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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, we're off to bit of rainy start, mobile three out on the roads right there, katie tells us when the rain will stop. and our next chance seeing temperatures in the 70s. also, a maryland police officer shot and killed in a ambush style attack. officer jack eye coal son grew up in our area. hear from his former high school football coach. and selection sunday giving st. joe's fans two reasons to cheer. the major title they won and the other schools headed to march madness. good morning, today is monday, march 14th, i'm erika von tiehl. dreary overnight. we check in with katie and pat in for meisha with the wet roads, good morning. >> i'm not doing sports this morning?
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i'm here for traffic? >> double duty. >> i don't even know where i'm at this morning. good morning, everyone, good morning, katie. how are you this morning? >> i'm doing well. i know we have to get awe cup of coffee so you can hang tough with us the next couple of hours. good morning, everyone, happen mine day to you, yep, off to little bit of dreary start to said least, you have a lot of green in, and other pretty colors showing up on storm scan behind my shoulders, we start it off by showing you "skycam 3", intersection at broad and spring garden, taking a look from the very own station headquarters, see the sheen on the roads, definitely not just damp, call it soggy start to your morning here. and this will be with us for little bit of time here. so checking out storm scan next, where we turn our focus, quite bit of rain moving through the area as we speak, i want to zero in on the local area, tri-state sweep around the region, any time you have brighter colors of yellow, orange, red showing up, you obviously have heavier rainfall intensity, choice locations normally northern chester, southeastern bucks county getting hit hard with
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some pocket of very steady heavy rain right now, and that's going to continue to be the case over the rest of the region for the next couple of hours, so, morning commute, not looking ideal when it comes to the rain. that's definitely slowing you down. and hopefully after the time change, you have a chance to maybe set the alarm little extra early for this rain here this morning, steadiest coming as we speak, rain amounts in total, generally up to inch throughout the course of the day, and we will see some pretty decent winds out there, too, through the course of the day, one of the sort of raw type of days. 49 degrees the current temperature, you won't see ton of movement on those thermometer readings throughout the course of the day. nothing more than the low 50's, generally, as the day goes on. so it will be a cooler day by comparison to recent days, but still basically where we should be for the standards, and pat, you know there is rain definitely going to be i would say tripping people up for the next few hours. >> definitely looks that way, the roads are wet right now, we start you off at the schuylkill at spring garden, headlights eastbound, see the wet roadways, coming in this morning on 95 south.
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watch for the pond being because it starts to pool up in certain areas of the roadway right now. not a lot of cars on the road. that's definitely a good thing. the vine st. expressway looks good both directions coming toward the city right here. so again, wet roadways, take your time, watch out for the pooling and the ponding. let's go over to 95 southbound, the headlights are going northbound. starting to see little build up. more people getting on the roadways right now, but, again, 95, i usually take it every day, in the left lane, it is usually a problem, so just be wary of that, because of the construction, you'll tends to see some pooling. let's go to the maps. the accident at upper moreland, mill road at easton road, there is an accident, does not look to be very serious right now. erika, over to you. >> pat, thank you. developing right now, an amtrak train with more than 130 people on board has derailed, this happened just after midnight west of dodge city kansas. emergency responders are on the scene right now. and the state highway patrol
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says 11 people have been taken to the hospital. it is not clear right now if any of the injuries are life threatening. no word on what caused that derailment. new this morning, there are no injuries, but a loft damage from a fire earlier today in fair hills. flames tore through a row home on the 300 block of west somerset street just before 3:00 this morning. firefighters had the fire under control in less than a half hour. so far there is no word on the cause. a man in his 60s was hit by a car overnight in scout west philadelphia. it happened just after 2:30 at 63rd around grace. we're told the victim is in stable condition at the hospital. it appears the driver did stop at the scene. >> flags in maryland are flying at half staff today in honor after police officer killed in a ambush style attack. the officer had been identified as 28 year old jackai coal son, they learned he grew up in boothwyne, delaware county, graduated from chichester high school. police in maryland say a
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gunman opened fire yesterday at police station in landover just outside of washington, d.c. officer coal son was killed in that shoot-out. >> jacai was important to his family, he is important to this entire community, we have another mother tonight who is without her son and for that we are deeply sore. >> i boothwyne community also in mourning, we spoke with his former high school football coach. he tells us he was a leader on and off the field. >> he led this community, he led this team obviously. this is a sad day. god rest his soul. >> the alleged gunman who killed coal son was wounded and arrested. a second suspect is also in custody. there is no word yet on a motive. >> loved ones are saying good-bye to new jersey state trooper sean cullen, first of two views for the 31 year old officers were held yesterday.
