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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> good morning, we are following breaking news right this is a cbs news special report. good morning from studio 57 newsroom at cbs headquarters in new york. we have some breaking news out of brussels, belgium. this morning, there have been two powerful explosions at the brussels airport. the cause is unclear. charlie d'agata joins us on the phone. he is in belgium. he is on his way to brussels. charlie, give us the basics. what do we know so far about these explosions? >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. the explosions happened around 8:00 local time. belgian media is reporting that there were two explosions, and we've seen some twitter feeds,
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we were racing last night to bruge for evening news, and we were racing through the airport. we had seen some twitter pictures of windows that had been smashed out. it apparently took place in the departure area of the brussels main airport. the entire place was evacuated. you've seen some pictures of this frenzied evacuation. now, some belgian media is reporting there could be several dead in these apparent explosions, or these explosions. and shortly -- a short time ago we're also hearing reports of another explosion at a subway station in brussels. this is a couple of blocks from the u.s. embassy. so it would appear that certainly the belgian police are dealing with several incidents that are taking place this morning into an area that had already been in lockdown because of the tense situation over a high-profile arrest on friday. >> let's talk a little bit about that arrest, salah abdeslam, one of the key figures in the paris
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terror attacks. can you tell us about what happened on friday and how that all went down? >> reporter: yes. well, we got news that there was a major police operation taking place in the neighborhood of molenbeek in brussels. and there has been a four-month search for the last key surviving member of the paris attacks in november that killed 130 people. salah abdeslam. he was the only one to get away. and there's been a manhunt that has been going on from this isis-directed attack, one that isis claimed responsibility for, and that's an important thing to mention there. this is the only one that got away. they've been sevening for him for four months. they arrested him on friday. he tried to run out of the building. the anti-terror police right there, he was shot in the leg. he was dragged into a car. and then he was taken to a high-security prison in bruge. that's where we were last night
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reporting on that story. the concern after that arrest, and belgian authorities and french authorities put that warning out that this man has information on major isis players, key isis players. and there is a concern that once he started speaking to prosecutors and investigators, that he was going to -- he knows where everybody is. and there is a concern that those people might be going on the run. most importantly, the key figure that they're looking for now is najim laachraoui, the alleged bombmaker for the paris attacks. his dna was found at several locations from those attacks. and yesterday belgian and french authorities put out a sort of all points bulletin asking for the public's help in trying to find this alleged bombmaker. obviously, the concern is not that he was involved in the paris attacks but that he may be involved in further attacks. i have to also add that when they arrested abdeslam, they
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also found that he had gone to a different location in some brussels neighborhoods where there were lots of weapons. that led them to believe that he was not only in hiding, but he was planning further attacks. so in that scenario, now we're dealing with a heightened terror threat. you have police in the areas like the airport and the neighborhoods, molenbeek and belgium, and that atmosphere that these apparent attacks -- we have to say that -- apparent attacks have taken place not only at the airport but maybe even at the subway station here this morning. >> in fact, charlie, we do have a report that is confirming that the explosion was heard at the molenbeek metro station in brussels. and that the area is now closed off. so yeah, it appears as if this morning three explosions, two at the airport, one at a metro station, a train station, if you will. you know, authorities in brussels must be coming under some sort of criticism at this
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point. i mean, not only were people concerned that salah abdeslam was able to leave france and go back into brussels, but that he essentially went back into his old neighborhood and was able to hide out for so long, but here we have what looks like -- now, we don't know if they were terrorist attacks, but we have three explosions taking place at a time when, you know, everyone would be on high alert, when authorities, you would think, would be -- would be ensuring that the public is safe. and somehow these explosions were able to be planned and pulled off. >> reporter: exactly. and all roads go back to molenbeek. it's outrageous. people here, belgians are outraged that they're very high on intelligence and surveillance, wasn't able to flush out a man who not only slipped away from the paris attacks, having survived, crossed the border back into
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belgium and found his way back to his old neighborhood of molenbeek. we've been in that neighborhood, obviously. we were here on friday just after the raid took place. it is walking distance from his family home. it's five blocks from the house he grew up in. but it also gives you an idea of this very tight community. molenbeek itself has been a hotbed of islamic extremism and a birthplace of jihadis for at least a decade. there are several international terrorist attacks that have led back to these streets of molenbeek. and as you said, if that is an attack at the train station at molenbeek, it just shows you that that is ground central for this fight that they're taking on. we spoke to french prosecutors and belgian prosecutors yesterday. i asked them directly, how big is this fight? how many more are out there when they announced they were looking for two more? they said we simply don't know. the french prosecutor told us that he's got 250 cases that are ongoing now, active cases, and
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they have 750 or so of people that are either in jail now, have been indicted, or are on the run, and they're searching for them. that gives you a level of the scale of the threat that they're dealing with in trance an >> the time is 4:37. let's check on traffic with meisha. >> okay, a lot of news this morning. let's go local. first look outside, looking pretty good, looking quiet. construction clearing 95 south between business route one, street road, just make note that it discontinues, phone we have just even the slightest bit of flashing lights on 95 anywhere it, will slow you down, we saw it yesterday. here, construction on 422 both directions between route 23 and trooper road. that seems to be now clearing, left lane both directions, was compromised again now looks pretty good. still early.
