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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  March 24, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00, shocking video of a beating goes viral causing outrage on social media. tonight the local police chief's message to the community and what he's saying about the investigation. also, the way he was talking to me there was no reason not to trust him. >> a delaware woman hopes her mistake will help others. the exam hitting unsuspecting residents. the five things you can do to protect yourself.
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plus, iconic symbol of philadelphia the love sculpture but why is the l crooked? nicole brewer finds out what's behind the statue's design in tonight's good question. good evening, i'm jessica dean. ukee washington has the night off. we begin tonight with a exam involving fake driveway pavers. police say homeowners are giving them money but the job is never getting done. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt talk to one woman who fell victim to the scam and she's speaking out in hopes of protecting others. >> reporter: it's a beautiful spring night outside her wilmington home. but kimberly inn man can't even enjoy the weather. >> i feel like i want to trust people, and this gentleman who came to the house i trusted him. >> reporter: she still focused on getting her money back if it's open possible after shelling out 210 bucks to a man she thought would pave her driveway. she says he claimed to have extra materials from a previous job. she says he seemed professional. >> he was out like measuring my
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driveway, um, he even told me he can as fall all the way up to my back deck, um, he asked me to show him where he could put some -- dump some dirt if they had to tear up dirt. he was very elaborate. >> reporter: minutes later he was gone and never came back. unfortunately, kimberly's story is a common one. especially here in delaware. the state department of transportation put out this notice to let homeowners know that paving scammers are out in big numbers. deldot has few important things you should know. first, very few legitimate paving contractors will sell door to door. second, don't pay until the work is done. third, it's rare that contractors would have extra materials. number four, check to make sure the company is legitimate. finally, if you think you are a victim, get as much information as possible and call someone. all things kimberly says could have saved her the money but
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more importantly the stress and vulnerability. >> i could have very well pick up the phone and called deldot to see if this was legitimate and i didn't do that. >> reporter: reporting in wilmington, delaware, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". there are new developments into the investigation into the terror tax in brussels tonight here's what we know right now. two officials say the suspected bomb maker in the paris attacks was one of two suicide bombers who died in the airport blasts. police in belgium continue to search for surviving brussels bomber. security officials have told the associated press isis has trained at least 400 attackers and sent them into europe for terror attacks. numerous americans injured during tuesday's attacks are being treated at a brussels hospital. among them 19-year-old mason wells. he was just 30 feet away from the first blast at the airport. with his achilleas heal severed he hobbled out before the second explosion. meanwhile justin and steffie
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schultz who live in brussels were reported missing after tuesday's blast. it's been emotional time for their families as they await news. been hoping that my phone would ring and justin or stephanie would be on the other end. tell me they were okay. for me not to worry. they were fine. but that call didn't come. >> the us state department says it's still does not know of any americans killed in the brussels attacks. security certainly on the mind of passengers returning to philadelphia international airport from europe today. many of them grateful to be home. we spoke to passengers who were greeted by k9 dogs and heavily armed officers. one of them had originally been scheduled to fly out of brussels wednesday morning a day after the terror tax. >> the same airline that i was supposed to take when the explosion took place. >> you could have been -- >> one of the victims. >> authorities say there is no confirmed terror threat against
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the airport. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the terror tax in brussels. we'll bring updates here on tv and also at new at 11:00 a beating caught on camera is causing outrage on social media. tonight, a local police chief is urging residents to remain calm and not to take matter noose their own hands. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live with details. alex. >> reporter: jessica, the police chief here is actually called around 2:30 this morning after 911 dispatchers were overrun with calls about this individual i don't. no charges have been filed at this time but police have made contact with both individuals. now we do want to want that you what you're about to see is graphic and it may be hard to watch. it is video so brutal a minor suffering repeated blows to the head and kicks to the chest that west deptford police chief samuel desimone thought it might have been staged.
