. bruce springsteen calls you on stage and you deliver. >> can you imagine. >> awesome. >> yes, i love that. i will google that, i want to see what he looks like. >> absolutely. >> lets talk to john dickerson about bernie sanders huge upset and whether marco rubio can make it to the florida primary. plus new crash test videos that shows how front seats break. latest developments in the cbs news investigation. this was supposed to revolutionize medicine we will look at what critics say this company did not deliver. and we will look back at incredible career of beatles
6:50 am
producer george martin, the news is back in the morning and we will see new ten minutes and counting. erika, we will be ready at 7:00. >> the fifth beetle will be missed, yes. >> see you. >> bye. leaving high school, it can be a lonely time and hard to make friends in the adult world sometimes. young people with special needs have an even tougher time. as ukee washington shows us in this story of brotherly love there is a special place where they can all go. >> reporter: it started with parents want their children to enjoy young adulthood like everyone else. on the dance floor. >> ♪ >> reporter: it is friday night and party is hopping at maureen welch elementary school in churchville, bucks county. everyone will tell you it is a good time. you can hear the the music. >> if i didn't have this dance i wouldn't be doing anything friday night. >> reporter: most of the people have special need, autism, down syndrome.
6:51 am
>> adults with disabilities, and kid with disabilities they have a really hard time with socializing, making friend. >> reporter: robin young knows her 27 year-old doubt a hanna has down syndrome. she also loves music. >> robin and other volunteers started these dances with the help of the lower bucks family ymca, specifically for young people like hanna. >> to listen to some music and have a chance to dance and be like everybody else, it is really important. >> you see people come in who don't know anyone from this group, and partner, and they partner with them and having a perfect time. >> reporter: parent and caregivers enjoy a night out as well. >> it is like a wedding. i mean the adults are up dancing. >> reporter: attending fee is $5, members are free, donations pay for snack, rental and the dj. the young people pay them back
6:52 am
with joy. each inly dance has a theme, like spring fling or a crazy hat dance, if you want to find out about upcoming dances, just go to cbs to find out more. i'll see you tonight. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if the warm weather doesn't have you thinking about the beach, then victoria secret swim special, certainly will. it is airing tonight on cbs. i got the chance to talk to age a he will lily aldridge about what this show is sets apart from the fashion show. >> it is so different. they are two completely different show. it is a fashion show. you see us walking down the runway. this is is very much more kind of inside, glimpse at what one of our swimsuits are like. you you see us in the morning, throughout the day what happens with days off on these trips, it is really fun, different and get to know our personalities. we have nick jonas and demi lovato. it was so cool to be on a
6:53 am
island with these super stars, singing to us, it was kind of incredible. >> what an experience. >> speaking of the islands, saint parts i have never been. i hear it is beautiful but trick toy get to. >> there is a notorious flight only five minutes long but to get through it, you have to glide through the cliffs and hills and they turn the engine off and you kind of flied on this tiny runway. so it is pretty actually scary but once there you are well worth it and they had girls on the the flight for the first time which i'm curious to see. my first time i was like wow. hyperventilating. >> i love seeing the swim wear fashion that you guys model every year. it was there anyone trend that u.s. specially like. >> i like the sporty trend, it is sexy, different, high neck, razor back, very athletic, and neon bright colors, it is very my style. >> we all know the season is
6:54 am
coming up, we will be in the 70's here on the east coast this week. if we're trying to look our best for bikini weather, any tip or advice for us. >> i always think etan helps any bikini body, so, stay tan. big believe inner sun block but you you can get bronzers and give yourself a little glow before you hit that beach. >> there you have it. you can see victoria secret swim special starring angels nick jonas and demi lovato tonight at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. we will be right back.
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topping headlines this morning a driver is dead and a car demolished in a violent overnight crash in kensington. police say that the car hit several parked cars, and then a building at a high rate of speed, near second and cecil b more avenue. police transport that had wreckage to a morgue because body could not be removed. also chopper three over a huge fire in a colwyn delaware county industrial park. at least 15 cars caught fire and that fire spread to a nearby building. eyewitnesses say explosions rocked the building, during that blaze. and, bernie sanders notches an upset over hillary clinton in michigan. the sanders says it will give his campaign momentum it needs with the debate against clinton tonight. clinton won in mississippi, donald trump won in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. ted cruz won in idaho. before we go lets touch on the forecast. i'm loving these temperatures. >> i don't have much other than warmth and sunshine,
6:59 am
79 degrees today. eighty tomorrow. chance of a few showers thursday night, gradual clearing on friday, bit cooler but well above average at 68. upcoming weekend we will spring, forward and 60's. not too bad. >> thank you for that, lauren. >> good morning everyone. this is a look at schuylkill past curve looking very slow, in longer traveling at posted speed there, i-95 south at cot main same story. eighteen on i-95 south, 15 on the vine, 36 on the schuylkill and 39, as you push north bound on the the blue route. >> sun glare out there. >> it sure is. >> yes. >> need those shades. >> next up this morning could seats in your car put your children a at risk. after one boy's life is forever changed and jury's verdict is sending a message to car makers. they will have stories on cbs this morning. have a good day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, march 9th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." bernie sanders pulls off a huge upset over hillary clinton in michigan. and donald trump calls for the republicans to unite after his three victories. breaking news. a building explodes in seattle injuring several firefighters. we are on the scene. and saying good-bye to the fifth beatle, legendary producer george martin. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. a huge voter turnout and i'm talking about a huge voter turnout. >> bernie sanders pulls off a major upset in michigan. >> we have our differences.


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