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just thinking about leaving your homes any time soon, you won't have the volume levels as we push into the 5:00, 6:00 hour. beautiful shot of the ben franklin bridge. yes, good morning, everyone, moving in the westbound direction, from jersey, looking good, looking nice and quiet, and tran will just like we want to see on early busy what will be a busy tuesday morning. we have some construction here, about the at unique between willow grove, bensalem. two lanes blocked, those every you, just make note two, lanes blocked right now. you will want to know this because this will slow you down specially push into the 5:00 hour, also, construction 70 westbound past 2952 lanes shift until 7:00 a.m. now we go to check weather. i heard the birds out there this morning, so hoping it is getting warmer. >> looks that way, meisha a actually just the beginning, actually going to well exceed looks like by tomorrow and thursday, our typical standards, but for now pretty calm out, there the worse of any winds we had yesterday, boy, blustery afternoon, had a
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chance to wind down, eventually, going to end one sunshine, looks like decent day overall once the sunrises, at the moment, storm scan3, very quiet. nothing more than few very high clouds have rolled through the area in recent hours, or generally under the influence of high pressure at this point, mentioning the winds here it is pretty calm overall, at worse 10 miles per hour coming out of the west at philadelphia international airport. >> arrow directions start to change looking forward if the forecast, more southwest with time. it means temperatures have a chance to rebounds with the mild air. >> temperature, chilly start. thankfully, with less wind, won't feel that much colder than thermometer reads around freezing give or take in ardmore, bensalem, hainesport, kennett square, chilly 29 degrees. week lou -- we look forward, expect more sun than nick, expect mild afternoon, too, milder i should say, but again, only couple of degrees
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above average, typical high about 54, shooting for 57 officially here today. so the temperatures are beginning, their rebounds as of today. by tomorrow, and thursday, feeling more like may, eventually new cold front, so we have to track some rain down the road. more on the seven day forecast as we come back from break. stay there, we'll b
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>> back to breaking news, pair every explosions rocked brussels international airport. airport officials believe several people are killed and many others injured. the blast happened around 8:00 a.m. their time that's peak travel time too. all flights in and out of brussels international are canceled right now. capitol already on high alert, following paris attack suspect saturday. we'll bring you updates as soon as we have more information. >> meanwhile today president obama plans to meet with cuban disidants on the last day of his historic three day trip to
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the communist president. the president and first lady michelle obama attended estate dinner after diplomacy in havana. earlier met with cuba's president raoul castroment together they addressed reporters and said the road toward normalized relations will not be easy, but it is possible if both countries work together. >> what i have said to president castro is that we are moving forward and not looking backward, that we don't view cuba as a threat to the united states. >> president obama says he's too long meet with former cuban president, fidel castro in the future. on the final day of his trip today, the president will watch the cuban national baseball team take on our tampa bay rays. >> well, if it is tuesday, there must and primary. today, voters in both parties will go to the polls in arizona and utah. democrats will cake just idaho. meanwhile, new cbs news new york times pole shows most
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americans believe hillary clinton and donald trump will face each other in the general election. the two focused on israel at a pack, pro israel action group. >> yes, we need steady hands, not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everybody negotiable. >> united nations not a friend of democracy, not friends to freedom. , not a friends even to the united state of america, whereas you know, it has its home. and it surely is not a friend to i i ray he will. >> have all told the group they would suspend the us involvement of the iran nuclear deal if-ee elected president. >> atlantic city facing shutdown that could last weeks, if the city does not get state aid. mayor don guardian says the shutdown of non-essential