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>> but then we were able to speak to both parties involved and it's serious. >> reporter: the outrage that led him to be called in the middle of the night has also started a fire on facebook where page has been dedicated to the incident. police say both parties live locally. >> made sure that the juvenile involved is okay. nothing is wrong with the juvenile. made sure they're staying apart, and we have set up interviews for them to come in. >> reporter: in the video the man can be heard telling the minor "i will destroy you, if he goes to the cops he will be kill. police are adamant the victim is safe and asking those posting online to cease calls for retaliation. >> let douse our investigation and come to our conclusion it's not that we're not doing anything. >> reporter: as for who stood by and took this video well -- >> trying to fine out who that is. >> reporter: now there are still many questions that remain here again charges have not been filed but i'm told that they could include assault and terroristic threats and for that person that took the video police have questions for you as
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well. reporting in west deptford township alex half off, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. philadelphia woman says she was roughed up by the cops and arrested for no reason. and tonight the naacp is demanding answers. nicole newman says philadelphia police showed up at her house to execute an arrest warrant for her son on a non-violent theft. she says two white officers grabbed her out of her house and roughed her up. newman is city social worker spent the night behind bars season now charged with diss orally conduct. >> i had to ask myself if i had done something wrong although i know that i didn't. i was treated like -- like -- like i robbed a bank and i was running down the street with the dye pack. >> philadelphia police commissioner richard ross tells "eyewitness news" the matter is under investigation. the district attorney's office declined comment. seven members of the
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so-called felony lane gang appeared in a chester county courtroom today. they were arrested earlier this month after leading police on a pursuit that started at a wend wendy's 43 did you have forty one and ended on the schuylkill expressway. they're facing hundreds of charges. the felony lane gang east coast network of criminals known for sealing id's and credit cards from cars and then using that information they find to cash in. after nine months pennsylvania's budget stalemate is over. governor wolf is backing off veto threat allowing a $6 billion spending bill from the republican legislature to take effect on sunday. the governor said he's making that move reluctantly bought it under funds his priorities and does not deal with the state's budget deficit. >> i cannot in good conscience sign this bill. i cannot in good conscience attach my name to budget that simply doesn't add up. but to allow us to move on to face the budget challenges of
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2016-17, i am going to allow h hb1801 to become law. >> governor wolf says next week work will begin on the 2016-17 budget that's due july 1st. the journey to the ncaa title runs right through philadelphia and now it's official. today mayor jim kenney renamed broad street the road to the championship. march madness sweet 16 and elite heat matchups for the east regional will be hell at the wells fargo center. kenney is excited about the games coming here but he does wish villanova could play on home turf. they're in louisville, kentucky getting ready for tomorrow's sweet 16 game which you can watch right here on cbs3. when you hear broad street you think philadelphia. you also might think about the love statue. famous sculpt cher is a favorite picture place for tourists and locals alike. but why is that o crooked? it's a good question and our nicole brewer gets the answer. ♪
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yeah one of the most iconic land marks in philadelphia. which is probably why cheryl dolan wanted to know why is the o crooked in the famous love statue? it's a good question, cheryl, so i turn to the city of brotherly love for some answers. ♪ >> reporter: have you ever noticed that the o is on its side. >> we were just talking about that. >> we were just asking that question. >> putting the statue together and then when they put the o they glued it it didn't set right so it went sideways. >> so they just improvised. >> yes. >> i think the o is slanted because it gives people the platform to create their own definition of love. >> that would make for great story but it's pretty far from the truth. turns out the cup tour robbed end inn didn't come up with the idea for a crooked o. the technique which was frequently used by other artists is simply a form of type graphic play. >> it would be ugly if it was aesthetically unpleasing in it was all vertical. >> i like it though. i think it gives it character. >> reporter: that's exactly why he did it.
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to make the piece more dynamic. >> i would agree. i mean we came all the way over to take a picture with it so it worked. >> yeah, it did. >> as for the word love it was inspired by indiana's childhood church inside the wall was inscribed with the phrase god is love. >> we'll send it back to you. iconic indeed. what is your good question? we want to know log on to question to submit your question or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. and nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. can't wait to hear your good question. it's like the circus with a twist. a local group of women is bringing dance and acrobatics to new heights and our vittoria woodill takes a swing at it. >> beautiful. i love it. >> can you spin me? >> acrobatics dance theater and more vittoria shows you how this company got off the ground and where you can learn the art of
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aerial dance. lauren. >> it was a warm march day today with temperatures running about 10 to 20 degrees above average and we do have another round of 70s in store for tomorrow. will they tick stick around into our easter weekend? i'll the answer in your full forecast coming up next. plus, a donut delivery gets a student arrested. what police say was inside the pastry when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ two young men are facing drug charges tonight for allegedly trying to smuggle
