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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 21, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, another day of march madness for philly teams a tough fight leads to a tide game. >> villanova moves on to the sweet 16. how the fans are specially pumped up. good morning, it is monday, march 2; i'm erika von tiehl. let's check in with katie and meisha back from vacation. you brought some snow with you, not very thoughtful, meisha. >> i brought some snow and hot dish, i had my fair share. today roll me in here. great to be back with you, the roads are look good, although we did have two accidents since cleared. i'll touch because in just a moment. katie, what is up with this snow. >> i know, it tends to happen the month of march you can get
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some crazy stuff to go on. >> this week will be one of though bizarre weeks where we have snow obviously still out there, but talking 70s eventually, only in a matter of couple of days, so bear with me through this if you are not a fan of the snow it really hasn't amounted to much. outside we start things off with few of the spring garden and broad street intersection camera. actually being taken from the station headquarters at cbs-3 studios, not too much traffic out there at the moment, obviously sheen on the roadway, generally, wet roads, all you found out there. but we do have snowfall list. going to that next, not exhaustive list but what you are finding out there in atlantic city basically the story closer you get to the coast the more precipitation or i should say, accumulation, you have found. but, even that, in ac so far, half inch. it has not been much. and most of this accumulation frankly fallen on unpaved surround it is -- surfaces. this is new england storm system, we're just get being
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grazed. the storm will draw to a close relatively quickly already has in philadelphia, through western suburbs, generally, we're going to see this wrap up pretty quickly. what that means is that we eventually see gradually clearing skies, and chance to eventually start warming up from here, too, mid 30's generally around the board at the moment, seeing couple of colder spots below freezing in both mount pocono, lancaster, precipitation has ended for you there, although you might see few slick spots from the damp roads left behind. notice the visibility pretty awesome further inch glands you go. closer to the coast little dicey so do keep that in mind still finding precipitation, could limit the visibilities, so slow it down, into the afternoon, winds kicks up, skies start to clear, temperatures start to climb. we will be flirting with 50 by the time we hit the late afternoon, and again, you should see little sunshine before it is all said and done, meisha, a back to you. >> float to go 50, silver lining, i guess, but you're right. roads are looking wealth, looking damp. make note, we're kicking off brand new week together. we're so happy you're here.
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if you are just waking up grabbing your first cup of cough app. fifty-nine north near broad, serious accident had occurred earlier this morning, that has since been cleared. so actually looking pretty good. taillights moving in the northbound direction that's where we had the accident. so 95 north near broad both northbound and southbound looking good after that serious accident has cleared, boulevard southbound looking good, looking nice and quiet. but i will say for only being 4:30 a.m., you can see early risers out there already. disable vehicle here 95 south allegheny pulled all the way off to the right shoulder, not going to impact traffic too much now, but certainly could as we progress through the morning if it doesn't get cleared out of the way. looking pretty good there on the ben franklin bridge, looking nice and quiet, how much, take a look at this, you can see that sheen on the roadways, letting you know it is a little damp. i didn't to use my windshield wipers in morning but i could have if i wanted to, so give yourself couple of extra minutes, it will be a busy monday, back to you. >> slick roadways may be to blame for this deadly multi vehicle crash on i95 in south
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philadelphia. one person is dead, and four others are injured, when four cars crashed near the broad street entrance. it happened around 10:30 last night, the accident shut down the highway for more than four hours, and it is back open now, though. twelve people were taken to the hospital. no details on their conditions. well it, came down to the final minutes, but ended in a heart breaker for the st. joe's hawks lose to go number one seed oregon. from spokane in the second half, hawks down two points, when isiah miles hit the jump shot to tie the game. later talks down pie just a point. deandre, hawks took dollars heat under 9990 seconds left. st. joe's linking to that one point lead, oregon still nails a three pointer. top seeded ducks take the lead for good beating the hawks 69 to 64. >> there is no finger pointing. they came into this building as champions. they're going to leave as champions. and i've been honored to work
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with each of them since august, than doesn't -- a result tonight doesn't change that. >> st. joe's fans are nursing the loss this morning. more than 100 student packed the perch on campus to cheer on their team, but it just wasn't meant to be. many hearsay they're still proud of their team already looking forward to next season. >> really sad for me to see the loss. they played really well. i'm proud of them for the season they played. >> real tough loss, i'm surprised we did lose. but, you know, at least it was a nice game for my home east, hopefully come back, go back next year, rock this joint out. >> the hawks last reached the sweet 16 in 2004 when they made the regional final. >> to villanova now, on the other hands, they moved to the sweet 16 for the first time since 2009. in brooklyn here, the wildcats took on seventh seeded iowa. the hawk eyes eliminated temple in the first round. first half daniel to michael bridges for the jam.