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family and friends gathered at saint charles borromeo church in cinnaminson. cullen killed after being struck by a passing car while responding to a crash on i-295. that second viewing will be held this morning. funeral services will follow at noon. >> 4:36 right now. and philadelphia police have a suspect in custody at fatal stabbing at rittenhouse square that seems to be random. suspect is a homeless veteran who did not know his victim. police say there was argument early sunday morning near 1830 rittenhouse square ending with the man stabbing the 24 year old victim in the stomach. investigators say surveillance cameras led to the suspect's arrest. neighbors tell us they plan to be more careful. >> it is so scary, i mean, the amount of times me and my friends are walking around the square at night, like it was a beautiful weekend, and now it is a shame that this had to happen. it is really scary. >> police have not yet released the names of either the victim or the suspect.
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all right, looking to basketball now, time to dance. student rent celebrating at several local university after selection sunday. we now know that villanova, temple, st. joe's will all be playing in the ncaa tournament. the wildcats are the number two seed in the south region, they'll play the 15th seed unc ashville in brooklyn. nova had a chance to be number one seed, but they lost to seton hall last night in the biggies final. cheers and a sigh of relief on north broad, temple lost in the aac conference saturday, but still got into the big dance as test seed in the south. owls will play the seventh seeded iowa, the hawk eyes are coached by pen grad fran mccaffrey, the temple wins they could face nova in the rounds of 32. and, the st. joe's hawks are also headed to the tournament. they're seeded eighth in the west, and will meet the ninth seed cincinnati. that match up is in spokane, washington, the hawks are the hottest team in the city. they won the atlantic ten title for the second time in
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three years yesterday. well done. >> now, hawks fans, they were out in force sunday to root for their teams. >> let's go st. joe's. >> (cheers). >> "eyewitness news" on st. joe's campus during the big show-down as the hawks soared over bcu rams 87 to 74. fans say they have fate the hawks will never die. >> the last like probably three minutes had me on the edge of the seat, but i don't know, i had fate that we would get through it. >> this is like an unbelievable experience, to win two a10 championships is un believable. >> specially my senior year. >> now, this is the program's fourth a-10 title and the third one under head coach phil martelli. >> cbs-3 coverage of march madness starts thursday afternoon at 12:15, when duke place unc wilmington, at 2:45 with yale against bay lore,
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7:10, followed by stoney brook against kentucky at 9:40, all right here on cbs-3. all right, still ahead this morning, what chester's mayor is urging parent to do after a state police officer shot over the weekend. >> also this: >> very big problem. we have a lot of complaints from the community. it is complete lawlessness. >> chopper three last week, catching illegal atv riders in philadelphia. and now police are cracking down. we'll tell you how many vehicles they impounded in a weekends raid. >> and, accusations flying in campaign 2016. what donald trump is accusing bernie sanders of doing when we come right back.
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>> the driver after stolen police cast car leads authorities in southern california on this high speed chase that comes to dramatic end. speeds reached more than 100 miles an hour, as the suspect weaved through busy streets. eventually, that police cruiser became cornered in a parking lot, that is when the
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suspect put it in reverse, police rammed the car. the la times reports officers then shot and killed the suspect. so far it is unclear how the suspect was able to steel that police car in the first place. chest terrace mayor is asking parents to help curb gun violence in the city by keeping illegal guns out of their children's hands. meantime, 25 year veteran captain allen davis is in serious but stable condition this morning, after being injured in a shoot-out on saturday. police were pursuing a vehicle near union and parker streets when they say someone in the kerrigan shooting at the officers. police returned fire killing one pus secretary and injuring the other. the mayor is vowing transparency in his investigation and urges the community to be patient. >> dozens of atv's and dirt bikes are off the roads, seized by philadelphia police. their owners riding them illegally on city streets, a three of the bikes and vehicles have been impounded at least one arrest has been made. police say every year police, several people, rather, die
