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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 21, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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inside reese witherspoon's 40th birthday bash. our exclusive look into hollywood's it crowd lets l the performances, the candid confessions. and who was the last to leave? and chris martin's shocking divorce depression, why friends and family were afraid to leave him alone after his split from gwyneth. >> did justin bieber perform drunk? losing his balancc, slurring, his business saturday rant caught on camera. also tonight, kim fields
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rehearsal before her dansing dancing debut. and "batman vs. superman" secrets. ben affleck goes on the record about his giant back tattoo. >> he went shoulder to shoulder. >> he knows, he's seen them all. now for march 21st 2016. this is "entertainment tonight." welcome to spring, ev nancy o'dell is off. but joining me just in for orleans, literally juss in after happy appearance in passion live. >> later on i'm going to pull back the curtain and give you the inside look what you didn't see on the passion last o night. kevin, it was epic. >> also epic but not quite on that level, was reese witherspoon's party. she performed on stage with keith urban on backup guitar. but this is the photo boot where the birthday girl had an epic time.
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hair tossled, bright smiles, sparkly minidress and those legs on point. as reese gives help to her cause. reese went ut to the l.a. club with 200 of her closest friends but just knowing taylor took the and performed, out of fear of missing out, it just happened. but thanks to snap chat, o exclusive shots of all the stars that showed up. kind of like we were the >> what was it like? >> but are you wondering how reese and taylor even know each other? they met in 2011 at the acms, we're pretty sure they bonded over this guy, yes, both of them used to date jake gyllenhaal and probably shared some great stories. uh-huh, haters going to hate.
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>> it was wonderful celebrating her 40th. we grew up together, it's like we get to do it all the time, there's nothing better. >> the only guest who seemed to not get the memo to wear black were matthew and camill they were the last to leave and how about this, paparazzi confused elizabeth banks for rachel mcadams. and amy mcadams left as a party favorite. >> how was the party? >> but the best most revealing moment of the night may be this one. kate put on blast as she and pal erin foster talk m >> so perception is not always reality. another superstar was at t party and that's chris martin. and his ex, gwyneth paltrow are both friends of reese. and gwyneth act was not
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there, she was in new york with some other school moms having their own party. >> when gwyneeh and chris announced their conscious uncoupling. it seemed like everything went so smooth. that wasn't the case, at least for him. ♪ >> in a newly surfaced interview appearing in london's the sunday times cold play's smart fan man admits he still wakes up down a lot of days and calls his split a weird one. >> i know that we have done it in kind of an unorthodoxed way but it's working for us. >> earlier this month with "e.t," paltrow spoke glowingly about their conscious uncoupling. but chris admits it led to a quote, year of depression. >> are you riding right now an emotional high? >> ye >> at the super bowl he was pumped, but in an interview first published by rolling stone cold play's favorite director said feared for chris and would regularly check in on him to make sure he wasn't on his own. but he has been given, quote, the tools to turn it around. and madonna is in the fight with her ex, guy ritchie over
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custody of their son rocco. she wrapped her tour over the weekend with behavior some callconcerning, acting drunk and making sexualreferences. today however madonna scored a legal victory. per her wishesmadonna's case now moves from the uk to new york. madonna's son rocco asked to live with his father in the uk. the judge didn't rule on that issue, but did urge madonna guy to come to an am mick cable solution. >> this thing is going to get messy. >> with a capital m. >> shall we go on to justin bieber. >> justin kicked off the l.a. tour, but this weekend, he's here to get a little tipsy. okay, maybe a lot tipsy. and he has some things that he just simply wanted to get off his chest. >> the biebs let loose, ranting, slurring --
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maybe i'm drunk and maybe i'm just [ bleep ] flipping. >> the crowd at one oak in west hollywood got quite the surprise when justin took to the mike saturday night >> i feel like i didn't want to lose myself. >> he seemed quite different last night when a much more composed 22-year-old sarenaded -- more music news, dolly parton's new top partner. she tweeted out today, i'll be collaborating with the katy perry at this year's acm >> dolly just detailed on a duet to me two weeks ago about the april 3rd performance at the academy of country musicawards.
