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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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corner i heard the first explosion. >> reporter: sebastian bellon is a survivor, he was at the airport and remembers falling after the first bomb went off. >> i was down, and i seen a massive bone sticking out. and then i hear the second explosion. now that i started to think bit over and over that is really what saved me because i was already on the ground when the explosion went off. >> reporter: two of the belgium officials tried to resign over intelligence failures leading up to the attack but many here, aren't pointing fingers. >> if it gets much bigger, then i think and what people see on the media. >> reporter: critics say it is the entire european union that needs to step up the fight against terrorism n brussels, kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today european union justice and interior ministers met in an emergency session in us before tolls discuss the attacks. coming up 59:30 we will tell you why families of missing americans in brussels are launching their own search, for their loved ones.
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police in west deptford are searching for several bank robberies suspects tonight. they fled after forcing employees in the bank into the vault at gunpoint to get cash. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan live with the look at this incredible surveillance video, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, surveillance video looks like something scripted in hollywood, these bank robbers have moves and it is a shame they put their effort toward something like this not something more constructive. >> african-american female comes in with some sort of a scarves over her head. >> reporter: for this team of the bank robbers it was ladies first. west deptford township police say just after 11:00 a a.m. a woman covered head to toe entered the bank and took a seat with the banker. >> odd part was she did have some gloves on, and started talking about normal business at that point. the employee was a little suspicious at that time. >> reporter: few moments later a man dressed in the muslim
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hajob over his face entered the bank. after scoping things outside he seems to tell would the man it is go time. >> suspect number one, pulled a gun from her waist band, stood up, brandished it at employee she was conducting business with and although brandished the gun to the employee behind the counter. >> reporter: while male/female suspects ordered bank employees to get money from the vault a second man also dressed in muslim clothing, charged inside and hurdled the bank counter. he tried unsuccessfully to open up teller drawers and all three ran out and drove away. >> definitely wasn't an amateur type move, it was very planned out. >> reporter: west deptford police are working with the fbi but so far the description of the suspects and their precise actions, do not match any other bank robberies. even if they were calculated in what they did, it still put lives in danger. >> this is a life or death situation at this point and they obviously don't want to get caught by police and very likely that they could have
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shot someone in there. >> reporter: police say that no one was hurt, no arrests. the suspects fled in what looked like a champagne covered chevy equinox and anyone with any information please call west deptford police n west deptford i'm's cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks, cleve. meanwhile atlantic city's mayor says there is no question that the resort town will run out of money, but that a state take over is not the answer. >> there were a lot of issues i agree with our governor but taking over the atlantic city is certainly not one of them. he is dead wrong. we're sitting at that table today, basically, there is residents, members of the city council, myself, members of the assembly, and only seat that is missing his his seat. >> reporter: mayor guardian says the city needs state aid before april 8th or it will close city hall. police and fire fighters will stay on the job with deferred pay and schools will remain opened. right now officials are trying to determine what non-essential services will be
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suspended. we're tracking rain that is heading our way tomorrow. in the meantime another nice day out there today. a lot of sunshine on philadelphia's independent mall. little bit cool out there but hey, cannot do too much complaining. it is only the end of march. meteorologist lauren casey is in for kate bilo live on the cbs-3 sky deck with more on what is in our future, lauren. >> reporter: rain is on the way but you wouldn't know it out here. beautiful conditions. sun shining down. above average temperatures, and as we head into the upcoming weekend we will keep temperatures on the mild side but we will have to deal with some rain moving through tomorrow but temperatures right now, especially south of the city, cruising, 71 degrees in millville. seventy-four in dover. we are at 65 in philadelphia a. storm scan three is showing us just high level cloud mixing with that sunshine but there is a dynamic storm system up wind, snow, rain and thunderstorm activity barreling its way eastbound and this will be impacting the delaware valley into the first
