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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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great moments are born from great opportunity. that's what you have here, tonight. that's what you'earned here tonight. this is your time. now go out there and take it.
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march madness is in full swing across our region as local favorites take to the court, nova fans are celebrating a big win, a a as temple fans are hoping for the same, outcome. we're also keeping a close eye on the weather, we have wintry weather, heading our way, it will bring rain and measurable snow to the region, on the first day of spring. hi, good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we will have more on the developing weather situation in just a moment but first tonight we are joined by sports director don bell who has more on the local teams in the big dance. >> we've got two in play, philly trifecta, tipped off at
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12:40 this afternoon second seeded villanova taking on 15th seeded unc/ashville. jay wright and fellas starting their run in brooklyn. we will pick it up in the final play of the first half, ryan arcidiacono, the senior, clutch three, a 14-point lead as they skip into the locker room. the in the second villanova taking advantage of the under sized bulldogs, dan you'll ochefu had 17-point and ten board. cats by 18. later, chris jenkins the sharp shooter, fading away. yes, five cats scoring in double figures, nova moves on with a 30-point win, over unc/ashville. so nova off to a great start, come nation in game number one. for more on the wildcats we will take a trip up i-95 and check with leslie van arsdal in brooklyn, leslie? report report hi there, don. part of that potential big five sunday match up was decided earlier today,
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villanova a with the convincing win, that they know is just the first hurdle will. villanova dominated unc/ashville the with the 86-56 victory. senior center dan you'll ochefu looked great, who led all scorers with 17 points. knows just how important this first win is. >> it is huge for us. going in the game people say two seed begins a 15, but we knew, watching all of the film on ashville we knew they were very capable have of beating us and type of respect that we committed to our scouting report was big. >> reporter: ryan arcidiacono added 14. >> definitely work on our rebounding and decision making. we had too many turnovers, but overall we did a good job. >> reporter: coach jay wright know when they play as well as they did today how dangerous we can be. >> it is tough, especially in the higher seed. you know expectations, and also it is not as much as how much we won by but we played
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well. that is what is important for us, to get daniel back playing healthy, you can get him back healthy but not in the game healthy, he is not doing you much good. him getting these reps in i game was important for us. >> now also i talk to coach jay wright about the possibility of playing temple. he said fran dunphy is a very good friend of his and he hates coaching against his friend and guys, i don't blame him. send it back to you in the studio good always a tough situation. >> we want to let leslie get back inside barclay center because temple is playing iowa, three-point game and leslie will have latest on that at 6:00 p.m. including post game. >> looking forward to that. in the meantime, nova fans are loving the win, "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is on campus where there is plenty of school spirit. >> are. >> reporter: match up against unc ashville noise exception for villanova fans. in a 86-56 victory, on friday.
