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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 24, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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when i walk in we heard bird chirping and i can tell you it feels nice outside to hear those bird chirping there is something so suiting about that. >> i'm feeling a taste of spring, for sure, we will probably have a good shot to at least to harmless flirtation with record here today but with that said, comfortable out here, yesterday morning, we did have a little bit of the breeze and in tandem with the cooler temperatures we tend to have in the morning. it did feel chilly but we will end up well above average here today, yesterday we were over achievers as well, 73 degrees. as of yesterday typical average high was 55, we so far exceeded bye-bye 20 degrees. today, 56 degrees and we're shooting for the low and very likely mid 70's. storm scan three is tame right now, guys, very minimal wind across the board. that is because changes this time the breeze will pick up but you you do have have quiet weather on your side right now and, nothing more than just maybe a modest 10 miles an hour breeze picking up out of
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the east near lehigh valley and poconos region. as we go throughout the day watch how quickly these temperatures go up seven to 11:00, lower 50's and all the way in the mid to lower 60's, even before the lunch hour. once we get in lunchtime, outside much, this will be a comfortable couple hours coming up here, if you can, and i highly suggest, making some outdoor plans, why the not, right. it is looking good out there. meanwhile days just keep winding down and dwindling, 18, with the date until phillies home open fur that doesn't give you warm fuzzy about the spring season i don't know what does. the monday april 11th is when we kick it off at the ballpark. this is fantastic baseball weather as well here today, mid 70's, sun behind to start off and eventually included build in. we will track rain in the forecast. we will do that just coming up. we know rain is coming. energy today's 70's.
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sixty's by 11:00 a.m. nice. tacony palmyra bridge is opened to traffic. the it was opened at 4:45. now it is back down. you guys can aldrich through. 422 westbound troop are road we are still dealing with construction. look it lane is still compromise. they are trying to get that moved out of your way. it will cause you slow he downs as you maneuver by. just right lane. otherwise we are looking okay there construction 95 south approaching betsy ross bridge is another area where there is construction out there. you are down to one right lane, one right lane is compromised so just make note maneuvering around. it is that left lane. left lane is compromised. you have right lane that is open. also construction to let you know i will tell but in a moment. first an accident college avenue southbound at route 40, pulaski highway all lanes block, you will to have use alternate glass go avenue or sunset lake road is your best bet. make note of that for those in and around that area we have an accident all lanes are block it doesn't matter what time of the morning it is, it will cause you slow downs. construction on 295 i will
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that have in five minutes. erika, back over to you. a video of the beating that has gone viral has the attention of the police department gloucester county. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from west department for with the video we want to warn you might not be easy to watch. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. not easy to watch indeed on facebook on one page alone this video has almost 8,000 views and counting. clip is so violent that calls were made to police in pennsylvania, as well as here in west deptford and you you are about to see why but first a warning some might find this clip graphic. blow by blow, view by view this violent video is gaining clicks on social media and early wednesday the a tension of west deptford police. >> dispatch was getting inundated with calls regarding this, believe it or not. >> reporter: minor kicked and punched by an able aggressor. the west deptford police tell will "eyewitness news" that bearded man hurling blows and
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minor taking them are not related and they are no longer in contact. >> we were able to speak to the two parties involved, and made sure that the juvenile involved is okay. we have set up interviews for them to come in at a later date. >> reporter: also disturbing, threats, bearded man repeatedly threaten his life and warns hip not to involve police. >> if i tell you i will kill you you and you reasonablely believe it, then it is a terroristic threat. >> reporter: investigation is seeking person behind the camera. >> it makes you think why would someone sit there and videotape it and not do anything to jump into help. >> reporter: as you heard police say they have reached out to both parties involved, the investigation is still active. they are asking public to suspend calls for retaliation, that have been churning on social media. now police identified the a gress orr victim, so we are not either. erika, back over to you. >> justin finch, thank you. new this morning a man in his 40's is killed after being shot multiple times in the
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fair hill section of north philadelphia. police say the gun man opened fire around 1:30 this morning on the 100 block of east indiana. suspect remains on the loose. authorities are using both police crime cameras and nearby surveillance video to help with that investigation. also a man is fighting for his life this morning after being shot in east germantown. police say gunman opened fire with an assault rifle at chew and east locust around 1:00 a.m. victim was fun lying on the sidewalk and was taken to einstein medical center where he is under going surgery. police are searching for a blue hyundai that fled that scene. 5:05. i want to get latest developments in the terror attacks in brussels. investigators say suspect bomb maker in the a taxis one of the two suicide bombers who died in the airport on tuesday. the hunt for a surviving bomber continues a tras the city. later today european union officials are holding a an emergency meeting to discuss its response to the attacks.