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part of our friday. breezy wind, pick up overnight tonight, little gusty and then rain and a few thunderstorms possible for our friday morning commute. we will talk more specifically about the time and break down on that and we will keep it nice and dry for our easter weekend. i will have details on your holiday forecast coming up in a couple minutes. >> thanks very much, lauren. sound good to us. now tonight's the night, villanova and miami getting ready to play in the sweet 16. >> it is moment wildcats fans have been waiting for since 2009. don bell, he is here now and a lot of energy and excitement. >> it has been seven seasons. you feel like they should there been more often but you have to appreciate the times when they get there. this will be fun. they had a pep rally send off a, they practiced over and over again, they did required interviews and now, as you heard, it is time to play. villanova will take on miami in the the sweet 16 in less than two hours. the leslie van arsdal is joining us from louisville with more, leslie. >> reporter: listen don, i
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necessity we have all seen send offs before but this was a send off like i have never seen before. i literal willly talk to jay wright about two minutes ago as he got on the bus, he says he has never seen anything like this lets a's show you what it was like as wildcats prepared to take on miami, hundreds of fans, lining the lobby of the team hotel, they are um in the balcony, we have fans, cheerleaders, you name it, they were here, this city need a team to root for and right now villanova is it, back in the sweet 16 for first time since 2009. let me tell you the fans here want more. >> we have a really strong group of seniors, i will say that because i'm a senior but we have a really good team this year. >> you get yourself more involved with this team, as a standpoint out i have went to the school here. i like the personality of the players and how hard they play and get after it defensively.
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you feel sort of like you pull for the kids as much as you do the team that has been a fun experience this year. >> very proud of coach wright, the team, great kids, played with a lot of intensity. we love our cats. so i think we can get all the way, i really do. >> reporter: some of these fans horse, they have been yelling the whole time, everyone thinks that this team can go all the way, coming up at 6:00 o'clock i did just talk to jay wright and we will hear what he has to say coming up. back to you. >> good stuff leslie, thank you. do you see that hotel, like they are at roman coliseum, where are they staying? is what up with those digs. you can catch wildcats, in action right here on cbs-3, nova/miami, 7:00 p.m., cbs three is place to be. >> i love thaw can watch it on cbs-3. i know where all of the tv's will be tuned into that news room. >> you know how we do it in the news room. have been jumping around and stuff, it is a lot of fun.
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>> not a quiet time. >> no, no. >> we will see new a bit, don. christians are around the world celebrating holy thursday today, a sacred time leading up to easter sunday. this morning pope francis celebrated mass at st. peters basilica in vatican city. at the end of the ceremony the holy father washed feet of young refugees. that tradition modeled have the actions of jesus christ washing the feet of his apostles. another holy week celebration including the symbolic washing of the feet was held at the camden county correctional facility in camden. the group celebrated the mass at lord supper which commemorates last supper with jesus and his apostles. the recall involving baby food, coming up, what brand new parents need to check. the plus this. >> officials say this house was, in fact a prison for two dogs, abduct off of the streets of chester but they were saved, and reunited with their grateful owner, we will show you that video, coming
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up. then why major corporations like disney and nfl are threatening to pull all of their business from the state of of georgia. a couple of film stars are in the city of brotherly love, coming up what they are doing to help local schools, stay coming up what they are doing to help local schools, stay with u prediabetes is a serious medical condition that increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. more than 1 in 3 adults has prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it. you could be one of them. talk to your doctor about small lifestyle changes that can prevent you from getting type 2 diabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit
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welcome back, everyone. delaware music teacher ace rested for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with her student. three two-year old nicole ventrosa worked at meredith middle school in middletown. she sent explicit text messages photos and videos to a 13 year-old male student. she was arrested yesterday and faces several charges including criminal solicitation, child abuse and dealing in child pornography. georgia's culture war spreads to hollywood. major film studios and other larger companies are threatening to boycott skate over a religious liberty bill. >> the tax man has been kind,
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to ant man. and other difficulties niece movies, filmed in georgia. the generous tax incentives provided a warm welcome to film makers but now some studios say that southern hospitality is being tested by a proposed law they believe discriminate as begins lgbt community. disney issued a statement saying quote we will plan to take our business elsewhere, should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices, be signed into state law. >> what? >> reporter: similar sentiments have been voiced by am c networks which films the walk dead in georgia as well as other corporations, via come, dealt, coca coal, unilever, intel and represent for two of the georgia's sports teams the falcons and the braves. >> god loves everyone. >> reporter: the local debate between religious lint and gay rights has, focused on georgia republican governor nathan deal who must deciding whether
