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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 24, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, march 24th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." european security forces want more accomplices in the brussels terror attacks. >> a severe spring storm threatens 50 million americans. whiteout conditions bring travel to a standstill. the governor of alabama apologizes for making sexually suggestive comments to a staffer but he denies having an affair. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. a second suspect is now thought to have been involved in the attack on a brussels metro station. >> this man is still unidentified and on the run. >> the hunt for suspects
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connected to the belgian bombings. >> authorities say people still on the run and could plot further attacks. >> i have a lot of things on my plate but my top priority is defeat isil. >> it would be a serious mistake to begin carpet bombing areas into oblivion. >> you would rule it a possibility? >> i'm never going to rule anything out. >> can't see anything? don't worry. neither can i. >> wild weather in colorado. a blizzard has caused numerous accidents. >> in texas powerful winds and hail. >> alabama's governor denies having an affair with an adviser. bentley admitted only he made inappropriate sexual remarks. >> i love many members of my staff. >> high flying drug deal. a jetblue flight attendant is behind bars. she dropped 2 million dollars of
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cocaine at l.a.x. >> hold on. i don't need your lecture. thank you very much. >> all that. >> president obama dancing the tango in argentina at a state dinner. the tango dancer managed to coax him on the floor. >> all that matters. >> he is not completely crazy. good. >> lindsey graham who said very nasty things about cruz in the primary, now supports him. >> ted and i have a lot of differences. i'm getting better at this. so -- [ laughter ] >> on "cbs this morning." >> how many muslims in america? >> i don't know the number off the top of my head. >> you are saying law enforcement should survey muslims but you don't know how many are in the united states? it's more of a political point you're making. >> damn! norah o'donnell just declared jihad against bull [ bleep ]! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this
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morning." security forces investigating the brussels attacks are intensifying their manhunt across europe. belgian media have posted this picture of a second person who may have helped carry out the bombing at a subway station. it is unclear whether he died or is on the run. >> officials have identified two suicide bombers at brussels airport. khalid and ibrahim bakraoui both died. abdeslam will not fight extradition when belgium y. we have reporters and begin with charl d'agata at the brussels courthouse. >> we are here because there is a hearing here for salah abdeslam. he was not here but we spoke to his lawyer earlier who said his
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client changed his mind fighting extradition to france after the attacks and told a reporter he did not know about the attacks until after they happened. the sadness of a senseless tragedy has overwhelmed this country is fast giving way to anger that it could have been avoided. already the investigation has begun revealing a catalog of mistakes and missed opportunities that may have cost lives. the alleged bomb maker najim laachroui is thought to be the man on the left in the security picture, he apparently managed to evade the manhunt and get to the airport with a suitcase packed full of explosives and blow himself up. two other suicide bombers and bombers aloik indicate both men may have been part of a plan to target a nuclear facility. manhunts are under way for the last identified suspect of the airport, the man in the hat, and an accomplice to the train
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bomber who belgian media reports is depicted in this drawing. the suspects of the twin attacks have been linked to the aled pa -- alleged paris attacker salah abdeslam who has been under arrest since last week. his lawyer spoke to us after the hearing. >> he wants to go back to france. i think whatever he had to go back to france and changed his point of view in the first -- in the beginning, he wanted -- extradition to france, took some more time. yes. he change his mind. >> reporter: there is a growing sense that abdeslam's capture served as a trigger for the other members of the terror cell to strike the brussels airport and a train station in the middle of the capital and suicide attacks. yet another development. turkey is saying its security forces grabbed ib vertebra him
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bakraoui and warned belgian authorities that he was, quote, a foreign terrorist fighter. gail? >> charlie d'agata, thank you. reporting from brussels. we know more this morning about the bombs used in those attacks. the destruction inside the airport and the mangled debris in the subway station made these transportation hubs look just like war zones. allen pizzey is at a subway station in brussels with the details of the sophisticated bombs the attackers used. >> reporter: the suicide bombers have reached a level of speaker tes expertise. speaking off camera one put it, they knew what they were doing. the bombs they set off were designed to reach maximum civilian casualty. investigators believe the bombs were made using a white powder called tat and known in jihadi circles as mother of satan.
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33 pounds of along with other bomb making materiels water and detonatored and a suitcase full of nails and screws were found in an apartment used by the bombers. the nails and screws were the hideous ingredients. this x-ray showed what happens to be a bolt embedded in one of the brussels airport victims. >> a lot of bleeding. shrapnel. legs blown off. things like that. you normally should have maybe that in beirut but not here. >> reporter: not the kind of thing you expect to see in a civilian situation? >> not at all. >> reporter: but the jeihadis consider everywhere a bombing. paris attackers used suicide
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vests which showed a high level of sophistication and indicates the input of a master bomb maker according to a number of experts. the real worry is how many of them are still out there. a report by the associated press courting unnamed officials says there is believed to be more than 400 isis-trained jihadis in europe waiting for a time and place to strike. gayle. >> thank you. allen pizzey reporting from brussels. the terrorists used a materiel using tatp. ahead, chris vkris van cleave h. >> reporter: the state department does not know of any americans killed in the terror attacks but at least two americans are considered missing. justin and stephanie shults were at brussels airport at the time of the bombings. their family is flying to belgium to look for them. vladimir duthiers of cbsn is at a memorial site for the attack
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victims. vlad, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. belgians continue to congregate behind me. for some families an agonizing 48 hours since they heard from their loved ones. >> justin wants me to come to brussels to see him but this is not the way i wanted to go see him. >> reporter: sheila shell is heading to belgium to track down her son. he and his wife were inside the airport during the attacks. >> one minute they were there and then they weren't. we have been searching and looking for them ever since. >> reporter: shell says the state department called them on wednesday saying the couple was on a list of people provided by the belgian government but their status was very unclear. >> it's very frustrating trying to get somebody and, finally, i called my senator's office and the other things started
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happening. >> reporter: senator corker's office reached out to belgian officials but no one could confirm the couple had been found. sascha and alexander pinczowski lived in new york. this lady is in intensive care but expected to live. three mormon missionaries survived the terror strike. among them is mason wells treated for burns and shrapnel injuries and his family is traveling to brussels to see him. >> the first step is he okay? what is his well-being and his medical care and how do we get him home? >> we know mason wants to get back to regular life and would not want to sit and dwell on this. >> reporter: what are you most thankful for? >> i'm most thankful for my family. >> reporter: jeff slaughter was on his way home to louisiana when the bombs went off. >> the ceiling tiles began raining down all over. and so all i could think at that point was just get out. >> reporter: he ran out of the airport to a triage area but was
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unhurt. >> i think everyone was in shock. >> reporter: in shock? >> yeah, i think so. >> reporter: nba hall of famer dikembe mutombo was feet from the blast and he arrived back to atlanta yesterday. >> i want to go home and kiss my wife and my kids and give them a big hug. >> reporter: 150 remain in hospitals across the city. at least 61 in intensive care. many have severe burns and shrapnel in their bodies similar to what we saw after the boston bombings. >> just terrible. vladimir duthiers in brussels, thank you very much. we are following breaking news from syria and the battle against isis. government forces are fighting to overtake the city of palmyra. isis took control of the city in may. in iraq they say to take
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down isis has began. islamic militants captured mosul in 2014. it may not be possible to liberate the city this year. u.s. military official told cbs news david martin iraq has only half of the number of brigades it needs in the area to begin this push. the brulve attacks have refocused the presidential campaign on syria. ted cruz and donald trump are doubling down to proposals for them to single out muslims in this country. hillary clinton took on a speech at stanford university. chip reid is in washington how terror is impacting the presidential race. >> reporter: good morning. republican candidates donald trump and ted cruz are working hard to convince ther base they will do about anything to keep this country safe. some of their proposals are controversial enough that president obama is weighing in from thousands of miles away. >> that's not a smart strategy.
