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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 25, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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welcome back to the "road to the final 4." kansas advances to the elite-8. jayhawks will play villanova on saturday. greg gumbel in new york with the usual suspects. clark, kenny and chuck. let's talk about the match up. villanova going up against kansas 2 teams that are playing really, really well. >> well, rock chalk talk. i can't feel bad about
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villanova. the way villanova is shooting the ball. kansas has the ability. they don't panic. when they got down tonight. they were methodical. i will have to sleep on it. >> [laughing]. >> there was their strength on the defensive end. >> i like what villanova has done. they have been excellent. i like kansas. just by a whisker because of perry ellis and his ability to
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score. various ways on the front line and the backcourt is good enough. it's as good as it has to be when you look at frank mason iii. they will be good enough against a terrific villanova team. i have kansas going to the final-4 since the tournament bracket came out. >> all right. right now sweet-16 is continuing with duke and oregon over on tbs. that game now has 3:28 to play in the second half. oregon in charge. 74-61 over duke. oregon another top seed looks like they are on their way. tonight, after your late news. don't miss the late show. only on cbs. tomorrow night, the sweet-16 wraps up. the games coming your way: indiana against the top seeded
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carolina tar heels. >> you know which side of the bed i am sleeping on. >> come on indiana. >> good night.
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>> right now on "eyewitness news" heading to the elite eight. you saw it right here on cbs3. the villanova while cats dominate miami in the inform caa tournament. the players, the coach to the fans we have reaction nova's big win and piping hot place of pasta and other italian classics make this northeast philly restaurant a go to spot for locals. how the openers took challenging times and turned them into success story. plus, have you ever noticed buttons on men and women's clothing are on opposite sides? why is that?
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>> good question. nicole brewer gets both sides of the story. good evening, thanks for staying up late with us. i'm jessica dean. ukee washington has the night off. we begin tonight with excitement nova nation the while cats advance to the elite eight sports director don bell right here with me and they were just unstoppable. >> they were dominating tonight. best i've ever seen them play. >> um-hmm. >> don't want to over exaggera exaggerate. >> it was really great. >> they were that good. wildcats are beginning to have the look. you know, the one where they can do no wrong. tonight villanova taking on miami in the sweet 16. we go to allow weeville pick it up in the first haver the wildcats feeling it chris jenkins corner pocket three go good. nova up by 15. jones kin with 15 points and nine boards. ryan arcidiacono from long distance. jenkins and archie combined for nine, threes villanova steam rolling miami 92-69 for final score. hey villanova will play kansas
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on saturday. but right now, they get to celebrate this massive win. lesley van arsdall is with the cats in louisville and she joins us live. lesley. >> reporter: don, as you know villanova is on they are on. that was definitely the case today when they make those threes, they are unstoppable, and perhaps the most dangerous team in the tournament. >> we're shooting like that any team shooting the way we're shooting right now easily be the most dangerous team in the country. hopefully we keep shooting like that. >> there's no question villanova playing their best basketball. 23-point win over miami they now defeated first 3ncaa opponents by average of 24 points. >> we're all being aggressive. we make plays after that. >> we're confident in each other. we're stepping up for each other and making plays. offensive end we're just making
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solid plays. >> it's been crazy. a lot of feeding off our defense. a lot of time we're able to get out there and get fast break lay ups. get easy baskets. get us in the rhythm. >> each the coach can't believe it. >> we have not -- we have not shot the ball like this all ye year. we know we have good shooter. i do think that we're getting really intelligent about playing together. i think we played 37 games so i think the last four or five games great rhythm. >> reporter: okay. so next up kansas and a trip to the final four for the first time since 2009. can you believe it? we'll zen it back to you don in the studio. >> lesley, thank you. yeah, you know what, poetry in motion. i mean the way they move the ball tonight was phenomenal. >> it almost looked effort less. >> it did. ing. >> it's not but it certainly look liked it. alexandria hoff watch the game with the faithful members of
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nova nation and has more on the excitement from bryn mawr. >> reporter: things escalated quickly inside of kellies' tap room outside the campus of villanova university. fans who couldn't make the to louisville cheered on the wildcats first sweet 16 appearance since 2009. >> actually like really awesome to be a senior right now. sweet 16, 2016. >> archie can shoot well and carry us. >> for most miami was the opponent one man had his pick tucked below the table. >> i did notice that your hat is on the chair here. >> discreet or not this is definitely nova territory. >> just got to play basketball put them in the net. >> and that the wildcat doctors. over and over. and those the hurricanes kept it tight, these fans are going home happy. >> villanova class of 2,000. i'll been waiting a long time for this. it's awesome, baby.