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to sign a bill call free exercise protection act that would not only a how religious officials to refuse to perform same sex marriages but it would allow faith based organizations to deny services or employment to people who violate their quote, sincerely held religious beliefs. state senator greg kirk is a sponsor of the bill. >> let's say my wife and i want to adopt an adoption agency and we only want to adopt out to, traditional couples. it would protect us. >> reporter: opponents say this bill legalizes discrimination. >> movie studios are really thinking twice about whether or not they want to send their contractors and their employees to georgia to work for an extended period of time. >> nobody wants to play their employees at risk for discrimination. >> georgia's governor has until the first week of may to deciding whether or not he will sign the bill. so, did you ever notice buttons on mens and women's
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clothes are on different sides? well, it is tonight's good question, submitted by viewer loretta sarahcola and he want to know why are buttons on the opposite side of men and women. sit a left hand, right-hand thing, arbitrary decision by the first clothing makers? it is down right confusing. >> mine button on the left side yours button on the right side. why is that. >> yours button on the left mine is on the left good mine is on the left. yours button on the right. >> because men are always right. >> i will not comment on that one. >> nicole brewer will have answer to our good question, why are buttons on the opposite sides for men and women, that is tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. do you have a good question? log on to cbs question, or tweet us using the #, cbs-3 good question. all right. meteorologist lauren casey is joining us now, and, feeling springy today. >> yes. >> it sound like there might be changeness our future.
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>> we have a change, not the too drastic of the change in the temperature department, but no one panic. >> nobody panic. >> i felt it. i felt it coming your way. but we have rain in the forecast and even possibility of the few thunderstorms, timing will be kind of poor because it will coincide with our friday morning commute. we will deal with that rain but then clearing out just in time for the holiday weekend. certainly clear right now high clouds, and live look at center city philadelphia a,igh sunshine coming down, temperatures 65 degrees. we did climb up in the upper 60's, note that is easterly wind zone that is contributing to a pretty big temperature gradient across the area right now. it is 74 in dover. it is 50 right now in trenton. let's go to this number, ocean temperature 48 degrees. still chilly. we are having an east wind pick up at our reporting sites and colder air off the atlantic on shore and cooling temperatures down but where we had warmer numbers a south
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wind. we are not seeing that cooler ocean air spilling into these areas. so a bit of the cool down over last couple hours but sill very pleasant. storm scan three showing us we have sunshine still in place, a couple high clouds mixed in but keeping an eye on the next weather maker, it is this storm system. same storm system that brought blizzard conditions to parts of the column rod owe and continuing to have move east, you see producing snow in the upper great lakes, showers, thunderstorms on the warm side, of this storm and that is side we will be dealing with and overnight tonight increasing cloud, showers do develop, breezy conditions, very mild overnight lows only dropping down to 58 degrees and we're still mild tomorrow despite that rain. 68 degrees. the showers and thunderstorms. mainly in the morning. gradual clearing heading in the second half of the day what to expect overnight tonight and during your friday morning? we will see a swat of showers moving through. few embedded isolated thunderstorms. watch out for. that rainfall totals up to a half inch where we will see heavier downpours but most of this activity is clearing out for much of the delaware valley by 2:00 in the
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afternoon setting us up for a nice, dry, friday evening to kick off the holiday weekend. future weather is showing us, as we are dry in the evening hours. overnight tonight frontal showers starting to develop, especially west of the city and then note that is swath of downpour activity, few embedded thunderstorms moving in, lehigh valley in the 7:00 o'clock hour and then timing more so in the later commute looking at philadelphia and surrounding counties. so nine, or 10:00 o'clock and continuing to have move eastbound as we push into midday. nice clearing on the back side by early afternoon hours, north and west of the city and then clearing out for everyone as we head into late daze tomorrow and tomorrow evening. you can still break out that grill late day tomorrow and certainly on sunday a beautiful daze in store for our holiday, sunshine, increasing cloud, nice high temperature of 64 degrees and 10 degrees above our average, even saturday looking nice as well. the mostly sunny. 59 degrees. the rain does hold off until next monday, thank you very much, mother nature, as we get through the holiday weekend.