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>> i'm really looking forward to it. who knows this might strike up a whole new thing. moving on to amy schumer's tipping point. >> they said, amy, make sure you get thi it was $1,000. my heart dropped. >> schumer left a generous gratuity after the musical in new york. and the staff shared a shot of the receipt on instagram. >> now to a really buzzy instagram. britney's bikini cam. yesterday she posted a picture of her tanning in a yellow two piece bikini. she had the caption, just chilling, but i ask you, what is wrong with this picture, i say, let's take a little bit of a closer look, shall we? first of all, look at this area around the waist, it's the case of the disappearing deck. what happened to the pool deck, if you look at the top, there's a deck there, look bel there's a deck here, in the middle, no deck right there. what's going on britney? clue number two, a little tummy issue, okay, if you zoom in right there, you can see right next to the water, there's a
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little bit of a blurring on the tummy, there's also a little bit of blurring down below, so this has so many people saying, come shop, right?th one is a photo >> ladies just don't get crazy with your photo shopping. >> don't get crazy with your photo shopping, kevin fraz another big debate. are you team batman or are you team superman? that was the talk last n at the premier "batman vs. superman" and our senior news editor jennifer perot was there. >> where are you on the "batman vs. superman" debate? >> i haven't had the chance to pick sides. my kids, they got to be on batman's side. >> i'm superman, today. >> amy adams deep neckline contoured down with a stunner on the massive radio city red carpet. >> this is a pretty big carpet. >> right here in mexico city, there was 10,000 people there. it was incredible. i have never seen anything like it.
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this movie's been unlike anything in my whole career that i have ever experienced, it's wild. >> it's starting to hit me now, yeah. >> always happening and the superfans are going bananas with superhero fever. >> have you run into any people who think you can fly? >> the only people who have come across me that think i caa fly are children. young children. just like if you can fly, why you at the airport? stuff like that. >> what is your answer? >> i say, i'm hiding, it's a secret, don't tell anybody. >> wonder woman's secret superpower might be that amazing dress, straight fr run way. in the movie she proved she can more than hold her own with the guys. >> wonder woman is not relying on a man and this is not a love story. and it's just kind of awesome for women everywhere. >> it's amazing to have so many amazing, strong female role models. so i'm glad we're bringing wonder woman back, we're
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starting a trend here. >> yes, i have seen wonder woman, yes. >> i got to tell you this, she' electric in this, sexy and tough, she steals scenes as wonder woman. as a matter of fact, coming up a little bit later, by "batman vs. superman" sit down with henry and ben. and of course we had to address all the craziness in ben's life. >> you have had a lot of scrutiny on your life, how have you handled it? and adorable star kids. can you guess whose children these are? >> and you all snow that when stars go on "dancing with the stars," they loses weight. up next, kim fields tell us why she doesn't want to eat at all. come on, now, girl, stay tuned. i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county,
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excited. >> full house star jody sw at rehearsals yesterday making sure there been a full house tonight on "dancing with the stars" that premiers on abc. and kim fields told us what she's most worried about, being light on her feet. >> one, two, three, four. >> she never wants to eat, never. >> you get self conscious at the thought of someone lifting you and dragging you, come on, i got to weigh two pounds. >> kim says her pants are looser since the rehearsals st but she's candid now about not eati -p>> the mom of two flies back d forth from atlan rehearsals and her boys like getting in on the action. >> chris knows mommy's on thi show. he thinks about it in photos now. sebastian, i sent him some videos of sasha flipping and throwing me. >> we first fell for kim as
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tootie on the 80s sitcom facts of life. we loved the reaction when we played her first ever interview back in '82 when she was 13. >> i'm v believe it or not. when i'm just meeting somebody, i get very closed up and intimate and i get very shy. no, no, seriously, folks. >> you get closed up and int >> now at 46, we kind of think she's barely changed. >> it's a blessing, you know, longevity in anything, especially in the entertainment industry, i don't take it for granted. >> kim says she actually thinks some of her facts of life friends showing up at the shhw. >> we're also talking about the wait is almost over for "batman vs. superman," still ahead, ben affleck tells me how he got into superhero shape. >> not easy once you hit 40.