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services would start april 8, and last until at least may second, when quarterly tax payments are set to arrive. police fire and sanitation workers would stay on the job without pay. they get paid back when the tax money gets rolled in. >> new questions about philadelphia's water safety following the flint water crisis. at city council hearing the city water commissioner defended its water quality and practices, estimated 50 to 60,000 properties in philadelphia have led service lines that can cause contamination. many home own yours are unaware. >> we need to open our education, open to suggestions how we can do that, how we can get the word out that if you have lead in your plumbing, there are certain precautions you should take. >> now, lead in water is not just a problem in philadelphia. a 2015 report from new jersey's department of environmental protection it shows that 37 water systems in the garden state have elevated lead and copper violations.
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>> a federal judge has canceled a hearing in the government's battle to force apple to unlock an iphone. the fbi says, it may have found a way to get into the phone used by one of the shooters in the san bernardino attack. federal prosecutors say an outside party has come forward and shown the fbi a possible method for unlocking the phone. authorities say, they need time, though, to determine if the method will work, without compromising data on the device. and still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, guess what else you can get on amazon? an elephant? i don't know. you can get everything on that thing. we'll be right back. first what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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updating breaking news right now, the reports of several dead and wounded after multiple explosions this morning, in brussels. the first two explosions rocked brussels international airport in bull gem. this happened as hundreds of
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passengers check in for their flights during the busy morning rush. cbs news reports multiple casualties, about a half hour later, we're told, another explosion occurred at a train station, we'll continue with the updates and bring them to you as we get new information. >> for now the time 4:49. time to check on our business news. >> mine watch's jill wagner up at the new york stock exchange, good to see you again, jill. sounds like you can really get anything on amazon these days, now cable service, too, how about that? >> that's right. good morning. comcast will begin selling its cable, internet and phone service on amazon. the new page called the amazon cable storage site, includes dedicated customer service. amazon will get a fee every time accustom ers signs up, prices are the same, though, as on the comcast website. erika, rahel? >> and jill, of course, president obama wrapping up his trip to cuba today. but many are saying the visit is going to have like long lasting impact, more us companies, say they'll do business there.
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what's the latest with that? >> well the world's largest cruise company carnival is going to cube, a the first time in 50 years that a cruz ship will travel from the us to cuba directly. passengers will be expected to spends about eight hours a day, though, involved in some type of cultural experience, the seven day trip would leave from miami, cost about $1,800, per person. erika, rahel? >> a lot of big changes, the beginning of it, too. >> a lot of people are excited about that. >> up in new york, jill, see you later this morning, thank you. coming up after the break, katie has timetable, love there is a warming trends. >> don't we all? meisha checks for possible trouble spots on your way to work when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> good morning, everyone, things pretty quiet in the weather department for couple every days, big weather headline, the fact these temperatures will have a chance to spike with time. actually nice dose of may for not just one but couple every days here. so we go ahead, start off with quick check of storm scan, at the moment, still quite empty,
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all courtesy of high pressure, will continue to be the theme for us as of tomorrow. eventually cold front comes along to knock the temperatures back, but we have some time to kill before that happens. that said, if you are going to make the most of the really pleasant weather that we will have the next couple of days, do be aware that the pollen levels do start to spike when you get this casino after pattern. so, especially on thursday, the warmest day that we are expecting in fact, maple, juniper, elm are going to be really bothersome for those every that you suffer from seasonable allergies, keep keep that in mind. meantime today not bad day at all. milder than yesterday. couple every degrees above the seasonable average i would say call it seasonable, be done with it, sun and clouds overhead, 57 the high, not bad, 46 tonight, under just couple of clouds, modest breeze, by comparison to yesterday's blustery conditions. we look forward in the forecast to wednesday, thursday, there you have it, folks, two, seven plus agree days here, so little dose of may for you. by thursday night leading into friday morning we've got the next cold front crossing through, so timing could be worse. generally overnight issue, but some showers along with that,