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62 degrees. windy on monday and not too bad of the forecast, our cool high temperature over next several days 55 degrees on tuesday and that is right around average. >> okay. >> we will take it. >> good. >> thanks, lauren. warmer wet they are week has you thinking about spending sometime outside, here's some good news for you, spruce street harbor park will open may sixth, almost a month earlier then last year. the park along the delaware river waterfront has be been one of the cities most popular outdoor attraction this is summer. so cold down there. >> my neighborhood. >> that is right. still ahead on "eyewitness news" what you need to know about a price hike at a popular university studios attraction. no better place to spend national cheese stake day, then right here in philadelphia, find out how the city is celebrating and how you can still get some good deals, don. villanova wildcats are 700 e but sweet 16 is still here in our backyard, up next how
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south philadelphia is preparing for massive
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don says sweet 16 action and we have games here in philadelphia. ville know of ace not here, they are in louisville. >> that is right. >> we didn't get that all worked out with the seeding but it is okay, you can still watch right here on cbs. >> still quality hoops right here in our backyard. saturday march 12th, ms g and villanova a loses big east title game and in the process they lose number one seed and chance to play in the sweet 16 here in philadelphia. at wells fargo center the show must go on. pat gallen has the very latest. >> reporter: on friday night north caroline, indiana, wisconsin and notre dame will hit wells fargo center for sweet 16. >> philadelphia is a historic city, birthplace of america, but what do outsiders know about the city? we asked the players. what do you know about philly. >> philly, this is obviously the home of the cheese steaks. >> reporter: what do you know
5:24 pm
about philly. >> not much, i just know about the cheese steaks, and the sports teams, and big city. that is all i know. >> reporter: national cheese stake day are you a cheese stake guy. >> absolutely. >> what do you go with? >> my ultimate philly question >> and, there is a lot, and i like them all. >> never had a cheese stake before. >> i have had one in indiana like pen station. >> reporter: were you in delaware for five years. what is your favorite thing about philly. >> my favorite thing about philly, narrow that down, you know, the cheese steaks. we had some last night for the guys when we got in the hotel, luckily, i had mark on my staff who is a philly guy. >> great to go to wawa andized tea and soft pretzels every now and then. >> all i know about philly is, fresh prince of bellair that is all i know. >> couple west guys guys were
5:25 pm
complaining about the smell. i said get used to it. >> born and raised, on the playground where i spent most of my days. >> yes. >> throw the b-ball outside. that is all i can do. >> reporter: from the wells fargo center, pat gallen, "eyewitness sports". >> i love the white kid from indiana yeah, i had a cheese stake before. it is a little different. >> maybe they can get a little time for themselves to get cheese steaks. >> i'm just saying. >> fair enough. >> don, thanks. coming up next, a dramatic rescue and emotional reunion after two dogs are snatched off the street and held prisoner. terrible place these police officers say those dogs were headed. multiple americans are still missing after bombings in brussels, we are learning more about who they are and what their families are doing to find them. then new at 6:00 parking on the street, in philadelphia, don't get caught off guard what the ppa is saying you will need in order to get a ticket out of
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ a grateful owner reunited with two missing dogs after an agonizing week of searching, an animal rescue organization found the dogs cold, hungry, and in prison in a an abandoned house. "eyewitness news" continues
5:30 pm
now at 5:30, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm jim donovan. ukee washington is off tonight. if the dogs hadn't been rescued authorities think they would have ended up in a dog fighting ring. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter was there with a happy reunion and has this tv exclusive. report report licks of love from tank and abby for wolf, animal rescue agent who found the dogs, locked, inside of a cold, filthy abandoned house in chester. >> there was no food, no water in there at all. we, it was over a day we spent rescuing them. >> video from animal rescue shows the dogs, trying to break down, the locked door of a room, where it is believed they have been imprisoned for as long as a week after being snatched off a neighborhood street. >> that is insane, i can't believe somebody would do that. >> dog's owner says after they wondered from the house he searched for them around the clock. >> that was out three or four
5:31 pm
