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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, happening right now, a woman abducted off of a septa bus. the suspect breaking a window to get on board with a gun. the clue investigators are working with to identify their man. also, the final four candidates running for the republican presidential nomination, hoses debate with far fewer fireworks than before. the big endorsement donald trump may be getting today. after two days of record setting temperatures katie is looking ahead to your weekends. will that warm up continue? she has the answer. good morning, it is friday, march 11, i'm erika von tiehl. we also have light rain overnight. we want to check in with katie and meisha with the latest on the roads and the forecast. >> good morning, it felt awesome outside already this morning, katie. we've had a string every just
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nice days, by the way, welcome back. >> thank you. >> happy friday. >> thank you. >> tgif. what's in store for us snowed. >> a little wet weather out there, but we'll see it push out pretty quickly here, end up with more sun than anything before the day is all said than done. rain does eventually make return appearance to the forecast, you tends to see those waves of evan flow when it comes to the weather, right? but at the moment storm scan3, tranquil, overall again still finding few little damp spots out, there but any wet weather we had on the overnight has moved out. still finds few showers off to the north and west, might still leave behind damp road here and there across the lehigh valley for example. maybe even as far as southeast, some of the outlying suburbs surrounding philadelphia. generally speaking this is a system that's making its retreat, we will ends up with the clouds breaking for sunshine. as we take a quick peak here at "skycam 3", for the most part, no problems with visibility, you can still tell there are clouds around, 66 is our current temperature, northwest winds flow at 12 miles per hour, but even
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despite that, still feels like what the thermometer reads. that said, as the day progresses, we'll see the clouds and any wet weather certainly break for more and more sunshine, and even though it is going to be cooler by comparison today, meisha, a actually still staying well above average. so the hits keep rolling for us in that department. >> you can't even complain about the 60s in march, absolutely. thanks so much, katie. good morning, happy friday to you. we made it to the ends of the work week, this is our first look of live roadways, the vine is open, looking great. both moving in the eastbound and westbound direction. you can see, eastbound maybe heating up just ever so slightly little faster than the westbound direction, overall vine open and looking good. the schuylkill before spring garden another area looking good, nice and quiet. roadways are nice and dry. make note of this, mass transit, pail old i thorndale line, check your schedules on line, absolutely make sure to do that. then we do have construction here, pa turnpike westbound between delaware valley and the neshaminy service plaza, left lane blocked, also, some more construction, 295
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southbound at route 42 all lanes are blocked until 5:00 a.m. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, a thank you. search is on this morning for woman who police say was abducted while riding a septa bus overnight. want to check in with "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch. he joins us at septa's frankford transportation center. justin, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, police are looking for that woman as well as the man they say abducted her, pulled her from this bus behind us here, at the frankford transportation center, now being processed by septa police, as well as philadelphia police. as you can see the fourth window on the driver side of that bus, that damage to that bus was done by the alleged kidnapper, in this case. let's take to you video from overnight of the roosevelt boulevard where this all took place at about 2:00. this morning police say that bus was being tailed by a silver or gray pontiac vehicle, perhaps a grand pre of some sort. eventually further south the car cut off the bus and a man
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got out of the pontiac, he then approached the bus, went around to the other side where the woman he was after was aboard. she was exit that bus, police say, and now actually exited the man in the car came around and started punching her in the face violent lip, forced her into the pontiac. the pontiac fled, have not been table track down the car since. police do have license plate that far car they say it is a delaware plate, a temporary tag, they've run that plate several times through several state. they have not been able to come up with a match at this time. so at this time they are looking for the driver and the woman. we know the woman is a black female, long dark hair, wearing dark clothing, about five-seven in her 20's, the man is about five-eight, to five-ten, slender build, clean cut, black male, last seen with that woman in that pontiac going south on roosevelt boulevard.