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nova playing tough defense. josh heart with the steel and two every his game high 19 points, villanova up 25 points at the half. in the second, more of the same. the cats crews to this one, 87 to 68. now, for diehard wildcat fans, the win was never in doubt. after a few disappointing years, this is villanova's first trip to the sweet 16 since 2009. once again won the ncaa championship in 1985 and fans we spoke with are hoping for another magical run. >> i hear a lot of the alumni talk about 198 a being the greatest year ever, but i mean, hopefully 2016 can be our year, that would be awesome. >> i mean, our history is our history, you can't ignore that fact, pat elephant in the room, but i think we made a statement today ultimately. >> fans will get another chance to cheer on their team against the miami hurricanes. you can see the game here on cbs-3, game time thursday night live from louisville. and stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of course of march madness, keep
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track of your brackets and your favorite teams on line at right now it is 4:37. and another threat against one of donald trump's family members there is time someone sent a threatening letter to his sister, judge mary ann trump berry. she is a federal judge in philadelphia. the fbi says it is working closely with the secret service and us marshals. last week you may recall trump's son they are i can received a threatening letter, urging the presidential candidates to quit the race. meanwhile trump says he will release a list of judges he would nominate to the supreme court if-ee elected president. he made the announcement last night in palm beach to ease concerns he might pick judges who were too liberal. no word on when trump would release that list. >> meanwhile, burnie sanders is campaigning in washington and other west coast states. more than 7500 people turned out for a sanders rally in vancouver, washington. he is is hoping to make up ground on the solid del glad lead built by hillary clinton.
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tomorrow arizona and utah hold primaries. idaho democrats hold caucuses. philadelphia police are looking for two people in connection with a drive by shooting in kensington. investigators say that somebody tried to fire or rather they did fire into a house on the 2300 block every east cumberland street last night. there are no reports of any injuries. police say two were last seen headed westbound on cumberland street. >> family and friends attends add candlelight vigil for maryland police officer killed in the line of duty. jacai colson, who grew up in boothwyne, delaware county, was shot and killed last week by a fellow officer during the shoot-out. officer colson was mistaken as a suspect who was attacking the police department. his grandmother and fellow prince george county officers were overcome with grief during the memorial. >> that i never thought that i
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would get. we had lunch together. we laughed and cracked jokes and we talk about, you know, having some cookouts this summer and getting some crabs, and here we are. >> three brothers are charged in the shooting. officers colson's funeral will be held next monday march 28th at the long croft cemetery in marcus hook, the ceremony will be private. state troopers say the man accused every killing two pennsylvania turnpike employees during a attempted toll boot robbery are saying that he is a retired state trooper. police say that clarence brings held up the boot at the fort little ton exchange. employee daniel cruz, and fair collection security guard, were both shot and killed during that robbery. investigators say, brings, stole a vehicle, driving it to his own car, where troopers couldn't fronted him and then shot and killed him. >> our family is grieving right now.