or five, yes. >> reporter: this video shows search ending happily just as rescue and chester police acting on a tip, freeing the dogs, and leaving them through the cold trash filled house to freedom. it is not yet known who abduct dogs and held them here but there were two reasons for keeping them in to this prison. one, to guard for drug activity, and the second, to prepare them, for potentially, deadly dog fighting. >> where you been? >> reporter: thanks to animal rescue a happy reunion. >> i'm loving him. they will be with me until the day they die. >> reporter: as to how tank and abby feel about their hero? well, that goes, without saying. in chester, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the little tails wagging. >> i hope they find people that did that we need to lock them in the room for a week or two. >> well, through are. >> two days after the terror attacks in brussels a manhunt is underway, for two of the
5:32 pm
most wanted men in europe. the man on the left was last seen in brussels airport on tuesday, with two suicide bombers. the man on the right was spotted at brussels metro station, alongside another suicide bomber, and they may be linked to a plot earlier this year to target a belgium nuclear power plant. today belgium lowered its terror threat level a notch but says more attacks is possible. meanwhile families of the missing are clinging to hope that their loved ones survived the attacks. the state department won't say how many americans are unaccounted for and now relatives are joining the search. cbs news correspondent craig boswell has details. >> reporter: while investigators worked to piece together clues from the terror attacks in brussels, families of the missing are struggling for any information. sheila shell says that she's flying to belgium herself to look for her son and brother-in-law. >> they want me to come and see but this is not the way, that i wanted to go see him.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: justin schultz and his wife stephanie had just dropped off her mother at the airport in brussels where the bomb went off. >> shell and her husband john said the state department called but provided unclear, and incorrect information, something that the agency apologized for on thursday. >> it is incumbent upon us to really try to get accurate information and we do not have that just yet. >> reporter: family and friend of missing brother and sister from new york are also hoping that the state department can help locate their loved ones. sascha and alex had just arrived at the airport to check in for a flight to new york. they were on the phone with family when the connection was cut after the first blast. >> many of the injured went to a broad spot of hospitals and trying to get accurate information on the nationality, again, identities of some of these injured has been tough. >> reporter: families continued to flood social media hoping someone, anyone, can provide some kind of concrete information. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
5:34 pm
"cbs evening news" with scott pelley will have much more otter or attacks in brussels coming up at 6:30 right after "eyewitness news" at 6:00. school district of philadelphia with a generous donation, ice cube and his barber shop, co-star, presented a $5,000 check to superintendent william hite. that money will go toward the district's write books campaign which will help create classroom for kindergarten and third graders. >> extra special because me and my man called me to come to philadelphia, and not just come but we can leave with a few dollars in your hands. but it is for people deserve it and definitely need it books are always a wonderful thing. later at 6:00 now that pennsylvania's budget stalemate is almost over, what will it mean for philadelphia's cash strapped school district. our trang do will explain in a live report coming up at
5:35 pm
6:00 o'clock. new while members of the philadelphia police department take time out to markup coming easter holiday inn a special way. police headquarters today members of the department's radio unit assembled 85 easter baskets, each contain a small toy, coloring books, crayons, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. baskets will be given to children with the help of the salvation army red shield family shelter. >> moral booster for the co-workers, and 911 room and, not only give by not answering 911 calls but in another way as well. >> this is first year that the radio unit has assembled the easter baskets and they hope to make it the a yearly event. are you ready for march madness, the villanova wildcats continued their run in the ncaa tournament tonight right here on cbs-3. >> yes, fans are gathering in bryn mawr to watch wildcats play miami hurricanes in the sweet 16 round of the tournament. now nova is two seed, hurricanes are a three but it
5:36 pm
is march madness so you never know how that shakes out. we will have have a live report coming up at 6:00. a warning for parents, coming up, reason behind a big, baby food recall. and then an angry customer at a popular sushi restaurant left a cold blooded tip, that would be a 13-foot, python. and, running for cover we will tell you what sparked this revenge.