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>> we're going to louie tomorrow tomorrow we'll road trip. we're really excited. >> road trip, that is never a bad idea. these fans are very excited for the road ahead. reporting in bryn mawr, alex hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> you saw it from the guy back there. thumbs up. >> thumbs up i love the people who stand in the back and just do this. >> listen we'll switch gears here just a little bit. it wasn't all roses in the philadelphia sporting landscape also following another big story tonight. former eagle fullback kevin turner died at the age of frick after a six year battle with a als. he believed his illness was caused by concussions he suffered during this career. he was one of the plaintiffs in a concussion lawsuit filed by former players against the nfl. the suit was settled last year. merrill reece remembers turner's stint with the eagles from '95 to '99. >> he was a tremendous guy. he was a tough football player. former university of alabama star, played for the new england
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patriots, he was the quintessential fullback with one plus, kevin turner was very underrated receiver. i remember some tremendous catches that he made and he can hammer people. he could block. >> all right. merrill reece with his thoughts there. eagles coach doug pederson remembered his former statement teammate saying in part... >> a lot of people remembering him tonight. >> yeah g words from merrill reece and the head coach of the philadelphia eagles doug pederson. >> we'll see in you a little bit. we've learned two of the suspect who's carried out tuesday's back to back terror tax in brussels were on a u.s. watch list. meanwhile the investigation is intensifying. six people were detained during a series of raids in belgium tonight. authorities continue to search
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for two bombing suspects still on the run. belgium has lowered its terror threat alert level but officials warn isis may be planning knew a text in belgium and across europe. now to the financial crisis facing atlantic city. today atlantic city mayor guardian unleashed on governor christie. the mayor pleaded his case that a state takeover is not the answer. that's something governor christie has advocator. mayor says the state plan would sell off city assets and force union contracts to be thrown out. the city says it will shut down non-search services for several weeks beginning april 8th. if it does not get cash from the state. >> there are a lot of issues that i agree with our governor but taking over atlantic city is certainly not one of them. we will run out of money because the governor has withheld 33 and a half million dollars. no one else to blame here. >> on atlantic city radio station today the governor reaffirmed his support of a
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state takeover saying it was the best path forward. police in west deptford are looking for three bank robbery suspect caught on surveillance video. the trio two men and one woman robbed the bb and t bank at gun point just after 11 a.m. yesterday. two suspects forced employees into the vault at gun point to get cash. the other jumped the counter unsuccessfully trying to open the teller drawers. the suspects fled in car. no one was injured. a cbs3 "eyewitness news" tv exclusive. an owner is reunited with his two missing dogs after a week of searchinsearching. damien says his dogs tank and abby wandered from his home. acting on tip chester police and the group justice rescue found the dogs a week later cold and hungry. animal rescue video shows the animals trying to break down the locked door of a filthy room in abandoned house in chester. >> i can believe somebody would do that. i mean clearly had his tags on
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him. no food new york city water, no nothing. i mean, she came home 5 pounds lighter within a week. i mean who does that? >> if the dogs had not been rescued authorities think they would have ended up in a dog fighting ring. the inconvenience is over for drivers who depend on the falls bridge in philadelphia. city inspectors reopened the bridge this afternoon after two months of emergency repairs. they found rust and corrosion late last year prompting the repairs. the project included strengthening the existing steal beams. tonight's good question one that makes you think it's sented around the buttons on your shirts and jackets. why are they on different sides for men and women? nicole brewer has more on this two sided debate. ♪ it's not something we sit around discussing and some of you may have never even noticed. but loretta wants to know, why are buttons on opposite sides for men and women? it's a good
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question loretta with an answer taylor made just for you. have you ever noticed that buttons are on different sides for men and women? >> absolutely. >> the opposite sides of your coat, yes. >> why is that? >> i'm not quite sure. >> mine button on the left. yours button on the right. >> american always right. >> more right happened men than women? >> i'm trying to think how i put my jacket on. i don't know. >> it turns out there's no certain answer but there are a couple of theories. one involves the renaissance and victorian eras women were dressed by servants. button zone on the left side may have made dressing easier since servants would face their employers. hmm now days none us dressed by anybody but ourselves. isn't another story focuses on dressing for battle. military men often drew their guns with their right hasn't side it's believed buttons on the right made it easier to adjust with their free left arm. >> i wouldn't have gotten that. >> now when you look at your buttons -- >> i'll know why.