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>> go cats, go cats. >> reporter: villanova wild cat beat unc/ashville bug dogs. >> wow, wow. >> reporter: villanova student could not make to it new york's barclay center for march madness game followed closely a at connolly student center on campus. >> it is electric. >> getting into it, and you know, analyzing every second of march madness. >> reporter: for some know of nation is in their blood. >> the basketball team has been part of my life always. i have been a fan since i was little. >> i have been a villanova basketball fan my entire life. season ticket since i can remember. >> reporter: others could not escape conversion. >> when i seen it, i had to get into it. >> reporter: last time wildcats won the big dance was 1985, but 30 years later. >> let's go cats. >> reporter: the confidence has not been lost. >> they will pull it out, not worried. >> villanova is a good team and we will make a come back. we're going to come back. >> reporter: for past several
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years team has mailed to make it past round two of the tournament but nova a nation is hoping for much better luck and hoping they were well on the road to the final four. reporting from villanova a, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". looking good there. as don mentioned temple is still playing, a live look at temple university, all eyes are on the owls as they battle the iowa hawk eyes, 61-58 iowa with 23 seconds left, very, very close there, we will wait and see how it turns out. st. joes fans will be up late tonight, they will get cincinnati is scheduled to start just before ten, watch it on tru tv. here on cb. three, steven f austin have of west virginia tipping off at 7:10 and late game for you is michigan against notre dame. and then we are on have after basketball. hopefully you enjoyed warm temperatures today because things where to change. the winter is making a last stand with the big weekend chill and the possibility of spring snow. meteorologist lauren casey in
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for kate bilo and she joins us from the weather center. lauren? >> thanks, ukee. a a lot of us don't want to hear that word snowfall but it is in the forecast for upcoming weekend but nice thing bay march snow it gets out very quickly. temperatures feeling great, 63 y philadelphia we have cloud in place with sunshine mixed in and wind winning out of the west all throughout the day. wind speeds up to 25 miles an hour in philadelphia. it is a trend all across the a area wind speeds 15 to 25 miles an hour with those higher gusts, gusting to 36 miles an hour in philly over last hour, seeing wind gusts up around 30, 35 miles an hour. wind though will start to wayne as we head in the evening hours. storm scan three showing us patchy low clouds in place on satellite. we have a couple showers light in intensity north and west of the city toward the lehigh valley and poconos but moving toward sunset those showers will start to trend, to taper off, light showers coming to an end up toward lehigh valley this evening. looking dry for your friday night plans all a across the
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area and looking colder for everyone by tomorrow, the colder a air spilling in, our high temperatures really take a hit and then on sunday that does set us up for a coastal storm moving up toward the delaware valley, cold air in place will bring us some spring snowfall, first day of spring is on sunday but not going to look or feel like it. precipitation type at this point is what it the looks like, mainly snow for philadelphia a, areas north and west we will see a rain and snow mix for portions of southern new jersey, into new jersey and down toward the shore. we will talk about how much snowfall to expect accumulation wise coming up and when the snowfall will clear out of here coming up in your full weather in just a few minutes. >> all right, we will check with you then. philadelphia housing authority is getting ready for a big boom, tomorrow morning at 7:15 it will implode two high rise buildings in the community in north philadelphia. this will make room for more than 1200 new units, that will be both for sale and rent. some unit will be affordable
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housing, others sold at market rate tone courage community development. >> despite hardship, so many family lives here, this was home to 500 families and very respectful of that. this is a place, in spite of it all we had graduations, people gave birth here, they saw their children willing off to college. >> reporter: the philadelphia housing authority said it will use 260-pound of dynamite for that implosion. 126 members of the philadelphia a police department were promoted in rank to day. family, friend and fellow officers were on hand for the ceremony as temple's performing arts center this morning. mayor jim kenney, police commissioner richard ross told the group they should be proud of this moment, and thanked them for their service and leadership. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a threat against donald trump's family who received the suspicious
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letter and what it said that has the fbi and secret service on high alert. life changing day for thousands of medical student all across the country, "eyewitness news" cameras are rolling as local students learn their fate for the next few years. big money is on the line, with the march madness bracket challenge, just how much, are americans wagering? that is coming up.