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cbs news correspondent kenneth craig joins us live from brussels. i know you are closely monitoring developments there. kenneth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, erika. within the last 90 minutes or so we have learned that a second attacker may also be on the run, according to local belgium and french media who are reporting he was seen on cc, tv cameras carrying a large bag of the scene of the subway attack. the authorities are looking for him as well as an unidentified man from the airport surveillance video. as the hunt for the mystery man in the white jacket continues, belgium prosecutors are learning more about the suspect isis terrorists, connected to tuesday's terror attacks in brussels. authorities believe, the terror cell's bomb maker najim laachraoui, pictures here on the left and brahim el-bakraoui, both blew themselves up at the airport.
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while brahim's younger brother khalid detonated on the subway train. they found dna belonging to one of the suspects in belgium on a suicide vest used in the paris attacks last november. >> tuesday's attack here in brussels and events in paris are renewing concerns about fighting isis in europe. >> much easier to get into europe then it is to get in the united states, for example because of geography. most european muslims are not radicalized, vast majority are not but they have higher rag says rate. >> reporter: president obama once again, urge the international community to come together in the terror fight. >> we can, and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of in the only our own people but people all around the world. >> reporter: according to the associated press isis has trained at least 400 fighters to carry out waves of attacks in europe designed to inflict maximum car enabling.
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there are a lot of loved ones who are still missing this morning, including several americans. authorities say they are having a hard time identifying some of the victims because their injuries are so extreme, erika. >> breaks your heart, kenneth craig in brussels. we want to know what are we learning about those powerful explosives found after the a tax. >> reporter: that was a real interesting development, prosecutors revealed that during searches investigators actually found more than 30 pounds of a very dangerous highly explosive, material, and one of the apartments, that apartment was actually, was linked, two suspects, these brothers, we understand this type of, explosive material is really popular among extremist because it is so powerful and easily made with household materials. >> okay, kenneth, thanks for the update. stay with "eyewitness news" and cbs for continuing coverage of the terror attacks in brussels. coming up next half an hour we will show you new technology
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designed to detect homemade explosives like the ones used in brussels. happening today atlantic city officials plan an afternoon news conference to outline plans for a temporary shut down. the cash strapped resort is asking for state aid by april 8th or it will close city hall and end none in essential services until the beginning of the may. police and fire fighters will stay on the job but they won't get paid until the city gets more money. governor chris christie says new jersey will not loan the city money. he wants lawmakers to approve a state take over. governor tom wolf is ending pennsylvania's nine in long budget battle. he said he will not veto a 6 billion-dollar budget plan that includes no new taxes. measure will become law on sunday, wolf says he is reluctantly making move because of under fund hit priorities and doesn't deal with the state's budget deficit. >> i cannot in good conscious sign this bill. i cannot in good conscious attach my name to a budget that simply doesn't add up.
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but to allow us to move on to face the budget challenges of 2016/17, i am going to allow hb1801 to become law. >> the governor says work will begin on the 2016/17 budget next week, it the is due on july 1st. still ahead this morning it the is a war wife's in 2016. hear how ted cruz wife responded to donald trump's threat to spill the beans about her. villanova trying to advance to the elite eight for first time since 2008. we will talk about why this year just feels different. i woke up in the hospital bed and i did not know where i was. that woman's alive thanks to her young daughter right there, see how that little hero saved her mom from a disaster in the pool. milan use, medical an use.