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>> another possibility the idea that women often breast feed while holding their baby on the left side. so right aligned buttons were easier to adjust. we'll zen it back to you. all right. so what's your good question? log on to question to submit your questi question. you can also tweet it to us use hash tag cbs3 good question nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. can't wait to hear from you. new restaurant in northeast philadelphia is perfecting italian classics. customers wait in long lines to enjoy hearty plates of pasta and more but for the owner the food is just part of they are story. >> my roots are here and it's like everything came full circ circle. >> how they made their dream come true even in the face of adversity in tonight's taste with tori. lauren? >> we do have rain that is up wip with a pretty strong storm system that is going to bring us a chance of rain in a few thunderstorms for the first half of the day tomorrow.
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we'll break down the timing plus will that rain clear out bite easter holiday? i'll have the answer coming up. >> plus, a fixture of theater in philadelphia is closing its doors for good. why is the final curtain call at the society hill playhouse. ♪ (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ veteran comedian and actor gary shandling died today at alas ang hospital. police responded to his home for a reported medical emergency. he was then rush to the hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. an official cause of death has not been determined. he was best known for the larry sanders show. gary shandling was 66 years old. the legendary society hill playhouse is closing its doors for good. the walls of the playhouse at eighth and south are covered in nostalgia.
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it broke barriers with female directors and an integrated ca cast. the playhouse also launched the philadelphia youth theater. kevin bacon and sherman helmesly among the teenagers to grow up to be famous and successful. after 56 years, the playhouse has been sold. >> nothing lasts forever. i'm glad that we were able to do what we did and hopefully there are a lot of people out there who went through the theater who have kept in touch and i hope they learned something. >> anyone who was touched by the playhouse is invited to go by friday night to bid farewell. the building closes april 1st. it will be demolish this summer. today christians observed holy thursday a commemoration every the last supper. services were held at churches across the region and this was the scene tonight at lutheran church of our savor in haddonfield. tomorrow marks good friday. when new restaurant opened in tacony earlier this year the
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owners had some jitters. but after they received what they described as not one but two signs from above, they knew their restaurant was going to be success. tori has the story of lorenzo's cafe espresso in tonight's taste with tori. ♪ >> reporter: welcome to lorenzo cafe espresso the new neighborhood spot in tacony. >> man gentlemen. >> serve eyeing tal yann classics like you would get on mom mom's table on sunday like juicy plump meatballs in sauce meant to be slurped and served with a yell from mom to dad for more. >> please meatballs, give us meatballs. honey, meatballs. coming you. let's go. >> reporter: guess what? >> you have no stove. >> thighs my stove here. wow! little get of garlic. >> what's even more wow is this restaurant owned by husband and wife team lisa and mike lorenzo and what it turned into. >> it was like a saving grace
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for us. it really was. divine intervention. >> her father owns spinelli's restaurant a tacony neighborhood fixture for 60 years. he died in 2001. followed by the death of her brother franny in 2008 then her sister lori is in 2009. >> when my brother and sister passed away that was tough for me. i went through -- not that i didn't live. it was a tough time. >> at the same time work had stopped for mike in his construction business. >> we were from you have here to down here. >> after more time lisa and mike decided to open lorenzo's in honor of lisa's dad and signs of new beginnings started to show themselves. like a feather from her sister that flew on lisa's foot the day of the opening. >> i seen a feather. lori is here. i know she's with me. >> theme song rarely heard on the radio. >> 10 minutes later on comes the rocky theme. my dad and my brother were rocky fanatics. >> every since more signs of success.
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people coming in enjoying their food like -- >> chicken parm um. >> and garlicly mussels diablo. i want to pour this on my head. and coming back. >> to be here -- >> i feel like it's home. it's where i grew up. i feel like my roots are here. everything is full circle. >> full circle. lorenzo's just opened in january. they're open five days week and on saturday's lisa tells us there's an hour wait. two daughters and their daughter-in-law waitress there and their son who works construction runs down and pitches in whenever they need someone to wash the dishes. and they're beautiful chand grin are always by her side which speaking of one of her beautiful grandchildren luciano gave me this flag, thank you so much and known in a which means grandmom in italian knitted this wash cloth for me. >> that's so nice. talk about legit italian know
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over there. >> i'm telling you. >> it was amazing. >> the food looked legit, too. >> it was delicious and it's all cooked from love and you can feel it. it was like they're family superiority was in there. and just great vibes. great energy. great food. great family. >> okay. there it is. vittoria, thanks so much. >> thanks guys. >> lauren joining us nouse to talk a little about what's up for the weather. a lot of penal looking ahead technically already friday now. looking i was they had to easter sunday and the weekend. >> we are going to stay dry. book ends by rain but all dry through the holiday weekend so that is the nice element to the forecast. but over the last couple of hours, temperatures have been kind of nuts all thanks to sea breeze. we'll talk about that plus a rain chance for tomorrow. quick hit of rain and thunderstorm activity cold front goes through the delaware valley but that will clear out just in time for the easter weekend. we stay dry both saturday and easter sunday and rain returns on monday. very convenient timing. we like that. temperatures high temperatures today a big gradient across the