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but we are resilient, and we'll bounce back. >> briggs required in january of 2012 after 26 years with a honorable discharge. state troopers say the shooting remains under investigation. >> happening today, president obama continues his historic trip to cuba by meeting with cuban president, raoul castro. the president is eager it push decades of acrimony deeper into the past and forge ties with america's former adversary. his first stop greeting the staff of the new us embasy havana. >> the historic visit and it is a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people and to forge new agreements and deals to build new ties between our two people and for me, to layout my vision for future that's brighter than our past. >> one of the highlight of the president's advice sit tomorrow. he'll join castro for baseball game between cuba's national team and the tampa bay rays. there is much more coming up right here on "eyewitness
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news", live look for you from mobile three, if we can get it right here for you, some slick roads headed out the door as light snow fell overnight. katie has the news of the big warm up, that's coming up next. >> also, people celebrating the change of season ignore the winter chill for an annual sign of spring. back in two minutes. good
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>> come back attempt fail, we love this around here, people lined up for free water ice at reseason city avenue, the 24th year that rita heist handed out water ice for free. always great interested anythings march, it is snowing, but for me the mango water ice, what about you? >> i think i like the strawberry the best, because -- >> you can't go wrong, it is like pizza, you snow. >> huge fan of jill at owe. >> the snow is not as bad as it could have been? >> this was a glancing blow for sure t certainly did leave damp roadways. it is cold enough this morning
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that i want you to just pay attention to the car thermometer, could get little slick, not huge huge deal. so, again, not major storm system for our area. eventually, really significant warming trends is eventually going to be hitting our area, and as that happens, temperatures go on serious surge. soap, that's what we will be looking ahead to here. we start things off by getting you outside, show you what's going on storm scan, little wider zoom. you can see heavier snowfall intensity certainly, not just out to sea but also really coming down across portions of massachusetts, connecticut, so that again, pretty much where you're seeing the brunt of this storm system track through. and at this point any kind of what i would say at least significant accumulation is going to be confined primarily down toward the shore town. philly you're done with it, and further inland you're done with this, so, you will be walking out the door specially if your travels take you west to just, again, lingering damp roads, and no additional precipitation at this point. wider zoom, we do start to see high pressure taking the place of this storm system, and it is very quiet map all things
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considered. basically, east of the rockies, say, for this storm system still departing. so at this point we can expect pretty quiet weather. there is huge warming trends that comes along with this, so for now the chill is in place. we keep it below average, both today and tomorrow, looking ahead to wednesday, see how the jet stream sort of leafs off. that will will set the stage for the warmth to come in, as we see another round of a southerly push of air. so, when that happens, you are going to really see chance to warm things up in our atmosphere, before the next cold front comes along, it will happen later in the week, by friday back into some cooler territory. so that said, how does this all pan out? looking at just the numbers, clearing skies for you today, blustery day though, winds not going to be any joke in the wake of the storm system, ten to 20-mile per hour out of the northwest, sun doesn't feel like 50 degrees, that's the bottom line. make sure you have nice heavier coat ready to go. mostly clear, brisk, cold tonight, drop to 31, we do sort of see the win taper off for tomorrow. not bad day. pretty seasonable frankly, we flirt with 70 come wednesday, not bad at all. new cold front on the move by
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thursday, but look at that 71 degrees, late in the day just watch for shower. that though really looking like decent day overall, then see the temperatures get knock back by the weekend, back to you. >> thank, katie. flyers continue their playoff push when they take on the island nerves brooklyn tonight. the flyers have won seven of the last ten games. the islanders though have won five straight. now the flyers, they'll be without goalie michael, for the three weeks with a lower body injury. that means, he's likely out for the rest of the regular season. right now the flyers are three points behind the red wings, and five behind the islanders, for the last eastern conference playoff spot. the sixers hosting boston celtics last night, for the last pro game at the well before this weekend's rather next weekends' march madness sweet 16 action in south philly. the sixers got 26 points from carl, but just was in the enough. the celtics isiah thomas also had 26. boston beat the home team 120 to 105 to sweet the -- sweep
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the series. and it is time for the philadelphia union opening the home schedule yesterday, against the new england revolution, i know katie was there. cj scored twice for the union and they went onto shut out the revolution, three-nothing, well done guys, union two and one and take on the fire in chicago a week from saturday. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", find out what's brewing over a starbucks lawsuit. first though, here's what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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>> deadly accident on i95 tops your headlines this morning, one person killed and four injured in a multi car crash. >> this happened around 10:30 last night northbound near the broad street exit. the crash involved several vehicles, and the roadways closed for hours it has since reopened. also, a disappointing toned great run by the st. joe's hawks, the hawks lost to