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>> reporter: on the heels of a historic cuba visit and a brutal terror attack, president obama went after ted cruz for suggesting that u.s. law enforcement monitor muslim neighborhoods. >> i just left a country that engaged in that kind of neighborhood surveillance which, by the way, the father of senator cruz escaped for america, the land of the free. >> reporter: cruz hit back. >> the president goes on a national television conference and lectures america on islam phobia. enough is enough! >> reporter: brussels is the latest in a string of terror attacks since november, pushing foreign policy back to the top of voters' concerns. the republican front-runners doubled down on taking drastic measures. >> we are worried about laws and we can't waterboard and, yet, they are chopping off head. >> reporter: we carpet bomb isis into oblivion. >> reporter: in a speech on counterterrorism, democrat hillary clinton fired back at
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the gop proposals. >> when republican candidates like ted cruz call for treating american muslims like criminals and for racially profiling predominantly muslim neighborhoods, it's wrong, it's counterproductive, it's dangerous. >> reporter: clinton also criticized trump's suggestion that the u.s. should significantly reduce its commitment to nato. she said turning our back on nato would send a dangerous signal to america's friend and enemies. >> chip, thank you very much. president obama has been practicing with some might call soft shoe diplomacy during his visit to argentina. take a look at this at last night's state dinner in buenos a air es. he was invited to demonstrate the tango. hundreds of guests were there. some question why the president continued his trip to argentina following the brussels attack. at a news conference earlier in the day, president obama argued that changing his schedule would
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show weakness to isis. a powerful spring storm this morning is battering parts of the midsection. rain and thunderstorms hit chicago area and in arkansas winds damaged seven homes. in colorado, many were forced to be rescued. the storm shut down denver's airport yesterday. severe weather threatens more than 57 million of americans. adriana diaz is in wisconsin, where a blizzard warning is in effect. >> reporter: good morning. as you can see, it is a beautiful spring day here in green bay, where some kids got to squeeze out one last snow day for the year. the governor here issued a state of emergency because of all of this. this is just a snapshot of the severe weather hitting parts of the country. >> holy [ bleep ]! >> reporter: in between strikes of lightning, it was impossible to miss the tornadic storms that
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barreled through northern texas. the powerful system produced a torrential hail storm in plano. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: hail stones the size of golf balls battered thousands of homes. >> this fell in about one minute. never seen anything like it in my life. >> the water is coming up toward the house. oh, my gosh! >> reporter: pounding rain and winds topping 45 miles per hour knocked out power to more than 5,000 people. the same system is dumping snow from the rockies to the great lakes. there were blizzard conditions in colorado where some places saw more than 20 inches on wednesday. the slick road led to spin-outs like this one in denver. hundreds of cars and trucks faced whiteout conditions and traffic that had some drivers stuck for hours. denver international airport was
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forced to shut down for only the third time in its history. more than 1,300 flights were cancelled. at one point, close to 300 thousand people there lost power. the blizzard warning ends here later today. when it's all over, parts of the region could have up to a foot of snow and if it doesn't melt by sunday, it could be a white easter, not christmas. >> oh, wow! think about that. thank you, adriana and stay warm. a jetblue flight attendant accused trying to sneak nearly 70 pounds of cocaine at l.a.x. is in custody this morning. marsha reynolds vended at jfk airport yesterday nearly 3,000 miles away. no confirmation how she made it across the country. officials say reynolds took off running barefoot from the crew checkpoint at l.a.x. she allegedly left behind her designer heels and a bag of with
7:18 am
11 individually wrapped packs which contained cocaine worth $2 million. wow. i guess you'd start running away, too, if they caught you with $2 million worth of cocaine? >> i'm thinking, number one, it wouldn't happen to me or you or you. i'm thinking he is looking for a new job today. something tells me. going to go out on a limb, charlie. australia confirms this morning that two separate pieces of debris found off africa are almost certainly from the missing malaysian airliner. they were discovered off m mozambique. they suggest it is from a boeing 77. investigators plan to comb north africa's coast for wreckage next. flight 370 disappeared in march 2014 with 239 people aboard. alabama's governor admits to inappropriate sexual talk with a
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powerful female aide. robert announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by the blue cash everyday card from american express spp . american express spp
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. the brussels attackers likely used bomb ingredients you can buy in a drugstore. >> ahead, kris van cleave looks at research on tatp and new high-tech methods to detect it. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by windows 10. upgrade today. and do great things. (music plays) hi i'm kristie and i'm jess. and we are the bug chicks. we are a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious
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atlanta's dream of hosting the super bowl could get sacked. ahead, the growing backlash from the so-called religious freedom bill. tomorrow, ben affleck is coming back to studio 57. his new role is "batman" and he is talking about that and helping people in the congo. you're watching "cbs this morning." we will be right back. your local news is next.