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police are pulling video from the bus and of course the driver of the man they say who took her. much more, but for now back over to you. >> justin finch thanks for the update. >> more on big problem facing thousand of septa commuters this morning, septa -- service remains suspended after major power problems last night. those problems started last night around 5:30, when power lines came down around the ardmore station. that left passengers stranded at 30th street station in the middle of rush hour. some took the market frankford line to 69th street, training felled to the norristown high-speed line. other hopped on shuttle buses. >> i'm surprised the train in was great, but coming back it has been a nightmare so far. >> wait it out. i got wife at home with a infant. i can't ask her to wake up the child and drive down here and get me, so i am at the mercy of septa. >> no word yet on when service will be restored, septa tells us they are optimistic they'll have power restored soon. once again still no service on
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septa's paoli thorndale line. we'll bring you an update as soon as we get it, i know meisha is staying on top of this one. firefighters are working around the clock in south jersey trying to contain this big forest fire b250 acres have burned in the penn state for necessary woodland township, burlington county. these flames are near sue i, and lost lane roads. no homes are in danger right now. based on the weather patterns the fire is not expected to spread significantly. >> dozens every resident and business owners in north philadelphia are trying to put the brakes on new stadium for temple university. an activist group that calls themselves the stadium symptom pegs, they gathered at the church of the advocate last night to raise their voices in opposition. planned for the proposed thousand seat stadium is now in the feasibility stage. >> the parking, the trash possibility, noise, lights, and the other things, as well, the property, the increased value in property taxes.
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>> temple's team now plays at lincoln financial field under a $3 million annual lease to the eagles. those in favor of the project say it will save money and be good for the football program which, keep in mind; coming off of one of the best seasons in school history. >> in campaign 2016, report say ben carson will endorse former rival, donald trump in the republican presidential race today. trump has a news conference set for this morning, in palm beach, florida, but it is not clear yet if carson will be there. the retired neurosurgeon was a frontrunner in the gop race late last year, but dropped out last week after failing to win a single primary or caucus. meantime, the the remaining republican candidates metaphor their 12th debate in miami. more serious discussion this time with far less scrapping. cbs marlie hall reports there is a lot at steak as they head toward several primaries next week. >> i cannot believe how civil it has been up here. >> thursday night's republican
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debate delivered on it promise to be a kinder, gentler discussion of the issues, before packed miami auditorium, immigration was a hot topic. senator marco rubio spoke out about the hib visa program some companies use to hire foreign workers. >> if a can be is caught abusing that process, they should never be allowed to use it again. >> frontrunner donald trump who admitted using the visa law a grued. >> i am a businessman, i have to do what i have to do, when it is sitting there waiting for you, but it is very bad. >> when trump accused ted cruz on flip flopping for support on ethanol, cruz responded. >> if you have a candidate who has been funding liberal democrats and funding the washington establishment, it is very hard to ma'am how suddenly this candidate is going to take on washington. >> trump defended his earlier comments that islam hates america. >> you can be politically correct if you want. i don't want to be so politically correct. >> rubio says that's not the way to defeat radical islamic terrorist. >> you can be correct without
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needing to be politically correct. we are going to have to work with people in the muslim fate. >> ohio governor john kasich made his case on economic issues by touting his successes in his home state. >> when i went to ohio we were 8 billion in the hole. now we're two in the black. our credit is strong. we're up 400,000 jobs. >> tuesday's primaries include the winner take-allstate of ohio and florida marlie hall, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> now, florida is also a big focus for the democrats. frontrunner hillary clinton spent the day thursday on the campaign trail in tampa. she is under added pressure after her surprise lost to bernie saunders michigan. now, in addition to florida, ohio, illinois, north carolina, and missouri will all hold primary contests on tuesday. sanders trailing clinton in florida in the latest pole. right now, four # 39:00. flags in new jersey will fly at half staff today to honor fallen new jersey state trooper sean cullen. a vigil for cullen was held last night at the fall inch officer's memorial in westhampton.