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from accidents involving the atv's and dirt bikes. it is a big problem specially as the weather gets warmer. >> individuals run up and down on the sidewalk, afraid to let their children play in areas that the dirt bikes are riding, they rip up recreation areas, they rip up the parks that they're in, they have no regard for the safety of anyone. >> now it is only legal to ride dirt bikes and tv's on private property with the owner areas permission. if you see someone riding around the city you're asked to call the police right away. >> damp and dreary overnight in center city. look at that, "eyewitness news" cameras out on the parkway where the raw winds had the flags blowing and that rainy know is here when we drove in, katie l it affect the morning commute throughout the rest of the commute. >> probably stuck with us for the next couple of hours, yep, perfect timing pretty much, or less than perfect timing for your morning drive obviously, on storm scan3, yes, pretty much in the thick of it right
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now. there is what looks to be the back edge every this, however, pretty persistent on shore flow, creating chilly breeze, sort of raw day, you'll very likely see no sunshine at all, because of this, but, you know, the worse definitely out there as we speak. when we look at the broader zoom, there is actually more of rotation going on with the center circulation off back to the north and west, because of the on shore draw, moisture, you will be stuck with not just damp and clammy conditions, through the course of the day, but also, that tell-tell braze, keeps things very dreary and helps shove the moisture and cloud cover on shore. as we move forward, i will step to the side, so you see better on wider zoom, what we ends up find something granted the heaviest moisture taper off as we head toward the middle part of the day here, 9:00 a.m., still stuck, however, with lingering showers, because we have the on shore flow looks like continuing to see lingering showers, scattered fashion through the course of the day. heavier pocket of moisture, does fizzle as it heads our
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way, but into tomorrow morning, even though there will likely be a lull, still lingering shower here and there, that will last us through the better part of the first half of the day before starting to clear out. bottom line, rest of the day today, and at least the first half tomorrow, still featuring wet weather. how much are we talking? thankfully from this point on probably not more than maybe half inch up to inch max, although some of the modeling trying to predict pick up little more than, that but generally speaking winding down to the second half of tomorrow. bear with us through this, 51 degrees, periods of rain any time today. then we look forward in the eyewitness weather seven day, we go on nice surge once more, 07 degrees, guys, that will be the nice bright spot of the next couple of days here, saint patrick's day probably seeing little green on the radar, as well, with a few showers around, erika, back to you. >> half dozen states and territories go to the polls tomorrow in campaign 2016. a new cbs news poll shows donald trump leading in florida and a deck heed in ohio with the governor john
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kasich i can, trump and sanders trading accusations on who is to blame at the rallies at trump rallies. >> republican frontrunner donald trump insisted his supporters are peaceful. blaming his sometimes chaotic rallies on organized disruptors. >> a lot of them come from bernie sanders, whether he want the state or not. >> trump tweeted bernie sanders is hiring when he says his disruptors aren't told to go to my event, be careful, bernie, or my supporters will go to yours. >> donald trump is pathological liar. >> sanders said his campaign hasn't coordinated the protest. the democratic presidential candidate got a boost from a new cbs pole showing him ahead of hillary clinton in illinois. she leads in florida and ohio. candidates sparred over trade at a c. >> this n tv one town hall sunday night. >> she has supported almost all of those trade agreement, i have vigorously opposed it. >> i want the government to do it. >> i want the united state government to stands up, to
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stand up for the companies and the workers. >> meanwhile, republican polls show tie in ohio between the state's governor john kasich, and the national gop frontrunner, but in florida, trump leads big. up 20-point as senator marco rubio who is counting on a florida windfalls to third. trump cancelled an upcoming rally near miami, and will instead hold an event where the race is closer. in ohio. brook, cbs news, new york. >> still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news", why this week is one of the least productive for workers. we'll be right back.