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good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. i want to check with katie. i think this is your favorite day of the seven day, right. >> what gives it away. >> it is a beautiful day that is already unfolding for us out there, good morning everyone, bright sunshine, full sun, currently popping up over the horizon right now, a couple of folks outside on the boardwalk. we just saw them they have since moved out of the frame but there are folks taking advantage of what promises to be a beautiful spring day. storm scan is completely empty. lets get right outside to the seven day to the good stuff here. 73 degrees is expected high in philadelphia today. that is a few degrees shy of the dale record. we will see how far we will get but by overnight and tomorrow morning we will start to see new round of hearst and perhaps thunderstorm, crossing through the area the with the
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next front, more than average sun glare, strictly playing a role this morning. i never have a hard time saying that but sun, we welcome. that just take your sunglasses. here's boulevard at ninth street. looking good. this looked busier. but we are slowly starting to kind of ramp things down but other areas still looking busy. this is one of the areas looking okay as well, ben franklin bridge toll plaza westbound. love this show. love this, and it is cool. delaware county 95 north at 452 that sun glare there. you will need to pack sunglasses moving east bound. next update 7:55. coming up, business leaders are threatening a boycott of georgia. i'm erika von tiehl. have a
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the national football league recently had their annual off-season league meeting and something pretty interesting happened. nfl officials announced several rule changes for the 2016 season. all chop blocks are illegal and then this one says extra point line will be permanently moved to 15 yard line. those are fine, but then they get a little strange. check this one out. fumbles will now be called oopsies! and check this one out. if a player scores a touchdown, he must kneel and give thanks to papa john. finally, quarterbacks will start at the line of scrimmage blindfolded and then will move from lineman to lineman until the butt feels like the right one! that is a good rule! >> conan o'brien weighing in on
7:31 am
football rules. thanks. this half hour, the scandal rocking alabama's governor. robert bentley faces calls to resign over accusations of an affair with a married aide. we will show you his denial and his defiance. plus a closer look at the bombs used in the bomb attacks. some of those ingredients could be found in a drugstore. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. blookberg news reports that hackers linked to the iranian government will be indicted today for a cyber attack three days ago. it targeted a small dam in rye brook, new york. service was not interrupted but investigators say it shows how hackers could attack american infrastructure. "the washington post" reports on an american deaths reportedly the release of guantanamo prisoners.
7:32 am
he did not provide specific examples yesterday during a hearing but his examples led to new calls to leave the guantanamo bay facility open. president obama has vowed to close it. the detroit free press reports on michigan officials over the flint water kris crisis. an independent task force failed at many levels and officials dismissed complaints from the poor and the minorities. they call the disaster environmental injustice. governor rick snyder says he is not convinced it was a racial issue. interesting to read the findings of this panel. >> the investigation continues. >> yes. the arizona republic reports on the mayor of phoenix calling for a federal investigation into long lines to vote in arizona's presidential primary. some people on tuesday reportedly waited five hours! others ga up. only 16 polling places were open for the phoenix area. more than 1 million eligible voters. state official will hold a
7:33 am
hearing on the matter next week. >> we can do everything with our phones now. we can order a car, we can order food. we can create our grocery lists and share them with people. voting has got to be easier in this country. even if it's not by your phone but the fact you have to wait that long. it's harder for people if you have kids and a job and all of that stuff. >> seem like there will be changes and they have to fix that problem. the st. louis post dispatch is reporting the death of baseball original and well-known broadcaster joe garagiola. his broadcasting career spans six decades. he was a big league catcher like his buddy yogi berra. joe garagiola was 90 years old. did you know him, charlie? >> i did and interviewed him. he was a better announcer than he was player and had this wonderful career as an announcer with vin scully and some of the others. >> i heard the joke was he used to say i can't even be the best catcher on my block because yogi berra was there.
7:34 am
i thought it was good information. >> it may be true. earlier we reported investigators believe the bombs used in the belgium attacks were made using a white powder called tatp and made from ingredients sold legally at drugstores. this was the scene after two bombs exploded at brussels airport. investigators are increasingly confident the devices included a compound tatp. hi hydrogen peroxide is an acetone is a make up of part of the material. kris van cleave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the concern with law enforcement is that tatp could be used in a space like this here at new york's penn station. terrorists have dubbed it the mother of satan because it attacks nearly the punch of tnt. this new technology aims to instantly detect somebody who has come in contact with the
7:35 am
explosives. >> fire in the hole! >> reporter: the bomb that ripped through this car door is an explosive that is a favorite of terrorists. from brussels. to paris. to the 2005 attacks and even the underwear bomber all used a homemade and extremely volatile tr tri-acetone or peroxide or tatp. one ounce of a tenth of a pound easily sent shrapnel flying across a 20-foot-debris field. covered a lot of distance. >> it certainly did. you don't need pounds to cause a catastrophic failure especially something delicate as a transportation mode. we talked about airplanes a few minutes ago but we could be talking about trains or buses. >> reporter: brussels found 33 pound of tatp at this stash
7:36 am
house. >> you're getting close to something commercially manufactured. >> reporter: this specialist with the atf's washington field office. >> this stuff can't be tracked and traced because they are buying commercially available products is not legal to own. for years bomb dogs have been the best way to check trace amounts of tatp but dogs have limitations so the department of homeland security has invested nearly a million dollars in new technology here at professor gregory's lab. >> we call it an electronic sniffer. it's a system that doesn't need a break. >> reporter: it operates in the background like a smoke detector and scanning the air as people pass by, alerting police if it gets a hit. trace amounts of tatp. you see airports and train depots? do you feel a new sense of urgency to get it out there.