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the prime suspect behind the par ace tax has been captured alive. authorities say that salah abdeslam, was shot in the leg and then arrested during a police raid in belgium's capitol. two other suspects are also in custody. authorities zeroed in on sal salah abdeslam hide out after finding his fingerprints earlier in the week. he had been on the run since nova tax that killed 130 people. nypd, fbi and secret service are investigating a
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threatening letter sent to donald trump's son and wasn't just paper inside the envelope. cbs news correspondent brooks, now has the very latest. >> reporter: eric trump's wife opened the letter thursday night at their home near central park and found a threatening message, and suspicious white powder. source told cbs news that preliminary tests shows substance is not hazardous. the letter that arrived here in midtown manhattan was post mark from massachusetts and it included a threat demanding donald trump drop out of the presidential race or his family will be harmed. >> eric trump has been a visible presence on the campaign trail, the three two-year old executive vice-president of the trump organization, often stand at his father's side during large rallies, or hosts his own smaller sessions with voters on his father's behalf. trump also faced a second threat, thursday as the hacker group known as anonymous stepped up efforts to disrupt
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his campaign. >> donald trump is an enemy of the constitution and national rights. >> reporter: group posted personal information, including what purports to be trump's social security and cell phone numbers, and called on hackers to take action against campaign april 1st. the trump representative said they are seeking the arrest of people who a attempted to hack trump's information. brooks, for cbs news, new york. there has been no comment on the letter from donald trump or his campaign. jurors are now deliberating in the hulk hogan sex tape lawsuit begins web site gawker. lawyers for hogan urged the jury to award tense of millions of posting a sex tape. lawyers for gawker says the first amendment protect their ability to publish legitimate the news stories, even when the content is objectionable. new jersey's largest school district is offering voluntary blood tests to check students for lead. elevated levels were found in the drinking water, at 30
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newark schools. the as many as 17,000 children will receive, free testing. officials say that led has in the been found in the city's water supply but they believe it likely, leached in the school system through old pipes, and fixtures. it turns out power ball fever, has nothing on march madness, this season. the american gaming association, estimates americans are betting, $9.2 billion on ncaa brackets this year. it is more than the $6.6 billion americans spent last year on power ball and mega millions lottery tickets. about 40 million americans, filled out brackets with the tournament. and, with winter weather on the the way you might want to fill up your gas tank before the the rush. >> another reason is gas prices normally go up in the springtime and that leaves us to tonight's good question, why do gas prices go up in the spring? this question was submitted by math the math from washington township. keep an eye on those pumps, soon you'll be shelling out the more to fill your tank but
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why? >> it is an election year, they should be staying steady, and stable, what is going on. >> we should be on solar energy, clean air, lets get to the solar thing, yet. fossil fools here as well. >> nicole has the answer to tonight's good question why do gas prices go up in spring? that is coming up after march madness tonight. do you have a good question? log on to cbs question. tweet us using the #cbs-3 good question. >> i believe we said winter weather. >> winter weather all the way. >> lauren casey joins us now. >> old man winter, just an attention hog, and i need another shot were this is all said and done. one thing it will be on a sunday. too many of us won't to have worry about getting out and commuting through the snow as it is likely to be an all day event but temperatures right now does feel like spring up in the 60's in philadelphia 62 .
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colder air has already arrived in the poconos. temperatures right now, 45 degrees and we have these strong west to northwesterly wind, and gusting up in the 40 d peak wind gusts 41 miles an hour in mount pocono. got close to that in philadelphia a, but as we head in the first part of the evening, the wind speed will start to relax and less wind overnight tonight. temperatures getting a little bit chilly. a few passing clouds and then for tomorrow, a much colder day in store, high temperature only 48 degrees but nice, light wind so not too much wind child impact. we will start off with sunshine and see increasing cloud in the second half of the the day but into this evening we will see decreasing clouds as the sunsets, we will lose heating of the the day and these lower level clouds will dissipate and shower activity we are seeing in the poconos will start to dissipate, as well. but, up wind, down toward the gulf of mexico, this is what we have our yon eye on. our next storm system a lot of moisture in association with this area of low pressure picking it up from the gulf of mexico. this this will run autopsy long the coastline and arrive