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well, gerber is recalling baby food tonight because of a packaging defect that could cause the food to spoil. the the recall effects gerber organic second food pouches,
5:40 pm
specifically, pairs, carrots and peas and carrots, apples and manghost. they have best if used by date of july 12th, july 14th, 2016. more information is available on cbs i have posted it on facebook and twitter feeds. >> checking out new harry potter studios a at universal studios will cost visitors more depending on the day. universal is implementing so-called surge pricing ahead of the park opening up next month. this means ticket prices will increase, up to $20 on busier days. ac/dc may be able to finish u.s. leg of their world tour after all. the band was forced to postpone shows after doctors told brian johnson to stop touring, or he can lose his hearing. well, now there are reports, that axle rose from guns and rose is a greed to step up to the mike and fill in for johnson. but, officially, no word from either band. so, we will wait and see on that. my hearing is already
5:41 pm
going, let alone that, work for a ban. coming up, the long time theater in philadelphia, we will tell you, what will be taking its place.
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5:44 pm
well, this story will make you hungry, it is national the cheese stake day. >> yes, there is, there is in better place to celebrate then right the here in philadelphia "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon tells us there are deals at several cheese stake makers around town. they are often, imitated but never, duplicated. >> yes. >> cheese steaks, better then this. >> reporter: thursday those around country celebrated our love of the cheese stake with national cheese stake day. and to celebrate the occasion, the national cheese stake festival, thanked some officers from the philadelphia police department. >> thank you again, to all of the officers, for all you do every day, thank you to oregon state, steve prince of states. >> reporter: but cheese steaks wouldn't be a philadelphia tradition without some conflicts. >> geno's, if you want real cheese stake's you come to
5:45 pm
pat's. >> story has it first cheese stake dates back to 1930's and creator the original pat's but with geno's just across the road the feud has been going strong for decade. >> over the course of the year it has gotten heated, back and forth, but basically we have to look at our line, and compared to their. >> reporter: for this family from utah, this is first experience with the cheese stake, while they are philadelphia tour guide is a pat's fan they wanted geno's who by the way are discounting their steaks three bucks through midnight. >> that is good. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: and as cheesy as it sound, all they we may share on this one day of the year, cheese stake will forever be just a philly thing. in south philadelphia, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". look at rahel taking one for the team. >> exactly. >> i'm not telling people that. >> i value my life in this city. >> i'm not saying it. >> um-hmm. >> do i like a cheese stake every once in a while.
5:46 pm
>> we will go out to dinner, 45 minutes. >> philly plash bus us up and running this season. "eyewitness news" on independent mall where they kick off the the 2015 season with mascots and another philly favorite, soft pretzels. flash runs on a loop and stops at 23 key destinations aimed at tourist. it cost just $2 a ride, or $5 for the day. >> we get terrific feedback from visitors because once they get information about the the attractions that they want to visit, their next question is always how do i get there. now we have a easy, convenient way for them to do that. >> to celebrate opening day all rides on the flash bus were free. well, some fifth graders took a trip back in time to bring their history lesson to life. "eyewitness news" ativanzant elementary in marlton as school celebrated colonial day. students and teachers dressed up in costumes technical for period and participated in music, games and crafts.