7:37 am
>> we would like to get it out there yesterday. >> reporter: the device enters real world testing later this year. it's about the size of a backpack or a small suitcase. the goal is get it down to the size after smartphone. >> wow. that is scary. >> kris van cleave, thank you very much. showdown over a proposed liberty bill could be costly for georgia. backers say it could affect faith-based groups that refuse or hire someone for religious reasons but major companies like walt disney says this discriminates against the lgbt community and they are threatening to pull out their business. david begnaud, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. for the sake of this story it's all about business. entertainment companies say they will reconsider doing business in georgia if the governor signs this business and take the nfl, the atlanta falcons, for example. they play' georg at the georgia and have for years and this side they are building the
7:38 am
mercedes-benz stadium and the falcons hope will bring the super bowl back to atlanta but experts say though chances could get sacked if this bill is signed and it's also about disney which all but said it's done with georgia if the governor signs that bill. the taxman sure has been kind to antman and other disney movies intermediate in georgia. the state's generous tax incentives have provided a warm welcome to filmmakers but now some studios say that southern hospitality is being tested by a proposed law they believe discriminates against the lgbt community. disney issued a statement saying we will plan to take our business elsewhere should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law. similar sentiments have been voiced by amc networks which films "the walking dead" in georgia, as well as other corporations. viacom, delta, coca-cola,
7:39 am
unilever and the falcons and the braves, two of georgia's sports teams. >> god loves everyone, sir! >> reporter: the state's local debate between religious liberty and gay rights is focused on georgia's governor who must decide whether to sign a deal called the free exercise protection act. it would not only allow religious officials to refuse to perform same-sex marriages, it would also allow faith-based organizations to deny services or employment to people who violate their, quote, sincerely held religious believe. state senator greg kirk is a sponsor of the bill. give me an example of what bill would do for somebody in georgia. >> let's say my wife and i want to start an adoption angle want to be a faith-based organization and want to only adopt out to traditional couples and it would protect us. >> they say the bill -- >> movie studios are thinking
7:40 am
twice about whether or not they want to send their contractors and employees to georgia to work for an extended period of time. nobody wants to place their employees at risk for discrimination. >> reporter: the governor says he has until the first week of may to decide whether or not he is going to sign that bill. >> we will be watching. david, thank you. alabama's governor denies he had an extramarital affair. ahead why robert bentley is apologizing, though, to citizens of his state. we will be right back. o quit sm. and then i started running. now, i feel a lot better. (announcer)you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. find fast relief allerbehind the counterngestion? with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d.
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i love to take pictures that engage people. and to connect us with the wonderment of nature. the detail on this surface book is amazing. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this. on the screen directly with the image. it just gives me a different relationship to it. and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me. ♪ the governor of alabama this
7:44 am
morning has no intention of resigning, he says amid a growing scandal. robert bentley denied claims of an affair with one of his closest aides. he does admit to some improper conduct. demarco morgan is here with more. >> reporter: good morning. a bizarre admission at the alabama state capital yesterday. the governor apologized but then he said he wasn't guilty of breaking any laws.
7:45 am
>> i love many members of my staff. in fact, all of the members of my staff. do i love more than i do others than i do, you know, some more than others, absolutely. >> reporter: two-term alabama republican governor robert bentley stood in front of a throng of reporters in montgomery on monday apologizing to comments about one of his top political advisers. >> i have never had a physical affair with mrs. mason. i can assure the people of alabama that, as their governor, i have never done anything illegal. >> reporter: reports say 42-year-old rebecca mason, 30 years bentley's jr., is a mother and the governor referred to her as his closest aide. audiotapes reveal explicitly
7:46 am
excerpts reportedly made from bentley to mason. >> there was a period of time, i really can't say exactly the length of time, but it was over -- you know, i don't want to say a period of months p.m. i'm not going to say that because i'm just -- i'm just saying that it was a period of time in my life that -- that -- that i have made inappropriate comments. >> reporter: but despite the comments, which suggest a physical relationship, the governor maintains that never happened. >> at times in the past, have i said things that i should not have said? absolutely. that's what i'm saying today. >> reporter: the 73-year-old said his comments on the recordings were made at least two years ago and that he's never actually heard the tapes. >> i have been told about the
7:47 am
possibilities of tapes for two years. i have never heard tapes. i have never seen tapes. >> reporter: until now. seven months ago, governor bentley's wife of 50 years filed for divorce citing their marriage had suffered a breakdown. we reached out to the governor and his aide but no comment yet. >> those tapes are very suggestive. >> very suggestive. >> do we think that he will survive this? >> that's a good question and i think everybody is watching to see what will happen but i don't think he knew the tapes were out there and surely didn't know they were coming. >> i just talk dirty, but i didn't do nothing! >> didn't do anything. it was all on tape. >> i think mrs. bentley might feel differently. >> very differently. >> thank you, demarco. tapes don't sound so good, governor. are wives fair game in the presidential race? a question that ted cruz and
7:48 am
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good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. i want to check with katie for our fabulous forecast, katie. >> it is a good one, overall. we have a couple chances and not even so much chances, but where we will see rain pushing through the delaware valley but right now nice and quiet no wet weather to speak of. couple high clouds here and there but generally we have a blue sky and blight sunshine to go witt. storm scan quiet. our temperatures are into somewhat cool territory, i suggest dress nothing layers again here today but northeast breeze at the 4 miles an hour at the airport, 48 degrees, making it feel cooler. thirty-seven in mount pocono. eventually those temperatures will sky rocket all the way to 73, under sunshine, late tonight and tomorrow morning though a new round of showers and maybe a few then are
7:57 am
storms will rumble through, meisha. >> gorgeous day, thank you so much. good morning. happy thursday to you. the here's the platt bridge looking pretty darn good. would i say it is bordering on quiet as we push in the 8:00 o'clock hour. the that is good sign for now. another area looking still busy schuylkill eastbound past university and as you can see we have april accident here pulled all the way off block ago this right lane. make note because it is already very busy around here and not going to be easing up any tune soon. twenty-three on the schuylkill. sixteen on i-95 south. vine street looking good in the teens and blue route 21. erika. >> thank you. your next update 8:25. coming up on cbs this morning mystery behind a navy boat that disappeared off the california coast a hundred years ago.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning. it is thursday, march 24th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including breaking developments on the timing of the brussels attack. plus the manhunt for accomplices of the bomber. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. security forces investigating the brussels attack are intensifying their manhundred across europe. >> salah abdeslam's lawyer told reporters he did not know about those attacks until after they happened. >> the suicide bombers have reached a level of >> belgian continue to
8:01 am
congregate behind me. >> republican candidates are working hard to convince their base they will do just about anything to keep this country safe. >> can you see it is a beautiful spring day here in green bay, where some kids got to squeeze out one last snow day for the year. terrorists have dubbed it the mother of satan. >> fire in the hole! >> this new technology aims to instability detect somebody who has come in contact with the explosives. >> a bizarre admission at the alabama state capital yesterday. the governor apologized but then he said he wasn't guilty of breaking any laws. >> the maker of m&ms will announce it will start gaining -- the fda became suspicious when they found out these guys were real! ♪ >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. breaking new information about the timing of the terrorist attacks in brussels. this comes as a massive manhunt expands across europe in search
8:02 am
of possible two accomplices in the attack. security forces are looking for this unidentified man and he is pictured with two others pushing powerful bombs into brussels airport. he left behind what is the most worse of the three bombs. laachroui is thought to be the man on the left of this image. investigators found his dna on at least one of the suicide vests used in last year's paris attacks. ibrahim bakraoui blew himself at the airport and in the middle and his brother detonated explosives at the subway station but there may have been another man with him at the subway station. investigators are looking for a man who arrived there the same time and carrying luggage. charlie, what can you tell us? >> reporter: the subjects several manhunts currently under
8:03 am
way. law enforcement sources tell cbs news that the original dast the -- date of these attacks was the 28th but they were brought forward because of abdeslam who has a hearing here this morning and one of the paris attackers. we are earning more about the alleged bombers that should have put them on the radar. cbs news can confirm that ibrahim bakraoui and his brother khalid, two suicide bombers and one at the airport and the other at is subway station. furthermore, turkey has said they grabbed ibrahim at the border last summer and warned belgian authorities that he was, quote, a foreign terrorist fighter. now belgian officials have only said they were both criminals with no known ties to islamic extremism. >> interesting information there, charlie d'agata in belgium. thank you. nba hall of famer dikembe
8:04 am
mutombo is in atlanta this morning after experiencing the chaos in brussels. on tuesday he was waiting for a connecting flight in the lounge at the brussels airport about a hundred yards away from the first explosion. >> 30 minutes, i was in the lounge. when everybody was in the lounge with me, they started running, you know? people start screaming. one of them is a former police. the other one was former military guy. i follow them. then i follow them. they took care of me. this morning, they drove my all the way to amsterdam and i got on a flight there. those are my angels. >> wow. yeah. >> my angels. >> my angels.