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in our neck of the woods as we had into sunday but yes, spring snow, it is not completely unfamiliar to us. check out the last couple of years when we had our latest snow in philadelphia a. march 30th, last year we pick up a trace of snowfall, april 15th, in 2015, hopefully we he don't to have deal with that. march 21st, we pick up over an inch in 2013. likely to see measurable snow as of this system moves in. we are dry during the daytime hours on saturday, tomorrow could see a few showers sneaking in even in philadelphia by 9:00 o'clock hour in the evening. we could see a passing rain shower. and then as we head into sunday morning we will see precipitation swamp building in from the south. some models having this precipitation having it move in earlier then this particular model but all of them telling buys midday on sunday that precipitation will spread out across the area, down the shore in parts of the interior southern new jersey, we will see this snow kind of mixing in with rain. so for the daytime hours on sunday. philadelphia points north and west likely to be all snow through much of this event. the a as we head into sunday
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night it turns over to all snow even down the shore, kind of a mix but we will see our best chance for straight up snowfall, down the shore, as we head into late sunday night and early monday morning. that is your monday morning commute, still dealing with residual snow showers, but starting to clear, from west to east, and then eventually we will head into midday on monday, all of that precipitation moves out of here, but you can see by our future weather imagery likely to be an all day event on sunday. things we have working for us as far as not accumulating the snowfall is high march sun angle, warm ground surfaces, we have had warm temperatures. ground is not very chilly. daytime arrival will cut down on accumulation and temperatures through much of this event will be above freeze ago cross much of the the area, but the snow could come down hard and fast at times, throughout the day on sunday, leading to that accumulation, so about two to 4-inch's cross much of the area less if you head south and east where we will see that mixing with rainfall and possibly some sleet as well to our high temperature, on
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sunday, 39 degrees, and then we will see that snow coming down, bye it is not going to stand a chance of sticking around on the ground for very long. we are still chill any to monday at the 43 degrees but of course, well above freezing. the it will melt that by wednesday. we are at 63 degrees. >> yeah good bounce back. >> it is coming. >> bouncing back quick. >> appreciate it. still a a head tonight on "eyewitness news". >> easter will see you dig deeper in your pocket for chocolate candy a and easter basket goodies, consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with why consumers are likely to spend more this year. i'm cleve bryan in pitman new jersey where a caring young lady got a special award and a very special guest. >> if your heart, it is opened it is never going to stay broken. fur heart, it is opened, love
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after some sluggish winter months where dealers hope easter holiday put a spring in the step of consume your. >> how much do you plan to spend? on your side consumer reporter takes a look at the
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numbers. >> reporter: get ready to see more bunnies, animated chocolate on screen. according to a survey by national retail federation, americans are expected to spend, $16.3 billion, this easter, that is roughly 146 bucks, per person. it is highest amount allocated for easter since survey started 13 years ago. the most of that money goes to food, 5.5 billion. easter clothes come in at the number two, gifts and candy are split, pretty evenly and flowers round out the list. companies have taken notice. >> and chocolate. >> reporter: spring sales and easter specific adds to encourage you to spend more. >> by the way children have plenty to look forward to after the easter bunny comes, more than 31 percent plan easter egg hunt and just under 14 percent of folks will open gifts. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. may the feeling come. >> i have to smile at the that
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one. >> coming up next half an hour, thousands of students giving life changing letters. >> it is massive, one of the biggest days in the country for medical students, including those right here, at the school of medicine. i'm rahel solomon coming up what they say is all about, all of the emotions, that came with it. and new research just released about children and medication, health reporter stephanie stahl has the warning about what is sending tens of thousands of children to the hospital every year. and new at 6:00, she's running the show, at march madness, grandson of the st. joes coach big phil takes us on a
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no tennis involved in this match but emotions are running high after years of studying, exams, medical students across the country find out fate of their career. stuffed inside of an envelope is the hospital where those students will spend the next few years of their life completing a residency. >> mentioned years of hard work comes down to this moment. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon with that drexel university school of medicine, a experiencing that rush, alongside, the students. >> reporter: there is nothing quite like match day. >> it the is something you wait for, for four years and everything comes down to one school the at a paper. >> reporter: the cheers, come this year, are here at drexel