5:47 pm
colonial day marked an end of the district wide social studies course. >> good for them. >> yeah. >> all right. joining us now with a look at the what is to come in the weather. this time of the year, we kind of go up and down. >> yes, it will be a little bit more, you know, little more less weighty. >> little more consistent. >> yes. >> that is why i stick to weather and not word. >> yes. >> as we head in the next couple days. we will cool things off on the back side of the coal front but temperatures will be running at or above average and that will continue through easter weekend and into next week as well. beautiful day to day, sunshine, temperatures warm, they cruised up today. it gets you in the mood for baseball. looking live at citizens bank park in south philadelphia, high cloud on the scene there but otherwise blue skies and phillies home opener it is now just 18 days away. on monday. april 11th. everyone looking forward to that, yes, a good day to be out at the ballpark when you
5:48 pm
have weather like this but temperatures in the philadelphia has been cooling off over the last several hours. check out our temperature gradient across the delaware valley. seventy-four in dover. to 50 in trenton and it is all because of this number right here, ocean temperature chilly 48 degrees and east wind has pick up, some reporting sites, driving that temperature down bringing that cool, ocean air, on land, and also a temperature gradient as we pan out across the area on the back side of the cold front, 47 degrees right now in st. louis but nashville, 64 degrees. that cold front will be dropping in for the delaware valley providing us that rain chance tomorrow but we're not going to see such a dramatic drop off but there are your current win speed where we have warmer temperatures, wind out of the south. in the getting that colder ocean air moving in but wind out of the east, driving those temperatures, down and wind are, kind of breezy right now, up around 15 or 20 miles an hour. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions as has been the trend for last couple
5:49 pm
days, high cloud, moving in, but there is our storm system up wind, cold air on the back side of the system bringing snow to chicago, but storms right now on the warm sector impacting parts of the cleveland and we have a chance of seeing a few then are storms i think tomorrow morning. rain chances looking solid for tomorrow and then nothing as we head in the holiday weekend. not too bad. 0 percent chance of rain on easter and how we ramp it backup as we head into monday with the secondary system. showers, developing. breezy, very mild overnight tonight, only dropping to 58 degrees. we will still be fairly mild tomorrow, average high temperatures should us have in the middle 50's and upper 60's. the thunder showers and gradual clearing in the afternoon and it will still be a bit breezy on the back side of the system. future weather showing us, heading in the evening hours and then some prefrontal showers moving in the lehigh valley late tonight, early tomorrow morning. we will see this more defined swath of shower activity, downpours and isolated
5:50 pm
thunderstorms embedded started to moving in. seven or 8:00 north and west of the city and then driving in, nine, ten, 11:00 in philadelphia and surrounding counties. continuing to move eastbound early midday hours. by tomorrow evening, nice dry conditions, if it will hit the town and workweek right with that dry weather but we have a chance of thunder showers for the first half of the day, temperatures though still mild for all areas, stopping at 58 degrees and poconos well above average for you. upcoming weekend is looking great, saturday, mostly sunny near 60 degrees. we're cooler but that is still above average. sixty-four on sunday for your easter holiday and even as we head into next week very maryland rate temperatures in the middle 50's. that is our coolest, next tuesday. >> thanks, very much lauren. a cold blooded act left diners running for cover at a los angeles sushi restaurant. it started after one customer began showing other patrons a small live snake. well, restaurant employees toll the man to leave. he did. he actually came back with a
5:51 pm
larger snake. a 13-foot long python. then he walked out, without it. eyewitnesses were stunned. >> get this thing out, you know, everyone is like eating, get this thing out. are you crazy? we asked him like three or four times. he a said no, he was like starting, fight with customers. we had to call the police. >> and animal control came, pick up the snake. man was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats. >> no thank you. >> not a bright one. >> no. >> smart phones and computers have dramatically change our lives picking up increasing amount of our time and attention. >> but now new technology could give our thumbs a rest but at what cost. when she has a question in the kitchen he shouts it out. >> i like how many tables spoons in the cup. >> one cup equals 16 tablespoons. >> reporter: a lex is, voice control personal assistant inside amazon echo. >> today's forecast has clouds
5:52 pm
and showers. >> reporter: she can report weather, play a song, even order a domino's pizza. amazon stand alone device competes with the voice assistant found inside many smart phones like apple, siri. >> twenty-three times 20 is 460. >> i used siri before but wasn't dependable. a lexa has the ability to do so much more. >> reporter: tech experts say technology is here to stay. >> you are going to be talking somewhere to your appliances and your device is a lot more. >> reporter: which raises privacy concerns, last year customers revolted when certain samsung tv's were found to transmit personal conversations to a third party. >> a lex a set timer for ten minutes. >> reporter: amazon's says the mike is turned on when you say alexa's name. >> now to extend the echo's range, amazon is selling satellite units, placed around your home and small portable speaker with alexa, you can take on the go. >> alexa.