8:05 am
last night, mutombo wrote on facebook i'm so happy to be home safely and i'm praying for the families of those who lost their lives. >> you need angels at a time like that. >> sure do. the brussels attacks have put terror and national security back in the center of the presidential campaign. republican ted cruz is facing criticism for his proposal to monitor muslim neighborhoods. in part, he blames europe's immigration policy for the attacks. >> they have allowed vast numbers of islamic terrorists to infiltrate europe and they live in isolated communities where radicalism festers and we need to be using pro active policing. we need to be using pro active law enforcement and intelligence and national security resources to prevent radicalization. >> in a speech yesterday, at stanford universal, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton took aim at ted cruz saying, quote, when republican candidates like ted cruz call for treating american muslims
8:06 am
like criminals and for racially profiling predominantly muslim neighborhoods, it's wrong, it's counterproductive, it's dangerous. donald trump said in an interview clinton does not have the strength or the stamina to be a good president. he was also asked about using nuclear weapons against isis. >> i'm never going to rule anything out! >> right. >> i wouldn't want to say -- even if i -- i wouldn't want to tell you that. >> right. >> because at a minimum, i want them to think maybe we would use them, okay? so we are saying when we do these interviews, everybody, not me. >> yeah. >> you ask a question like that, and everybody comes clean and they are so honest, you know, we need unpredictability. >> donald trump says he would only turn to nuclear weapons as a last resort. trump and cruz are trading attacks over their wives. the fight started when a group backing cruz published this racy image of melania trump who is a former model. the ad says meet melania trump, your next first lady or you
8:07 am
could support ted cruz on tuesday. trump tweeted in response, lyin' ted cruz, just used a picture of melania from a g.q. shoot in his ad. be careful, lyin' ted cruz or i will spill the beans on your wife. >> cruz responded with another tweet, quote saying donald, real men don't attack women. your wife is lovely and heidi is the love my life. >> they seem to be going off the rails with this tactic. >> i think a lot of rules have been going off the rails in this campaign. hard to make sense of it all. the mystery of a navy tug boat lost at sea nearly a century ago is solved.
8:08 am
ahead, families of the service members on board find closure in learning what happened to the "uss con
8:09 am
jill schlesinger is in our green room. she has money tips coming up next on "cbs this morning." >> you have a personal experience. >> yeah. when you're told you have cancer start with a specialist. start with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. we know designer when we see it.
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8:13 am
♪ she's a brick house! and now she is here "eye on money." talking to you, norah o'donnell. spring is a peak time for home buying and for sellers and making your house stand out. a recent survey from the national association of realtors show upgrade to the kitchen and bathroom and new wood flooring appeal to potential buyers but even less costly and time consuming upgrades can pay off and even a new garage door! what? jill schlesinger is here. i heard about the bathroom and kitchen. we know that rule but the garage
8:14 am
door? >> yes. >> you knew about the garage door? >> yes. >> really? >> i don't care about the garage door! >> you don't want to spend tens of thousands of dollars to do a kitchen or a braathroom but may you want to do projects that have the biggest bang for the buck are these really inexpensive projects. attic installation. we talked about the garage door. front door. even just redoing your entryway. these are projects that can really help sell the house and for folks thinking about selling your home, you don't want to spend tons of money doing it but these are projects you can recoup a lot of your money during the sale. >> my husband calls it the gara garage. >> he knows the tips? >> what do you not get your return on your investment? >> i was really surprised. we looked at remodeling magazine did a drill down. a lot of times we have heard bathrooms, bathrooms, bathrooms! a new addition in a bathroom you
8:15 am
only recoup about half of your money. >> why is that? only so much you can do? there is a toilet, there is a tub and a shower. >> yes. a lot of people are doing dopey things like putting hot tubs in which may be fun but you're not getting your money back or making crazy and beautiful fawcetts that nobody wants to pay for. >> pool? >> pool is a no-no! people don't want the liabilities because they and sunroom is the same. living space where you get your money back. look at the typically home in the united states three bedroom, one bath home. if you have only two bedrooms investing in making more living space, a third bedroom is really important. instead of upgrading your bathroom, put a second bathroom in because if you do it minimalist is good. when you look at a project, instead of doing a whole full-blown renovation, a little something here and there will help you. >> how do you finance it? >> great question. for most people we do like to
8:16 am
suggest save cash. you save in advance but a lot of people don't have that. however, the good news is home prices have appreciated quite a bit the last five years. 24%. that said, people have equity in their homes. you may -- may want to tap the equity in the home. you can get a home equity loan with a fixed term with a fixed rate or a line of credit where you can draw down the money as you need it. some cases refinance may make sense. run the numbers and talk to a lot of people. >> you got that? >> yes. charlie is out there working on the garage door. >> because somebody looked at my garage door and said fix it. >> wow. >> okay, all right. >> a little bit of a slam. >> is that your summer project? >> i've already done it. thanks, jill. the big air and sea search of its time failed to find more than 50 u.s. navy sailors. after 95 years, the mystery is solved. we will take you to the ocean floor. that is next on "cbs this morning."