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university college of medicine. after years of studying, and exams, these graduating medical students are learning where they will complete the next phase of their career, the residency. >> i'm going to new york presbyterian so i'm very happy. i wanted to stay close to home. it is an amazing program. >> i'm going to staten island. >> i'm going to university medical center. >> reporter: today a across the medical community is known as match day. >> they apply, they go on interviews, and that is a all done by computers. they put their preferences in and residents, they program them as well, and then by magic of computers, students get matched. >> match day determines where you will go and where you will train, who you will learn from. it is a all about apprenticeship, all of the people you learn from. where you are dictates what kind of future you will go into. >> reporter: that future starts now, celebration, of course, shared by all who is
5:32 pm
encourage. >> my grandfather was the one who started me on this path. >> reporter: and supported these soon to be doctors along the way. >> all my prayers have been answered. >> reporter: drexel officials tell me that 96 percent of their graduating class, higher than national average, and did not immediately place, then they are working on getting them a match. reporting from drexel university, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and, it is match day, all over the country. "eyewitness news" at cooper medical school of rowan university, where the fourth year students learn their next step, match hideo curse on the thursday friday of march, each year. how about that. >> you can feel their excitement, all through the tv. >> from the very beginning, many calling, few are chosen. wonderful feeling. >> exciting. >> yes, it is. in campaign 2016, the presidential contenders are gearing up for another round
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of, voting next week. on the g.o.p. side establishment, republicans appear to be will rallying behind texas senator ted cruz, in an effort to stop donald trump from getting the nomination. south carolina senator lindsey graham who dropped out has change his tune and is now, supporting ted cruz, and saying that anyone is better than trump. >> i think his campaign, is built on race bathing and religious bigotry. he would be a disaster for our party. >> reporter: president obama has yet to publishly endorse a candidate but privately he appears to favor hillary clinton. new york times reports that the president told donors at a fundraiser in texas that it is time to get around clinton. on the cbs healthwatch tonight, more and more people in the u.s. are using medications, new report shows a growing number of children are ending up in the hospital after accidental poisoning, health reporter stephanie stahl says it is not just a problem with prescription
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drugs. >> krista was prescribed pain medications, after she and her son were hit the by a car, two years ago. it occurred once he got a hold of this medicine that could be dangerous. >> reporter: new report shows just how dangerous it is, safe kid worldwide says 59,000 youngsters go to emergency departments each year after accidentally ingesting medicine. >> the danger is, if it is within reach and was in your access, and it is inside something that they can open and trust me, child resistant is not child proof. >> reporter: children under three make up majority of the emergency room visits for medicine poisoning ingesting pain relievers, vitamins, even diaper cream. 48 percent of cases, kid got the in to their grandparents medications. >> they may not be used to what are the rules have of your family. making sure that they are out of reach. >> reporter: to prevent those accidents keep medicine up and away from children. use dosing device that comes with the medication, and keep the poison help line in your
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cell phone. doctors say if some adult medications even in small doses can lead to loss of consciousness in children, as well as consultations. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the philadelphia travel and adventure show is back the at the pennsylvania convention sent they are weekend. "eyewitness news" got a sneak peak behind the scenes today. show features everything from food, dance, to cammal rides. author of the new york times best seller a thousand places to see before you die, patricia schultz is a keynote speaker. she has advice too, she suggests will travelers for set a budget, and then pick a region that they would like to visit. >> what gets you off the sofa, is it food, architecture, natural beauty, are you a city person? is it all about museums. so understand what really thrills you. if it is a mix then that is wonderful too. >> the show opens up tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and runs through sunday that was our jan carabao on that cammal.
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she sent that twitter picture. >> you never necessity when you might see a cammal. >> never know. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight. >> thousands watch a baby bald eagle hatch this morning but show may not be over just yet. what else will be happening over next couple days that you can witness live. plus this... >> it is, the part that came forward, these are people, in spite of what people believe about us. i'm sorry, sir. >> one police officer inspired by her own daughter's journey is giving back, big time, how officers used red and white socks to change the luck of sick children, lauren. a nor'easter will bring us some spring snow on sunday, i will let you know how much to expect in your neck of the woods in your full forecast, coming up.