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right now villanova wild cat are getting ready for
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their biggest game of the year. win tonight and they will punch their ticket to the elite eight. "eyewitness news" reporter leslie van arsdal is in louisville where the cats are feeling confident. >> reporter: villanova a has been playing their best basketball of the season and they are not done yet. >> we're not thinking we are invincible but just because we shot well the first two game does not mean we will shoot well this game. we have to rely on our defense and rebound to go win games for us. >> we have watched them the last couple of days. we feel we can get a lot better. we are trying to move forward in the right direction. >> i think we are playing our best basketball right the now. but we have to stay focused. >> reporter: coach jay wright is happy that he is happy the players are not satisfied. >> yeah, i like that. i do think that they are still hungry, and they are still really committed. i can tell they are focused at practice we are demanding that of them. it is a good vibe right now. we have a good vibe with the team. it is a thrill to be here,
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man. it really is. >> last time villanova won national championship was 1985, in kentucky. reporting from louisville, leslie van arsdal, for "eyewitness sports". cbs-3 is place to be tonight for march madness, wildcats tip off against miami just after 7:00. after that game end maryland takes on top seed kansas and then stick around for "eyewitness news" after basketball. our leslie van arsdal will have live reports all day wrong right here on "eyewitness news". communities buried by massive snowstorm over the winter they are getting help from the federal government. who could forget this when 2 feet have snow fell back in january? now president obama has signed a disaster declaration, that gives state and local governments a chance to get reimbursed for snow removal cost. that storm was fourth largest snowfall in philadelphia history. and it is warmer wet they are week that has you thinking of spending time outside we have good news for you, spruce street harbor parka announced
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they will open up may sixth, almost a month earlier then last year. park along the delaware river water front has become one of the cities mess popular outdoor attractions over the summer and with good reason. love hanging out there do you see parks opened today, it would have been a great take to a hang out in those hammocks. >> they are always full. we have to figure out what the downtime is to score a couple of them. >> exactly. >> just wait in line, exactly, hello. but, perfect excuse to make outdoor plans here today, we will see a cold front passage that will income temperatures back a little bit. this is by far the warmest day of the next seven and with good reason. lets look at our pattern here. nice wide zoom on storm scan three to show you next system brewing. out in advance of systems like this we will have a southerly push of air and that is sending our temperatures spiking as much as they are. snow breaking out then back toward great lakes, central plains, you do not have to worry about cold air to
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support that here. there will be some showers and maybe a few thunderstorms that rumble in here with that next storm. look at the difference in the temperature. springtime storms like this you can get some very interesting extremes because of the way the amplification of the jet stream, can really send temperatures warmer or colder, you've got teens, you've got 30's, by comparison in little rock or st. louis in the mid 60's right now. pretty obvious where cold front is and at this point here in philadelphia, we are warmer, then it is, in el paso, or texas. that gives you a sense that anything can happen with the weather department. meanwhile with that warming trend the push that send these temperatures spike to go day we will get you all the way in the mid 70's and flirt with some daily record. meanwhile i want to jump up to overnight tonight or tomorrow morning when this next cold front on radar finally arrives here. because it comes overnight it may not be a severe weather threat but does bring in pockets of heavier rain, very likely embedded thunderstorms
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lingering through morning drive. even by the time we hit lunch hour you could still have wet weather to track on storm scan six but by the time kid get out of school, skies are clearing out and we will even up with at least a little sun before the sun goes down. meanwhile expect those pollen levels to be high, up to 9.9, they will drop off tomorrow since wet weather will wash away pollen which always helps and temperatures do take a hit but still very mild, tomorrow, and we are looking ahead to a really nice easter who will take weekend, meisha. >> we sure are, thanks very much, katie. happy gate the way to the weekend, we are so glad you are here. taking a look at new jersey 42 freeway north bound at creek road looking good taking this all the way toward 295 this is what you are looking at, steady flow, a lieutenant of early risers hitting red way new but things are looking good in new jersey. the basically anywhere we will look. schuylkill westbound as you head in the westbound here, looking good, over here, to the eastbound side, this is where i keep my eye. this is where we are heating up moving in the eastbound