8:17 am
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and all kids speak the language of bug. "hey cortana, find my katydid video" oh! this is so good. (laughs) if you're trying to teach a kid about a proboscis just sketch it on the screen. i don't have a touch screen on my mac, i'm jealous of that. (laughs) you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. (laughs)
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8:20 am
♪ one of the great mysteries of the sea has been solved after nearly a century. the final resting place of the "uss conestoga" and the 56 men
8:21 am
who died were recently found. jan crawford is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when you see the faces of the young men in these photos, they tell a story. it was once a story of questions for 95 years. questions about what became of them, where they died, and how. and, now, there are answers. san francisco's golden gate was the last known lotion of the "uss conestoga." on march 25th, 1921, the navy tug boat and its 65 sailors had sailed for pearl harbor never to be heard from again. >> the conestoga disappeared without a trace. there were clues but faint clues and nothing definitive. >> reporter: jim delgado is the head of noaa maritime heritage. he says three months later on june 30th, the ship and all aboard were declared lost at sea. >> the sea swallowed them. >> reporter: the captain of the ship was diane's grandfather. >> his only child, my mother.
8:22 am
>> reporter: she says her mother, ironically the other families were haunted that they never knew what happened. >> right up until her death bed, she mentioned she would be joining her father, so he was even though there was a void. >> reporter: but in 2014, the mystery started to unravel. delgado was researching ship wrecks off of san francisco when an underwater robot outfitted with a camera found this. delgado first realized it was a tug boat and one that sank in peril. >> it's a big boat and it's there with all of these gear. >> reporter: so they googled. >> tug boat missing golden gate no trace and conestoga's name popped up. >> reporter: had you heard of that? >> anybody who studies ships in the sea know about the navy's history and the story about conestoga but that wrecked somewhere off of hawaii and not here. >> reporter: never occurred to you that could be it? >> no. >> reporter: it wasn't until
8:23 am
this video that they found what they were looking for. >> single purpose 3 .50 caliber gun looking at the size of it. and that is a world war i era mount. >> reporter: this was the smoking gun? >> it was the smoking gun. >> reporter: the smoking gun with photographer evidence. this picture was taken weeks before the "uss conestoga" set sail. >> i think for all of us, it was a pretty powerful moment to realize after all this time that this mystery had been solved, but then the weight of responsibility that comes with that. >> reporter: the people? >> all of the families from that generation went to their grave wondering what had happened. >> reporter: three months ago, diane got the call from jim delgado. >> it's just a shock! it goes all through you to think that the only mystery in our family has been solved! and how could they tained it? and what was it doing up there? >> reporter: on wednesday, the families of four of the sailors
8:24 am
gathered to hear the real story of what happened. a memorial, a bell was struck for each sailor. >> here are 56 men who signed up to serve their country who were serving their country and who were lost, and ultimately their country found them. >> reporter: for diane, a void filled, knowing her grandfather is resting in peace. >> there is life down there and he loved the sea, and he is with the sea. he's with the living sea and the deceased sea. >> reporter: now researchers think that the ship sailed into a storm and it took on too much water. they turned around and tried to make it to shore, but the ship sank just three miles from the safe port, 27 miles from san francisco and less than a day after it left. >> that is heart breaking to hear they were so close. goes to show you no matter how
8:25 am
long it is, good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. atlantic city officials say they will outline plans for a city wide shut down at a news conference this afternoon. the city says it needs state aid by the eighth of april or city hall will close and non-essential services will end. police and fire fighters will stay on the job but with deferred pay. new jersey governor chris christie has said he will in the provide a loan or state aid without a state take over of the city. right now lets check with katie for our forecast, we are looking nice out there. >> it certainly is, nice bright start with more sun than anything. that will be the story throughout the day. breeze picks up here too and that provides it own minor hazard which we will discuss and start off with a quick check of storm scan three.
8:26 am
devoid of storms at local level, eventually some rain is set to move in. that will happen overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. meantime because we have lower relative humidity, warm dry air and eventually that breeze that will lead to an elevated fire risk. if you take advantage of this beautiful daylight the the fire on the fire pit or fire up the grill just keep in mind stay close to the flames never leave it unattended. over course of the day we will start with showers maybe a thunderstorm, skies clear and temperatures will will take biggest hit the by saturday but easter weekend as a whole is looking pretty nice. >> yes, seems like a perfect day for easter, okay, thanks very much, katie. good morning. roadways are looking good. we are calming down a little bit. we have this accident here blocking part of the right lane, schuylkill eastbound past university and it is still very busy around there as we push toward half an hour mark in the 9:00 o'clock have the burlington bristol bridge a foggy shot here but it is scheduled to open up at 8:35. make note of that. and as we go wide 22 on the the teens and vine. eighteen i-95 southbound and,
8:27 am
25 miles an hour on the the blue route northbound, erika, back over to you. next update 8:55. coming up this morning, elvis could be on the way out for audiences in vegas. really. i'm erika von tiehl have a
8:28 am
8:29 am
i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you. (all with worry-free ownership. colors in your neighborhood... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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could win it for the nuggets. got it off. >> that was a shot by denver nuggets rookie guard manuel budia. as time runs out, he launches an off-balance shot for nearly -- from nearly half-court. he hits nothing but net and denver beats the 76ers 104-103. >> i love that shot. >> that's why we love basketball. >> i love the game. swish! nothing but net. he feels really good today. >> very good, indeed. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, tech start-up claims it can help you pay the lowest price on thousands of drugs at the pharmacies that you trust. matthew and jeffrey, they are brothers.