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number one seed oregon, 69 to 64, in just a final minute last night, in spokane. the hawks gave them a scare but they came up short. even so, a terrific season for st. joe's. now, the villanova wildcats, they're headed to the sweet 16. they beat number seven iowa easily yesterday in brooklyn, 87 to 68. number two cats face the miami hurricanes thursday in louisville. right now 4:50, time for check on your business news, hena daniels joining us from the new york stock exchange, hearing about the big paint company merger. what's happening here, hanna? >> cher juan williams is buying rival, in a deal worth $11.3 billion. the deal will expand sherwin williams reach in asia and europe. the company will employ about 60,000 people combined. now, sherwin williams will remain headquarters in cleveland, but there will be a significant presence in minneapolis where wells far is
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safe. >> we're hearing if your latte is not giving you the sake kim as usual starbucks may be to blame. >> people take their coffee seriously, group lawsuit in california saying starbucks not serving the amount of expresso drinks it promises, claim the barista intentionally fill the drink cups well below the fill line. starbucks says the suit is without merit. erika? >> we all know we don't get quite enough caffeine in the morning, hena, thanks so much. >> that's right. >> coming up after the break, some light snow overnight. katie has the details on how it will affect your commute. coming up
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>> dealing with a storm system, the we want to give you what you have a sense to walk out to as you hit the road today. frankly it, hasn't been that bad through the overnight. outside palmyra cove nature park, already seeing those clouds start to thin out. things are actually clearing up real nicely considering the fact that you still have a
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winter storm that's out there. still pretty close by, in fact, the skies are as clear as they are, this is retreating quickly weeks put things into motion, all snow right now, for example, but very light, because we have pretty warm ground, won't see this have a chance even in the eastern count toys accumulate very much. maybe to up an inch in some spots. current wind speeds at this point, pretty light. don't get used to, that we will eventually start to see it turn more northwest, across the board also pick up in intensity probably ten to 20 miles per hour throughout the day. so i would say skies start to clear, the wind that becomes the weather headline asker the storm pulls away. 50 degrees the coolest day of the next seven, we go on variable roller coaster ride over the next seven days here too. look that at that, 71 degrees later on today. >> thanks so much, katie, good morning, everyone, happy monday to you, yes, it is damp, look looking little wet out there, but kicking off the
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work week together, the good news, a look at 95 moving in the southbound direction, northbound side where we had very serious accident, fatal accident earlier this morning, that has since been cleared. ninety-five at broad, accident all cleared. also looking pretty good you can see how many early risers are already hitting the roadways this morning. here is a look at the schuylkill, taillights eastbound direction montgomery looking good, exactly how we want to see it pushing into the 5:00. this is where we have an accident, route 55 southbound at vineland, all lanes are currently blocked here, still, only the shoulder is getting by, so fortunately for us, it is still early, but make note of that, give yourself couple of extra minutes, most definitely. construction 95 southbound between route one and business route one, one lane closed between eight p.m. and 5:00 p.m. through friday. another place, 95, same thing, 95 southbound between route 413 and street road. make note of that, i'll touch because in about ten minutes.
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back to you. >> here are store its our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is following for you. water crisis in flint michigan is raising concerns here in philadelphia. hear what critics are saying about water testing closer to home. >> also, pennsylvania's budget set long overdue. finds out how school district are dealing with their budget deadlines at the end of the june. >> and, hundreds of inmates serving life without parole will get a chance at freedom thanks to supreme court ruling. check in two, three, four times a day "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. coming up in the next hour here on "eyewitness news", liver on villanova campus with reaction to the big win yesterday. also, what st. joe's fans are saying after their lost. >> also, ahead, how a woman's facebook post helped protect her home from flooding. >> and then a 1,000-dollar tip shocks stap ers, big name who left behind the big bucks. we're back at the top of the hour.
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>> we collectively came up short on the scoreboard, but not in the heart of the people that really know just philadelphia. >> st. joe's hawks come up short in a late night lost to number one seeded oregon. reaction from inside their lockerroom. >> one november a nation celebrating their big blow out win. getting ready for the sweet 16. >> mobile three right now out live on the roads for you this morning. parts of the area saw some snowflakes overnight. there is some slick spots out there, too. so the question is when will it finally start to feel like spring? good morning, it is monday,
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march 21, i'm erika von tiehl. check in with katie and meisha back from vacation, brought the snow with her, prior a? >> i said, snowing, doesn't get any better than that guys. good morning, happen mine day, looking wet, and shrill slick outside so i guess the question is how long will this last? >> they should quickly dry out. not windy out here at all. >> start the see the storm system start to exit. on out to localized zoom here. looking at storm storm scan her, you know, talking about precipitation, green would mean rain. it is just snow right now on storm scan. notice, it is really at this point pretty much confined to the coastal counties, here in philadelphia, not a flake out here at all on the skydeck, let alone anywhere else. storm that's quickly starting to rotate away. what are you going to run into this


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