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fashion night out with some hot gossip. >> there's no rumors that you and kim might replace tyra banks as america's top model. >> and some moms out with their kids as david beckham talks about his 4-year-old daughter. >> i'm very proud of her. >> that's all coming up. #
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in tonight's fashion fix, girl's night out. j-lo in white, gaga in silver, and kate in black and white. they closed out fashion week in
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the front row of fashion's los angeles award. while sister gigi was pumped up over a rumored new digs. >> there's rumors you and kendall might replace tyra banks for america's next top model. >> i saw that on twitter. i grew up a huge fan of the show. it's not in talks. >> would you be willing to do the show? >> maybe. >> pamela anderson arrived with her two young hot sons. at the after party, russell wilson and tierra met up with kim and kanye. and they celebrated rob kardashian's 29th birthday, with the familiar, minus kloe that was sick. >> we picked a night that most all of us could be in the same place at one time. >> man, celebrity kids were everywhere this weekend. gwen stefani nap shotted about
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her three little fellas. y'all get r for a t cuteness overload. >> 7-year-old zuma, big brother kingston was the ringbearer, and apollo, wedding guest ever. we especially loved the puppy face. meanwhile beyonce's little girl welcomed spring with the sweetest little tea party in the universe. queen b posted pics on her website in a hot pink dress. now an adoring hot dad. david beckham at his "gq" photo shoot and talking family movie night with daughter harper who apparently calls the shots. >> my little girl, she's very much into "frozen". and has been for a while. i've seen it at least 50 or 60 times. ♪ ask me what i want what i
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really really want ♪ >> but what happens when she wants to see mom in her classic film spice world. >> i'm very, very proud of her. >> sometimes you have to embrace your inner love for the spice girls. you know, you have the love, right? ♪ i'm giving you everything >> you know you know it too. >> let's move on to ben a and he's probably one of the biggest actors in the world. when we sat down to talk about baltimore, we had to about his divorce from jennifer garner. >> your divorce scrutiny over the last year, how have you handled it and not lost your mind and killed somebody. >> i've been talking about th >> i just channelled all my energy into this movie. >> i'm your man. >> this movie "batman vs. superman" has gotten ben crazy recep from his son sam.
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clearly your song thinks you go the bat cave, is he convinced about everybody? >> my son new right away. what they're spending on this movie, it's as real as it gets. >> you actually described playing "superman," the first time you shagged someone and then you get the rhythm down. >> it's an upcoming look. >> then how about you in the batman suit? >> for me i like -- >> but under that bat suit, ben's got majorink, a phoenix covering most of his back. i mean like you went shoulder to shoulder. >> i have never seen a representatton of it in the media, but if i wanted to be a publicly expose, i don't have them in laces where you can see them because -- >> he knows. >> he's seen them all. >> i have seen them all. they're very small tattoos. >> it makes everything else look
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bigger? but thht's how you have to get much, much closer than we are now. >> ben told me the muscle under that ink was hard earned wit two a day workouts. >> what was it like getting ready for this brawl? for youu because, listen, ben, cross boarding, what's cross boarding. >> it takes a long time in advance and a lot of discipline, not easy. once you hit 40. the audience does not really expect actors to look the part. still these superheroes must have a weakness. >> in real life, your real life kryptonite? what's your kryptonite? >> his is the actual kryptonite. my kryptonite is just cheeseburgers. >> oh,,yeah, ben, me too, right here. >> real quick, let me get to other movie news, we anno on our website, >> charlize theron, duane johnson and kevin hart are going to host this thing. on april 10, it should be incredible. >> i'm going to be there, i cannot wait there.
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now in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which actor was the first choice to pla alex keaton on family ties? >> the answer is coming up next. >> and i also have secrets from the passion including.
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welcome back to the show n tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which actor was the first choice to play alex on family >> that matthew broderick, he turns 54 today. >> if you watched the passion last night on fox, then you saw michelle. she was with tyler perry reporting along with the prrcession. she did a great job. >> saying reporter is a stretch, kevin, it really is. >> we want to leave you with fife things you don't know about the passion. >> we kind of went off the beaten path. >> by the way, that cross was 20 feet long, weighed !! 285 po and used car batteries to stay lit. and chris daltrey who played judith was backstage after watching sele perf number four is something nobody
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saw, but we can tell you that garth brooks was sidelines cheering on his wife tricia yearwood who played mary. >> and finally that moment when jesus played by jinc seems to be defying death on top of a hotel building. he actually had to be harnessed to the roof because it was so windy. >> being part of it was really special and personal to me and i'm just over the moon becauue
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"the insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. >> number one, gwen stefani hits rock bottom. >> i was down all the way you don't get down lower than that. >> her new candid interview on
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her devastatesdivorce, finding love again and her label almost pulled the plug on her musical therapy. >> then a new celebrity hacking scandal hits hollywood. >> herson's ultrasound leaks, kerry adele is an intensely private celebrity. and number thre kardashian celebrates his 29th birthday with family, but why did big sister kloe bailout? >> gina rodriguez sounds off on hollywood's pressure to be thin. how she's slamming the body shamers. >> if you look like the swimsui models and you're hot and everybody's going to want you, that's just [ bleep ]. now hollywood from the insi it's "the insider" together with yahoo! >> 59-year-o o


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