5:53 pm
>> yeah. >> i don't know, i feel like you would yell at alexa, maybe we all would, i don't know. >> still ahead, it is a stapel in philadelphia for more than half century and now society hill playhouse is closing curtains for good. >> find out why and what will take its place, next
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
it is end of an era after more than 50 years, one of philadelphia's first community playhouses is closing its doors, for good. >> reporter chere greg of our sister station kyw news radio takes a look back at this ground breaking theater, its impact and what is next. >> the walls of the society hill playhouse, here at eighth and south streets, are covered
5:57 pm
in nostalgia. >> there is another poster from the first production. >> reporter: dean cogan founded playhouse with her late husband, jay in 1959. curtains opened up in 1960. >> you have $11.50 a ticket. >> of course. >> reporter: old stage has been home to hundreds of productions like the blast, and four little girls, and many others. >> they are all good memories, and, they were all fun to do. >> reporter: theater broke barriers with female directors and integrated cast, they launched, the philadelphia youth theater, nurturing 1200 teens from across the city. some, even grew, to be famous. >> kevin bacon was one of the tyg kids. >> reporter: after 56 years, the playhouse has been sold. >> it has been a good run. we're sorry to go. >> reporter: building closes april 1st and will be demolished this summer. >> what do you want me to do, cry? no, no, you don't. >> reporter: dean is dealing with it by reflecting back, on
5:58 pm
all of the productions and people who made this stage, home. everyone loved this playhouse is invited to come by friday night to bid farewell but it won't be an evening to cry. and instead, it will be a time to celebrate, decade of memories. a kay to reminisce on the thousands that came through these halls, to witness the magic on stage. it is time to end it. nothing lasts forever. >> reporter: and good bye, one last time. in society hill, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i have seen several productions there. it is a great theater. they had a good run. >> a lot of history there for sure. >> exactly. >> well, that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00. >> nova nation fired up, sweet dreams, for one cats fan as they get ready for sweet 16 match ups. from philadelphia to kentucky, we will see how fans are
5:59 pm
getting ready. and frightening moments at a south new jersey bank, robbers rush in for a quick score how police say they pulled it off. >> reporter: with the state budget finally moving forward we are finding it underway for philly schools, i'm trang do and i'll tell you how the school district plans to spend it. plus street parking in philadelphia, you better be prepared, what you will need to have on hand to make sure you can get a ticket at ppa kiosk. we want to be a final four team, we want to win tonight first. that is the first thing we will do. >> one step at a time, but hopes are certainly high and wildcats fever is spreading. from kentucky, to here in philadelphia area, fans fired up, about villanova's big game tonight. the cats in the sweet 16 but won't be an easy one. good evening, i'm jessica
6:00 pm
dean. i'm jim donovan. ukee washington is off tonight. sports director don bell joins us now and don, anticipation is growing. >> this is what you wait for all week long so hopefully they can get it done. villanova wildcats are an hour away from hooking up with miami, four-point favorites but you know, that means very little around this time of the year, we're talking march madness. live look in downtown louisville, kentucky. good thing they play this game indoors. sight of tonight's game. they expect a crowd of 22,000. later in sports we will hear from leslie van arsdal who is on the road with the cats. but for those who could not make a trip they are cheering on the team right here in our region. alex hoff joining us live from bryn mawr with more, will alex? >> reporter: university is off today, so, they will make it down to louisville to cheer on the wildcats. they are able to do so to places like this at kel


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