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well, the duchess of cambridge draws a big crowd to the opening of the charity shop in the uk. >> kate helped open a shop for a children hospicees. duchess had been a patron of the charities since 2012 and its aim to is care for ill children across that nation. kate took time out to talk to workers about how they organized, and how they also learned more about what kind of books that she liked. >> unaudible. >> cooking books. >> how about that. >> okay. >> more than 700 young people and their family members are currently receiving financial support from that charity. >> so good to see. >> yeah. >> very involved. >> coming up, another blast of winter is heading our way, we will tell you what you can
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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well, a local charity founded by a teen who escaped domestic violence gets a helping land and a big check from actress jane seymore. >> as cleve bryan tells us she visited the charity today dropping off a check for $5,000. >> right the now we're getting ready for our easter basket outreach project. >> reporter: gathering materials to give out the a thousand easter baskets, the children in need is one on the long list of good deeds spearheaded by 19 year-old caitlin, at the age of 12, pitman maded started angels of god clothing closet where families can get free clothes and food. >> everything is arranged by size, gender. >> reporter: caitlin cares because unfortunately she has learned twice what it is like to have nothing, first when her mom escaped from an abusive man that again when their house burned down. >> just going through the experiences that i went through, my family experienced, it really made me have more open heart and be
5:45 pm
more empathetic and understanding of others. >> reporter: that open heart hasn't gone unnoticed. >> you really do live with an open heart, and i'm so glad and so honored to give you this. >> reporter: friday actress and author jane seymore angels of god with a check for $5,000 she select caitlin from a pool of 1300 nominees of one of four finalist in the contest by our open hearts foundation. >> wow, she's amazing. >> reporter: starting april 7th people can vote on line for angels of god to receive a larger prize. >> we talk about our youth and what we care about and then you meet someone like caitlin and then you go there is hope. >> reporter: this is not just a sit and watch story, there is ways you can get involved by dropping off canned goods and food to age a else of god, you can volunteer, or you can go on line and vote for caitlin's charity, to win this competition. in pitman i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> very cool. >> all right. >> we want to break it to
5:46 pm
them. >> do you want to do it. >> go a ahead. >> you do it. >> sorry to tell you that temple lost in a heart breaker, 72-07 in overtime. >> overtime. >> refreshing, refreshing, on the phone. >> it looked like a buzzer beater but don bell will have more coming up at 6:00. >> that is tough good that is the madness. >> yes, it is. >> lauren, is what the deal with this weekend. >> old man winter. >> i thought the we slam dungon sunday it is not your moment, old man winter, you are done, you are out of the tournament. >> he is out. >> he will run the court anyway and make a scene. as we head into sunday we will be dealing with snowfall but today a nice spring day, temperatures running about nine or 10 degrees a have above average. we will topped off at 64 degrees in philadelphia chill will year toward poconos, highs in the upper 40's. we will get a taste of the colder era cross the delaware valley a as we head in the day tomorrow but for right now still very mild in philadelphia. 63 degrees. sixty-one wildwood right now. close to 60 in will allentown.