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drugs into bordentown high school using a donut. police say 21-year-old brian perry, jr. showed up at the school thursday claiming to bring lunch for his friend 18-year-old student -- school officials thought something was fishy there they checked a donut inside the bag and found six xanax pills stuffed inside. police say this woman stole $800 worth of electronic tooth brushes this happened at a cvs is warwick township, bucks county on monday. this woman was last seen driving away in a gray car which has damage to the rear bumper. if you see the car, call police. new tonight graduation for the 28th class of the gloucester county police acade academy. "eyewitness news" was on hand for the ceremony on the campus of rowan college at gloucester county in sewell. the class consists of 21 men and women. they're all looking forward to their new careers at departments across south jersey. family and friends there to show their pride. tonight, the art of aerial
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dance. if you've ever dreamed of swinging on trapeze there's place in philly where you can make that dream a reality. our vittoria woodill check out the tangle movement arts to see how group of women is mixing acrobatics, dance and theater into one amazing story. ♪ >> reporter: you won't fine the big tent off brandywine street in philadelphia but a circus with a twist lies inside this building. >> we're at the performance garage which is an mazing dance studio in downtown philadelphia. it's been tangle home since the beginning in 2011. >> reporter: the tangle movement is an all female group of performers that strip down their stage to the bare minimum to tell ordinary stories in an original way. >> tangle is part of the contemporary circus movement which takes traditional vocabularies from the circus which is associated with spectacle of the big top and takes it into the more intimate context of dance theater. we are interested in telling the stories of diverse icons of
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females. >> love to showcase relationships between women whether they're romantic or antagonistic or workplace or friendships. >> report roar this group of link leaders are mixing dance, theater, life music and the art of aerial expression in every show. >> trapeze aerial silks, and sometimes use invented apparatuses that use nylon an rope and steal to get people into the air and in new and did you have ways. >> fabric layered like cake. >> if you would like lay your weight on the bars or lear rah you can in one of their classes. >> our classes are super beginner friendly, mixed level, appropriate for anyone whose ever dreamed about getting off the ground. >> i was a secretary until i started this. >> you were a secretary before you started this? if i never did any dance. i never did any athletics. it was just aerials and that was when i was like 23. >> so i am firm believer really
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that anyone can do this. >> can i see the secretary pose you'll do the secretary pose. >> talk about great way to beautifully tangle. >> do i look like a secretary. >> you look fabulous. >> something ordinary and extraordinary. >> and if you would like to get tangletangled and why one of thr performances they have a few pop up shows over the neck several months first one april 30th at the go west craft festival in west philly also a favorite at the philly fringe arts festival. >> wow it's rea really mesmerizg to watch. >> isn't it. >> it's got to be a great work out. >> i used to be awry september any of the at cues news radio so the secretary pose definitely takes a lot more work than just sitting at a desk i will tell you all be a strength. working the core. >> those girls are fabulous. great stories and like you said, mesmerizing. >> um-hmm. have you tore y thanks so much. >> thanks. >> lauren casey joins us now with a look at what's ahead and in weather and lauren evening i
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speak for lot of people if it continues like today, we're in. >> i know. we're all happy about it after some snow quite the turn around. mother nature she owed us that much. >> that's true. >> thanks very much for the sunshine and 70 we earn it after that snow and tomorrow will hold much of the same as we head into the day talking about near record warm temperatures climbing well back up into the 70s averages should have us in the mill 50s real below right by that and temperatures at this late hour very mild right now in philadelphia. still hanging ton near 60 degrees our current temperature great temperature to go outside. don't even maybe need the jacket to check out beautiful sight and that is our full moon. check that out. getting a beautiful view there from chopper three. catching the full moon. nice mostly clear sky conditions get a nice view of that and again temperatures very comfortable if you want to go out and do some star gazing, moon gazing, little smooch under the full moon. we have 59 degrees right now in
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center city philadelphia. nice clear sky conditions giving us a nice view of the skyline. southeasterly winds around 6 miles per hour. weather headlines for tomorrow, we will have some near record high temperatures climbing well back up into the 70s. then we do have a rain chance that returns to the forecast late tomorrow night continues through the day on friday but will clear out in time for our easter weekend looks like we stay dry both saturday and sunday. temperatures right now little bit cooler in the lehigh valley down into the upper 40s. little cooler also down the shore that southeasterly wind driving cooler ocean water on shore so temperatures right now in the middle 40s and talking about cooler air, check out some of these numbers. across portions of the midwest and the back side of a very strong cold front. 37 degrees right now at chicago at the freezing mark in minneapolis and then you may have seen some images of this today. snow blizzard conditions in the den very area. now starting to clear out but denver international picking up a foot of snow. boulder just outside of denver picking up nearly 2 feet of snow
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and snow continues to fall across portions of the midwest but in the warm sector of the storm, severe thunderstorms so very dynamic spring system that will be moving in for us but will give us different results as we head into friday. but storm scan3 showing us quiet conditions right now and overnight tonight a few passing clouds. light winds and mild overnight lows. 50 degrees probably leave in window cracked and them tomorrow 73 degrees. mostly sunny with late day clouds and a bit of a brief picking -- breeze picking out of the south for the afternoon. near record warmth. 76 is our record high temperature in philadelphia tomorrow. close to that. in advance of this frontal boundary which comes through friday morning that will give us that rain and even a thunderstorm chance especially for the first half of the day on friday. we clear out nicely on saturday. we do cool down but temperatures will still be in the 50s and i'm talking upper 50s so above average very comfortable conditions and future weather will show us nice quiet a lot of sunshine another round tomorrow but then clouds increasing as we head into tomorrow night early friday morning.