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it was organized by their police department. cullen was an officer with west ham many ton police before joining the state police. the 31 year old was struck by a car monday night on i295 while responding to a car fire. trooper cullen will be laid to rest on monday. a letter from president ronald reagan to his wife, nancy, will be red at her funeral services later today. mrs. reagan's children, patty davis, and ron reagan, jr., will also speak. the first lady passed away last weekend at 94, after a battle with heart failure. she will be laid to rest next to her husband at the reagan library in semi valley, california. president obama will not be attending those services, the first lady instead will represent the family. the president will be giving the keynote address at the annual south by southwest festival. he is expected to discuss technology and civic engagement in the 21st century. >> canadian prime minister justin trued owe wood the white house you might say at state dinner last night. president obama and the first lady welcomed he and his wife,
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nearly 200 guests including some of hollywood's elite dined in the east room. the 44 year old leader brought excitement to capitol hill, the press is dubbing, trudeau main y former montgomery county prosecutors bruce castor, he wants the case file on the bill cosby sex assault allegations but the current d.a. says else not entitled to those files. castor's defending himself in a defemation lawsuit by andrew a con stand. she accused cosby of sexual assault in 2004. constand says cosby defamed her by saying he she has changed her story since then. castor said he prom ills dollars cosby would never be charged in that case. appeals court is deciding whether to review that issue. >> meanwhile, cosby's wife camille cosby second deposition in another defemation lawsuit will take place later this month. camille cosby was scheduled to undergo another rounds of questioning next week, but that deposition has been moved to april 18th. seven women are suing bill
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cosby for defemation, after he called them liars over sexual assault allegations. a celebration in university city for the first ever sixers youth foundation gal a pen slows interest transformed for the evening looking grade. legend allen iverson and dr. j were there as well as the entire sixers swayed. use foundation program focus on neighborhoods, where young people are at a high risk of experiencing poverty. all right, coming up this morning, daylight saving time start this weekend. but not everyone is looking forward to springing ahead. we'll tell you about the area that's so upset they want to succeed from the time zone. then proof that looks can be deceiving, right? the reason these men are waiting tables in high heels. also: most time they would just go, hey, is this the guy from craigslist. i was like what? >> what this man has never done that has him getting some
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strange phonecalls. when we come back. good morning. and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on.
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>> we spring ahead sunday losing an hour of sleep but gain sunshine earlier. everything from trash crashes to heart attacks, law makers in rhode island and massachusetts want to second seed from eastern time zone and move an hour into atlantic time. nova scotia and puerto rico already do. that will change would be effective making summer hours permanent. now the us adopted daylight saving time, fun fact, back in 1918. always good reminder because last thing you want to do somebody late for monday because you didn't fix your clock sunday, flight. >> the magic that far is now your phones do it for you. >> so true. >> my gosh, i remember when i was a kid, actually, first time i moved out of my house my mom used to call me every spring, don't forget to turn
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your clocks ahead because i would always forget. >> oh, mama flailing err checking it out for you. >> so nobody really has to remember, technology takes care of that, at the same time it is something if you are maybe old school, and you have your clock radio, do you have make sure you set that forward. meanwhile, let's talk temperatures, folks, yep, it was record breaking day yesterday. daytime high, sky rocketed all the way to 82 degrees. shattering the previous record setback in 2006 of 76 measley degrees, but that said, starting to get little bit more after dose of reality. i say just little bit more. this front is actually only going to knock the temperatures back to slightly above average, as opposed to rad i can justly above average. here go, still finding couple of showers out there at this point, those will be dissipating time, as this front crosses through, pretty wimpy one as far as the moisture it bridges, but does knock the temperatures back as we mentioned, will take a lot it get back to seasonable conditions simply because we've been obviously dealing with such warmth at the local
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level. there is a lot of nastiness going on down across the deep south right now, very heavy rain, flooding down through portions of louisianna, mississippi, as well, likely to just get completely bypassed by all of this, will ends up more than anything with just couple of shots for showers down the road here, so looking at the area temperatures as they stand, it feels good outside right now. 66 degrees, is the current temperature, now, we do expect basically level off to the upper 60s later today. that, as the cooler air sort of takes over, you get that balancing act going on, with the solar heating, along with the cooler air. it sort of just end up leveling off when it comes to the area temperatures, but even in some of the outlying suburbs, like willow grove, palmyra, you're still in the 60s right now. even though those temperatures should drop off at least little bit before the morning is all said and done. eventually, any of the clouds currently out there are breaking, ends one more and more sunshine, there it is, time to spring forward folks, we look ahead to sunday, despite the fact that the coolest day of the pack is monday, at 59 degrees, that still is well above average,
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and we expect to go on another warming trends for next mid-week. the hits keep rolling, erika. >> i love it, for march, not bad, right, katy? >> right. >> virginia man is the victim of on line prank that has his phone ringing non-stop. blake web's friend posted his number on craigslist, and then asked read tears call him with their best impression of chew back a from star wars. creative. they promised $50 to the person with the best chewy voice. the funny twist here, blake has never seen star wars, so the calls were initially a little unnerving. >> most time they would just go, hey, is this the guy from craigslist. and i was like and they were going -- (noise) and i was like hello? they're like is that good? i'm like ya, that was pretty good. all right. >> taking it on the chin, how about that? now the post will stay up until may the fourth, star wars day, may the fourth be with you. blake already though planning his revenge against his friends. good sport. love it.