8:31 am
hors shaken brothers. say hi, jeffrey. he's in the blue. they are here in studio 57. how they say their technology can help you save big-time. >> all right. plus las vegas' love affair with elvis presley may be headed for the heartbreak hotel. john blackstone talks to the legendary former mayor oscar goodman on the new changes in sin city. that is ahead. . time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the "los angeles times" remembers actor ken howard, president of hollywood's largest actors union. he also starred in the tv series "the white shadow." >> the biggest ballplayers i've ever seen. hopefully, when i'm through with you, you won't be. >> you look pretty good. >> get off me, gomez. >> reporter: howard died yesterday. he led the movement to lead the screen actors guild and ken howard was 71 years old. "time" reports on exercise
8:32 am
keeps your brain young. a new study in urology looked at people doing moderate to intense exercise on a regular basis and had higher scores on cognitive tests. researchers say physical activity can slow brain aging by as much as ten years. >> i'm trying. >> oh, boy. >> you know that. we believe. >> we believe, yes. billboard reports on a video message from the rolling stones to fans in cuba. mick jagger speaks in spanish. was that the spanish? aloha, cuba? in the youtube video, jagger thanks cubans for welcoming them. the stones perform in havana tomorrow in a historic free concert. that is big. the "new york post" reports that rich men may be changing their taste in women. listen up, gayle. >> okay. >> case in point, yankees slurring alex rodriguez is
8:33 am
reportedly seeing this model anne. she is said to be worth billions of dollars. the post says the urge to date people of symbol incomes. >> number one, go ann. she is a doll and where are the rich men you speak of? >> just sign up. >> i have to sign up? >> yes. >> where does one sign? >> if you had to list -- >> you would have no problem. no problem. >> if you had to list the qualities you want of a man, who would they be? >> tall, handsome? >> i don't care about handsome. i don't care about that. you want somebody who makes you laugh and who is kind and employment would be good and i would like to have their teeth too, just saying. i don't want much! >> what about the front teeth? >> i don't want much! i don't want much, norah! hello, charlie rose! new york's daily news -- >> i have a job! >> yes, you do! i'm tal.
8:34 am
>> tall. >> he is actually very tall. >> and very handsome. >> that could be awkward. can you imagine if we had a fight and then we would have to work together? no. the new york "daily news" offers a glimpse of david hasselhoff in the upcoming "bay watch" movie. he is posing shirtless with "the rock" on the beach. he made "bay watch" popular in the '90s. many people taking prescription drugs are seeing higher prices. in a study last year, a third of americans surveyed said their bills went up from 2014. that even included generic drugs. a tech start up blink health is on a mission to change that. a free app and website provides lowest prices on generic prescription drugs and half cost less than $10 and bought at major pharmacies nationwide.
8:35 am
the brothers are cofounders and we are pleased to have them here. >> thanks, charlie. >> jeffrey. >> you spell your name like my husband does. >> look at matt sticking up for his brother, jeffrey! >> how old are you guys? >> i'm 34. >> i'm 30. >> you say this is like groupon. we all remember what groupon was like. >> yes. it's kind of like groupon in the way it works you go to you look up the name of your medication. you see a price. the price you see there is the price you get over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. that price, if it's less than you normally pay four prescription, it probably will be, you pay for it online. we provide you with what we call a blink digital pharmacy card. you sew that card to the pharmacist and they type in the codes on that card and your medication rings up at zero dollars. >> jeffrey, how are you able to do this? it sounds so simple. >> right. >> how are the two shaken brothers able to pull this off?
8:36 am
>> i think the key thing is that before blink, the only thing you couldn't buy on the internet essentially was prescription medications. think about amazon or ebay the only thing you couldn't find there are prescription meds. >> i thought people were buying prescription medses from canada? >> you couldn't get them at your local store. the other interesting thing people don't like mail order for their prescription meds so we had to figure out a way to do and what we also recognize when things go to the internet we know things on amazon or ebay prices go down and experiences go up. so what we cracked the code on doing is basically figuring out how to allow patients to purchase their medications online but still pick them up at their local trusted pharmacy where they have a relationship with their pharmacists. >> do you deal with the pharmacies? >> exactly. so the important thing was that we actually have contracts with every single pharmacy in the united states. if the -- >> the nature of the contract? >> the nature of the contract is they accept our prices. we have different prices at each
8:37 am
pharmacy but what is important for consumers is when they go to blink there is one price they are going to see and they can -- they will get that price no matter which pharmacy they go to. it makes it a super simple experience for those users. and there is only one price. >> is there a general percentage and difference between your prices and most pharmacy prices? >> yes. what we say is 50% of medications cost less than $10 when you buy them on blooing. we know insurance copays are going up and most insurance copays are more than 10 bucks. the 30 million people in the country that still don't have insurance, they are typically paying the retail price for medications at those pharmacies and the prices are through the roof. in canada we have found millions of americans are buying their medication from canada. they shouldn't be because there is actually laws in place that prevent canadian drugs from coming into the u.s. but what we found is a lot of those patients are actually now choosing to pay with blink and pick up their medication at their local pharmacies so cvs, walgreens and independent
8:38 am
pharmacies. >> are you able to offer a cheaper price on pharmaceuticals because you're cutting the overhead, you're buying in bulk? that is always one the suggestions that the government which is the largest buyer of pharmaceuticals in the company because of veterans affairs and medicare and medicaid they should negotiate lower prices. how are you getting lower prize? >> we have offering a small swath of the entire population today. so the -- >> what is swath is that? >> on percentage basis it's probably less than 5% of the population. so the ceos of the largest companies in the country are getting access today to the blink price but in order to do that they have to pay for extremely expensive platinum insurance to get access to those prices. what we figured out how to do is by grouping people together, sort of we are the collective voice for consumers, if you think about in health care no one who represents the consumers in health care. what our organization does is pool consumers together use technology and we give them a huge collective voice and give
8:39 am
them access to the prices. >> power numbers? >> huge power numbers. the more people who join also the lower our prices will get. >> back to your business model. your app is free? >> totally free. >> where is your income? >> the way that it works is we make a small transaction fee for every transaction that occurs. actually, on some medications, because we decided to make the price the same at every pharmacy so our costs are difference sometimes we lose money on a transaction. on average we make a little bit of money per transaction but only make money if we saved you money. >> a percentage of the sales price? >> not a percentage of the sales price. we price and our costs vary on the pharmacies that patients go to so we make a little bit of money depending on which pharmacy or which medication someone uses but all of the transactions are refundable. we don't want to make money unless you save money and you're able to see the price before you go. >> your dad is a doctor. your grandfather is a doctor. was it because you were around health care so much you said we have to do something to help the people? >> yes. i think it's no surprise to most
8:40 am
americans it's gotten a tremendous amount of media attention the last several months given what is going on in the pharmacy base. people are overpaying for their medications. most medications should be really inexpensive like lipitor. >> how much is that? >> our father takes it and is now buying it with blink health and has the best insurance you can find and still saving 50% on his medication. >> the blink price is 994. >> for ten milligrams and we are giving every consumer five dollars off their first purchase. that medication is almost free. >> all men around america will be happy about that price. >> you look great. >> jeffrey, whose hair does look great is balding and he does take propecia. >> we have to go! >> you're in trouble! >> cot safest bet in los angeles
8:41 am
be running out of luck? >> i'm here in las vegas with the king who is struggling to stay relevant in a changing city. >> thank you, thank you very much.