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area. check this out. loving live in delaware. 74 degrees the high temperature in dover but parts of new jersey topped at 57 in trenton. and that's because of the wind direction. winds right now in center city have just shifted back out of the south. we're now at 64 degrees. still looking pretty quiet right now getting a live view but our temperature change over the last hour check this out. we've been up from 50 degrees to 64 degrees. 14 degrees in one hour. we had that easterly wind driving in that cooler air. might have felt chilly this evening and temperatures big impact in places like trenton and allentown because of that cooler ocean air. building westbound even into berks county but now winds have shifted back out of the south and that will continue as we look towards the lehigh valley up into the poconos so your temperatures will actually be warming a bit as we head into the next couple of hours. so we've already hit our overnight low of 50 degrees. that was just an hour ago. showers develop breezy conditions with south winds up
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around 10 to 20 miles an hour and for the first half of our friday dealing with showers an few imbedded thunderstorms pretty well. quick clearing on the back side 68 degrees so still mild and a little bit breezy and storm scan3 showing us the cloud deck really starting to increase especially north and west of the city. showers moving into parts of western pennsylvania with very poe 10 weather system. the winter weather in association with this area of low pressure well off to our north. but showers imbedded thunderstorms continue to race their way eastbound and those will arrive for us late tonight and through the first half of the day tomorrow. so looking for swath of shower activity with some imbedded thunderstorms. could get a quick quarter, half an inch maybe locally higher amounts but much of this rain clears a majority of the area by 2:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. so future weather showing us, oh, the run because it's late. run still coming in. we don't have data but trust me it will be coming as we head into our morning commute. nine, 10, 11:00 o'clock in the morning. and then as we deal with early afternoon hours, we're going to
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see that rain kind of moving towards the shore. so then we clear out by easter sunday. 64 degrees. sunshine increasing clouds. above average. our average would have have us in the middle 50s right now even saturday even though we cool on the back side of the cold front, 59 degrees is still above average. nice sunshine and really over the next seven days, temperatures at or above average we like that and some nice sunshine. nice sunny stretch, tuesday, wednesday next week. >> i think don especially likes one part of that forecast. >> did you design the bunny graphic. the bunny graphic was he is special guilty. >> iodine bunny. i made him hop it was all me. >> lavender thing. pretty good. >> thanks. >> very springy. lauren thanks so much. >> don back to talk basketball. >> villanova massive win evident post game reaction from louisville c
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>> all right. so a lot of people looking at their brackets updating them. >> i just want to let everyone know i'm four for four tonight. >> she's beating everyone in our brac challenge like everyone. >> it's my one shining moment. >> see what i did there. >> i see what did you there. you'll have many more. >> we'll see. >> you know what, speaking of shining moment let's recap our top story tonight. wildcats shooting better, rebounding better and passing better as a result they're headed to the elite eight for the third time since 2006. it was a clinic against miami. though out shot them they did everything nova making it happen as chris jenkins draining the three. wildcats shooting 66% from beyond the arc and watch them break the press. this is surgical. get in the. they win in convincing fashion 92-69 the final score. here's the head coach jay wright. >> with their intensity and it
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all comes from them. you know, you can just see they're hungry. they're hungry to advance. their hungry to prepare. it's all coming from them. it's really -- that's when you're a good team. when the players take over responsibility for all your core values you're a good team, it's daniel and arf the seniors everyone else buying and we're definitely playing our best basketball right now. we haven't played this well in any game this season. that's your goal. >> peeking at the right time. bawling. coming town tomorrow on cbs3 tomorrow actually is technically today. more basketball at 7:00 p.m. iowa state takes on virginia. then in the nightcap at 9:40 another late night for us, gonzaga against syracuse another great night of hoops right here on cbs3. also, in college hoops, published reports say that drexel has found their man. army head coach zach spic kerr is set to be named the new head coach of the dragons back in
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2012 he led army to their first winning campaign in 28 years. they finish this season 19-14. let's go to the ice flyers out west taking on the of a ranch. keep doing it bro. the guy has five goals in march. doesn't any before this month. two-two flyers 19 seconds later in the third. the the captain claude giroux. 21st goal of the season the flyers go on to win, four to two. jessica i know you want to know. if the season ended today -- >> today right now. >> right now at this second the flyers are in the playoffs with second wild card spot. >> that's pretty good. >> that's good. keep it up fly guys. >> philadelphia on roll tonight. still ahead arc kangaroo on the loose. we'll tell where you this animal was hopping around and how police caught up with it
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