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>> still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news", new market "action cam" pain caitlin jenner will be promote whg we come
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>> we want to check in with money watcher hen a daniels. details on big food recall. what are we talking about this morning? >> that's right, nestle is voluntarily recalling 3 million boxes of certain frozen pizzas, stove err's lasagnia, lean cuisin meals. customers claim pieces of glass were found in the food. nestle said no injuries were reported. there is complete list of recalled products on their website at nestle usa.come. erika? >> jenner has a new job, the face of new ad campaign? >> she signed onto appear on ads for the retailer h and m, tweeted she will be parts of the sport campaign. jenner also partnering with
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mack cosmetics. her lipstick shade finally free. sales will go toward improving trans jenner communities. erika? >> all right, hand a dane yells in new york, thanks so much. >> male servers at restaurant in ottawa, canada, walk ago mile in their fellow servers shoes, those shoes are high heels. the men of union local 613 are drawing attention to the way they say the restaurant industry treats female servers. many of the women say they felt like they had to dress in short skirts and heals, just to keep their jobs. the men say they're turning the tables to make a statement. >> incumbent upon all of us, restaurant, male or female, to take a stand on it. >> seeing men walk by in tight mini skirts and heals, really just hits it home how crazy it is to ask women to do that. >> all right, now, the men admitted it was not easy to work a full shift in high heels. they say they even stopped revisiting tables and getting refills, because their feet hurt. we understand. >> all right, right now, 4:52, katie tell us which day is the winner of your weekend, her
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forecast when we come
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>> good morning, we expect to ends up with decent weather as the day progresses, it is a different day, how much, after we had the lovely dose of summertime yesterday. yes, still warm, but it is a lot cooler by comparison. as we track this, our latest frontal boundary crossing through, bringing you within the moment a couple of scattered showers, that's key word here, few damp roads out, there as the day does progress, we will ends up with more sun than anything, but also a breeze that you will notice. meantime here is a look at the area temperatures, starting to feel the effect of some of the chill up toward the pocono area, flirting only with 50 degrees, by comparison to the mid and even upper 60s, around portions of philadelphia, and the immediate vicinity here. but other course of the next couple of days, we keep those mid 60s as a running theme, we spring forward, by the way, come sunday, and then coolest day of the pack is monday, but even that is still going to be a day that at least flirts with 60 degrees, meisha.
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>> yes, it is all so nice, no matter how you spin it, thanks, good morning, happy friday. just to let you know the talcony palmyra bridge scheduled to go up at about 5:05, make note of that. ninety-five south past cottman looking okay. where i really want to pull your attention this morning is to. >> this if you have not heard the nice, kind of tune in for just a moment. >> this will impact a lot of people. the entire pail old i thorndale line is suspended has been since last night because of amtrak wire problems, just make note of this, this will be affecting a lot of the commuters last night, will affect the commuters this morning, you will have to use alternate, norristown high-speed line to the market frankford line at 69th street. make note of. that will i'll touch base on that again in about 15 minutes, erika, over to you. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", plane problem, the unbelievable move a passenger made just before taking off. >> also, we are taking you behind the scenes of new picsar exhibit at the franklin institute before it opens to the public. meet one of the artists behind those
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, developing right now, snatched off septa bus, man smashes a window then force as woman into his car. we're live with the clues police have about the man they're looking for. >> also, a huge problem for thousands of commuters this morning. if you take the paoli thorndale line, you could look for another way to get to work today. the problem that forced septa to shut down service and when they hope to have trains up and running again. >> and, the record warmth, ends today, but that does not mean we're cooling off very much. katie lets you know just how much longer we'll enjoy the unseasonably warm weather for march. good morning, it is friday, march 11, i'm erika von tiehl. another comfortable start to the day. not bad.
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talking 60s, folks. katie outside on the skydeck, and meisha watching your commute. >> good morning, tgif. katie was joking with lauren, normally, don't want to be out on the skydeck. these day i would love to be out there. so how is it feeling outside? >> it actually feels really comfortable, yes, feeling like spring, and as you say that i felt the most tiny raindrop on my hand. we still do have little hint every moisture out there to work with with the latest cold front, still neck likely going through the area, might finds couple of damp road. nos a -- it is not a day that needs an umbrella, but you have couple of light showers still scattered about the area radar, all from this, our latest cold front, continues to cross through the region. do you see how it is starting to fizzle away? it doesn't have ton of moisture to work with as it is. but what it does have is the chill that will start to settle in. now i use the word chill sort of half hazardly t won't turn out to be cold day at all, certainly cooler by compan


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