5:47 pm
we have had those wind, whipping throughout the day out of the west, 15 to 25 miles an hour. we have even higher gusts but once the sunsets after 7:00 o'clock hour these wind speeds will really start to decline. we are gusting up to 36 miles an her right now in philadelphia. overnight the tonight, less wind, a few passing cloud down to 37 degrees. little chilly heading out on a friday night, and will need to bring that cota along and need coat all throughout the day tomorrow. sunshine, to start increasing cloud, 48 degrees the high, below average for us but night factor is northeasterly wind around 5 miles an hour. not too much wind chill for our saturday. storm scan three showing us a trend of the the day, patchy low clouds in place, couple sprinkles and light showers up toward the poconos but again, as we head toward sunset we will lose heating of the day and these cloud will start to dissipate but eyes focused on our next storm system down well southwest of us, gulf of mexico but picking up that gulf moisture, we will run it off to the north and east along the coast and bring us
5:48 pm
that threat for snow as we head into sunday. for tomorrow dry day increasing cloud, much chillier in association with canadian high pressure that sets us up for this event as we head into sunday as that area of low pressure ride up along the coast, provides moisture, that colder air will bring us most snowfall through the day on sunday even into sunday night. monday we will clear things out but it will be windy, on the back side of the system. still chilly in the 40's. we will make a quick rebound to 60's by mid week next week but it will be feeling and looking like winter as we head in the um coming weekend. the saturday night we will start off with some rain showers, spotty in nature and then transition over to snowfall late saturday night. looks like snow on and off, throughout the day on sunday. could be fairly steady a at times, heavy at times, wintry mix with rain south and east have the of the city and unday night for most it will be period of all snow and that is why we could see snowfall accumulation because of this prolonged event but surface temperatures will be above freezing. the ground is very warm. the snow will have a hard time
5:49 pm
sticking, but we will likely accumulate just because it is snowing all throughout the day and night and could see snowfall heavy at times. two to 4 inches, in some spots, philadelphia toward lehigh valley, southern new jersey picking up one to 2 inches and snowfall accumulation minimal down the shore. coat to go an inch, some slush mixed in there as we will see rain kind of mixing with snow especially for first half of the day on sunday along the coast but temperatures 39 degrees. the it will be cold, and a dreary day, regardless of that snowfall. bring in the spring season on sunday. on monday, 43 degrees but well above freezing so that snow melts off, blustery conditions and much better by wednesday, ukee and jessica, 63 degrees and sunshine, something to look forward to on the other end of the snow event. >> that is for sure. >> lauren, thanks very much. we are counting down to the seventh annual ronald mcdonald house charities tell a a-a-thon this tuesday. >> you can say we are showing our stripes in support of the the great charity but not just here at "eyewitness news".
5:50 pm
our nicole brewer introduce is his you to a very special police officer whose personal journey is helping to spread the love. >> when you have a kid with special needs that is hardest thing to go through when your kid has surgery. >> reporter: officer tally wasn't always fighting crime. >> my daughter was born with cerebral palsy, she was later diagnosed with epilepsy, as well as autism. >> reporter: the mother of three was focused on her daughter maya as she prepared for major surgery to help her walk. >> surgeries don't always occur when you have money, to say that your kid needs surgery and you have to find a place to stay, it just needs to be done. >> reporter: ronald mcdonald house in wilmington delaware opened their doors. >> we needed that place. they eliminate all of that extra stuff that you will have have to worry about. when you are planning for your kid to have surgery. >> reporter: that was back in 2002. >> one thing that i kept in my mind when i'm able to i will give back.