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leaving damp roads behind on friday morning, then skies start to clear, and temperatures do take a hit. still even that said, easter weekend, this upcoming, is not looking bad. right now a lot of sunshine saturday, and nothing moriarty point than some clouds for easter itself. >> oh, and look at that 70s, oh, and i know, katie, you said it was kind of quiet in the weather department, very quiet in the traffic department, as will. certainly helps roadways are nice and dry this morning, still dark outside, volume levels as we can imagine push toward the 5:00 hour now still steady, very light. looking at the schuylkill, taillights moving in the eastbound direction at montgomery. you can see both eastbound and westbound looking good. looking very nice and quiet. this on the schuylkill exactly what we want to see as we push into that 5:00 hour. you can see, we do have some early risers but the most part things looking pretty good this morning. all-in-all, the traffic center has been very, very quiet this morning. ninety-five, tail light moving in the southbound direction, past cottman, one of the areas i certainly keep my eye on earlier in the morning.
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looking good again quiet. peaking in jersey had two freeway creek road, approaching 295 what you are looking at nice and steady, early risers starting to hit the roadway here this part of jersey but this is typically what it looks like pushing into the 5:00 hour. we will see it heat up moving into the 6:00 hour indeed. pa turnpike eastbound between willow grove and bensalem, lanes blocked because of construction, make note of that. more construction here route 70 westbound past 295, two lanes until 7:00 a.m. saw this yesterday. this is in place again, construction for you, will slow you down, so make mother of. that will also disable tractor-trailer in bridgeport union avenue at code street, one lane blondes, smaller street, so won't cause too many problems just make note for those of you in and around that area, ladies, back to you. >> thank you, checking stories on the sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 right now. pennsylvania's medical marijuana bill may not get to the governor's desk for few more weeks, find out what's cause that delay. also, philadelphia police are doing something unique to encourage diversity on the force. >> and, a new study says,
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women generally have lower credit scores, than men, learn how to improve your number. check in two, three, four times a day "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. coming up in the next hour here on "eyewitness news", just terrible case of animal abuse. the horrific conditions a dog endures before finally being saved. >> also, a young girl taken from the only home she has ever known. the controversial custody battle that ripped her away from her family. and, apple takes the wraps off its newest products, the key feature you can use on your phone now that will help up get a better night's sleep. we're back at the top of the hour.
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, we are following breaking news right now. passengers run for cover after two explosions rip through a major international airport in brussels. and there are new reports right now of more blasts coming into our news room. >> plus, horrible case of animal cruelty, the terrible conditions, this dog endured, for weeks before finally being saved. and villanova's marching on to the sweet 16. how novanation can help send off the wildcats today action, as they continue their championship run. so proud of these guys, hope they make it all the way. good morning, tuesday, march 22, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping ion things this morning, good morning, ladies? good morning, happy tuesday. roads are looking good,
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looking nice and quiet. no accidents to report, which is always great news. just some construction, overall, katie, i think the buzz is the heating up we're starting to feel. what's going snob. >> definitely warming one time here. today actually the beginning of nice little warming trends, so we should actually evening out overall pretty seasonable day, probably even little milder than average, by few degrees, but really the good stuff, if you are a fan of that spring-like warmth, comes tomorrow and the day beyond that point. march so far, we sort of take a look at tallies for the month so far. temperatures p .3 degrees above their average, we have still at this point even despite some snow that came through over the weekend have only 1 inch of snow to report at philadelphia international airport, that is, but our highest temperature hit 82 degrees, lowest temperature dipped well below freezing into the two's. so you can have a lot of extremes this time of year. storm scan3, nothing extreme. it is very tame, very calm and collected, we don't have too much wind out there right now, that always helps. temperatures at the moment, generally at or j


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