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>> two suspect in custody in the shooting death of maryland police officer jacai colson. he grew up in boothwyne, delaware county and went to chichester high school. flags will fly at half staff in officer colson's honor in maryland today. five cars after amtrak train derail near dodge city
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kansas. several passengers, about 128, 14 yu themes on that train, more than dozen people taken to hospitals. the cause of that derailment is under investigation. and, your temple owls are just one of our local college teams headed to the march madness tournament. the owls play iowa friday, in brooklyn. the villanova wildcats will play ashville, also friday, and also in brooklyn, the owls and the wildcats could play each other in round two. saint joe's is also in the big dance, they play in cincinnati friday in spokane. >> we should learn more today about philadelphia mayor jim kenney's plan to tax soda and other sugary drinks in the city. mayor kenney project that the tax on sugary drinks will bring $400 million into the city over five years. kenny wants to tax drinks at 3 cents an ounce, to help pay for universal pre k, improvements in parks and recreation, and city's pension fund. >> right now, it is 4:50, time for check on business news with money watch hen a
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daniels, and hena, hearing the zika virus causing concerns for the summer olympics in brazil. what's happening? >> reporter: that's right, concerns over the virus may be impacting tills says at the rio olympics. the organizing committee says 47% of the particular vets been sold, though ticket to the august 5th opening ceremony other premium events are sold out. erika? >> hena, also not the most productive week for all of us employees, right? >> reporter: no, nearly 51 million american workers could participate in their office pools this year because of march madness. job search expert challenger gray and christmas estimates it cost businesses $1.3 billion an hour in lost productivity, but it says they should just embrace it because of the type job market. erika? >> all right, and thanks so much, hena, see you later this morning. still ahead, it will be rainy morning commute. katie tells us when you can expect it to all clear
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good morning, certainly soggy way to start the work week, we've got some pretty soggy conditions out there right now. looks like this is going to actually be the worse of it, with the heavy rain coming through, in pockets, but there is pretty widespread swat of rain right now storm scan3, as you can see, and very heavy batch actually about to cross over already, in fact, crossing over into the state of delaware. so, you will be running into this. already, a lot of ponding on the roadways, pat will be talking about that in a second. just good little synopsis what to expected to. rain at time, so basically talking any time today. steadiest coming through as we speak, totalling up to an inch, maybe locally, a smidge higher than that, but generally half up to inch worth of accumulating rainout there. so, slower commute for sure. we've also got pretty chilly on shore wind, that will be prominent throughout the course of the day here. that's where that moisture is coming from, to keep temperatures at bay to keep the clouds in place, and to also keep the wind cranking, and certainly, with the rain, really offer and on any time. just one of those raw,
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chilly-type daysment look at the trade off. really, start to speak hire on the thermometer, despite lingering shower in the morning, skies do eventually clear for bit more sunshine wednesday. saint patrick's day coming up on thursday, hence, the clover on the seven-day. 59 degrees by that point, and again, pat, looks like some showers make return appearance in the forecast. >> i am just looking forward to the day that i'm named after, of course, saint patrick's day, can't wait. i love it. one gross day if it means a good saint patrick's day little later on, this is a look at the boulevard southbound taillights are going southbound, at wissahickon avenue, katie mentioned it, will rain all morning, so roadways will be wet. so watch out for the ponding and the pooling on the roadways. this, again, looking at boulevard southbound at wissahickon. going over to the bridge, ben franklin bridge, everything moving smoothly, there you go, now we're moving, going into the city right here, taillights headed that way, and in a little bit you know it will be, it will be tight moving here, on this bridge, and a quick look at the 42 freeway over in new jersey, again, another spot you know,
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it is wet, slow down, but it will be tight anyway. erika, over to you. >> pat, thank you. if you are headed out the door get katie's updated forecast on this rain and our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060. more political insight into tomorrow's primaries and the republican race. and, how a patient can have good cholesterol, but still be at risk for heart disease. also, how grown children can talk to their parents about managing their prescription medications cents cents. check in two, three, four times a day, on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> all right, are you feeling little sluggish this morning from the time change? i know we r coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", the five foots you can eat today to give your body a natural energy boost. also, a convenience store clerk attacked by a man with a hatchet. the unlikely hero, who saved that worker. we're back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, and a bit every advice for you, grab an umbrella before you head out the door. it is a wet start to the week here in old city, and across the area. katie lets you know just when the heaviest rain will let up. also, ambushed on the job. a maryland police officer is killed in a unprovoked attack. now we know the officer is originally from our area. his former football coach talks about what makes him so special. and let the madness begin. the brackets are set and the three local teams are celebrating after getting their ticket punched for the big dance. the big five show-down that we could see in the second round, details on that in one moment. good morning, it is monday, march 14th, i'm erika von
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tiehl. those windshield wipers going to get a work out on their way to work and school today. katie is tracking that and the update on your morning commute. >> don't adjust your tv's, this is the sports guy doing traffic, i swear it is me, katie, it is me. >> so far so good, pat. you're off to great start here. but i tell you what, this will be rough start for anyone trying get out the door in this wet weather. hopefully you have the chance to set the alarm little extra early to get out the door and just contend with what you see on my shoulder. let's go ahead, check it out quick check on "skycam 3", looking live from hotel bethlehem, see the irish flag waiving in the for grounds, obviously the sheen on the road surface, so that said, it is a soggy start to the day. we will get to storm scan in a second, but just know that anywhere you travel today, you'll be contend withing wet roadways, now, as we come off of the first day of daylight saving time here, now we are starting to see the sun come up at least little bit later. so it comes up at 7:13 this morning, as


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