5:51 pm
i will chip in. i will come back. my dream, my goal, was to help the ronald mcdonald house, in my life. >> reporter: officer tally got that chance, when someone gave her a pair of these red and white socks and asked police department to take part in show your stripes campaign. >> my initial goal, was to sell 600 socks. we ended up selling that becomes of socks within a day and a half, 600 socks had gone. you would have thought i was selling like candy, give me 50 socks. i need 25 pair. i need a hundred. i need 150. give me 200 pair. >> the officers stepped up, buying more than $52,000 worth of socks. >> it is the cops that came forward, these are people in spite of what people believe about us, i'm sorry, i am will's sorry. in spite of what some people believe about police officers, they are the biggest hearts ever.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: another call to service for men and women in uniform all inspired by officer roselyn's journey with maya. >> anything that i can do for her while she's living, i will do for her. she's just an easy going laid back young lady and i could not ask for a better daughter. >> wonderful work there, we invite you to join us on tuesday, for our ronald mcdonald house charities, tell-a-thon, it happens from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and we will provide a place to stay, for families, with sick children. >> all started back in 1974, my man jim murray, right here in philadelphia. >> all over the world doing great things. >> something to be proud of. >> exactly. still ahead the adventure continues in the divergent series, it opens up in theaters to day. >> i will sit down with the actors with what makes this film so different,
5:53 pm
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5:56 pm
a pair of bald eagles became new president. mr. president and first lady had a baby. one of the one eggs that they have been taking turns keeping warm since february hatched this morning. this video is from the web cam at u.s. national arboretum at washington. second egg is likely to hatch sometime in the next few days so keep your eyes out for that. >> watch. >> after two hit move is in one location divergent series is back in theaters and ready to enter a different world. >> a allegiance is called most astonishing adventure yet and two actors stopped by our studios to help me explain just why. >> allegiance follows greatest scape from a lost city into a mysterious land beyond barrier, after two hit films in the divergent seer thinks looks to reach new heights with a familiar message. >> be true to who you are and be brave, and fight for what
5:57 pm
you think is right. >> reporter: nadia and bill scarsguard play characters on the other side of the wall and they blank to the bureau of genetic warfare and they have a plan for their guests. >> i have no idea is what out there, you know, what to expect. >> your a arrival is most exciting event some of us have ever known. >> our surveillance technology is sent theory ahead of anything you have ever known. they have grown up watching you. >> nothing creep bye that. >> my character is second in command under david, played by jeff daniels. he has different agendas. >> what about nadia, a mystery, even in the books a lot of fire power. >> that will take you a while to get the hang of it. >> definitely some research and found out about her background and that helps, even though i'm talking about it and sharing it with the audience. >> reporter: what the film makers hope is a interest tackle stunning projects that is based on veronica ross
5:58 pm
novel a future book series focusing on a particular society, characterized by human misery, oppression, overcrowding and much more, a world nadia and bill as first timers to the veteran cast, are proud to be part of. >> we were the new kids, and we met in costume. >> yes. >> we were like, young. >> many months ago. >> it seems like you want them to like you. >> as they all take you on a post journey where trust is a a questionable part of the trip. >> chris, it is a pleasure to finally meet you. you saved a city. i will be saving the world. >> final focus is here, but. >> but, they are splitting it up to a fourth one. >> you know. >> string me along a little bit. >> they are working it. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 march madness two local teams in action, villanova's win is a slam dunk. temple is in a nail biter. we have live reaction coming
5:59 pm
up. also a box truck with a fake floor, what police say criminals are stealing through the bottom of the truck and who they are targeting. plus, spring will begin on a know note on sunday, i will let you know if we will see accumulating snowfall and who could see the most, coming up. he is running the show at march madness, little phil martelli, grandson of the big phil takes us on a tour of spokane. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. the temple owls go to overtime after a wild end to regulation, today a day of stunning up upsets and easy wins, the madness have of march is upon us. we're following all three of our local teams, don bell will join news just a moment. but first we are tracking, spring snow, yes, you can pile
6:00 pm
up too. don't put away winter weather gear just yet you will need those boots. i understand this weekend. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica keen. you heard correctly, the weather team is tracking a spring snowstorm but just how much will we get and will it stick? >> meteorologist lauren casey is in for kate bilo. she's in the weather center with a first look at the that forecast. >> we will all be sad when we are pulling out those snow boots out from the back of the closet because we certainly haven't needed them over the last week and a half. temperatures have been so warm, we have been dealing with rainfall but 63 degrees right now, more sunshine starting to break out approaching sunset across center city philadelphia a. northwest wind at 18 miles per hour, little bit of the breeze today but certainly feeling like spring, 61 degrees, down the shore, breezy as well, chillier up toward poconos, temperatures right now in the middle 40's. storm scan three is showing us a couple of sprinkles, light showers, rain showers up toward the poconos, patchy, c


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