8:42 am
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♪ honeymoon in vegas dozens of elvis impersonates take over and including this little boy to imitate the king of rock 'n' roll. it's hard to picture sin city county influence but john blackstone shows us many still honor his legacy it seems the city that loved elvis presley for decades "tender" is moving on. ♪ one for the money two for the show ♪ >> reporter: for decades, the las vegas strip. ♪ >> reporter: has been home to some of the biggest acts in entertainment. ♪ >> reporter: today performers like celine dion and j-lo and britney play shows for weeks and bringing crowds and cash to sin city. for that, they can say thanks to
8:46 am
elvis. ♪ >> elvis really set the stage for artists to come to las vegas at the peak of their career and play for an extended period of time. we have so many artists have followed his way but make no mistake, it started with elvis. ♪ >> reporter: when elvis sang "viva las vegas" in 1964, it became the city's theme song. the king's persona became a symbol of the city's success, but he hasn't been here for 40 years. >> oh, i've had some elvis sightings recently. >> reporter: the former mayor and his wife prefer to be driven by elvis on special occasions. >> people would come to las vegas just to hear elvis presley. he had a phenomenal influence in our community here. ♪ >> reporter: his influence inspired so many impersonators
8:47 am
that long after his death in 1977 it seemed hard to believe that elvis was gone. ♪ >> reporter: but recently, there are signs that vegas is leaving elvis behind. >> thank you very much. there is going to come a time when there is one or two elvis left out here and all there is to it. >> reporter: mark has been officiating vegas weddings as elvis for years and this year, business is way down. >> we have about 15% of our weddings elvis. whereas a year ago we were doing 40%. >> reporter: pretty steep drop-off. >> pretty steep. >> reporter: that isn't the only place that the elvis brand is shook up. this show was cancelled in 2012 after a relatively short run and elvis museum exhibit closed last month because of poor attendance and an ongoing las vegas. on the vegas strip, there are only two all elvis-themed shows still playing.
8:48 am
♪ >> reporter: the star of this one at planet hollywood is energetic and the audience enthusiastic but it doesn't hide the fact that elvis fans aren't as young as they used to be. >> with the nightclubs and the day clubs, i think you're seeing a younger crowd be attracted to las vegas because of these. the notion that you see elvis impersonators walking up and down the strip is cliche and incontract. >> reporter: the younger crowd isn't looking back but neither is las vegas. the mobsters are gone preserved only in the mob museum. the liberace museum once dedicated to a man a fixture in vegas has closed and the only woman is on oscar goodman's arms. in a city so anxious to move into the future that it routinely implodes its past, it may be surprising that elvis lasted as long as he did. >> you miss him because nobody could take his place. right now, i guess we replace him with the people with their
8:49 am
finger on the records. i don't know what you call it. deejay? but it ain't elvis presley, that's for damn sure. >> reporter: rest assure, there remain those here who say elvis may have left the building, he'll never leave vegas. ♪ viva las vegas thank you very much! >> reporter: john blackstone, for "cbs this morning." gayle, if we find that guy with the job and teeth, we could do an elvis wedding for you. >> i'll pass. >> you have to say, elvis was great. >> that's right. >> the real thing.
8:50 am
8:51 am
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good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. the villanova wildcats take the next step in march madness tonight right here on cbs-3. nova worked out in louisville a head of tonight's game. wildcats are confident they can beat miami hurricanes tonight and advance to the elite eight but hurricanes, they're a tough team so should be a great game tonight. cbs-3 is only station carrying all of the games for you, wildcats tip off against miami just after 7:00 o'clock. a after that game minister land takes on top seed kansas and then stick around for "eyewitness news" at 11:00 and catch leslie van arsdal's post game reports live from louisville. right now lets get our forecast. katie, looking nice out there. >> absolutely beautiful beginning to the morning and day ahead will be very, very nice. if you head outside, this is
8:56 am
the most of it. mid 07's expectations today. storm scan three very quiet, bright blue sky, high cloud, nothing more than that. we're still off to the lidle bit of the cool start depending on your location, already in the mid 50's here in some spots. forty-eight at the airport. the that is going to spike, very readily and we do expect mid 07's, with east here this afternoon. and, breeze, and, elevate our fire risk. please keep that in mind if you plan to grill out or something like. that eventually some showers, few thunderstorms start to come through mainly early tomorrow morning. our morning drive might be a little damp, although, easter weekend at this point is looking good. >> it looks beautiful. we can take it on monday, just to have what we will have on that holiday. good morning everyone. the here's a beautiful, birds eye view of what is going on with the vine, 95, schuylkill, all encompassing here and it its still looking very, very busy but overall things are looking good. for most part things are winding down as we push toward 9:00 o'clock. the here's boulevard heading southbound very busy there as well once you jump on the
8:57 am
schuylkill in the westbound direction. this is what you are looking at. make note. give yourself a couple extra minutes. erika, back over to you. >> thanks very much. that is "eyewitness news" for now join us for "eyewitness news" at noon, son of the goldie hahn and curt russell here to talk his new movie. i'm erika von each day is a game of chance. feels like i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about botox®, an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine,
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spread the happy! >> announcer: she posted an innocent photo on the internet but-- >> she never imagined she would be shamed in a cruel, viral meme. >> are you being made fun of and not know it? and born premature, a stroke stole her smile. >> she wants a smile like you and me. >> announcer: can the doctors give it back? plus the doctors give a survivor the prize of a life -- surprise of a lifetime for saving countless women. on the doctors! [ applause ] ♪ >> dr. travis: welcome to the doctors, everyone. the statistics are startling when it comes to how many women will become the victim of domestic violence during their lifetime and our next guest empowers women to fight back. >> over 15 years ago i was drugged and raby


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