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direction. westbound looking good. eastbound give yourself a couple extra minutes. we are seeing that pick up a bit. construction on 422, they are starting to get this cleared out but as you can see these flashing lights you are down to the left lane, right lane compromised here at troop are road. 422 westbound we are dealing with this yesterday and dealing with it again today. make note if you try to make your way westbound on 422. overall things are looking good. they are getting that cleared out of the way. one area we have this accident police and fire are on the scene here. the this is college avenue southbound at pulaski highway route 40 all lanes are block you will have to use an alternate glass co avenue or sunset lake road. give yourself a couple extra minutes, avoid this area if at all possible. now back to you. authorities in florida brave a fiery crash to rescue a woman stuck inside a burning car and it is all caught on camera too a tanker truck and other car collided and flames took over. when sheriff a's deputy returned to the scene he found
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a driver of the car pinned by the crushed steering wheel, seat belt and air bag. with the help of another deputy they were able to pull that with man out to safety, wow. another act of heroism, this one by a five-year old from texas. when allison anderwall was noticing her mom was unresponsive in the backyard pool she acted fast. she went in's brought her mom in the shallow end and turned her head above water. young girl alerted other family members. >> other daughter ran over and helped me get her out, so i was -- she was able to do that on her own and it is a miracle. >> she woke up in the hospital bed and i also did not know where i was. >> it turns out allison's mom suffered a seizure swimming but she's alive today thanks to her brave little girl. well done. well, coming up, president obama puts on his dancing shoes, see how he performs when he kicks up his heels to dance the tango.
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a lifetime of love for this delaware county couple. their family reflects on their remarkable story of love, when we come back.
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them.
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you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. talk about a lifetime of love, husband and wife bound together for decade died just one day apart from each other. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter spoke to the couple's family about their true love story. >> reporter: he was from the greatest generation, veteran of the battle of the bulge, she his one and only sweetheart their loving beginning in the post war days blossoming for 62 years. >> he treated her like an angel. he was just totally devoted. >> reporter: phil and teresa
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bassalease endured through six children, half dozen grandchildren, his only rivallal for a next was her lifetime to the phillies whom they watch together. >> like being one person, everything that they did, thought about, and did was as one person. >> reporter: when dementia struck teresa still reached out through their growing darkness for his love. >> she would just hold out her hand and wait for him to grab it. >> reporter: phil, now fighting terminal cancer, always there. >> she knew his touch, so, shoe knew it was him. >> reporter: when phil passed away march 15th, peg told her mom. >> i went in and let mom know that dad's gone he is waiting for you. >> reporter: just one day after learning that her love was gone, teresa departed life. >> we didn't necessity who would go first but we knew the other would be right behind them, within a day, they wouldn't have been able to live without the other, that was it. >> reporter: so after sharing
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a lifetime, phil an his beloved bride, side by side once again in their obituaries and final resting place at saints peter and paul cemetery, together inseparable they should think of the follow thanks were that song got it right, the song that says, love never dies at saint peter's paul's cemetery, walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> incredible to see that, that true love, more than 60 years and one day they could not live without each other. >> absolutely. they were so one unit it seems. it seems as though their children are so at peace knowing it is all good. >> great memories there. >> absolutely. still ahead this morning there is a new reason to swipe right on tinder. we will tell you even if you are in the looking for love. the match the app can make. detecting danger new technology to sniff out homemade explosives like the ones that ripped through
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brussels. also. >> everybody is yelling get this thing out, are you crazy sushi surprise, cold blooded act that left diners running for cover. also the temperature keeps climbing today, katie says we are threatening a record high. she will let you know when rain will come again and meisha has her eyes the on the the thursday morning commute, updating areas to avoid heading out the door right now. we will be right back.
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good morning, we have an important warning for homeowners, conn artists are trying to steel your money, scam they are pulling and simple steps you can take to avoid becoming the next victim. talk about this, a fabulous forecast today, looking at the another beautiful afternoon, katie, will tell you how long these may-like temperatures will last. live look the a the art museum. beautiful right new but just wait, when we will taste the real day of spring. >> hearing those bird. first thing i think office spring and you don't to have wear a jacket i didn't even wear one. >> are you serious. >> no. >> very impressive. >> absolutely. if you are like me and wimp and have to wear


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