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showers start to pop. we'll start to see showers and thunderstorms moving in friday morning some downpours and i think we could see a few strong thunderstorms this particular model allowing the showers to hang on into mid afternoon other models say the rain will clear out earlier than that. all models agree all the rain had clear out by easter sunday. sunshine to up creasing clouds, 64 degrees for you and the easter bunny and skate despite the rain on friday. a chance avenue few strong thunderstorms i think especially friday morning. then quite conditions for our easter weekend. heading into next week we bring back that rain chance on monday. 62 degrees. but temperatures running in the 60s, 70s, coolest 50s. >> how about that. >> not too bad. i think spring is here to stick. >> i like that. >> at least for the neck week. >> lauren -- >> thank you so much. pat is here. what's coming up next in sports. >> an old friend spoke today. his name is chip kell. he talk about his time here in philadelphia and why it ended. the pretty simple if you think about it. what's the recipe for a
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villanova victory tomorrow. lesley van arsdall is in louisville and the cats give her the key
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>> wildcats believe they have a team that can win it all this year but as jay wright said yesterday, they've got to win this weekend first and that begins with their thursday night matchup against the miami hurricanes. our lesley van arsdall is in louisville with the cats and has more. >> reporter: villanova has been playing their best basketball of the season and they're not done yet. >> not being contentious and not thinking we're invincible. just because we hit shots our first two games doesn't mean we'll hit shots this game. >> i still feel we're getting better. we watched them the last couple of days. we saw we can get a lot better. we just trying to move for in the right direction. >> i think we are playing our best basketball right now. but we just have to stay focus focused. >> the coach says he's happy the players aren't satisfied. >> yeah, i like that.
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you know, i do think they're still hungry. they're still really committed i can tell in practice they're focused. we're demanding that of them. it's a good vibe right now with the team and it's a thrill to be here, man. it really is. >> reporter: last time villanova won the national championship 1985 in kentucky. reporting from louisville, lesley van arsdall "eyewitness sports". >> nearly 2 feet of snow fell in the denver area meaning the turn out was rather intimate for the sixers and nuggets tonight. meeting of two teams a combined 66 games under 500. nerlins noel had right knee contusion. tj mcconnell was cool with that hits the tough lay up part a 1 17-zero sixers run in the first quarter. jeremy grant he would get in on the fun. sixers jacking up threes all night. this one goes. we have a tight one. they are under 10 seconds remaining actually sixers up by
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a point. there were many reasons why chip kelly was fired by the eagles before the end of the 2015 season one of course is disastrous defense and another was his apparent lack of communication but at the owner's meets in boca rah ton chip says he still didn't see it coming. >> i was surprised. we had spent the whole game game planning at practice. not something you saw coming. it is what it is. >> why do you think he fired you? >> we didn't win enough game. >> that easy, right. >> the wide receiver position was an issue under chip. but they're hoping ruben randall can help. birds signed the former giant to one-year contract today worth a reported $3 million. if he reaches incentives the 24-year-old caught 57 passes and eight touchdowns last year his fourth nfl season. got to catch the ball. >> if you catch the ball we welcome you, right. >> absolutely. >> all right. >> with open arms. >> they're if you have, pat.
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thanks so much. we will take you to
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spork special red carpet screaming in the barber shop movie franchise. ice cube was at the pearl theater in north philadelphia. they are starring in barbershop the next cut. it's been more than 10 years sin the last appointment with movie goers and the shop is undergone some major changes. barbershop the next cut opens in theaters nationwide april
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our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00. for lauren, pat of one here i'm jessica dean. we're always on for you at up next the late show with stephen colbert. tonight's guest is will arnett f our entire team thanks for watching and have a great night. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nuwave oven pro, brought to you by the makers of the nuwave precision induction cooktop. stay tuned. to celebrate the amazing success of the nuwave oven pro, with over 5 million sold, today we're


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